Atomic Kitten: Part 3: Tash Getting Into Dogs

Atomic Kitten: part 3: Tash getting into dogs

By Breakdown

Hey, this is the third part of my Atomic Kitten storys, hope ya like it as much as part 1 & 2. If you wanna tell me your opinion bout it, mail me to: Don`t read this if ya`re under 18, this isn`t not (at least I think so ;)). Now have fun with the third part!

Tash getting into dogs

Natasha Hamilton was just back from her trip to Germany on which she became Liz` sex slave. She would`ve never thought that she may like something like this, but she really did. She enjoyed every minute of the
humilation, the dick sucking, the fucking and the feet licking. Everything. She looked herself over in the mirror, checking out her magnificent, shapely butt, her apple-sized tits and her pretty angelic face. But she knew now better then before, she was no longer the little pop-music angel, from now on she was nothing more than a 2 dollar ho that would do anything to get fucked by her beloved mistress Liz. The phone pulled her out of her day dreaming. “Yeah ? Who`s it ?” the famous singer asked. “Hey lil one, how`re you doin ?” the familiar voice of Liz McLarnon answered. A big smile lit up Tash` face “Liz, I`m happy to hear your voice, couldn`t stop thinking about you…” “Shut up for a minute Tash, I want you to do something for me” her mistress cut her off. “Yes ? What is it, you know I would do eve rything for you mistress” Tash said. “Well, I want you to come over to my place, I have something very special for you…or shall I say someone very special.” “Will be there in 15 minutes Liz” Tash hestitated. “Slow down love, we have got a lot of time, first I want you to get dressed up real nicely.” After that her mistress jung up the phone. Natasha first took a shower and then put on her clothes for the evening. She decided to wear red, tight fitting leather pants, a black belly button free top, red 4 inch high heels, a black leather collar that read “kitten” on front and no underwear. Then she put on some make-up and did her hair. She looked herself over in the mirror. “Hope she likes what I look like” she said to herself giving her ass a light smack. Then she left her house, driving down to Liz`s.

She got out of the car and saw 2 teenager boys near the house, checking out her car and of course the red hot diva herself. “Hey, you`re Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten, aren`t you ?” one of the guys asked her. “Fu…” before she could finish the sentence she saw Liz on the windo signaling her to blow of the guys with a gesture. “Uhm…yeah, that`s me.” “Wow, you`re looking hot girl, wanna have some fun ? We were told that you`re easy to get by a phone call.” Tash looked over to Liz at the window like she wanted to sa “You shouldn`t make me do this” but liz just smiled back at her. Tash knew she had to do this so she answered the 2 boys “Yes, I would love that.” She just couldn`t believe that she really was doing this. “Great then come with us, girl” he said an the 2 guys lead her into a dark, empty alley. “OK bitch now do your job” one of the two ordered her. Natasha knew what they expected from her so she got down on her knees right in front of the boys and opened their pants. Two rock hard cocks popped out, they must`ve been at least 8 inches, and Tash began to lick them both. She licked up and down the shafts, making both of the boys moan. “Oh yes girl, your doing a fantastic job down there.” One of them told her “but don`t make us cum now, we wanna have some fun with your pussy and ass, too!” Natasha shuddered by the thought of getting her ass fucked. Since Liz took her anal-cherry away from her she loved the feeling of haveing a dildo, a cock or even her own fingers up her damn, tight ass. She sucked both cocks down her mouth at the same time, giving the 2 young studs one last blow before she let them go. Then she got down on her hand and knees in the dirty alley and raised her butt high in the air, signailing the boys that she wanted it right now. “Oh, Dave, look the kitten wants to get serious, she wants to get fucked, don`t you kitten ?” he teased her. “Yes, I wanna feel your big, fat cocks in my pussy and up my ass, please fuck me now” Tash begged. “OK, I think she deserves it, Dave wanna have the b utt or the pussy ?” “I`ll take the butt, ok ?” “Sure, let`s go to work on that ho” with that Dave slid under Natasha and begann to caress her breasts through her top which made her moan. Then she felt two strong hands on her ass, sliding down her pants over her butt cheeks. “Oh, kitty isn`t wearing any panties, isn`t she ?” he teased her. But tash hadn`t got the chance to answer, even if she would`ve wanted to, because she finally felt one of the cocks sliding into her pussy. She cried out loudly, loving every second of this. “Oh YESSS, fuck my dirty, little pussy, do me right now, right here in this fucking, dirty alley. FUCK ME !!!” He began to fuck her with fast, hard strokes, making her crie out in both, pain and passion. She knew she was about to come and when the second guy pushed his cock with one brutal movement into her asshole she was in heaven, cuming over and over again for at least 5 minutes.

The only thing Natasha knew after waking up was that she must`ve passed out after her mind-blowing orgasm. She could tell that the boys must`ve cum as well, because she was soaked in cum. “Yummy” she said to herself while licking herself clean. She didn`t even saw her mistress. “See, I told ya that she`s a slut, didn`t I Jenny ?” Tash looked up in shock, standing right next to her mistress was her good friend Jenny Frost, smiling down at the dirty kitten.

To be continued

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