Aubrey Plaza in Aubrey, Connie, Lynn & Gus

Title: Aubrey Plaza in Aubrey, Connie, Lynn & Gus

Author: Bruce Newmeyer

Celebs: Aubrey Plaza

Codes: MF, cons, rom

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


I was still glowing after Aubrey and I had our first sexual encounter the night before, my “sensual massage” training finally finding an outlet. That experience will forever be one I will cherish. I was able to see her beautiful body naked for the first time in person. And I was able to give her what I intended to be the first couple of many orgasms – as long as she continued to want them. That, of course, was up to me being able to get the job done to her satisfaction. That in mind, I knew what I wanted to do next.

Her role in Legion had her out of town for a couple of days. So, just to get her mind heading in the right direction, I took advantage of our time apart.

I texted her, telling her that “Connie” would be visiting this weekend when Aubrey was back in town, making known how much I wanted Aubrey to meet her. Since Aubrey’s and my Vegas marriage had taken place so recently, and our overall time together as a couple had been relatively short, she had not yet learned much concerning those in my circle of friends – and even extended family. So, I knew she would have no idea of whom I was speaking. This was the goal.

A bit later, she texted back, asking: “OK. Anything I need to know before we meet?” Knowing she’d taken the bait, I was smiling when I texted my response: “No. Just know that she’s great, and you’ll love her as I do.” Her quick reply was simply, “See you both in a couple of days.” My smile broadened.

My plan working perfectly thus far, I then waited an hour, and texted again: “Connie says she’ll have her cousin Lynn with her. I hope that’s okay with you. I know Lynn well. You’ll love her, too.” Rather quickly, she responded, saying: “If you say I’ll love her, I trust you. Looking forward to meeting them.” Things were going just as I’d hoped.

I waited another hour, and then texted once again: “You’re not gonna believe this, but Connie just told me that her and Lynn’s other cousin Gus will also be joining us for the weekend. Gus is a great guy. Okay with you? I assure you, that is everyone.” It took a couple hours for her to text back: “Of course. However, since I’ve not met them, I would prefer that they stay at your place. OK with that?” “Absolutely”, I replied. “I already told them they’d be staying here. Thanks so much. I’m excited for you to meet them!” “Now I’M getting excited!”, she replied. “Love you. See you in a couple of days”, I said. Perfect set up. Now to keep my excitement in check until her return.

The next day, Aubrey texted asking if she should bring anything for the weekend, saying she wanted to be sure that my friends would have a good time, and be comfortable. “Just yourself”, I replied. “Believe me, just having you here will be everything that will possibly be needed.” I then followed up: “So you’ve never heard of them? They’re a well-known trio. Connie, Lynn & Gus.” “Sorry, but I don’t think so,” she replied. I texted back, “No need to apologize! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I miss you!”. The next day, I texted: “Connie, Lynn & Gus are here. I’m excited for you to meet them. They have a way of making you feel REALLY good.”. “Oh?”, she texted back. “How?” “It’s something about the three of them together. They’re a great team. Connie, Lynn, Gus. Connie Lynn Gus. Connielynngus.” Knowing she was at that moment in the plane bringing her back to L.A., I knew she was a captive recipient to my texts. There was a bit of a delay before she responded, which kept me in excited suspense, waiting to see if she would decipher my meaning. Her response?: “??????” Continuing the fun, I replied, “They’re a great country music group.  My favorite song of theirs is, “Hot Licks”.” I immediately followed up with, “I also love their song, “Coming for You”.” I then typed again, “Connielynngus”. Finally, she got back to me: “(Smiley face emoji) Now I remember! I HAVE heard of them!! I LOVE THEM!!!” “I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that!”, I said. “The four of us are EXTREMELY excited to see you!” There was another pause, and then: “From the very second I remembered “them”, my panties have gotten more and more wet. It’s been a loooonnnnggg time!”. This was followed by, “This flight can’t possibly go fast enough!”

Now to prepare the setting.

I wanted this experience to be one she would not soon forget. I busily prepared the dining room table. I was careful to concentrate on the aesthetics of this scene, making it beautiful and inviting. I put a setting on either side of the length of the table. Then, I eyed one of the ends, and set about preparing it for something special – at the head of the table. Upon finishing the set-up, I then, knowing the approximate time of her arrival, and her particular predilection, prepared for her to be able to enjoy a bath before “dinner”. At the right time, I lit candles, and turned on some soothing music to provide a nice, relaxing ambiance. The plan was to fill the tub for her right when she arrived, and then wait to have “dinner” with her.

She arrived a little earlier than expected – confirming her previous intimations that she couldn’t wait to get there. I had consciously decided I was going to be assertively sexual with her that night, so, before she knew what was happening, I embraced her, saying, “I’ve missed you so much!” I kissed her on the lips, passionately, while I moved my hands down and massaged her perfect butt for a few seconds. She was surprised by my assertiveness, but clearly happy about it. ““Dinner” will be ready shortly. Meanwhile, I’ll draw a bath for you, okay?” “Sounds great”, she replied. “Connielynngus and I have excitedly been waiting for your return,” I said. She smiled broadly: “I’m so excited to make “their” acquaintance!” I carried her luggage into the room and she followed. I then went in and started running the water in the bath. Within a couple of minutes, she entered the bathroom just as I finished filling the tub for her. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the reflection in the mirror of her standing in the doorway, completely naked. I turned around to look at her directly. “Look at you”, I said. I approached her, took her by the hand, and stood her in front of the mirror. “Do you see what I see?” I was standing behind her as we stood looking at her reflection. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, you know”, I said, resting my chin on her right shoulder. “Stop it!”, she said, embarrassed. “That’s ridiculous.” “It’s true”, I whispered in her ear. She playfully removed my arms which were wrapped around her, my hands lightly rubbing her firm belly. “I’ll finish getting “dinner” ready while you bathe”, I said as I kissed her on the side of her neck. She smiled. “I won’t be long”.

She meant it. Only about 15 minutes later, I heard the tub draining. The food I ordered to be delivered had not yet arrived. A moment or so after that, the bathroom door opened. As she came out, a towel wrapped around her, I suddenly stepped in front of her, mildly startling her. She was standing up against the wall. I looked deeply into her beautifully hypnotic eyes, glanced down at the towel, reached out, and removed it, letting it drop to the floor. Once again, she looked surprised, but happy. Without speaking, I slowly crouched down in front of her on my knees, looked up at her, and then buried my face between her legs. She was slightly taken aback, but quickly contributed to the action by adjusting her stance, widening her legs to give me just a bit more room to work. Even though she’d just dried herself, her pussy was already slick with her womanly moisture. I assume the anticipation of coming events had gotten to her.

Though I was concentrating on giving her the most pleasure I could possibly conjure, I was also mindful of this remarkable scenario: Just as with my first time enjoying pleasuring her a couple nights back, I could hardly believe I was having the privilege of this experience with the woman I loved so much. I had long dreamed, since before meeting her, of “tasting” her. Well, she “tasted” incredible. I licked and kissed and licked and kissed. My hands cupped her butt cheeks while I worked. I initially concentrated on her entire pussy, but then I focused my attention solely on her clitoris. I started with more gentle kissing and licking before moving into a settled and repetitive rhythm of light oral pressure. After a couple of minutes, her moans of pleasure became more pronounced. I looked up at her face without stopping my rhythm. Her eyes were half closed, and her mouth slightly agape. What a beautiful sight! I was all the more determined to finish the job. But then…

A knock on the front door. I’d forgotten about the food I’d ordered! I was forced to stop. Pulling my mouth away from her very wet and sweet-tasting pussy was excruciating, and I did so with considerable reluctance. I looked up at her, and she looked down at me. “Food”, I said. She was breathing hard, and her face was flushed. We both, in frustration, sighed heavily in perfect synchronization. I handed her the towel she’d been wearing, and stood up. I turned to go to the door. “Wait”, she whispered. I looked back around. “Your mouth.” She held out her towel to me. I realized that my mouth and chin were dripping with her delicious juices. We looked at each other for a second, and then both smiled deviously. “Our secret”, we both said, again in perfect synchronization. She then used the towel to wipe her pussy clean of its moisture, her wetness spotting it noticeably, followed with handing it to me. “Just a reminder of unfinished business”, she said as she walked into the bedroom. I wrapped the towel around my neck, it hanging down the right and left of my front side. The wet spot was more than a little conspicuous. With my mouth, chin, and the towel all drenched with her tastiness, I went to retrieve and pay for our food. I have no idea if either display of moisture was noticeable to the delivery person, but I was giddy with delight at the reality of the situation.

Food in hand, I walked toward the kitchen. “Watcha doin’, sweetheart?”, I asked. “Getting dressed”, she replied from the bedroom. “If you don’t mind, keep yourself “accessible”, if you know what I mean”, I said. There was no response. I put the bags of food on the counter and began emptying their contents. “I know exactly what you mean”, I heard from behind me. I turned around and Aubrey was standing there, barefoot, wearing a frilly white shirt, braless, and a veryshort jean skirt. She looked at me, and then pulled up the skirt just enough for me to see that she was not wearing any panties. I’m not certain, but I think my mouth fell open a bit as I took in that gorgeous image. I was more determined than ever to finish the – as she put it – “unfinished business”. She deserved the very best I could give.

She turned to walk into the dining area and I followed. As she eyed my set-up, I asked: “What would you prefer first? Eating dinner, or being dinner?” I had set up for us to eat our meal on one area of the table, but on the table end, I’d set up a number of pillows and blankets on the table top, waiting for her to settle herself on them – so that she could be “eaten”. She looked back at me, laughing her adorable laugh, and made her choice: “Time to finish your business”. I was more than happy to do so.

We walked hand-in-hand over to the end of the table, I pulled the chair back a few feet, and we stood ourselves, Aubrey with her back to the table end. We began passionately kissing. I then swept her long beautiful brown hair off her neck and began gently kissing her there. I continued kissing down her body onto her chest. She then pulled her shirt up, but not off, exposing her exquisite breasts. I spent time kissing them, obviously giving considerable attention to her erect nipples. She moaned quietly. I then stopped, looked at her, and asked, “Dinner time?” She nodded, “yes”. I carefully settled my hands on both her hips and lifted her up onto the pillows/blankets “place setting” on top of the table end. I rolled her jean skirt up exposing her amazing pleasure zone. Once I knew she was comfortable, I leaned down over her and continued kissing and massaging her breasts before working on down her stomach. I spent some time there, knowing that it is an erogenous zone. Her verbal sounds confirmed that truth. I continued “south” passed her rolled up skirt to her pubic area, kissing gently but with purpose. To tease her a bit, I stopped, looked at her, and then moved down, but instead of diving in to my “meal”, I simply breathed on her pussy without touching it, causing her body to shiver slightly. I did this a few times before moving my mouth over to her right inner thigh. Aubrey has the most amazingly beautiful and shapely thighs, and her inner thighs are incredibly soft and smooth. I added some light licking to my kissing routine, and continued down her leg, kissing all the way to her right foot. I kissed the top of the foot, and then each toe, finishing with the big toe. I then reversed the process, starting with the toes on her left foot, up the left shin and knee, and then more kissing mixed with light licking on her left inner thigh. I saw in my peripheral vision her hand moving. I looked up and she had dabbed her pussy with her first two fingers. Those digits were instantly soaked. She was giving me the cue that I’d more than sufficiently primed her, following up her hand gesture with the pleading, whispered command, “Eat me!” I was “starved”, and so happy to oblige.

I pulled the chair back up to the table and sat. I leaned in, my mouth opened wide, and took in her entire pussy, lightly sucking on it for a bit. I then returned to the kissing and licking and kissing and licking I’d so enjoyed earlier when she was leaning against the wall. This was followed by a routine of slowly lapping her with my tongue over and over, gradually increasing the speed. Her moans were such a welcome sound. Nothing turns me on more than pleasuring this extraordinary woman whom I love so much. Up to this point her legs were hanging over my shoulders, and her hand was resting on my head, occasionally pushing my face harder into her welcoming pussy. But suddenly she removed her hand from my head, and using both hands pulled her legs up off my shoulders, pulling them all the way back until her knees were pretty much to either side of her ears. She was ready for the “meal” to come to a satisfying end, and wanted me to have full and easy access to the deliciousness. But first, I needed a second or two to take in the sight of this incredible “delicacy”. Seeing her lying there – her beautiful, shapely body amongst the pillows and blankets, shirt rolled up and settled above her breasts, skirt rolled up and settled above her pussy, her gorgeous legs pulled back and held in place by her hands with their finger nails painted black, her looking at me with the most lustful look I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, eyes glazed over, mouth pursed, breathing heavily with anticipation – I had the overwhelming thought that I was the most blessed man on planet earth. I took a quick look at her now wide-open pussy, and it was absolutely soaking wet, glistening in the room light. What an amazing sight!

I dove in to finish the first “course” of this remarkable evening’s “meal”. I started with lapping up all the moisture my tongue could find. I then started slowly licking her quite swollen clitoris. In turns, I licked up and down, and then in a circular motion. She was gradually emitting more and more sounds of pleasure as I “ate”. As her moans kept coming, I then put first one, and then two fingers into her pussy as I continued working on her clit. At that, she started to move her hips a bit. I now moved on to what I figured might be my closing move: I lightly sucked on her clit whilst simultaneously using my upper middle teeth to lightly scrape it. Finally, she started to squirm quite animatedly. With my fingers moving in and out of her, and my mouth doing double duty on her clitoris, she was ready to explode. She did. And it was beautiful! She let out a scream of intense pleasure, her entire body writhing violently. I could hardly keep my mouth on her clit, but did so until she stopped moving.

I looked up at her. Her eyes were open extremely wide, looking straight up at the ceiling above us for a few seconds. She was breathing very hard. And then, she looked down at me – my face still between her lovely legs – smiling a most breathtakingly beautiful smile. She stared at me, and then, using her left hand, once again dabbed her drenched pussy with two fingers, and brought her hand up, away from me, toward herself. She used her right-hand pointer finger to call me up and over her as she lay there. Of course, I obeyed. And boy was I rewarded. “Have some desert”, she said, as she put her two drenched fingers to my mouth. I licked them dry as if I were licking a pop-sickle. What a delicious way to end a “meal”! My long-standing dream of “tasting” her had actually come to pass, and it was easily the best “meal” I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Connie, Lynn & Gus proved to be a real addition to Aubrey’s and my second love-making opportunity, and I’m so grateful to them!

I sat back down in the chair at the end of the dinner table just wallowing in my good fortune. In all the excitement of “dinner time” Aubrey had somehow not noticed until now the sign I’d hung up above her on the ceiling: I LOVE YOU. She looked at it, and then at me. She sat up, rolled her shirt and skirt back down, then got down from the table and sat on my lap, facing me, her long luscious legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms around me, hugging me. She lay her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her, as well, and we just sat there holding each other for a while, not speaking. It was without doubt the most romantic experience of my life and I can’t thank her enough.

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