Avril Lavigne – Down On The Farm

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. NOTHING in this story is true or based on fact. It’s all fiction.

“Ah, ah ah…. FUCK! YES!” Avril moaned as the guy she had met at her aftershow party (she couldn’t remember his name) slammed his rock hard cock deeper into her asshole. “MMM! Your so big!” she said seductively, in between her load grunts.

“And yor so tight!” said the guy. “wow, i never imagined that i’d ever be fucking Avril Lavigne.”

“MMMMMAAAHHH!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!” Avril screamed as she came.

They lay on the bed, panting. “My name’s Brad, by the way” said the guy. “pleased
to meet you” replied Avril. “say, you wanna do it again?” she asked sweetly. “you don’t even have to ask” said Brad, and he positioned his rod over Avril, who spread her dripping pussy wide open. Avril had already started to tremble before he entered her.

When Avril awoke the next morning, Brad was already gone. She shrugged, and stood up. She walked over to her dresser and picked out a tiny black thong and then put on her dressing gown and went for breakfast. When she got downstairs, Brad was sitting at the table. He got up and embraced her. “good morning” he siad “mrning” Avril groaned, still tired from the night before. As Brad held Avril, his hand slipped down to her thong, he slid hs hand underneath and began to feel her clit. “mmmmm….” moaned Avril, and she let her dressing gown slide of her shoulders to reveal her pert boobs. “Wow, your tits are amazing!” said Brad “I don’t know why i javen’t fucked them yet” and he pushed hr onto the table and sat on top of her. “Do it,” Avril said, excitedly, nd Brad put his cock neatly between her breasts and bgan to move. Avril grabbed her tits and pushed them into Brad’s cock. It did’t take long before Brad had come all over Avril’s face. She lapped it up and then stod. “i’ve got a surprise for you.” said Brad, and he began to tie a blindfold around Avril’s eyes. “now, come with me…”

They sat in car for an hour. “Please let me see!” pleaded Avril, but Brad would not let her. Eventually, the car stopped, and they got out. Brad began to lead Avril. “now, kneel down, and take he blindfold off.” When Avril took her blind off, she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen. She looked again and realised, it was a horse’s cock! “fucking hell!” Avril said “you know what i want.” said Brad. Avril looked at the gigantic animal cock, and then thought to herself, “what the hell,” and, holding the huge piece of meat in her hands, she took it into her mouth.

The horse neighed it’s approval as Avril licked and sucked. The cock hardened and grew untill it was about 2 feet long, then Brad sais “that’s enough.” “awww!” complained Avril, “i was enjoying that.” “don’t worry” replied Brad, “just turn around and get on all fours.” Avril did what he said. “but what good will this do? i juAAAAAHHH!” th horse rameed it’s huge two foot cock itno Avril’s tight asshole. “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK…..FUCK!!!! SHIT!!! FUCK ME!!!” The horse came at the same time as Avril, and the girl collapsed onto the ground, unconcious.

What do you think? sorry it’s a bit short, but it’s my first try. Comments to manicambience@aol.com

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