Babes And Bullets – A Jake Corduroy Tale: Chapter 1

Babes & Bullets – A Jake Corduroy Tale: Chapter 1

Starring: (in order of appearance) Maggie Grace, Jessica Simpson

By Dbud

Codes: MF, Cons, & Viol.


Bruce Campbell as Jake Corduroy, Private Eye

Maggie Grace as Jake’s secretary

Michael Clark Duncan as Reggie the bouncer

Jessica Simpson as the dame in trouble

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

This story is based on an idea submitted on the CSSA boards for a noir CSSA story involving celebs in the main
roles. The story is my own but I am sure that a lot of the elements are both intentionally and unintentionally taken from other sources.

For now, I am submitting only Chapter 1 in what is intended to be a longer story with many more celebs and plot to be added in future installments.

Feedback on it is greatly appreciated.

Babes & Bullets – Chapter 1:

It was dusk when I got back to the office, parking my vintage faded blue Caddy in the alley behind as always. Vintage was the term I liked to use to describe the car; ‘piece of shit’ might also apply. The back door to the building was supposed to be locked but this place was so rundown that it had been broken for months. The landlord kept promising to fix it. I shook my head as the door opened easily.

“Fucking landlord!” I spat.

Walking around the corner to the elevator I found yellow tape across the open door that said “Caution” on it. Shaking my head even more I walked to the stairs. It seemed fitting, nothing else worked in my shitty life so why should the elevator.

I lugged up four flights of stairs to my office. The door said ‘Jake Corduroy, Private Eye’. Usually I stopped to admire my name on the glass for a second; it was the best thing I had in my life, but not today. It wasn’t a good day in case you haven’t already guessed.

My office was a typical one for a gumshoe like me. One large room separated by a wood and glass partition. In front my secretary’s desk and behind was mine.

I walked in and looked for Gracie, as she wasn’t at her desk. I found her soon enough. She was bending over and filing several papers away in a bottom drawer. My eyes found her long legs and tight ass almost instantly. I had trained myself not to miss a chance to leer at her.

Her gams were the first things I had noticed about her when she had interviewed for the job. The outfit she wore that day had been designed to make sure I couldn’t miss them; telling me that she was counting on her T&A to get her the job and not her typing skills.

The second things I noticed was her pretty face, bright smile, blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course the fact that she agreed to work for what I could pay, which wasn’t much, also made her ideally suited for the job. And, truth be told, not that I liked to admit it, but she was actually the best secretary I’d ever had and not just the hottest.

Maggie Grace stood up and smiled, instantly brightening my day, although even that wasn’t enough to turn today around. Maggie’s smile faded a bit as she saw my face, which I’m sure was not a happy one. I had just come from the funeral of an old friend, my ex-partner in fact. Before I had become a private eye, I had been a cop, a pretty good one too.

Jimmy Ryan had been my partner, but unfortunately for the both of us, he wasn’t quite as good a cop as he was a partner. When the fact that he was on the take got out, I tried to cover for him but that only succeeded in the both of us getting booted from the force. I called in every favor I could to keep him out of jail. Even so, Jimmy always blamed me even though I think in his heart he knew he had only himself to fault. But still, between the resentment of losing his dream to be a cop and the guilt of taking me with him, it was hard to be friends after that.

Jimmy ended up a private dick like me. He was several rungs below me on the scumbag PI ladder though, if that was even possible. We even worked together a few times, at least when his need for money to buy booze got the better of his pride. But then a few weeks ago he called and told me he had gotten a big case. Said he’d soon be able to pay me back the hundred bucks he owed me. He seemed to want to gloat so I let him. I wasn’t sure I believed him, but I let him if for nothing else than to give the loser a chance to feel good for a few minutes.

And when he told me that his client was a young hot dame who he was also fucking, I was pretty sure he was lying. If you had seen Jimmy, you’d know why no young dames would want to fuck him. But then he was found floating face down in the river and I began to wonder what kind of trouble he had gotten in.

A braver or more loyal man might have thought he needed to investigate his friends’ death and find his killer. But then, I didn’t get to the lap of luxury that I have by being brave or loyal. No, I was pretty content to act like the dirt bag everyone thought I was. Besides, last time I checked private eyes got paid to do their investigating and no one was paying me to look into Jimmy’s death. But I did feel the need to pay my respects, even if that was all I intended to pay for the old friendship. So, I went to the funeral.

Maggie looked at me with sad eyes as I plopped down in my worn leather chair behind my desk and pulled a half-empty bottle of scotch from the bottom drawer. I was wearing my best suit, which is not to say it was a nice one, just the best I had. But as usual, I looked rumpled in it even.

“So, how was the funeral Jake? Nice?” Maggie asked, trying to be pleasant as always.

“It was a funeral, what do you think?” I responded sarcastically.

“Well, maybe this will cheer you up. While you were out we got a line on a client.”

I perked up. I could use a few bucks.

“She said to meet her tonight at the Pole Dance at midnight.”

“The Pole Dance? Great. That’s all I need; another stripper for a client.” The Pole Dance was a seedy dive near the docks. While all strip clubs in town were seedy, this was one of the worst. You could catch an STD just from breathing the air. The girls were low class and the patrons even lower.

Although, to be honest, I had been one of them a few times when I was running low on dollars and wanted a little female attention. Let’s just say that dancing wasn’t the only thing the girls there did for money.

“She probably wants me to track down her drug dealer of a boyfriend who’ll do nothing but take a shot at me for my trouble. And she’ll want to pay me in singles. I don’t think so.”

I grabbed the sheet of paper from Maggie’s hand, crumbled it up and tossed it aside.

Maggie looked at me with an exasperated look, “Well if she’s willing to pay, isn’t that what matters. Maybe you can finally give me that raise you’ve been promising.”

“Yeah, maybe doll.” I’d been promising her a raise since she was first hired, so I saw no reason to stop now.

“Here, let me help you get comfortable,” Maggie helped me off with my suit jacket and put it on the back of the chair. She leaned in and started untying my tie and my eyes couldn’t help but stare down her light silk blouse at her firm little tits in their red lace bra. Maggie looked up and caught me looking even though she didn’t have to catch me to know I was checking her out. She smiled a wide smile.

Her hand ran up the inside of my thigh, “Maybe there’s something more I can do to help make your day better Jake.” As she spoke, her fingers found my cock and wrapped around it outlining it with my slacks.

Maggie had a bit of a crush on me. Well, more than a bit actually. More than once when she was a bit tipsy, she had admitted to being in love with me. I made it clear I wasn’t going to settle down, not my style. But she said she knew I’d come around eventually. And I certainly didn’t mind her trying to change my mind as she tended to try to do on a regular basis.

As Maggie opened my pants and let her hand find my cock, my hands found their way inside her blouse and yanked her bra down off her perfect breasts. Taking a handful, I massaged them, not gently, but not as rough as I would have liked. Maggie straddled my leg, grinding her pussy on my thigh as she stroked my now totally hard cock with her right hand and slipped two of her fingers of her left hand into my mouth. I dutifully began sucking them as we locked eyes and groped each other.

Her damn blouse was getting in the way of me getting at her tits so I yanked it open, popping several buttons. I expected her to protest about ruining the top but she smiled. Maggie had a part of her that liked it rough. Now though her blouse was totally open and her bra was wrapped around her waist exposing her little B cup tits and pebble shaped pink nipples.

She had an incredible body. She was long and lean and tan. Not many women in this damn city could hold a candle to her. What the hell was wrong with me that I kept pushing her away I wondered for a second. But the warm wet sensation of her tongue running up the underside of my cock pushed everything else out my brain.

I let out a long moan as she dropped to her knees and began licking and kissing my cock while still working it, now with both hands. Her hands stroking up and down and twisting and the fact that the shaft was now slick with her saliva made the combined effect almost more than I could stand.

“So, how’s your day now Jake?” She asked in a coy tone.

“I’ve still had better doll-face.”

She feigned shock, “Oh really.” And plunged her head down onto my organ nearly swallowing the full length on the first try. I sat up in the chair, my entire body tensed from the pleasure of having my cock buried in Gracie’s mouth. Her lips felt like they were trying to eat every inch I could give her and I could feel her tongue flicking on my ball sack when she pushed nearly all the way down.

“Oh god babe!” Maggie was one of the best cocksuckers I had ever met. And, with all due respect, I had had my knob polished by some true pros. In my line of work desperate women were a dime a dozen and most desperate women had been desperate before and they know how to get a man’s attention. So they usually had lots of experience with this sort of thing.

Not Gracie though. The leggy blonde was as innocent and sweet as she appeared. At first when I hired her, she seemed to good to be true. More than once I thought about smacking her around to get the truth out of her. She must have been a plant I thought, sent by someone who wanted information on a case or something.

But when I was being honest with myself, I had to admit my cases weren’t all that important so who would go through all that trouble. And after a few months I realized she was just what she appeared to be. A crazy hot dame with a crush on me. Maybe she liked being close to danger. The life of a private dick was kind of glamorous in a way, especially to a small town girl like Maggie. Whatever the reason, I gave up trying to figure it out and decided to enjoy it.

Frankly, the fact that I took advantage of her like this made me feel bad sometimes, but usually a few shots of booze or a good look at her ass would clear those feelings right up.

“OH GOD GRACIE!” My toes curled as she put a little extra effort into that last long hard suck and drove downward so far her nose was buried in my pubes. My face was contorted in pleasure as I moaned and grunted in time with her pounding her face onto my organ.

“I c-can’t…can’t take much more of this. I’m gonna blow.”

She stopped before I could let my load go. Sitting back she smiled at me and wiped her lips giving me a few seconds to recover and to let the orgasm that had started to build subside a bit before continuing.

Maggie stood and raised her skirt above her waist, as usual she wasn’t wearing panties, all the better for a quickie in the afternoon. Her pussy was shaved and tiny; her things lean and smooth. She was perfect and she was also one of the horniest little bitches I’d ever met. And again, as I said before, I’d met some horny bitches in my day.

Maggie straddled my waist and lifted my cock, pointing it at her cunt. Pausing for a second to savor what she was about to do, our eyes locked again as she dropped onto my organ, ramming it into her self.

“OH GOD JAKE!” She cried out as she took the entire length into her in one long motion. My hands found her tits and squeezed hard as her back arched and she began humping my cock in earnest. I wasn’t going to last long, I knew. She had nearly sucked me off with her mouth before mounting me so it wouldn’t be long until I blew. The good thing was that Gracie usually got off quick if she was going to.

Not that she always did. Often she just wanted to treat me to a quick nooner on my way out the door to show me she cared. But she was writhing now; obviously on the verge of an orgasm working my cock deep into her making long deep strokes and lifting her self up and down with her feet on the floor. She grabbed the back of my chair and used it for leverage as she took my whole cock inside her and began grinding her hips back and forth as fast as she could.

“OH SHIT!” she screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head and she came hard. Within seconds my balls felt like they were going to explode and I grabbed her hips to try and stifle my own orgasm, but it was too late. I fired my wad of cum inside her snatch as Maggie kept pounding away on me.



The two of us both screamed out each other names as our orgasms wracked out bodies and minds. Finally after what seemed like several minutes but was probably only twenty seconds or so, Maggie collapsed forward onto me, her face next to mine. She was still wiggling her hips and I was trying to stop her as my cock was so sensitive right now I couldn’t stand anymore.

We both sat there panting for several long minutes until she finally sat back with a wide grin on her face and I got one to match. “That was a good one babe,” I told her.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she responded. Maggie leaned in to kiss me, but I turned my head and pushed her away but gently and lifted her off me. She had a hurt look on her face, but I knew kissing her would just make her even more convinced that this was more than a boss fucking his secretary and I didn’t want to lead her on anymore than I had too.

Maggie turned and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

“Oh come one Gracie. It was nice. Don’t be that way.” Oh well, she’ll get over it. Besides, I’ve always told her the truth, not my fault if she chooses not to believe it.

I walked through the only other door in the room. It opened to my bedroom with a single mattress and sink and dresser in the small dingy room. Oh, did I forget to mention that my office was also my apartment. That was one of the reasons I couldn’t complain to the landlord about the crappy building. If he found out I was living here, he’d probably evict me. Yeah, my life is grand so don’t give me any crap about boning my secretary and breaking her heart, okay.

I laid down on the bed, intending to just shut my eyes for a few minutes. I woke up and looked at the clock. It said 11:15. Jesus I had slept four hours. Getting up and walking into the office, it was dark and Gracie had gone home. Good. I didn’t want to have to deal with her hurt feelings.

Then I saw the piece of paper Gracie had handed me earlier. I picked it up and unfolded it. It read:

The Pole Dance. Midnight. Jessica.

I sighed deeply. Well what did I have to lose I thought to myself taking a swig off the bottle of scotch I’d left out after fucking Gracie. Twenty minutes later I was heading towards the docks in my caddy. I pulled up in front of the run down building with a flickering neon sign that had half the letters burnt out.

I pulled my pistol from the glove compartment, checked the magazine, reloaded it, and slipped it into my shoulder holster. My office was in bad part of town but compared to the docks, my office looked like the Ritz Carlton. Down here people got shot as a matter of routine and the police barely even noted their names, so you’d better be prepared to take care of yourself if you come down here.

I walked inside the strip club. It was even worse than I expected. Half the tables were busted, holes in the wall, drunks passed out in their chairs and a damn ugly girl on stage shaking tits that had to hang down past her belly button.

The bouncer looked me up and down and approached. He was a monstrous black guy, bald but with a beard.

“So, Corduroy. Haven’t seen you down here in a while. You slumming it again?”

“Not tonight Reggie. I’m here on business.”

“Do I need to ask?”

“Naw.” I opened my jacket and showed him the heater under my arm.

“You gonna cause any trouble for me Jake?” He asked in a deep gravelly voice.

“Not tonight. I promise I’ll be good. Just a little insurance is all.” Reggie nodded figuring it wasn’t worth trying to take the gun from me. Besides, he knew I was a pro, not some yokel here to get drunk and grab the girls.

“I’m looking for Jessica. You know her?”

“Yeah. She’ll be on in twenty then she’s done for the night. Don’t go looking for her before then or the boss’ll tell to toss you and then we might have a problem.”

I nodded. I wasn’t looking to tangle with Reggie tonight or any other for that matter. He was probably the toughest guy I knew. Even with the piece I’d put my odds and no better than fifty fifty.

I sat down and ordered a scotch, which I sipped on for the next twenty minutes along with the half a dozen losers in the place. The three girls who took the stage were not high class. In fact they were no class. I couldn’t believe anyone ever came here, or that I had once been desperate enough to either. Tonight was different though. This was business.

After the last overweight dame left the stage, I wondered what the hell I thought I was going to get out of this. I started to leave when the announcer called out the next dancer.

“Get ready for Jessica!”

The guys in the audience perked up which was odd since most of them seemed more interested in their watered down booze than the girls until now. Even Reggie and the bartenders stopped what they were doing and turned to the stage. It seemed odd.

Just was I started to stand planning on leaving, a woman walked out onto the stage with a spotlight on her. She had an overcoat on and a fedora pulled down over her face but even so, there was something about her that was different. I sat back down.

The music started and she began to sway and twist to it. Even with the coat on, I could tell she was more than all the other girls combined. Then suddenly, she flung the coat open revealing the body of a tanned goddess. The coat fell to the floor and she tossed the hat aside as well leaving her totally nude on stage except for her 5-inch heels and some jewelry.

She was solidly built at about 5 feet 5 inches, sans the heels, and about 115 pounds. Looking to be in her early twenties, Jessica had long thick blonde hair and golden tan skin. Other than the long flowing hair on her head, she was hairless everywhere else, and I do mean everywhere.

Her body was tight and strong with defined muscles in her arms, stomach, thighs and calves. She sure didn’t look like the rest of the ragged bunch of dancers in this place. Her stomach was as flat as it could be. Her skin smooth, her legs strong, and her face beautiful with bright wide eyes and a smile that was almost blinding in the spotlight.

She was grinding her hips side to side to the music as I and every other male in the place leered at her. Of all her obvious assets, the most noticeable were here tits. They were gigantic and incredible. Jessica had at least 38 double D breasts that were firm and round and massive. What’s more, she showed no bikini lines either on her tits, ass or pussy.

As if on cue while I was admiring her breasts, Jessica began to shimmy her shoulders back and forth causing her massive boobs to bounce side to side and up and down. At one point, the motion of her body sent her tits into a spinning motion that seemed to defy the laws of physics with each one spinning in an opposite direction from the other. I winced, it had to be painful for her. Towards the end, I swear one of them popped her in the forehead hard enough to give her a bruise.

For the next fifteen minutes, I got to see almost more of Jessica than I cared to. She was gorgeous, that’s for sure, but I liked a little mystery in my women. After the first five minutes of her routine, there wasn’t an inch of her I wasn’t familiar with.

At one point Jessica stood with her back to the crowd, if 6 or 7 drunks could be called a crowd, and bent over at the waist until her head was even with her ankles. This move left nothing to the imagination. At another point, she sat back with her legs spread and her fingers pulling open her lips, and I don’t mean the ones on her face, like she was expecting a gynecological exam to start.

In the higher-class joints, where they actually believed in the ‘tease’ part of striptease, this kind of act wouldn’t be allowed. But down here, in this dive, I was pretty sure that this is what the owners wanted and the girls provided, no matter how vulgar it came off.

Towards the end of the routine, Jessica walked down off the stage and began moving between the patrons. One drunk started to reach out but the sight of Reggie eyeing him hard made him think better of it. She sauntered over towards me and began dancing and shaking her body right in front of me.

“You Corduroy?” Jessica asked me in a whisper that no one else could hear. I simply nodded my reply. She spun and placed her right heel on the table in front of me while leaving her left on the floor. Jessica was spread eagle with her snatch a foot from my face. On her thigh she had a garter with a few dollar bills stuck in it.

“Tip me,” she told me, again in a hushed tone, “So no one thinks anything funny is going on.” I didn’t like it, I didn’t come here to pay for entertainment but I fumbled in my pocket, pulling out a dollar as Jessica shook her tits in my face. At one point one of them slapped me across the cheek so hard I thought it loosened a filling.

“Sorry,” she offered with a coy smile as I slipped a dollar into her garter.

“Meet me in the alley out back in ten minutes.” This was definitely not the woman I expected when I came in here. She sauntered back on stage to finish her set, while I stood up to leave. I made sure my coat was closed so no one could see my erection bulging in my pants as I left and I tried to walk right even though it was a bit painful. Her routine may have been over the top but it certainly did its job.

“Down boy,” I said to my crotch once outside, “Remember, we’re here on business.” I climbed into my caddy and pulled around back, parking just down from the rear exit.

A few minutes later, it opened and out she came wearing a bit more modest but still incredibly sexy outfit as inside. Her heels along with a short and low cut red dress were obviously designed to accentuate her best assets. Jessica looked up and down the alley carefully before approaching.

She seemed nervous so I thought I’d break the ice, “Nice routine. Classy.” She smiled and didn’t seem to get the irony of it. “I’m Jake Corduroy. You wanted to talk to me about a job miss…?”

“Simpson. Jessica Simpson.” She reached out her hand and I shook it lightly.

“Charmed. So, what can I do you Miss Simpson?”

She seemed genuinely nervous and frightened as she looked back and forth as if someone might jump out at any moment from the shadows.

“I…I need protection. At least for a few days. Someone is after me, harassing me. I don’t know who. In my line of work, I get a lot of sickos who want more than to watch. Most are harmless, just losers who will go away when you tell them to get lost. But this guy seems more serious.”

“What did he do?”

“Phone calls. Someone is following me. Stuff like that. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I have a bad feeling. Call it woman’s intuition. But in this line of work you learn to separate the harmless guys from the dangerous ones or you don’t last long.”

“So, you want me to find this guy huh? Rough him up a little? Get him off your back?”

“No. Look, usually they lose interest in a few days and move onto some other chick. I just want to feel safe until then. Can you do that Mr. Corduroy?”

“I suppose, but the rates the same either way.”

“So? How much?” Jessica asked.

I thought for a second, trying to come up with the right price. “Ten bucks a day…”

Jessica’s face twisted in shock at the figure.

“…plus expenses,” I finished.

“Ten dollars a day!? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!?!”

“Plus expenses.” I added.

“Jesus, I could hire a couple of cops for that price.” Jessica stood back and crossed her arms pushing up her massive tits to just under her chin. I wasn’t sure if this was simply how she showed she was mad, like a peacock spreading its feathers, or if she did it as part of the negotiation, but either way, I didn’t mind. They were great tits.

“Then why don’t you?” I asked. “I’ll tell you why not babe, cause a dame who looks like you could be pulling down some major dough in any one a dozen strip joints around the city. Hell, you’d have them fighting over you and you sure wouldn’t have to flash your cooch at the patrons.”

“So, the fact that you’re shaking your ass in this dive tells me something. It tells me that you don’t want to be found. And that makes me wonder if I really want to get messed up with you. And that, doll, makes my price go up. So, it’s ten a day or I walk. Take it or leave it.” I leaned back against my car and lit up a cigarette trying to act cool, which was hard talking to a woman like this.

Jessica looked honestly surprised by what I had said, like she hadn’t expected it.

I realized what had surprised her and spoke up, “Yeah, that’s right babe, I am actually a bit more than a hired thug. I actually take some pride in the ‘detective’ part of my job description.” I emphasized the word ‘detective ‘ when I said it. “So, don’t be so shocked I figured out that you’re not all you pretend to be.”

Jessica seemed to overcome her surprise and a smile crossed her face, although from a dame like her, a smile could be the most dangerous thing you could get. She approached me and pressed her gorgeous tits against my chest. I wasn’t even looking at her face as she spoke, but I am sure she was used to that by now. Men probably went through entire conversations with her and after couldn’t even tell you what color her hair was if you’d asked them.

“You’re right Mr. Corduroy, I did under-estimate you. You are a very good detective.” Her flattery combined with her tits was getting to me.

“And that’s why I can go as high as five dollars a day, but no expenses. Okay?” She gave me a come hither look. I started to reject the offer, which surprised even me, when, seeming to sense my hesitation, she sweetened the deal.

I felt her hand slip between my belt and stomach and her fingers found and wound their way around my cock. I nearly melted as her warm hand cradled my organ. This woman knew how to negotiate. “And I’ll throw in a few…perks…for you as well.” The way the blonde said ‘perks’ indicated what she meant.

I was obviously flustered as I tried to speak, “I…ah…” Jessica was all smiles. We could both feel my cock hardening and with every second and every inch I was losing any clout I had in this conversation.

I really shouldn’t do this I thought. Besides I have Gracie back at the office and she’ll give me what…Man those are great tits she’s got. I shook my head and tried to think straight. I needed this money but I wasn’t going to just roll over, not even for a dame like this.

“No,” was my succinct response.

Jessica’s smile ceased and she looked like someone had punched her. Like she couldn’t believe a man had said no to her.

“I’ll come down to seven dollars a day, plus half expenses, and the other…perks…you mentioned.” Jessica removed her hand from my trousers and did not look happy. She obviously didn’t want a counter offer.

Then, to my surprise, “Deal.” Wow, this broad was desperate. Dammit, I should have held out for ten.

“I’ll, ah, need two days up front to get started.” Seemingly resigned now, she turned and opened her purse, careful not to let me see inside it. She pulled out a stack of singles and handed them to me. I made a show of counting them right in front of her and pocketing them once done.

“And the dollar I gave you inside too.” Jessica rolled her eyes and muttered something that sounded like ‘cheapskate’ under her breath as she handed me another bill.

“So, how does this work?” she asked. “Do we hole up in a seedy motel or do you stay at my place?”

“Uh, I think you’re forgetting something doll. I’m gonna need the rest of my retainer.” I grabbed my crotch and showed my still hard cock to her through my pants. “You can’t just leave me like this. Besides, in this condition I might be…distracted. And you wouldn’t want that.”

The look Jessica gave me was cold, but without another word she dropped down in front of me on the alley floor and I heard my zipper open. Wow, I thought, this dame really is desperate. Under her breath, I heard her mutter, “Bastard!” ‘And then some babe,’ I thought as her lips slipped over my cock, ‘and then some.’

All of a sudden it felt like someone had attached a Hoover Deluxe to my cock and turned it on. I had never felt a blowjob like this.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed out, my words echoing through the alley. Obviously, those massive tits weren’t the only things she had going for her, her lungs were just as powerful and she obviously knew how to use them.

Jessica Simpson was sucking and slurping my cock so hard I had to grab the door handle of my car to stop from being pulled off my feet. She was attacking my cock like I owed her money and was going to cum gold.

“Jesus Christ!” was one of the more polite terms I blurted out as I got the hummer of my life. This was even better than Gracie’s cock sucking sessions even if it was a bit more workman like and less tender.

After only a minute or so, I could feel myself preparing to climax as my mouth made an ‘O’ shape and my face grimaced. I was a bit disappointed in myself. Usually I had more staying power, but under the circumstances, who could really blame me.

I looked down. Under the top of her head were her tanned boobs bouncing back and forth as she put major effort into her cock sucking. Jessica really did have great tits.

Letting go of the car door, I wrapped my hands in her long blonde hair and pulled her face towards me, driving my cock even deeper into her mouth. Unlike most girls who would have at least protested this, Jessica took it in stride. She barely made a sound as the tip of my boner touched off her gag reflex. This girl really was a pro.

“Oh, oh shit. Oh yeah. That’s it.” After a few seconds of trying in vain to stop it, I gave in and felt my cum explode inside her mouth. “OH SHIT!” I screamed in pleasure as it felt like I released a gallon of semen into Jessica. But again, she swallowed it all without missing a beat. A real pro.

She spent another thirty seconds milking my orgasm and cum from me as I collapsed back against my car door, barely able to stand. Finally she stood up wiping the drool and cum from her chin as we both panted with exhaustion.

“So, should I follow you?” she asked pulling her car keys out of her purse. Obviously, Jessica didn’t want to dwell on what she had just done.

Before I could answer, we both looked up as two headlights lit up the alley we were standing in. More distressing was the fact that the car the headlights were mounted on was bearing down on us.

“What the hell!?!” Jessica yelled as I grabbed her, spun and dove over the hood of my Caddy. The speeding car slammed into the passenger side door sending sparks into the air as it caved it in. Both Jessica and I bounced off the hood and fell in a tangled lump onto the sidewalk.

Whoever the driver was he gunned the engine and sped off down the alley as I rolled off a shaken Jessica and pulled my heater. I managed to get off three shots before he made the corner but I only was able to blow out the rear window. I missed the driver and the machine sped off into the night after its failed attempt at killing us.

I returned my pistol to my shoulder holster and took Jessica by the hand, pulling her to her feet. She was obviously upset and shaken, not that I wasn’t as well. I had enough enemies that one of them certainly wouldn’t be above trying to run me down, but it seemed a bit of a coincidence that it should happen right after being hired for a new job.

“What the hell was that!?” I barked at her.

“I, ah, I don’t know.” Jessica seemed genuinely scared.

“Who the hell is after you?” I needed answers and Jessica was in shock and I was pretty sure she wasn’t telling me everything she knew even before the car tried to run us down. I backhanded her across the face. Not quite as hard as I could, but certainly hard enough to get her attention. I hated when people lied to me and I hated even more when people tried to kill me.

Jessica held her face in shock at being hit. I wasn’t above slapping dames around. Not that I did it on a regular basis or for fun like some guys. But if I had a good reason, I certainly wasn’t above it. Also, I found that expecting a woman not to keep secrets and lie to you was like expecting water not to be wet. Sometimes you needed to get their attention and I didn’t have time to play nice.

“Who the hell is after you?” I asked again, in a calm but serious tone.

“I…I…” A second slap across the face seemed to snap Jessica from her stupor and sprawled her over the hood of my car.

“Look you ditzy broad, I’ve half a mind to cut my losses and leave you here. So, you better start talking. What kind of a stalker tries to run you down with a car?”

“I DON”T KNOW! I SWEAR!!” Jessica was yelling back at me as she slumped to the sidewalk, leaning against the fender. She began to cry and against my better judgement I stopped slapping her and started to feel sorry for her. I wasn’t quite so sure she knew more than she was telling me. And even if she did, she was obviously terrified.

“Please, Mr. Corduroy. You have to help me. I have no one else to turn to.”

“SHUDDUP! I need to think.” I paced for a few seconds. I couldn’t just leave her here and she had paid me for two days, “Okay okay. Come on. Let’s get out of here.” Why the hell did I take that money in advance.

I picked her up, opened the driver side door since the passenger side was crushed and shoved her into my Caddy. Jessica slid over as I got in behind the wheel and we roared off both eager to get the hell away from here.

“W-where are w-we going?” Jessica had stopped crying at least.

“Somewhere you’ll be safe for a while until I can get this sorted out.”

I didn’t ease off the gas until we were a good five miles from the docks. I headed east towards Gracie’s. She could put up Jessica for a few nights until I could look into this. No matter what this dame said she wanted, whoever this guy was he had tried to kill not just her but me too and I tend to take that personally. I was gonna find whoever was behind this and pay him back in spades.

End Chapter 1

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