Atomic Kitten 2: Tash Becoming A Slave

Atomic Kitten Part 2 : Tash becoming a slave

Please, don`t read this if you`re not 18. This story is not true.

When Tash woke up the morning after her “meeting” with Liz, her new mistress, she found a note from Liz and a butt plug on her nighttable. The note read “Good morning my little slave, I want you to put this butt plug in your ass for the rest of the week. You`re only allowed to put it out, when I tell you to put it out. Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the dildo deep down your no-more virgin ass. Liz” Tash smiled and put the butt plug in her ass. “Awwww….” It hurt her a lil, but she actually
began to like the pain. “Damn, what a strange, kinky feeling”, she said to herself. Tash heard a voice on the door “HEY TASH; IT`S ME JENNY ! OUR PLANE BACK TO THE UK GOES IN ONE HOUR. SO GET THE HELL UP; WE HAVE TO LEAVE!” Tash tried to answer, but the pain in her ass made it a little difficult: ” I`M CO…UUWWW…I`M COMING !”, she managed to say. “Tash, is everything all right ? Should I come in ?”, a confused Jenny asked. “No, no, no, everything is cool. I`m ready in 5 minutes, okay “, Ms. Hamilton said a little embarassed. “Okay, see ya in the parking lot!” Tash slipped into her panties, a very, very thight pair of black leather pants and a green tank-top.Then she did her hair, took her bag and ran down into the parking lot. Jenny and Liz were already there when Tash arrived. “Good morning, Tash”, Liz said with a devilish smile on her lips. “Uhm…good morning, …mistress”, Tash whispered, so that Jenny couldn`t hear it. While Jenny got into the big, black limousine, Liz whispered to Tash: “I hope you`re wearing the butt plug, slave.” “Yes, it`s a silly feeling, mistress. But I think, I like it” Tash answered her mistress. “Common girls” Jenny shouted. Liz and Tash got in the car and the 3 popstars went to the airport in Hannover. They catched their plane and were all happy to get back to England. “Home sweet home”, Jen said to them as they were relaxing in their seats: “I cannot wait to drink a good english beer. (HA,HA little joke;) Um, girls, excuse me, but i have to pee.” Jenny went to the toilet. “So, youenjoyed last night, Tash ?”, Liz asked Tash. “Yes, it was the best sexual experience in my live. Thank you so much, Liz !” “Hey you !” Liz shouted to Tash neighbour which checked out Tash: “what are you looking at ?” “Ahh…uh…aren`t you Atomic Kitten, the famous popband from England ?” he asked. “Yes, we are Atomic Kitten, the famous popband from England, dude. Why are you looking at Tash with “those eyes”, huh ?” “What do you mean with “those eyes” ?” “You guys always look like that, when you want to nail a girl. You wanna do her, right ? You wanna fuck my little Tash!” He just stared at Liz. “Tash, go with these man to the toilet and blow him.” “What ? But Liz, he`s a total stranger!”, Tash said. Liz slapped Tash right across the face. “Who am I ? Who the hell am I slut ?” “My mistress”, Tash answered in a low tone voice. “Yes, that`s damn right, I`m your mistress. And when I want you to blow some guy in a toilet, you blow these guy. Is it clear ?” “Yes, Liz” Tash went to the toilet, just when Jenny came back. “I`m back girls…hu ? Tash you gotta pee, too ?” “Uhm…yes, I have to pee, too” Tash answered. “Follow her”, Liz said to the man. He just smiled from ear to ear when he followed the seductively swaying hips of Natasha Hamilton.

When Tash closed the small toilet`s door, she got down to her knees and opened the man`s trousers. His full erected 5 inch cock sprang out of his trousers. “So, you`re not just a star, you `re also a slave, huh?”, the guy asked as Tash began stroking his dick and smiled up to him. “A cocksucking bitch, that`s what you are”, he said to her. Tash began to like the dirty talk of the man. She took the whole thing in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it. The guy started to moan. “Ohhh Yeah ! I`m face fucking Natasha Hamilton !!! Ohhh !!! Yes, take it deep down your throat little kitty !!” He took Tash by her hair and began to fuck her mouth even deeper. “OWWWW I`M CUUUMMING !!! I`M CUUUUUMMMINNG !!!”, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and came on her pretty little face. The first shot missed her mouth and spurted on her nose. The second shot spurted on her left eye. The rest of his hot cum went straight down her throat. Tash swallowed as much as she could, but some of the cum dripped down her chin and on er tank-top “Shit”, she thaught to herself: “what will Jen think, if she sees the cum on my top.” The guy smiled down at the little kitty. “This was great you smartass slut”, he said to her as he pulled up his pants and left the toilet, while Tash was licking her face clean. Tash, licking her fingers clean, said to herself: “I think, I`m going to like this slave-thing a lot.”

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