Avril’s Fantasy

Avril’s fantasy.

Dont own, fantasy, blah, blah, blah…..

Avril had to be sure, absolutly sure that NO ONE could find out about her going to enact her secret sex fantasy tonight. She had secretly put in calls and was going to become a complete lesbian slut to the fucking hot Angelina Jolie!

Avril was in the limo ride to Angelina’s hotel room. She couldnt help thinking about her lucsious, large, tanned breasts bouncing up and down. In the privacy of her backseat limo seat, closed off from the driver, Avril unzipped her black rave pants and slid her nimble fingers into her hot little pussy. “mmmmm
ANGELINA!” she cried after several minutes of rubbing her clit.

The limo stopped outside the hotel. Avril left, thanking the driver and went into the lobby. She found the elevators and entered. The elevator moved steadily to the 10th floor penthouse suite when it jerked and stopped between floors 8 and 9. Avril imediatly used the emergency phone and called the desk. After a few minutes a mantinece worker told her a fuse for the elevator had overloaded and they would have it fixed in 10 minutes and that they would call to Angelina’s room to let her know. Hanging up the phone, Avril grinned at how she could make the best of the stiuation.

Avril lay doggy position on the floor and pulled down her pants and panties. She slowly circled her finger around her moist, tight little asshole and plunged her index finger into the tight hole. “mmmmm fuck me with your dick Angelina…..” Avril moaned imaging that Miss Jolie had real prefectly formed 9″ cock. She added more fingers to increase thickness as she pumped her fingers. “Uhhhh yesss Avril’s been a naughty little bitch!” she yelled. Avril shot a small stream of girl-cum onto the elevator carpet and pulled her fingers out of her ass. They were coated in a light brownish substance. Avril loved girl-shit. She took the fingers to her soft, sexy lips and sucked on them sensuosly. “Mmmmm Angelina, your cock tastes even better with my shit on it whore..” Avril moaned to herself. Avril then to her nice round milky coloured breasts to her mouth and proceeded to lick them slowly. Then, to her dissapointment, the elevator began moving.

she arrived at her destination floor and knocked on the suite’s door. Angelina, the tanned black haired beauty answerd. “Hi slut…” Jolie said in a sultry voice. She and Avril slammed the door and locked it, kissing intesly the whole time. “Ohhhh Miss Jolie, I absolutly MUST use the bathroom!” Avril said hotly to Jolie. Angelina grinned and lay Avril on the plushy, satin bed. Both girls disrobed each other swiftly and began to lick each others sweaty bodies with their tounges.

Angelina the kneeled over Avril’s sexy face, spreading her legs. Avril spread apart Jolie’s tight, hot asscheecks and opened her mouth. Angelina let loose a stream of hot yellow piss into the punk pop star’s waiting mouth. Avril eagerly drank the warm drink up. Angelina then squeezed the bed as a brown shaft leaked slowly out of her ass. She crapped her hot brown shit into Avril’s mouth. “uhhh god yes!” Jolie moaned loudly.

Avril took one hand to the shit log and sucked on it slowly as if it were a big cock. She bit into it and swalloed the portion. Avril then began rubbing the remaining crap onto her beutiful breasts. Angelina kneeled so her pussy was facing Avril’s breasts and face. While Avril rubbed shit on her boobs Angelina began pissing on the other girl.

“My turn..” Avril grinned devilishly. Avril got into doggy style. “Put your mouth to my ass bitch.” she said sexily. Angelina complied and was soon smelling the punk girls ass. Angelina stimulated Avril’s ass with her tounge and Avril quivered at the sensation. Within minutes a warm 7″ log of shit cam slinking out of Avril’s hot ass and into the horny Angelina Jolie’s awaiting mouth. “Uuuhhh!” Angelina cried as her mouth filled with shit. She deep throated the turd and bit off 3″ of it an swalloed. “I think I need a drink!” she said smiliing to Avril. Avril happily complied by urinating into her open mouth and onto her large tits as well. Angeling took her half of shit and Avril’s half of shit and pushed them together, creating a dirty dildo. She slid it into Avril’s pussy and pumped it as the punk whore moaned. “FASTER!!!!SLUT!!!UHHHH I AM A SLUT!!!” Avril screamed. “Yeah! YOU TAKE IT HARD YOU NASTY BITCH!” Angelina screamed to Avril. Avril cummmed messily everywhere and Angelina licked it up. Both girls pissed onto each other and fell into each others arms ,tired out for the session.

To be continued????….?!?!

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