Audition Process

Story: Audition Process

By: Tricksterson


Celebs: Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, of fantasy. Don’t you have better things to do with your time then annoy me? Absolutely no disrespect is intended towards either Ms. Hannigan or Ms. Smulders nor do I think they are having a lesbian affair. But if they are and you have pictures…. Sam Etherton is btw a totally madeup character so I’m not even picking on the casting director. Now bugger off.

Codes: MF, FF, oral, fetish (roleplaying),

Alyson Hannigan knew she was in trouble as soon as she saw the tall dark haired woman engaged in a screen test on the set of the upcoming CBS comedy series "How I Met Your Mother". Not because she was in fear of her job, she hadn’t even had to audition, she’d been requested by the producers and had already landed the role of Lily, who she thought of as a slightly more grown up version of her "American Pie" role.

No, she was in trouble because as soon as she saw the woman auditioning for the role of Robin she fell head over heels in lust. She resisted, barely, the temptation to leap on her then and there but couldn’t keep her eyes off her full, round breasts, her ass, as full and round as her tits, or the long legs that stuck out of a pair of culottes. The classically celtic combination of long dark hair and pale grey eyes didn’t hurt either.

She walked up behind Sam Etherton, a short, vaguely rodentlike man and the casting director. "Who’s she?" When he told her the actress’ name she snorted a laugh.

"Well, with a name like Smulders, she has to be good." Not getting the joke, he just stared curiously at her and she decided to change the subject.

"So, is she likely to get the job?" she asked, trying to sound casual.

"Well, it’s down to her and two others."

‘Hmm,’ she thought, ‘I’ll have to see what I can do to unlevel the playing field.’


After the audition she saw Cobie headed towards the catering table and plotted an intercept course.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully as she came up behind the object of her affection. "I’m…"

"Of course I know who you are," Cobie answered, turning around with a smile. "Willow was my favorite character on Buffy. And now we’re going to be co-stars. I hope."

"I’m sure you’ll get it. I thought you were great in audition. Mind if I join you for lunch?" Cobie’s being a Willow fan was an encouraging sign to Alyson. She and Tara hadn’t had as big a lesbian following as say, Xena and Gabrielle, perhaps because they’d been a more realistic couple, rather than just a sex fantasy, but it still tilted the odds in her favor.

"Sure, especially if you keep boosting my ego like that."

As they moved towards the cafeteria style tables Alyson let Cobie move ahead of her simply because she enjoyed the view. After they’d sat down she removed one shoe and, holding her breath sent an exploratory foot up one of Cobie’s legs. Aside from a widening of the eyes the brunette starlet didn’t show any reaction until the other woman’s foot reached her knee when she reached down under the table with one hand and started to rub the top of the foot gently with her palm, provoking a smile from her would be seducer. She leaned forward, giving Alyson an enticing view of her cleavage and whispered, "So, Willow being a lesbian, that wasn’t just an act?"

Alyson, with her leg stretched out, couldn’t lean forward without looking awkward so she removed her foot, reluctantly, and moved her seat next to Cobie’s so they could whisper conspiratorially. On the plus side, it allowed her to press her thigh against the younger woman’s.

"Technically, Willow was bisexual, she just preferred women."

"And you?"

"Well, I *am* married."


"Let’s just say that Alex is my very best friend in the whole world but doesn’t have a problem with my extracurricular activities." In truth Alexis Denishof was gay but, especially since he really was her best friend, she didn’t feel she had the right to tell that to someone she’d just met, no matter how much she wanted to fuck her.

Changing the subject the statuesque brunette asked, "So how did you know?"

"I didn’t, I just hoped." Their faces were so close that Alyson wanted nothing more than to kiss her but she knew that was impossible here.

"Well…umm…if I get the part would you like to help me…celebrate?"

"Would I?" Alyson answered loudly enough to draw attention from the other tables. She blushed and lowered her voice again. "If there’s *anything* I can do to help you get the part, just let me know."

"Welll, maybe. Sam, the casting director, has asked me for a "private audition". You know what that means

She did. She also knew that, although she was high enough in the Hollywood hierarchy nowadays to keep herself from having to fuck anyone she didn’t want to, that there was nothing she could do about it in regards to her new friend, no matter how much she wanted to. It was how the system worked.

When she told Cobie this the other woman just shrugged. "Oh, I know that. I’m not a complete newbie after all, even if "Veritas" didn’t last very long. No, I was wondering if you knew anything about him that I could use in the ‘interview’. Kinks, preferences etc." She smirked. "Should I bring a sheep?"

Alyson almost slid off her chair laughing. When she got control of herself she replied, "No, no livestock but from what I’ve heard…"


When Cobie walked into Sam Etherton’s office the secretary, a veteran of the industry, raised her eyebrows but let her in without comment. She’d seen stranger things in her career.

On the other hand, when Sam saw her his jaw dropped. She wore a flowered sundress that came to just above her knees, unbelted, white kneesocks and pedal pushers. Her long dark hair was done up in twin ponytails. All in all she looked barely legal. When she spoke she affected a slight lisp that made her sound even younger.

"Hello Daddy," she said with a fetching pout. "Can I sit on your lap?" Sam, unable to speak, just nodded. She sauntered over, hips swaying in a very unlittle girllike way. By the time she’d reached him, he’d pushed his chair far enough away from his desk to give her room for whatever she wanted to do. She began by sitting on his lap, letting her skirt ride way up. She put one arm around his neck and shoulders and used the other one to undo his tie then slowly unbutton his shirt. Then she let the nail of one finger run up and down his chest.

"Does Daddy like?" Normally Sam Etherton was a loud, voluable man but this stunning vision from his deepest fantasies had apparently rendered him mute because all he could do was nod.

"Does Daddy want more?" He nodded again. She slid down between his legs, which quickly spread to accomodate her and unzipped his fly. In most respects Etherton was short and scrawny but when it came to his genitalia nature had been inordinately kind. His cock was over a foot long.

"Ooh, what a big, manly Daddy I have," the brunette seductress cooed. She put her lips to the tip of his penis and tickled his pisshole with the tip of her tongue, bringing a gasp from him and making his hands clutch the arms of his chair. The her mouth engulfed his cockhead, sucking eagerly, like a baby at it’s mother’s nipple, while her teeth sawed gently from side to side just behind it. Inch by inch she proceeded down it’s length with the same combination of sucking and biting until she was about two-thirds of the way down then pulled back in one long draw, still keeping a light pressure on him with her teeth until once again only the head was in her mouth. Feeling his cum rising she blocked it with her fingers at his cockroot while she twirled her tongue, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, around the head.

She lifted her head to look at his sweating, desperate face. She knew he was hers.

"Come in my mouth, Daddy, come in your lttle girl’s mouth," she whispered sexily. So saying she reapplied her mouth to his cock and soon a surge of sperm was flowing into her mouth, of which she managed to swallow every drop.

"Was that good Daddy?" she asked with faux innocence. he nodded once more, barely aware of his surroundings. She knew that now was the time to make her move and slithered up his body, lifting the skirt of the dress and rubbing his still erect member against the lips of her bare, shaved pussy.

"And will you be good to me too?" she asked in a teasing voice.

"Anything," he murmered. "Anything you want." She smiled, pressed her body even harder against his, kissed him on the forehead and sashayed out of the office. As she left, Cobie thought she heard him whisper, "Thank you Melinda."

It wasn’t until later that she learned that Melinda was the name of his fourteen year old daughter.


Alyson was jittery and nervous as the elevator took her up to the fifth floor of Cobie’s apartment after the other woman had made good on her promise to invite her to celebrate after she was confirmed for the part of Robin. It wasn’t a bad place but she expected that her friend would be moving to better digs if "How I Met Your Mother" hit. As she got out of the elevator she checked her clothes, knowing that Cobie already would have in the building lobby’s security camera. She had to admit that, in a black sequined sleeveless top that clung tightly to every curve of her body and matching short skirt she looked good, but was it good enough? Was it too much? Not enough? Should she have worn underwear? ‘Oh well,’ she thought as she reached the apartment and knocked, ‘too late now to back out.’

When Cobie opened the door she let her eyes roam over her girlcrush who was dressed in tight blue jeans and an even tighter maroon pullover. She also looked as nervous as Alyson felt. Wary of snooping neighbors they didn’t kiss, Cobie just gave her a longing look and stepped aside so she could come in.

The first thing Alyson noticed when she entered was the food. Every horizontal surface was covered with something edible.

"Um, I don’t think I can eat all this. I don’t think the entire population of South Africa could eat all this."

"I know," Cobie replied, hanging her head. "But I didn’t know what you might like so I…"

"Made everything? How many entrees *are* there?"

"Ummm, three, one beef, one chicken and one fish." At the woebegone look on her friend’s face Alyson couldn’t help but break into laughter, followed by a tender hug and an even tenderer kiss. The two proceeded, hand in hand to the modest dining room where Cobie proceeded to present Alyson with first soup (fish chowder), then salad, then a sample of each entree in turn. In each case she would sit on Alyson’s lap and they would feed each other.

"Hmmm," teased Cobie, her arms around the other woman’s neck, "you’re a messy eater."

Alyson looked down at her top which was indeed stained. "Well, then, I guess I better take this off which she proceeded to do as her incipient love toy went into the kitchen and came back with vanilla sherbert.

"No bra?" Cobie said, her eyes running up and down the other woman’s deliciously bare torso.

"I felt it would be an unecessary obstacle."


"You say that like it was a bad thing."

"Oh quite the opposite." She proved her point by taking a spoon and dripping the half melted sherbert over Alyson’s tits then licking it off, much to her partner’s delight.

"Mmm, it even comes with strawberries on top," Cobie murmered, referring to Alyson’s bright pink nipples. She took first one, then the other between her teeth, giving them a good chewing and producing gasps and moans of pleasure from her subject.

Alyson lifted her lover’s mouth from her tits and brought it to her own then, when they had broken off, removed Cobie’s top making a moue when she saw her bra.

"Hey, I came topless."

"Hey, I need the support more." was the teasing retort. "Besides, removing it can’t be that much hard work." Indeed the slender redhead had it off in a trice and was quick to bury her face between the luscious globes. Much though she enjoyed the attention her tits were getting Cobie wanted more room to work in so she stood up, took both of Alyson’s hands in hers and pulled her towards the bedroom. As they entered Alyson let go of Cobie’s hands, unzipped her skirt and let it skirt drop to the floor then plopped her butt down on the bed with a grin. Cobie approached and let her undo her jeans, stepping out of them as Alyson sank to her knees on the floor.

"More underwear," growled Alyson as she pulled down the psychedelically swirled bikini panties down with her teeth. "What’s wrong with you?"

"Maybe I just want to make you work for it," Cobie said with a grin. As Alyson’s tongue went to work, lapping up and down her slit then taking stabs between her lips,, her expression grew more serious and her hands reached up to push Alyson’s face into her pussy.

"Oh, oh good, so *fucking* good. Make me cum Aly, make me CUMMMMM!" she screamed as her redheaded love interest probed deeper and deeper, finally finding her clit and attacking it vigorously.

When she had finished coming she sank down to her knees and licked her juices off of Alyson’s face before helping her get up off the floor and on to the bed where she lay next to her stroking her hands up and down her slender body, bringing coos and mewing sounds before sticking two fingers into Aly’s sopping wet cunt as her lips descended on Alyson’s cherry red nipples. Alyson’s own hands swiftly moved to fondle Cobie’s C-cups, bringing apreciative squeaks and moans, particularly when she focused on her pale brown nipples. As the statuesque brunette slipped a third finger into her steaming pussy Alyson went wild, humping her lover’s hand furiously and drooling from a corner of her mouth.

"Ah! Fuck! Fuck your Baby Aly, yes, yes YESSSSS!!" Her eys rolled up into her head as she came and she shook epileptically.

As she came back to herself Alyson saw Cobie licking her cumcream off her fingers and pulled the hand over to get a taste.

"That was…," she said between licks.

"Yeah." finished Cobie. "I hope this show lasts a long time."

"Me too."

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