B*Witched: We Four Girls

B*Witched: We Four Girls

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There was a soft music blowing over the green hills of Ireland. So soft in fact
that few human ears could ever have picked it up. But the youthful
looking girl
sitting on a stone in the forest grove was not human. She was a leprechaun.
There weren’t many female leprechauns. As far as she knew in fact there was only
one. And her name was Gwen.
Gwen looked young but in reality had no age as no magical creature could. She
was two feet tall, dressed as always in green, but without the typical hat of
classic costume. Instead she let her long red hair flow free. She was remarkably
pretty for a leprechaun who were usually ugly creatures in mind and body. She
was a little different at least. Mischievous yes but not malicious. There was an
eternal twinkle in her green eyes. And the hint of music in her ears. There was
something about it which captured her attention, something she couldn’t place
but had to discover. She drifted through the thick forests, born effortlessly
through the air by her magic, honing in on the music. At first she was
disappointed. It was coming from within a house besides a stream, a house to
small to house the true source of the music. Sure enough it was a television.
Modern magic, Gwen sighed. But it was still intriguing and catchy. And when she
looked closer, inside at the screen she was even more intrigued.
The gleam of mischief flared in her eyes.
"I thought London was supposed to be cold this time of year." the blonde panted
as they walked off stage, wiping the sweat from her brow.
"If you get that many people in one place Sinead, it’s going to be hot
regardless." Edele puffed, brushing away the plastered redder than red hair from
her face.
All four girls were puffed and dripping with sweat. Denim was a cool enough look
but bouncing around under stage lights for an hour and a half in jeans and
jackets was another thing.
"First thing do when I get too my room is hop in the shower." Sinead stated as
they walked down the corridor.
"Hey, the hotels just around the corner. If we run now we might miss the
crowds." Lindsay suggested.
Keavy clipped the dark haired girl on the ear. "Do we have to run?"
"Race you."
The other three rolled there eyes and a second later followed.
They didn’t avoid all the crowds, only most of them. The quartet took the back
exit, signing a few autographs quickly so they could move on. It had been easy
enough to get into the hotel without being noticed.
"Good show tonight. See you in the morning." Keavy called down the corridor as
she entered her room.
"Night sis." Edele unlocked her room and entered. She stood for a second,
kicking off her shoes glad that the air conditioning was on cool. Through her
soaked tee-shirt she could feel the cool air circulate. She took a glass and
filled it at the tap, greedily swallowing the cool liquid.
"Impressive show Edele."
The star spun in her heel to see the source of the voice. What she saw, she
didn’t believe. Standing on the middle of her bed was a two foot tall figure
dressed in green. From her dress and figure she looked like a young, female..
"Leprechaun?" Edele stammered as she stared at the figure.
"Aie lass. The names Gwen."
Edele shook her head and blinked several times.
"You’re a girl?"
"Aye." the figure smiled. "So are you. That’s why you wear one of these." The
green clad woman held up a cotton bra in her hand.
"That’s… hey!" Edele suddenly realised that it was hers. Not from her draw but
from her body. Looking down she saw her own nipples pressing directly against
the wet fabric of her shirt.
"You’re looking dizzy lass.
The girl tried to take a step and tumbled to the floor suddenly. Catching her
breath she looked down in surprise at her jeans which were now at her ankles.
Hastily she grabbed them and pulled them up stepping towards the door, eyes
still on the figure, who was smiling at her.
"Don’t be going so soon Edele."
"I must be dehydrated." the red head rationalised and opened the door.
Instantly a massive torrent of icy water washed her off her feet, spilling in
lie a river from the hall way. She felt herself tumble head over heal, trying to
stay afloat in the impossible flood which buffeted her.
Edele felt herself land on the mattress of her bed. Slowly she opened her eyes.
There was no water to be seen. Her room was as dry as it had been before she
opened the door. But she herself was totally drenched.
"This is nuts." she tried to sit up but was unable to.
Looking over her shoulder she saw her wrists, tied to the bed railing, one by
her bra and one by her panties. "What the hell!" she growled angrily. Her legs
had been tied to the other end of the bed with her jeans. Logically she should
have been able to break the bonds but they refused to give. She was wet,
helpless and dressed only in her tee-shirt and jacket.
"What the heck is going on here!" she yelled.
"Now Edele. Don’t you worry yourself. You and I are going to get to know each
other really well." Gwen smiled as she floated in the air above Edeles stomach,
floating down to straddle her waist. She leant forward to get closer to the
girls bewildered face. In doing so she deliberately placed her hands on the wet,
semi transparent fabric covering Edeles breasts.
"So just sit back and enjoy it."
Edele looked at the tiny woman in fear, her deep breaths making the leprechaun
rise and fall.
"SOMEODY HELP ME!" she screamed suddenly.
"Now dear, don’t make a scene." Gwen reached forward and placed her finger on
Edeles lips.
"What do you thmmmmhhmm…. mmmhmm!" Edele pulled her head away from the strange
figure but impossibly was unable to separate her lips to speak.. or to scream..
"Never mind dear." the green woman giggled. "You’ll mostly be moaning soon
Ignoring Edeles protests the sat up and carefully spread her small hands over
Edeles breasts. The simple pressure and the cold water had already made her
nipples rise slightly and Gwen could feel them rise further as she softly began
to knead the tender flesh through the shirt.
"It’s all right Edele." the womans voice was a soothing syrup, "Just enjoy it…
Enjoy it.. that’s a good girl.."
"nnmh." Edele mumbled. in defiance. Already she could feel her body responding,
her nipples rising up to the touch of tiny fingers.
"Good girl… Good girl…" Gwen smiled.
Slowly she slipped her palms under the shirt and placed them directly against
the soft wet skin. "This will be a bit of a shock Edele but go with it."
"mmmm? mmmmhmhmMMMMMMHHHHH!!!"
Edele spine arched back, lifting her body off the bed as a crackling wave of
energy erupted through her body. Gwen seemed undisturbed by the spasms, keeping
her palms pressed against the breasts, energy flowing through her fingertips.
"HHHMMM!" Edele tried to scream. She’d never felt anything so intense, never
known her breasts could feel so good. Her body was still bucking but not so
roughly as the first time. She could feel her nipples electrically erect against
the magic hands. She felt her bosom, jiggle and bounce as she moved but never
once displacing the woman that straddled her. Wave after wave of relentless
pleasure pushed through her body, until at last Gwen removed her hands and
looked at Edeles exhausted face with a smile. She snapped her fingers and Edeles
mouth flew open , not screaming but gasping for air. Her body was at least as
sweaty as it had been on stage, if not more. The beads rolled constantly over
her smooth skin onto the covers of her bed.
"Now Edele, I’ve put a spell of silence on the room." Gwen explained cheerfully
as she shimmied down Edeles body until she sat at her thighs, looking up.
"Any noise made her can’t possibly get out." the green womans voice was as
smooth as the hand that ran up Edeles inner thigh, pressing through dark red
hairs to find a wet, warm welcome.
"So if you like dear," there was a crackle, "You can scream as much as you
And sure enough, she did.
It felt like an eternity before it came to an end.
An eternity of the slender hand exploring, probing every secret Edele had to
An eternity of orgasm after mind shattering orgasm, power pulsing through her
body endlessly. At first she thrashed and bucked but as the magic took it’s toll
she felt herself weakening. She was unable to pull at her bonds so roughly,
unable to scream as loud as she first had.
Even then the tiny fingers continued to tease her sex, crackling energy still
audible though muffled.
It was only when screams had become soft moans, convulsions dissolved to slight
twitches that Gwen removed her wet hand, wiping her fingers against Edeles sweat
soaked thigh. Gwen gazed down at the girls flushed face.
"You look rather tired love. You should get some sleep."
Edele gazed ahead of her, mouth hanging open but unable to form a full word.
She watched as the figure reached into a pocket and sprinkled a cloud of green,
sparkling dust over Edeles face. Still gasping, Edele felt it creep into her
Her head spun for an instant and then……….
By the time Sinead had got half way across the room her jacket and tee-shirt had
already hit the floor. She entered the bathroom, removing her jeans and socks
even as she turned on the shower. Her clothes were already so sweat soaked that
no water was going to make a difference. At the first touch of the cool moisture
on her skin she shuffled hastily under the stream, letting it run over her body,
driving the sickening heat from her body. It was only after ten seconds of
standing under the shower that she removed her now completely drenched underwear
and bra, tossing them into a soggy heap on the bathroom floor. She pulled the
curtain closed and let the cool water spray into her face, mouth open to quench
her parched throat. She hadn’t really realised how hot she was until they’d got
off stage. Only after the adrenaline had worn off did the burning heat kick in.
Sinead ran her fingers through her short blonde hair, washing out the grease and
sweat which had built up. Even without soap she could feel the sweat which had
coated her body now being washed down the drain. She gulped down another
mouthful of water and took a deep breath. She could feel herself starting to
cool down now. The water in the shower was started to warm up a little but that
was fine with her. She took the bar of soap and proceeded to scrub down head to
foot. Once she was finished she let the water run cold on her again for a little
while. She turned off the water and stood in the shower for a second, savouring
the cool air.
She pulled back the curtain. She cried out in shock.
Standing directly in front of her was a two foot tall woman, dressed in green.
"What.. who are you?" Sinead stammered.
"I’m Gwen. You know dear, you really should dress for guests. She snapped her
"What are you…. hey!" Sinead suddenly realised that she was once again fully
dressed in the clothes she’d come home in. She squirmed at the feel of her
underwear and bra, still soaking wet. Her sweat damp tee-shirt clung to her wet
skin. "I just washed!" she complained.
"Well then, you’d better have a shower."
"What?" Sinead asked, totally confused. The figure reached out her hand and
pushed Sinead softly. Inexplicably the force drove her back into the shower,
almost slipping to the floor. The water started again, pouring down on her and
her clothes. Instantly Sinead felt her denim jacket and jeans become water
logged, weighing down her limbs. In fact, they were so heavy that after a few
seconds she couldn’t even move her arms. Also the water wasn’t just cold. It was
freezing. She felt icy drips crawl over her boy, under her clothes.
"Well Sinead, you did want to cool down." Gwen smiled, floating into the cubicle
as the bewildered girl began to shiver violently.
"W..w..whahhat.tt d.d.do y.youhuh w.w.want.t.?" Sinead barely managed to speak
as her body trembled in the cold.
"Never mind Sinead." the small woman smiled. "You look like you could use a
From nowhere she brandished a bar of soap, the right fit for her small hand and
bright green. She reached out her palm and rubbed the bar across Sineads right
breast. Even through her bra and tee-shirt the cold had made her nipples visibly
Sinead would have shivered at the rubbing which was occurring but she was to
busy shivering at the cold.
Looking down at the woman she noticed that somehow the water was bypassing her
totally and her bright green costume was not at all wet.
Sinead closed her eye’s trying to wake up from what could only be some
nightmare. Probably due to dehydration.
When she opened her eyes everything was still there. The green lady was rubbing
the green soap onto her left breast through the fabric of her bra. Somehow her
tee-shirt had vanished. She still wore her denim jacket so it was impossible
that it could have been removed. But then everything that was happening was
It was impossible that she was trapped in a shower being felt up by a female
leprechaun. Impossible. But true.
Gwen rubbed the green lather over the naked bosom, fingers flicking over erect
nipples. Sinead kept shivering. Her entire body seemed to be frozen now. All
except for her breasts.. It was as if the lather of the soap and the touch of
the woman was keeping them warm. It was almost a pleasant heat. Sinead closed
her eyes again, shivering bitterly. She felt the warm hands run over her skin,
massaging her breasts then moving lower and lower.
She felt tiny fingers unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping her fly, while she was
unable to either fight or protest. She felt the fingers running over her dark
blonde hair. She would have sworn that she was wearing underwear seconds ago but
now it was gone. There was nothing between her and the probing hands but a patch
of wet hair. Hair which offered no resistance to the hand which passed through
it second later. Sinead felt the warm fingers part her, entering her softly.
They probed the wet warmth, stopping only when they had discovered what they had
sought. Only then did Sinead realise what would happen.
"Stop shivering!" she tried to command herself but it was useless. Her body
shuddered constantly and as it did the fingers pressed into their sensitive
target. Even through her numb body Sinead could feel the tingling sensation. She
felt the small hand every time it stroked over her delicate clitoris. And it was
so warm. So delightfully warm to touch. Every touch seemed to fill her more and
more with the heat, pulsing outwards from her crotch with every new contact.
Sinead could feel it, feel the heat rising and building, like a valve.
Then suddenly, inevitably, the valve burst. Sinead gasped out aloud as the waves
of orgasmic warmth washed away the cold from her body. Each pulse seemed hotter
and hotter until her skin felt flushed with the radiating warmth. Sinead felt
Gwen sliding her hand out from between her legs. As if the hand had been the
only thing holding her up Sinead fell to her knees in the shower, panting at the
delicious warmth which now clung to her.
"You know Sinead," the leprechaun began running the bar of soap through Sineads
hair, thick green lather covering her head. "I think your brain needs washing."
Sinead tried to speak but couldn’t think of anything to say. She felt the rich,
warm lather in her hair. It was almost as if the warmth was creeping through
into her head. Warmth was flooding her mind, filling her consciousness until
there was nothing but a haze of warmth. Her head spun for an instant and
Lindsay lay back in the bath, letting the warmth run through her. She had cooled
down first, now she was relaxing. It wasn’t so much the heat that bothered her,
rather the electric atmosphere of their concerts. She loved the energy, both
given and received. But when it was all over she had to wind down and she did
that by having a bath. She ran a soft sponge over her bare leg for the tenth
time, the pleasant massaging effect still new enough to be enjoyable. She lay
back, closed her eyes and daydreamed. It almost seemed as if time was slipping
by faster than she thought, the water losing it’s temperature. Coming back to
her senses, her closed eyes twitched at the realisation the water was now icy
Opening her eyes she discovered the truth was even worse.
It was ice.
She had been snap frozen in a block of ice.
She tried to move but was totally incapable. Somehow she was still able to
breath, and she wasn’t freezing to death but apart from her head she was trapped
in her bath.
"About here an ice breaker would be handy." a silky voice giggled from her side.
Lindsay turned her head as far as it was able, watching as a small green woman
skipped over the tiles and up onto the block of ice.
"What… what are you?" Lindsay stuttered, out of surprise rather than cold.
Somehow the ice wasn’t too cold after all.
"I’m Gwen."
"And you’re Lindsay Gael Christina Armaou. Which is an awful amount of names.
One more than Sinead but one less than the twins."
"I.. what are you doing?" the confused girl asked.
"Mischief you might say. I am a leprechaun after all." she stated plainly as she
sat down, cross legged on the ice in front of Lindsay.
"A Leprechaun?.. I … But they’re…"
"All men? Ha, that’s what they want you to think."
"So..how many are there?"
"Well actually there’s just me but I make do."
"I’m.. hey.. Let me out of this thing."
"Oh the ice. I thought you might like it. It was all over that single cover
wasn’t it.. which one.?"
"To you I belong?"
"I know you do dear. Though I must say your a lot more polite than your
"My friends? What do you mean? What have you done to them?"
"Oh don’t worry, they’re fine. They’re a bit like a family to you aren’t they."
"I.. I guess." Lindsay reluctantly resigned herself to the fact that she was
going to have to make conversation with the creature, whether this was a dream
or not. She might at least be able to talk her way out of it.
"Well I mean you’re the youngest by a year and you have no brothers or sisters."

"How do you know this? Did you read my mind?"
"Oh goodness no. It’s all on your web site. And you’d like to go on a date with
Brad Pitt too."
"That’s publicity for you."
Gwen smiled at the comment. "You’re not cold are you?"
"Actually no. Rather surprising considering I’m frozen in ice!"
"Well that’s magic for you. Anyway, it’s not real ice. I could change it if I
She snapped her fingers and was suddenly sitting on a slab of green jelly which
filled the bath. Lindsays eyes were wide with something between astonishment and
"This has got to be a dream."
"A dream can become reality if you really work for it." Gwen grinned. " that was
your quote.."
"..on the web site. I know."
"So is green your favourite colour then?"
"Maybe not now."
"Never mind." Gwen snapped her fingers again and the bath reverted to water.
However she still sat on the surface without getting wet. And Lindsay was still
"What are you going to do to me?"
"What do you want me to do to you?"
"I want you to let me go."
"I want you to let yourself go."
Gwen stood up, walking over the water.
"Let yourself go. Enjoy life. Release your inhibitions."
"I don’t get it."
"You’re in the bath, you want to relax. Play with yourself."
"You know.. masturbation.. Don’t be embarrassed."
"But.. I never…."
Lindsay didn’t reply.
"Wow. Maybe I should have read your min after all. Never mind. Try it."
"Just try it."
Lindsay swallowed her anxiety, feeling her heat pumping in her chest. She felt
her hand being able to move, though the rest of her was still frozen in place.
Her fingertips slid through the water, gliding over her skin and down to her
thighs slowly and nervously probing the dark submerged hair.
"Good girl. Don’t be afraid, just enjoy it."
Lindsay moved her fingers softly, sliding them gently inside herself, exploring
her own body. beneath the rippling water.
Under the watchful eye of the woman in green she pushed deeper, shivering as she
stroked across her tender bud.
"Does that feel good lass?" Gwen smiled.
"Yes." Lindsay admitted. She moved her finger again stroking herself a second,
then third time, rhythm building as she went. Half consciously her other hand
began to caress her smooth breasts, nipples rising slightly out of the water. It
was so natural that her body seemed to be working of her own accord. She was
indeed shedding her inhibitions. She wasn’t at all embarrassed that the strange
redheaded woman was looking on happily. If anything it made it more fantastic
than ever. She let her mind go, fantasising about everything that came to mind.
Imagining that it was a beautiful Hollywood hunk touching her. Imagining
anything. Her hand moved faster and faster, rubbing that the tender spot which
now burned with pleasure.
"You’re going to come Lindsay." Gwen said calmly.
"I’m going to WhAAAOOHHH!" the dark haired girl was stopped midsentance by the
rush of energy which flooded through her body. Every nerve was energised with
electricity, the burning pleasure erupting through her body. Her body twitched,
shaking in the water as her limbs fell by her side, mouth open, eyes closed with
a shocked yet contented expression on her face.
She opened her eyes to see the leprechaun smiling proudly at her. The bath water
was green but Lindsay didn’t care.
"Just relax Lindsay. I’ll take care of you."
The girl lay back, body still tingling but now relaxed, almost exhausted.
Reclining she couldn’t help herself as she slid under the water then deeper and
Her head spun for an instant and then……
Keavy was dreaming. At least that was what she guessed was happening. It had to
be. Last thing she remembered was going to bed in her pyjamas. Now she was in
the middle of a field back in her tee-shirt jeans and jacket. Not just any field
either. It was the field from their video clip for C’est la vie. The ground was
thick with an impossibly bright assortment of flowers, pinks and oranges and
purples all shining in the sun. Only there shouldn’t be a sun. Or a real field.
It was all in the studio. At least it had been. But this was real. As real as it
could be. The flowers stretched off as far as the eye could see and there were
no land marks for her to follow. Keavy spun about but there seemed no way to
tell where she was or what she could do. In the end she decided to walk. She
made it about what seemed a hundred metres then turned around. There was no sign
of her footprints or trail through the flowers. Sighing she kept walking, even
though it might well have been in circles. The hot sun blazed down on her, sweat
dripping from her brow. It was even hotter than the studio lights had been. In
addition there was a strong scent flowing up from the flowers, filling the air.
It almost made her feel light-headed but she kept moving, wrapping her jacket
around her waist.
It was impossible to tell how long she walked for. Her torso was soaked with
sweat, white tee-shirt plastered to her body.
"This is crazy." she said to herself, knowing that it certainly was. Keavy
noticed her jacket was missing. Looking around her she couldn’t see it anywhere.
There would be no finding it in the vast expanse. She brushed her dark hair from
her eyes, trying to look for some land mark.
Then she saw it. about twenty metres away was what looked like a pool. Hastily
she got to her feet, running towards it until she reached the cool water. It was
a swimming hole, large enough for a dip. She wasn’t concerned about safety, she
was too hot for that. She stripped off her shoes, jeans and shirt, diving in
with only her underwear. At least that was the idea. Halfway through the jump
space seemed to warp, the pool seemed to vanish, folding in on itself. Rather
than in cool water, Keavy landed in a bed of flowers. She shook her head,
realising the effect she’d just encountered was in the video too. But it was
computer morphing. It wasn’t real.
Shaking her head in confusion she stood up. Both the pool and her clothes were
gone. To make matters worse the pollen from the flowers seemed to prickle on her
skin. She started walking again, her bra and panties little protection against
the hot sun. She looked down as her bare feet trudged through the flowers.
Looking up she saw it. The tree. The one from the video.
"Shade." she said aloud, running towards it, hoping she could make it.
Sighing with relief she sat down, back leaning against the wood, leaves
protecting her from the sun.
She tried to wipe the sweat away from her eyes but couldn’t.
Keavy was tied to the tree.
She gasped in shock and pulled but it was no good. She was bound fast, unable to
move her arms.
"Poor Keavy."
The girl looked up to see a woman, dressed in green, sitting on top of a large
"I’m dreaming." Keavy stated out aloud.
"So what if you are dear?"
"Who are you?"
"What.. what is this?"
"A dream Keavy. All a dream."
"But.. I’m really exhausted."
"Not really really. Besides these fruit can be quite refreshing."
"Fruit? What?"
Keavy looked up to the branches above her. Hanging down were huge purple
spheres, getting larger every second.
"Of course," Gwen added, "They do tend to ripen fast."
Keavy watched as they swelled to the size of pumpkins then one by one tumbled
down. She cringed as the first one hit her, waiting for pain. Instead the ripe
ball seemed to explode, covering her with purple goo. The later fruit did the
same until she was coated, head to foot in the purple slime.
"Yuck!" Keavy protested.
"Never mind dear. It’s perfectly harmless. Though it does tend to react with
synthetic fabrics."
"Synthetic.. What?"
Keavy looked down to see the last remains of her underwear dissolve into a
purple mass.
"Mind you dear, the flowers are worse."
A sudden gust of hot wind blew a thick cloud of pollen over the helpless girl,
dust sticking to the ooze on her skin.
Feeling it prickling, Keavy screamed out in frustration and despair.
"Now now, dear, don’t be afraid. It’ll all be all right."
"I don’t understand?" Keavy sniffed.
"Just relax. Can you feel your skin?"
"It itches."
"Does it? Is it an itch Keavy?"
"Sort of.. it … it feels kind of…"
"Kind of nice…. Like..heh..like ha..I’m be..being.. haha ti ..tickled."
Keavy couldn’t help herself bursting into a fit of laughter. Her skin felt as if
it was being tickled everywhere all at once, too much for her to bear. Each
gasping breath seemed to take in more and more of the thick scent of the pollen
which hung in the air. Between the smell and the tickling, Keavy felt herself
getting light headed. Only then did she half notice that it wasn’t just
tickling, it was touching. The substance coating her was arousing her body. She
was too dazed and tired to fight it. Within a minute her whole body was pulsing
with the stimulation she was receiving. She pulled at the ropes which
miraculously fell away, tumbling onto her hands and knees, writhing on the
ground at the pure ecstasy of the touch. She felt it rubbing her everywhere, her
thighs, her back, her breasts. She squirmed among the flowers, rubbing more
pollen into her skin, raising thicker clouds to inhale. Her movements only
served to grind the pollen in between her sticky thighs and then there was no
stopping it. Over and over she came but there seemed to be no end to what she
was experiencing. Multiple orgasms buffeted her body and mind. Keavy felt her
will slipping further and further away. Spasming on her back at yet another
orgasm she looked up to see the face of the strange leprechaun smiling down at
her. In her hand she held a our leaf clover. Slowly she raised it up an blew, a
cloud of green engulfing Keavy. Her head spun for an instant and then……
She opened her eyes. Even so, the first thing she noticed was not what she saw,
rather the temperature. It was cold, not too cold, but noticeably so. Probably
making it colder was the wind which blew over her skin. It was a soft breeze,
barely enough to blow her bright red hair across her face. Edele still shivered
as she felt it. Looking down she saw her body, naked and upright, apparently
tied to something. There was no way she could move. Looking up she saw….
The girl opposite her looked up, slightly dazed.
"Edele?… What?..Sinead? Keavs. Where are we?"
Gradually the four girls came to there senses, or at least to some degree. They
were all in a square facing in, Lindsay opposite Edele, Keavy opposite Sinead.
They were outside, that explained the wind. From what they could see it looked
like an Irish countryside with green fields and forests. That would explain the
cool wind. Each girl was naked, tied to a large standing stone arranged around a
small flat stone in the centre. The circle was about three metres in diameter.
It looked as if they were bound with leather straps but it was hard to tell.
"How did we get here?" Keavy asked, hoping that this was all some nightmare.
"No idea sis. Last thing I remember was… was…"
"I can’t remember." Sinead realised.
"None of you can. Never mind."
All four girls looked up to see a small green female floating into the centre of
the small circle.
"Gwen?" Lindsay asked.
"Yes." she smiled.
"How.. I know you… How?" Edele tried to recall but failed.
"Oh we’ve had our little gatherings together." the leprechaun chuckled.
"Why are we here?" Keavy demanded.
"Because you wanted to be."
"What?" all four exclaimed in unison.
"All four of you accepted what I had to offer. If you hadn’t I could never have
brought you here."
"Where is here?"
"I doubt you could pronounce it. Today the name has no meaning, degraded over
the centuries. Once this was a druids circle. Old world magic was practised
"W.. what kind of magic?" Sinead asked hesitantly.
"Spring ceremonies. Bindings and betrothals. Fertility rites."
"But … why are we…."
"Don’t worry girls. Just enjoy the scenery."
The four stood in silent fear as the creature took powders and herbs from a bag,
spreading them on the alter as she mumbled. Finally she clicked her fingers and
a spark began to burn in the centre of the pile.
"Well I must be going now. I’ll be back soon to see how you’re doing. Or who.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves."
"What do you…. mean?" Edele tried to ask but the sprite had already vanished.
She tugged at her bonds, hoping that they would miraculously give way but they
didn’t. She looked at the other three girls, noting the same look of fear and
frustration on their faces.
"HELP!" Edele yelled out but the only reply was her voice echoing on the hills.
She looked at the alter in the middle of the circle.
The small pile was billowing now, a thick green smoke rising up in tendrils. The
wind didn’t seem to be effecting it. In fact it seemed to be moving out in equal
directions, as if tendrils were reaching out to each girl. A sudden puff caught
Edele by surprise, making her cough at the sweet taste of the smoke. It wasn’t
what she’d expected, at first it made her cough but then she got used to it. It
wasn’t too acrid or biting. It was almost a pleasant smell. She felt her lungs
fill with the green mist, chest rising and falling with each deep breath.
Looking up she saw the others through the mist, each girl breathing in the smoke
deeply, not sure what to make of it. Edele felt slightly light headed as she
inhaled, almost as if the smoke was a drug. She felt her body feeling lighter,
more peaceful. The smoke was clearer now, she could easily see her three
companions. She looked over at Lindsay whose head was down, eyes closed as she
breathed in and out, her breasts rising and falling. Occasionally a deep breath
would be exhaled sharply and her bosom would bounce as it fell. Edele watched
her slim, naked body move slightly against the bonds, a nervous twitch of
discomfort similar to the one she herself was beginning to feel. She turned her
eyes to Sinead, whose head was upright, eyes open. Edele ran her eyes over her
friends beautiful features. But her eyes did not connect. Sinead was looking at
something. Edele turned, her head getting dizzier. Keavy was staring straight
back at Sinead. Their eyes locked on each other. She looked up and Lindsay
again, this time seeing her eyes gazing back. She saw the look in them. One of
friendship. One of love.
One of hunger.
A hunger she understood. A hunger she felt, which they all felt. Edele tugged at
her bonds again, not breaking eye contact with Lindsay. She felt her breathing
getting faster and faster, likewise so did the object of her attention quicken
her breath. Edele noticed sweat forming, trickling it’s way down Lindsays
flawless body, over her curvaceous heaving breasts. Edele could feel the sweat
on her own body, dripping down her. She imagined they were fingers, fingers
caressing her skin. Lindsays fingers touching her body. Her own hands running
over the girls body.
She looked at the others, they looked back.
Four sets of eyes locked together in pure lust.
Four linked souls aching for their bodies to join.
Four sets of bonds breaking in unison.
And then they were free……
Edele blinked her eyes open. Blinking again they focused on the roof of the
hotel room. She yawned, and only then did she feel the pressure on her chest.
Looking down she saw a head of blonde hair. Blinking yet again she realised it
was Sinead whose head was resting on her own naked bosom. Edele rose up with a
sudden jerk, rudely awaking her friend who had been using her as a pillow.
"What… What!?" Sinead looked down at herself, seeing both she and her friend
were stark naked.
"Hey what time is it." came a yawn from across the bed as Keavy rose up,
stretching her arms. She opened her eyes, looking from Sinead to her sister then
to her own exposed chest.
"What the heck is this?" she managed to ask but neither the blonde nor the red
head had an answer.
A soft mumble under the sheets attracted all their attention, soon followed by a
bleary eyed Lindsay emerging.
"Hey guys. What are you doing in.. my.. what? Are we?"
All three girls nodded.
"But… how?"
"I don’t remember anything." Edele stammered, realising that there was no point
covering up. "I came into my room, had a drink and.. and…."
"Well I had a bath." Lindsay noted.
"And had a shower." Sinead added.
"Whose Gwen?" Keavy brought the name up from her memory.
"She..It… It’s right on the tip of my tongue." Edele tried to remember. "But I
don’t know."
"Neither." Sinead tried to recall. "Linds?"
"No. I think.. I don’t know."
"So we go to our rooms and wake up the next morning nude in bed." Edele
rationalised. "It’s like some drunken binge story."
"But we didn’t get drunk." Sinead pointed out.
"Well what did we get?" asked Lindsay.
There was a silence for several seconds.
"Laid?" Keavy suggested weakly and half humorously.
"But where are the guys… oh.." Sinead caught on.
There was another silence.
"You don’t think we..?" Keavy looked at Edele.
"I mean we’re not…." Edele looked at Sinead.
"I’m sure that we’d never…" Sinead looked at Lindsay.
"I don’t think we’re….." Lindsay looked at Keavy.
There was third protracted silence.
Then Keavy started to giggle. Lightly at first then more and more until it
became contagious. By the time the got up and dressed ( their clothes all
miraculously arranged ) all four girls were laughing aloud at something they
could only imagine.
In fact they were laughing so hard they didn’t even notice a fifth, high pitched

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