Babysitting Michelle

Babysitting Michelle

I was a relative newcomer to Ramsey street but I had settled in well. The locals had instantly made me feel at home even though I sometimes felt more like their British mascot than fellow neighbour.

‘Don’t you just love his sexy accent’ I heard a young full-chested blonde girl say in the coffee shop just days after I had moved in. She hadn’t noticed me- I had been sat in the corner, though I certainly noticed her voluptuous figure as she left in her Erinsborough High uniform which was must have been altered unless they design them to be halfway up the leg. I had felt an erection stirring even
though she could only be 13 and told myself off mentally for my cock’s bad behaviour. It was the first time I laid eyes on Michelle Scully, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I had met Joe Scully on my first day in the street, in the midst of heavy cardboard boxes that were so stuffed with the things I had acquired in my twenty-five years that their bulges protruded so much at the seams they looked like brown-paper bags from a distance. Ones with mumps.

‘Here you go mate, I’ve got it’ said Joe as the box I was struggling with threatened to head towards the ground, thereby spilling its contents and regaining something resembling a box like shape.

‘Thanks,’ I said panting, ‘You live here?’ I asked.

‘Yup,’ said Joe as he walked up my drive with what was my last box-with-the-bumps. ‘Over there,’ he said, and pointed towards the house next to mine. He disappeared into my lounge, and came out, shielding the sun from his eyes. ‘You want to come round for a beer mate? Settle yourself into the street, ya’know? You can meet my wife, Lyn, and my daughters, too, while you’re at it.’ Interesting.

I went round a few days later after spending far too much time getting my place liveable. It’s amazing how much stuff you actually own and you never realise it until it’s all boxes. Joe welcomed me in with a firm handshake- the kind that threatens to remove your arm from the rest of your body that only builders and carpenters seem to be capable of.

Lyn was pleasant enough, a little over-bearing for my taste, but pleasant all the same. Defiantly the sort of mother who would make you mountains of food when you were ill, at the time food would make you want to vomit, ‘just in case you felt hungry darling’. I knew the type. Flick and Steph weren’t there which was a huge disappointment- they had both gone out for the evening together to a local night-club. Just as Joe was apologising for this while removing some cold beers from the fridge his youngest daughter, Michelle, walked into the kitchen.

‘Oh Shelly!’ Joe said as he removed his head from the fridge after a vain hunt for some snacks, ‘This is Toby, our new neighbour.’

It was the girl from the coffee shop. My cock started tweaking. She was probably only 13 but had a voluptuous figure which included an ample pair of breasts that bulged invitingly through her tight green T-shirt. She was pretty, maybe not stunning, but she possessed a natural beauty and while she wasn’t slim she was defiantly curvaceous.

‘Hi ya,’ she purred and gave me her hand to sake, and I shook it slowly and we looked at each other intently.

‘Hi, I’ve just moved in today,’ I said, while idly wondering if she was a virgin or not. I decided she was. For some reason that excited me more. I can’t explain that, but I won’t apologise for it either.

She smiled what can only be described as a mischievous, even devilish, smile and turned towards the fruit bowl, situated behind her, without saying anything. It gave me a perfect view of her delicious arse in her tight brown trousers. Again, it wasn’t small but looked firm all the same and I felt my erection tug once again, which I felt slightly ashamed of, again. She was too young. Much too young…

I saw her fleetingly after that day- she always seemed to be walking past in a skimpy dress when I was putting out the rubbish or sitting in the coffee shop with her delicious lips pursed seductively around a straw every time I popped in for a sandwich. The very thought of being with her was driving me crazy- and yet I knew that it wouldn’t be possibly even if she did fancy me. She was, after all, only 13 (I had found this out for certain when Joe listed the ages of his daughters later in the evening).

Her lips turned me on the most- they were full and constantly pursed, not only making her look like she was permanently pouting seductively but also always on the brink of giving a blow-job. Stupid, but there it is- I looked at her lips and imaged her about to wrap them around my erect member. And her eyes….her eyes said that she would do it too. This, I had to keep reminding myself, was a fantasy. She was 13, not 30. A frightened, frigid virgin- not a experienced seductress. But still…I wanked myself off many times about what me and her might get up to and how it would come about.

‘So, you’ll be able to baby-sit Michelle for us then?’ No, this wasn’t a dream or a fantasy, this was real. Lyn asked me to baby-sit Michelle, though I’ll admit that I had trouble drawing the line between the two when she first asked me. ‘It’s a great help, she’s too young for all this, and she can’t remember her anyway- there would be no point in upsetting her.’

Lyns mother had died and all the Scullys, save ‘Chelle’ were travelling to England for the funeral. If I was of a more cynical nature then I would say they left Michelle at home to save on the travel expenses, though it hardly bothered me. Two days and two nights was the brief, two days and two nights alone in the Scully house with Michelle Scully. Yes please.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘I’d be only to happy to help out.’

‘Hi,’ she said as she opened the door. I entered with a small shoulder bag, containing just enough to get me by the two days. Michelle turned he hard as soon as I saw her. She knew I fancied her, she must have done. She was wearing a tight shoulder-less top which wrapped itself around her upper arms leaving her delectable shoulders bare. Again, she wasn’t skinny but the slight amount of puppy fat she was carrying only made her all the more appealing. Below this she wore an indescript pair of navy jeans. Indescript, that is, except that they were extremely tight. I had thought that the brown trousers I saw her in the first day I met her were tight but these made those look like flairs. How I wanted to unzip her right then and there. Thirteen, I kept repeating in my head in an attempt to get it onto my head how wrong it would be. Thirteen….thirteen….but it only made it worse.

‘Alright,’ I greeted her in a manor that I hope seemed unruffled, even though I was very ruffled.

She turned and headed towards the kitchen as I set my bags down. A delicious flick of shoulder length blonde hair went with her.

‘Do you want a drink,’ she yelled as she went.

‘Sure. What you got?’

‘My house, my pick,’ she giggled. Your mouth, my prick, I thought and let myself have a grin.

When she came back from the kitchen she was not only carrying two cans of coke but also some videos. She gave me a coke, sat on the opposite sofa and laid out the videos on the coffee table.

‘You can pick this- what do you wanna watch?’ I watched her beautiful eyes as she spoke.

The choices were Varsity Blues and Titanic.

‘Varsity Blues,’ I said. ‘Video night in then?’

‘Planning a wild night out on the town with me were you?’ she said and giggled as she bent over and put the video in the player.

We were flirting. ‘Oh you know, was maybe thinking about plying you with booze and having my wicked way with you.’ All the time I was staring at her magnificent arse as she was bending over, her curves almost transparent through her tight jeans. All of a sudden she looked around, still bent over.

‘You’re looking at my bum!’ she said in a mixture of shock and barely concealed delight.

‘I was not, I was looking at the TV- your big bum was in the way.’ I grinned.

‘Huh!’ she feigned shock. ‘Big? My bum is not big! You’ve got the big bum. Anyway, you were looking at my bum!’

‘Yes Michelle,’ I said, feeling that she was getting too close for comfort. ‘I’m a 25 year old man in love with a 13 year old girl because her big bum.’ I raised my eyebrows.

‘No, you just like looking at 13 year olds bottoms’ she shot back. ‘Especially when they’re as sexy as mine!’ and then grinned.

Soon she turned the lights off and we watched the film. We didn’t say much to each other during it. She would sometimes comment about a girl in the film- ‘my sexy bum is much better than hers’ and such to tease me, but that was about it. Until, the girl in the ‘cream bikini’ came on screen.

‘Dare you to do that,’ I said to her as a joke.

‘Okay,’ she said. I could hardly believe it. ‘If you do it first.’ I looked around to see if she was joking but she looked serious enough.

‘Yeah right,’ I said.

‘If you did it so would I,’ she said again. Now I knew for certain she fancied me, but I still couldn’t risk the possibility that it was a joke and only I’d end up doing it.

‘Yeah- and after I do you decide not to,’ I said.

‘Okay,’ she said getting up and arching her back in a stretch, pushing out her wonder tits. ‘Let’s play dare, and build up to it.’ She was defiantly serious- she was shaking- she was more nervous than me.

‘Are you being serious?’ I asked. She nodded.

‘If you can handle it.’

This was going to be great.

‘You go first then,’ I said. We were now both sitting on the big sofa, facing each other with a seat gap. Given the age difference I thought it better for her to begin. One of the conditions that Michelle had subsequently attached to this game of ours was that I go down to the local shop and buy booze. She had thought I’d resist this but I considered it a great idea. There was no way she’d tell Joe or Lyn now- she’d be in just as much trouble as I would, only I could walk away from it. For half an hour before the game started we’d been necking shots. I was well on my way to being merry- she was well on her way to being drunk.

‘Okay,’ she said and thought for a while, no doubt trying to build up the courage. ‘I dare you to take your T-Shirt off.’ This was safe, we could build up to the good stuff- and I did so without hesitation, displaying my toned body bought on by running and weights every day. A huge smile came across her face when she saw my naked chest.

‘Very nice,’ she purred and couldn’t contain her smile. Again, I got the sense that she wasn’t this innocent girl I’d expected. Or at least, even if she wasn’t experienced, she wanted to be and knew how to push all the right buttons. ‘Your turn.’

‘Okay,’ I said and thought about it. ‘Take off your top.’

‘No-way,’ she said straight away. ‘That’s not fair, you know I haven’t got a bra on’. It’s true, I did know that. You can’t wear a bra with a shoulderless top can you? ‘How about if I take off my trousers?’ she said. I agreed and my cock became very hard indeed. Just the thought of this was enough, but she was about to do it. Visions flashed through my mind of Joe walking in the door, having come back for something important that he’d forgotten, and mashing me into a pulp. I think the fear made it more exciting.

She stood up from the sofa, turned her head down towards her jeans, undid the first button, and looked back at me through her blonde hair which was now draped in front of her delicate face. She looked stunning. She looked scared too.

‘Promise you won’t tell anyone,’ she said. I promised.

She then undid the second, third, forth and fifth button in the same slow deliberate way, her hands shaking slightly as she did so. She flicked her head back, taking her hair with her which settled back behind her, and slowly pulled down her trousers, all the time looking at me for reaction. She revealed small white cotton knickers underneath, their very innocence making them seem erotic. She didn’t seem to have any pubic hair- there was no bulge. Either she shaved or hadn’t grown any yet. Soon the trousers were dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. She was amazing. Her fair legs didn’t display a hint of cellulite- they were firm and toned. The knickers may have been basic but they were tight and small.

‘Turn around,’ I said.


‘Because, there’s no point in taking your trousers off if I can’t see your bum now is there?’ I smiled.

‘So, you were looking at my arse while I put the video in?’ she said, seeming more relaxed now. I nodded and she performed a slow turn around. Her bum was wonderful. The tiny knickers she was wearing only covered half of her cheeks and the rest was on full display. Firm, tight. I felt a strong urge to grasp one of her 13 year old buttocks, but resisted. The bulge in my jeans must have been obvious because her eyes drifted to that area after she had finished her twirl.

‘You are so sexy,’ I said slowly, not being able to help myself, not caring. She smiled self-consciously, brushed some hair back behind her left ear, and sat back down of the sofa, her knickers riding even further up her crotch. She caught me looking and just smiled again. That same smile which displayed both nervousness and excitement at the same time, innocence and curiosity.

‘Okay,’ she purred. ‘Now your turn- take off your jeans.’ The game was really getting started now. I stood up, unzipped my jeans and took them off in a fraction of the time it had taken her to do the same thing. I was eager to do it quickly and get her taking her top off.

‘Hey, not so fast,’ she reprimanded. ‘Turn around and let me see that sexy bum of yours- you saw mine!’ I did as ordered and could feel her hungry eyes ogling me. I liked it a lot.

‘You have a great bum,’ she said. ‘Almost as sexy as mine!’ She was enjoying herself.

‘Take your top off,’ I said. To be honest, at this stage I thought she might chicken out. Everything up to now was no big deal- nothing you wouldn’t see on any beach up and down Australia, but this was different. This was getting serious.

‘Swear you won’t tell anyone,’ she said softly. I swore. ‘Okay.’

She stood up again, turned around, and pulled the top over hear head, revealing her flawless bear back. She turned around, her sweet hands covering her sizeable tits. Because they were big, she didn’t manage to cover all that much- her cleavage was bulging through her fingers- but she was covering her nipples.

‘That’s not fair!’ I said. ‘Take your hands away!’

She giggled. ‘You only said take off my top, you didn’t say where I had to put my hands…’


‘If you want me to take my hands away then it’s another dare,’ she finished, and said it so firmly that I knew they’d be no budging her…or the hands. I didn’t mind that much to be honest- there was something so incredibly sexy about her standing like that- her hands cupping her fantastic tits, clad in nothing except a skimpy pair of white knickers and a smile. The way she was holding them, almost pushing them up like a wonderbra, turned me on more than I can express. It was the anticipation that was the really exciting thing. I had an idea of the next dare.

‘My turn now,’ she said, holding her large tits tight, making them bulge out sidewards. ‘Take off your…’

She didn’t even have the chance to finish her sentence before I dispensed with my boxer shorts. I was now totally nude- my erection standing proud out in front of me. She gasped. She couldn’t take her gaze away from it.

‘Oh my God,’ she managed. From the reaction I was pretty sure she hadn’t seen one in the flesh before. Her mouth was wide open with shock, and, you’ve guessed it, my mind flipped straight back to her lips pursed around my cock.

‘My turn,’ I said quickly, making out there was no big deal and wanting to get on with it.

‘What?’ She was flustered. ‘No, wait a sec…’

‘What do you mean Chelle? Not getting cold feet are you?’

She fidgeted, enough to let me get a glimpse of her right nipple. Regardless of how cold her feet were I could tell she was getting fairly cold, as her sweet little pink nipple was rock hard. She quickly noticed what I was staring at and covered herself fully again, cupping her delicious tits with those little hands of hers.

‘My turn,’ I said again. ‘Take off your knickers.’

She looked at me, unsure. Her soft blonde hair rested on her pale shoulders. My going so far, so surely, had forced her into it, and she knew it.

‘Come on,’ I said impatiently. ‘Take your knickers off.’

‘I thought I was going to wear a cream bikini,’ she countered.


I had forgotten all about it. I had got so caught up in her taking her clothes off that the initial proposition had passed me by. Without waiting for my answer she walked past me and towards the kitchen. I turned and watched her walk out of view, her perfect arse, all but naked as her knickers had ridden up her crack, wiggled as she went. She had taken her hands away from her breasts and I caught a side glance of her voluptuous right tit as she left.

It must have only been a few minutes but it seemed like years. My cock was now so hard you could have hung your coat on it. Hell, you could have hung a wardrobe.

She came back into the room, naked save for some strategically placed cream. Two small squirts covered her nipples, but no more. The rest of her breasts, totally unhindered by her hands which she left at her side, were bare. For a girl so young she had magnificently large tits. The blob of cream which covered her pussy was even smaller, barely reaching to the inside of her legs. She did a slow-motion twirl without me even asking, giving me a great view of her completely nude backside.

‘What now?’ I asked.

She then revealed a can of squirt-cream that she had been holding in her left hand. I hadn’t even noticed it. ‘You’ve got to have one too- that was the deal.’

She handed me the can, all the while her large eyes fixed on my cock.

I smeared the cream down the length of my shaft but couldn’t get it totally covered as it kept falling off. I smeared some half heartily over my balls but had lost interest by then.

‘What now?’ I asked again. She smiled, shrugged, then sat down next to me again, closer this time, her knee touching mine.

‘Dunno. What’ya think?’

‘It’s your turn,’ I said, touching her knee with my hand now. ‘I dare you to let me lick off that cream.’

She took a deep breath, looking like the scared little girl she actually was for the first time, and said: ‘Okay.’

She laid down on the sofa with me crouched by the side. I leant towards her, as if I was about to kiss her on the lips, but then moved towards her neck and petted her slowly. This wasn’t in the terms of the bet but she didn’t argue. I moved down slowly, making sure I didn’t miss a bit of her sexy body, and started nuzzling her left breast. She groaned slowly and stretched out her body. I began to lick the cream from her nipple, before sucking and nibbling in equal measure as she groaned again and tussled the hair on the back of my head. I did the same with the other breast, relishing her sweet tender flesh, before I began to lick both breasts in long sensuous strokes, making her curl her legs towards a foetal position and against the left side of my chest. I grabbed them with my right arm and continued my way down her body, licking and nuzzling as I went. As I kissed her flat stomach I stroked her legs with my right arm. On top at first, before moving my hand underneath and feeling the gentle curves of her calves and thighs, and then onto her wonderful arse. I caressed both cheeks before laying her legs flat again and starting on her pussy.

I moved on top of the sofa now, sitting on my knees in-between her legs, and moved towards her pussy, the cream having all but melted by now. She had no hair, and that turned me on even more. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, just that I wanted to do it.

Her pussy was tight. As soon as I started licking I realised that the cream hadn’t just melted, it had been washed away by her wet pussy. She was gagging for it. I nearly bought her to climax twice, each time her body arched in supreme timing to my probings, in an exquisite anticipation of pure pleasure, but each time I held back from letting her come. I wanted her at the edge.

I sat back slightly, wiped some of the remaining cream from my erect cock, and leaned forward again, further this time, slowly guiding my length into her tight, moist cunt.

She gasped as I began to enter her, loud this time, an expression of pain and yearning. She screamed loudly as I entered her fully, the entire length of my shaft securely embedded within her wet pussy, but she also grabbed me close to her, her nails digging into my back. I had the feeling she also wanted me to feel the diametric cocktail of pleasure and pain.

I gazed at her, our faces now level, and kissed her for a long time on the lips, not moving much, letting her pain become bearable. Then we began, her holding onto me like she was on the big dipper, moving in finely tuned rhythmic motion. Slowly at first, rocking with her, but soon it turned to thrusts, hard thrusts, her legs wrapped around me tightly as I continue to pump her pussy. She screamed louder, digging into my back harder, ‘Argggggg, yesssssss……’

Suddenly I pull out and turn her over before she knows what is going on. Her arse is presented in front of me. I pull up her hips to mine and roughly enter her arse-hole. She screams, louder than she ever has, but there is much less pleasure attached to this one. She beings to warm to it though, backing her arse into me at times as I continue to thrust into her. ‘Yess…Yessssssss!!!! ArgggHH!’

I grab her tighter around her hips and thrust harder, feeling the spunk being to swell in my balls. I lean forward and quicken my thrusts, grabbing around her body to her tits and holding onto them as I move. She screams again but this one is in pure pleasure. Or, more exactly, the pure anticipation of pleasure. I grab onto her beautiful blonde hair, pulling her head back like I’m riding a horse. She comes slightly before me, punctuated by a vastly prolonged gasp which turns into a groan of relief. Quickly, about to come myself, I pull out and turn her around again. My grasp on her hair remains as I spunk all over her delicate 13-year old face.

She looks surprised, not horrified or excited, just taken aback. I’ll tell you what she doesn’t look like any more- she doesn’t look innocent. I wonder if I should charge extra for this.

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