Babs & Hel

Babs & Hel
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, cons, rom
Celebs: Rooney Mara, Jena Malone
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Rooney had been cast as Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress, in the DCCU’s Birds of Prey movie.  Before filming, she met with some of her co-stars, including Jena, who’d already been playing Oracle.  The two had already seen almost every one of each other’s roles, so had a lot to talk about in that regard.

“I feel like I’m one of three people on the planet who liked that movie,” Rooney said.  The two were having lunch at a sidewalk cafe.

“Nah, there are more than that, they’re just not as loud as the people who hated it.”

“Did you get to keep your fantasy outfit?”

“Oh, yeah.  I mean, it was designed specifically for me, so…”

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d make you put it on, at least for special occasions.”

“Even the nurse hat?”

“Especially the nurse hat.”

“I’d have you wear your Lisbeth Salander outfit.  Although, I would ask that you not shave your eyebrows.”

“Because it looks weird?”

“Well, also, I like your eyebrows.”

Rooney smiled a little. “I like your eyebrows, too.” This made Jena bust out laughing, which made Rooney laugh, too.

The two talked over email and social media until filming began.  The first day, as Rooney walked on set in her Huntress outfit, Jena rolled up to her as Oracle.

“Oh, my God!” Rooney said, jokingly, “What happened?”

Jena smirked, and responded, “The lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars shot me in the spine.” Both of them laughed out loud at this.

“I have to say, you look even cuter in person as Babs than on-screen.”

“Well, you look, um…”

“What?” Rooney asked, somewhat knowingly.

“Never mind…” Jena giggled, looking down, “I think you already know.”

A few days in, they were filming a scene where, after being ambushed by Roman Sionis’ men, Huntress escapes, but is winged by a bullet, leaving a deep gash in her shoulder, and, now Barbara has to stitch it up.

“You might want to find something to bite down on.”

“I’ve had worse.  Just do it, alright?”

Of course, in reality, there was a fake wound on Rooney’s shoulder, made of plasticine, that Jena was putting stitches into, as Rooney pretended to wince slightly.  As she touched Rooney’s bare shoulder, Jena found her heart was racing, and had to fight to stop herself from caressing it.  Rooney, likewise, felt her heart speed up, and a certain warmness inside, as Jena touched her.  After that, they both found themselves touching each other somewhat more intimately, often unintentionally.

Later on in the shoot, the two had been up filming night scenes, and were sitting on a harbor wall, watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan.

“Wow,” Jena said, “that’s…just beautiful.”

“I know,” Rooney concurred, “almost makes you forget how horribly polluted it is.” This caused Jena to again bust out laughing, making Rooney laugh.  Once the laughter died down, Jena put her arm around Rooney.  Sensing what Jena was feeling, Rooney turned her head toward her, and, detecting the same, Jena turned to Rooney.  The two stared at each other silently for almost a full minute, then both leaned toward each other, and kissed.  They held the kiss for a couple of minutes, then looked back at the sun rising over the water.

The next night, they were filming a major scene, where Huntress, Black Canary, and Catwoman have manipulated Sionis and Oswald Cobblepot into a showdown, and at the same time have to rescue Spoiler, who Sionis had just been torturing.  During the scene, Oracle talks to the Birds over headsets, to help them avoid getting cut down by machine gun fire.  Hearing Jena’s voice over her headset, Rooney couldn’t help but smile, and again feel warm inside.

After the scene was finished, Rooney went to Barbara’s apartment set, which was now empty except for Jena, who was sitting in her wheelchair.

“Uh, hey, Roo.  What’s up?”

“Jena, I…I want to tell you something.  Ever since yesterday morning, I’ve been doing some thinking, and, well…” Rooney took a deep breath. “I love you.  I…” Rooney let out one of those nervous laughs that sounds like impending tears, “I…love you, Jena.” Rooney then broke down, and covered her face with her hand. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed, “this is joy, it really is, I’ve just never felt…this intensely about someone.” Rooney looked up, to find that Jena had gotten up, and was standing in front of her, looking like she was about to start crying herself. “Jena…”

“Roo…Patricia…Right before you came in, I was working up the courage to go to you, and tell you how I felt.” Jena started tearing up. “God, look at us,” her voice cracked, and she laughed nervously. “I wonder what people would think if they saw us like this?”


“Oh, Trish.  I already know what you’re going to ask me.”

Jena put her hands on either side of Rooney’s head, leaned in, and they kissed passionately, almost sucking the breath out of each other. “I love you, Trish…” Jena sobbed, now crying, too. “I love you…”

Around noon, Rooney woke up, to find Jena sleeping next to her.  Remembering the night/morning they’d had, from the cab ride to Jena’s hotel room, to making love as the sun was coming up, Rooney smiled.  As she listened to Jena breathing, Rooney came up with the perfect way to wake her up.  Rooney slipped under the covers, then insinuated herself between Jena’s legs, and began to eat her pussy. “Uhm…mmm…” In her sleep, Jena started to grind her hips, as Rooney’s ate her out.  Finally, Jena awoke, looked down to see the blanket moving with Rooney under it, then lay her head back down. “Oh…” Jena moaned, “Oh, God…” Jena’s moans got longer and louder, until she came, crying out shrilly.

Rooney came up, and the two locked lips, tongues invading each other’s mouths.  As they kissed, Jena slid one hand between Rooney’s legs, and began fingering her twat.  Rooney bobbed up and down in rhythm with Jena’s fingers, and moaned into her mouth.  Finally, moans turning into muffled cries, Rooney came.

They kissed for another minute, then, gasping for air, Rooney kissed Jena’s neck, and around her ear. “I love you, Jena…” she sighed.

“I love you, too, Trish,” Jena whispered, smiling.

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