Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 4

Title: Avril Lavigne: The Real Bitch – Part 4

Author: DulceAvril

Codes: Codes:   mf, cons, celeb, mast, inter, humiliation

Celebs: Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened. If you like to do a comment, a feedback or a suggestion, send me a email DulceAvril@yahoo.com

Avril was very scared. That was a very strange place. There were some people smoking and other just talking. Most of them viewed Avril being dumped out of the car like a cheap whore.

She started to walk toward to her house, trying not to draw anyone’s attention. But she soon realized that it would not be an easy task. She noticed she was being followed by two guys.

The first was a very slim and tall black dude. The second was a black younger boy, much smaller, but very slim too.

Just looking at them, Avril can notice that they had no more than 18. But that certainly did not make them less scary.

The two began to walk faster and soon reached Avril.

Small dude: What’s up blondie? Going to somewhere?

Avril kept walking, trying to ignore those two.

Tall dude: He made you a question. Be polite like a good girl and answer.

The tall dude held Avril’s arm tightly.

Avril: Let go of me, you’re hurting me.

Tall dude: Sorry princess. It was not my intention.

He released Avril’s arm, but the strength he had used to hold, left a red stain on the pale skin of the girl.

Tall dude: But I think we started badly, you were rude, I was rude. So let’s start over and act like two educated people.

The boy spoke as he ran his hands through Avril’s hair. She was completely scared.

You can start answering his question.

Avril: Yes. I’m going home. Just that.

Small dude: I saw you in the car. You are a naughty chick.

Tall dude: Shut up sucker. Respect the girl. Go home, now.

The tall boy threatened the small, and he ended up leaving with his head down. Avril was a little relieved because at least one of them was gone.

Tall boy: You forgive his behavior, right princess?

Avril: Yes, i’m ok. I just wanna go home.

Avril spoke with fear.

Tall Guy: You not need to fear, blondie. I’m a good guy. My name is DeAndre, and yours?

Avril: Avril. My name is Avril.

DeAndre: Avril, beautiful name. I’ll show you how I’m cool. I’ll rob you, but i will not hurt you. You just need to be a good girl and give me everything you have and you can go home.

Avril: But I dont’t have nothing.

The dude put his hand in the pockets of Avril’s denim skirt and felt her cell phone along with her wallet and a card.

DeAndre: You are just a little lying bitch.  I was nice to you and you tried to deceive me.

Avril: I’m sorry. You can take all, but please give me that card. I need it for a job.

DeAndre: If you are more interested in this card of which in the phone and the wallet, the card must be really important. If you have done what I told you, and given me the money and the phone… Now you can say goodbye to this. Take the opportunity and go before I change my mind.

Avril: Please. This card will not do anything for you, but can change my life.

DeAndre: I’ll use it to clean my ass.

Avril was desperate. She could not have gone through all that and in the end lose the chance she had of achieving fame. So she decided use her last resource.

Avril: Let’s make a deal.

DeAndre: What kind of deal. I took everything you had, bitch. You have nothing I want.

Avril: I know one of the things guys like a lot is a handjob. I do for you, if you gave me the card. Please.

Avril felt bad, she did not want to do a handjob to a stranger. But she felt that there was no escape.

The boy was astonished by such a sweet girl talking like this.

Avril: You give me back the card and I do this for you.

DeAndre: You really are a whore. I should share you dirty little body with my friends. But my mother taught me ways. I take the deal.

Without calling anyone’s attention, the boy pulled Avril’s arm and led her to an alley where no one could see them.

Without saying a word he pushed Avril against the wall and started kissing that blonde with passion as he squeezed her breasts tightly over her shirt.

Avril: Ow. The deal was just a hand job. Nothing more.

She was not racist, and she did not care that a black guy was touching her body. What pisses her off was that she had to allow this just to get the card. She did not like not having any control of a situation like that.

He did not listen to Avril. Instead, he just put out his 7 inches dick and continued to kiss Avril as he squeezed her breasts hard. His cock was already hard as rock and he start rubbing on Avril’s leg.

Avril wanted to end that as soon as possible and decided to try to speed up the process. She put her hand on DeAndre’s cock. She can feel how much it was hot and throbbing. Avril’s touch made the boy’s cock even more harder. He’s cock start to leaking pre-cum down her hand and he pressed her harder on the wall squeezing her breasts so hardly that Avril felt a tear trickling from her eye. He smiled and start to kiss Avril’s mouth once again. As much as Avril did not want to kiss him, she could no offer any resistance. He was feeling it would cum soon. He gave a strong hickey on Avril’s neck, leaving a purple mark on her white skin.

He lifted Avril’s shirt and threw on the floor, after this he take her bra off and throw on the floor either.

He did even notice, the stain of cum on Avril’s bra, or the smell of jizz on her breasts. He was so excited with that little dirty blonde.

Avril continued to jerking him off, faster and faster, hoping that this nightmare would end soon. And soon Deandre  could no longer resist and announced that he would cum.

DeAndre: Kneel. I wanna cum on your mouth.

Avril was not prepared for that, but he forced her to kneel on the floor. She felt her knees touch that cold dirty wet ground.

She barely touched the ground and the boy already start to cum on her face. Two shots of warm cum in her cheeks and nose, and one more on her lips. She was a mess and Deandre just stuck his cock still dripping cum in her mouth.

She barely touched the ground and the boy already start to cum on her face. Two shots of warm cum in her cheeks and nose, and one more on her lips. She was a mess and Deandre just start to slapping her face with his cock still leaking cum.

Avril: Your bastard. Look what you did.

DeAndre: Shut up bitch. If you were a smart bitch would have swallowed all. But you are just a little dumb slut.

The kid took the card and wiped the rest of cum that still had on his cock in it. He put his pants back and threw the card in Avril’s face.

The kid took the card and wiped the rest of cum that still had on his cock in it. He put his pants back and threw the card in Avril’s face, rode away of there leaving her alone in that alley with sperm dripping down her face.

She put her clothes on and tried to clean herself as well as possible under the circumstances. She was smelling of cum and her shirt was wet on the back. She had used her bra to clean the sperm that was in her face. She walked with her head down and luckily it was not stopped by anyone else, despite receiving some looks on the way.

Luckily, her mother had gone to the grocery store and she can go home and bathe, throwing the clothes in the trash so that no one else would see this.

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