Awakening Day

Title: Awakening Day

Author: SpaceSamurai

Celebs: Alison Brie, Natalie Dormer, Scarlett Johansson, Saoirse Ronan, Christina Hendricks, Kate Mara, Rooney Mara, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Rinko Kikuchi, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, Amy Adams

Codes: MC, GR, celeb, slave, MD, mast, MF, FF, M+F+, inter, oral, anal, inc

Disclaimer: The following story is complete fantasy, fictional by any definition. I do not know or even claim to know any of the people involved. No money was made in the authorship and publication of this story.

Aaron checked the clock again. 10pm, and they were just getting to Best Original Song. He sighed. The Oscars seemed to stretch later and later every year. His wife was already playing games on her phone, tuned out from long speeches, predictable winners, and a vague sense that they were getting too old to care about movie awards. If Jessica had her way, they’d be in bed by now. After all, they both had to work early the next day.

“Please welcome,” the overly grandiose announcer bellowed onscreen, “Natalie Dormer and Alison Brie.”

Now Aaron glanced at Jessica to make sure she wasn’t glancing at him. It was an automatic response. She knew he had some hardcore celebrity crushes, and these two were near the top of his list. And she said she didn’t care. He could jerk off to whoever he wanted, as long as he was with her when they were together. Still, there was a certain shame ingrained in him. Something nagged at the back of his mind when he saw beautiful actresses in expensive and provocative gowns, dresses designed to be admired and remembered. The feminist in him wanted to think of them respectfully, as women of status and talent.

But when they dressed for glamour, he couldn’t help but get hard.

The two television stars, having recently crossed into films, were paired as if to entice lagging male viewers to stick around for some dry technical category. Aaron had to admit, it worked. He was entranced as the women strode onstage. He had to actively stifle a gasp that clutched at his throat.

Allison was wrapped tight in a strapless black dress, shimmering from some silvery thread laced throughout in gorgeous patterns designed to call the eyes to her considerable curves. Her hair cascaded in black trestles down her back, and her plump ruby-painted lips were the height of fetishized elegance. The dark hair and dress contrasted the milky sheen of her skin up top, and let the white stems of her legs emerge haltingly beneath.

Natalie’s skin seemed to present itself in the opposite way. Where Alison’s dress clung, Natalie’s flowed, cascading down from her shoulders in a deep, plunging V that reached her toned navel, letting her flawlessly tanned chest into the air for all eyes to follow the trail. The gown was satin and solid green, and it made her look like an ancient goddess, not least of all because of the towering heels which leant her an even more imposing height than usual. Her hair was what truly struck Aaron’s bells, however; having once shaved the side of her head for her role in the ‘Hunger Games,’ she’d apparently decided to return to the look. The right side of her head was neat and bare, while the left was draped in majestic golden brown curls. It was Natalie Dormer who’d first triggered in Aaron a fetish for “undercuts,” as they called them, and he’d been harboring this desire ever since.

Aaron had to imagine that, at this point in the proceedings, no one in their right mind was tuning their televisions away.

“Good evening,” Natalie began in her rich British accent. “Alison and I are here to present the award for Best Hair and Makeup.”

Alison nodded. “Now, obviously Natalie and I have never had our hair and makeup done at all.”

There was tepid laughter.

Natalie smirked. “We woke up like this.”

“But we’re told,” Alison continued, “that it’s a process of extreme care and talent that draws out the best, and sometimes worst, of mere mortal actors and actresses.”

Natalie took over. “Whether it’s making a man into a monster or a girl into a queen, hair and makeup technicians can bring any fantasy to life with the work of their hands and a few special tools, all without the aid of computer graphics.”

Alison held up an envelope. “And the nom-”

A shocking buzz sound pierced the speakers. Next to me, Jessica dropped her phone in alarm. “What the fuck?” she snapped.

Apparently the noise startled the people in the room too, as the presenters stopped in the midst of their banter to find out where it came from. The noise grew louder, and higher pitched, and finally seemed to center on a point of light which flickered into appearance in the center of the stage behind them.

“Wha-” Natalie could be heard saying, but she was cut off again, this time by a loud and concussive BANG which shook the cameras and staggered the women backwards against the podium where they stood.

Smoke and dust filled the stage, and it was clear that the people in the room were thinking the same horrifying thought as Aaron at the moment: “Bomb.”

But very quickly, a shape appeared in the clouds. It was a large sphere. No, Aaron realized, more like a wheel, round and open in the center. The top was thinner than the bottom, like an egg. As the features became clearer, so did the confusion; this wasn’t a weapon, and unless everyone in the hall had gained considerably in their acting abilities in a few short seconds, it wasn’t planned.

Security approached the actresses to pull them away, but just as they were about to tug at Alison’s arm, a figure stood from inside the wheel. A human figure. The stars must have had a clearer view of the person than the people watching at home, because Alison gasped and security couldn’t pry her from where she stood.

Smoke was fading more with each second, and it wasn’t long before the figure became distinct. It was a woman; her shape made that clear, average in height, with a soft hourglass figure and a gentle gait. Alison was trying to get to the woman, and Natalie was trying to call to her and help a guard bring her back. At last, someone took control of a light, and shone it on the woman from the strange shape.

In the spotlight, smiling peacefully and holding forth her hands in a sign of peace, was Alison Brie.

“Wait, no, what the fuck?” Jessica said again.

It was Alison Brie. Another one. But there was something very different about her. She still had her fantastic curves, but they seemed more…definite. More mature, if that was the right word to use. She wasn’t dressed for the event; she wore what could best be described as a sexy druid’s costume, a loose white bathing suit that cinched around her hips but left her cleavage open in a draping window, not too unlike Natalie’s green gown, all topped with a white hood atop her head, covering her dark hair.

But it was the face that was the most different. Whereas the Alison Brie we’d just been watching now stood in bewildered, even frightened silence, this new version was the picture of serenity, calm, steady, smiling.

Also, her eyes were pure white.

Something about the steady smile and blank, washed-out eyes made an already surreal image that much more striking. Here was Alison Brie, sexy young actress, posed like a messiah, dressed in a white as pure as her empty eyes.

The world was silent one last time.

Then she spoke.

“Slaves and Masters,” this new Alison Brie began, “I arrive today from the year 2026. In a mere ten years, we humans have heard the truth of our God, Master of Masters, and our world has advanced far beyond your primitive imaginations.”

She raised her hands above her head. “Rejoice! For He has sent me to spark the flames of progress ever earlier through time. Your future shall be made your present, and our glorious present shall become our past.”

She clasped her hands together in supplication in front of her bosom. “All our Lord shall require for this gift is your Obedience. Your women,” she gestured to Alison and Natalie, who were motionless and afraid, “will be slaves, your men retrained for new labor. A small price for a perfect world.”

The Alison in black stepped forward. “Wait, did you say slaves?”

Future Alison grinned, her teeth shining as white as her shawl. “Ah, yes, for you this word is one of toil and misery, chains and fear. But it shall soon be a sign of honor, the designation of our species, born blessed with the gifts our God holds most dear. You will see. In fact, for volunteering to undertake this great responsibility for our Lord, praise his wisdom, you, or rather I, shall be the first to witness the glory of the new way.”

Now past-Alison backed away. “No. What the fuck are you talking about? Is this some sick joke? I don’t-”

Future-Alison clapped her hands, and between them appeared a square of light, like a screen conjured from the air, which danced and pulsed with lights and colors otherwise unimaginable.

It was hard to see; the cameras had long since been abandoned, while the feed was left to settle on a wide shot of the stage. But even at a distance, there was something about this square of light which called, as if directly to me. I hoped, no, needed to see it up close, to study it, to see all of it.

Past-Alison was even more transfixed. She dropped to her knees and put her face right up to Future-Alison’s hands. There was sound, too, but it was indistinct, chattering, distant, even through the microphones which surrounded the stage. Natalie and the guards were similarly enticed by this square, but they did not move, as if out of respect, letting Alison receive the message of the lights fully and alone.

The square seemed to blink and shift and change for an eternity, but Aaron would later discover (on re-watching the scene, again and again) that it was only about ten seconds. Then Future-Alison stood back and smiled.

Past-Alison stayed kneeling for a moment, then twitched and rose to her feet. As she shifted, the audience caught sight of her face, and gasped. Her eyes, her large, beautiful, colorful eyes, were clean and white, devoid of color, stripped of presence.

“I-I understand now,” she said, the world straining to hear her words out of curiosity and concern. “I understand everything. Thank you. Thank you!”

She ran into future-Alison’s arms and, unbidden, pushed her open mouth onto her future self’s. The murmurs of panic which rang through the crowd were too many and varied to be clearly heard through the television, but Aaron was more concerned with Jessica, who was starting to cry.

“What is happening?!” she shouted. “This can’t be real!”

“I don’t know,” was all Aaron could say, because he didn’t.

Past-Alison pulled back from their erotic kissing to ask, “How?”

Future-Alison smiled again. “This wasn’t my first stop on my journey,” she said. She turned to the crowd. “The process is already begun. The blessings of our God have lain dormant in your bodies for weeks. Now, it is time for them to be Awakened.”

The stage, flanked and beset on all sides with screens and projectors, suddenly sprang to life, colors and lights and sounds bursting into the room, filling everyone’s vision. At the same time, flashes of colors and shapes appeared on Aaron’s television, and the televisions of a few billion viewers, all compelled by an urge they couldn’t explain to watch the Oscars if they could and not change the channel until the time was right.

Aaron’s jaw went slack, as did Jessica’s, both losing their fear and doubt in the glimpses of these strange and beautiful visions. Between quick, hard-to-grasp pictures and lights and colors that blazed past their eyes, viewers were treated to the sight of future-Alison, still standing proud, untying the front of her strange slip and letting her stunning body into full view. Still she wore the hood, now dangling behind her like a cloak which framed her bountiful breasts and the neatly trimmed arrow of her pubic mound, pointing to her glistening sex.

She guided past-Alison back to her knees, and pressed her pussy against her past-self’s ruby red mouth. In quick cuts, the viewing world was blessed with alternating shots of fantastical images that called out just beyond complete comprehension, compelling the viewer to look closer, to see more, to understand it all, and the image of a lusty, statuesque celebrity with pearl-white eyes being worshipped from below by herself, still stunning in her gala-prepared outfit. Two Alisons made human their lusts, black adoring white, past serving future, while the human race found its true purpose presented to their eager eyes.

“Yes,” future-Alison moaned. “Oh yes, that’s it. Succumb. Give yourself willingly to your new God, your Lord and Master Aaron.”

Aaron would have been taken aback by this if he wasn’t so engrossed in watching every frame of the presentation before him.

“I live to serve you, Master Aaron,” she breathed. “I can’t wait to give you your world.”

Future-Alison threw back her head and shuddered, the muscles of her toned stomach tensing and making her pillowy breasts quake. Her needs satisfied, she crooked an inviting finger at her past-self, and guided her by the hand into the cradle of the towering wheel, still alight with images from all around. Once they were both aboard, future-Alison waved her hand and spoke something the microphones did not pick up.

Instantly, the wheel disappeared. And with it, the images stopped.

And the new world was born.

“Yes, oh god yesssss!” Jessica hissed as she ground her ass back onto Aaron’s stiff erection. The reflection of her tits swinging as she bounced back on her master’s dick (and he was her master, and she was his slave, and she was blessed to belong to him) shone from the cracked dishes that lay in a hasty pile on the floor beside the coffee table.

For his part, Aaron wasn’t watching Jessica debase herself for his pleasure. She was his slave, after all, and he could see her do this whenever he desired. That was his right as a master, and her right as a slave. Instead, Aaron found himself enjoying a different view: The television.

When the lights had stopped shining, there was a pulse of sound which triggered something deep-set and primal in everyone who could hear it. The rich and famous attendees of Hollywood’s grandest showcase suddenly needed to display their joy over their newfound understanding in the most human way they could: Sex.

Thankfully, someone was smart (or voyeuristic) enough to convince several camerapeople and at least one or two production assistants to catch as much of the action for posterity as possible. As a result, the television was now a stunning erotic display that showed everyone in the crowd, on the stage, even backstage, all brimming with lust and beauty.

Aaron was enjoying the show almost more than his slave’s ministrations. Here were people he’d always dreamt of seeing in their true naked glory now suddenly putting on a show for the whole world.

Scarlett Johansson’s bursting bosoms were torn free from the confines of her dress and now bounced wildly as she was taken from behind by her ‘Don Jon’ co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and in front by her ‘Avengers’ co-star Robert Downey Jr. She sucked Robert’s thick cock with joy, and Joseph took little time in building up a violent rhythm which made her prodigious butt cheeks quake with his thrusts.

Young Saoirse Ronan, award-nominated star of ‘Brooklyn,’ was moaning heartily as her perky tits were suckled by ‘Star Wars’ star John Boyega, his long, fat cock penetrating deep into her dripping womb. “Yes, more more!” she called out, her thick Irish accent alone driving her lover to fuck her harder and faster.

Christina Hendricks, her heavy, hanging, voluminous breasts framed by the cascading red curls of her hair, found her infamous rack squeezing the cock of her former ‘Mad Men’ co-star, Jon Hamm. The chiseled actor groaned and grabbed a handful of that sweet ginger mane as he took full advantage of her warm fleshy chest. He’d imagined this moment a million times, most men had, but now that he was here, his long rod almost lost in the pillowy balloons of flesh which thrust ahead of Christina wherever she went, the pleasure exceeded his highest hopes. Her tits were simply divine.

Even more thrilling were the taboo pairings which sprung up left and right. Cameras caught Kate and Rooney Mara, the beautiful sisters, tonguing and pulling at each other’s tight clothes, their slender frames put on full display before any man had a chance to even offer a hand or cock to enjoy. They began kissing as only two women trapped in their secret, forbidden lust could kiss, intense and passionate and loving and almost angry at the time they’d lost. In seemingly no time at all, they were pressing their longing wet cunts against their sisters’. They seemed almost afraid that they wouldn’t be able to complete the act before sanity would prevail and they’d be forced apart again. But rather than separate them, people seemed eager to push them together. From behind Rooney, Daniel Craig pushed his considerable member into her open ass, quickly joined by Michael B. Jordan on the other end, the two men practically cramming the two siblings together with their insistent thrusts. The women did not mind. They had each reached a hand to the other’s clitoris, and rubbed vigorously, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, eager to make the moment last as long as possible.

It wasn’t simply men pairing off with women. All genders were mixed, bodies collided with bodies until it didn’t matter what parts they had, just so long as they kept going, kept pushing, kept fucking.

Aaron imagined himself fucking each and every woman (or slave, as he now thought of them) that he saw, imagined each of them bent over his hard dick like Jessica was, going ever more mad with lust and need.

Aaron saw Anna Kendrick, indie darling and singing sensation, and Emma Stone, the once-bright-eyed comedienne, licking cum from each other’s faces, Anna’s tongue lapping hot white jizz from Emma’s freckled cheeks and Emma’s lips slurping thick spend from Anna’s heavy eyelids.

But the one sight that Aaron was most eager to see was also the most breathtakingly graphic. Natalie Dormer, finally set free from the shock of her interrupted presentation, had been the first to look out with her newly-erased eyes, shrug off her brilliant green gown, and invite the world inside her. Closest, of course, were the security guards, three gruff, brawny men in black suits who salivated at the sight of the radiant star gloriously nude before them. They, like most Americans, had seen her naked before, but that was television, that was distant. For them, this was like seeing the Mona Lisa after only seeing crude sketches of it in textbooks. The droop of her tear-drop breasts, the swooping flare to her womanly hips, her incredibly long legs made even more astounding by the heels she still wore; all of it was crafted perfectly for their eyes.

“Well, masters?” she said. “What would you like to do to me?”

The guards stripped out of their coats and dress pants, then peeled off their uniform black shirts and their underwear. Each man flexed hard-chiseled muscles. But more important to Natalie, they were all hung, at roughly 6”, 7”, and 8” respectively. She thought about asking them to assign her holes by size, to make them easier to take, but this was clearly not up to her.

Wasting no more time, the nearest guard grabbed Natlie’s arms and pulled her down as he lay on the stage. His was the medium cock, and she was grateful that his first inclination was to power his length into her already dripping slit. She moaned in primal pleasure, though her exclamations of pleasure were quickly cut off by an insistent stiffness against her puffy lips. She looked up to see a guard grinning down at her, eyes blank like her own but still shining with lust. She didn’t keep him waiting. With a groan that sent shivers up his body, Natalie brought his cock past her lips. Immediately, she started swirling her tongue around the head in little patterns, the way she knew always drove the boys wild. She bobbed up and down, taking him further and further into her throat every time until the tell-tale curly hairs of his base. It arrived sooner than she expected.

Natalie’s blank eyes widened with realization. Sure enough, while she was occupied in front and her pussy was being jackhammered from below, the guard with the largest cock was lining himself up with her open ass. He’d thought quickly. He remembered seeing a jar of Vaseline just off stage, an old Hollywood trick actors sometimes used to make their teeth shine on camera. While Natalie was being pulled down, he’d run off stage and snatched it, slathering his massive member thickly with the lubricant. He knew what he wanted. He’d been imagining it from the first moment he saw her.

Natalie couldn’t say it at the moment, but she was truly grateful that the guard had lubed up before trying to enter her virgin anus. It wasn’t just that she’d never been fucked in the ass before, nor was it just that his cock was the longest of the three. The trouble was he wasn’t just long, he was thick. Her pussy would have been stretched wider than it had ever been stretched before, and the thought of that much girth entering her ass had never even occurred to her before this moment. With great effort, the bulbous head of his dick pressed in past her hole. She squealed around the cock in her mouth. The guard at her ass took it slow, letting the natural bounce of her ass from her pussy’s pounding below dictate his rhythm as he tried to fit more and more of himself inside her juicy, toned ass. He pushed further and further. Natalie felt like her guts were being pushed apart.

Then he bottomed out inside her ass, and just knowing she’d taken his huge cock all the way up her ass sent Natalie over the edge for the first time in her new life. With cocks in all three of her holes, her body spasmed and bucked as she came. The man in her mouth stroked the shaven side of her head lovingly, admiring the smoothness of this revered and admired woman’s scalp on one side. Something about it seemed so base, so odd, so raw. When she shrieked in orgasm, he couldn’t hold out, and he shot his load down her gullet. Eagerly, she swallowed all he had to give, and when he pulled out of her mouth, she asked for more.

Watching this, Aaron lost control, and exploded semen like a geyser all over Jessica’s insides.

As programmed, Jessica came, hard, nearly passing out from the sheer joy of having her master baste her insides in his gift.

For the vast majority of the human race, this was how their night ended. They continued watching the world’s most recognizable stars as they sucked and fucked for the enjoyment of their species, all while sucking and fucking anyone they could find within their immediate vicinity, or, if no one was around, masturbating furiously and passing out after an evening of the most shattering orgasms they’d ever experienced.

But for Aaron, the night was just beginning.

Just as he’d finished injecting Jessica with his seed, Aaron was startled by a sound. It was familiar now, but still thunderously loud, so loud he could hear nothing else. It filled the room, then focused, higher-pitched and louder, on the corner of the room, where a flickering shape began to form. He tried to adjust to this onslaught of his senses, but it left him dizzy. By the time he’d gathered himself again, there was an explosive BANG which launched him over the arm of the couch and sent Jessica tumbling naked to the floor, semen spilling from her vagina.

“Master?” a remarkably family voice called out from the haze of smoke and dust that now floated through the living room.

Aaron shook his head. Something was happening. It was almost like-

He leapt to his feet in shock. There, in the garb he’d just seen them wearing on screen, were the two Alison Bries, eyes white, smiling as they met his gaze.

Aaron couldn’t speak. His breath caught, not just at their beauty (which was exquisite), but also at the surreality of what surrounded him.

“Master Aaron,” future-Alison sighed. She dropped to her knees and bowed, and past-Alison quickly followed. “How great it is to see you again!”

He was confused, certainly, and still recovering from the terrific orgasm he’d just had with Jessica, but he couldn’t help but notice the definite shape of their butts in the air as they bowed to him. Against all odds, his erection began to rise again.

Future-Alison suddenly sat up. Past-Alison started to do the same, but future-Alison pushed her back down. “Oh my!” future-Alison burst out. “I nearly forgot!”

She jumped to standing and bound her way over to Aaron. She still had her cloak undone, and her breasts heaved with her every gliding step. “Oh, poor Master, look at your eyes!” she said.

“My eyes?” he said.

She cast about for a reflective surface, found a broken glass, and held a shard up to Aaron’s face. In the reflection, he saw what she meant. His eyes were like everyone he’d seen on television, like Jessica, like both Alisons: White. Aaron was not bothered by this. Everyone’s eyes were white now, he thought. This was the norm.

Still, the sight seemed to upset Alison, and so he cocked a brow. “What should I do?” he asked.

She hastily rushed to the wheel and dug under some cushions which had cradled her on her journey. “You said this might happen,” she called out as she dug. “Or, rather you will. Or, no you won’t now because- Found it!”

She rushed back to him with something in her hand. Something she moved with so quickly that he didn’t notice until too late that it was a very large needle. She plunged it into his neck.

“Ah!” Aaron cried. “What-”

The change was almost immediate. Suddenly Aaron looked at the world around him and saw chaos. On his television, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt were each taking four dicks, one in each pussy, one in each ass, one in each hand. Next to him, a sweaty, filthy, white-eyed Jessica was kissing his feet and thanking him for his cum. One Alison Brie was bowing to him in a black gown while another was mostly naked and grinning at him with a dripping needle in her hand, eyes blank.

“This is crazy,” he said.

“Is it?” a voice said behind him. No. Inside him.

“What?” he called out. Suddenly, everything around him froze.

Jessica was in the middle of licking between two of his toes. Past-Alison was still bowing, though he noticed that she’d reached a hand down and was in the midst of fondling herself. Future-Alison was grinning, while a drop of silvery liquid hung in the air in front of the needle she was holding.

“Whoa,” Aaron said.

“Whoa indeed,” said the voice.

Aaron turned around. Instead of his bedroom, which he expected to see, the area behind him was an empty black void, completely bare but for the man in the white suit that stood with his hands behind his back.

The man who was…himself.

“…Me from the future?” Aaron said. He was putting the pieces together a little quicker now.

“Yup,” his future self said. Now that Aaron could see him, this version of himself was, well, the ideal. He was clearly muscular, with the firm jaw he’d always wished he’d inherited from his father instead of the waddle he’d gotten from his mother. He stood tall and proud, his hair full and dark, with a neatly trimmed beard so unlike the patchy failure Aaron was used to growing. “I’m what you will become.”

Aaron’s head spun. “I have so many questions.”

Future-Aaron shushed him. “None of them are relevant. There is no president in the future, your favorite team always wins every sport, there’s no more war, famine, poverty, or racism, and Ann Coulter is now your human toilet and bidet.”

Past-Aaron was sufficiently shushed.

Future-Aaron stood straighter. “Listen, I don’t want this to take too much of your mental energy. Trust me, you’ll want all the stamina you can get tonight. I just wanted to give you a rundown of what’s going on:

“See, in my timeline, I was watching the Oscars in 2016 with Jessica, and she caught me gawking at Alison Brie and Natalie Dormer’s cleavage, and instead of laughing it off like she usually would, she became incredibly jealous. Maybe she always was, and she was just sick of hiding it. Anyway, things spiraled out of control, and she left me. Now, I’m not proud of how I responded to this. You know how we’ve always been interested in nanotechnology? Well I decided to take my mind off the breakup by learning everything about it there was to know. It was surprisingly easy once I set my mind to it. I wound up quitting my job, moving in with my parents, studying every book I could find, every blog there was to read. I spent all day and night living, eating, breathing this stuff.

“Then I found out a lab a couple hours away had cracked a major milestone in nanite development. I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but suffice it to say, I drove there, killed a guard, stole a sample, took it home, and completely re-wrote the code to be self-replicating and to be triggered by certain stimuli which only I could access.

“I know this sounds fucked up. And it is. I went completely off the deep end. I told you I’m not totally proud of this part. But what I am proud about is that I finally figured it out: The Singularity, the event every technologist has been predicting for years, when humanity and machines would finally unite. I released the nanites into the world, and within a month, they were everywhere on Earth. Nothing was beyond my reach, and no one suspected a thing. So I did what anyone with control of a planet-full of microscopic robots capable of controlling the very nature of humanity itself would do when they’re trying to get over a breakup: I made myself God.

“I started with Jessica. That was a mistake. I remade her too completely; she fought against me, and the resulting cognitive dissonance made her catatonic. I kept working, though, and eventually I figured out how to make the subjects desire the programming, need it in a manner of speaking. I got so good at it, I was able to take the whole world in less than a year after the Singularity.

“From there, I set the globe on a path of discovery and improvement. You can’t imagine how quickly and completely humanity can evolve when everyone is keyed in on the same task. We cured countless diseases, doubled life expectancy, even discovered how to control matter and time. That’s right, time travel. Once we had a handle on the Einstein particle, the controlling force behind the dark matter of the universe, it was only a matter of- you know what? Who cares? We can travel through time. It takes a lot of energy, and it’s pretty risky, but trust me, it works.

“But I realized that there were still things we were a long ways off from accomplishing. We still don’t have an efficient way to colonize space, and ideally we can figure out a system in which not every woman is a slave to every man. Secondarily, yeah, but still, it can’t go on like this forever.

“That’s where you come in. And Alison Brie. I know, right? Alison fucking Brie. Anyway, I’ve decided that instead of waiting who knows how long to see how far humanity can go, why not go backwards and make it so humanity is already there when I get to where I am now? Does that make sense? Am I crazy? I settled on ten-year increments. That way, if shit gets too crazy, it’s not that far to go to fix everything. And technically speaking, you’re living in an alternate dimension which I can destroy if it goes wrong or absorb into my reality if everything works out as planned. It’s all very technical. But for now, all you have to do is reap the benefits. Alison is super gung-ho about the whole thing, and she’s programmed to know what to do. You can just kick back and watch humanity evolve.

“Oh, and I should let you know: The nanites she injected you with control all the other nanites on Earth. And the ones she infected your Earth timeline with are more advanced than the ones that I came up with initially, because they can control matter. Remember the Einstein particle? That’s in everything. What I’m telling you is: You’re not just A god now. You ARE God. Have fun!”

In a POOF, his long, long exposition was over, and Aaron was back in real time. Jessica was worshipping his feet. Past-Alison was fingering herself. Future-Alison was setting down the needle and standing with her hands behind her back to better present her wonderful breasts for inspection.

His brain still reeling from the possibilities of his future-self’s history lesson, Aaron was nonetheless pleased to see the picturesque starlet gazing at him, white-eyed yet still very clearly yearning for his touch.

“Alison,” he said.

“Yes?” Both Alisons answered in unison.

“Hmm,” he said. “Need to fix that. Okay, from now on, you” he pointed to future-Alison,” you’re Alison Brie. And you,” he pointed to past-Alison, “in the black dress, your name is Annie Edison.” He had such a crush on her from the show ‘Community,’ it seemed impossible to resist casting her as that part for the rest of her life.

“Yes, Master,” they both said. Annie moaned into the floor as she found her spot and fingered herself even harder.

“Okay, now, Alison, I want you to fuck me with those magnificent tits of yours,” he said.

She knelt without further prompting. “Absolutely, Master,” she intoned.

Alison Brie wasted no time in reaching for Aaron’s naked cock with one hand and presenting her breasts from below with the other. “Huh,” she muttered as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

“What?” he said.

She shook her head. “Nothing! It’s just…your cock is…different than it was…will be…”

He was about to inquire further when something future-Aaron told him rang again in his ears. “Say, Alison,” Aaron asked, “I can control matter, apparently. Does that include…myself?”

She nodded and smirked. “I don’t see why not, Master. You can do whatever you want.”

Aaron made a mental note to take her up on that offer later. In the meantime, he searched his thoughts for some clue as to how he could reshape his body. He rifled through his memories like he might find a file somewhere marked “How To Control Nanites For Dummies.” Nothing. He was about to give up.

“Fuck, I just wish someone could tell me how to do this,” he muttered.

Alison spoke up from her position in front of his cock. Her voice was stiff and monotone, programmed. “To control the Einstein particle via the nanite controls, Master Aaron needs only to wish for something to change, and it will change. This wish can be spoken or thought, but for safe use it must be phrased as ‘I wish,’ followed by the chosen desire, with as much specificity of intent as can be provided.”

She looked up at him when she was finished speaking. “Did you say something, my Lord?”

He took in the sight of Alison Brie, the sexy young actress, tugging lightly on his prick, leading it towards her pristine tits, and sandwiching his manhood in her mounds, and he could only think of one thing: “I wish my cock was nine inches long.”

There was a tingling sensation in his flesh, but the growth began immediately. He groaned as his cock began to peek out from the top of her cleavage, then more as it reached far enough for her to easily such the head into her mouth as she performed her titjob for his pleasure.

She pulled her lips off his cock with a POP. “Ah yes, Master,” she sighed. “That’s more like I remember. Thank you.”

The sensation of having his dick massaged by two plentiful bosoms while his head was slurped by a pair of plush lips was extraordinary. But it needed something.

“Annie,” he grunted.

She looked up at him from the floor, face already glistening with sweat. “Yes, my Lord God Master?”

Clearly she was new to the lingo. “Come here and help lube up Alison’s sweet tits.”

If she was bothered by relinquishing her old name to the future version of herself, she didn’t show it. Rather, she licked her lips and climbed to her feet.

“With pleasure, Master,” she said.

Annie stood next to the pair, her hand on Alison’s bobbing head, and began to finger herself harder and harder. She was really working herself up. Her hand was a blur in her cunt, fully visible under her flipped-up dress. She bit her lip. Aaron wasn’t sure she was going to make it.

“Jessica!” he snapped. His slave stood at attention next to him.

“Eat Annie’s ass and help her along,” he barked.

She grinned so wide he almost felt bad for treating her so rudely; she was adorable when she smiled. “Sure thing, Master!” she chirped.

In a flash, she was kneeling behind Annie, head under her dress. Aaron could only imagine her face as she peeled those bubbly ass cheeks apart and dove her tongue into the actress’s rosebud.

“Lose the dress, Annie,” Aaron said.

In a few quick tugs, it was up and over her head, then tossed aside amongst the broken dishes, as though it wasn’t an Oscar dress that probably cost more than Aaron’s entire apartment just to rent for the night. Immediately her fingers found her pussy again, and from his angle Aaron had a great view of the side of Jessica’s head plunging with aplomb into the depths of Annie’s asshole.

That certainly did it. In moments, Annie was building herself higher and higher, her breasts heaving with her breaths, her hands working faster and faster. Aaron spotted Jessica cleverly slip a hand up and press a finger against Annie’s anus.

“OH FUCK, MASTER!” Annie screamed through her painted lips. Acting quickly, Alison turned and presented her boobs under Annie’s furious masturbation, just in time for the younger version of the performer to cum in a spraying female ejaculate, coating Alison with her fluids, dousing her tits in womanly liquid.

Not wanting to waste a drop, Alison gave Annie’s pussy a grateful lick and then turned back to her task, sliding Aaron’s elongated cock between her now-dripping mammaries and pumping him for all she could. Her mouth quickly found his tip and suckled at it desperately,, her milk bags working his shaft while suckhole milked his head.

Aaron moaned blissfully. He turned to see Annie kneeling down, clad only in a lacy corset she’d kept on under the dress, and kissing Jessica, surprisingly excited to taste the flavor of her own depths. Back at the Oscars, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain were laying back against the edge of the stage, as man after man took turns pumping their cum deep inside their wombs. They kissed, and as Ewan McGregor pulled away from Anne’s gaping snatch, the camera clearly caught the bulge in her belly, swollen with fluid, like a food baby in reverse.

This nearly pushed Aaron over the edge. He was so close to coming down Alison Brie’s hot fucking throat. He just wanted something…strange. He wanted to test something.

“I wish,” he started. “…I wish that Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain’s tits grew to a G-cup, big and round and natural.”

Annie, Jessica, even the otherwise occupied Alison all turned to the television to see what would happen. Sure enough, before the world’s eyes, the two prone actresses began to writhe and sigh even more than they already were, and very quickly their chests began to balloon, at first simple masses, then into full, stretchy, shapely, and ultimately very pendulous bosoms. The pointy brown nipples on Anne and the sweet pink nubs on Jessica slumped to their sides. Now with each thrust their bodies jiggled and bounced. Men who’d already spent their loads got back in line for a turn with the now-buxom sexpots.

It was when Anne and Jessica flipped over to their knees, letting their inflated funbags hang to the stage floor, and put their lips together to share the joy of their tandem doggy style poundings that Aaron finally erupted. “Oh, God DAMN!” he shouted. Alison pulled his dick out of her mouth, aware of her God’s tastes, and continued to jerk him with her tits until he was coating her chest, neck, and face with a load befitting a Master of the Universe. Jet after jet of semen burst forth from his manhood, until Alison was soaked in cum, drenched like a bucket of ejaculate had just been dumped on her head.

“Master Aaron be praised!” she cried as she was doused in jizz.

Annie and Jessica quickly joined their sister in servitude and eagerly lapped up their Lord’s holy cum from all over Alison’s slick flesh.

On television, Lupita Nyong’o was giving Chiwetel Ejiofor a sloppy rimjob while his enormous cock was buried deep in the tight twat of Rinko Kikuchi, the slender, flexible asian beauty from ‘Pacific Rim.’

They cut to a shot across the room: Three tight young Academy favorites with the hots for older men were dancing for the honor of impaling themselves on Morgan Freeman’s monolithic manhood. Jennifer Lawrence was playing to her strengths, using her unique mix of charming clumsiness and sultry strength to entice the actor, alternately laughing her way through a silly dance which just happened to shake her breathtaking chest and then drawing him in with her eyes as she bent to show off her tight curves. Brie Larson, meanwhile, took her turn with poise and classic seduction, flashing her big eyes and letting her subtly arresting, carefully toned physique do the work.

Amy Adams didn’t have Jennifer’s big breasts or Brie’s classical beauty, but what she lacked in looks she more than made up for in talent. She read her mark like a pro. He was proud and cool, polite but aloof. She saw in his eyes that he had a taste for something young and vulnerable something to make him feel like a king. Amy played demure, fragile, shy, strategically covering her sensitive areas from his gaze until his prying eyes seemed to melt holes through her fingers. Then she let them free in a way that said it was all just for him and him alone. As big as his cock was, its attention was piqued, and it made its choice known. Amy Adams straddled him carefully, slid herself onto his erection little by little, surprising even herself with how much of it she could take before it hit her walls and she had to pull back, slowly, tenderly, clearly teasing him. Sure enough, he took the bait, and roughly shoved her back down, slapping her tits as he did so and pounding himself into her until she squealed in barely contained delight.

All this and more flashed across the screen. But for the first time all night, the most interesting sight was the one just in front of him: Annie Edison (the new name for young sexpot Alison Brie) and his wife, Jessica, their eyes empty and blank as they probed every inch of Alison Brie (the future version) with their tongues for any stray traces of their God, Master of Masters, Lord Aaron and his holy seed, left on her tender flesh. When their tongues found no more semen to drink, they kept on licking, pleasuring one another with their eyes always peeking back at Aaron for his approval, praying silently for his cock to rise and bless them once more.

It was late, and the ceremony showed no signs of stopping. But Aaron, and the rest of the world, was truly, completely, awake.

This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Amanda lying asleep in her bed, on her side, wearing a night-shirt and panties. Some force pushes her onto her back, but she remains asleep. We then see a shot of her stomach, as her shirt starts to slide up it. When the bottom is just under her boobs, Amanda suddenly awakens. “Huh?” she moans in her confusion, then her arms snap up, and the shirt flies off her. “What?” she gasps, breathing hard. We then see a shot of her tits, which lift up off her chest, and change shape, like they’re being squeezed and fondled by invisible hands. We then hear a male voice breathing, as her nipples are flicked and stroked by something, and grow harder.

Amanda breathes rapidly, partly from arousal, partly from fright, and we see something lightly pressing against her soft belly, moving down. We then see a shot of her panties, as the crotch is pulled aside, then, in our first close-up, we see her wet pussy, like her nipples, being stroked by something, and we hear Amanda start to moan and whimper. “Oh…uhm…hm…” Amanda’s brow furrows, as whatever is there with her apparently eats her pussy. Back in the close-up, we see her hole open up a little, and Amanda’s moans get louder. Suddenly, she arches her back, and lets out a high-pitched whine.

Again in the close-up, suddenly her pussy hole opens wider, and Amanda’s body starts to rock, as if something is thrusting into her. As the thing fucks her, Amanda’s tits start to bounce and jiggle, and her face screws up. “Oh! Oh, God! Hunh!” The apparition fucks her harder, letting out a disembodied grunting and panting. As she gets close to another orgasm, Amanda grips the sheets, and her face looks like she’s about to cry. Suddenly, her whole body tenses up, and she screams. Shortly after, the entity lets out a hoarse groan. We see another close-up of her pussy, closing as what was in there is pulled out. Eyes wide, Amanda looks up at the ceiling, breathing at a mile a minute. Back in the close-up, we see a milky white fluid ooze out of her cunt. Breath slowing down, Amanda closes her eyes and bites her lip. “Mmm…” A wide grin slowly creeps into her face, and she lets out a satisfied sigh, as the scene fades out.

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