Avril Lavigne Gets Caught

This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u liked, didn’t like, my email is dx8891@yahoo.com All characters storylines situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn’t This was a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas from wwekiller.

Disclaimer: guess what none of this really happened and this story
is a pure work of fiction from my own mind that just happens to use a real life celebrity who has no idea that this story is even real so if you are under the age of 18 or dislike reading stories of this nature pls click off this site and never look back and one last time this story is 100% fake and untrue.

“Thank you London and goodnight.”

A huge roar comes from the 500 screaming fans packed into a nightclub in London. The band strike up one final cord and the lights go out.
“Great show Avril,” says one of the backstage crew

“Awesome mate,” Avril’s lead guitarist says patting her on the back as he hands over his guitar.
“Fucking brilliant,” shouts out her drummer who takes a swig of water then goes off to find a female groupie to fuck.

“Thanks guys,” Avril replies with her cute smile, “Gotta go get changed now.”
Avril walks away passing her guitar to a stage hand and goes to her dressing room. Avril slams the door shut and breathes a sigh of relief that no one had found out. Ever since Avril had first got on stage she always got this amazing rush, a sexual rush. Avril got very hot and very wet if people cheered for her on stage so here she was backstage at a small club in London with her nipples as hard as rocks and her pussy very damp. Avril kicks off her trainers and starts to unbutton her black jeans. She manages to lower her jeans then puts her hand down her panties and shoves two fingers deep into her pussy. Avril lets out a moan of relief, she hates being on stage her panties dripping in cum and she is not able to relive herself there and then but now in the privacy of her changing room she can finally fulfill her sexual desires.
“UH UH UH YEAH UH OH UH,” Avril softly moans to herself as well as having a hand down her pants. Her other hand has pulled up her top and is massaging her tits thought her black lace bra. Avril now has 3 fingers inside of her working away on her clit and is crying out in pleasure
“OOOOHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWWWWWW,” Avril’s fingers are working away harder and faster on her now very wet cunt, while her other hand has got under her bra rubbing away at her bare boob meanwhile the stage crew are working away trying to pack away the instruments and the stage for the next gig. Mike, one of the younger stagehands is busy packing away one of the drum kits when another worker taps him on the back.
“Hey mate can you do us a favor,” He asks Mike who puts down the drum he was carrying to look at him.

Mike turns round and answers, “Sure mate what’s up.”
He pulls a bit of paper from his back pocket and hands it to Mike, “Listen Avril forgot her notes of where she is shooting her new video she needs this so go and give it to her.”
Mike takes the paper and makes his way down the corridor he doesn’t mind having to do all this extra work cause he will get to spend more time with Avril. True she had no idea what his name is and will no way leave her husband for him but he likes being around her. Mike knocks three times on the door but gets no answer he decides that she just can’t hear him so he opens the door and walks in.
“HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU… SHIT,” Avril has yelled so loud that the chair she is kneeling on topples over.
Mike just stands their mouth wide open having just seen the greatest moment of his life. He had just walked in on Avril Lavigne the world famous singer with one hand down her jeans playing with herself. Avril gets up off the floor and dusts herself off before picking up the chair and looking at him.
“Fucking hell dude,” Avril setting the chair up straight, “You could have knocked.”
“I did… did… d… did… did,” Mike stammers back to her.
“You did fuck I didn’t hear a thing,” Avril stops and stares at Mike watching him rock back and forth on his heels and his hands shaking like mad.
”You ok man,” She asks him while he stands there holding the note.
Sweat pores down Mike’s face as he tries to answer back, “Ye… yea… yeah I’m m I’m fiii… fin… f… f… fine.”
Avril walks toward Mike she stand face to face with the young stagehand reaches behind him and closes the door, “Now then erm sorry what was your name again,” Avril asks in her sexiest voice while slowly eying Mike up.

“Mmm… mm… mm… m… mmmmike,” Mike replies with sweat running down his forehead his mouth as dry as a bone.
“Oh Mike ok,” Avril says while messing with the lock for the door she finally hears a click and steps away.
“Now Mike what did you want,” Mike can’t help himself as Avril walks away from looking at her black thong, which can be seen clearly over the top of her unbuttoned jeans.
“Hey Mike my face is up here,” Avril says in her cute Canadian accent making him jump.
Mike gets very embarrassed at staring at the singers underwear and his face turns bright red. Mike realizes that he is making a total twat of himself in front of Avril and turns to leave but as he turns the doorknob the door won’t open.
“Mike” Avril says while going thought her things in a suitcase “What did you come in her for… SHIT.”
Mike gains enough courage to move away from the door and walk towards her, “Avril what did you lose,” Mike asked still scared that he will get shouted at again.
“Well,” Avril started then pauses for a moment, “Well Mike let’s not bullshit around here, you walked in and saw me playing with myself right?”
Mike sheepishly shook his head but that only made Avril angry. She flips her suitcase over covering the floor with clothes, I Pod’s and make up.
Avril gets right up into Mike’s face and yells at him, “Listen to me Mike you came in and saw me on that chair fucking my pussy with my fingers right.”
Mike lowers and nods his head because now he knows he is going to be sacked. Mike raises his head a bit mumbles out a sorry and goes to the door when Avril reaches up and grabs hold of his shoulder and tells him to stop. Mike turns around confused why is she telling him to wait does she wants to give him a right bollocking or something else. He looks Avril dead in the eyes and is amazed to see she smiling back.
“Right Mike you saw me fingering myself do you wanna know why,” Mike shakes his head and Avril stops smiling and puts on a dominating tone of voice.
“I was jerking off, why because doing a show makes me hot, why does it make me hot well on stage I think of all little dickbags like you wanking away to me and that makes me so so….”
Avril stops in mid sentence and kisses Mike. Mike is so stunned that this mega star is kissed him that he just stands there in awe. Avril breaks the kiss and steps back to admire Mike who is about 6ft 2, well built wearing a plan white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Avril walks up to him and untucks his shirt from his jeans then pulls the shirt over Mike’s head and off before she slowly gets on her knees and starts to unbutton Mike’s jeans.
Mike can’t believe what is happening he had always dreamed of fucking Avril Lavigne and now here he was in her dressing room with Avril on her knees taking his pants off. Avril now looks at Mike’s boxers and licks her lips in anticipation. She slips her hand into the waistband of his boxers and lowers them down his legs allowing his 9-inch cock to pop out and nearly hit her in the face. Avril giggles, as she just can’t wait to feel this huge cock inside of her fucking her already soaking wet pussy. She now take’s Mike’s dick in her hand and starts to stroke it with her index finger making it hard very quickly. Mike looks down to see his now fully erect cock just a few millimeters away from the face of one of Canada’s best exports. Avril wastes no time in locking her lips around his dick and starts to suck him off. Mike groans as he feels her lips tighten on his dick he also feels her tongue lick the head of his dick nearly making him lose control and cum. Avril has now got into a rhythm sucking away on Mike’s large shaft also her left hand is wrapped around the base of Mike’s cock and is slowly jerking him off. Mike is now totally into this unplanned blowjob and is loving every second as he gets hold of Avril’s blonde locks keeping Avril steady and her mouth round his dick. Avril responses to this piece of encouragement from Mike by tilting her head back a bit then in one move leans in and deep throats all of Mike’s 9 inches letting the head of his dick brush the back of her throat.

“OHHHHHH OHHHHH AVRIL SHIT GIRL OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH SWALLOW IT GIRL YYYYYY YEAHHHHHH SWALLOW IT ALL SHIT,” Avril now with Mike’s dick deep in her mouth uses her toungue to lick the underside of his dick making Mike shiver with this delicate yet sex driven touch.
Avril’s hands now no longer jacking Mike off are massaging his balls giving them a gentle squeeze bringing out yet more shouts of pleasure from Mike, ”AWWWW WWWWWWW YEESSSSSS SSSSSS FUCKKKKKK FFFFFUCCCCK FUCK AVRIL BABE YES OOWWWWW WWWWWWWW.”
Mike is now at a complete loss, his pleasure has taken over every sense in his body, while his cock is all the way down Avril’s throat as she is getting the underneath of his dick licked as well. Avril’s hands are rubbing his balls so softly that it feels like they will explode from the amazing touch of the horny popstar. Avril suddenly stops doing everything and spits his cock out but before Mike can say anything about it Avril grabs hold of his cock with her right hand and pulls it towards her mouth. When it is close enough to touch her lips she holds it still and kisses the cock head making Mike’s whole dick jerk.

Avril stares up at Mike and whispers, “This is my very special trick that makes all my guys cum,” Mike gulps in anticipation as Avril holing his dick firmly now sticks her tongue out and starts to lick Mike’s cock head.
The feeling of this is very intense so intense that it makes Mike’s knees buckle nearly sending him crashing to the floor but Avril puts her free hand on his cheat holding him up, “OOOHHHHHH YYYYEAAAAAH YEAH AWWWWWWW OHHHHH AVRIL YESSSSSS YESSSSS OWWWWWWWW I’MMMM GONNNNNA GONNNA.”
Mike can hold on no longer and releases wave after wave of cum which goes all over Avril’s face. Avril tries to swallow it but instead it just fly’s all over her face covering her nose and lips some of his cum even drips off her fringe. Mike falls back against a table and admires his handiwork as Avril licks some of his cum off her lips. Mike smiles at the great picture of Avril’s cum covered face as looks around to see a towel. He picks up the white towel and throws it towards Avril who bats it away from her.

Mike looks confused ”What don’t you want a towel?” Avril crosses her arms and pouts her lips like a spoilt child stamping her feet and shaking her head.
Mike nearly bursts out laughing at the sight of this 22 year old popstar with cum dripping down her face acting like a 5 year old. “Ok,” Mike says, “What’s wrong.” Avril uncrosses her arms and pulls off her t-shirt and throws it across the room then she goes for her jeans pulling them down her legs and kicking them off her feet.
“Whoa” Mike looks on in amazement as Avril stands there in just a black strapless bra and a small pink thong. “Erm” Mike starts, “Avril I’m still not sure what you’re so pissed about.”
Avril’s face gets madder and she walks towards Mike with real purpose in her stride. Mike tries to back away but Avril forces him into a corner all of the confidence Mike had gotten from that awesome blowjob had gone away. He was once again scared of losing his job she could scream rape call the cops anything.
“Avril please I,” Avril puts her hand over his mouth to stop him talking and slowly turns him around and pushes him backwards onto her sofa.
Avril stars at him for a second then leans forward and whispers into his ear, “Now you will see why I got so pissed.”
Avril stands back up and hooks her fingers into her pink thong and rips it clean off her body exposing her shaved pussy, which already has some pre cum dripping down her inner thigh. Mike lies there in awe at seeing Avril’s shaven cunt when suddenly Avril reaches out and grabs hold of Mike by his chin and raises his whole head up so that they are making eye contact. Avril shouts at Mike as load as she can, “I WANNA BE FUCKED RIGHT NOW.”
Without any warning Avril leaps up and lands right on Mike’s semi hard dick the force of the blow shakes both of them but this does not stop Avril from riding his cock. Of all the things Mike thought might happen Avril getting naked and jumping on his dick was not in the top 20 yet here he was with a world famous superstar on top of him bouncing on his cock making him hard in an instant. Avril bucked her hips and now bounces up and down on Mike’s now rock hard dick.
“UH UHHHH UHHH OWWWWWWW UHHH UH,” Avril is moaning deeply as her pussy is ramming into Mike’s dick which nearly fills out Avril’s entire pussy almost stretching it out but Avril is determined to get her much needed and wanted orgasm so she continues to push down harder on Mike’s dick. If Mike had been in heaven for the past few minutes this was a sharp bump back to earth as Avril was riding him like a mad woman. Every time her ass smashed into his hips if felt like being hit with a hammer.
He had tried to tell Avril that she was being too rough but she was moaning so loudly that any sound he made is just drowned out by her yells of pure pleasure. Also much to Mike’s shock his dick, which was taking a whole lot of abuse, was still as hard as when he jacked off to her pictures. True this time he was fucking her but she was bouncing on him so hard Mike was sure that she was trying to break him in two. Avril’s bouncing was no in full motion but she was going at such a pace that her bra strap could take no more and snapped away shooting her bra halfway across the room.
Avril is to lost in her own world of pleasure to hear Mike’s pain filed screams and now she starts to grind her clit into Mike’s dick making both of them cry out in sexual passion. Avril now feels an orgasm building up inside her and it makes her grind even harder on Mike’s cock. Avril tilts her head back and lets out a load long shout and releases all over Mike’s dick.
A minute later Mike’s dick tenses up and he also shouts out, “OHHHHHHH GOD AVRIL,” and Mike lets out a stream of cum right into Avril’s cunt.
Avril with some effort pulls herself off of Mike and falls down to the floor panting heavily, “Oh Mike that was amazing thank you.”
Mike sits up rubbing his hips, which are in some pain after being painfully bounced on by Avril but still can’t help but smile.
“Thanks Avril but you know,” Avril rolls onto her stomach and stares at Mike using her best sweet innocent little girl look which Mike lose his train of thought.
“So,” Avril says still lying on the floor, “What did you want me to know.”
Mike manages to shake the fog out his head and helps Avril to her feet, “I just wanted you to know,” Mike said as he moves closer to her and whispers in her ear.
“I wanna fuck you right in the ass I’ve jacked off to your ass for years and now I wanna bend you over and screw your asshole harder than you have ever been fucked before,” Avril looks over her shoulder at Mike’s embarrassed looking face smiles at him then leans herself over a chair sticking her ass out.
Mike needs no formal introduction and starts to jerk himself off to the sight of Avril’s bent over ass. Mike’s cock gets hard very quickly at the sight of Avril’s tight ass offering itself to him and without a seconds wait he pushes his cock slowly into Avril’s very tight asshole. Mike pushes his cock deeper and deeper until all 9 inches of his dick are stuffed into her ass.
“OOOOOOOHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHH,” Avril moans softly as her ass gets penetrated. Mike puts his hands on Avril’s hips holding the young superstar steady and starts to build up a rhythm of pushing his cock in and out of her ass. Mike now really goes to work pumping Avril’s ass quickening the pace.
“OH OH UH UH OH FUCK UH OW OW,” Avril grunts, as her ass is being ripped apart by Mike’s huge dick. Now Mike really starts to go for it going faster and faster making his balls slap against the bottom of Avril’s ass cheeks. Mike also digs his fingers into the flesh on Avril’s ass squashing her cheeks together. The chair that Avril is leaning over nearly topples at the force of the fucking Avril is taking but that doesn’t scare Avril or put her off. If anything it makes her more excited and her starts to rub her own tits hardening up her nipples as she continues to moan.

“OWWWWWWWW MIKE AWWWWW WWWWWWW YES, YES AWWWWWWWWWAWW WWWWWWWWW MIKE FUCK MEEEEEE EEEEE MIKE,” Avril screams as Mike hits just the right spot to make her cum all over her chair and a few seconds later Mike feels his cock jerk and with one final thrust deep into Avril’s ass he cums to all over Avril’s ass covering it in a thick layer of spunk.
Mike falls backwards onto the carpet out of breath while Avril climbs onto the chair and curls up on its seat. Eventually Mike sits up shaking his head as if trying to check and see if this had all been a dream. Mike slowly gets dressed while Avril falls asleep on the chair her forehead shinning with sweat. Mike stands up covers Avril up with a blanket kisses her softly on the cheek and walks away to the door still shaking his head in disbelief that he had just fucked Avril Lavigne.

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