Avril And Dakota, Slut Teacher, Slut Apprentice

Avril And Dakota, Slut Teacher, Slut Apprentice
Part I

Avril Lavigne (24 years old)
Dakota Fanning (14 years old)

Author: BadSnake

Story Codes:
MF, Ff, MFf, oral, anal, first, nc/cons, slut

Ok, so this is my first ever celeb story, as most people must, or should know, this is a fictional story, none of this (sadly)
ever happen, and this is pure fantasy, the only page that has the permissions to show this story is CSSA.
Please enjoy and if you have any comment please send them to snake_hhh@hotmail.com.
If you find
a grammatical error or something similar, please forgive me because I’m not a natural English speaker.
This story has my most beloved artist, Avril Lavigne, you know that hot punk girl and Dakota Fanning, that cute and now teenager
actress, I really don’t enjoy all of Avril’s songs (just 2 or 3 I thing) but she is so hot, and Dakota, well she is too cute, I
mean when I watch Taken, I was en loved with this adorable girl, but now, that admiration has beginning to transform in something
more, because she is now a very attractive miss.

Our story start at the people’s choice award, this ceremony were, as the name says, people choose the winners of the awards.

Dakota Fanning was pretty excited because she knows that among people she is quite popular, from little girls who want to be like
her, to older guys who want to fuck her, she has an enormous fan base, so anyway, with the help of her sister and mom, she choose
her dress to wear that night, a beautiful black mini skirt to show her long and skinny white legs whit a black top, very similar to
the one that she uses in the premiere of The Secret Life Of Bees, she put on her some make up, she choose her shoes, and she was
ready, she looks amazing, like a little angel.

The car was ready, Dakota and her family went to the ceremony, they were pretty close to the stage, so when the show start, they
have a great view; the ceremony was long and kind of boring for Dakota, with only a few awards left and a musical show she went
to the bath, when she was there making pee, she couldn’t avoid to hear something, “man, this is exciting, I can’t believe I have the
opportunity to close this show, OMG, I’m so hot, I could masturbate here, better yet, I’m so horny that I could pick a
random guy to fuck me all night, oh man”. Dakota went out from the bath and she saw Avril Lavigne saying these things in front of
the mirror, she has a really short skirt with long pantyhose and a black top, suddenly Avril notice Dakota and she was like, “oh
damn, sorry honey, did you just hear what I was screaming”, Dakota was red from embarrassment, and she said “no, I didn’t, hear
anything miss Lavigne” while looking to the floor.
“JAJAJAJA, I’m so sorry”, Avril said, “but when I’m about to perform I get a little carried away, I hope you don’t believe I’m some
kind of slut”.
“What? not at all, miss Lavigne, I would never believe that”. Dakota answer quickly. “In fact I’m such a fan of your music, and I
would never believe you are a…” Dakota suddenly stop.
“A SLUT, sugar” Avril reply, “c’mon, I…wait a minute, you are Dakota Fanning, OMG, I’m so sorry, I haven’t recognize you until now
oh, damn, you know i’am embarrassed now, JAJAJAJA”.

Dakota smile and believe that, Avril Lavigne was such a nice girl and that she was just joking.

“Anyway, miss Dakota, I have to go, my number goes next, I’ll see you later, and if you want, I’ll teach you how to be a slut, jajaja”
Dakota was in shock, did Avril Lavigne really say that.
“By the way Dakota, you have grown nicely, very, very, nicely” Avril said while she was looking to Dakota “see you”
Dakota didn’t know how to react, she went to her table, she was still in shock and didn’t mention to anybody about her little encounter.

The announcer now presents the next person to deliver the award to best young actress, miss Avril Lavigne. The crowd was crazy, and Dakota’s
heart immediately start to beat faster, not only because this was her category, but because if she wins, she would receive the award from
no other than Avril Lavigne, Dakota was very nervous, and then, Avril said, “and the winner is…Dakota Fanning” there were screaming, and
cheers from the people, Dakota went to receive the award, she shake Avril’s hand, and kiss her in the check, in that moment Avril whisper her
“I want to fuck you little Dakota” Dakota put the weirdest face ever, between an awkward smile and scary eyes, while Avril was smiling and
clapping. Dakota was scared, but she gave her speech, and everything went fine.

The final act of the night, Avril Lavigne, went out and start her show, it was so hot, her movements, her dress, her body, she was perfect
in every way, and Dakota couldn’t stop thinking about those words “I want to fuck you little Dakota”, and as long as Dakota didn’t want to
accept she was getting hornier, she didn’t know why, but she was getting wetter and anxious, if she would have been alone, she would put
away her panties and start fingering herself, to her, masturbation was something new, she recently discover the pleasure to masturbation and
she was still confused. Finally Avril act finish as well the ceremony. After that, the party start, of course, girls like Dakota or Elle
couldn’t stay too much, just a little while to make act of presence, when they were going to home with her parents, a tall guy stop them, and
said, “This is a gift for little Dakota from miss Lavigne”, thanks “Dakota said”. There were flowers, with a card, when they were in the
hotel, Dakota read the card, “At 8:00 am, my limousine will be outside, waiting for you, please feel free to come, ALONE, Love Avril”.

Dakota didn’t know what to do, of course she didn’t tell her sister or her parents, she went to bed, thinking for hours what to do, why did
Avril invite her, maybe to explain her everything and that it was just a joke, maybe to…to…fuck her, if that was right, what would
Dakota do, on one side, she was excited that someone like Avril notice her, on the other side, she was, still a young girl.

The clock was 8:00 am, and Dakota didn’t go, she was too scared to go, besides what if her parents found everything about it, so she decided to
stay in bed and forget everything. Around 9:30 am she was already out of bed, her little sister and her mother wasn’t around, they were invited
to a fancy breakfast that Dakota didn’t want to go, because she was too tired, so it was only Dakota and her dad, suddenly, her dad told her,
“honey, someone want to see you” Dakota knew who was, she doesn’t know how, but she knew that Avril was there, “who is it dad?” Dakota said
“Is Avril Lavigne, she ask me if she can take you to her place for a while because she has some things that you may like, you know clothes and
things that she had never used or even taking you shopping, even she may talks about some tips for you when you’ve grown up more and be a star
like her”, “well, dad, I’m really tired, I don’t want to go out today” Dakota replied, but her dad insist “C’mon Kota, don’t be rude, I know that
you didn’t want to go to the breakfast because it is too fancy and all, but here with Avril you going to have a fun time, she already told me how
you met last night”, “really? she told you how?”, “yes, she told me how she was nervous about her performance and how you made her feel better,
so get ready, she is waiting”.

Dakota still didn’t want to go, but she was so confused, when she noticed, she was already in front of her, “Hi, Dakota, please I really want you
to come to my place, I promise we going to have a great time, you know shopping and stuff, c’mon like a way to thank you for yesterday” Avril said.
For just a moment, Dakota thought, what the hell, let’s go, I’m sure it’s all fine. At the moment they left the hotel and got up on the limo,
Avril said “you know Dakota, I really hope you don’t get the wrong idea about me, I was just messing around with you”, “yeah, of course, don’t worry
Avril” “because I don’t want you to feel embarrassed for my jokes, I’m just a normal girl like you”.

They arrive to Avril’s place, a huge hotel suite that made look Dakota’s suite like a haunted house, with lots of rooms, Jacuzzi, everything so
elegant, and Avril said, “well Kota, what do you want to do first”, “oh well, I don’t know maybe…” before Dakota could over Avril said “maybe
lose your virginity to a hot blond girl”, “WHAT?” Dakota scream, “I’m getting tired of your jokes, this isn’t funny anymore, if you don’t stop
with this, I’m going to tell my father, I want to leave, I’m mad now” Dakota said in a very serious tone, “HAHAHAHA, c’mon little Dakota
I’m not joking; I really want to take your virginity, besides, telling your father? please, he already gave me permission to do whatever I want with
you, you’re mine for the next hours, only mine” Dakota, now with a scary look said “What? my father? do you really expect me to believe that he
give you permission, you’re insane”, “no, I’m not, don’t ever underestimate the power of a blowjob, and a hand job for a hot chick like me,
that’s right, as soon as I find you wouldn’t come like I ask you in the morning, I went to your room, and I tell your father that if a can have
your virginity? before he could even react, I took my shirt off revealing my naked tits, and I said, this could be yours if you give me your girl
to make her a true woman”, “no, my daddy would never do such a thing that is just wrong”, “after that, I took your dad’s penis, at first I stroke
it a little bit, he was already hard by the moment I took my shirt off, then very softly I put it on my mouth…”, “Stop it, I don’t want to hear
anymore of this, please I just want to go home, I’ll scream if you don’t…”, “please Dakota, scream all that you want, but this floor is mine, the only
people who would hear you are my own staff, and they know what is happening here, so please save your strength, you will need it, anyway, after I made
your daddy come 3 times and allow him to suck my breasts, he was bagging me to take you with me, you know, men are weak when a young woman left them
suck your breast, specially some beautiful ones like mines, of course, it also help the fact that he has come in my face and mouth before, but still,
little Dakota, I promise, you’re going to be a slut when I’m done with you”

Dakota was now full of tears, not that much because Avril’s threat, but because her daddy sell her like an object, she realized that her dad was weak
and not the brave person who would fight for the sake of her family like she thought, after that, she was so disappointed, she feel like the saddest
girl on earth, she was going to be raped by Avril Lavigne and nobody would help her like in her movies, then she thought I’m going to let that bitch
has her way with me, then I’ll sue her and my father for sex arrestment.

Avril came close to her and hugged her, a very softly and warm hug, “don’t worry baby, everything will be all right, you’ll see, you’re going to love it”,
she took Dakota to a room and orders her to put that cloth, and then order her to come to the next room, where Avril will be waiting for her. At first
Dakota has a lot of doubts, she couldn’t escape, so after a while she started to change her cloth, Avril left her a pretty little school uniform, you know,
white blouse, long white socks, green sweeter, and a very tiny skirt, she felt embarrassed because it was very similar to the one she used in Man of Fire
but this one was clearly arranged to look like a slutty girl, finally, the panties were incredible tiny, almost like a thong and the bra was a regular one,
she dressed and went to Avril’s room, before she could enter, she felt a rush of adrenaline trough her body, like the one that almost every person feel
when they now that is the moment of have sex for the first time, she enter the room and then she saw her, Avril Lavigne, wearing a sexy teacher outfit
white short skirt, high heels, white blouse and glasses, she said, “came on here your little child, next to me”, immediately she start to unbutton
Dakota’s blouse, and kiss her, very softly, very warm, very girly, she introduce her tongue to Dakota’s mouth and start to play with her tongue, Dakota was
angry because this girl was giving her the most incredible kiss ever and she didn’t want to like it, after that Avril start to massage her teenager
breast, still small, but bigger enough to call them breast, Dakota was feeling awkward, she thought that Avril would be more aggressive, even
violent, but she was very delicate with her, after the long kiss, Avril went to Dakota’s neck, Avril whisper “relax baby, close your eyes, enjoy”
Dakota was still denying this, she want it to hate Avril but she was starting to like her, just like last night when she saw her performance, she
was falling into the pleasure, then Avril took off Dakota’s shirt, and start kissing her shoulders, her arms, very softly, she took Dakota’s bra, and she
start liking her pink little nipples, they went from normal to hard in a matter of seconds, in one moment Dakota thought, I have plenty of stuffs to
sue her, on other moments she thought, damn you daddy to sell me to her, but mostly she was thinking, please Avril, don’t stop.

Avril was sucking the little breasts of Dakota Fanning, then she went even down, to her stomach, to her waist, she went down to her skirt, caressing her
legs, and finally getting to her goal, her 14 years old virgin, hairless, sweet, pussy, Avril pull down her panties and start to smell her, passing her
nose around Dakota’s vagina, mean while, her nose breath was making Dakota insane, that sensation was driven her crazy, “not, please don’t do it” Dakota
whisper while in her mind she was “oh god, please don’t, my body is betraying me, I hate her, I hate her” Avril was caressing her legs and kissing her
tights, then without any warning, she kiss Dakota’s clit, and star playing it with her mouth, at that moment, Dakota scream and almost fell for the
great pleasure, she has had her first orgasm ever, even if she has masturbate her before, she had never felt an orgasm, she just play with herself
for a while, and then she stops because she was so embarrassed, but for the very first time, Dakota had and orgasm, and in Avril Lavigne’s face.

“Good girl, good and sweet girl, Dakota, and you know what is more incredible, we have just started” Avril said smiling and with Dakota’s juice
in her face, “now lay down in the bed” Dakota was only wearing her skirt and socks, she laid on the bed, still confused, angry and a horny, “I don’t
want this anymore, Avril, I want to go home, please, I won’t tell to anybody, I swear”, “oh, I know you won’t tell anybody, because you’re going to love
it, just like your father loved it” then Avril took of her blouse and bra, revealing her perfect pair of tits, so white, with pink nipples, great
shape, not to big, not small at all, the most perfect pair of tits on earth, then, she laid on top of Dakota, and start to kissing her, this time, more
wildly, with mire passion than before, touching Dakota’s body with her own, their tits pushing against each other, if a man would have been in the room
he will have come in seconds after watching this, Avril grab Dakota’s leg, and then she took Dakota’s hand under her skirt, on put it on her ass, Dakota
felt Avril’s ass, it was so soft and firm, small, but with a great shape, so round, that she couldn’t believe it, Dakota was still a skinny girl with not much
of a woman shape yet, in that particularly moment, she felt embarrassed of her own body, she couldn’t believe it, how can, while she was going to be raped
by Avril Lavigne, she was feeling shame because of her little skinny body. “I must be losing my mind” Dakota thought.
Then Avril, put a big smile on her face, “you know, miss Fanning, I’m really having a great time here, I first thought that you would be more hard to
please, but I see that you are already enjoying it, and so am I”, then Avril stand and got rid of her skirt, and panties, she was totally naked in
front of Dakota Fanning, she was beautiful, with a hell of a body, “now Kota, would you mind if a take off your skirt too”, “no, I don’t want you to touch
me anymore”, “oh, but we are having a great time…oh I see, your ashamed, right?”, “what? no, I’m not ashamed…I…I just…don’t…want this…”, “don’t
worry honey, you will have a great body when you’re a little more older”, then Avril take off Dakota’s remaining clothes, they were both naked, Dakota was
still in shock, fully naked in front of another woman, Avril then start licking her, very slowly, very softly, she start form her toe, put it on her mouth,
then kissing and licking it, then she went up, to her tight, “please, stop” Dakota said between moaning, while closing her eyes, she start feeling
more and more pleasure, “no way” she thought “I hate her, I hate her, I hate her”, then Avril finally reach Dakota’s pussy, so tender, so sweet, so milky,
she opened it, and starts licking it, Dakota made a bigger moaning, “Oh my God, Avril, please, stop, oh God, what is this…jess, oh, ah…Avril…Av…ril,
I…don’t, oh, please, don’t, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Dakota suddenly came again, thanks to the skilful tongue of Avril, “oh my God,
Dakota your taste is so sweet, so delicious, I could eat your juices forever, and your Pussy is so cute, I want more of you Dakota, I want more of your teen
body, more of your juices, and above everything else, I want your virginity”, “NO! Dakota scream, no, stop it, you damn bitch, or I swear that you’re going to
regret it, you bitch, I’m going to sue you, I’m going to put you in jail you…”, “HAHAHAHAHA” Avril laugh, “you are so cute, threatening me like that, you little bitch,
I’m being nice to you, don’t made me change my way to act, stupid spoiled girl” Avril was more serious, then she grab her, and said to her “now you listen
sugar, this time, I will be more serious to you”, Dakota was now more scared than anytime, at least Avril was being so nice to her, but now, she would
be more violent perhaps?, she didn’t know what to expect, then Avril scream, “Roll over, NOW” Dakota obey in no time, and she was on her belly, crying
again, then Avril grabs her asscheks, “wow, what a firm little ass you have in here Dakota” again in a sweet voice Avril said “now, let’s start our work here”
then Avril start spanking Dakota’s ass, between spanks, sometimes she nail her fingers on Dakota’s asscheks, “please, no more, please, that hurt, it’s too much
I promise, I won’t scream to you again” Dakota said crying, but nothing would stop Avril now, after a couple of minutes spanking Dakota, her asscheeks were
now red, “ohhhhhhh, poor thing, I’m so sorry, please, let me fix you” then without any warning, she opens her ass, and Avril saw Dakota’s anus, then she
start licking her anus and spilling it, “Nooooooooooooooooo”, Dakota scream, “please, don’t do it, it’s so dirty, I want to go home” but Avril was so focus on
the little girl Anus, she wouldn’t hear, and while she was licking her anus, she introduce a finger into Dakota’s pussy, almost immediately, Dakota felt a
strong stream of pleasure on her body, then two fingers into the young girl, it didn’t happen a lot of time for Dakota to had another orgasm, she scream,
her body was shaking because of the pleasure, in that moment, Avril put two fingers in Dakota’s anus, for the very first time, Dakota was having
pleasure for having something in her anus, she couldn’t believe how good it felt, and in that moment, her mind was blank after another orgasm, then she starts
thinking again “oh God, what is wrong with me?, this felt soooooooooooo good, oh no, I want more, I want more in my ass, more in my mouth, more in my tits,
more in my pussy, the hell with everything, I want more, Avril, please…” then she scream, “I WANT MOREEEEEEEEE, pleaaaaaaaaaase, more”, Avril put a big
smile on her face, finally she had broken Dakota Fanning, the sweet innocent actress child, until that morning an innocent teenager, now she is a woman,
more precisely a little slut.

“Please, Avril, take my virginity, please, make me feel more orgasms, please, please”, “no, until you said to me what I want to hear”, “right, I’m so sorry Avril,
please, FUCK ME HARD AND TAKE MY VIRGINITY AWAY” Dakota scream, Avril was so happy with that words, then Avril took a long vibrator from her closet, “this
will take your virginity baby”, “how does it work Avril?” Dakota ask nicely, “Well” Avril said, “This long side enter your sweet vagina and the other side
goes in my pussy, then we both move and had a blast”, “Ok, Avril, shove it in me”, both jiggle, then Avril put the vibrator in her own pussy “ooooooooooooh,
it’s so nice” Avril said, “now it’s your turn” she grab the other side of the vibrator and put it on Dakota’s tight pussy, it didn’t went so deep at first,
Dakota was screaming, “Easy, Kota, a little more, just relax” and Avril push the vibrator deeper, then, she just heard Dakota a big scream “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, it
hurts”, “ok, baby, that was your virginity saying goodbye” Dakota star bleeding, not too much, but enough to make know Avril that her hymen was now broken.
Avril stop for a second waiting Dakota to catch breath, “ok Avril, I’m ready, Dakota said, still with some tears on her eyes”, “ok, here we go”, Avril first
went slowly, moving just a little, Dakota start moaning softly, then she start moving her waist, to match Avril’s rhythm, “oh God, this is so god, little
Dakota, I’m starting to feel it, oh gosh, faster, move faster Dakota”, Dakota start to move faster, very fast, the dildo went out a couple of times because
of the inexperience Dakota, but that was ok, it let that both of them star all over and feel more and more pleasure, finally after a while, “aaaaaaaaa, oh,
Avril, this is incredible, aaaaaaaaaaaa, oh no, I’m having, aaaaaaaaaaaa, another, oh gos…”, “yeah, me too, little Kota, with your moaning, I getting,
hotter and hotter, I’m going to…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” both girls had a huge orgasm, “that was terrific, Dakota, I’m loving every damn second
of it”, “Thanks, Avril, now I’m convinced, you’re awesome, you’re like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, I’m so happy that you took my virginity and no
a boy who didn’t know what to do”, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah, that’s horrible, believe me, anyway, are you ready for the next, you know, I’ve only had one
orgasm and you already had like 4, kind of unfair don’t you think”, “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, oh Avril, I really want to keep going, but I’m too tired”, “don’t
worry Dakota, please, what you’re going to do next it won’t tired you…much”, “oh Avril, ok, what the hell, what do you want me to do”, “just lie down on
the bed” Dakota do that, and then Avril said “ok, Kota, do you remember how did I eat your pussy, yeah? oh well, you’re going to do the same thing to me” then Avril
stand on the bed, and sit on Dakota’s face, Dakota without much thinking, start eating Avril’s pussy, first her tongue didn’t know what to do, but she remind
Avril’s “lessons” with her, and by watching and hearing Avril’s reactions, she start to figure it how to made Avril come, “Oh little Dakota, your tiny
tongue it is very good, it feels like in heaven, oh, more, ah, oh don’t…stop…please…fast…ah…ter…ah…mor…e…oh my god this feel sooooooooooooo
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Avril came right in the face of Dakota Fanning, then she start laughing, “I’m sorry Dakota, I couldn’t control myself,
anyway, how taste the juices of a girl like my”, “they are the sweetest thing I ever tasted, now I know why you want mines so badly, hahahaha” both girls
start lo laugh, then Avril hug Dakota, they both were in bed naked, caressing each other’s body, feeling their soft skin, their lovely tits, Dakota was in
heaven, she felt sleep in Avril’s arms, the only thing that she heard was “yes, she is ready”.

Dakota woke up a couple of hours later, she didn’t know but she sleep for 2 straight hours, she was naked and her vagina was feeling strange, the sheets were
so soft, like silk, she was happy, still disappointed with her dad, but indeed happy with Avril for teaching her how to feel sex pleasure, she was
smiling while in the bed, she stays there a couple of minutes, after a while, she wonder, where Avril could be? she gets herself out of bed, grabbing only
the sheet of the bed to cover her naked body, the room was covered with rug, so it was ok to be without shoes, she leaves the room, suddenly, she start
to hear moaning, she immediately recognize them, it was Avril, “oh, my God, she is indeed a Slut, she is fingering herself, she could wake me up, I
would love to finger her” she thought whit a smile, then she went to the living room, where the noises were coming from, when she got there, she saw the most
shocking thing ever, it was indeed Avril Lavigne, but she wasn’t fingering herself, she was getting fuck by a man, Dakota couldn’t speak, she was horrified,
after that she at last scream “DAD, What the hell are you doing here” it was Dakota’s father, naked, and fucking Avril from behind. “Damn Dakota, couldn’t
you wait a little bit more, I was about to come”, Avril said, then when Dakota’s father Steve, saw her little child, he said “Dakota, sweetie, oh God this is so
embarrassing I didn’t want you to see me like this…yet”, “What do you mean with yet? and for the love of God, put some clothes on you, I don’t want to see you
naked”, then Avril, taking out Steve’s dick from her pussy, walk on to Dakota and said, “Honey, the truth is that, when I went to your room this morning, and
after your dad give me permission to transform you into a Slut, he told me that the first man that will fuck you, would be him”, “WHAT? no way, dad, you…
make me sick, not only you sold your child, but you want to fuck her, fuck off you looser”, Avril then said “calm down sugar, the way I look, for me is so sweet,
that a daddy loves her girl like that, c’mon Dakota, besides your daddy’s dick feel really good, trust me baby”, “please Dakota” Steve said “I want you for so
long, I want to fuck you since you were 10, you’re just so adorable, now that you’re more than just a child, I would love to be the first man to fuck you”.
Dakota was crying, she ran into the room, Avril follow her and said to her, “what’s wrong, Dakota? don’t you want this”, “of course not, this is even worst
than you and me fucking, he is my father, how he can do this to my mother, I’m so mad at him, because he sold me to you, and now he proves to me that he is even
weaker for wanting her own daughter”, “Dakota, please listen, this is just sex, nothing more, our bodies are made to feel pleasure, this has nothing to do with
wrong and right, this is about feeling pleasure, period, now please trust me, this will feel just as good as you and me having sex, and I promise I will be
there with you all the time”.

Meanwhile Steve was in the living room, feeling bad but at the same time waiting for Avril to convince Dakota, because he really want her daughter, 10 minutes
later, maybe more, Avril and Dakota left the room, both smiling, they went to the living room, “Ok, dad, you want to fuck me? come on if you dare,let’s
see if you’re enough for me and my friend” Dakota said with evil and lust eyes, leaving the sheet covering her body felt to the ground, Steve then admire
her daughter’s 14 years old naked body, “you are beautiful”, Steve got his dick hard again, “C’mon Dakota, I’ll teach you how to do a fellation” Avril said, then
both girls were on her knees, staring at Steve hard dick, “feel it, Dakota, this is a dick, c’mon play with it, feel free” Dakota’s little hands were stroking
her dad’s cock, Steve was feeling a lot of pleasure, “oh honey, please, I can’t wait anymore, put it on your mouth”, then Avril start licking it and kissing
to show Dakota how to do it, after a while, Dakota was now doing it, she grab Steve’s balls, lick his dick, kissing, stroking it, and finally, placing inside her
tiny mouth, in that very moment Steve react “oh, no, this is wrong, how can I leave this happen” but before he could do something, Avril put her breast on Steve
face and whisper to him “you want this, now you have it, don’t be a coward, now suck my breasts”, Steve then forgot her last piece of morality and while he was
kissing and touching Avril’s body, Dakotas was giving him a blowjob “oh, watch the teeth, sugar”, “sorry daddy”, after a while, Steve said “oh, damn, I’m going
to……………come….” and before Dakota could react, Steve shoots a huge load of milk on Dakota’s mouth, she started to feel sick, the taste was weird
and she had swallow a lot, then before she could spill, Avril went down and start kissing Dakota, grabbing a lot of Steve milk, after that she said “you know
I don’t want to this rug to get ruined with your dad’s milk”, then both girls smiled each other, “now is your turn Dakota” Dakota was stand, while Avril was behind
she on her knees, and Steve was in front of her, on his knees too; they were giving Dakota a double oral, Avril on the anus, and Steve on the pussy, short after
Dakota came, and Steve swallow all her juices, then they repeat the move but this time with Avril standing while Steve was on her pussy and Dakota was in her
ass, “this is the first black kiss you gave eh Dakota?” Dakota said yes, “well baby, don’t worry, just put your little tongue in my ass, and lick it, don’t
worry, I’ve take a shower so I’m pretty clean there”, “glad to know that, jeje” Dakota said. Avril was feeling great, Steve oral was good, but what really
was driven her crazy was Dakota’s tongue, she wasn’t that good, but just the feeling of knowing that a 14 years old girl is licking your ass was enough to feel
Avril so damn horny, it didn’t take so long before she had and intense orgasm.

“Ok people, ready for the grand finale” Avril said, now in the main room, Steve was hard again after been fucking Avril to show Dakota how she was supposed to fuck
her daddy, “Are you ready to fuck your little girl, Steve”, “oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this for some time”, “ok, Dakota, you already see me, any doubt?” Avril
ask, “no, I’m ready for this, a gosh, I’m so nervous, and excited”, then Steve, open her little girl legs, while Avril was making out with Dakota, playing with
her body, then Steve, slowly, start introducing the tip of her cook in Dakota’s pussy, “oh, it hurts”, “c’mon Kota, don’t think in that, just focus in my own
body” Avril said it to calm the girl, after that, Steve introduce half his dick into Dakota’s tight pussy, “oh sweetheart, you’re sooooooooooooooo tight”, after
a while, Steve could finally put all his dick, “This hurt a lot, more than the dildo, Avril, please, make him stop it, argggggggggggggggh”, “calm down, it will
feel better after a while” Avril said while she softly kisses her in her shoulder”, Steve realized that Dakota was in pain and didn’t move for a while, after that
Dakota said ” it’s ok, is hurting less, please be gentle daddy”, “of course”, Steve then start to move very gentle and slowly, while Dakota was moaning, and
getting used to this experience, she was thinking “oh no, I can’t believe this, first I was fucked by Avril Lavigne, some hours later my own father is fucking me
what in the world happen to me, the worst part is, I’m really enjoying it, I feel bad for cheating my own mother, but the pleasure is driven me crazy, now
I’m afraid that I cannot stop, I’m afraid that now I’m a Slut, because to be honest, I LOVED BEING FUCK”, at that moment Dakota react, “please daddy, fuck me
harder, please make me come, please, spill your milk inside of me” Dakota then start moving her hips, faster and faster, she was now blind for the pleasure,
“hell yeah, that’s my apprentice”, Avril said, while putting Dakota’s hand on her pussy, “c’mon Kota, I want to come too, finger me, please, 3 fingers, fast”
Steve was now moving faster, like when he was fucking Avril, he couldn’t believe it, Avril’s pussy was so great, but her daughter’s pussy was in a hole different
level, so tight, and small, so pretty, and even innocent, this was the best pussy ever in Steve’s mind. “oh honey, you’re so tight”, Dakota didn’t say anything
anymore, she was just moaning, harder and louder, then suddenly, she start moving her hips violent, and screaming “oh, daddy, I’m so happy…I…I…want…you
to come….ah….ah…more….ah…daddy…I’m…cooooooooooooooooooooooming…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Dakota scream so loud when she came,
“what is this?” Steve said and when he felt all of Dakota’s juice grapping his dick, he couldn’t hold anymore and he shoot his load of milk on
Dakota’s womb, “Oh, I’m sorry, Dakota, I couldn’t get it out on time”, ” It’s ok dad, I’m glad you didn’t, your milk felt incredible inside my pussy, so warm”
but Avril said “Don’t worry, little Kota, you are too young to get preg, I’m going to give you some pills to make us sure you don’t have your dad’s baby”, Dakota
thought its ok if she got preg, I would love to have a baby, but I guess is too early “thanks Avril, you are a savior”.

After that crazy threesome, Steve got shower, while Avril and Dakota were still in bed naked, talking and giggling, when Steve was ready to go, he said, “ok
Kota we have to go, I promised your mom and sister that I was going to go for them to the mall”, “can I stay a little while more, I promise I’m going to be
a bad girl with you if you let me stay” Dakota said with an innocent tone, “for me its fine, but you should ask Avril”, “of course its fine, I have nothing
to do today, you can stay all day if you want, I’ll leave you in your hotel if you want” Avril said. “Thanks Avril”, when Steve leave the room Avril said
let’s go for something to eat, and then shopping like I promise, I’m going to buy you something that will leave your dad with the mouth open, and later, if you want
I’ll teach you how to do a 69 and if you do it fine, I’ll take you a nice restaurant as a reward in the night”, “Yes, Avril, everything you want, oh by the way,
am I a Slut already right?”, then Avril laugh “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA of course not, you’re not a Slut, you still had to do some other things”, “wow, really? like what? I
mean, I fuck my father, isn’t that enough?”, “Nop, that only make you cute, if you want to be a real Slut you had to…” Avril stop, “what? please tell me?”
Dakota insist, “well if you want to know, you have to do something for me”, “Anything, as long as I have more pleasure”, “Well, you have to…”, Avril whisper to
Dakota’s hear, and Dakota react with a big smile on her face “REALLY, I have to do what, with who?”, “Yep, but neither your mother nor your father had to know, ok?”
“Ok, then, you’ll teach me how to be a real Slut?”, “of course” Avril said “but first thing first, take your time, and when you do it, you call me alright?”
“Alright Avril, everything you said” Dakota was really excited, and she thought, “Oh my God, I can’t wait…Elle’s going to love it…as much as I do”.

To be Continue…

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