Disclaimer: This a work of fiction, non of this happened. This story depicts
sexual acts and should not be viewed by anyone under 18. This story is no
reflection on the sexuality of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britney Spears or
Melissa Joan Hart. Now on with the show!

I am a tall, muscular 22 yr old. I work in the press. Since I was young I’d
had an unusually large cock. It is 14 inches and the largest I’ve heard
about except the record breaking cock which stands at 22 inches. It’d even
been large when I was 13 and had just joined my high school. I’d lost his
virginity then. I had a 10 inch cock at that time and had been
behind for a Geography detention with my sexy teacher. She bent over and I
saw down her cleavage. My cock had got hard. She’d noticed and before I knew
it she was coming on my rock hard cock. I lick my lips at the thought. As a
press officer I’ve got a press pass and had just gotten into the Emmys. I go
up to the bar where to my surprise I see none other than Britney Spears on a
bar stool ordering a drink. She wore a low cut dress which revealed her
perfectly round tits. She had a slit on the left side of her dress which
went from the bottom all the way up to the top. I walk over and sit next to

“Hi.” I said. “I’m with the New York Times and I’d like to do an
interview on you. Why are you here at the Emmys?” Britney looked puzzled.
And then smiled.

“You can only interview me if I read and edit the matierial afterwards.”


“I’m here to give support to my friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and
Melissa Joan Hart.”

“Really? That’s very nice of you. Is it OK for me to sit at your table
during the ceremony?”

“Fine.” She said. Great, now my plan could start. I finished
interviewing her and we went down to her table. I sat imagining fucking her
like hell.I sat on her left right next to the slit in her dress. Sarah
Michelle had just got an award for best actress we all stood and clapped. As
we sat down again I took my chance. She didn’t seem to notice as I took her
hand under the table and towards my crotch. My cock stood to rigid attention
as I placed her hand my cock. She turned around in a flash.

“I’ve had blokes with 12 inch cocks but never that big.” She whispered.
“How big are you?” She asked.

“14 Inches long.” I said.

“My God.” She started to knead my penis with her hand, she unzipped my
pants and my cock sprung to attention. Her hand went up and down my shaft. I
placed my hand through her slit and rubbed her crotch. She was wearing silk
panties. I pulled them down to her kness and pushed three fingers inside.
She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from screaming. I rhthmically pushed
my fingers in and out of her. She bit harder. She let herself moan.

“I want that cock in my cunt!” She whispered to me. I came as I did and
so did she. We both put our parts back in our underwear. “Come to this
address and hotel room at midnight. Then we’ll have the fuck of our lives!”
She said. She wrote down a hotel address and number on a piece of paper. I
smiled and I continued to watch the awards ceremony.

Number 351, 352, ahh 353. I knocked on the door. Britney opened it quickly
and pulled me in. She stood there in her naked glory. 36D breasts a shaved
cunt, a perfectly rounded ass and a flat stomach to boot. She led me into
the bedroom. To my shock and delight we weren’t alone. Also naked were
Melissa Joan Hart and Sarah Michelle Gellar. All three started to strip me
of to reveal my huge cock. They looked at it in amazement. Melissa was less
busty than Britney, she had 34B tits but they looked nice anyway. Her arse
was more tight and her cunt more hairy but she was a natural blonde. Sarah
on the other hand had larger breasts than I’d always thought they were about
36C. Quite Impressive. Her arse was also tight and her stomach was so flat
you could balance peas on it. Sarah and Melissa grabbed my arms and forced
me onto the bed. Britney got four sets of handcuffs and handcuffed each arm
and leg to a different bedpost.

“We won’t blindfold you cos we won’t you to see everything! And we won’t
gag you as we won’t it for…..personal gain!” Said Sarah. My cock stood
rigidly on end. Melissa and Sarah started to Kiss then Melissa kissed
Britney and then Britney kissed Sarah.

“You see this isn’t our first time together.” Said Britney. “We pick men
and women of the streets take em into our hotel and fuck them senseless. It
doesn’t stop their either, agents, boyfriends, friends, even Melissa’s
little sister have all been fucked in the same way.” My cock was aching.
Melissa and Sarah started to massage one of Britney’s tits each. “Oh and in
case you are wondering, they’re not real.” I came. “Oh we expected a little
more. Oh well there’ll be more orgasms for you!” Melissa and Sarah started
to suck their respective nipples. Britney lay down on a couch and both of
them continued to lick and suck. Britney opened up her legs giving me a
perfect view of her bald cunt. The two girls moved down Britney’s body until
they got to her cunt they plunged their tongues inside her cunt licking her
clit until she came with a awesome orgasm. She collapsed. Both girls started
drinking her juices until she was dry.

“Oh God, yes!” She said. “Now it’s Melissa’s turn.” Melissa was already
wet from her licking out of Britney and when Britney got two strap-on dildos
I could see she was going to get wetter soon. Britney lay on the floor with
one attached and Melissa sat on the 12 inch cunt attacker and rode it like a
donkey. Sarah kneeled down behind them and took her in the other hole.
Melissa screamed in a mixture of agony and ecstasy, from what I could see
Melissa had been taken up the arse before but her shit-hole was still a
tight little thing and the dildo was stretching her to her maximum. Melissa
came and both girls withdrew their dildos. Melissa was dripping and Sarah
had to clean her up. Both girls removed their dildos and I watched as Sarah
lay back on the floor, legs in the air in anticipation of what was about to
happen next. I watched as Melissa put two fingers inside her cunt while
Britney put her thumb up Sarah’s succulent arse. Melissa changed to three
fingers and Britney put two fingers in. Sarah started to moan. Melissa
inserted a fourth finger. Then she inserted her fist and rhythmically pulled
it in and out, Britney inserted her three fingers in the same rhythm as her
friend started to come. I could see what Britney meant by support! Her
friend came everywhere and the three girls started to drink the cum.

“Now to deal with you!” Said Melissa. “I’m first? Right?” She asked the
other two girls. I couldn’t wait. My cock had become erect again and needed
stimulation. She walked over to my cock put her head right next to my cocks
head. Her tongue ran up and down it sending shudders down my spine. She put
her mouth over my cock I felt it grow another inch. I was quite pleased with
myself. Melissa started to lower herself down my shaft. At halfway she bit
softly into it. I was worried she couldn’t take all of it in her mouth. A
lot of women couldn’t but I pleased to see her reach the bottom. Having used
her tongue to lubricate my cock she built up a rhythm, it was hard to keep
my juices in and my balls were aching but I kept them in. However I couldn’t
take it for long and when she softly bit into my cock again I came. To my
surprise and delight I watched as she swallowed my juices.

“I’m next?” Sarah asked. Britney nodded. “Great, we all agree that as
your cock would take a while to get hard again you can entertain me until
you’re ready for my action.” I wondered what she meant by “entertain me” but
I soon realised as her cunt suddenly blocked my view of the outside world
that she was sitting on my face. I began to lick obediently as I did so I
could hear muffled moans, my cock sprung to life. It often took a long time
to get hard what with all the blood which had to get down it and I watched
as Sarah’s cunt lay on top of me. What was she doing 69? No, she expected me
to lick her cunt while she gave my cock a hand-job. She was great. Moving up
and down in a perfectly timed motion she’d occasionally dig her nails into
my cock in a sort of dominatrix way, I didn’t usually get turned on by S + M
but I found this exciting. Suddenly I heard muffled screams as I licked her
swollen clit her juices suddenly fell onto my face like a river of come. She
practically fell of the bed. Melissa went to clean up her juices.

“My turn!” announced Britney. This is what I had been waiting for. I
watched as she straddled my stomach and allowed her breasts to fall in front
of my face. She massaged one of her tits and pushed it towards her face
licking the end and then pushed it towards mine. I didn’t need to be told
twice! I quickly began sucking and licking her huge nipple and she started
to moan endlessly. Once it was as hard as rock she pushed the other into my
face. I obeyed obediently. My cock rose to attention. “Oh you are a naughty
boy! Aren’t you!”

“Yes! Yes I am!” I replied. She went over to my rock hard cock. She took
her silicone enhanced tits and dangled them over my cock. She pushed them
together and started to push them up and down it. It was all too much for my
little general and he exploded in her bouncing globes. I watched as Sarah
and Melissa religiously licked her tits clean of my liquid.

“Mmm….. Did anyone tell you have the best tasting cum in the world?”
Asked Sarah.


“Well you do!” They licked every drop of off Britney’s humongous tits.

“Oh here comes the good bit!” Screamed Melissa. Sarah went over to my
face and sat on it. What again I thought? Then I felt something on my cock.
A cunt was trying to fit me inside it. Melissa moaned. The head was in and
she was up to halfway but it was a struggle for her. Sarah and Melissa were
facing each other. I felt Melissa drop to the bottom of my cock. She let out
a scream of agony but then of ecstasy. She started to rhythmically ride my
cock. I licked Sarah’s cunt out frantically. My cock had gone so far up
Sarah it was actually in her womb. I couldn’t here anything other than
moans. Then I heard something else. Kissing noises! Sarah was sitting on my
face kissing Melissa who was sitting on my cock and they were kissing. As I
was still handcuffed up I was helpless to do anything. I used my tongue to
flick Sarah’s swollen clit and simultaneously Sarah and Melissa came but I
wasn’t finished with either of them so they continued to do the same. I
could taste Sarah’s juices and I loved it. Melissa was going mad, up and
down she went. I couldn’t hold it anymore but to my surprise neither could
they. All three of us came at the same time. I felt excellent, I felt like I
was on top of the world, I felt like smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. But
it still wasn’t over I watched as Sarah got of my face. Britney started to
lick Melissa’s cum of my cock. Somehow and til this day I do not know how my
cock had stayed rigid I was most pleased with myself. I realised what was
happening now. Sarah got on my cock and allowed herself to fall on it so it
rammed straight up into her cunt, she orgasmed with the joy of the first
time on my cock. She disappeared from view as Melissa’s hairy cunt appeared
in front of my face. Sarah started the rhythmic fucking her predessor had
started. And I started to lick Melissa’s cunt. It was all to much for me. I
felt tired and I came but I finished of Melissas cunt first. I breathed in
as they removed themselves. Britney started to remove my handcuffs!

“But we haven’t fucked yet!” I said.

“Who said you were leaving? I want you in my arse and I like it doggy
style!” She said as she undid my last handcuffs. I got of the bed. My cock
was in a state of semi-hardness. “You both know your positions?” She said to
the other two girls. They nodded. Britney bent over pushing her arse into
the air as she got on all fours. I watched my cock get compeltely hard and
then I moved up behind Britney. I pushed my thumb up her arse. She had taken
it up the arse before but she was still too tight for a cock my size.

“What’s the largest cock you’ve had in here?” I asked.

“11 Inch . She replied. “Although I’ve had a 12 Inch Vibrator in there.”
That explained it. Nowhere near 12 Inches. I wasn’t going to be defeated
that easily. I put my fist in her cunt and got her to orgasm, taking her
juices I spread them across my cock and her arse. I used my fingers to ply
her arse open and put my head in. Britney let out a yelp of pain and of
excitement. I pushed it in further Britney screamed in agony. Further still,
Britney looked as if she was regretting this.

“Do you still want it in there?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“How can I be an arse slut if I can’t have a 14 Inch cock in there.
Anyway I like the pain!” With that I plunged it in all the way, Britney let
of a little yelp of pain and excitement. I started rhythmically fucking her
shit-hole and my balls banged against her arse. Sarah slid herself
underneath Britney kissing parts of her body as she went, Britneys tits got
a bit of a suck but then she came to my cock and Britneys cunt. She moved
her tongue along the length of my cock until it reached Britneys cunt then
she’d lick it and move it up the other way to my cock. As she did this
Melissa went over by Britneys faceand spread her legs allowing Britneys
tongue and one of her hands inside. Britney came. Sarah licked up all her
juices. Sarah started to use her free hand to play with herself, I just
rammed it in faster, Melissa came all over Britneys face but Britney kept
licking. Sarah came her tongue still moving along my shaft and Britneys
cunt. I came and my cock became slack. We all slept in the same bed
together. Occasionally I’d wake up to find one of the girls sitting on my
face or sucking my cock and I’m sure they did stuff to each other. Britney
decided to make it a monthly event. They’d all come to New York on a set
date and we’d fuck. Britney promised to bring a couple more friends with her
next time and Melissa said she’d bring her sisters. Sarah said maybe she’d
bring Alyson Hannigan and Charesma Carpenter who worked on her show. But
above all we all promised to fuck as many people as possible to get better,
after all practise makes perfect!


By Chaos.

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