Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 1

Title: Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 1

Author: DulceAvril

Codes: mf, reluc, celeb, oral,

Celebs: Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. That’s is my first story. If you like to do a comment, a feedback or a suggestion, send me a email DulceAvril@yahoo.com

At the time she was 13, but looked at least a 15. Avril was very silly girl. She was in college in the men’s room with her best friend Ricky, that was 16 years.

Avril had been raised in the church. And his mother was very strict about everything she did. She did not want Avril had sex until she’s married. So she decided to talk about sex with Avril just when she turn 15.

At the time Avril was not a very attractive girl, but she had a nice pair of semi-developed breasts, and that it’s all that mattered  to Ricky.

Ricky had his pants and underwear lowered, rubbing his hard cock in Avril’s ass over of her skirt and panties

Are you sure this is right? – Avril asked.

Of course blonde. You are my friend and i would never do nothing wrong with you. – Ricky answered, still not believing that this girl was so dumb.

I trust you, but i never listen anything about this ritual of the best friends. – Avril said.

This its the reason that you just have me has your only friend. – Rick said.

That was true. Girls always shunned Avril  because of his anti-social way.

It’s just because that seems a lot with sex. – Avril said.

You are so dumb . You went to some sex education classes and now knows everything about sex . Sex only happens when I put my penis in your vagina. And I do not intend to do that . What i’m doing is just a ritual that involve my penis. Is just a way to prove how i like you, showing the most important part of my body to you. But if you are so suspicious, let me go. That just prove that you dont care about our friendship. – Ricky said, in its latest attempt to convince Avril.

No. Dont’ go. I’m sorry. You are right. I don’t know nothing about sex and the teacher said that sex happens when the guy put his penis in a vagina. So i think it’s theres nothing wrong with what you are doing. – Avril said.

Avril had no friends. And her mother only let her go to school and to church. Ricky was as close of a friend that she had in a long time. She did not want to lose him. She did not want to face the loneliness.

Ricky took advantage of the stupidity of Avril and continued humping the blonde. His cock was so hard. He lifted Avril’s skirt and rubbed the head of his cock in the girl’s panties.

Ricky’s cock began to release a liquid that was all concentrated behind the panties of Avril.

He held her by the hips and rubbed his cock in her ass in an amazing way. He is was about to cum.

Avril is now time for you to drink the liquid of friendship. But remember, you have to swallow everything.

Avril obeyed without doing questions.

Ricky put his dick in front of her face and she starts to suck. She had never done this before. She had no skill and even then it looked like Ricky was getting the best blowjob of his life. Ricky did not care for the lack of experience of the girl. He just grabbed her head and cum on Avril’s throat.

Without choice, Avril had to struggle to swallow it all, while his head was being pressed, leaving her breathless. Were three strong shots of cum in her mouth. Surprisingly she seemed to like a lot of the taste.

Wow. That was amazing. Never had one of these. You may not have the training, but your lips were born for this. You’re the best cocksucker in the world. – Rick said.

Why are you talking to me like that? – Avril asked in surprise.

You just pay me a blow job you idiot. You are so dumb. It’s just unbelievable. – Rick said, changing his tone.

But you said that you were my friend. My best friend. – Avril said, almost crying.

I’ve only known you for two weeks and you already considers me your best friend. You are so pathetic. – Rick said, almost laughing.

I’ll tell everyone what you did. – Avril said.

Do it. Say to everybody that you knelt down and give me the best blowjob of my life, and swallowed all the cum like a good little slut. Everybody is gonna see you like a slut and you reputation is gonna be ruined. You gonna be a shame for your family. But you reputation is gonna get a lot of dicks for suck and a lot of jizz to swallow. – Rick said.

You bastard. I trusted  you. – Avril said.

Shut up bitch. You should be happy. No one cares about you in this school. I’m a good person and what i did here can be called charity. But you dont need to thank me. – Rick answer.

Ricky passed by Avril, looked at her, sitting on the bathroom floor, almost crying, with the lips still wet with his cum.

Avril swore to herself that she would not let her mother control his life anymore. After this day she would learn all about sex and use to get whatever she wanted.

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