Avril Loses Everything

Title:  Avril Loses Everything

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Ah, Ms. Lavigne, please come in and have a seat.”  Avril looked at the man behind the desk and with a confused look on her face said, “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong office.  I was supposed to meet my business manager.”  The stranger stood up and came out from behind the desk and offered his hand.  “There’s no mistake, I’m Jack De Niro and before you ask, no, we’re not related.  I’m afraid I have some distressing news Ms. Lavigne.”  Avril shook the man’s hand and then sat down in the chair in front of the desk.  “I don’t understand, what kind of news?” she said.  Jack leaned back against the desk and looked at the beautiful singer and said, “Well, it appears that your business manager wasn’t quite the honest man you thought he was.  You see, he lost everything you had.  He made some very bad investments and then in an effort to cover those loses, he borrowed more than your assets could cover.  Bottom line is, even after we liquidate everything, you still owe me more than a quarter of a million dollars.”

Avril stared at the man in disbelief and said, “But, how can that be?  I’m worth more than 100 million dollars.”  Jack walked back behind his desk and sat down.  He handed a thick folder to Avril and said, “I’m so sorry Ms. Lavigne, I wish I was wrong but, it’s all there in black and white.  Apparently, Mr. Jennings had a taste for cocaine as well as expensive whores and blackjack.  Oh, he did a pretty good job of hiding it but it finally caught up to him two days ago.  He sold your account to me for a plane ticket to the Caymans.”  Avril put her face in her hands and started to cry.  “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she said.  “What the hell am I supposed to do now?  I obviously don’t have a quarter of million dollars to pay you.”  Jack stood up and walked over to Avril and said, “Look, take a few days and get yourself together.  Have your lawyer look over the file and then we can meet and discuss what to do next.  OK?”  Avril stood up and shook his hand and said, “OK, I guess I don’t have much choice, do I?  That’ll be fine.  I, well, I’m really scared right now.”  Jack walked her to the door and said, “Just relax Ms. Lavigne, I’m sure everything will work itself out.”  Avril drove home and when she got there, she sat on her couch and cried her eyes out.  Everything she’d worked for all these years was suddenly gone.  She didn’t know what to do.  She gathered herself together and called her lawyer and made an appointment to meet him later that day.

Two days later, Avril met with Jack De Niro in his downtown office.  “Mr. De Niro, I went over everything with my lawyer who, by the way, is no longer representing me since I can’t afford his fees.  He confirmed everything in the file and suggested I try to work out some sort of arrangement with you in order to pay back what I owe.”  Jack led her over to the couch and sat down next to her.  “Avril, may I call you Avril?”  She shook her head and then he continued.  “Good, call me Jack.  I’m glad you brought that up because I’ve been thinking of some ways you could pay me back as well as keep one of your homes.  Of course, everything else will have to be auctioned off in order to reimburse the creditors.”  Avril sighed and relaxed a bit for the first time in days.  “That’s wonderful Jack.  I really appreciated you trying to help me out.  What can I do?  A concert?  My next album royalties?  Tell me what you need.”  Jack unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.  “Well Avril, first things first.  Let’s see what you can do with that pretty mouth of yours.”  Avril just stared at his nine inch cock and said, “Whoa….no fucking way asshole.  I’m not about to suck your cock.”  She started to get up but Jack pushed her back down on the couch.  “Actually Avril, I think that’s exactly what you are about to do.  You owe me a lot of money.  In fact, I own your ass.  Now, you can do what I tell you to do or, I can kick you out on the street with nothing but the baggy pants and ripped t-shirt you came to town in.  Hell, better yet, I think I’ll take you over to Compton and pimp you out to all the nigger gang bangers, how would you like that?  I’ll let them fuck your ass for twenty bucks a pop.  Now, what’s it gonna be?”  Avril thought about it for a minute and then, reluctantly, leaned over and started to suck his cock.  He smiled and then put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto his hard piece of meat.  She began to bob her head up and down on him.  “That’s it bitch.  I knew you sucked cock better than you sing.”  He watched the sexy blonde suck him for several minutes and then he filled her mouth with cum.  He looked down at her and told her to swallow like a good little whore.  Avril closed her mouth and forced herself to swallow the nasty load and then sat back up.  Jack put his cock back in his pants and zipped up.  He walked over to his desk and wrote something on a piece of paper.  “Be at this address tonight at 9pm.  Wear something sexy and while you’re at it, shave that pussy, I like my women smooth.  Don’t be late.  Oh, and before you leave, I’ll need your credit cards.”  Avril opened her purse and took out her wallet.  She tossed her platinum cards on the desk, took the paper and left.  When she got to her car, she fell to her knees and vomited.  After she puked, she picked herself up and went home.  When she got there, the house was full of moving men.  They were loading her furniture and music equipment into a large moving van.  Before she could ask what they were doing, the supervisor handed her a court order showing that they were legally seizing her assets.  The only thing they left were her clothes and some personal items, everything else was loaded on the truck.  Once they left, she sat down in the middle of her empty living room and cried.  She knew she was in deep trouble and decided then and there to do whatever that bastard De Niro wanted.  She had grown accustomed to living the good life and now that it was being taken away, she would do anything to get it back.

Later that evening, she showered, shaved her pussy, just like she was told too, and got dressed.  She decided on a short, plaid skirt and fishnet top.  She usually wore a bra underneath the top but decided against it.  If De Niro wanted sexy then sexy was what he was going to get.  She slipped on a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings, panties and finally, her Doc Martins.  She put on her signature dark eye makeup and her favorite lip gloss and finished by braiding the blue and pink highlighted areas in her long blonde hair.  It took her a little over 20 minutes to get to the address but when she started to get out of her car, she stopped and sat back down.  Avril took a deep breath and took off her panties.  She figured if she was going to do this, she might as well go all the way.  When she got to the door, she rang the bell and waited.  Jack opened the door and looked the short beauty over.  “Damn baby, now that’s what I’m talking about.  Much better than that lame-assed dress you had on this afternoon.  Come in.”  Avril walked past him, making sure to shake her ass.  “Hold it right there” he said.  Avril stopped and started to turn around.  “No, don’t turn around.  Just bend over a little and let me check out that fine ass” he said.  Avril put her hands on her legs and slowly bent over.  Jack could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  She heard him take a deep breath and say, “Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmmmmm.  Nice pussy baby.  Now, stay just like that.”  Avril stayed put and heard him unzip his fly.  The next thing she felt was his hard cock sliding into her pussy.  “Damn that’s good.  I’m surprised that a rock cunt like you could still be so tight” he said.  He grabbed her hips and slowly started to fuck her.  Avril ran her hands down her legs and gripped her Doc Martins while Jack started to slam her wet hole.  He buried his cock balls deep into her and then he slapped her ass.  “WHOOOEEEEEE…..DAMN BITCH………TAKE THAT BIG COCK!!!!!”  Avril felt herself start to cum just as he shot his load into her.  He pulled his cock out and told her to get on her knees.  She dropped down and opened her mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum.  When he finished, he pulled her up off the floor and told her to follow him upstairs.

Jack led her into his bedroom and excused himself.  When he came back a few minutes later, he was completely naked and had a bottle of Tequila and two shot glasses.  He came over to her and said, “Normally, I’d be trying to seduce my date with wine or champagne but since you’re just a rock slut, I figured Tequila would do. Here, have a shot baby.”  Avril drank the shot and then held her glass out for another.  After she downed the second shot, she asked, “Now what?  Should I take my clothes off or do you want to do me like this?”  Jack drank his Tequila and said, “I want you just like that bitch.  You look just like the cheap whores on Hollywood Boulevard although at $250,000.00, you are anything but cheap.  Get on the bed and lay flat on your stomach.”  Avril walked over and climbed up on the big bed.  She laid down and waited for Jack to join her.  Jack set the Tequila bottle down and walked over to the bed.  He reached under the mattress and pulled out a leather strap.  One by one, he walked around the bed and attached the straps to Avril’s wrists and ankles, pulling each one tight when he finished.  Next, he pulled out a ball gag and strapped in into her mouth.  Once he was done, he climbed between her legs and pushed her skirt up over her ass.  “I forgot to ask you, do you like anal sex?” he said.  Avril’s eye opened wide and just as she was about to shake her head no, he pushed his cock into her asshole.  He laughed and said, “Damn I love that line.  I’ve always wanted to say it.”  She screamed out in pain through the ball gag and tears started to run down her cheeks, ruining her eye makeup.  Jack pushed his entire length deep into her ass and then stopped.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head off of the mattress.  “How’s that feel bitch?  By the time I’m done with you, they’ll be able to drive a Mack Truck up your ass.”  With that, he started to fuck the tiny singer.  Avril had been fucked in the ass before and she always hated it.  The last time she did anal was a few years ago when she was still married and now, this son of a bitch was ripping her apart.  Jack used his hands to spread her ass wider as he slammed his cock deep into her bowels.  She knew he was causing some serious damage to her but there was nothing she could do about it.  She screamed and shook her head but Jack kept sodomizing her.  He finally shoved his cock all the way into her and came.  Once he pulled his cock out, he sat back and watched his cum seep out of her torn hole.  Avril stopped screaming and laid there hoping the pain would go away soon.  Jack got off the bed and poured himself another shot.  After he drank it, he walked over to Avril and pulled the ball gag out of her mouth.  He poured Tequila over his blood and shit covered cock and shoved it into her mouth.  “Have another shot on me bitch” he said and laughed while he gagged her with his cock.  After he pushed the ball gag back into her mouth, he pulled a huge butt plug from the nightstand and pushed it into her ass.  “There, I don’t want you closing up on me.  We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

Avril turned her head and saw Jack setting up a camera on a tripod.  She heard him on the other side of the bed and when she looked, she saw him setting up a second camera.  Jack patted her on the ass and said, “It’s time to make a video baby.”  He pressed a button on a remote and she saw the light on the camera turn red.  “Action!” he said and climbed back behind her.  He pulled the butt plug out of her gaping hole and shoved his cock back into her ass.  Avril screamed out louder than before and Jack pulled her head up and pointed it at the camera.  “Here she is ladies and gentleman, the one and only AVRIL LAVIGNE!!”  She was crying and screaming as he rammed his cock into her.  He sodomized her for almost thirty minutes before he finally came all over her back.  When he finished, he took one of the cameras off its tripod and held it close to her face as he forced her to suck and lick his filthy cock.  Jack fucked her in the ass two more times that night and filmed the entire event.  When he finished, he undid the leather straps and pulled Avril off the bed and pointed to the bathroom.  She stood there, wobbling on her feet and slowly made her way to the bathroom with Jack’s filthy mess running down her legs.  She stripped off her clothes and climbed into the shower, letting the hot water run over her bruised and battered body.  She wanted to cry but she didn’t have any tears left.  She heard Jack call for her to hurry up so she turned the water off and dried off.  She went back out into the bedroom carrying her clothes and saw Jack standing there in a robe.  He handed her another shot of Tequila and a slip of paper.  She downed the shot and looked at the paper.  It was a receipt for $1000.00.  Jack sat down on a chair and said, “One down, $249,000.00 to go.”  After she got dressed, Avril slowly made her way to her car.  She had a hard time sitting while she drove home.  When got there, she collapsed on the hard floor and curled up into a ball.  She relived the past several hours in her head before finally drifting off to sleep.

When she woke up, she made her way to the bathroom and soaked in a hot tub.  The hot water felt good and she was finally starting to relax when she heard the doorbell.  She grabbed a robe and went downstairs.  When she opened it, she saw Jack and two large black men standing there.  Jack pushed passed her and told the men to follow him.  They each had a large bag with them and when they opened them up, she saw the cameras he used the night before.  Jack looked at her and said, “Go upstairs and put on some makeup and make it slutty like you were last night.”  Avril started to walk away when she turned and said, “Should I get dressed?”  Jack shook his head and said, “No, you won’t need clothes for this.”  Avril went up and came down about ten minutes later.  She had done up her hair and makeup like the night before and Jack nodded his approval.  “Take off that robe and let your fellow actors get a look at that body.”  She dropped her robe and the two black men looked her over.  One of them squeezed her tit and said, “Damn Jack, she’s fucking fine.”  He looked at Avril and said, “I can’t your music but I’ll be more than happy to tap that ass.”  The two men quickly got undressed and Avril saw Jack take one of the cameras and start to film them.  Avril got down on her knees and sucked their cocks, one after the other.  They took turns throating her, making her gag.  One of the men made her puke all over his cock.  She was disgusted with herself but she knew what she had to do.  After both men came on her face, Jack yelled “CUT!”  He told them to take a break while Avril cleaned up and fixed her makeup.  When she was ready, Jack set up one of the cameras on a tripod and held the other one.  He had Avril climb on top of one of the men and take him into her pussy.  He fucked the tiny girl for several minutes and then Jack had the other man take her from behind.  She felt him spit on her asshole and then he pushed his foot long black cock into her ass.  She didn’t scream this time, she just closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip as her holes were filled with cocks.  The two black men DP’d her, stopping only to switch places and positions.  Jack walked around and filmed everything.  He got down and shot close-ups of the two cocks in her holes and then, when they came, he made sure he got a shot of Avril swallowing their loads.  They made one more video that afternoon and then the two black men dressed and left.  Jack was packing up the camera gear while Avril cleaned up.  When she came out of the bathroom, she stood there and asked, “So, can I ask you who you’re selling these too?”  Jack looked at her and said, “Don’t worry baby, only the most discreet customer gets a chance to buy a hardcore video with Avril Lavigne in it.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to sully your reputation.  It would devalue your worth to me and I can’t have that.”  He stood up and handed her another receipt.  This one was for $2500.00.  Avril looked at it and he said, “See, the nastier you get, the more money you make.”  He loaded his car and then came up the Avril standing in her doorway.  “Pack a bag, we’re going to Vegas in the morning.  I have a few friends that want to meet you.”  Jack drove off and Avril went back into her house.  After she showered, she started packing and wondered what the hell he had planned for her in Vegas.

The next day, Jack picked Avril up in a party bus.  When Avril got in, she saw three older white men sitting there.  They looked to be in their fifties and Jack introduced them to her.  They all said it was a real pleasure to meet her.  One of the men handed her a scotch on the rocks and asked her to sit next to him.  She took a drink as the man ran his hand up her leg and under her skirt.  Once again, Avril had decided not to wear panties so the man had easy access to her shaved pussy.  He fingered her roughly for a few minutes and then pulled out his cock.  Avril handed her glass to Jack and went down on the man.  She sucked him for a few minutes and then took his cock and jerked him off, making him cum on her hand.  She licked the cum off of her fingers and then took the glass from Jack and downed the rest of the scotch.  When she finished, she looked at the next guy and said, “Well, what are you waiting for, a written invitation?”  The man quickly dropped his shorts and pulled Avril out of her seat and made her kneel in front of him.  She took his cock into her mouth and started blowing him.  Jack looked over at the third guy and said, “Marty, why don’t you get behind her and fuck that pussy.  It’s nice and tight, just the way you like them.”  The man, Marty, took off his jeans and underwear and got down behind Avril.  He pushed his hard cock into her and fucked her while she sucked the other man off.  Marty rammed his cock up into her tight little hole as hard as he could and started to cum inside of her just as his friend was shooting his load all over her face.  The three men took turns fucking and getting sucked by Avril for the entire trip to Vegas.  By the time they got there, they were too spent to get it up again for the rest of the day.  After they checked into the hotel, Jack told Avril to meet him in his room at 8PM.  Jack spent the next several hours fucking her.  He finally let her go back to her room shortly after midnight.  Before she left, he handed her a receipt for $5000.00.

The next day, Jack had Avril come to his room after lunch.  She spend the entire afternoon getting fucked by the three men.  They gangfucked her and at one point, she had a cock in her mouth, her pussy and her ass.  After the three men left, Jack had Avril suck him off and then told her to put on her prettiest little dress because he wanted her on his arm when he went to the casino to gamble.  He figured he’d make one hell of an impression if he showed up with a big star like Avril Lavigne.  Everyone looked and stared at the gorgeous pop star when she walked into the casino.  Jack was definitely pumped up and even let her stop and sign a few autographs.  They eventually made their way to one of the private poker rooms and Jack sat down to play while he had Avril stand behind him.  The other players were impressed.  No one knew who this guy was.  That plus the fact that someone like Avril would be with him had them all wondering.  It didn’t take long for them to figure him out.  Jack was a lousy poker player.  He lost and he lost big.  Sometime around 2am, Jack started writing IOU’s.  Avril had taken a seat against the wall and watched as Jack lost his ass and then, hers.  When it was all finished, Jack walked out owing more than $100,000.00 and Avril belonged to a German businessman.  The German took her up to his room and offered her a drink.  She didn’t know what the hell was going to happen now.  She was still broke and had nothing left and to make matters worse, that asshole Jack De Niro just lost her in a fucking poker game.

The German man introduced himself as Heinrich Johannson.  He spoke English very well and told Avril he knew exactly who she was.  She sipped her drink and listened as the man told her about himself.  He was a self-made billionaire who made his fortune in electronics.   He was single with no children and although he had heard her music, he was more comfortable with Bach then rock.  When he asked what she was doing with De Niro and why she owed him so much money, she explained what had happened and then broke down and started to cry.  She struggled through the tears to tell him what she had been forced to do with Jack and his friends.  Heinrich stood up and told her to go back to her room and that he would meet her for lunch where they would discuss her future.  She went back to her room and for some reason, she felt relieved.  She didn’t know why but she trusted Heinrich.

The next day, she met Heinrich for lunch and while they ate, a man came up to him and handed him a manila folder.  He looked over the information and then waved the man over again.  He spoke to the man in German and after he left, Heinrich finished his lunch.  He made small talk with Avril and they sipped on their cocktails and after about an hour, the man returned.  Heinrich took an envelope from him and handed it to Avril.  Avril opened it and couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was a receipt from Jack De Niro clearing her of all her debts.  She was free and clear of that bastard.  She looked up at Heinrich with tears in her eyes and started to thank him.  Heinrich just held up his hand and said, “Just dedicate your next album to me, OK?”  Avril rushed over and hugged and kissed him and then said, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”  Heinrich smiled and then he laughed out loud.  “Avril, dear sweet girl, don’t you know?  I’m GAY!!!!”  They both laughed and soon had everyone in the restaurant looking at them.

Avril packed her bag and headed for the airport.  Heinrich was having her flown home in his private jet.  When she opened her door, she walked in to find all of her furniture had been returned.  She looked on the dining room table and saw a large envelope.  In it were all the discs and the hard drive from De Niro’s computer that held the videos he’d shot of her.  Several days later, she saw Jack eating lunch at a café on Rodeo Drive.  She looked over at him and when he waved, she saw that his left hand was bandaged.  It looked like he was missing a couple of fingers.  Before she could say anything, Jack got up and left, quickly.  Avril sat back down and smiled.  She kind of liked the idea of starting over again and she had her friend Heinrich to thank for it.

The End.

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