Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 2

Title: Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 2

Author: DulceAvril

Codes: mf, cons, celeb, oral,

Celebs: Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. If you like to do a comment, a feedback or a suggestion, send me a email DulceAvril@yahoo.com

Six months had passed and she was taking part in a singing contest. The winner would sing on the stage with Shania Twain.

Avril now had a totally different style. She looked much more prettier. After the incident with Ricky, she decided to change her appearance a little bit, using a bit of makeup and taking better care of her hair. The clothes she wore were different now. Instead of using the modest clothings that her mother forced her to wear, Avril had now decided to use the “rebellious teenager” style. She was not pretty as the cheerleaders at his high school, but now she could surely grab some attention from the boys.

She has also changed their behavior. She became now a total slut.  She had sucked the cocks of almost every guy on the school.  She wore her blowjobs to earn anything she could of the boys. Of money for snack until concert tickets, and gifts.

She did not want to admit it, but she loved the feeling of having a dick in his mouth. The satisfaction of look at a guy’s and see the happiness on his face, as his sperm down by her throat.

What Ricky did, changed her completely. Now she was no longer a silly little girl, but a smart bitch who used her body to get advantages. But even after all this, Avril still remained virgin. She still wanted to wait for the right guy.

That said, she was now in the room of a juror, behind the stage.

Are you sure you wanna do this? I do not think it’s right. – Said the nervous jury, called Josh.

It’s just an incentive for you to vote for me and convince the other jurors. And I’m doing because I want to. Or are you forcing me to something? Because if you are, i can start to scream right now. – Said Avril, threatening the poor guy.

Me? Never. I’m sorry. Just do your thing, or no, if you dont want, but please don’t scream. – Said the scared dude.

Avril dropped the guy’s pants who was about 25 years old and slightly messy hair. He was the nerdy type, but Avril kinda like this type. The boy which was a virgin could not deny that it was the best thing that every happened to him.

Avril who already had give blowjobs for almost the whole college knelt down and placed his hand inside his shorts pulling his dick out. His cock was very hard, but it was not so big. Had around 6 inches. Avril carefully began to masturbate the boy who was already in the clouds just with the touch of the warm hand of the blonde.

What grade would you gonna give me. – Avril, asked looking to Josh with her naughty face.

A ten. You certainly deserve a ten. – Josh answered.

That easy? – Asked Avril.

Only if you suck my penis. – Josh answred.

Penis? I do not know that word. – Avril answered, squeezing the boy’s cock and accelerating the movement with the hand.

I know something called cock or maybe dick. – Avril said.

That. Suck my dick. Just suck, please. – Josh begged.

Avril put only the head of the cock in his mouth and began to use his tongue to lick every inch of Josh’s dick. He was almost losing all the senses. He had never experienced a feeling as good as a hot mouth of a teen on his cock. He did not believe he was finally having a sexual relationship.

Avril sucked even more harder, and when she felt he was going to cum she forced her head the rest of the way until his pubes were tickling her nose. What she did not expect is that he would cum so much and so hard. There were three direct shots of thick cum in the throat of the blonde, who just swallow everything without alternative . He removed his cock from her mouth and she started coughing .

Josh just sat in the chair ecstatic to have the best sexual experience of your life. The only, so far.

Avril was coughing for a few minutes, but soon she recovered.

Oh my god. How long has it been since you fucked someone? How much cum had accumulated there? – Avril, asked.

Actually I’m a virgin. – Josh answered, a little embarrassed.

Really? Damn. Now I understand. Should have warned me. – Avril said, wiping his lips with a handkerchief she kept in his pants pocket.

Sorry. – Josh said.

No need to apologize. Just give me the best grade. – Avril said.

Can I ask you something? – Josh asked, timidly.

You are not satisfied with the blowjob? – Avril answered.

Actually it was great. But it is unlikely that I gonna stay with a girl again. At least not as beautiful as you. – Josh said.

Thank you. Avril said, happy with the compliment.

I wish I could touch your breasts. – Josh said, risking their chances .

Just because you were very cute . But over the shirt. – Avril answered.

Ok. Thank you. – Josh said, happy that she agree with this.

Josh put his clumsy hands on Avril’s boobs, who were not so big but anyway, they were boobs. He moved them awkwardly, touching every part, squeezing and groping for almost 1 minute, when Avril took his hands from there.

I think that’s enough, isn’t? – Avril said, boring with the clumsiness of the guy.

Thank you so much for this. You are the best girl that i ever met. – Josh answer.

Avril run away from there, so nobody saw her. Josh did the same thing and headed to the bench of judges , as well as the other jurors who were resting after a long day of perfomances of amateur singers .

Avril took the stage and sang Ironic from Alanis Morisette .

She was applauded . But she definitely was not the best singer of the day .The jurors gathered and chosen who would be the best singer.

There were three judges , Josh , Ruth (a 50 years old woman who was a closer friend of Avril’s mom) and Peter who was a local reporter .

The three gave their opinions and notes for each artist. Peter was the only that did not give a 10 for Avril . He thought she was a good singer but no the best. He gave a 7.

But Avril was the only one who had two tens which gave her the best score.

The jurors delivered the notes to the narrator .

And the winner is … Avril Ramona .

And so began the career of the young singer..

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