Audition Process – The Comeuppance of Jennifer Aniston – Part 1

Audition Process – The Comeuppance of Jennifer Aniston – Part 1

Starring Jennifer Aniston

By Dbud

Codes: MF, Anal, Reluc, and Non-Cons

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

Jennifer Aniston ignored her cell phone. It was ringing on the passenger seat of her car. She knew who it was; it had rung three times in the last half-hour. Jennifer was sitting in her car in the parking lot of an office building on a studio lot.

She had gotten a call about an hour ago from James Franklin, a studio executive. He had called
her from his office, inside the building she was parked in front of.

After she got the call, she had changed clothes as he had instructed her and driven over. On the way though, she began to get angrier and angrier at her predicament. It wasn’t fair and she had begun to debate if she should do it anymore. She had been in her car since she arrived, thinking things over, and was half an hour late to meet James.

Her phone stopped ringing, but immediately started again. She let it go to voicemail for the fifth time. A few seconds later, it rang again…

“Dammit!” Jennifer grabbed it and answered, “WHAT!?”

“Where the hell are you?” It was James as Jennifer expected.

“I-I’m in-n the p-parking lot.”

“Then get your ass in here or the deal’s off.”

Jennifer slumped back into her seat, “Fine. I’ll be in in a minute.”

She dried her eyes as she had been crying and fixed her makeup before getting out and walk inside. She cinched her overcoat up at the neck. She wore it even though it was a balmy 80 degrees in Los Angeles. She went to the 15th floor and approached Franklin’s admin sitting outside his office.

“Go right in Ms. Aniston, he’s expecting you.” The woman gave Jennifer a knowing smile. Jennifer just gave her a nasty look that said, ‘Shut up bitch!’ but all she actually spoke to her was, “Thank you” as she walked through the large double door and closed them behind her.

James was sitting in an over-stuffed armchair in the middle of the large office. On both sides of the chair were two leather sofas and behind him was his desk. The office was large and opulent with the finest furnishings and artwork..

James was in his late forties, handsome, in good shape physically with a bit a graying hair. He was a powerful man in Hollywood, being one of the men who made the decisions at a top studio. He wore a suit, sans the jacket, that had to cost 3 grand.

She strode into the room, “We need to talk.”

“Oh really.” He smiled at her attitude, “The coat first.” James waved his finger at her.

“No, we talk first. We need to re-negotiate our deal.”

He stood up and walked towards her. She tried to look assured of herself but took a step back away from him, showing her fear.

“There are no re-negotiations. The deal is the deal. You want the part then you hold up your end of it. Now! The coat!”

Jennifer looked down towards the floor, ashamed, but she opened her overcoat. James looked her up and down, whistling and smiling as he did. She let the coat drop off her shoulders and to the floor.

Jennifer Aniston stood before him. She was wearing only lingerie, black and lacy, high quality under-garments. She had on a push up bra that made her B cup tits look like C cups.

She had on spike heels, open toed with a small strap around her ankle. They helped make the 5 foot 7 inch actress’s legs look even longer than they already did. She had on silk panties, a thong that rose high up on her hips, making her legs look even impossibly longer. Around her waist she had on a garter belt that held up her fishnet stockings.

She started to speak but he shushed her and kept looking her up and down, leering at her body. Jennifer’s face was made up and her chestnut brown hair was done as per his instructions, long and straight. James ran his hand across Jennifer’s chest, just above her breasts, feeling her smooth skin. She flinched as he touched her.

He walked around behind her. The thong she wore covered almost nothing in the back. James placed both his hands on her buttocks and squeezed. They were tone and firm from hours of exercises designed to make them as tight as possible. Jennifer flinched again but didn’t pull away. As he walked back in front of her, he ran his hands up her back and across her shoulders.

“You do take great care of yourself, don’t you?” It was a rhetorical question. Her skin was tan and smooth. It was obvious Jennifer worked out quite a bit. She was in her late thirties, but her body easily could have been that of a 24-year-old.

Her arms and legs were lean and strong and her stomach couldn’t have been flatter. She had little extra fat on her. James actually preferred women with a bit more meat on them but he could appreciate her efforts to stay slim. It was a requirement in Hollywood after all.

She eyed him angrily as he walked back and sat on the arm of the chair and spoke to her, “So you were saying something about our deal.”

Jennifer spoke, trying to be calm, she knew if she got in his face too much she wouldn’t get anywhere. She held very little leverage, she knew that. After all, that’s why she was in his office standing in front of him half naked.

“Look James, I can’t keep doing this. It was supposed to be a one-time thing. But it’s been five weeks now. I can’t keep coming here like this. You promised…”

He cut her off, “I promised that you would get the role when the movie went into production, if, that is, you played ball with me. The studio is still getting funding and hiring staff, we haven’t moved beyond pre-production yet. Look Jen, you came to me remember? Begging for this part.”

“I know,” Jen blurted out, “but I didn’t realize…” tears began to run down her cheeks.

The part in question was for a movie that the studio was planning to make. It was predicted to be a huge success and most likely result in an Oscar nomination for the lead actress in the film. It was the kind of role that came along once in ten years in Hollywood and was especially rare for a female role.

She tried to regain her composure. “Look, I need this part. You know how important this is.”

“Of course I do Jen, that’s why you’re here. But look, you’re not exactly a hot property right now. I mean, after Angelina stole your husband and that whole mess you’re a bit of a laughing stock.”

Fresh tears flowed as he spoke the “A” word. The wounds of being left by Brad were still fresh. When that happened, Jennifer’s confidence had been shattered. She had been depressed for weeks, not even getting out of bed. That’s why she needed this part, to make everything all right again and to show Brad and the world what she was capable of.

James continued, “Plus, and more importantly, your last three movies all flopped. It would take a lot of convincing for the studio to put you in this movie. If you want me to go to bat for you, then you have to prove how much you want this role.”

Jennifer tried to stop crying, “I know I know, and when you first told me what I’d have to do, I agreed because you said I would get the part. But that was a month ago and I’ve been doing every sick thing you asked me too. But I need you to promise me that I’ll get this part.”

James stepped up and took her face in his hands, looking into her eyes. “I understand Jennifer. In a few years, you’ll be forty though. Do you know how hard it is to have a career in Hollywood after forty for a woman? But this movie could make your career. It could make all those tabloids forget how Brad dumped you for Angelina.”

He stepped back, “I’ll tell you what, I’m throwing a dinner party this weekend. It’ll be a few studio executives, their wives and me. You come and meet them. I’ll put in a good word and if you can impress them, I think it will seal the deal.”

Jennifer exhaled, relieved, “That’s great James, thank you. That’s all I want, a chance to show my talent as an actress. I’ll be there.” Jennifer’s face, which for the first time since walking in had a genuine smile on it, suddenly deflated as she watched James unzip his trousers. He reached in and pulled his cock out of the opening.

“But first Jen, one more time, just to convince me that you deserve this.”

Jennifer had a look of resignation on her face as she dropped to her knees in front of James. She looked up at him, “Just one more time, right?”

He nodded and put his hand on the back of Jennifer Aniston’s head, grabbing a clump of her hair. She reached around behind her back and undid her bra strap and let it fall off and onto the floor. James smiled at her perfect breasts with their tiny rock hard nipples as he pulled her head forward towards his cock. She opened her mouth and James slid his organ between her bright red lips.

She took his penis and started sucking on it hard, working the under side of it with her tongue. She felt it harden and stiffen instantly in her mouth, filling it with his length and girth. James fell back against the arm of the chair and was half sitting, half standing as she massaged his cock with her warm wet mouth, lips, and tongue.

“Oh yes baby. I can’t believe Brad gave these up. You give great head,“ he told her as he felt her hand slid up and grab his balls and begin tickling and fondling them.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh” He let out a long moan at the new pleasure of her playing with his nuts.

James took her chin with her free hand and, still holding the back of her hair with his other, pulled her mouth down onto his cock. Since this would presumably be their last encounter, he had no reason to be polite anymore, so he decided to indulge himself and get a little rougher with the actress on her knees at his crotch.

When he first had the idea of forcing Jennifer to service him for the role in the movie, he had actually felt bad about it. That is, until he saw how eagerly she accepted. At that point he lost all respect for her. It was one thing for a struggling young actress to sleep with a man to get a part. James had known many such women who fucked him to help their career.

But Jennifer Aniston was different. She was older, not the dumb girls who usually walked into his office offering themselves as payment for his help. She was an established actress. She was worth millions from her days on ‘Friends’ and here she was degrading herself for a lousy movie role.

When he had first made the offer to trade sex for the role, he hadn’t even been serious. James figured that she would simply slap him and storm out. He was shocked to see her actually considering it and then even more shocked when she accepted. He hadn’t believed her, but she gave him the best blowjob of his life right there in the conference room.

After that, James had no respect for the former ‘Friends’ starlet. If she was going to give it up so easily, then he had no qualms about taking it. That’s when he had decided to stretch out the time so he could continue to enjoy Jennifer. James had personally ordered the movie delayed, making up a problem with the funding.

That was more than a month ago and he had been ordering Jennifer to service him several times each week, at his home, office, in his car, anywhere he wanted her to and she eagerly complied. Her only rule was no anal and as James looked down at her red lips wrapped around his rock hard cock, he thought that seemed unfair. If she wanted the part, she was going to have to go all the way for it.

As James was lost in thought about their first encounter, he didn’t realize just how rough he was being with Jen as she sucked his cock. He had her face buried in his crotch and his cock shoved down her throat, gagging her.

Jennifer had her hands on his thighs, fighting to get free as she couldn’t breathe. She was scratching her nails and pounding her tiny fists into his legs, trying to pull off his organ.

James held her head down on him. Her gagging and thrashing felt incredible on his cock. He loved it. Finally, after another 20 seconds, he relented and let Jennifer’s mouth slid off his penis. He didn’t let her all the way off though and kept the tip in between her lips. Jennifer sucked in air deeply as best as she could around his cock.

“Pleeb, Jamb. Not do deeb.” Jennifer pleaded with him as he gave her a chance to catch her breath. As she inhaled he pulled her down towards his groin, shoving his organ down her throat again.

“UGH!” She moaned as he started fucking her mouth hard, ramming her face with his thrusts. He had her by the hair and wasn’t letting her have a moment to rest this time.

After several minutes of this, he finally let her go and Jennifer fell back gagging and coughing in a daze. She collapsed to the floor, letting drool flow from her mouth as she tried to catch her breath.

“Y-you bas-stard! You-u f-fuck-king bastard!” How dare you do that to me?”

James laughed, “You’ve got to be kidding? You’re actually going to feign innocence. You forget what you’ve been doing for me for the last few weeks.”

“You didn’t have to do it like that! I was going to blow you anyway.” Jennifer began to cry, humiliated by her predicament.

“Oh please. Don’t give me crocodile tears now and expect me to go easy on you.” James grabbed Jen by the arm and lifted her to her feet. He swung her roughly and pushed her over the edge of his desk. Jennifer looked back over her shoulder and gave him a dirty look. Her feelings of shame gave way to fear as she wasn’t sure what he was going to do to her.

“James, please, not like thi..” James brought his hand down on her firm ass cheek, spanking her hard. He left a red mark on her ass as she squealed, “OWWWW! OH SHIT!”

Before she could say another word, James penetrated her, forcing his cock between the soft folds of her pussy. She grunted again and gritted her teeth as she felt the sharp pain of his cock driving into her. She was after all a petite woman and James had a good-sized organ and he wasn’t being gentle.

“UGH UGH UGH!” She began grunting as he mounted her from behind and thrust over and over into her cunt. The desk was shaking as he fucked her. Her cunt was tight and felt great wrapped around his cock. But her pussy wasn’t what he wanted, this was just a warm up.

After about a minute, James stopped and slipped his penis from her pussy and slipped the tip between her ass cheeks. Jennifer felt what he was doing and turned as best she could. Reaching back with one arm, she tried to grab him to stop him.

“NO JAMES! DON’T! STOP!” She screamed at him.

“What did you say Jen? Don’t stop? So, you want me to fuck your ass? Okay, I will.” That wasn’t what she had meant and James knew it, but he was taunting her.

“NO, YOU BASTARD! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEEEEEAAANNNNN!?!” Jennifer’s voice became a shriek as he forced his cock into her asshole.

James grabbed her hips and started fucking her, gritting his teeth from the exertion. Again, the desk was rocking as he thrust into her. The pain was terrible as Jennifer didn’t usually engage in anal sex. She only rarely let Brad in there when they were married.

“OW! SHIT JAMES! This hurts!”

James laughed at her, “Well, you know what they say Jen? An actor should suffer for their art.”

James didn’t stop. His cock felt great. Her ass was the tightest thing he had ever felt. It didn’t take long for him to feel the pressure building in his cock and balls. “I’m gonna cum, com’here.”

James pulled his cock out of Jens’ ass. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down onto her knees in front of him as he stroked the shaft of his organ with his other hand.

Jennifer found herself face to face with his cock as he furiously pumped it trying to bring himself to orgasm. She started to turn her head to the side, but James tightened his hand in her hair and turned her face back towards the tip of his penis.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Look at me,” he commanded her. She looked up at his face. He found her big sexy eyes to be too much for him. She saw his face contorted and grimacing as he felt his orgasm about to explode.

“James, please not on my fa…” Jennifer’s plea was cut off as James screamed out in pleasure.

“OH GOD YESS!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!” He pulled her head forward just as a huge glob of semen was fired from the tip of his cock. The fluid hit Jennifer right between the eyes and she felt it began to slide down across the bridge of her nose.

“UH UH UH!” James was grunting and breathing hard as a second stream of cum hit Jennifer just above her right eye. She could see some of the white fluid hanging from her eyelash as it trickled down her face.

“Oh God, stop it James!” She jerked her head away and to the side to get out of the line of fire. But that didn’t stop the cum from his cock and Jennifer felt a thick gooey warm liquid in her ear. She felt it running down her ear canal and dripping from her ear lobe.

James yanked her head back towards him. James had grabbed his cock just below the tip and pinched it off, temporarily stopping the squirts of cum.

“Open your mouth.” Jennifer reluctantly did so. James eased the pressure preventing him from cumming and a long stream of semen flew from his cock. It missed Jennifer’s mouth and hit her just above her upper lip. She inhaled at the same time and found the thick fluid sucked into her nasal passage, clogging it. A second shot of cum flew straight down Jennifer’s now wide-open mouth and into the back of her throat.

“GAAAH!” She began to cough and gag as she felt like she was being suffocated. James though kept pumping his cock and cumming on her tan, golden face.

“OH Yeah, that’s it baby. That’s what I want to see.” He was laughing as he covered her face with squirt after squirt of semen. He loved watching her squirm. She stopped fighting after 6 or so blasts from his organ soaked her. She took at least another 6 more.

James stepped back, letting her go. He was panting and sweat was dripping from his body. Jennifer too was covered with sweat, both his and hers. Her face was also covered with cum. It was running down her cheeks and off her forehead. It was dripping into her eyes and off her chin and onto her chest. She didn’t want to open her right eye, not wanting to get any cum in it.

She fell back on her rear, still kneeling but exhausted at the fucking she had just received. She used her fingers to wipe James’ cum out of her eyes, clearing them. She felt degraded and nauseous.

James walked over to his desk. He pressed a button on the phone and spoke, “Monica. Would you come in here please?”

Jennifer suddenly realized that he was speaking into a speakerphone to his assistant out in the foyer. “What!?! James, what are you doing? Don’t!”

It was too late.

As Jennifer started to stand, she heard the double doors open and she turned just in time to see James’ 23 year old supermodel looking assistant walking into the office.

Monica walked towards Jennifer and seemed unfazed by the scene. Her boss was naked and dripping with sweat. His half-erect cock hung between his legs, dripping with cum and Jennifer’s juices. Jennifer was nude except for her garter and stockings and had a thick white fluid all over her face.

The only noticeable reaction was a smirk on the woman’s face as she saw the semen dripping from Jen. Jennifer saw her swallow in order to suppress her laughter at the sight. The fact that another person saw her like this only exacerbated her shame.

“Yes sir.”

“Please take Miss Aniston to the washroom and let her get cleaned up. Also, arrange to send a car for her on Saturday night to pick her up at 7:30 and bring her to my home.”

“Certainly sir. This way please.” Monica turned and walked out, stopping to pick up Jennifer’s overcoat. She held it between only two fingers as if she didn’t want to touch it. Jennifer followed her and Monica led her out of the office and down a hall. She stopped at a door, opened it, reached inside and turned on the light. It was a bathroom.

Jennifer walked past Monica, who spoke under her breath to her. “That’s a good look for you.” A wide smile crossed Monica’s face. “I wonder what your fans would say if they could see you now.”

“Fuck you! Like you’ve never had cum on your face. I bet you’ve had lots!”

“I’ve had my fair share, but I’m not a hot shit actress.” Monica turned to leave, dropping Jennifer’s coat on the floor. “America’s sweetheart my ass,” she said with a sarcastic tone as she left Jennifer in the bathroom.

Jennifer closed the door and saw herself in the mirror. She was a mixture of rage and humiliation at what she had done and what had been done to her. But this was the first moment she has seen her face. She saw the cum dripping off her and her ruined make-up. She looked horrible. Her hair was a matted gooey mess. All of a sudden, Jennifer felt nausea well up…

“BLLEEEEHHHHH!” Jennifer vomited in the sink. Quickly, she scrubbed her face in the sink with water. Looking up at herself in the mirror.

“You can do this,” she said to herself. “You need this.” Jennifer cleaned herself up, put on her coat and left. She didn’t know if she could trust James’ invitation to his home, but she had no choice. She had come this far and couldn’t turn back now. Then doing this would really be for nothing.

The next day, she was surprised at how excited she was to go to James’ home for the dinner party. She put the events in his office the day before out of her mind. She knew if she could just get this part, the entire country would see she was more than a sit-com actress. She really began to believe this could be the break she needed to take her career to the next level and become a major A list movie actress. She even began to hope that Brad might see her differently, maybe even take her back.

End of Part 1. Part 2 coming.

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