Avril Lavigne – Down On The Farm 2

Once again, this story is entriely fictional, bladi-blah

Also, read part 1 first, otherwise this won’t make sense

Avril awoke feeling slightly hung over, and with a pain in her arse. She

blinked and looked up to see Brad standing over her. ‘How was it for you?’

he asked. Avril thought for a moment, and then remembered what had happened.

‘How long was I out for?’ she asked. ‘Oh not long’ was the reply. Long

enough for our friend to recover anyway, he’s ready for more, if you are’

‘Just try and stop me!’ Avril exclaimed, as she scrambled to her feet,

looking around for the
horse. She saw it, its cock already hard, standing in

the field it had fucked her in before. ‘Alright’ Avril said to hersef as she

walked towards the horse. She dropped to her knees and took its enourmous

cock in her mouth. She started to suck it, as Brad watched, jerking himself

off at the same time. ‘MMMM” moaned Avril as she sucked the huge cock,

harder than she had before. She ad room to stroke it with both hands, and as

she sucked and jerked, she felt the horse ready to cum. She removed the cock

from her mouth, and continued stroking it. Preparing for the cum.

She wasn’t prepared enough. The hot white liquid came gushing onto her like

a river, soaking her face and hair and streaming down onto her tits,

stomach, soaking her bush and her legs. She was completely covered in cum.

Not one spot of her body was dry. everything was soaked in hot sticky horse

cum, and it just kept coming! ‘OOH YES!’ moaned Avril, as she ran her hands

through her soaking wet sticky hair. She oened her mouth and a torrent of

the cum shot down her throat, making her gag. She was lving it. After nearly

a minute, it stopped, and Avril lay on the ground, compleetly white, rubbing

her pussy and moaing for more.

Brad came over to her. ‘Had enough?’ he asked ‘I need more’ she said. ‘I

need more fucking’ ‘Well, our horsey friend is probably a little tired’ said

brad. ‘Then find me something else to fuck!!’ Avril said. Brad thought for a

second, and then said ‘I know just the thing!’ He disappeared for a moment,

leaving Avril to lick some of the cum off her self, bfore returing leading a

bull with him. ‘Try this on for size!’ he said. Avril looked at it and her

eyes widened. Its cock was even bigger than the horse’s! 2 and a half foot

long at a good 6 inches wide. She lunged for it, and grabbed it, shoving it

into her mouth, even though it woulnd’t fit. Then she turned round and go on

all fours. ‘Make it fuck my ass!’ She shouted. ‘Make it fuck me! I want it

to tear my ass apart! Make it fuck me!!’ ‘Your wish is my command said Brad,

and he clicked his fingers as Avril speard her ass as wide as it would go.

The bul entered her mercilessly. She tried to scream, but the pain and

pleasure was so intense that she couldn’t make a sound. She came four times

immediately. It fucked her harder aws she did.


she screamed as loud as her lungs could manage as the giganntic cock thrust

inside her. She pounded the ground with her fists and screamed again


from the size of the cock but she didn’t care. The multiple otgasm she was

recieving were too intense. She had fallen unconscious long before the bull

came inside her, and she dropped to the ground, soaked in cum, with brad

standing over her, jerking off onto her already soaked body, as Avril

moasned contentedly in her sleep.

What do ya think? Still not really long enough, butsecond partes are tricky.

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