B*Witched Take It Hard

The following is a work of fiction. This in no way reflects reality. Any names or actions are totally works from the author’s mind. This is the first installment of a series of stories entitled “B*witched take it hard’. E-mails: rubinthorne@yahoo.com

“B*witched take it hard’ Part 1, By Rubin Thorne

Edele Lynch stared at herself in the 5ft mirror of her bedroom in her london flat, in which she shared with her bandmates lindsay, sinead and her twin sister Keavy. Edele combed her hair as she thaught about the last five years since the bands birth, their success with songs such as cest la vie
and rollercoaster, and lowpoints like getting kicked off their label “epic’. “Things are gonna change’, she thaught to herself while admiring her beautiful face and shapely body in the mirror; B*witched had being rehearsing material for over a year in the hope of impressing a major record company into signing them on; as a result they had an interview the next day with the head of rewind records in his mansion in the countryside.

The four girls had spiced up their once wholesome image by getting breast implants and wearing colourful skimpy outfits in the hope of someone taking notice of them.

Edele thaught about how she was losing control of her sexual desire, as she was feeling attracted to her very own sibling Keavy, Edele found herself fingering her pussy frantically in the mirror imagining herself with short hair like Keavy and a more bigger, firmer ass, she would finger her tight asshole and pussy and suck her fingers trying to imagine what Keavys would taste like. It was then that Edeles day dream was interupted by the three girls returning from their afternoon jog; Keavy walked up the stairs and into the bedroom in which she shared with her sister and took a towel to wipe her face’

Keavy: Hi Del, God im so fucked after that run

Edele hesitated to acknowledge Keavys statement due to the fact she was almost drooling at the sight of Keavy in ultra-tight all-in-ones and the sweat trailing down Keavys back right down the centre of her firm asscheeks.

Edele; ehhhh, im sure it was keavs, aaaaaand im sorry I could’nt really join you but im just a tad bit depressed

Keavy: You’re nervous about the interview tomorrow arent you, well listen, that’s understandable, it’s a while since weve had any kind of dealings like that with anyone, well be fine.

Keavy said this as she approched her sister and placed her hand on her gorgeous sisters face and proceded to run her fingers through her long dyed black hair, sending shivers down Edeles spine.

Edele placed her hands around keavys waist, she was fighting a war with her raging lust, she was on the brink on sticking her tongue down keavys throat.

Keavy: I know we’ve had to do a few ÒfavoursÓ for certain record execs to get where we are now, and I know tomorrow will be an even bigger exception to get rewind to consider us, but at the end of the day ( keavy then leaned forward and whispered into her sisters ear), you know as well as I do that we both love a good hard, dirty fuck in any shape or form, and in fairness; we’ve sucked so much cock and swallowed so much gunk at this stage of the game that it’s nothing to us, we might as well be pro-pornstars

Edele laughed, but unknowingly to Keavs, Edele was a slut who craved cock, but what was really bothering her was how long it was going to be before she could let herself go make a pass at her own sister.

Edele: Keavs, you know I love you and whatever happens after tomorrow, that’ll never change

Keavy: AW fuck Del, you know you dont have to say that, I love you to babe

Keavy then proceded to hug Edele, rapping her arms around her, Edele took this oppurtunity to get a feel of her hot twins plump ass.

She began to feel her cunt loosen and dampen rapidly, the duo were then interupted by the other half of the group; in walked the gorgeous Lindsay with her straight black sweaty hair in her face, and sweat trailing down between her huge firm tits; lindsay was followed by the petite but equally alluring sinead with her shoulder length blonde hair tied into a ponytail, and also sporting new tit implants, but not half the size of the sultry lindsays tits.

Lindsay: oh shit! im sorry, do you want to be left alone?.

Keavy: Naw Linds, it,s grand, im just telling Del about how tomorrow could turn into a serious fuckfest.

Sinead: we have to be prepare for anything, god knows what these guys are going to get us to do, I mean anything.

It was at that very moment that all three girls turned to Sinead in Suprise

Lindsay: What exactly could these people get us to do that we havent done before, we’ve sucked dick, been fucked in the pussy and asshole.

Edele: ( Edele saw this as oppertunity to open Keavys mind on the topic of the two of them fucking or maybe even Lindsay or Sinead) Before I say this, Try to open youre minds a bit, OK, I mean, We’ve never had to fuck each other and put on a show for people, it’s been more than a rough few years and we have to think about these things if we want to suceed, and you never know we might even enjoy it.

Keavy and Lindsay looked at Edele in shock, until Sinead intervined.

Sinead: She’s right girls, Ive been thinking about that too; we’re all above attractive women, we might enjoy it if it comes to it.

Lindsay: iiiiiii dddont know what the fuck to say, I mean, that thaught never even entered my head; and you probably are right, but ive never thaught about you girls like that, but at the same time, the sooner we get back in the studio and the charts the better. But if it comes to that I dont know if ill be able to perform, you know.

Sinead put her palm on Lindsays face and rubbed it gently saying, ” look, I love you girls, you are my family, I dont see why it would be a hard thing for us to do, think about it as if you were expressing your love in another way.

Keavy: I suppose when you put it like that

Edele: So we all agree, we wil do what we have to do.

Just remember to wear the tightest fucking cloths tomorrow, these fuckers wont know what hit them.

Lindsay took Sineads hand in her own and kissed it softly.

Edele: right, I think we should all go to bed and get an early start

The girls all Said goodnight to each other and went to bed, Edele thaught about how forward and easy going Sinead was about the situation and began to get wet at the possibilitys of the next days interview. She watched her sister sleeping in the bed accross from her as she fingered herself before going to sleep.

The four girls awoke at 7:30 and they all got dressed together in Lindsays room. Lindsay wore a tight black leather skirt with a skin tight zip up tie dye sweater with no bra underneath so the shape of the greekirish beautys massive tits would easily be seen; she wore a leather waistcoat over it, as well as black stilletto boots.

Edele wore a tight black skirt with a purple waistcoat over it as well as high heeled shoes.

Keavy wore a white cotten mini-skirt with a light blue waistcoat as well as high heeled shoes .

Sinead took a more sophisticated approach, wearing a black leather belly-top and black trousers with black highheeled shoes

Lindsay admired her ultra-curvy figure in the mirrror, she ran her hands all the way down her body, she was getting herslf sexually aroused, and the other girls pretended they did’nt notice.

I would’nt mind a piece of that ass thaught Edele before returning her attention to the curves of keavy, surveying the way her dress brought out the shape of her hot meaty ass, Edele began to see that she was obsessed with ass’s and everthing about them.

Sinead: well, I think we’re ready, and if I might say that if what we were talking about last night does happen, With the way you girls are looking at the moment I would’nt mind having a piece of any of you, you all look fucking hot as hell.

Edele and Keavy both giggled like bold schoolgirls at Sineads comments, But Lindsay just made a devious grin on her face.

At 9.00 a black limosine pulled up outside B*witcheds apartment block to pick them up and take them to the president of rewind records mansion, multi millionaire john davidson, where the girls would hopfully sign a recording contract,

The girls left the building and got into the limo looking like they were going to make a porno film as apposed to signing a recording contract. Men were stopping and staring longingly at the four hot Irish girls as the got into the Limo.

All set to go then said the black limo driver.

“Yes’, replied the girls all at once

They then pulled off in their journey accross london to their destination.

The girls noticed the driver staring at them and rubbing his cock in the rearview mirror, so sinead decided to mess with his head a little; she whispered something into Lindsays ear, Lindsay smiled slyly and got up from her seat and sat her hard ass on Sineads lap, Lindsay Turned he head and smiled at the twins and then to sinead. She began to grind her ass in a circular motion hard into sineads crotch and the smiles that were once on Sinead and Lindsays face now turned to expressions of pure lust an ecstacy, Sinead spread her long shapely legs as far as she could and placed her hands on Lindsays thighs firmly and began to pull her ass harder down onto her dampening crotch. The Limo Driver now had his 9 inch cock out and was wanking himself while watching these two hot little sluts get it on. Edele put her hand in her panties and slowly began to frig herself off

while Keavy just sat and watched in awe as Lindsay dug her ass deeper into Sineads crotch, Sineads eyes rolled in her sockets in sheer pleasure and Lindsay could feel her hot breath on the back of her neck with every thrust, sinead then put her head forward and stuck her tongue out into Lindsays ear, saliva began to trail out of Sineads mouth down off her chin and onto the seat. Lindsay closed her eyes and savoured every second before turning her head around and greeting Sineads tongue with her own, the two girls indulged in a deep long french kiss, Lindsay loved the feeling of Sineads tongue in her mouth and caressing her own tongue; the two girls did this while sinead was still motionong lindsays ass on her crotch. Edele watched while she fingered her dripping wet pussy and Keavy just sat there and and licked her lips. This went on for over an hour while the driver wanked himself and still managed to drive the limo through London traffic. Keavy began to notice how Lindsays huge firm tits would stick out from under her black leather waistcoat with every thrust and how her huge erect nipples were allmost ripping through her tie-die top, she stood up and walked towards the two girls and placed her hands on Lindsays massive tits, Lindsay broke her passionate kiss with Sinead and stared Keavey right in the eyes while Sinead proceeded to tongue Lindseys ear and playfully nibble her ear lobe. Keavy grabbed Lindsays tits hard and began to push her tits together and pinch her nipples huge nipples through her top, Lindsay closed her eyes and moaned as she enjoyed sinead tongue fucking her ear and Keavy groping her tits, Edele was just happy to enjoy the show while frigging her hot pussy. Keavy then pulled the zip of Lindsays top down and let huge firm tits spring free, Lindsay gasped in excitement as Keavey groped both her tits in both her hands and rapped her lips around her left nipple and began to suck hard, she then moved onto Lindsays other nipple and nibbled lightly while keeping eye contact with Lindsay. Lindsay cried out “Oh fuch yeah baby that’s it, suck my fucking tits you cunt’, it was becoming to much for her to bear with these two gorgeous sluts taking advantage of her. Sinead and Lindsay began to pick up the pace with their pussy and ass grinding while Keavy was franticallically trying to fill her mouth with as much of Lindsays tits as possible, Sinead began to moan with pleaure as she was quite near orgasm ” YEAH FUCK YEAH YEAH BABY YEAH Lindsay baby, you’re such a good fuck, I love you baby, I love you’re fucking ass soooo much baby, dont stop fucking me with you’re hot ass, Lindsay replied by saying ” you like to ass fuck other girls baby, I love you ass fucking me you cunt, it feels so fucking good’ lindsay looked down to see her big tits almost dissapearing into Keavys mouth, Keavy on the other hand began to feel to familiar hands on her ass, she took her attention away from Lindsays tits and turned to see Edele smiling back at her, edele leaned forward and kissed her sister full on with her tongue, edele then said, “ive wanted to do this for so long keavy, im gonna make use of that ass of yours’. Keavy smiled back at her, “so were gonna move up the ladder from sisters to girlfriends then yeah’ fuck yeah, replied Edele, “well then the get to it baby’ said keavy, keavy then went back to her tit sucking and got on her hands and knees, Edele started groping her sisters ass hard before pulling her skirt up above her ass to reveal her heart shaped ass, she licked and sucked on each buttock thoroughly leaving a trail of saliva on either one before pulling her panties aside and spreading her ass cheeks, edele allmost came instantly drooling at the sight of her twins tight asshole, without even thinking she spat down onto it, she then stuck her finger into it and began to motion it in and out while frigging her own pussy, keavy took her mouth away from Lindsays tits to egg on her sister “that’s it you fucking whore, fuck my tight little anus baby, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCK, yeah bitch thats soooooo fucking good, ooooohhhh bbbbbaaabby’ “you like that said Edele, you fucking cheap little fucking whore, you like your sister to finger fuck your little shitty anus’, just then Edele buried her gorgeous face into her ass, furiously tongue fucking and sucking her sisters arsehole, Keavy screamed with pleasure while squeezing lindsays tits hard, prompting lindsay to pound her ass into sineads crotch; all four girls were now screaming in pleaure nearing their orgasm,

Meanwhile the driver was ready to blow his load all over the dashboard, he could see every thing in the mirror and he could hear the girls screaming off the top of their voices making out obscene words like bitch, whore, cunt, slut, slag, fuckmeat; but he could,nt really do anything about it because he was driving the limo, but he was happy to see the mansion in his sights.

It was some sight in th back of the limo Edele Lynch on her knees with her tongue fucking her sisters asshole and both hands clasped on each ass cheek; Keavy Lynch on her knees chomping away on Lindsay Armous tits, while Lindsay was grinding her hot ass on Sinead o carrols pussy. The four girls from B*withed were screaming while approaching an earth shattering orgasm, then it happened, all four girls had one of the most pleasurable, explosive orgasms they were ever likely to experience, the four of lay there in their respective positions, completely lifeless after the fuck session they just endured, they did’nt even notice the limo come to a halt.

Sinead: that was the best fuck session ever, im so fucking knackered

Lindsay lay back in Sineads arms with her huge tits hanging from here zip up top, she kissed Sinead gently before saying: that was so fucking hot, you three sluts are the hottest bitchs in the world, I love you.

Keavy and Edele both smiled at Lindsays comments and began to kiss.

The four girls were then interupted by the door opening and the limo driver getting in to the back with them with his collossal manhood in his hands, he was stroking it hard, all four girls looked at each other and smiled, the limo driver grabbed the nearest head nearest to his shaft (which was Keavys) and buried his manhood into her mouth, he put both hands on the back of her head and began to fuck her face violently, His ballsack was smacking off her chin, Keavy seemed to be enjoying the whole situation by moaning, drool began to flow from her mouth. The three girls just lay there fingering themseles while watchcing Keavy deep throat this animal of a man, Edele then got up and went around the back of the huge black man and pulled down his pants down the rest of the way and stuck her tongue up his arse and proceeded her anal talents. The black man began to scream in pleaure’ Awww Fuck yeah, this is the fucking shit, you white bitchs are so fucking dirty’. Sinead then stood up from under lindsay and stood up next to the huge man and french kissed him while the driver reached around the back of her with his muscular arm and grabbed her ass hard

The driver could feel his ballsack filling up with jizz and he wanted a piece of lindsay so bad, so he pushed the girls of him and made for Lindsay, he pust his cock between her massive tits and pushed them together roughly with his hands and began to fuck them hard, he bent down and briefly kissed her before stading up again and fucking her tits, he then said to Lindsay “open your mouth baby, Daddys got a present for your white ass’ Lindsay opened wide and the driver spat a long trail of salive into her mouth, In which Lindsay happily swallowed., Lindsay was loving it, she began to scream at the man,’come on you fucking nigger, fuck my tits hard baby, cover them in your hot fucking jizz’, Just then the man shoot one huge continuous load onto her pretty face and tits, “oooooh baby, that feels sooooo good on my huge tits. The driver bent over again and french kissed; he then remembered where they were and why they were there ” oh fuck, we’re at the fucking mansionÓ, “Oh shit said the girls’, “you go inside and tell Mr davidson we’ll be in in about 20 minutes; the driver then went inside the house; Edele, Keavy and Sinead proceeded to lick the spunk off of Lindsey, Edele and Keavy then moved onto her tits and they sucked a nipple each, Sinead scooped up a mouthful of cum from her cheat and spat it into Lindsays open mouth, Lindsay swallowed and savoured the taste.

Edele: well at least we are prepared for what might happen in there.

Lindsay: I hope it happens

Sinead: look, lets get our shit together, get cleaned up and get to buisness

Keavy: I think weve being getting to buisness the last two hours

The four girls laughed together as the applied their make up and got cleaned up, Del and Keavy both looked lovingly at each other and held hands as the four girls entered the mansion aware of what was to come.

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