Babes And Bullets – A Jake Corduroy Tale: Chapter 2

Babes & Bullets – A Jake Corduroy Tale: Part 2

Starring: (including previous chapters) Maggie Grace, Jessica Simpson, Elisha Cuthbert, Courtney Cox, Kirsten Dunst

By Dbud

Codes: MF, Cons, Rough, & Anal.

Cast: (in order of appearance):

Bruce Campbell as Jake Corduroy, Private Eye

Elisha Cuthbert as a cop and the daughter of Jake’s ex-partner

Courtney Cox as the owner/madam of The Pussycat

Kirsten Dunst as a roughed up whore

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

This story is based on an idea submitted on the CSSA boards for a porn noir CSSA story involving celebs in the main roles. Check out the first chapter for background.

Synopsis so far: A stripper, Jessica Simpson, hires Jake Corduroy to protect her. Soon after she makes her down payment for his services, someone tries to run them down. He hides her at his secretary’s place, Maggie Grace, as he starts on the case.

Feedback on it is greatly appreciated.

Babes & Bullets – Chapter 2: (MF, Cons, Rough, and Anal)

About two hours after my encounter in the alley I was heading back towards my office. I had just left Gracie’s and to say she wasn’t happy would be a big understatement. She was still pissed about what had happened earlier and obviously had no intention of seeing me again tonight.

When I showed up with Miss Simpson, it was the last thing she expected or wanted. I briefly explained why I was at her place with a hot blonde stripper in tow but I don’t think she could get past Jessica’s tits, not that anyone else could either. Maggie seemed pretty sure I had fucked Jessica and all my promises that I hadn’t seemed to fall on deaf ears. Technically, I wasn’t lying. She had only blown me, so I hadn’t actually fucked her.

Once I calmed Gracie down and convinced her that this was serious she seemed to get over herself and agreed to put up Jessica who was getting into a shower when I left. Once the stripper was out of earshot, I used Gracie’s phone to place a call. I needed to find Elisha but she was working. So I left a message for her to meet me at my office.

Before I left I warned Gracie not to let Jessica leave or for them to come to the office without my say so. She said she wouldn’t and gave me a puppy dog look as I left that said she was as enamoured with me as ever.

I headed back to the office. It was nearly five AM by the time I got in. It took me almost an hour to fall asleep. I was still jazzed from my near death experience.

I woke up a while later, I wasn’t sure what time it was but it was light out. I had other things on my mind than the time though as I heard a creak from the main room of the office. It sounded like someone walking on the old hardwood floors of the building. My hand crept towards my shoulder holster hanging over the headboard of my bed and, more importantly, towards the gun in it.

I felt the handle just as I heard the door to my bedroom open. Sitting up, I cocked the pistol and drew down on the stranger in my doorway. But it wasn’t a stranger at all.

Elisha Cuthbert raised her hands over her shoulders in a mocking gesture. “You called me. Remember?”

I lowered the gun as soon as I realized who it was. “Oh, sorry Lish. Rough night.” I looked over at the clock. It was about 9 AM.

“I can tell Jake. You look like shit.”

I got up and tried to clear my mind of the grogginess. “I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Thanks for coming.” We moved out to the office.

“Well, your message sounded important, so I came over as soon as I got my paperwork finished. I haven’t even been to sleep yet.“ Elisha took off her bright red vinyl overcoat and I nearly spit out the instant coffee I had made. Elisha was wearing a schoolgirl outfit that look like it was three sizes too small.

Elisha usually dressed pretty tame for such a hot chick in her early twenties and so this outfit was even more outlandish. Her blonde hair was pulled into two ponytails while her face was made up with bright red lipstick. Elisha had on a sheer white blouse that was tied just over her belly button, showing off her flat stomach and belly ring.

Under the blouse was a black lace bra that Elisha was spilling out of. Her C cups were overflowing out of the push up she had on. The bottom half of the pale blonde was no more covered than the top with a plaid skirt that came down to only mid-thigh on. Lastly, she had on knee high black stiletto boots.

“What the fuck!?! You quit the force to become a streetwalker Elisha?” I asked in stunned amazement at her outfit.

Elisha rolled her eyes, “Sort of, yeah you asshole. I’m the resident bait for the vice squads stings to pick up johns. I’ve set a record. More arrests in a weekend than any other female officer.”

“I bet you have,” I said, eyeing her up and down. In that outfit I’m surprised she didn’t set a record for collaring gay priests who wanted to pick her up. I don’t think any man; at least not one with a functioning dick could have resisted her.

“So, ah, where do you keep your piece in that get up?” Elisha smiled and lifted the front of the tiny plaid skirt. In addition to a bright red thong she had a small silver automatic in a holster strapped to the inside of her thigh right next to her pussy. I tried not to leer at it as she answered my question. Elisha sat down and I purposefully tried to look away from her so my cock wouldn’t get any harder than it already was.

I had known Elisha since she was a kid. In fact, she was the daughter of my ex-partner Jimmy Ryan whose funeral I had been at just yesterday. Elisha’s mom had gone back to her maiden name of Cuthbert after divorcing Jimmy back when Elisha was little. Taking a serious tone…

“I missed you at your dad’s funeral.”

“Yeah, had to work. You know how it is on the force.” That was bullshit of course. Elisha and her father had been on the outs for years ever since he was kicked off the force. When she had joined up, it made Jimmy both proud and sad at the same time.

When Jimmy and I were partners I was like family to Elisha and she looked up to me almost as much as she had her dad. That’s why it broke her heart to see him in the situation he had fallen into recently. But in spite of it all, she and I had stayed close even though there was a lot of baggage between us due to her father.

“Look, I really don’t want to talk about my dad right now. You called me cause you needed help. What’s the deal?”

I quickly explained the events of the previous night to her. “So, you need what from me?”

“I got a partial plate from the car that tried to run me down and a description. I was hoping that you could check it out and see if you can get any information on a possible driver. Also, could you run a background check on Jessica? I know she’s holding back on me, but I want more info before I confront her again.”

“Sure I can do that I guess. I’ll try to get you something soon. But I gotta get some sleep for now. Can I crash here? My place is across town.”

“Sure doll. Anything for my favorite girl.” A few minutes later I came out of the bathroom and Elisha was already fast asleep in my bed. Her schoolgirl outfit hanging on the door and I could see that she was naked. The sheet barely covered her body and it was all I could do not to sneak a peek underneath, but that was a little too scummy even for me.

I took a blanket and fell asleep on the sofa in the main room, still bushed from the previous night’s antics. After all, last night had been a busy one for me. I had banged two beautiful women, gotten a new job and almost gotten killed. Even for me, that was a full day.

I woke when Elisha kissed me on the cheek as she left my place to head for another shift of streetwalking and john busting. She said she’d be in touch when she had something on the plate or Jessica. I wished her good hunting as I watched her ass wiggle out the door and made a pup tent in the sheet I was sleeping under. Damn, she had really grown up.

After Elisha had left, I had taken a much-needed shower and shaved. It was nearly 7 PM when I finally headed out.

As the glow of the sun settled behind the mountains and the lights of the city turned on, I drove through the back streets. There was no point in heading out sooner. The daylight was for normal people; decent people. The kind of people who watched their kids play baseball and ate apple pie for breakfast and paid their taxes on time. Or at all.

But for people like me and those in the circles I run in, there was nothing to be found in the daylight. I turned on the headlights to my Caddy as the sun finally winked out indicating it was time for me to go to work.

Before I left the office I had called Gracie at her place to check on Jessica. I told Maggie to stay put and keep Jessica there too while I checked out some leads and that I’d check in later. I hung up before she could finish whining about having to share her place with a stripper.

Gracie seemed more than a bit disappointed that I was calling about Jess and not to check on her I think. Maggie Grace was a looker. And like all beautiful dames she was insecure and jealous of other beautiful dames, especially those she thought were hotter than she was.

I’m not sure who I would have ranked higher, Gracie or Jessica, but it would have been close whichever way it went. Throw Elisha into the mix and you’ve got a real three-way horserace on your hands.

As I drove, I passed the time thinking about Elisha in that schoolgirl outfit. Then Maggie in the schoolgirl outfit. Then Jessica in the schoolgirl outfit. Then all three in a schoolgirl outfit. Then Jessica dancing naked. Then all three dancing naked. Then all three naked in a shower. Then Jessica and Elisha kissing and…

The horn of the truck I was about to have a head on collision with snapped me back to reality. I swerved back into my lane. I’d better keep my mind on business. I was headed towards The Pussycat. It was one of the higher end strip clubs in town. Like most of these places the girls were more than just strippers.

I knew the owner, Courtney Cox. She had hired me once to track down one of her wayward girls. I had ended up regretting it when I saw what Courtney had done to the poor girl for running out on her.

I won’t go into the graphic details but let’s just say that when she was done the girl wasn’t going to make much of a living based on her looks. But that’s life in the big city, the girl made her choices and I don’t want to hear about whatever problems she had in her life that led her to it. We all got problems and we all do what we have to get by.

I wanted to ask Courtney if she knew anything about Jessica. I couldn’t believe a high-end girl like Jessica was working at that dive I found her in. Prime tail like her had to be on the radar screen of someone like Courtney who was always looking to find choice girls. I figured Courtney owed me and so might talk, since we had a history and since I had kept my mouth shut when that girl I found for her turned up in a landfill.

I pulled up out front of The Pussycat and went inside. This place was the opposite end of the spectrum from the Pole Dance where I had met Jessica. The place and the girls were the best in town. Several were dancing on raised platforms and on poles around the club. As it was still pretty early, there weren’t many customers but those that had arrived looked well off and moneyed.

I walked inside and immediately was met by the owner sitting at the bar, “Well well well, as I live and breathe, Jake Corduroy. I never thought I’d see you in here again. How’s it hanging Jake?”

Courtney Cox spun on her stool to face me, a wide smile on her face. She was a few years past forty but still definitely hot. Not Elisha or Jessica hot but still a fox. Courtney had moved on from making a living by shaking her ass as all women have to as they get older.

All women in her line of work go through it. They reach a point where the men who used to fall all over themselves to get you a drink start looking past you at the newest twenty year old. The fact that the little tart can’t hold a candle to you in the sack or that you have spent years working on your cock sucking technique doesn’t matter anymore. All they want is the tightest ass, the flattest stomach and the perkiest tits in the room.

That wasn’t Courtney anymore. Again, she was still a hot dame but just couldn’t compete anymore. Like an aging quarterback who couldn’t run with the new recruits coming out of college. And like the quarterback, she had to make a decision, go into coaching or hold onto the dream and keep playing on the field but probably get killed in the process.

Women in Courtney’s line of work had two choices. They had to get smart and start earning their way with what’s above their neck. Alternately, they had to get more and more depraved to keep the men’s interest and start doing things that the young girls wouldn’t do. As a long-term solution this wasn’t pleasant. Women who chose this path tended to wake up one day in a Tijuana nightclub in a pit with a donkey hopped up on viagra. Not a pretty picture.

Courtney had been one of the smart ones. She had moved into management running the club and leaving the ass shaking and cock slurping (for the most part) to the younger girls. But she was still a looker; long legs and a nice rack were her best features. She had a face that had a few too many miles on it for my taste but it was obvious that she had once been beautiful even if now she was a bit past her prime. Like most women in her situation she tried to make up for her shortcomings by wearing too much makeup. If I’d smacked her across the face right now I’d have to wipe my hand off on my coat.

Even so, I still remember the blowjob she had given me as a thank you for helping find her girl a last year. Even after meeting Maggie and Jessica, I had to rank it in my top five.

“Hanging fine Courtney. You got a minute?” I sat down at the bar and let her buy me a drink. I’m all for women’s rights after all, at least when it comes to free booze. I explained about Jessica Simpson and how I found her working in the Pole Dance…

“That dive? Really? If she’s as hot as you say I can’t imagine she’d work at a place like that.” …and asked if she knew anything of her.

“No, sorry Jake. Never heard of her. Probably just a small town girl too stupid to know how to make some real money. But send her over, by all means. I’ll put her to work,” she told me with a sly grin on her face.

“I’m sure you could Cort.” If there was one thing Courtney could do it was put a girl to work for her. Her girls earned every penny they got that was for sure. Courtney could be a cold bitch, one of the coldest. More than one girl had been used up in only a few months working at the Pussycat.

“Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Jake. Let me make it up to you. How bout a freebie? For old times sake.”

Now it was my turn to smile, “Why Courtney, I didn’t realize you still cared.”

She chuckled, “Down boy. I don’t do that anymore. I’m management now, it would be unseemly for me to be fucking the customers on front of my staff.”

Courtney spun and looked at a girl dancing on one of the platforms, “HEY KIKI! Come over here.”

Kirsten Dunst stepped down and walked over. She was a petite thing, probably no more hundred-five pounds and around 23. She had short blonde hair and a great rack for a girl her size. A little thin for my tastes but still a hot little number. She had pale skin, like she hadn’t been out in the sun in a year. She was topless too with only panties on along with her heels of course.

Courtney watched me watch her sashay over and gave me a look with a raised eyebrow as if to ask if I liked her.

“Yeah, she’ll do I guess.” I gulped down my drink and got up to go have a little fun on Courtney’s dime.

“Good. Kiki, show Jake here a good time in the back. Anything he wants, on the house.”

Kirsten flashed me a smile that showed off her slightly jagged teeth, “Sure thing boss, whatever you say.” The girl had an innocent look to her like she didn’t really belong here. She seemed like a sweet kid. Too bad she had gotten mixed up with Courtney. A better man than me might have tried to help her out, maybe get her a bus ticket or call her folks back home. But like I said, a better man might, not me.

She took me by the hand and led me to the back of the main room, through a curtain and into a hallway. There were doors lining each side and I can only imagine what debauchery was going on in most of the rooms behind even this early in the evening. The back rooms at Courtney’s place were renown for their activity day or night.

She found an empty room and led me in, pushing me into a chair in front of a raised platform for the girl to dance on for customers. Kirsten ignored it and simply jumped into my lap and started writhing, sticking her tits in my face and grabbing my cock through my pants.

Her bra and panties came off quickly as she performed for me. She was a cute kid, but that’s all she was, not the tease a more experienced woman might give. No real seduction going on here just an eager young thing desperate to please any man who paid her any attention. No telling what had made her this way, maybe daddy had molested her, maybe he hadn’t been around at all. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t my problem. Like I said before, this city is tough and if your going to make it you better be tougher. Developing feelings for every sad case that came along would only hurt you in the long run.

I groped her breasts and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Unlike Maggie, I wasn’t afraid of leading this young woman on. Even though I was enjoying myself I had to remember that I was still technically on a job. As such, I didn’t have the time for foreplay; not that it was necessarily one of my strong points anyway as Jessica could attest to from last night.

I stood up, lifting Kirsten who she held onto me for dear life. She was a writhing hungry little thing clawing at me, as if afraid I would drop her. I set her down on her rear on the platform. She willingly opened her legs to me, offering me her perfect smooth snatch. I let my pants fall to the floor around my ankles as she leaned back massaging her cunt with one hand and yanking on my cock with the other. Her tiny fingers opened her pussy up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier pink little hole on a girl in my life.

She had a surprised look on her face as I took her by the arms and lifted her to her feet though. Her pussy wasn’t what I was interested in. I flipped her around so she faced away from me and pushing down on her shoulders I bent her over the lighted platform. I wasn’t being rough with her but I wasn’t exactly asking permission either. Maneuvering behind her, I let the tip of my cock find its way into her asshole.

Kirsten’s body stiffened. She hadn’t expected this, which frankly surprised me. I would imagine that taking it up the ass was a routine matter for one of Courtney’s girls.

“Ah, Mr. Corduroy. I don’t usually do this with customers.” She wiggled her ass slightly and my cock slid from between her smooth pale perfectly shaped buttocks.

“Well, you heard Courtney right? She said anything I want. And this is what I want.” I started to guide my cock into her rectum for a second time, determined to get inside her this time. My cock was aching to feel her tight body wrapped around it and I wasn’t going to disappoint my organ again. Unfortunately, Kiki had other ideas…

Kirsten pulled away; half-turning so she could partially face me with her hand covering her asshole, “No! I said I don’t do that with customers!” Kirsten had a defiant pout on her face. I was sure that she had used this look on plenty of guys when they didn’t give her what she wanted. Good thing for me, my cynicism made me immune.

“Okay then,” I bent and pulled my slacks back up and was buckling the belt, “I’ll just tell Courtney how…uncooperative…you were.” I turned to leave when…

“Wait!” Kirsten called out from behind me. I looked back at her and after a second of thinking about it, the small girl bent back over the platform and spread her legs wide. Kirsten obviously had heard of what Ms. Cox did to uncooperative girls who failed to satisfy her clients.

I stepped up behind her. She tensed when she heard my pants drop to the floor again. “Good choice Kiki.”

“FUCK YOU! Don’t call me that! Only my friends call me Kiki!”

She didn’t fight back or jerk away this time even though she knew what was coming. I grabbed her hips and held her, lining up my throbbing cock with her asshole. As the tip slid inside again…

“oh god oww,” she muttered under her breath. I pushed hard and gave her about half my length and all my girth, shoving it into her rectum.

“OH SHIT!” I gave her the second half of my cock with a hard thrust. “OH FUCK! YOU’RE HURTING ME YOU BASTARD!” she screamed at me.

I drove my cock in and out of her ass ignoring her squeals as I did. Deeper and deeper I gave her all I could. Every so often I needed a release like this. I couldn’t very well fuck Gracie hard up the ass like this. Not that she wouldn’t have let me if I asked, but I liked Gracie. If I did this to her, I’d at least feel bad about it. I’m not a total jerk. Hell, I might even feel bad enough to give her a raise and I couldn’t afford that.

So, every now and then I liked fucking a straight up whore. No attachments, no promises. The fact that she was free only made it better. Kirsten was struggling to get out from under me as I reamed her asshole. She was wiggling, trying to get my cock out of there, but I had my weight on her back and she wasn’t going anywhere. She let out a long shrill moan as I gave her every inch I could. She wasn’t enjoying her self, but again, she wasn’t getting paid to, or in this case not getting paid to, enjoy her self.

After that, it didn’t take long for me to cum inside her. It was a good one too. I always got off harder in a girl’s ass than anywhere else. This one had me on my tiptoes as I humped her body hard and blew my load in her tight little hole.

“Oh god, yeah babe. That’s it.” I fell back into the chair once done, as Kirsten stayed bent over the platform as my cum dribbled out of her puckered asshole. Her face a mixture of shock and pain from the ass reaming she had gotten.

She looked back at me, “You done?” she asked as if afraid to move without permission.

I picked up her bra lying across the arm of the chair. Wrapping it around my cock and used it to wipe the cum and fluid off. Tossing it at her, “Yeah, I’m done doll.” I zipped up and walked out and back to the main room.

Courtney met me, “That was fast. So, how was she?”

“Good. A little inexperienced for my tastes but she’s sweet.” Just then Kirsten walked out with her hands covering her tits and tears rolling down her face. She looked at me and then Courtney and ran up the stairs and out of sight bursting into sobs about halfway up the staircase.

“You haven’t changed have you Corduroy? You really are a bastard.”

I looked back at her as I walked towards the exit, “And then some Cort,” I lit a cigarette and took a drag, “And then some.” I walked out and drove away as Courtney watched me from the entrance to her club. I should have known that dame would double cross me. I should have seen it coming. But she waved some pussy in front of my face and I forgot what a royal bitch she was.

End Chapter 2

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