Babe On The Beach

Fic Title:Babe On The Beach

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Jessica Alba/m


Summary:While walking on the beach,a young beach comber discovers a nude babe sunbathing on the sand,unaware that she’s actually Jessica Alba.

Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language


I was walking on the beach on a warm Thursday afternoon and just enjoying the view of the waves as they crash upon the sandy shore,when I had suddenly spotted a hot looking nude babe laying on a beach towel and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

But after I had walked up to her and cleared
my throat,the babe had sat up,used the towel to cover up her fantastic body and asked me to tell her what do I want from her.

But then,after I had apologized for my interrupting her sunbathing and told her that I had meant her no harm,she had looked at my stiff cock bulging inside my swim trunks,slowly licked her lips and told me to just go ahead and fuck her right there on the beach.

And then,after I had removed my swim trunks and started licking her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts,a sudden wave of pure erotica had came over us and we were enjoying every minute of it.

And after I had placed my dick inside her asshole and began carressing her tits and cunt and started moving harder and faster,the both of us had came and collapsed due to exhaustion,just before she had placed her head on my chest,let out a sigh and told her that her name was Jessica.

Then,after she had fallen asleep within my naked arms,I had placed my hand on my forehead,took a deep breath and let out a small chuckle,for I had discovered that the babe on the beach who I had fucked Jessica Alba,the hottest babe to had ever starred in a series on the FOX Television Network.

And if you were to ask me,it had became the best spring break ever.

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