B*Witching Bad Girl

B*Witching Bad Girl

"Oh my god!" I thought to myself, "Why in the hell did I agree to do
this?" I had stupidly agreed months before to take my little sister to
the Nickelodeon "All That" music tour, to see some totally lame ass pop
groups perform. Needless to say, I wasn’t the happiest of campers when
the time had coem to actually take her to the show. However, I had no
idea of what was going to happen to me that night.

When we got there I was briefed by my sister and her friends about who
was to be performing at this concert. Apparently, the
"headliner" was the Irish girl group B*Witched. I remember they had
some dumb song called "C’est La Vie" or something, but I had no idea
who they really were. So, while my sister and her friends watched some
of the opening acts on stage, I began walking around the pavilion area
to get some food and basically just see what was going on.

Then, it happened. While I was over near the restrooms, I was able to
get a good glimpse of the tour buses of each of the music groups. Then,
I saw her. The most gorgeous creature I think I have ever laid eyes
on. This petite brunette, with long, kind of curly dark hair. She had
the most incredible breasts I had ever laid eyes on. And as she turned
around to greet another fan, I could tell that her shapely ass was just
as appealing.

She was standing there with three other rather attractive girls. She,
as did the rest of them, spoke in a sexy Irish accent. I had no clue
who she was, but I wanted to find out. So, I walked over toward them.

Just then, a young girl handed my new object of lust a B*Witched cd to
sign. THIS goregeous creature was a member of B*Witched? THESE FOUR

I walked up to the goddess, and introduced myself. I kind of playfully
told her that I didn’t know a whole lot about their group, but that my
sister was a big fan. The goddess introduced herself as Lindsay
Armaou, one fourth of the B*Witched quartet. From looking at her, she
couldn’t have been any more than about 21 or 22, which made her several
years younger than me.

Oddly enough, all four B*Witched girls were very sweet to me, and we
talked for a few minutes. But, while I wouldn’t have turned down the
chance to fuck any of the girls, Lindsay was most definitely my
favorite. Those breasts!! How could one person have such perky

About ten minutes later, after I had had a surprisingly nice
conversation with Lindsay (while the other girls playfully mocked my
obvious interest in the brunette beauty) she said they had to go get
ready to perform on stage. I politely told her that it had been a
pleasure meeting her, and wished her luck on stage.

Then, the line that totally left me speechless.

Lindsay looked at me as she got ready to leave and said "You know,
you’re really sweet. Being here in America is fun, but I really miss
my boyfriend back home. It’s not everyday that I meet a sweet guy
who’s actually around my age. I guess what I’m trying to say is, would
you like to maybe go out tonight after the concert?"

I think I nearly came in my pants. Lindsay Armaou, the tight assed, big
breasted B*Witched goddess was asking me on a date…an adulterous date
at that! I quickly agreed, though explained that I would have to leave
the pavilion after the show breifly to take my sister and her friends
home. Lindsay smiled and said she would meet me back at the hotel they
were staying at 11 pm.

I don’t remember much of the actual concert. When B*Witched came on all
I did was drool over Lindsay, while having the occasional naughty
thoughts of having Lindsay and the rather attractive lead singer (who
my sister told me was named Edele) in a threesome. But, while Edele
may have been attractive, she was nowhere near as totally perfect as
Lindsay. And, *I* had a date with her! No one was going to believe
After the show, I rushed through traffic to take my sister and her
friends home. Then, I drove like lightning across town to the hotel
where Lindsay was staying. After explaining to the security guards
that I had a date with Miss Armaou, and after they verified it with
her, I was lead to her room.

Lindsay looked nothing short of ravishing. She was wearing a t-shirt
that hugged her voluptuous breasts and spandex pants that made her ass
look even more perfect than it did before.

We made small talk a bit, mostly about the group’s tour, but I sensed
Lindsay felt a little nervous. I asked her what was the matter and she
looked a little jittery. She took a deep breath and said she was
simply going to say why she asked me to the hotel.

"You see," she said, "I have a steady boyfriend back home," (she had
told me that he too was a pop star in England) "and well, we have a
very active sex life, despite what the pop magazines portray us to be

I was a bit shocked by her telling me about her sex life with her
boyfriend, but I certainly wasn’t going to tell her to stop!

"Anyway," Lindsay continued, "we’ve been over here in the States for
over two months, and I’ve been literally climbing the walls from lack
of sex!" She giggled as she said this.

I was starting to get VERY hard. Was Lindsay suggesting what I THOUGHT
she was suggesting? She continued to talk.

"So, basically I brought you here for one reason alone. I need a good
shag." Lindsay said in almost a whisper.

I think I about fainted. Lindsay Armaou, quite possibly the sexiest
girl alive, was not asking me to take her to dinner or a late night
movie. She was, quite simply, asking me to fuck her brains out. It
was almost more than I could take. I was so hard my cock was hurting
from pressing against my jeans. Then Lindsay walked up to me and
pulled me close to her and whispered in my ear.

"Well? Do you want to do me?" she whispered in a breathy, Irish accent.

That was too much. I felt my cock spasm in my pants. Yes, I actually
came in my pants, like a young virgin. Lindsay laughed when she
realized what happened and said "I take that as a yes."

We started to kiss. Soft rapid kisses all over her lips and neck.
Lindsay cooed as my hands ran up over her hot ass and up toward those
breasts I had longed to touch after I first saw them.

Once touching them, I couldn’t believe how firm they were. They were so
round, and literally felt (though it sounds silly to say) like ripe

My tongue was swirling around in Lindsays mouth when I felt her hands
begin to unfasten my pants. Wow…this girl really DID want to get
fucked! She broke our kiss to give her a chance to take a good look at
my moderately sized cock.

"That’s nice," Lindsay purred, "ut I think I need to look a little
closer." She dropped to her knees, and before I could even fathom what
was going to happen, I felt her moist mouth engulf my hard cock.
Lindsay Armaou, the "sweet shy" girl from B*Witched was giving me a
blow job. I hoped and prayed that I didn’t cum too quickly. I wanted
this to last!

It didn’t take me long to realize that Lindsay was no amateur cock
sucker. I’m not saying she was a cum slut or anything, but she
definitely knew what to do. She’d stop a bit, run my cock over her
chest (she was still wearing a top), then go back to sucking. She
pumped her hand furiously over my shaft as she fucked her mouth with my
hardness. I couldn’t help but think, in a deliciously naughty way,
"what would her boyfriend think about this?"

After another minute, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock
started to spasm in Lindsay’s mouth. She smiled and continued to
gobble it up. Then, it happened. I shot what seemed like a gallon of
cum into the Irish beauty’s mouth. Lindsay giggled and swallowed every
drop. I couldn’t get over how much of a sex kitten this girl really

We sat on the bed for a little while, just talking about life, stardom
and the world. We’d pause every few minutes to kiss and touch a bit.
Lindsay really impressed me as a person, as she told me all about her
parents, friends back home and, yes, even her boyfriend, who she dearly
loves. She once again acknowledged that this (she and I) was nothing
more than just sex to her. She said that this was the first time that
she had ever indulged herself on tour. And, she also admitted, it may
actually be the last. She said she just couldn’t go another day
without a fuck. I, simply, was the lucky man that got to oblidge her.

We began to kiss again. Lindsay sat up and slipped off her t-shirt,
revealing a sexy black lace bra. She then stood up and peeled off the
spandex pants, to reveal matching panties. She then crawled back onto
the bed.

"Now…about that shag…" she said.

I took her in my arms and began to kiss her ample cleavage. My hands
fumbled to unhook her bra clasp. Once removed, her breasts were
finally revealed to me for the first time. Lindsay has medium sized
nipples, which were fully erect and waiting to be sucked. I happily

Lindsay moaned and purred as I worked my long tongue over her nipples,
and began to nurse like a baby from her. My hand slipped into her
panties and I could feel that her pussy was totally clean shaven. I
slipped two fingers inside, making Lindsay coo with delight.

We couldn’t wait any longer. Lindsay whispered "Now…fuck me now…"

I slid her panties off, moved into position, and lined my cock up to her
waiting pussy. With one forceful thrust, my cock plunged all the way
into her young hot tunnel.

"OH GOD!" Lindsay yelped as my cock penetrated her, "FUCK ME! YES FUCK
ME!" I almost couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her

Her pussy was nice and tight. Not as tight as a virgin, but obvious
that she hasn’t been sexually active for a very long time. I pumped
furiously in and out, making her moan with pleasure. I continued to
give her breasts attention with my tongue, while often stopping to kiss

After a few minutes, Lindsay pushed me off and got onto her hands and
knees. She wanted me to fuck her doggy style! That luscious ass
before me, I got behind her and licked slowly up each ass cheek.
Lindsay shrieked in joy. Then, I rammed my cock back into her pussy.
Lindsay was crying out so loud, that I’m sure the other group members
in their rooms knew what was going on. I groped her breasts, squeezing
slightly on each thrust into her pussy. I could not believe how
AMAZING a fuck this girl was. She was on fire!


I even decided to start playing a little naughty, and playfully smacked
her ass cheeks as I pumped her, saying things like "You naughty girl!
What will your boyfriend think of you! A cheating slutty girlfriend!"
Lindsay LOVED it, she later told me it made the sex that much hotter
knowing how wrong it was.

as she had a blinding orgasm on my cock. I knew I was about to
explode, so I told her to turn over.

I sat on Lindsay’s chest and stroked my cock over her breasts. Within a
minute, I came hard all over her breasts, coating them in my warm,
sticky cum.

After that, we both layed beside one another on the bed. Lindsay’s
breasts still sticky with my cum, my cock still coated in her pussy
juice. She told me how fantastic I was, and how badly she needed that.

By now it was 1 am, and Lindsay took a quick shower. When she returned,
we talked more, and she told me that while this was her first time
fucking someone she met on tour, the other girls in the group had all
done it at some point in their career. She told me a few funny stories
of this nature, like how she once walked in on Edele (the lead singer)
sucking the cock of a stage hand on their tour bus about a week
earlier. And, despite what they have said in interviews, Lindsay said
that one night she knows that Edele and her twin sister Keavy (also a
member of the group) both took turns fucking some male fan they met at
a show. (This story almost made me run down to Edele and Keavy’s room

After talking a while, Lindsay and I had sex once again. This time it
was more slow and passionate, with Lindsay slowly riding my cock. She
didn’t scream out as loudly that time…but the sex was great none the
less. We even tried a little anal sex, as Lindsay said her boyfriend
was always pressuring her to try it but she was afraid. After a few
pumps, Lindsay relaxed and we enjoyed that for about 5-10 minutes.

Finally, at 3 am, Lindsay and I kissed goodnight, and I got ready to
leave. We walked out into the hotel hallway, only to bump into Edele,
who grinned at Lindsay and said "You naughty, naughty girl!" in almost
a congratulatory type way, giggled then left. Jokingly I said to
Lindsay "Well if Edele and Keavy are still awake maybe I’ll…" "No no
no you don’t! You’ve had enough for one night mister!" she laughed.

When we got to my car, we kissed again goodnight. I watched as she
dissappeared back inside the hotel. That was, without a doubt, the
best sex I have EVER had in my life. I would remember this night

But, would she remember me? I think so. But hey, if not, to quote
someone I once met…"C’est La Vie."

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