Atomic Smitten

This is a story about myself having sex with members of Atomic Kitten

This work is purely fictional and does not depict the sexuality of the band members

I worked in a small hotel as a chambermaid.

I knew we had celebrities staying, it was the pop band Atomic Kitten, my personal favourite group. I was excited about cleaning their rooms, I’d hoped to catch a glimpse of them throughout their stay.

I knocked on the door that Jenny Frost from the band, was staying in.

To my surprise, and joy, I heard her shout ‘come in’.

As I entered, I saw that she was dressed and cursed under my breath.

I’d hoped she’d be undressed, or of a similar nature.

She turned round and gave me one of her sexy smiles, the one i’d often seen on the television, the one that always got my heart going.

‘You can carry on, I won’t be a minute’ she said softly.

I got my cloth out and wiped round the furniture, whilst looking in the mirror to see if I could catch a glimpse of that tanned, perfect body.

I was in luck, she took her top off, totally oblivious to my presence. I turned away, but it was too late, she’d seen me staring at her in the mirror.

I blushed. She saw my embarrassment and quickly chipped, ‘It’s alright, i’m used to people looking at my body.’

I remembered a sexy photo shoot the band did recently in Sky magazine.

Although I was a woman, I often bought the men’s magazines that featured the girl groups girls in their underwear.

She continued with her little striptease, while I was trying my best to pretend not to look, but really trying to catch her in the underwear.

‘I was going to wear this’ she said, startling me out of my reverie, ‘but I think I might wear something sexier. What do you think?’ she asked me.

‘Uh, yeah’, I said, trying to sound more confident than I was.

After taking her trousers off and swapping it with a skirt, she asked me if I could help her do it up.

I walked over to her and slowly did her skirt up. I felt her soft skin and imagined caressing it all over.

She lifted her skirt up to put her stockings on. I got a perfect view of her beautiful toned legs.

She deliberately took her time as I watched in awe, feeling myself geting wetter by the minute.

When she had done this, she chose a silk see-thru top out of her wardrobe and put it on slowly, making sure I was watching her.

I was sure she loved having somebody watch her, I reckon it gave her a thrill, and secretly turned her on. I hoped so!

She moved up to me and took my hand in hers. She hadn’t buttoned the top and I could see her lacy white bra underneath, her nipples were hard and I yearned to suck on them.

To my surprise, she slid my hand inside her top and caressed it, moving it in circles around her left breast. She moved it over to the right and I could feel her erect nipples growing even harder as I gently touched them.

She moved her hand away and let me carry on while she slid her hand down the waistband of her skirt. I could hear her groan softly.

I took the initiative and pulled her bra aside. I could see those plump breasts and her nipples standing to attention.

I filled my mouth with one of her breasts, teasing her nipple with my tongue, biting on it gently.

I heard her softly say ‘baby, don’t stop’ and a thrill went thru me, knowing I was giving her this plesure. I moved over to the other breast and lapped at her nipple with my tongue, before taking all it in my mouth.

I could see she was working at her pussy furiously and longed to be the one who was pumping those fingers in and out of her.

My wish came true as she stopped and rubbed her wet fingers over her breasts.

Without needing to be asked, I licked up her pussy juices from her breasts, making sure not to leave any.

She took my hand again and moved it down her waistband, like i’d seen her do, and knew what was about to happen.

I felt her her hairy mound, I began circling her hairs with my fingers before moving down to her slit. I could feel her little bump. I opened her slit so I could get a better feel, the little bump grew under my touch.

She moaned loudly and I came at the thought that I could be turning her on.

I moved my hand down her slit until I came to the entrance of her love hole.

I wondered how many people had had this pleasure. I slid my fingers in and was shocked at how wet she was. My fingers glided in easily. I first put two in, then three, then eventually four.

I looked up and saw her smiling, those beautiful lips curling at the corners.

I wanted so badly to kiss those lips and took the plunge.

Her lips were soft and wet. I felt her tongue protruding from those gorgeous lips and opened my mouth to welcome it.

I could tell she was an experienced kisser, although I didn’t know which sex had had the most pleasure with them.

We kissed for what seemed like ages, before she broke off and moved her head down so she was level with my breasts.

With one hand she unbuttoned my top and slid her hand inside my bra.

I felt ashamed at the size of my small breasts compared to hers, but she didn’t seem to mind.

She took one in her mouth, covering all of it. She licked, bit and sucked my nipple and it made me wonder whether I was indeed the first woman she’d ever been with.

Her other hand was working fast over mine as she grew closer to orgasm.

I could feel her body tense as she climaxed.

She let out a loud groan, one louder than I had ever heard.

She was breathing heavily and I could feel her juices surrounding my fingers.

I lost count how many times she climaxed, and me, come to think of it.

I enjoyed watching the pleasure on her face as she came over and over again.

Once finished, she took her fingers out and shoved them in my mouth.

It was my first taste of a woman. I’d wondered what it would be like to taste a woman, but hadn’t gotten as far as i’d often fantasised.

She took my fingers out and licked them herself, being sure there was none of her juices left on them.

‘Now I want you to clean me up’, she said pointing towards her pussy.

I’d never been told what to do in a sexual way before, and found it a turn on.

I bent down and hiked her skirt up, she opened her legs to accommodate me.

I slid my tongue up and down her slit, before opening her lips to lick her rosebud.

I heard her sigh loudly, I was beginning to enjoy the sound of it.

I lapped at her rosebud for a bit and as I moved down her slit to her hole, I saw fresh juices running down her thighs and knew she must’ve had another orgasm.

I stuck my tongue deep in her hole, enjoying the new found taste.

She yelled and climaxed again. She was making more work for me! Not that I was complaining!

After lapping up all the juices that I could, I moved down to her other hole, not sticking my toungue in, knowing what it was used for!

I then worked my way down the inside of her thighs, making sure I was getting all of the juice that was trickiling down them.

Her hand was on my head, moving it with her rhythm, pressing it further between her thighs.

When done, I stood up to see that sexy smile again. Oh how it turned me on!

She put her lips on mine and kissed me long and hard, her tongue exploring my mouth, tasting her own juices.

We were interrupted by a banging on the door, and I thought whoever it was had come in.

‘I’ll be right there’ I heard Jenny shout. She threw me that sexy smile and said:

‘Thanks, i’ll never forget this.’

She quickly got dressed and rushed to the door.

Turning back she asked, ‘By the way, you’re cleaning Tash’s room next aren’t you?’

I nodded.

‘You’ll have a great time with her!’ she gave me a wink.

With that, she slipped out the door, satisfied and very wet!

I thought about what had just happened, and only hoped I would receive the same reception in the other girls’ rooms!

I moved to the next room, which I assume was Tash’s.

Lightly wrapping on the door, I heard her shout ‘come in’

I fumbled for the keys and slid them into the keyhole, my hands trembling, unsure of what was ahead of me.

Opening the door, I scanned the room. My eyes immediately fell on Tash, her voluptious body was barely covered by a thin dress

I gulped as I watch her dress herself, my groin stirring as I became aroused again

‘You’ve just been into Jennny’s right?’ she looked over at me, her eyes seemed to pierce my very soul and I tried to find my voice

‘Yes, that’s right’ I mumbled , almost incoherently

‘I bet that was fun, huh?’ her raspy voice sent a chill down my spine

‘Uh huh’ was all I could manage to say, my eyes never leaving her sexy body

‘Could you come over here and do me up?’

I felt a sense of de ja vu as I walked over to where she was standing

Caustiously zipping her up, I felt her hand on my thigh

I jumped and she turned round

‘Don’t be scared’ she whispered seductively ‘I don’t bite!’

Her face came towards me and I closed my eyes, unprepared and a little nervous, I waited for her next move

Sure enough, I felt her soft lips on mine, her tongue grazed my bottom lip and I opened mine slightly

Her tongue entered my mouth. She ran it over my teeth and gums before searching for mine.

I let her embrace me, my mouth welcomed her

Our tongues danced, moving to a passionate rhytnm.

I had never been kissed this way before

She broke the kiss off, much to my dismay

Her hand was moving up my thigh, slipping under the folds of material I was weraing.

I jumped as I felt her touch my skin. Her soft warm fingertips caressed me and I could feel my groin stirring, begging to be touched

Her hand danced across my skin, her fingers running circles over my soft white flesh

A sigh escaped my lips and she slid her hand in between my thighs………

I felt her soft fingertips trail up my leg, moving slowly toward my love nest

My body ached as I waited for her to reach her goal

I longed for her fingers inside me, to tease and fondle me

Finally her hand reached my centre and I gasped

A bolt of pleasure ran thru me as her hand came into contact with my groin

She slid her hand inside my wet panties, her fingers heading straight for my love button

She ran her fingers over it, lightly rubbing it, sending me into delirium with just one touch

I felt my legs buckle beneath me and I tried not to fall.

Her fingers worked on my sensitive button, and I couldn’t stand it any longer

I pushed her hand away slightly and she moved down my slit, exploring the soft folds skin that covered my pussy

Her fingers found my hole and she slid two in, stretching the skin it slightly

I opened my legs to accommodate her and she slid in further.

Gliding her fingers in, she caressed the walls of my cervix, entering my womb, her fingers worked in scissor motion, teasing my love canal

I put a hand up to her breast. I could feel her hard nipple thru the material and longed to suck it

She sensed this and pulled her top down, exposing her milky white breast

I leaned in further, taking her lovely breast in my mouth, searching the soft mountain with my tongue

She quivered as I licked her nipple

Taking it between my teeth, I gently bit on it, feeling her body tremble under my touch

My other hand caressed her other breast, massaging it gently. Her nipple hardened underneath my fingertips

I pulled the top down fully exposing her other breast.

I sucked it as I had the other, relishing the taste of her soft warm flesh

Her fingers continued to fuck my pussy and I felt orgasm approach. My body tensed up.

Sensing this, she moved faster, willing me to climax

My mouth never left her breast as I clame hard, floods of come gushed from my pussy as the orgasm enveloped me

She fingered my pussy a few minutes after my climax

Satisfied it was over, she withdrew her fingers, which were coated with my juices

Running them over her nipples, she motioned for me to lick my come from her gorgeous mounds

I happily obliged, tasting myself on her soft smooth skin

Once clean of my juices, she pulled herself away and motioned for me to lay on the bed

I did so, not uttering a word as I waited for her next instruction

I lay on the bed and watched as she walked around the edge of it

Her luscious tanned body was oozing out of the bergundy dress she was wearing.

I longed to rip it off her, to view that gorgeous figure

I took my top off, revealing my large pert breasts

My chest heaved as my arousal increased, my heart beating fast

She seemed to like what she saw and instucted me to strip

I did so , until I was totally naked. My own voluptious body cried out for attention

She leaned over me and stroked my hair and face, moving down to my neck and chest

She ran her hand over and around my breasts, stroking the crevice in between them.

Grazing my nipples with her fingernails

She moved down further, stroking my belly, my thighs and finally my waiting wet pussy

Running her fingers thru my wispy pubic hair, drawing circles on my flesh, over my slit

She lifted a finger to her mouth and moaned

‘Mmmm………you taste good’ she smiled ‘I can’t waste to taste more’

I couldn’t wait for her to taste more!

She opened my legs and positioned herself over my crotch.

Lowering her head she breathed in my scent before ducking down to get a taste

Her hot tongue flicked over my slit and I wriggled

‘Oh God’ I sighed

She did this again, taking long slow laps at my crack

I writhed as her tongue came into contact with my snatch

She repeated this move a few more times, before taking me in her mouth, enveloping my pussy, her tongue licking me, exploring the folds of skin, searching for my love button

I hoped I hadn’t disappointed her!

Her tongue found my clit and I squirmed

She lapped at it, bringing it to hardness with a few swift movements

I closed my eyes. I was in total heaven. She was a suitable lover, even better than the last girl

I could tell she wasn’t an amateur!

I guessed that she and the other members were often intimate with eachother

I placed my hand gently on her head and guided her around my cunt

Her head bobbed up and down as she pleasured me orally

I felt her fingers enter me and squirmed as they slid in, trying to open my hole so she could ease herself in further

Her fingers moved expertly inside me, stroking my cunt walls, searching for my G spot. She found it and I moaned loudly

Within seconds I was ready to come. I exploded all over her fingers, my juices coating her digits

I slowly came back down to earth, my body stopped wriggling as my orgasm ebbed away

She slipped her fingers out and brought them to her lips

Opening them, she popped them in her mouth, tasting my sweet nectar

She smiled and whispered ‘Mmm………you do taste good’

I badly wanted to taste her, to savour her succulent nectar

To pleasure her as she had me

She got up and walked to the drawer.

Opening it, she pulled out a dildo that was attached to a strap

I knew immediately what it was and my excitement grew

She passed it to me and told me to put it on. I silently obeyed

I strapped it around my groin, buckling it up around my hips

The long plastic cock protruded from my body as I stood there admiring the piece of plastic that was attached to my waist

Tash came up to me and put her hand on the fake cock

Kneeling down, she took it in her mouth, sucking it as if it were a real cock

She expertly slid her mouth over the length, taking it all in

The thick black plastic disappeared as she gently sucked it

I put a hand to her head, guiding her around my plastic knob

Her finger slid in between my butt cheeks and caressed my crack

Sliding a finger into my arse, she finger fucked me as she performed oral sex

She stood up and kneeled on all fours on the bed, her lovely arse pointing at me, inviting me to fuck it

‘Fuck my arse’ she told me

I didn’t have to be asked twice

Guiding the plastic knob into her arse, I grabbed her cheeks and pushed her into me

It slid in with ease, stretching the walls of her shit hole

I pounded into her arse, hearing her grunt as I fucked her hard and fast

‘Oh God yes………fuck my arse’ I heard her yell

This encouraged me even more and I thrust deeper, my whole length disappearing into her arsehole

Suddenly I heard a bang and looked over to see Jenny standing at the door

‘Well, well, well……….’ she said, looking at me with a grin on her face ‘I see you’ve met Tash’

I watched as Tash motioned for her to come over to us

She did so, her figure hugging outfit accencuating every move

I stared at her vuluptous body, her skin was tanned, her blonde hair passed her shoulders and ended just above her cleavage, her long thin legs seemed never ending

She welcomed Tash with a kiss and I knew my theory about their intimacy was right

Looking over at me, she whispered in Tash’s ear and they both grinned

I was was slightly anxious, but a litttle aroused wondering what they had planned for me

I lay there silently on the bed, my fake cock pointing up at the ceiling

Jenny lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties aside

I noticed the wet patch she still had on them from our lovemaking session earlier

I could see her fine wispy blonde hairs as she exposed herself to me

Sliding down on my fake cock, she grabbed the bed post to steady herself as she impaled herself on me

Rocking gently, she looked down at me, a smile crossed her full luscious lips

Tash sprawled herself on the bed, laying herself next to me

She ran a finger over my flesh, her delicate fingertips drew shapes over my skin

I grabbed Jenny’s hips and ground her into me, my erection now fully inside her

Tash got up and placed herself over my face, her pussy just inches away from me

I longed to eat that juicy cunt, excited at the thought that it wouldn’t be long before I did so.

She pushed herself down on me, her lush pussy covering my face. My mind was delirious with thoughts of sex

I flicked a tongue over her slit and felt her jerk

My hands were on her arse, guiding her as I ate her gorgeous puss.

Jenny bounced herself up and down on my cock, I could hear little whimpers as she fucked herself on me

Her hands roamed my body, caressing every part of me

Her fingernails dug into me, sending me into a frenzy of passion

Tash ground her hips, driving her pussy into my face

I ate her hungrily, savouring the taste of this gorgeous woman

My tongue working on her love mound, sending ripples of pleasure thru her

We all moved in time, our bodies working as one as we fucked eachother

Tash was the first to come, her juices flooded my face and I worked frantically to clean her up

Jenny wasn’t far behind and I heard her groan as she reached climax

She moved faster on me as the orgasm enveloped her, her body racked with delight

Tash stopped her movement on me and I knew her climax was over

However, she didn’t disembark me straight away, giving me a chance to lap up her sweet nectar

Jenny got up from my cock and I felt Tash’s body over mine.

Laying in a 69 position, I continued to eat her pussy while she sucked Jenny’s juices from my cock

Satisfied that I was clean, she got up. I took in a deep breath as I felt the air on my face

I must have looked a state, my face covered in Tash’s sweet nectar

A knock at the door interrupted us and Liz stood there in all her wonderous glory

She looked absolutely stunning, her arms folded across her voluptious chest

Her pink top barely covering those luxurious breasts.

Her skirt barely covering her midriff.

‘So when were you going to tell me about this party then?’

We all looked over at her

‘Well come on over’ Tash told her

She walked across the room, her body swaying. My eyes never left her gorgeous figure as she came and sat on the bed with us

‘So who’s this then?’ she asked, her big blue eyes fixed on me

‘What’s ur name hun?’ Tash asked me, realizing that she’d not even known

‘M-mel’ I stammered, still not believing I was in the same room with Atomic Kitten

‘She’s cleaning our rooms’ Jenny nodded, giving me a wink

Liz eyed me up and down, her eyes stopping at my fake cock

Running a hand over the length, she asked ‘Are you any good with that thing?’

I nodded and asked her if she wanted me to show her

Not answering, she took her top off, revealing the loveliest pair of breasts I had ever seen

I gazed at the pinky flesh of her juicy mountains, her nipples stood out, seeming to greet me

I yearned to suckle on them, but I had a feeling she wasn’t about to let me.

Instead, I let her take control, willing to do just about anything she asked

As I eyed her voluptuous body, I could see why Blue member Lee Ryan fell for her

Her body was perfect, her skin was slightly tanned and gave her a healthy glow

Her hair fell just above her shoulders and shone in the sunlight

I watched silently as she undressed infront of me.

I had to stop myself from grabbing hold of her and pulling her down on top of me

I badly wanted to touch her, to caress her soft skin, to feel her body on mine

Within minutes she was naked, her wonderful body just inches from me

She straddled me and slid the plastic penis into her luscious pussy

I felt her soft pubic hairs touch mine as she slid down to the base, taking in the whole 9″

Her gorgeous butt was facing me and I couldn’t resist giving it a light squeeze

I quietly obseved as she bounced on top of me, her body rocking to a steady rhythm on my cock

I looked over and saw Tash and Jenny kissing, their lips locked in a passionate embrace

I could see flickers of tongue as they explored eachother’s mouths

They broke off the long kiss and caressed one another, their hands exploring every crevice, leaving no part untouched

I watched them in awe, my arousal increasing so much I thought I was going to burst!.

Liz pulled herself off me and turned round

Driving the cock inside her once more, she continued to fuck herself on me

The sight of her lush tits bouncing in front of me sent me into a frenzy and I instintively went to touch them

I expected her to push me away, but she didn’t.

Instead, she let me fondle them, my hands roamed every part her tit flesh, my fingers teasing her nipples

She put her hands on mine and guided them around her juicy tits

Her eyes were closed, her breathing low and raspy

It was turning me on knowing that I was pleasing this beautiful woman………

I heard a loud groan as Liz climaxed on top of me

Her body convulsed as she orgasmed hard

I held on tight to her waist to stop her from falling

After a few minutes, her body relaxed and she dismounted me

I could see the plastic cock was covered with her juices and I badly wanted to taste it’s salty flavour

Jenny immediately lay next to me and cleaned her friends’ juices from my cock, the whole thing quickly disappearing in her mouth

I lay there in total heaven watching the sexy popstrel sucking my cock

The other two were lying on the bed in a 69 position eating eachother, oblivious to the outside world

Slurping noises emanated from them as they performed mutual oral sex on eachother

I got up and went over to the two girls

I slid my cock into Tash’s arse. I ground myself into her, grabbing her hips for support.

I started fucking her as she continued to eat her friend out. I heard muffled moans as I fucked her shit hole

Not wanting to be left out, Jenny came over to us.

Her hands roamed our bodies, gently stroking our soft sweaty skin as we had three way sex.

She moved over to Liz’s head, placing her crotch directly over it. Liz stopped eating Tash and pulled her into her. Her face completely buried in Jenny’s pussy

Tash stood up. Resting on her knees, she put an arm around my neck.

I took this opportunity to fondle her, my hands searching her body, exploring every inch

She kissed me passionately, her tongue invading my mouth

I responded by entering mine into hers, our tongues performing a slow dance

Jenny leaned over Liz’s body, so her face was inches from her succulent pussy

They lay in a 69 position, pleasuring eachother orally

Sounds of slurping could be heard as they hungrily ate one another

I slipped the cock out of her arse and we moved to the other side of the bed.

I lay down as she positioned herself over my erection

Sliding it into her wet pussy, she groaned at the wonderful intrusion

I grabbed her tits, massaging them with my small hands

She rode me like a cowboy riding a horse at a Rodeo Show, her hips bucking wildly

‘Oh fuck…yes’ she yelled as she finally came, the juices flowing out of her luscious pussy

She worked faster as the climax took hold of her, her whole body rocked in pleasure

I rocked with her, feeling my own orgasm welling up inside me

‘Oh shit’ I yelled, as I too, succumbed to the pleasures of orgasm

She moved down on top of me, her body against mine. Our bodies twitching as the twinges of orgasm faded away

We lay there breathless; spent and satisfied.

I hugged her and pulled he into me, the smell of sex and her sweaty body filling my nostrils

We heard muffled groans as the two girls reached their climax, their bodies rocked to the same rhythm as orgasm engulfed them

Words of profanity followed

‘Oh fuck, yeah’ yelled one

‘Oh shit’ yelled the other as orgasm took it’s hold

‘Fuck me, bitch’ I heard Liz howl, the words seemed almost foreign to me

Their bodies lay still, their heads still buried in one another’s crotch

Still breathless, I kissed Tash’s neck.

She lifted her head so her face was close to mine

Giving me a long passionate kiss, she covered my mouth with hers, her tongue protruding from her soft sweet lips

I kissed her back, my tongue frantically moving over hers

The kiss lasted a few seconds before we broke it off, gasping for air

‘You’re a great kisser’ she whispered to me

I smiled and kissed her again, this time more eager

It lasted longer before I reluctantly broke it off

Jenny was the next to speak

‘You’d better get back to work’ she looked over at me, her face glistened with female come

‘We don’t wanna get you fired’ she winked

Tash dismounted me and I got up, removing the long plastic cock from my waist

I was disappointed at having to leave, but I knew Jenny was right, I had to work. After all, that’s what I was here for!

I silently got dressed. I could feel the girls’ eyeing me as I put my clothes on

Grabbing my things, I headed for the door

‘Bye’ I heard them shout in unison

‘It’s been fun’ Jenny added

I smiled and left the room, leaving 3 beautiful horny girls behind me

As I shut the door, I heard groans of pleasure and knew that they were continuing without me.

I sighed, wishing I could still be a part of it.

I was broken out of my reverie with a voice

‘Where the hell have you been? You’ve been gone an hour’

‘You know what those popstars are like’ I answered her, my voice more confident than I was feeling ‘They always leave their rooms in a right mess’

I walked down the corridor with my colleague to our next room.

Filled with wonderful memories of the day I fucked Atomic Kitten!


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