Attractions: Natalie Portman

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the story.

Attractions: Natalie Portman

Alex Madison strolled down the busy 7th Avenue of New York City. He was
very busy man in the software
business. He was 25, about six feet tall,
with deep blue eyes, which were his most attractive features he had
often been told.

Today was his day off, and he had decided to take long needed walk. He
hardly ever had any free time, because Image Co., the company he worked
for was just starting out. They created software for digital cameras.

He was looking about everything, cars, shops, women, especially women.
He was single and hated being so. He hadn’t had a girlfriend in long
time, his senior year in college he thought was the last time. His girl,
Kerri moved out to LA They started out with the long distance
relationship deal, and as many others, it failed.

He went out, when he could, but his last date now seemed weeks ago.
"Thats what I need tonight, a date." He thought to himself. "Now all I
have to do is find the right woman." He thought.

He started looking, harder this time, but no one seemed to interest
him. "I guess I am just to particular." He said to himself. He saw a
sign that had "Central City Mall" written on it. He walked toward
thinking, "What better place to find a woman."

He entered the mall through the rotational doors and looked around him.
The place was gigantic. There were people moving from store to store,
doing their shopping. The place was well lit, with store after store
lined up next to and across from each other as far as the eye could see.

He walked forward browsing through the windows on the right side of the
main corridor. Some more interesting than others, a toy store, a perfume
shop, arcade, ect. There were all types of people, but to his
disappointment, mostly middle-aged men and women. He looked at his watch
and saw that it was still in the midst of working hours and school hours
for high school and college students.

"Oh well he might as well look around, since I came in here." He
thought. He looked at the shops, some of then more interesting than
others, but he decided to go into a music shop.

He walked through the door, looking at the many posters, with Star Wars
characters, bands, cartoon characters, and models like Jenny McCarthy.
He looked at the various CD’s, nothing really catching his eye.

He left the store disappointed that he still hadn’t found a woman to be
with. He started to head for the main exit when he saw a young lady on a
bench. "She is absolutely beautiful." Alex thought.

He walked over to her and flashed his smile that many women have told
him was beautiful. "How are you doing?" Alex asked trying to keep an
erection from building.

"I’m all right. How `bout yourself?" She said returning a smile toward

"I’m a bit hungry, can I interest you in something to eat?" Alex asked
looking at the spectacular smile.

"I’d love to. My name is Natalie." She replied getting to her feet.

Natalie, Natalie the name and face seemed familiar some how. "I’m Alex,
Alex Madison." He replied taking her hand in his and kissing it gently,
the young woman blushed as she rose to her feet.

They walked toward the food court in the large mall, while chatting
about trivial things such as movies and music. She was a very
interesting person, that he somehow felt that he knew from somewhere.
They walked until the found a Burger King and walked in.

Alex looked at the lady standing behind the counter staring at Natalie.
Then before he could order she spoke, "Miss Portman, would it trouble
you to sign this please?" The woman asked nervously. Alex looked at
Natalie and thought you moron of course, Natalie Portman, from the
posters and the movies.

Natalie saw the expression on his face and started to laugh, as she
signed the piece of paper the woman had given her. Alex got himself
together enough to order, and the two found a booth. "If you want to
leave it’s all right, I understand it is kinda weird for guys to date
me." Natalie said looking into the handsome man sitting across from her.

"Leave, I’d never dream of it. I wouldn’t dare leave a beautiful woman
like you." Shit that was probably the corniest thing he had ever said.

"Oh sure." Natalie teased, she hoped he wouldn’t flash that sexy smile
again or she might have to excuse herself to go to the bathroom and
masturbate. He smiled again and it sent shivers through her body.

They talked for a while after their meal was finished, the subjects
were still trivial for the first couple of minutes, but after a while
the subjects got more and more personal including sex and relationships.
While on the subject of sex, Alex felt something brush up against his
leg, it was Natalie’s foot and she was ascending toward his manlyhood.
Once she got to the top of his thigh, she stopped and excused her self
saying she had to use the restroom.

Alex thought there may have been a hint in her voice. He waited a few
minutes and then got up and headed towards the restroom area that was
off-set from the rest of the restaurant. He knocked on the Ladies Room
and the door opened quickly, he entered and saw Natalie. "I didn’t think
you were coming." She said in a very sexy voice.

"Now that I am here, what are we going to do?" He said playing a little
game with her, but she would have none of it.

Apparently she wasn’t in the mood for games, she immediately bent down
on her knees and unbuckled his belt. She followed by unzipping his pants
very carefully, to avoid catching the growing bulge in the zipper.

His cock was released from it’s containment. Natalie looked at the
growing erection in front of her beautiful face. She kissed the purple
head of the growing 8 inch penis. She kissed his dick as if it were his
mouth. She kissed it passionately slipping her tongue out sexy mouth and
licking the tip of his cock.

She stopped her kissing, but kept her tongue out and starting licking
up and down his dick starting at the head and continuing on all the way
to the base and down onto his balls. She nibbled at his balls, when she
started pumping his cock with her hand. Slow at first but faster and
faster. Alex leaned up against the sink to keep himself from falling
because of the wonderful sensation this beautiful actress was giving

Soon he felt her wonderful mouth adding to the sensations as she put
her mouth over his dick and taking it into her mouth. Alex looked down
to see Natalie’s head bobbing up and down as she went up and down on his
cock. Faster and faster, she sucked him off while her tongue swirled
around his cock, adding to the extreme pleasure she was giving him.

"Oh god Natalie, I’m gonna cum. " Her only reply was to continue on
with her masterful work sucking him off harder and harder.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh damnnmnnnnmnnnn, godddddddd ammmmnnnnit don’t stopppp,
oh shitttttttttt, I gonnnnnna cummmmmm. As the slurred words came out of
his mouth, he shot his heavy load into her mouth and down her throat.
She was drinking his juices expertly, not letting a drop leave her
mouth. When he was done, she opened her mouth to let Alex see her mouth
filled with his own jism before swallowing. She proceeded to lick his
dick clean.

It took a minute for Alex to get his bearings back. He lifted her up
and kissed he passionately, and sat her down on the sink. He now got
down on his knees and got his first peek under her short black skirt.
She wore a pair of white cotton panties that she let him remove. He
looked up at her before starting to kiss her thighs gently and
passionately. He slowly made his way to her dark pubic hairs. He looked
lower to see the pink of her pussy lips.

He looked at her again as if to ask permission, she gazed back wanting
to release her sexual tension. He ran his tongue gently across her pussy
lips causing a subtle moan to escape her mouth. He continued on taking
it very slow. He parted the lips of her pussy with his tongue and her
sweet aroma escaped. He slowly started to thrust his tongue in and out
of Natalie’s young cunt.

He started going faster and faster still. She started moaning louder
now saying, "Oh goddddddd dddddddamnnnnnnnnn Alexxxxxx, don’t stoppppp
tongue fuccccckinnnnng meeee. Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt ohhhhhhhh
goooooooodddddddddd. He added a finger to the fray to add to her sexual
pleasure. She started screaming louder and louder. Alex didn’t care if
anybody heard, and he knew Natalie didn’t. He soon added another finger
causing her to screech.

He found her small clit becoming very hard. He started licking it
making her go nuts and started humping his face. Then he started
nibbling on it, which sent her over the edge.

"Fuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk I’mmmmmmmmmmmmm goinggggggggggg tooooo
cummmmmmm, ohhhhhhh shit, goddddddddddamnnnnnnnnnnnittttttttttttt.
Fucccccccccccckkkkk, ohhhhhhh shiittttttttttttt,
fuuuukccccccccccccckkkkkkk." Natalie screamed as she came all over
Alex’s face. She humped his face harder than ever to make the sensation

He got up from between her legs to look at her. He saw in the mirror
behind her that he had her cum all over his face. She looked at him and
started licking her own cum off of his face. She stuck her tongue out in
front of him, and he touched his tongue with hers and tasted her juices.
She licked his face clean.

By that time he had a raging hard-on, and Natalie had noticed. She
looked into Alex’s eyes and said, "I want you inside me." She kissed
Alex passionately. After a minute her tongue parted his lips and as he
entered her vagina with his hard dick. She gasp when it had entered. Her
hole was very tight around his thick cock. To his surprise though, she
was not a virgin.

He started pumping his prick in and out of her an inch at a time at
first. He looked at her pert tits through her white shirt. He helped her
take off the shirt as he continued his pumping in and out, a little
faster now. He saw her breasts glisting in her white bra.

He bent to kiss them and it sent ripples of pleasure through Natalie.
He kiss her nipples through her bra, they were growing very erect in her
bra. She unclasped it allowing him access to her pert tits. He kissed
her nipples while flicking his tongue across them. He began to suck them
causing her to yell louder than she already was.

"Ohhhhhh gooooooooooooooddddddddddddd Aleeeeeeeeeexx, don’tttttttt
evvvverrrrr stttttttoooooppppppp fucccccckiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg me.
Goooooooodddddammmmnnnnnnnit. FFFFFffucccccccckkkkkkkkkkk.

He increased his pace, moving farther in and out. Her clit was now
rubbing up against his cock causing her to scream even louder. She
matched his rhythm pushing and pulling her hips back and forth, causing
his whole 8 inches to slip in and out making him want to cum even more,
but he wanted to hold it off just a little longer.

He went back to kissing her tits, licking and sucking her nipples. "She
started to yell, "Do it baby……..come onnnnnn,……….squirt it in
me……ooooohhhhhhh…….come on babbbbby……….shoot your hottttt
load in my vagina……………fillllllllllll myyyyyyy cuuunnntttt with
your hhhhhhhottttttt jizzzzzzzzzzz…………." Natalie came

Alex couldn’t hold it off any longer. "Ohhhhhhhh gggggggooooooooodddddd
ddddddammmmmnnnnnnnnnitttttttttttttttttt." Alex shot his powerful load
into Natalie Portman. He squirted it 6 times his most powerful cum ever.
After the second shot, Natalie came again.

Alex collapsed on top of Natalie Portman. He layed on top of her for a
couple of minutes before making a move to get his pants off the floor,
which had fallen during the action. He put his pants on and helped
Natalie off of the sink. She put her panties back on and snapped her
bra. She put her shirt back on while fixing her hair in the mirror.

She spoke first, "I don’t want this to be a one time thing, Alex." She
turned and looked into his eyes deeply.

"Me either, Nat, perhaps we could talk about it at dinner tonight?"
Alex asked flashing his smile that drove her nuts.

"I think that would be a good idea." She looked into his eyes and
kissed him deeply.

The End

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