Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 3

Title: Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 3

Author: DulceAvril

Codes: mf, cons, celeb, oral, humiliation

Celebs: Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. If you like to do a comment, a feedback or a suggestion, send me a email DulceAvril@yahoo.com

A year after winning the singing contest Avril is still doing shows in small venues. On this day she was singing in a bookstore and when she finished was approached by a man who claimed to be an producer. His name was Liam.

Liam: God. You sing very well. You have a very bright future.

Avril: Thank you so much.
Liam: What kind of music do you like to sing?

Avril: I love singing rock, punk. These kind of stuff.

Liam: Very Good. I am a producer and I think I can help you with your career if you are interested.

Avril did everything to reach fame and success and when she heard that she was dazzled.

Avril: Of course I am.

Liam: Where is your mother?

Avril: She’s home.

Liam: Wow, what a shame. I really think you have talent, but I need to go to my hotel cause I have a trip scheduled for tonight.

Avril: Damn..

Liam: You seem to be a good singer. If we had time to talk.

Avril: If you want to give me a ride home, we can go talking on the way.

Liam: And you’ll get in the car of a stranger? What your mother will think of that?

Avril: I make my own rules. No my mother.

Liam: Alright. Now have to be quick.

And they entered the car and Liam drive his way. In the middle of the way Liam receives a call, park the car and spend about 2 minutes on the phone and then turns off.

Liam: I’m sorry darling, what’s your name again?

Avril: Avril.

Liam: Unfortunately I will not be able to go in your house. I have to leave you her and go away, because I need to go to my hotel fast.

Avril: But you don’t want to talk to my mother?

Liam: But I need to go darling. We continue another day.

Avril: And when you return?

Liam: I do not know


Avril could not let that opportunity slip away. She knew men’s. She knew what they wanted, she knew how to get things. She held Liam’s pants and asked.

Avril: Please, I need this opportunity.

She spoke with him and her hand gently ran into Liam’s penis over his pants.

Liam: What do you think you’re doing?

Avril. Giving you an incentive to stay.

Avril put her hand inside of Liam pants and began to touch his cock.

Liam: Are you crazy? Get out of my car now.

Avril: If you do not let me do that. I scream and say that you are trying to rape me.

Liam: You’re crazy bitch.

Avril: You have two outputs. Go with me and enjoy a bit of what I can give you, or kick me out and go to jail.

Liam: Bitch.

Liam got angry with this little blackmail. He unzipped his pants and pulled her down under her knees, getting only in underwear with a visible boner. He climbed the tinted window of his car and then picked up the head of Avril and started rubbing the blonde’s face on his cock.

Liam: That not what you wanted slut? Now take.

Avril: Slowly.

Liam: Slowly my ass. You dont’ want to play the smart-ass? Now you will see what is to be a real bitch.

He put his hand inside of Avril’s panties and start to fingering her pussy, without cerimony he put his dick out and Avril’s mouth on it.

Avril was suffocated, the cock was small, but it was thick and barely fit in her mouth. She was no able to use her tongue and Liam just moved her head up and down as she felt her pussy responding to Liam’s touch.

Regardless of Avril, Liam just pulled her panties with his hand  tearing them. Then he smelled the musky perfume of Avril’s pussy stuck in the panties, and then put them in the glove compartment.

Liam: That is a souvenir, bitch.

He pulled out his cock of Avril’s mouth, pulled her head closer to his lap and started to rub his cock all over Avril’s face, slapping her cheeks with his cock, and laughing at the sight. As Avril’s skin was very white, did no take long until her cheeks start turning red.

After rubbed his little head all frilly in the blonde guy. He pulled her by the hair and put it facing him. He lift Avril’s face and looked into her eyes.

Liam: Being a blackmailer little bitch is not that funny anymore,is?

Avril: If this is the price I have to pay to become a big pop star … I can take.

Liam: With some make-up and a little of Photoshop, you can become something acceptable. And you sing good. Now suck this cock up until the last drop of cum.

He took Avril’s mouth again up to his cock. Putting of the whole dick inside the mouth of the girl. After five minutes he pumped two shots of hot cum into her mouth. Avril swallowed everything easily, since it was not so much cum. Next, Avril took away his mouth of his dick and licked her own lips.

Liam: Take your bra off.

Avril: Why?

Liam: Do what I say.

Avril took away her little bra. It was white and full of little pink hearts. She gave him to Liam who took the opportunity to take a good look at the girl’s breasts.

He cleaned his dick with Avril’s bra, taking away the rest of sperm of his cock.

Liam: Now put.

Avril: No need, you can stay.

Liam: If I wanted this shit, i would stick. But I am sending you put it.

Avril obeyed and put the bra on, feeling the cum of Liam touch her boobs. The disgust on Avril’s face brought joy to Liam’s soul. After this, Avril put her shirt back.

Liam: You’re a real bitch don’t you?

Liam spoke smiling, holding Avril’s chin.

Liam: Okay, you convinced me. I will send you to a friend of mine. It will take good care of your career. But for him, you’ll have to give more than a blowjob. Do you understand bitch?

He gave a card with the agent’s number to Avril.

Avril: No problems. I do whatever it takes to reach fame. But how do I know if that is a real agent’s number or if you are deceiving me.

Liam: What bitch? You called me a liar? Get out of my car, now.

Avril: But i’m to far away from home. This is a strange place. Sorry, I will stay quiet.

Liam: Too late slut.

Liam opened the door and pushed Avril out of the car.

Liam: And just so you know, the number is real, bitch.

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