B*Witched Get It on

Story: B*Witched get it on (f/f,inc,cons,oral,anal)

New,much improved repost of a story I posted at brit celeb porn
last year,enjoy….opinions welcome.

Edelle and Keavey collapsed on their respective beds in the hotel
they were sharing and sighed. It had been another mind numbing day of
interviews,personal appearences and a live performance in the evening
as they tried to break America. The mood of the twins and their
band mates Lyndsey and Sinead wasn’t helped by the "no casual sex"

rule imposed by their manager.
Despite their recent shift towards a more adult image he was keen to
preserve the girls goody-goody image for a little while longer, this
meant the four girls had to sacrifice their favourite passtime…one
night stands.
It was hitting Edele and Keavey especially hard, both had been
sexed since their early pre-pubescent experiences of innocently
slipping their hands up one anothers nightdresses in the bedroom they
had shared. They had both lost their virginites at 13 and were always
in high demand with boys eager for a threesome with the twins. This
request had always been refused though both were secretly aroused by
the idea of full blown incest.
Edele couldn’t help but smile at the irony that she was getting less
sex now as an adult than she did as a teenager. She glanced across at
her sister and was shocked to find aroused by the sight of her twins
bare midriff as her tight croptop rode up, She bolted upright as she
began to visualise herself and Keavey naked together having sex.
"Are you alright Dell?" a concerned Keavey asked.
"Yeah" Edelle replied awkwardly "Just a bit edgey tonight."
Keavey smiled, got up and went over to sit beside her sister placing
a sympathetic arm around her shoulder and gently strokeing her
sisters long,brown hair with the other. Edele tried to act normally
despite becoming increasingly aroused by her sisters close proximity.
"I know this tours hard Dell." Keavey said softly "I’m gagging for a
fuck too, we’ve always been a pair of slappers really haven’t we?"
She and Edelle giggled knowing it was true.
"Ye remember when were girls?" Keavey continued "Jesus! Ma would a
killed us if she’d known what we got up to after lights out. Still I
suppose it was all innocent really."
"You don’t think incest is wrong?" Edelle asked.
"Well it wasn’t really incest now was it?" Keavey reasoned "I mean we
were just kids fooling around."
"But what about adult siblings who fuck?" Edele said finding herself
increasingly turned on by the topic of conversation "What do you
about that?"
Keavey was a little taken aback by the question and sat silent for a
"Well." she finally said "I suppose that is a bit sick isn’t it?"
Edeles face fell then rose again as her sister added:
"Though I suppose it isn’t always that simple, I mean sometimes it’s
an expression of love, sometimes people just can’t help themselves…"
she trailed off as her and Edelles eyes met, Keavey was suddenly
of the sexual tension in the air.
"Exactly" Edele said softly "Sometimes it just happens…"
The sisters shared lust filled glances for a second then
began to kiss, before an eager Edelle could slip her tounge inside
Keaveys mouth her sister pulled away.
"We can’t Dell!" Keavey said firmly "It’s so wrong."
"So you wanna carry on like this?" Edelle asked "Horny as hell all
time? No one has to know Keavey it’ll be our little secret."
Keavey turned to face her sister, now every bit as aroused.
"Our little secret?" she asked.
Edele nodded and the two girls slowly moved their heads together and
began to kiss again this time without inhibition but with deep,long
supressed passion. Their pouting,blood red lips locked and their
tounges slipped down each others willing mouths as they began to
the ultimate taboo.
Passions totally unleashed, The girls stood up and while still
kissing they began to stroke and caress each others firm bodies. Both
girls let out sighs of satisfaction as their dripping wet pussies
caressed through the thin material of their tight fitting trousers.
The girls soon longed to see each other naked and the always
Edele took the lead yanking at the straps of her sisters tight,low
crop top then pulling down her figure hugging leather trousers.Keavey
clawed at the revealing breast slit in Edelles top and promptly split
the flimsy garment in two, she quickly followed this up by peeling
her sisters tight blue jeans.
The girls stood in awe of one anothers semi naked bodies for a
second. Both wore skimpy silk wonderbras that clung to their
small,round breasts with pink,erect nipples poking through the thin
material, begging to be sucked on. Both girls grinned at the others
damp patch in the crotch of her tight fitting thong, their tight
lips clinging to the material for dear life.
The girls quickly whipped off one anothers underwear and stood naked
for a second, Sexual tension hung heavy in the air and both girls
it was far too late to go back. Keavey,submissive as ever, collapsed
on to the bed and fixed Edele with a knowing smile as she spread her
long,white legs. Edele needed no invitation climbing on top of her
sister so that every curve of their naked bodies clung together. She
smiled at her sister then moved down to her small erect breasts
each,in turn, full into her mouth and sucking them eagerly.
"Ah jesus yeah dell!" cried Keavey "Now me pussy, do me pussy!"
Edele followed orders sliding down across her sisters naked midriff
and stopping between her legs so that she was face to face with the
thin mat of brown hair that covered a experienced but tight twat. She
grinned at her sister for a second then slipped three then four long
fingers into the already soaking slit, Keavey cried with delight, her
deepest fantasy coming true.
Edele and Keavey shared the same sex drive so she knew exactly how
stimulate her sister and soon found her bulging clit. Keavey wailed
with pleasure as she reached her best ever orgasm brought about by
own sister. Edele dutyfuly cleaned up her mess afterwards, greedily
lapping up the streams of sticky liquid that ran out of her sisters
cunt. Keavey groaned and lovingly stroked her sisters hair as she
watched Edelle swallow down her bodily fluids then smile in delight
the sickly sweet tasete.
Having licked,sucked and fingered every inch of her sisters body
Edelle decided it was her turn to lie back and be treated. A less
confident but very determined Keavey soon found the slut inside and
loved the sensation of having her beautiful twin totally at her
she smiled widely as she caused screams of pleasure and pain with her
exploration of her sisters curves and openings with her skilful
and fingers.
"Oh fuck yeah" groaned Edelle as Keavey magical fingers caressed the
folds of her pussy "I’m getting it from me sister and I love it!"
Keavey discovered she had a dark perversion in the process, unable to
resist the allure of her sisters sweaty and slightly shitty anus
she happily plunged her tounge into and licked clean, all moral
reservations lost in the heat of the moment.
Finally when both girls had brought each other to a string of
loud,sticky orgasms and their stomachs were full of each others
fluids they lay back on the bed and huddled together naked.
"I think im bisexual" Keavey revealed.
"Nah get away!" Edelle grinned.
"Ah don’t tease me" laughed Keavey.
"So who would be your biggest lesbian fantasy?" Edelle asked.
"Well apart from you" Keavey replied "I guess I’d love a foursome
with the corrs."
"Ah jesus yeah there hot." Edelle agreed.
"Ye think they do this kind a thing together?" Keavey asked
"I’d like to think so" Edelle said smiling at the thought of the
prim and proper sisters naked together.
"I’d love to do Billie Piper as well." Keavey revealed.
"Shit yeah, remember when she got changed near us at the brits, what
body!" Edele recalled.
"and what about Lyndsey and Sinead?" Keavey began.
"What about us?" asked a high pitched,familiar voice. The twins were
stunned to find well built brunette Lyndsey and sultry blonde Sinead
standing in skimpy babydoll nighties at the bedroom door.
"We always wondered about you two." Lyndsey said grinning.
"Yeah ye just seemed a little too close." Sinead added,also smiling
the scene.
"Please don’t tell anyone." stammered Keavey.
"Mmm, well you’ll have to do something for us." Lyndsey said smiling
knowingly at her blonde bandmate Sinead.
"What?" asked Edelle still clinging to her naked sister.
"Take a shower wi us." Sinead said.
Edelle and Keavey exchanged amazed glances.
"Ye mean you two are…" Keavey began.
Lyndsey nodded "Yeah we fuck girls, specially each other."
She and Sinead moved close together and began to kiss passionately,
proving their lesbian tendencies. Edele and Keavey watched the pair
for a second then grinned at one another.
"So what abot this shower?" Edelle asked.

The four girls shared each other round as hot water pounded their
vastly different but equally alluring naked bodies. Lyndsey was
kissing and caressing Edelle, while Keavey did Sinead then they
swapped so that Keavey was suckling the brunettes big round,breasts
as Edelle kissed and fingered her beautifal blonde bandmate. Then old
couplings were resumed as Keavey and Edelle began exploring each
and Lyndsey and Sinead resumed their earlier lesbian show. Lyndsey
standing behind Sinead, sensually kissing her neck as she stroked her
small,firm breasts to cries of delight from Sinead.
The water didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the come trickling
from each girl as they alternately brought each other to loud,sticky
climaxes in the small shower that forced them to rub their naked
bodies together.
Finally the girls settled on a partner. Edelle pushing Lyndsey
against the shower wall and kissing her passionately as Sinead took
control of a very willing Keavey. Lyndsey smiled one of her
sexy,mischievous smiles as she watched Edelle go down on her. Edelle
quickly slipped her tounge through the thick bush of soggy black hair
to the tight twat beneath and made Lyndsey scream with delight as she
reached yet another orgasm.
Sinead, meanwhile, was showing she much less refined than the girls
had previously believed. Whispering obscenities into Keaveys ear as
she fingered her anus and then her pussy with her long white fingers.
"Ye like it slut." she breathed "Ye want it cos your a fucking
Keavey groaned and nodded in agreement as she was taken to previously
unknown heights of pleasure. She repayed the favour spreading Sineads
long white legs and pumping her pussy hard before gladly cleaning up
the ensuing mess.
When the four girls had thoroughly explored one anothers most
intimate parts the always mischievous Lyndsey suggested each girl got
a turn being the submissive. She had a fetish about violent sex and
insisted the other three take it in turns to slip a bar of soap up
cunt and a approriately shaped shampoo bottle into her anus while the
third girl would ram her pussy into the "victims" face as she
sat,powerless, on all fours.
All the girls enjoyed this element but Lyndsey especially savoured
having her cunt and asshole violently stimulated as she was forced to
much a dripping pussy. Edele and Keaveys secret fantasies about being
raped by their twin also came true and they loved every second of it!
Afterwards the four girls agreed that this would be the first of

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