Audition Process – The Comeuppance Of Jennifer Aniston – Part 2

Audition Process – The Comeuppance Of Jennifer Aniston – Part 2

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

By Dbud

Codes: MF, FF, BDSM, and Non-Cons

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.
This is the continuation of Part 1 of Audition Process starring Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer got her hair and make-up professionally done and went shopping for a new evening gown. She was treating this like she was going to the Oscars. That Saturday, the limo arrived and she soon found herself arriving in front of James Franklin’s
extravagant home.

The butler opened the door and welcomed her inside. The house was massive and opulent; it had to be worth at least $20 million. The butler led Jennifer Aniston through the foyer and into a luxurious study. Five other people were there, one was James Franklin, and she recognized him immediately.

James greeted her warmly. She did not react when she felt his hand brush across her ass as he kissed her cheek. James then introduced the other four people; they were two couples. One was Jeffrey Oliver and his wife Missy; the other was Martin Brooks and his wife Jessica.

The men were like most executives in LA, in good shape and handsome, they were in their forties and well dressed. Their wives were the standard Hollywood trophy wives. They were both in their late twenties, tall, blonde and had obviously fake tits, double D cups at least.

They all seemed happy to see Jennifer, genuinely excited to have a celebrity at their get together. Jennifer was relieved; it appeared James had not told them anything of their sexual encounters. The next hour was delightful for Jennifer. The six of them talked of world events and the goings on in Hollywood.

She even realized she had been wrong about the two wives. Initially, she thought they would be bimbos, but after talking to them she found them both quite pleasant. Jennifer took every opportunity to talk of her background in acting; roles she had; famous teachers she studied under, etc. She wanted very badly to impress the men as they would be making the decision on the movie part she wanted.

After an hour or so, Jeffrey invited Jennifer to tour the grounds for a few minutes before dinner. Jennifer accepted readily, she wanted to speak with him one on one about the movie. After a few minutes of small talk the conversation turned to the movie role…

“So, that’s why I feel like I was born to play this part Mr. Oliver.”

“Please, call me Jeffrey.”

“Of course Jeffrey. So, you see I really feel like I connect with this character. I understand what she’s been going through.”

“Well, you certainly are beautiful enough to play her.” Jeffrey reached up and brushed her hair back over her shoulder. She thought it was an inappropriate thing to do, but she just smiled and thanked him for the compliment. Before she could continue though, he leaned in and whispered in her ear…

“I also hear from James that you can suck a mean cock my dear.”

Jennifer’s face went pale and her eyes wide. He smiled at her, “Perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me a demonstration. That is, if you want a part in my movie.”

Jennifer turned away from him. She wanted to run, but she had come this far. She couldn’t believe it. How could she have come to this? But then she thought, ‘What’s one more. I can’t turn back now.’

Jennifer turned back around and smiled as genuinely as she could muster. “I suppose I could do that.”

Jeffrey sat down on a bench and Jennifer dropped her shawl in front of him. Using it to protect her knees, she knelt down and pulled his cock out and began stroking it, feeling it harden in her hand. She looked up and tried to smile. He put his hand on the top of her head and pushed her face down onto his cock.

Jennifer buried her face in his groin and wrapped her lips around his organ and began sucking on it.

“Oh yes, that’s it my dear. James was right, you are good at this. Deeper, that’s it, take me deeper.”

Jennifer tried to comply, taking as much of his penis as she was able. Overall, he seemed pleased with her efforts she could tell; his moans and pleasurable sounds told her that.

Behind the pair, unknown to Jennifer stood James. He was watching from the terrace, he smiled to himself as he saw Jennifer’s head bobbing up and down on his friend’s organ. Jeffrey saw James watching and waved as he felt his climax rising.

Several minutes later, Jeffrey Oliver was leaning back after enjoying blowing his load of cum into Jennifer’s tan face. She stood, wiping her chin and then checking her make-up in her compact. As he stood, zipping up his pants…

“Well, that was great my dear. You are as good as James said. I wish you could give my wife a few lessons.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes but again smiled sweetly and was relieved when he led her back towards the house. She wanted to get back to the others as soon as possible.

The two of them walked into the living room of the house. The others were sitting on two large plush sofas and sipping wine. Jennifer was afraid they might sense something had happened. She couldn’t imagine what she’d do if Jeffrey’s wife found out she had given her husband a blowjob a few minutes ago.

But then his wife Missy spoke to him, “So my dear, how was she?”

Jennifer stopped dead, not sure exactly what Missy meant by her comment.

She clarified, “I mean you were out there for an awfully long time. If it took her that long to get you off then she can’t possibly be as good as James promised.”

Jeffrey responded, “Oh I assure you my dear, she may not look it but she’s quite a mean little cock sucker this one. I told her I hoped she would give you a lesson or two.”

All five of Jennifer’s companions laughed heartily. Jennifer was mortified. She suddenly realized why she had been invited here. She had been a fool to believe that James was sincere in his invitation. Jennifer turned to leave, her eyes welling with tears in embarrassment.

As she did though, she found Jessica blocking her way. “Oh you’re not going anywhere bitch!”

“Get out of my way,” Jennifer ordered but before she could move, Missy grabbed Jennifer’s dress and yanked, tearing the zipper and splitting it down the back. Jennifer yelped and covered her now exposed breasts as best she could.

Jessica then grabbed her dress on the sides and yanked it the rest of the way off and it fell to the floor in tatters. Jennifer was left standing in nothing but her panties and high heels.

“You bastards! Get away from me!”

Jennifer screamed at the two women but they only laughed at her. She felt two strong hands grab her from behind. It was James. He reached around from in back of her and took her forearms and held them out in front of her.

Missy then pulled Jen’s panties down around her ankles and off. Jessica then produced a pair of handcuffs and clapped them around Jennifer’s wrists, binding them in front of her. As she did, Missy produced a pair of shackles connected by a foot of fine chain that she secured around Jennifer’s ankles.

“Just relax Jennifer and this will all be easier for you,” James told her.

“Please James, let me go, why are you doing this?” Jennifer pleaded with him for an answer as she found herself naked and bound in a room full of strangers. Then Jennifer heard a familiar voice speak to her.

“Because I told them too, that’s why bitch.”

Jennifer’s head snapped around towards the woman’s voice. Her eyes went wide and she stared in disbelief at the figure standing in the doorway.

Angelina Jolie spoke again, “Sorry I’m late James. I see you’ve started having fun without me.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe it, “Wha? How? You? What the hell?”

Angelina walked up and gave Jennifer Aniston a cold look, “Hi Jen. How you been?”

Angelina was wearing a low cut evening gown that showed off her full and heavy tits. The red gown had a log slit up the side and with every step Angelina took her long lean legs were revealed.

All the men couldn’t help but gawk at her as she strode into the room. They immediately all thought of her thick full luscious lips wrapped around their cocks. Angelina had a long tall body, with thin arms and lean legs. She was extremely feminine but had an aura around her that was tough and said ‘Don’t fuck with me!’

“YOU BITCH!” Jennifer started flailing and trying to claw Angelina’s eyes out, but James held her arms. As she screamed at Angelina, Missy brought a bright red ball gag around Jennifer’s head and forced the ball into her mouth.

“GAAYYYHHHHH GUUUHHHHH NAAAAAAAA!” Jennifer grunted as she was gagged, still fighting but ultimately helpless.

James and Martin took Jennifer by the arms and hoisted her, carrying her with them as they moved into the dining room. Jennifer was terrified at what was going to happen. She was looking around frantically and kicking her legs as best she could but it was useless.

Angelina spoke, “I think we need a special centerpiece for dinner.”

Nodding in agreement, the two men lifted Jennifer and placed her on her hand and knees in the center of the large dinner table. Both men produced two lengths of rope and, tying them to Jennifer’s hand and ankle cuffs, used them to secure her to the table.

Jennifer found herself tied down on all fours. She struggled some, but it was futile. She found herself on her hands and knees surrounded by dishes and silverware set for a feast. For a second, Jennifer wondered if she was going to be cooked and eaten.

Angelina walked up looking over Jennifer’s nude body. She placed her hand on Jennifer’s bare bottom. Jennifer flinched and gave Angelina a hard look. Angelina just smiled and ran her hand down along Jen’s thighs, giving her soft flesh a sharp pinch.


Jen squealed as Angelina slipped a finger into her cunt and moved it up and down inside her soft folds. She worked her finger as deep as she could into Jen’s pussy pushing it all the way up to her top knuckle. Angelina slipped it out and sucked the wetness from it.

“Ummm, tasty. Brad said you were sweet.”

Jennifer started to cry in anger and frustration as she felt Angelina push her thumbs into her pussy and pry her sex opening apart. Cocking her head, Angelina looked into her snatch, making cooing sounds.

Putting a hand on each of Jen’s buttocks, Angelina pulled them apart and admired her asshole. The flesh inside was a bit darker inside and tightly puckered.

“I think we need to spruce up our center piece a bit.” Angelina grabbed a candle from one of the candlesticks and pushed the thick end between Jennifer’s ass cheeks.


Angelina began twisting the candle in order to force it deeper into Jennifer’s asshole. Jennifer was grunting and Angelina found she could not easily get the candle inside without feeling she might break it.

“Wow, Brad said you were tight back here and he wasn’t kidding. Here let me help you.”

Angelina lifted a small lid off of a dish and began rubbing the base of the candlestick into the brick of butter underneath. Greasing up the thick end, she then attempted again to push it into Jennifer’s asshole. This time she seemed to have more success.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! NNNOOOOOOOOOO!” Jennifer’s cries were muffled by her gag but still it was obvious that she was screaming out against her violation.

After a few seconds, Angelina got about half the candlestick into Jennifer’s rectum. Jennifer was crying and shaking with rage and pain as she felt the foreign object shoved into her ass.

“You got a lighter James?”

The man tossed Angelina one and as a final indignity the actress lit the wick on the candle. The two couples and James and Angie all laughed at the sight of Jennifer, bound and gagged with a lit candle sticking out from between her ass cheeks. Then they sat down to dinner.

The house servants all ignored the nude centerpiece as they served the group. Angelina sat at the head of the table so she could look Jennifer right in the eye, being sure to smile wickedly at her victim as she ate.

Over the next half hour, Jennifer watched Angie eat her salad and then take a few bites of her chicken while sipping her wine. She listened to their conversations about politics and various mundane topics.

Finally, after nearly an hour, dinner was over…

“Shall we retire to the other room?” James asked and the five of them stood. Jennifer wondered what would become of her, but before she could wonder too long, the two other men untied her and lifted her to her feet and she was helped into another room.

Angelina approached Jennifer, “If I take off this gag are you going to behave?”

Jennifer hesitated but then nodded vigorously. Her jaw was killing her and she was desperate to get the ball out of her mouth. Angelina did as promised and removed it. She then pointed to the sofa, “Sit!”

Jennifer did as told.

“Please Angie. What is this? You can’t do this! Let me go!”

Angelina approached and took Jennifer’s chin in her hand and held her face as she stared into her eyes.

“Oh don’t worry Jen. We’ll let you go soon enough.”

Angelina turned and walked across the room as she reached behind her and unzipped her evening gown and let it fall off her shoulders. Laying it over a chair, she faced Jennifer, now nude except for her heels…

“But first, we’re going to have a little fun with you.”

As Jennifer began to protest, Angelina snapped her fingers and the men lifted her while one of the women wrapped something around Jennifer’s face and she felt something forced between her teeth again and secured behind her head.

Jennifer thought for a second that it was a ball gag like the first but as she crossed her eyes to get a better look at what had been attached to her head, she realized that it was a large black dildo. It was thick and, while hard to judge its length as it was right in front of her, it appeared to be about seven inches long, hanging down off her just above her chin.

While she stared at it and tried to figure out what was going to happen, Angelina walked up and took Jennifer by the hair and led her to a large couch. Angelina shoved Jennifer who fell back, still with her wrists and ankles cuffed and chained.

Angelina quickly climbed on top of Jennifer, straddling her chest as she looked down at her now conquered foe with a wicked smile on her lips.

“MMMUUUMMMPPPPPHHHH! NNNAAAAAA!” Jennifer was struggling and grunting against her gag and bindings but Angelina ignored her as she lowered her cunt over Jennifer’s face.

Reaching down, she took the dildo and guided it into her pussy and dropped her body down, clamping down with her thighs onto Jennifer’s head.

“OH YES!” Angelina cried out as she felt herself stretched by the phallus forced between her pussy lips. Underneath her, Jennifer was panicking as she felt claustrophobic as Angelina pinned her head to the sofa.

Jennifer’s nose was forced up and into Angelina’s clit as she began to be ridden by her. Angelina was lifting and driving her hips up and down onto the dildo being worn by Jennifer. Angelina reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples as she drove the rubber cock as deep as she could up into herself.

The men and women standing around were now naked as they watched Angelina pleasure herself using the strap-on attached to Jennifer’s head. The two wives were on their knees and sucking their husband’s cocks as the men watched the display before them.

Jennifer couldn’t see this of course, she was only getting a good view of Angelina’s cunt and tits as they bobbed over her face. Jennifer suddenly felt her legs being grabbed and forced apart. She couldn’t see him, but she could certainly feel James forcing himself between her legs and inserting his cock into Jennifer’s pussy. James began pounding his cock into Jennifer.


Angelina was shrieking and moaning as she felt an orgasm building. Jennifer was getting jerked back and forth from both ends, both by James and by Angie.


James raised his hand and brought it down hard on Angelina’s buttock leaving a red mark. This seemed to be the thing that she needed to put her over the edge…


Angelina screamed out as she was rocked by an orgasm. Reaching down, Angelina grabbed Jennifer by the hair to hold her head still as she grinded her pussy back and forth, rubbing it against Jennifer face as her body vibrated in orgasmic pleasure.

After nearly thirsty seconds, Jennifer was beginning to suffocate. Angie’s cunt had sealed her nose and she could not breathe. James was till pounding her pussy as she looked over and saw Missy riding her husband’s cock. Jennifer’s face was turning red when Angelina finally lifted herself up and allowed Jen to suck air into her nostrils.

To Jennifer’s relief, Angelina climbed off her and walked, on unsteady legs still shaking, to pick up a glass of wine. She flopped down into a chair, watching as James fucked Jennifer and the other two couples had sex. Jennifer looked over with tears running down her face as Angelina looked very satisfied with herself.

Several hours later, a disheveled Jennifer Aniston was tossed nude into the back of a limo and was driven home.

It had been three days since the dinner party. Angelina was relaxing in a lounge chair outside her home and watching her children play. She was talking on her cell phone to James Franklin…

“Angelina, are you sure about this? I mean, after all, we did give our word to Jen. I don’t understand why you hate her so much. You’ve won. What’s letting her have this movie going to hurt?”

Angelina laughed.

“Is that concern I hear in your voice James? Coming from the man who forced her to have sex with him to get the part in the first place that’s pretty rich. And I meant what I said, if you ever want me to work for your studio again, you had better kill that movie. I want exclusive rights to that script. If anyone is going to play that role, it’s me, but otherwise it never sees the light of day. Or you can explain to your bosses why I’m never going to star in any of their movies ever again.”

James relented, “Okay okay I understand. I’ll let Jennifer know we’re shelving the project. I’ll tell her it’s the board’s decisions; that it’s for budget reasons.”

“No,” Angelina Jolie broke in, “I’ll tell her myself. I want her to know exactly why.”

James rolled his eyes, Angelina was difficult to deal with and he found it best to give her what she wanted, “Fine, have it your way.”

“Before you go James there’s one more thing. That footage you took of Jennifer, you still have it right?”

“Of course, but I don’t…”

“I want it released. I want to make sure that bitch never works again.”

“A-ng-gelina, you can’t be serious.”

“Believe me I am serious. Now you do it or else!” Angelina snapped her cell phone shut. She re-opened it, scrolled through her contact list and dialed Jennifer Aniston’s cell phone. It rang but went to voicemail.

“Hi, this is Jennifer. Leave me a message and I’ll return your call when I can.” Beep!

“Hi Jen, this is Angie. I really enjoyed our time together the other night. Hope your ass is feeling better. Sorry about the size of the dildo I used on you. I’d have used something smaller, but it was the only one I had. Anyhoo I just wanted to tell you that I talked to the studio and we’ve decided to go in a different direction for the movie. I’m really sorry, but we just feel you’re not right for the part. Bottom line is; you’re damaged goods babe. Buh-bye!”

Angelina hung up laughing and took another sip of her wine.

The next day Jennifer was frantic, nearly in a panic. She barely slept since her night at Franklin’s. She had gotten Angelina’s message and had called her long-time agent, but he wouldn’t return her calls. Now finally, she got him on the phone. He was on a speaker.

“She can’t do this, can she?”

“I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do. I spoke with the studio and according to my sources, Angelina owns the rights now. They signed them over as part of a long term deal with her.”

“That bitch! I can’t believe they caved in to her.” Jennifer was pacing and nearly out of her mind with rage.

“Okay, look, I can turn this around. I need you to find me a role, a good one, something that will turn heads.”

“Uh Jennifer, I don’t think I can do that. Did you see my email? The one I sent you last night.”

“Umm, no, I’ve been trying to sort a few things out the past day or two.”

Jennifer sat down at her PC and opened her Inbox. Opening the email she saw from her agent, she clicked on the attached file. It was called JenSex.

Suddenly her media player opened and Jennifer was horrified. “Wait a minute, that isn’t…it can’t be.”

The scene looked like a porno movie. It was a man getting a blowjob from a woman. It took only seconds for Jennifer to realize it was her on her knees in the footage sucking the man’s cock. The man’s face had been digitally blurred, but she recognized him anyway. It was James Franklin and she was blowing him.

“OH MY GOD! This can’t be!”

As she watched in disgust she was bent over his desk and fucked from behind. The camera tightened on her face. There was no doubt it was her.

“He must have had a camera hidden! Oh My God!”

Her agent spoke again, “I downloaded it off the Internet yesterday Jennifer. I’m sorry, but this footage is on dozens of sites. It goes on like this for over an hour. It’s you having graphic sex with this man and others. It’s being passed around for free. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m going to have to drop you as a client. I can’t be connected with you anymore. I have to worry about my own career. I’m sorry Jennifer, goodbye.”

And with that, Jennifer’s agent and long-time friend hung up on her.

Later that day, Angelina Jolie listened to a new voicemail on her cell phone.


Angelina deleted the message, not needing to hear the rest of Jennifer’s rant. Brad walked up and kissed Angelina on the neck.

“Who you talking to babe?”

Angelina smiled back at him, “Oh, no one darling. Just a voicemail. But it’s not from anyone who matters.”

As he walked away, Angelina muttered to herself, “…least not anymore.”

The end.

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