B*Witched Story

Not to be read by U18s etc……….dont try this at home blah de

B*witched story- B*witched story- B*witched story- B*witched story

It was a cold winters day, lindsay was tired after a long day promoting
B*witched’s new single. She said goodnight to the other girls and went
her hotel room. She looked at herself in the mirror in her bathroom, she
was indeed a good looking girl, her long dark hair curving around her
She thought to herself "is all this rubbish worth it",
she pondered over
it for a second and remebered all the fanmail and recognition she gets
"yeah, yeah it is".

She was feeling peckish and called for room service, she ordered her snack
and awaited its delivery.

Andreas knew the B*witched girls were staying at the hotel, he stalked
them across the country. He hid in the corridor and awaited the room
service waiter. As the waiter wheeled the trolley down the corridor,
Andreas stepped out and knocked the waiter on the head, knocking him clean
out. Andreas took the trolley and put on the waiters uniform, which was
three sizes to big. He continued onwards to lindsays room.

"Room service" he shouted as he knocked.

"Coming" hollered lindsay.

As she opened the door she could hardly let out a squeak before Andreas
was in her room, knocking her to the floor. Soon he had the chlorform
covered cloth over mouth, and she slipped unconcious.

Andreas turned up the music in her room to avoid any noise ithat she may
have made……

Andreas took this opportunity to strip her of her denim outfit, revealing
smart white panties and bra
.Lindsays tits were not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, but
were sizeable for a girl of her size. She had the most beautiful green
eyes, this melted andreass’ heart, but turned him on also……….

When she awoke she found herself tied to the bed, her mouth taped. She
looked down, she was completely naked. She tried to shout but it was no
good no one could hear her. Andreas stood in the corner looking on, he was
so turned on, he couldnt wait to fuck her. He was about to commence
the raping of the sexy young irish woman, when somebody knocked at the

"Lindsay, its sinead, you in there?"

Andreas ran up to the door and looked out the spyhole, it was lindsays
bandmate, the blonde one sinead. He opened the door, and hid behind it. As
Sinead peered in she said "Linds? you in here?"

She walked in and before she knew it she had her face covered in a
chlorofomed cloth, the last thing she saw was Lindsay, naked on her bed
tied to the bedposts.

Sinead was wearing another denim outfit, tight jeans which showed of her
long legs and a tight top which showed off her tits perfectly Andreas
couldnt believe his luck, he stripped Sinead naked, and tied her to the
chair in the corner…Sinead was the oldest member of the group, possibly
posessing the best looking body, she had firm tits and her pubic hair was
dark, showing she was not a natural blonde.

Andreas moved onto lindsay, she lay thier tears streaming down her cheeks,
Andreas didnt care, he began to massage her pert breasts, Lindsay let
out a mumbeld cry of "No", but andreas wouldnt stop for anyone , he buried
his face in her tits, and began sucking and licking. He moved down to
her dark pussy, taking in her bellybutton on the way, causing another moan
from lindsay. Soon he began jabbing in and out of lindsays pussy,
creating a steady rythm, half an hour later Lindsay had her first
orgasm………..she came all over andreas face, and he loved it.

Soon andreas was ready to fuck her to death, he teased he with his cock
first before thrusting violently in, she was tight, soon he began
thrusting in and out faster an faster, he massaged her tits as he went.

"Stop, please stop, w-w-whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" lindsay mumbeled under her
taped mouth

"ooooooohhhhhhhh stop oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is
wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" she shrieked

Lindsay was soon moaning until after an hours constant fucking she
orgasmed for the last time, Andreas shot his load in her for the fifth
time, he was that horny………..

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Andreas screamed "take that I want you to have my baby

Lindsay was a wreck, she had been degraded and fucked within an inch of
her life, all she wanted was to see a friendly face or hear a friendly

"Linds helppppppppppppp!!!!" screamed Sinead "Noooooooooooooooooo" her
voice was choppy from the viscious fucking she was getting……….

She had been untied and pinned against the wall, her legs dangling either
side of Andreas. Her breasts were bouncing like crazy, Andreas couldnt
keep his hands of them, pinching and kissing her huge erect nipples as
Andreas demonstrated super stamina…………….her face was contorted in
both pain and passion. Andreas increased the pace considerably, thrusting
faster and faster until………Sinead was in a complete daze………

"Stopppppppppppppp aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh please

Finally she had a massive orgasm, loud enough for the whole hotel to hear,
Andreas orgasmed at the same time and shot his load yet again this
time in Sinead.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Andreas shouted " you want my baby too
Sinaed, huh?"

He slung Sinead onto the bed on top of Lindsay and he began to put on his
clothes. Meanwhile lindsay and Sinead sobbed uncontrollably, causing
their breasts to jiggle delightfully, this began too turn Andreas back on
again, but he looked at his watch and noticed he had no time, so instead
he took a camera out of his pocket and rolled of an entire film of the two
beauties naked, too weak from fucking to do anything about this blatant
invasion of privacy

He strolled out the hotel room and walked down the corridor, leaving
behind total carnage………

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