Avril And Lana

Avril and Lana

by Marcus



Part 1

When Avril Lavigne returned to her room, she noticed happily, that her roommate

Lana Lang was not there.

Perfect, thought Avril and tossend her sportwear on the floor, near her bed.

Then she began zu strip und walked to her bed.

In the last minutes she was been so horny, that she barely can´t stand it.

But now she was alone and eventually she wanted to get off.

She climbed naked on the bed and with one hand she grasped into the drawer of

her bedside table. She got a magazin
and opened a certain page.

This page showed a very sexy Britney Spears picture.

Actually Avril didn´t like girls. However she felt the desire to get off,

because of her.

Excitedly she touched her wet pussy lips.

“Yes!” Avril sighed.

She increased the speed of her fingers, until she heard the opening of the door.

Quickly Avril pulled the blanket over her naked body and she concealed her

magazin under her pillow.

But the intruder noticed that.

“Avril!” Lana greeted confused. “Already here?”

Avril nodded excitedly.

“What you are hidding?” The black haired beauty asked.

“Nothing!” Avril responded, but she couldn´t prevent, that Lana grabbed the

magazine under her pillow.

“What the hell?”

“I´m just curious!” Lana giggled and she noticed the picture of Britney Spears.

“Wow! Did you like women?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what.” Lana giggled. “I have noticed, what you was doing. You wanted

to get off. And it seems, that you was thinking about Britney.”

“That´s not true!” Avril countered. “I was relaxing!”

“If that´s true, then prove it to me!” Lana replied and she threw the blanket


The sweet beauty saw Avril´s hardened nipples and the wetness between her


“Relaxing, isn´t it?” Lana grinned.

“Please, it isn´t so.” Avril objected.

“Well, I think, you really like women. I´m very curious, what the others will


“No, no, please, not.”

“Really? Why not?” Her roommate asked.

“Because … because … because I would do anything for you!”

“Interesting!” Lana grinned and she thought about that. “Good, I will speak to


Avril sighed relivered, but not for so long.

Lana began to step back and she stripped.

“What is it?” Avril asked confused.

“What a stupid question!” Lana laughed . “You said, you´d do anthing for me? And

yes, you will do!”

“I won´t have sex with you!” Avril replied contrary, when her roommate standed

naked before her.

“Oh, sure! For tonight you will be my sex slave!”

Avril was shocked and she didn´t know, what to say.

“What?” Lana asked. “What are you waiting for? I want some loving.”

When Avril didn´t reacted, Lana pulled her arm.

Although Avril didn´t like it, she didn´t resist.

“And now kiss me, Baby!” Lana ordered. “Or the truth is out there!”

Avril felt rage, but she gave in and she kissed Lana.

Carefully she put her lips on hers, but that was not enough. The black haired

beauty pulled her head and she tossed her tongue in her mouth.

Avril was surprised, but she returned her kiss.

After a minute Lana released her head.

“You are a good kisser! But you can do more, right?”

Avril nodded and she kissed her again.

This time she took her tongue and she shoved it in Lanas mouth.

Quickly her roommate panted, until Avril stepped back.

“Wow!” Lana groaned. “I knew it! Only a lesbian can kiss like this!”

Avril sighed unhappily.

Sie didn´t like, that Lana called her so.

“That was really good!” Lana admitted. “My nipples are very hard because of you,

but I want, that they will be much harder. Come on, show it to me!”

Avril nodded and lowered her head.

She took one of the small breasts of her roommate into her hands and she began

to stroke them.

“Take my nipple into your mouth!” Lana demanded unpatiently and she tugged

Avril´s hair.

The brunette obeyed and she took a nipple with both lips.

“Oh yeah!” Lana sighed und she stumbled on the bed.

She let herself glide down, when Avril worked on her nipples.

Also she took her second nippel, when Lana screamed.

“That´s good!” she panted and she felt, that she was wet.

Lana expected, that she would come any minute, so she shoved Avril´s head back.

“Did I something wrong?” Avril asked and Lana grinned.

“No, aber I want you to suck my pussy!”

The roommate spreaded her legs and she allowed Avril a view on her pussy.

It was clearly shaven and the juice shimmered on it.

“Make it slowly!” Lana ordered and Avril nodded.

Carefully the brunette bented between her slender thighs and she stroked them,

until Lana contendly sighed.

She reached her pussy and she touched with her tongue the smooth skin of her


Juice filled her mouth and she began to like it.

After that Avril took her finger and she pushed her pussylips apart.

She felt the wetness and she shoved her tongue in her cunt.

Again juice filled Avril´s mouth and she pushed her tongue against her clit.

She began to play with it, when her roommate wanted more.

“Take it into your mouth!” Lana demanted.

And Avril obeyed.

With her lips she touched Lanas clit and she began zu suck it.

She make it tenderly and quickly Lana had to scream.

Avril continued and after a few minutes Lana took her head and she shuddered.

“Yeah!” Lana sighed and she shot her juice into Avril´s mouth.

The Brunette began to cough and yet she wanted more of it and she licked


Lana came again and she shot her juice in Avril´s mouth.

She continued, until Lana collapsed and fell asleep.

When she awoke, Avril was still at her side.

“You was fantastic!” Lana smiled.

“And what now?” Avril asked excitedly.

Lana shook her head.

“It´s over for now. ” Lana replied and she went into the bathroom. “But you was

really good.”

Disappointed Avril looked to the floor.

To be continued

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