Attractions: Britney Spears

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Britney Spears

     Marc Folsom walked along the waist-high wall that was on the
floor on the resort he was staying at. Marc was your average guy
working as a computer programmer
in Atlanta. It was the first
time he had had a vacation in over five years.

     He was a single, 27 year-old hard-working man that certainly
deserved this vacation in San Juan. The place was spectacular and
he didn’t want to leave, but he knew he had to, so he thought he
would enjoy his last day in paradise.

     He walked down the white stairs that lead down to the
sparsely populated beach. It was early, about eight in the
morning. He reached the white sands with the wonderful feeling of
sand between your toes. He would miss the feeling when he was
back in the city.

     He strolled looking at the beautiful women that would come
out of the ocean dripping wet. His juices were starting to flow,
but he did the best he could to conceal it from the women, not
wanting them to think he was a pervert. He was a conservative
man, he felt uncomfortable now with his unbuttoned shirt blowing
in the light breeze.

     He continued to walk, casually looking at the women, the
ocean, the boats, everything that made this place magnificent. He
started thinking how great it would be to be with a women. He was
growing tired of masturbation, ever since his girlfriend Sharon
had left him. He hadn’t been with a women since, which was about
five months.

     If he was going to do it now was the time, it would be a
shame to spend his last night in paradise alone. He looked again
at all of the attractive women wet in their bikinis. "All right
Marc, who is it going to be." He thought to himself. Just as the
words had left his mouth, he got his answer.

     It was a women with light blonde hair, with an athletic
build. She looked very familiar, but he couldn’t figure out who
it was. The train of thought was killing him, it was on the edge
of his mind. "Oh well, no time to waste." He thought.

     He started walking toward her, by the time he had reached
her, she had sat down in a lawn chair under a rather large
umbrella. He was getting very nervous, this woman or girl, as he
got closer she started looking younger, was extremely beautiful.
He hoped to God, that he did not get an erection in front of her.

     Marc stopped right in front of her, and she looked at him
through her sunglasses. "Hello." She said. She was very

     "Hi, how are you doing on this gorgeous day?" Marc asked in
his smooth voice. Many people accused him of being a sweet
talker, now he was starting to believe them.

     "I am very good, thank you. How `bout yourself?" She
asked, still holding eye contact.

     "I am fine, I was thinking about going to a drink stand.
Can I interest you in coming?" Marc asked. He could barely keep
his erection from building. This teenage girl, was a

     "Sure, I would love to. My name is Britney." The young
woman replied to the request. She got up out of her lawn chair,
still keeping eye contact.

     Marc felt like a fool, of course, it was Britney Spears.
"I’m Marc, Marc Folsom." Marc replied taking her hand in his and
kissing it gently as she giggled.

     They walked about half a mile toward a drink stand, talking
all of the way. She did most of it talking about touring and
crazed fans, and that she was getting ready to do a photo shoot.
Marc occasionally had some input, but most of the time he was only
half listening while looking over her sexy body and all of its
curves. Her nipples were showing through her white top. She was
wearing shorts and a shirt instead of a bathing suit.

     They arrived at the drink stand and they both ordered some
Blue Ice. They found a table and sat down. "So do you have a
girlfriend?" She asked while taking a sip of her drink.

     "No, I am single, how about yourself, do you have time for
boyfriend?" He asked not knowing how far to go with this

     "No, I don’t have time for such luxuries. But if I did, I
guess I would want it to be someone like you." She said locking
eye contact like only she could.

     "Someone like me huh." Marc replied not knowing quite what
to say.

     "Yes, you are an extremely good listener, and you are one of
the only men that has not tried to get me in the sack after about
five minutes of talking. I really….love that." She said.

     Marc looked at this beautiful young women not knowing what
to say still, so he went with the philosophy "actions speak louder
than words". He bent over and kissed her. Not a little peck
either, but a very passionate kiss. She kissed him back pressing
up against him.

     He felt her tongue part his lips and their short term
relationship went to the next level. They kissed deeply for well
over five minutes, when she got up and took his hand. Marc got
up, not wanting it to end.

     She led him to a row of buildings and they went behind the
one that said "Hang Ten Surf Shop." She pushed him up against the
wall and started to kiss him again. Marc responded to her tongue
with his own. They embraced in what seemed like an eternity.
Marc could not keep his erection from growing this time. His nine
inch cock started to press against his khaki shorts.

     Britney broke the kiss when she felt his growing bulge
against her pubic area. She only stopped for a moment and then
resumed the kiss. This time, though she started stroking his cock
with her gentle touch.

     Marc thought he would blow his load right then, but he kept
it back. She broke the kiss once again and this time looked down
at the erect cock in the shorts. She had a very seductive look in
her eyes. She rubbed his bare chest through his unbuttoned shirt
and kissed her way down to his shorts.

     She knelt in front of him and carefully unzipped his pants.
She took his cock out of the shorts and looked up at him and
gently kissed the purple tip of his shaft. She kissed it as if it
were his mouth. She broke off the kiss and her tongue flicked
across the opening of his penis.

     She opened her mouth and took his cock into it. She started
rubbing his balls while she went up and down all of the way on his
cock. She started out slow then gradually quickened the pace.

     "Ohhhh god, ohhh god dammmnnit. DDDon’t stop, ooohhhh.
Yes, Britney, I’m going cum." Marc said drunk with the pleasure
of getting a blow from this beautiful sex symbol.

     Britney quickened the pace yet again. Marc couldn’t take it
anymore. Britney Spears was blowing him in broad day light. He
shot his hot load down her throat into her tummy with the first
spurt. The second and third she held in her mouth and let him see
it as she swallowed.

     Marc almost collapsed on top of her but she would have none
of it. "Fuck me Marc. I want you inside me." The sexy singer
said with lust in her eyes.

     Marc was surprised when he looked down and saw his cum
covered dick was still erect. He nodded his head, unable to
speak. She pulled her shorts down with no panties to be found.
She positioned herself onto a small rack, used to showcase surf
boards. He looked into her eyes and aimed his dick lubricated
with his own juices right at Britney Spears’ cunt.

     He put it in slowly at first, realizing she wasn’t a virgin.
About half way in, he started to go faster. When he had all nine
inches in, he looked at Britney and they kissed once more. He
started pumping his shaft in and out. He started taking out only
a few inches at a time but after a while he started taking about
seven inches out and then slamming it back into her beautiful

     Her clit had become very hard in the process and was rubbing
up against his shaft which caused Britney to scream every time.
Neither one of them cared if any one heard, they were too busy
pleasuring themselves like they never had before.

     Britney wrapped her sexy legs around Marc’s ass forcing him
in harder. Marc started rubbing her tits through her white t-
shirt. He didn’t know if she had had breast implants, but at this
point in time he could care less. Britney pulled her shirt up, so
that he could gain access to her beautiful tits. Her nipples were
very hard. He took one of them into his mouth and sucked on it.
Then he started rolling his tongue around the erect nipple.

     She started screaming louder as he did this back and forth
between the two hard nipples. "Ohh Gooooddddd damnnn. Don’t
stop, baby. Don’t stop fucking me. Fuck me for eternity. Don’t
stop ohhh GGoooddd. Marc, cum in me baby. Cum in my hot cunt.
Make me orgasm. Squirt your hot juice inside of me."

     Marc needed no more encouragement. He took one last lick of
her right nipple and kissed her deeply as he shot the biggest load
he had ever had into her hot young cunt. He squirted his cum five
times before she orgasmed powerfully. Her hot juices ran over
Marc’s dick making him cum again.

     He collapsed onto her as she laid back on the rack. His cum
and hers were seeping out of her pussy. He kissed her once more
and got up and put his dick back into his pants. She got up next
and put her shorts back on. "Marc, what happens next." Britney

     "I don’t really know, maybe we could discuss it at dinner."
Marc replied, not wanting this brief affair to end.

     "I think that would be a good idea. Would you walk me to my
shoot?" Britney Spears asked.

     "I would love to." Marc replied taking her hand in his
walking back towards the hustle and bustle of the main streets of
San Juan.

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