Avril Lavigne: Backstage Encounters


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Avril Lavigne: Backstage Encounters (Mf nc/con anal)

“Man that crowd was wild,” Avril said as she came off stage, she was wearing

a black tank top and black jeans combo.

She worked her way through a group of fan doing the usual signing autographs

and having pictures taken, finally she managed to break free from them

wasting no time
getting back to her dressing room. Just as her hand touched

the handle of the door she heard someone running down the corridor, she

turned to see that it was her drummer “Avril.hey…Avril” he shouted while

out off breath

“Hi Matt, what’s up?” she said while releasing her grip of the door

Matt stood leaning against the wall “Me and the guys are going out later you

wanna come with?”

“Sure! But I’ll need to have a shower first”

“Need me to scrub your back” Matt said with a cheeky smile on his face

“You wish “said Avril while giving him a playful slap on the arm

“Ok then cya later!” Matt shouted while running back the way just came

Avril continued back into he dressing room and fell onto the couch letting

out a sigh.

She laid there on her back for a few minutes until she heard a load bang in

the bathroom “What the hell’s that!” she jump straight off the couch and

went to the bathroom door. As she looked into the room nobody seemed to be

there until a man popped his head out of the shower

“Oops . sorry I did mean to disturb you” the man bumbled

“Who the hell are you!” she shouted

“I’m Duncan” he said I a quiet voice,

Duncan was a quiet 34 year old cleaner who was always wearing blue overall,

“What are you doing in my shower?!”

“Cleaning it, that’s what the bang was I dropped my bucket.sorry”

“Well can you please clean somewhere else I’m trying to relax,” she said as

she pushed him out or her room

“Wait I need my.”

“No! Its ok the rest is fine don’t worry about it” Avril said slamming the

door in his face.

Avril walked back into the bathroom pick up Duncan’s stuff and through them

out of it, she turned the shower on and started to undress, first she took

her tank top then her jeans and looked at herself in the mirror opposite the

shower. She continued to take off her black sports bra and matching panties

and stepped into the shower. As she did a quiet knock came at the dressing

room door so quiet Avril didn’t hear it. The door open slightly and Duncan

stuck his head in to see if it was ok for him to enter, with no sign of

Avril he stepped in and saw all his things over the floor. Duncan was

normally a walkover but one thing he hated was people disrespecting him and

his stuff, As he picked up his things he noticed the bathroom door was open

and to his eternal bliss he could see Avril in the shower. For the first few

minutes he just stood there, staring at Avril’s gorgeous body as she washed

herself, his hand instinctively grabbed his cock and started to whack off.

After about 20 seconds that just wasn’t enough, his mind fill with all the

thing he wanted to do to her, in the end his desire just became to strong

for him to stop. He took all his clothes and walked in to the bathroom.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” Avril scream out as she notice Duncan coming

towards her

“I’m going to teach you not to disrespect people and their thing” Duncan

said while grabbing and carrying her.

All of a sudden Duncan could feel Avril stop wriggling she was staring down

at his now rock hard cock

“That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen it must be about 11 inches, you

have to stick it in me!” Avril said

Duncan loosened his grip in shock of what he just heard.

“Well, come on, Fuck me the hardest you can” Avril said eagerly on all fours

Duncan although still quite shocked didn’t need to be told twice he got

behind her and slid his cock in her pussy inch by inch, slow at first but

once she had him all in her he pick up the pace screams of pleasure filled

the room.

“OOOH.. UUHHH. FUCKKK. UHH. MEEEEEEE” Avril yelled out

Duncan reached to grab Avril’s nipples between his thumbs and index fingers

and massaging them softly while speeding up even more banging her tight

pussy. With this combo it didn’t take Avril long to climax.

“OOHhhh..Ohhh..Uhhhh.I’M.Cummmmmiing!” Avril covered Duncan’s cock with her

warm juice this drove him wild. He pulled out of her pussy and rammed his

cock straight into her ass using her own juices as a lubricant. At first it

cause Avril pain but after a few strokes she was enjoying it more than

having her pussy drilled, it was like she was being fucked in the ass by a

train and she loved it. Avril arched her back and pushed against him to try

to get as much as possible in her and Duncan was more than happy to oblige,

he removed his hands from her nipples and grasped her waist allowing him to

put even more power behind each thrust.


Not happy with just his cock in Avril, Duncan stuck two of his fingers into

her wet pussy, matching the speed of his cock. Just as he felt her tensing

up again he stuck another finger into her at a quicker pace causing her to

orgasm again “OhhhhUUHHHHHHHHH”. This time into his waiting hand, he quickly

sucked off her warm delicious juices and combined with Avril’s tight ass it

was just too much for him, he shot his cum deep in her ass. Duncan pulled

his cock out of her and put his overall back on

“A lesson well leant there I think, don’t you?” Duncan said very


Avril just laid on the floor with cum coming out of her pussy and ass with a

look of total satisfaction on her face.

“Well I take that as a yes” Duncan said as he picks his stuff up and walked

out the room.


Red Monk

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