Bab’s Backstage ClusterFuck (Part 2)

Bab’s Backstage Clusterfuck


By Stardog Champion

Brazenly locking her eyes onto Barbara’s, Luci was the only one in the
room that could see the older woman’s eyes roll back inside her head at
the awful realization that her ordeal wasn’t over.

Visibly aroused from the combination of sexual power and her partners’
perverse decadence, Luci shivered joyfully as the cool breeze from the
air conditioning encircled her slinky body. Standing over her bowing
prey, Luci waited for just the right moment to raise her razor smooth
crotch up to Barbara Striesand’s damp face.

Cupping her left
hand over her small but perky breasts, Luci squeezed
them tightly as she extended her right hand out to pull Barbara closer.

Thrusting her hips out seductivly, Luci allowed the exposed pink lips of
her vagina to gyrate in front of Barbara’s dripping wet mouth, before
playfully pulling her crotch away as soon as Striesand robotically tried
opening her mouth.

“You know what Lady…I can rub my own pussy anytime I want..Hell..I can
get most any guy I want to go down on me with a wink and I know they can
do just as good a job as that pitiful mouth of your’s can. I got a
better idea,” Luci gleamed ominously.

Dropping her right hand down between the tingling flesh of her thighs,
Luci fertivly teased her glistening snatch with all five of her fingers,
filling the dressing room with a moist slapping sound as she gracefully
turned her body 180 degrees, leaving a kneeling Bab’s with a full and
unhindered view of her tight, tanned ass.

“Damn..I bet Puffy would’ve just loved to be here,” Jennifer snickered
from behind, causing the gallery to laugh boisteriously.

Spreading her legs seductivly, Luci grinded her waist in a series of
rythemic motions until she had backed the crack of her ass right up to
Barbara’s horrified face.

After a long pause for effect, Luci finally bent her waist, causing her
rear end to fly out, forcing Barbara Striesand’s huge nose and puckered
mouth to disappear completly between the young dancer’s asscheeks.

“UURRGGHHH,” the muffled groans of disgust rippled out of the Jewish
Diva’s throat as Luci harshly jiggled her hips back and forth, causing
nearly all of Barbara’s smeared face to become concealed once again.

Luci could feel Barbara’s whole body lurch upwards from behind, without
a clue one of the male dancers was still playfully assaulting Barbara’s
foaming pussy with his right foot, forcing the debased woman on the
floor to wince and lunge forward each time the toe of his shoe reamed
Bab’s most sensitive spot.

Extending her right hand out against the edge of the vanity table in
front of her for support, Luci used her left hand to sloppily massage
her own bubbling quim as Barbara Striesand’s nose and mouth desperatly
sucked for air against her pink, saliva coated anus.

FUCKINNNNN….ASSSSSSSSSS,” Luci gurgled, every tendon from her heels to
her scalp straining with each backwards move she made against Barbara’s
ass-masked face.

Alternating his bleary eyes between Amelia’s head bobbing up and down
between his legs and the ungodly perverted sight of Barbara Striesand’s
head embedded between Luci’s tanned asscheeks, young Miguel had to
forcefully keep his weak knees from giving out as the slurping sounds of
Amelia’s mouth below combined with the wet percussions of Luci frigging
her fountain like cunt, several feet off to his side.

Feeling every muscle in his 18 year old body tighten as if they were
rubber bands, a few anguishing moments passed before Miguel’s orgasm
finally snapped. Miguel’s head whiplashed backwards as every drop of
seminal fluid in his bloated testicles roared to the surface, spraying
like a damburst into Amelia’s constricting mouth and pumping hands.

Overcome by lust, Luci lowered her upper body down onto the makeup table
in front of her, supporting her weight on her elbows as she continued
thrusting her raised ass back against Barbara’s head. With all the
fingers of her left hand still burrowed deeply inside her cunt, Luci
rolled her clit savagly between her greasy digits until the blinding
flashes of light in her head and the crushing spasms rippling down her
spine, caused her to smash headlong into an unexpectantly glorious

Jerking her pelvis in a maddening rythem against the catatonic face
behind her, Luci swirled her hand across her entire pussy with blazing
speed as her forehead and pert breasts landed with a fleshy smack on top
of the small table supporting her weight.

electricuted hussy, swearing she could feel Barbara’s slimy but
tentative tongue trying to sneak into the buttonsized rim of her anus.

The sound of Luci’s firm, golden brown asscheeks smacking loudly against
Barbara’s fair, facial cheeks filled the dressing room , mingling with
Luci’s deprived shrieks of,” COME ON SLUT …..SUCK MY ASS…LICK IT ALL

When Luci outstretched legs finally went limp and she pulled herself
away from Barbara’s nearly smothered face, the awestruck and stunned
silence in the room was deafening. Sensing the nearly paralysed woman on
the floor was on the verge of collapsing or having a mental breakdown,
one of the male dancers gently reached out and took the back of
Barbara’s sweaty neck, tighthening his grip on her shoulder blades as
calmly as he could, allowing Bab’s to safely fall backwards to the
floor, without a hint of resistance.

Now flat on her back, in the center of Jennifer Lopez’s assembled cast,
everyone standing around Barbara could see ,with sick fascination, that
the older woman’s vaginal region was just as saturated with feminine
juices as her tattered mouth was. Letting thier gaze curiously drift up
and down Barbara’s body, the four women and three men there could also
plainly see Bab’s nipples poke out of the black lacy material of her bra
, just like quarter sized acorns on top of her wildly heaving and
sagging breasts.

Laying there with her bare back to the floor, Barbara could only imagine
what her splattered and tattered body looked like from above as she
re-filled her lungs with air. Eventhough her conscience bristled angrily
from what she had been put through, Barbara couldn’t help but guiltily
accept the fact that she didn’t do anything to put a stop to it.

It took every ounce of energy Barbara had left to clumsily rub her
forearm across her eyes to clear away the unspeakable muck that was
glazing over her ability to see. When the dimlight from above finally
filtered through, Barbara developed a vague sense of being a human
abductee, laying helpless on an alien examining table, as her tormentors
cruelly made light of her situation from above.

Barbara’s senses had become so jumbled, she didn’t have a clue about
what was happening around her, but she swore she could hear someone
asking she was thirsty. Without even realizing she had, Barbara’s head
subtly rocked up and down in a desperate attempt to plead for liquod

Trying her best to solely breathe through her nose, Amelia, still
perched on her knees, looked up at Miguel standing above her, feeling an
internal jolt of pride seeing the exhausted, empty and lifeless look in
the boy’s brown eyes from the blowjob she had just given him.

Satisfied she had accomplished all she could with Miguel, Amelia spun
around on her knees and turned her focus to Barbara, flat on her back,
several feet away. Dropping down to all fours, Amelia crawled like a dog
in Barbara’s direction until she was right beside the unaware older

Casting her gaze upwards briefly towards Jennifer and the male dancers,
she allowed them to see just how full her cheeks appeared, looking as if
she were concealing quite a secret cargo inside her mouth.

Winking up to the three above her, Amelia had to fight the urge to burst
out laughing when she heard one of the male dancers ask down to Barbara,
“Are you thirsty?”

Seeing Barbara twitch her head up and down in response, as if to say
“yes”, Amelia extended her right arm over Barbara’s prone body so that
both her hands were firmly resting to each side of the older singer’s

Lustfully staring down into Barbara’s weathered face, Amelia could feel
her insides sizzle with anticipation when she heard that same male
dancer ask Barbara ,”Have you ever had a snowball, Lady?”

Seeing there was no reaction on Barbara’s smeared face, Amelia
gracefully leaned in and lined up her mouth with the sticky but inviting
target of Barbara’s.

Keeping her mouth sealed shut until just the right moment, Amelia
brushed her soft chin up against Barbara’s, causing Mrs. Striesand to
ever so slightly open her mouth, giving the young dancer enough of an
opportunity to deposit her frothy, milkcolored cargo into Bab’s
unsuspecting mouth.

As soon as the load of Miguel’s seed, that Amelia had stored inside her
mouth for over a minute, oozed between Barbara’s lips and straight into
her parched mouth, the older woman winced and jerked on the floor, her
face becoming bitterly contorted, when she realized what Amelia was
orally transferring.

With Miguel’s pasty ejaculate flooding her throat, Barbara reached up
and grabbed Amelia by the shoulders, trying to push the powerful young
girl away as the boy’s salty cum coated her tastebuds.

Forcing her own tongue directly down Barbara’s throat, Amelia emptied
every last bit of stored jism she could into the prone woman, feeling
what tangy cum that did leak out, run like creamy mucus down the sides
of each of their mouths.

Once the entire ‘snowball’ was delivered, Amelia slowly pulled her mouth
away from Streisand’s, savoring the sick sight of at least four large
strands of rich young male semen swinging between hers and Barbara’s
seperating lips.

Despite the boredom that comes when you can have any man, and at least
half the women, in the world with just a wink and a smile, what Jennifer
Lopez was witnessing at her feet even caused her, difficult to spark,
arousal to boil over. She had gotten so drawn into the absolute
absurdity of what her dancers were doing to an icon such as Barbara
Striesand, that the burning urgency cooking in her loins had jolted her
from out of nowhere.

Dropping both her hands down on top of the firmness of her thighs, the
male dancers to each side of Jennifer couldn’t help but watch as thier
boss seductivly started to pull her skimpy evening gown up the length of
her tanned legs, clenching the expensive material into the balls of her
fists as she brazenly watched Amelia give Barbara the cumfilled
‘snowball’ below.

In the age old Hollywood belief of saving the best for last, Jennifer
sensed clearly her duty to be Barbara Striesand’s final degrader.

A hush fell over the room when Jennifer’s light brown, skintight dress
suddenly started drifting down her velvety smooth, voluptuous legs.
Eventhough the men in the group worked on a nightly basis with Jennifer,
in rather intimate quarters, to actually see someone of her magnitude
and beauty shedding her clothes, with such clear sexual intent, made all
three teenage men turn into drowlly mouthed statues when Jennifer’s
nakedness revealed itself, one breathtaking inch at a time.

Feeling like they were watching a goddess slowly reveal her body as she
peeled away her skimpy evening gown and saunted over to Barbara
Streisand on the floor, the six young men and women held up inside the
dressing room were overcome with libidinal hypnosis as Jennifer Lopez’s
mythic frame was unveiled.

Casting her tailor-made Grammy dress aside, knowing she still had plenty
of time to get re-dressed before the show started, Jennifer strutted
confidentally up to Barbara’s prone body with the brevity of a cocksure
gunslinger. Rolling her jet black thong panties down her athletic
thighs, Jennifer was oblivious to the silent “Whoa” everyone else did in
the room when they got their first look at her bare, feather soft quim.

Once her bare feet were close enough to Barbara’s head that she could
feel the older woman’s scattered hair tickle her toes, Jennifer lifted
her left leg off the ground far enough so that she could kick off her
silky panties.

Rolling her naked toes teasingly in the strands of Barbara’s sweaty
hair, Jennifer stared down at the hapless woman, trying to decide just
what she was going to do to the exhausted bitch between her feet.

Her body now completly nude, Jennifer reached up and cupped her bouncing
breasts with one hand and rubbed her flushed cheeks with the other,
weighing her options over what to do next. Finally allowing her hands to
brush up her bare upper arms, over her neck and up into her velvety
smooth dark brown hair, brushing it out of her eyes and then over her
left shoulder, Jennifer then seperated her feet slightly before suddenly
dropping down to her knees, one at a time, until her crotch and the
crack of her world famous ass was less than a inch and a half above
Barbara Striesand’s frozen face.

Dropping her two rounded, voluptuous asscheeks right down on top of
Barbara’s chest, so that her flaming vagina was pointing directly at the
Jewish crooner’s face, Lopez swiveled her hips back and forth slowly,
building up a tense friction as she pinned the woman

Feeling Barbara’s disjointed exhales seep noisely out of her nose and
mouth and waft up against her steaming twat, Jennifer proceeded to lower
her hands down to the floor, outstretching them in front of her, to
steady her frame in a pose of dominence above the prone woman.

Once stable, Jennifer thrusted her pelvis forward until her wet snatch
smacked Barbara square in the mouth. Holding her bald muff against Bab’s
greasy lips for several agonizing seconds, Jennifer seductivly rolled
her waist backwards and held it there for a deep breath or two before
slamming her crotch forcefully forward once again, right into Barbara’s
waiting face.

Repeating this process over and over for at least two minutes, Jennifer
looked down and saw that her pink quim was now fully in bloom, sparkling
with a stew of her own arousal and the crude mixture of fluids spitting
out of Striesand’s mouth. Continuing to plow her cunt up and down
Barbara’s chin, mouth and nose, a twisted and unadulterated smile
gleamed across Jennifer’s face as she harshly facefucked the rude woman
at her mercy.

Still spent from his orgasm minutes earlier, Miguel nearly jumped when
Amelia eased up beside him and lovingly slipped her arm over his right

“I got an idea,” the sultry dancer purred up to the teenage boy that she
had just given a blowjob.

Once she had gotten his attention, Amelia cupped her hand up to Miguel’s
reddening ear and told him her plan in private.

A wide-eyed look of confusion spread across Miguel’s soft facial
features as the gravity of what Amelia was suggesting registered.
Totally rejecting Amelia’s kinky idea at first, Miguel shook his head as
if to say, “Thanks but no thanks.”

Once the seed of that idea began to germinate inside his head however,
and a shiver of recognition jolted his spent cock, Miguel started to
ponder what Amelia was offering. Looking around at the complete
disentegration of sanity surrounding him, Miguel hesitantly shuffled his
feet over to the center of the room to do what Amelia had suggested.

Although he had attempted the wanton act Amelia was encouraging him to
do several times with a few of the girls he had been with, the thought
of actually going through with it on a world famous woman, that was
three times his age, made Miguel cringe with discomfort.

Feeling Amelia reassuringly pat him on the back as he dropped to his
knees between Barbara’s quivering white legs, Miguel took several deep
breaths before making his final descent towards the waiting pussy in
front of him.

Rolling his tongue around his mouth, Miguel couldn’t help but get an
inkling of what Striesand’s cunt was going to taste like by the intensly
ripe smell perculating from its greasy slit.

Holding his youthful and innocent face a foot or so above Barbara’s
saturated panties, Miguel could clearly feel the heat radiating out from
Bab’s womanhood caress his face as Jennifer Lopez used her pussy like a
paintbrush to smear her arousal all over the older woman’s upper body.

“Go on,” Miguel heard several of his fellow dancers whisper joyfully,
urging him to go through with the lurid deed.

Tentativly flexing his fingers apart, Miguel eased his right hand down
towards Barbara’s crotch until her wetness penetrated the pores of his
brown skin.

“Christ…Shit!” Miguel groaned to himself, feeling his dick begin to
swing to life agian between his legs.

After tugging the saturated lace of Barbara’s undies to the side, Miguel
swallowed hard and gasped when the hairy jungle of Striesand’s pubic
mound came into full view.

“Dive in Miguel”, “Lick it up”, “You want that old lady to cum in your
mouth don’t you?” Amelia, Santana, and Luci chided, subtly playing with
themselves as they watched Miguel go down on the woman they had just
forced to pleasure each of them.

Instinctivly closing his eyes, Miguel used the sensitive skin on his
face to tell if he was lowering his mouth towards the right target. When
his lips finally pressed into the pungeant, custard like wetness of the
older woman’s vagina, Miguel felt a jolt of thunder vibrate through his
body as the realization of his actions sank in.

“Eat that cunt Miguel”, “Clean that pussy out”, “Lick it good..let her
know you’re down there”, Miguel exposed ears hear from around the room
as his face disappeared between Barbara’s snow white and freckled

Opening his eyes slightly to make sure his mouth was where it should be,
Miguel couldn’t help but see the glorious sight of Jennifer Lopez’s ass
rise above him as it rocked back and forth across Barbara’s head.
Looking like she was churning butter with her behind, the combination
of Jennifer’s bucking rythem and Miguel’s awkward oral manipulations
made Barbara Striesand’s limp body jerk and gyrate spastically on the
floor beneath the two lustfilled Latin performers.

Miguel was so stunned and overwhelmed by what he was doing, it took
several moments for the tangy, almost vinegrette, flavor of Barbara’s
pussy to register on his tastebuds. Lapping his tongue through Barb’s
slit like a scared kitten at his milk bowl, Miguel could clearly feel
the vibrations of Striesand’s spasming body on his chin and cheeks as
Jennifer above continued her brutal pace, riding Barbara’s face.

Almost needing a snorkle to breathe, his face was pressed so far up
between the older woman’s thighs, young Miguel flailed his hands upwards
on Barbara’s writhing midrift until they landed loudly on top of the
Jewish singer’s sagging tits.

Kneading his hands blindly through the softness of Barbara’s bosom and
expensive bra, Miguel winced in shock when Jennifer’s rapid backwards
thrusts collided with his titty groping hands.

The shocking reality that Jennifer Lopez’s naked ass was repeatedly
smacking against his own hands, while he ate at Barbara Striesand’s
cunt, was just too much for Miguel to handle. Without even touching his
rock solid penis with his hands, an involuntary orgasmic shock spread
throughout the boy’s loins, causing him to cum on the plush carpet under
his dryhumping genitals.

Laying there on his belly, his head still securly embedded between
Barbara’s legs, Miguel awkwardy humped the floor, as his remaining
youthful lust matted the capret fibers below.

Not having a clue as to whether or not he was eating Barbara’s cunt
correctly, Miguel got his first positive indication when the older
woman’s legs seemed to magically levitate off the floor and shake like
unsteady tree limbs to each side of his ears.

Now realizing his oral manipulations were effecting Barbara in such a
way, when the young dancer instinctivly cast his gaze upwards, Mguel saw
that Jennifer’s crotch was now grinding agaisnt Striesand’s face like a
runaway bumper car.

In a strange roundabout way, and one that perhaps went a ways in helping
young Miguel finally think of himself as a man, he understood that the
moans of pleasure he was bringing to Barbara’s mouth was, in turn,
causing Jennifer Lopez to have an incredible buzz inside her own pussy
at the same time. When Miguel saw that Lopez was breaking down with her
own crushing release, Miguel knew that on some real level, he had aided
in Jennifer’s contentment by simply eating out another woman’s cooch.

The two male dancers that had, to that point, been deprived of an
opportunity to join in the carnal fracus had seen enough and knew that
they had to find some way to contribute before that fleeting moment of
indecency had passed.

One of the sinewy dancers eased up to Jennifer’s right, while the other
took the short walk around the joined threesome on the floor and took
his place to Jennifer’s left.

As each man stared down at Lopez haughtily humping Streisand’s face,
they jointly fished their straining erections free from their tight
pants and crudly spanked them with the palms of thier hands until each
tool stood at full attention.

Smiling at each other, both men enjoyed the glorious view from above as
the swells of Jennifer’s perfectly sculpted breasts bounced up and down
and side to side, like two firm melons, as she intensly rode Barbara
Striesand’s prone body.

Clutching their virile erections roughly in their straining grips, each
of the masturbating male dancers giddily drifted their gazes up and down
the illicit coupling below. From the sight of their young protege,
Miguel, doing his best pie eating impersonation on Barbara’s pussy, then
all the way up to Jennifer, humping back and forth, on top of the
elegant woman’s now tarnished face.

Jennifer Lopez had been so enthralled by her wanton actions on
Striesand’s upper body, she was completly oblivious to the presense of
Miguel’s soft skin behind her each time she frantically rocked
backwards. It wasn’t until Lopez felt the unmistakable cushiness of
Barbara fleshy breasts jiggling against the small of her back that she
knew someone was behind her. Looking over her shoulder as she brought
her right hand up to keep her own tits from smacking her in the chin,
Jennifer meowed out loud when she saw young Miguel’s face deeply
entrenched between Striesand’s pubic V, while at the same time, gropping
his hands in and out of Barbara’s lacy black support bra.

Smiling back to Miguel, with a hue of sly pride, Jennifer clearly saw
that the teenager’s attempts to fumble with the Jewish singer’s ample
womanhood also allowed him to cop a feel at naked, meaty tush. Seeing
Miguel was doing all he could to try and orally push Barbara over the
edge, Jennifer returned her focus forward and sped her frantic thrusts
so that she could bust her own nut as well.

The two masturbating dancers standing to each side of Jennifer had a
bird’s eye view when Barbara and Jennifer came simultaniously.

In one violent blur, over the groans and shrieks of the two women at
their feet, both men saw their cocks explode in unison, sending a milky
crisscross pattern of thier searing jism onto Jennifer’s chest and
Barbara’s forehead below.

Wrenching their dicks with aggressive fervor, both men emptied every bit
of seminal lust in their bloated genitalia onto the two women on the
floor. By the time they had spent their loads, Jennifer’s round, golden
brown, titties looked as if someone had poured a gallon of milk across
them, and the result of that spill dripped rapidly off her erect
nipples, straight down into Barbara’s eyes and mouth below.

Seeing all the cum from her male dancers’ oozing down her chest and
covering Barbara’s face, Jennifer anxiously proceeded to use her bald
pussy like a mop, rubbing the scalding semen, like lotion, into the
pruddish woman’s already smeared lipstick and blush.

“I guess she earned the damn dressing room,” Jennifer waxed thoughtfully
to her commrades, as everyone slipped back into their Grammy outfits so
they could all go out together, to join rest of America, for the start
of the show.


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