Avril Lavigne’s Humiliation



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AVRIL LAVIGNE strided out of her dressing room, in her typical grungy, usually unsexy atire. Her long, lustrous hair rested on her small shoulders, her tight green shirt (the one she wore in the Sk8ter Boi video) showed off her ample boobs nicely, without looking slutty.

Then, of course, her baggy trousers, which though generally modest, were tigh around the butt, making it clear that Avril’s ass was of excellent quality. Her clothes, on most other girls, would render her unsexual, but Avril’s body underneath
was such that her petite little bod, so feminine underneath those asexual clothes, made one’s mind think of the delights she had hidden in her secret garden.

These thoughts crossed the mind of Stephen “Razor” Phillips as he watched Avril walk past him, without saying a word, going on stage. She ignored him, and he resented that, but oh how he enjoyed the sight of Avril’s nubile form, her bum swaying as she dashed on stage.

He could look at her all day.

And he wasn’t the only one. Stephen’s friend, Susanna Anderson, who worked for Stephen’s band, “Dark Riddle”, which was supporting Avril on her UK tour, was Bisexual, and Stephen had seen her eyeing up the cute little rock chick many times, as had Susanna’s current partner, Lisa, a lesbian who allegedly had some “unorthodox” seduction techniques, and would, as one gossip put it “take whatever and whoever she wants”.

Stephen’s band mates, Alex and Dean, had different tastes (Alex said he would fuck Michelle Branch’s brains out, Dean lusted after Britney Spears)…

So, Stephen, Susanna, and Lisa all wanted the Avril girl, all had dreamed of her super-fuckable body, but Avril just wasn’t interested, they had no chance…

That was until Stephen recieved an Email from Lisa:

Dear Stephen,

Your concert was great last night!

Let me get to the point…

I know you want Avril, I’ve seen the way you look at her, I know you want to ram her with your big cock, and have her suck it…

I am so angry that she ignores Susanna, who only wants Avril’s love and affection. But as Avril will not give, I feel we must take. That arrogant cockteaser is ours, she belongs to the 3 of us!

I have a plan, Mr.Phillips…meet me and Susanna at Susanna’s place, and we will discuss our little plan…Susanna has, after some initial reluctance, agreed to it, she’s now fully behind it, and if you join us, you could be fully behind Miss Lavigne!

Meet us at 7:30pm


Stephen had to read it several times…he could not believe it…was Lisa suggesting what he thought, that they make Avril into their plaything, and fulfill their fantasies…He pondered the morality of it, but the thought of Avril’s body and his deisre for her overwehlmed his conscience.

Dear Lisa,

Count me in…I’ll be there!


And so, at 7:30pm, they met to discuss Lisa’s plan. Lisa and Susanna were holding each others hands when they answered the door…”Come on in!” said Susanna, as Lisa made them botha drink, then, sitting on the sofa with Susanna, as Stephen sat opposite, Lisa began to outline her plan…

She described how Stephen would approach Avril after tonmorrow’s concert…

“Hold this in front of her eyes…” Lisa held a glittering green orb attached to a strap…”allow me to demonstrate…” Lisa smiled as she held the orb in front of Susanna…Susanna’s eyes became blank, “Lift your skirt, and spread your legs wide” Lisa ordered…and Susanna obeyed without question, displaying her black tap panties to Stephen…”Suck your thumb!” Lisa said, laughing.

Susaana was sat there, legs wide apart, with her thumb in her mouth, sucking like a baby!

Stephen was amazed and shocked…”Wow…how?”

“I don’t know, but it works only on females…it’s hypnotic, perhaps magic” Lisa smiled, and added, “who cares? It’s our ticket to Avril becoming our slave!”

Lisa leaned forward and added…eyes intense…”If you want Avril, you must fuck me first…I want to see how good a fucker you are, I want Avril pounded, I need to see if you can do it…”

Stephen would not turn her down…he laughed and said “Of course!” But what about Susanna?

Lisa held the orb and told Susanna to masturbate herself, which she duly did…what a funny sight, Lisa and Stetphen laughed at the writheing, squirming masturbator before them.

They then proceeded to the bedroom, where Stephen sucked, and thorougly fucked Lisa, pounding her violently. Lisa came hard, and said that “you will fuck Avril without mercy, understood?”



Susanna masturbated all night, until Lisa ordered her not to, and released her from the Orb by saying “Free”.

Avril Lavigne had played a fantastic concert, and was so pumped up and full of energy that she thought she would explode…she was proud of her performance. She was, to be honest, feeling rather horny, and recalled how, after a concert in New York, she was serviced by a handsome male fan, who stripped her, pinned her to the bed, ate her pussy for hours, then fucked her doggystyle in her Hotel Room. She made so much noise, he had to stuff her panties into her mouth!

Most times, though, Avril fucked on top, acting the bossy bitch, her long hair flailing as she humped on her lover’s rod. God, she used to enjoy fucking…but…she hated being the initator, which was odd as her image was of a rock chick…she felt that she was definitely not submissive…very independent…yes, I’m in charge!

Avril turned to see Stephen ahead of her with something in his hands…

Avril snarled, “What is it now?!”

“I want you to see this”…he held out the Orb…Avril’s snarl was gone in a flash…her eyes blank, her body still as Stephen eyed her up and down. He groped her and examined his new toy, feeling her bum, tits, legs, enjoying this new pet!

“Follow me!” And Avril did just that, obediently follwoing Stephen to the car where Lisa and Susanna awaited, eagerly grabbing the pop star as she was loaded into the vehicle.

“She is f***** hot!” Exclaimed Susanna…Lisa smiled and spread Avril’s legs…”Yummm!” “We need to put her in proper feminine clothes”, said Susanna. “Definitely!” said Lisa.

Avril was put in her seatbelt, as the 2 women groped her rudely, making Avril breathe heavily.

“Avril…say “I am a fuck toy”…

Avril said “I am a fuck toy!”

The girl’s giggled as they undressed Avril, unzipping her trousers, and removing her shirt.

Underneath were her ample, juicy breasts, just the right size, not too small, not too big…

Lisa’s hand descended into Avril’s black thong panties…

“Hmmm…ah yes…shaved, I see…good girl!”

Avril’s crotch was raised as Lisa pushed her fingers all the way inside, making Avril grunt and groan, as Susanna sucked her breasts…Avril was being played with and explored by

her Mistresses, as her pussy as probed and tits sucked…

Stephen watched all this in the rear view mirror, and it gave him a massive hard on.

The car was driven into the garage in Lisa’s house…the garage door closed, and now nude Avril was ordered to get out of the car and stand with her legs apart, then told to touch her toes, presenting a delicious view of her neat little bum for her owners.

Susanna was very happy with this toy…”She’s so adorable, cute, and so very, very fuckable!”

Lisa noted that Avril was born to be fucked…and fucked…and fucked. “A body like that should be enjoyed by everyone…Avril should be everyone’s fucktoy, if only the whole world could enjoy her!” Lisa carressed the rock chic’s ass, slapping it and patting it…

Susanna fitted Avril with her collar while Lisa encouraged Stephen to “examine her fuck-hole…it’s all yours!” Stephen inserted his large male fingers, making Avril squirm, as her pussy, increasingly wet, seaped her female juices. Lisa pointed out she had a tight pussy, and that Stephen’s cock would really stretch the little sk8ter grrl…

Stephen enjoyed poking little Avril, making her grind and whimper, unable to disobey him, as her pussy was violated and milked…the collar slipped around Avril’s neck, and a leash was attached to it…

Stephen removed his finger, held it to Avril’s mouth, ordering her to suck it…sucking was clearly something Avril was well versed in, she sucked like a baby, sucking her own pussy juices.

Susanna pulled the leash, ordering Avril onto her hands and knees, and leading her into the house…

Stephen and Lisa followed, enjoying Avril’s wiggling bum in front of them…”My equipment is ready in the room we are going to…this will be most entertaining!”

Avril was lead into the bedroom, now with chains on the 4-poster bed, and numerous diabolical toys everywhere, dildo’s, ballgags, pussy clamps, a chair with an enormous metallic phallus emerging from the seat, spreader bars…everything.

Lisa was an expert at dominating females, Susanna told Stephen…

“Chain her to the bed, gag her…” Lisa began…she turned to Stephen and smiled, “then we let the real Avril see her situation!”

“But what if she remembers?”

“She won’t…I’ve made sure her memory is erased by the orb once we have finished with our current session…but that’s 3 days away.” Lisa smirked.

Susanna chained Avril to the bed tightly, spread eagle, her nude body exposed completely…

Avril Lavigne, the rock chick, was now the property of Stephen, Lisa, and Susanna, their cute little slut…and they had plans for her…big plans.

Avril suddenly awakened to find herself…unable to speak…unable to move…the bed top above her…nude…spread…collar around her neck…helpless!!

“Mmmmmffff!” Avril’s voice was muffled by the ballgag.

“Mmmmhhff!” She began to struggle against her bondage, to no aviail; the chains were tight and firmly in place…she tried to close her legs, to protect her precious pussy, but they were spread out and staying that way…

Somebody please help me, thought Avril, as her eyes darted round like a scared little girl, her helplessness unstoppable.

(End of Part One)

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