Story: Bacchanalia
By: Deep Inside Lizzie
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Disclaimer: I’m simply going to repeat what I’ve said in some of my older stories, ok? In lieu of warning any stupid fucks who may have wandered in here not to read this cuz it has pedo, m/f, f/f and probably m/m, I am just going to tell you to fucking grow up! No one did this to any of these girls. No one would. And frankly, if you think I did, your as fucked up, if not more so, than what you think I am. K? K!

Part 1: Bacchanalia Prep

March 2006

Ok, let me say at the beginning that I am but a humble servant of the great one. A sex slave to her excellency. The exalted priestess of Bacchus, gloried center of the sacred Bacchanalia. I serve her in every capacity she deems me worthy and I glory in her name.
It was in that capacity, as Royal messenger, I was sent forth, responsible for planning the great spring ceremony as I have so many times before.
I only write these words at her behest, to be recorded and saved. They must be cherished and celebrated.

We never have a problem finding participants in the great Bacchanalia. For those who do not know, the Bacchanalia is a wild and mystic three day festival every March that celebrates our God Bacchus (Dionysus to some). The day ceremonies include a great deal of pomp and circumstance, but the night ceremonies typically involve only drugs, alcohol and sex. A great deal of sex.
As a rule, no one older than twenty is initiated, though many initiates were inducted much, much earlier and a few special worshipers have been brought in after their twentieth birthday. No initiate is allowed to stay after their 40th birthday.
That means I have only four years left to enjoy the pleasures of the Bacchanalia…and my mistress. She shares my birth year and, in addition, shares my enthusiasm for these last few years. The 2006 Bacchanalia was to be our best ever!

My mistress had a few names in mind for this years initiation. The one I was the most excited about was Dani Thorne’s little sister, Bella. Dani, 13, had been a member for a few years now and her initiation had been an amazing experience for all of us. She’s a beautiful young girl, but her looks are not the only thing she exceeds in. My mistress and I had had her at a few bacchanalia since her admission into the society and I have to admit, she’s a very talented fuck, with quite a number of unusual proclivities and fetishes.
(A note here, again, for the uninitiated: Parents of such young girls typically join very early and then, staying in the sect as they raise a family, help induct their children in the group when they reach proper age, usually between ten and twelve. The earliest inductees are age eight. Taking any child below 8 is strictly forbidden. My mistress was one of those eight year olds.)
Bella Thorn, a few months from her 9th birthday, is a stunning creature. We monitor every one of our families carefully and I had been paying very close attention to this particular one. Kaili, their older sister, had been inducted years ago and is, frankly, an uninspired initiate. But since Dani had been so enthusiastic about our practices, I held out hope her little sister would follow suit.

“Hi.” I greeted Bella for the first time. “I’m the messenger.”
“The messenger of what?” Bella asked, a quizzical look on her face.
“Bell, honey,” said Dani as they both emerged out their front door. “We talked about this. He’s HER messenger.” She emphasized “her,” knowing full well who my mistress was.
“Oh,” the little blond said. “Cool.”
“Ready?” I asked.
Dani and Bella nodded their heads in tandem and it was adorable how the two sisters were so in sync. I opened up the limo door and watched the two lovely ladies get in. I got in myself, sitting opposite the sisters and told James to drive.
“Are we going straight there,” asked Dani, “or are we picking someone up on the way?”
“Picking someone up,” I replied, “I think you two know her? Ryan Newman.”
“Ryan!” Bella blurted out. “Cool! Yeah, we know Ryan, don’t we Dan?” She nudged her sister, who had a confused look on her face. My dark eyes settled on Dani’s and I could tell she was going to ask the question.
“But,” she began. “Ryan’s onl…”
“Ryan’s parents have requested her attendance at the Bacchanalia,” I said, cutting her off. “We’ll be picking her up and heading straight to Madam Simila’s domicile.”
“Domicile?” Bella asked, “What’s a domicile?”
I was still staring at Dani, who was still staring at me. I had not answered her question and now she knew I was not going to. “That’s just a fancy word for house, sweetie.” I said, breaking my eye contact with Dani to anser her question.
We talked a little about the Bacchanalia, about how it was still a week away, how many people would be there, how much fun it would be and I became quite convinced that Bella’s parents had told her next to nothing about the ceremonies. Of course, that’s what Madam Simila was there for.
In minutes, our limo was sailing up to the Newman household.
“Domicile.” Bella corrected me.
“Domicile.” I repeated, amused, and let the ladies exit the car first.
“Seven.” Dani said to me as I stepped out of the car and Bella ran to the door.
“I’m sorry?” I asked, not knowing what she was talking about.
“Ryan’s only seven.” she said.
“Ah.” I understood now. We’re still on that are we? “You are correct. She is.”
“But, initiates must be at least eight!”
“And that is understood.” I said, walking up the driveway. “However, those issues have been taken care of.”
“Taken care of?”
I turned to her. “Ryan Newman is a scant two months from her eighth birthday. And, as I said, Ryan’s parents do not want her to wait. My mistress knows this and she has consented.”
“I didn’t think she could just change the rules.” Dani said.
“Exception can be made.”

The truth was we planned to lie. Exceptions can be made, but not about something like this. Seven year olds, even ones that are almost eight, are strictly forbidden. But…well, exceptions HAVE been made. Just not officially.
Ryan Newman, much like the Thorne girls, hadn’t really been in much. A few projects and a couple of movies. But, from the second you meet Ryan, you know somethings different. Pretty, sure, but it’s more than that. Intelligent, funny, talented. She has more talent than any three of the girls that would be at the Bacchanalia (and I would know…I put the guest list together).
So, seven? No big deal. We would cope.
Or at least lie our asses off.

“Hey.” I said. I had watched Bella and Ryan greet each other like they were old friends…and I suppose they were. When you are 7 and 8, six months feels like forever.
I shook the little girl’s hand and thought about what it will be like to see this little beauty naked. What it will be like to teach her fellatio. Or anal sex. And putting it on film all the while.
And then I thought it wouldn’t be proper to have an erection for my meeting with Ryan’s mom, who was also at the door. Not that she wouldn’t understand. She knew who I was (we had only met once, a number of years ago), what I was here for. Nevertheless, it would probably be rude.
We chatted a few minutes and I told Ryan’s mom that Jessica was more than welcome to join her sister. Ten year old Jessica wasn’t ready, Ryan’s mom said.
“Ok, fine, mom.” Ryan said, almost irritated, and finished with “Let’s go.” She was saying it to me and grabbing my hand, leading me away. She had known me 60 seconds and she was already set to go off in a strange car with me. Of course, she was going with her friend Bella, so…
And then we were off.
Ryan sat next to me, dressed in this cute little powder blue number with a pink shirt underneath that plunged a little, showing skin. Very nice, I thought.
Gorgeous smile, beautiful, crystal blue eyes and an infectious attitude, she led the conversation between herself and her friend Bella. Dani, I could tell, found her terribly alluring as well. At one point before Madam Simila’s “domicile,” Dani caught my eye and gave me a slight little nod. As if to say “Your mistress is wise.”
I smiled back and gave her an ever so slight wink as if to say “I know.”

“Hello sweeties!” the tall, thin, older black woman said as we were led into Madam Simila’s living room. “Find the place ok?” she asked them, as if they had driven here themselves.
She was, as always, very animated. Probably in her eighties, the African-American woman has been doing this for a very long time. A much darker skinned black than myself, there were times I wondered if she came straight from the plantation. Not that old, certainly, I thought. Still. She always unnerves me slightly.
She conversed with Dani a bit, who she had met a few years earlier, but could not get away from Ryan, who had a million questions.
“How does it work?” “Will we feel anything?” “How did you learn to do it?” “What will it do?”
The “It” she was talking about was the first part of the initiation. It had no real name. It was simply “The first part.”
For those of you who do not know, this is how we induct the young one’s into the society. I mean, there really are not any eight and nine year olds clamoring to join a sex cult! Not that I know of, of course!
So we re-program them.
Now, I know what you’re thinking and I assure you, it’s nothing harmful…or “mystical.” Madam Simila uses a number of post-hypnotic suggestions to make sure the girl’s have an interest in the Bacchanalia. She only nudges the desire. She doesn’t create it. If it’s not there already, the girl is simply inappropriate for initiation. For the rest…well, let’s say it gives their budding libido something of a jump start.
In addition, she also plants a few controls, commands, that make sure the larger group has nothing to worry about. To make sure that no one can ever bear witness against the society, not even their forty-somethings. Insurance, so to speak.
In any case, the youngsters are not told about this programming, not until their fourteenth birthday. Because of this, we thought it prudent to bring Dani. At 13, she was still unaware of the purpose for the “first part.” Madam Simila would give her a suggestion to ignore the commands she heard given to her sister and her friend. This had been done many times before and the older woman knew just how to handle the situation.
“My, my,” she said, feigning surprise. “Aren’t you an inquisitive little girl?” And then handed Ryan a plate of chocolate chip cookies. “So pretty, too.”
Baked goods always stopped the questions, if even for a few moments.
“You’ll stay out here?” Madam Simila said to me. It wasn’t a question. Not really.
And with that, all three girls accompanied the aged woman into the study.

A little over thirty minutes later, they emerged.
“Good to go.” Madam Simila said.

Back in the car, it was up to me now to explain what the girls would see, and do, at the Bacchanalia. It was understood from the parents that the girls had been told about the birds and the bees, so, knowing how the post-hypnotic suggestions work, I went right into it. Even with the sex ed basics explained, however, the two still needed a few things defined.
“What’s an orgy?” Bella asked.
“An orgy,” I began, wondering how much I needed to parse my words, “is when a group of people make love to one another.”
“You mean they fuck each other?” said the 7 year old Ryan. In any other context, it would have been wildly inappropriate and shocking.
I suppose it WAS mildly shocking.
Dani laughed. “Yeah, Ry.” she looked over at me and continued. “Only they fuck everyone at the orgy. Guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl, whatever.”
“Guy on guy?” Bella asked.
I looked over at Dani as if to say, See, now look what you’ve done? Then, addressing Bella, said “Yeah, honey. That’s called homosexuality. Or sometimes bi-sexuality.”
“Is that when they suck each other off?” Ryan asked, surprising me further with her vocabulary.
“Yeah.” I replied. “Or when they copulate.”
“When they fuck each other up the ass.” Dani finished. I shot her another look and she just smiled, knowing she was making me go at this, the explanation, out of order. I almost said something but then the two had more questions.
After five minutes of this, Ryan said, “Ok, so we’re gonna be center stage?”
I nodded. “After the first two days of easing you into all of this, yes.” I shifted slightly, adjusting my erection so it was less obvious. “Remember,” I said, “Anything you are uncomfortable doing, you do not have to do. You say “no,” or “stop,” and those around you will stop.”
“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Ryan said. “I like center stage.”
I smiled. “I know you do, but I need you to repeat that to me, both of you.” I added emphasis. “At no time do you have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Got it?”
“We can say no at any time.” Bella said.
“Unless Johnny Depp is there.” Ryan then added. “I couldn’t say no to him, ever.”
We laughed a bit at that and then arrived at Ryan’s block.
“But, we can’t do anything until then?” she said.
“No,” I answered. “It’s very important you are both virgins at the beginning of the third night.”
“Virgins.” Bella said. “So, we can play with ourselves? Masturbation?” We had covered this topic as well.
“Yes, as long as you do not break your hymen.”
“Cool!” Bella exclaimed. “I’m totally getting off tonight!”
And that started a round of giggling that didn’t stop until Ryan was stepping out of the car.
“We’re gonna be able to see you, too, right?” she asked me. “I mean, see, and like, do you, too, right?” Christ! The seven year old was asking me if she could fuck me at the ceremony!
“Yes, Ryan. I’ll be there during all of this.”
“Good.” she said simply and, skipping back to her door, opened it and went inside.

Bella went a little further.
“Are you a good fuck?” she asked.
“Bella!” Dani said, laughing, and, I think, a little appalled.
“It’s alright.” I told her sister. Then, looking at Bella, I said, “Yes, Bella, I’m a magnificent fuck.”
To which she replied. “Cool! You can teach me some stuff.”
“I will teach you what I taught your sister.”

Part 2
Bacchanalia Day One

To call these celebrations elaborate is an understatement. As I’ve already mentioned, the ceremonies encompass three individual days in March and the events for each day are truly spectacular. Somewhat recent tradition states we hold each day’s celebrations at a separate location and thus, we rotate the events between around a dozen or so mansions in the Southern California area. Last year it was the mansions of well known Hotel magnates, a former Governor and an actor of a series of action-adventure movies you have all seen, all of whom probably ought to remain unnamed. This is done, however, to take some of the planning, and stress, away from the current priestess, or the Paculla Annia, who organizes the entire affair.
This year, though, we have a real treat. The first two days are at the typical locations, a mansion and a converted compound. On the third day, however, we will be holding all of the festivities at my mistresses estate, which means this years final night will include all manner of depravities. Not that they don’t usually, but my mistress has a special flair for such things.

Our first day involved a great deal of preparation. I dare say I may be the only sex slave with a support staff. Weeks were spent on the groundwork for the event, invitations, decorations, coordinations with the hosts, the issues that always come up…
The last minute issues that had come up the day before had taken all day and much of the night, so, upon waking on the day of, I had to pop a few uppers. I have never been much of a drug user, but coffee has never been my thing, and running out of steam isn’t an option, so I had to settle for a few pills.
My mistress led us through prayers to Bacchus and we got ready to go.

The day ceremonies are a little much, at least on the first day. Because of this, we had to know the layout. Our gracious host led us through her dwelling (a dwelling that could have been the home to countless), a mansion we had not ever used before. Lingering in one of the reception rooms, I admired the view. This particular room had a exceptionally large sitting area and had a view that showcased the mansions close proximity to the Malibu waters.
And then the guests began arriving.
“You will take care of the new initiates?” my Mistress asked, not really asking.
“I will.” I replied and left to prepare the rooms just as she greeted the first early guest, Emilie De Ravin and her satyr (every guest is instructed to bring a consort, or satyr, a sex slave/plaything, male, age 10 to 24, who has “seen” Madam Simila or someone similar), a 20-something Latino boy.
After the final preparations to the Nestling room, I consulted with some of my staff and discovered that the Thorne’s had already arrived. Hurrying down to the reception room I loved so much, I greeted them (giving a slight wink to Dani) and asked if the Newman’s had arrived.
“Not yet.” Dani and Bella’s mom informed me. I could see she was ready for the nights festivities, and attractive woman of about my age, with a somewhat revealing dress that looked as if it would come off in one fluid motion.
I asked if Bella was set.
“Dani wants to know if she can accompany you three?” their mom asked.
“Not for everything, obviously” I said, referring to some of the ceremonies, “but I don’t see why she can’t hang around for the majority of it.” Dani gave a little homer-esque Wo-hoo and we all chuckled.
I then asked them to please inform me when the Newman’s arrive and scurried off to help preparation for the opening ceremony.

Twenty minutes later, pretty little Bella tugged on my shirt. “She’s here.” she said, Ryan following right behind her. Miss Newman smiled at me and I smiled back.
“I see that. Thank you, Bella. Hi, Ryan.” I said.
“Hey.” she replied. And then the questions began. “What now?” “Will you be with us the whole day?” “We’re part of the evening ceremony right? And where do we go from here?”
I addressed them both. “Have you said your goodbyes to your families? You won’t see them again today.”
“But, Dani is still coming, right?” Bella asked. She looked slightly concerned. “You said she could come.”
“I did and she can,” I told the eight year old, “but you need to get her now and say goodbye to your families.”
And, with that, they both ran off, presumably to say goodbye and retrieve Dani.
“Ok, now what?” Ryan asked when they arrived back two minutes later.
“Now we take you to the Nestling room.”

The Nestling room is set up a little like a classroom, in that is contains a few desks for the children to sit at. Outside of that, the room can be set up any way the preparer wants. A few things that are necessary, however, is a large staging area, usually to the children’s left, a separate door for people to come in and out of near the staging area and a large screen TV. Oh, and a shower or somewhere to bathe.
I motioned to Ryan and Bella and they sat at two of the desks with padded chairs in the front of the “class.” Dani sat at the back of the room. I had conducted larger Nestling rooms, some as large as 8 children, but I always found that two or three girls were always an easier class. You want to encourage questions, but not get bogged down with them.
Once the girl’s were situated, I introduced their teacher, Michelle.
Michelle Tractenberg rose and came to the front of the class, sitting on the couch directly in front of us. She looked absolutely stunning in a black, low cut dress that amplified her beautiful breasts.
“Hey, girls.” she said in that friendly way she has. “We all know each other, so no introductions are needed, right?”
The three girls nodded.
“Good. Then we can get right to it. You two know why you’re here, so we’re gonna start with the basics.” She rose and crossed to the door opposite the staging area, opening it. A man and a woman, the satyr white, the woman middle-eastern, emerged, both naked. They were both in their mid-twenties. The two stood in front of the girls desks and Michelle asked if they knew what all the parts were. Ryan pointed out the Penis and testicles while Bella told us where to find the breasts and vagina.
“For the record,” Michelle said, circling behind the couple, “I would have also accepted ‘dick, ‘cock,’ ‘tool,’ ‘balls’ and ‘scrotum’ for his sex organs and ‘tits,’ ‘pussy,’ ‘clit,’ or ‘labia’ for hers.” She was joking, of course, but the girls laughed and it got the point across.
Ryan raised her hand.
“Yes, Ryan.” Michelle said.
“What about ‘cunt?’”
“Only boys use that word.” Michele explained, glancing over to me.
Ryan’s brow furrowed and she shook her head, “Mommy uses it sometimes.” Michelle chuckled and told her it was used as a derogatory term.
“One other thing before we go on.” She motioned to the couple and they unceremoniously turned around and bent over. Michelle used the woman as an example, spreading the young woman’s butt cheeks. “Anal intercourse can be just as satisfying as vaginal, as you will see over the weekend. It is also an excellent way to preserve virginity.”
“So,” Bella interrupted, “Virgins can still be virgins and…have anal sex?”
Michelle nodded. “Yes. In fact, it’s done all over the world. We’ll demonstrate here in a few moments. To stay on topic, however, as with the other sex organs, penetration is not always necessary for anal stimulation. Rimming, the manipulation of the anus by the mouth and tongue, is also common. We’ll show you that too.”
This went on for a few minutes, Michelle showing the girls various erogenous zones and how each can be utilized. She even touched on a few fetishes, being sure to tell them that these were not the norm, but not bad either. Feet, scat, incest, blood, water sports, toys, S & M, she covered everything. This all took the better part of an hour.
She then explained Ryan and Bella’s role in all of this.
“It is strictly forbidden to have vaginal intercourse, again, that’s actual penetration, before the end of the last night’s festivities.”
“And that’s when,” Bella butted in again, “we’ll lose our…um…”
“That’s when you’ll lose your cherry, yes.” Michelle finished. “But I want to be clear here. You can take part in anything else you want for the next two nights. As long as it does not involve vaginal penetration, you can do anything, or anyone, you’d like.”
“Let me get this straight.” Ryan now interjected. “There are people here today who would want me to stand over them and take a shit on them?” She was obviously still stuck on that last topic.
We all busted out laughing. All, that is, except Ryan and Michelle. Michelle took the question seriously. “Yes, honey, and as I said, there’s no judgment here. It’s neither right nor wrong, just different.”
“Real different.” Ryan said, under her breath.
“Ok, so are we ready to see the demonstrations?”

First was kissing. The couple turned to each other and locked lips. They had both seen this on TV and whatnot, so we quickly moved on to fellatio.
Michelle moved the two to the couch. The young girl sat, spread eagle while the guy knelt down next to her. Then, on Michelle’s instruction, he began eating her pussy. Licking gently at first and running his fingers over her, he quickly began really going down on her, while the youngsters watched.
“Cool.” Bella said, almost under her breath. Then, out loud to Ryan, “That looks fun. I think I’d like to do that.”
I thought volunteering at that point was jumping the gun a little but I nevertheless thought it.
Ryan nodded her agreement.
This went on for a few minutes, Michelle pointing out what the right technique was, having him stop from time to time to further illustrate.
Then it was the girls turn. Sitting her companion down, she immediately took his cock in her hand, and put about half of it in her mouth, sucking. She sucked on it for about twenty or thirty seconds, at which point Michelle stopped them.
“Now, see how big it’s gotten?” Michelle points out to her students. “An erection occurs because of the large flow of blood to the area, mainly due to arousal.” She looked at Ryan and Bella. “This, ladies, is what we do to guys.”
I chuckled.
The girl continued while Michelle went on to explain the techniques of cocksucking. They even asked some questions.
The answers ranged from, “No, honey, men can get a hard-on by merely thinking about you,” to “The word’s Semen,” to “Yeah, her mouth will get a little tired, but that’s why we practice so much.”
Now, at this point, the girl is sucking quite hard and the guy looks like he’s in pain. In addition, I’m watching the two of them, and watching the girls watch the two of them, and thinking, is she gonna let him cum so my hard-on will go away?
And that’s when Ryan asked “Is he gonna cum now?”
Michelle smiled and said, “Yes. And I’m glad you used that word. The technical term is ejaculate, but no one calls it that.” Then, turning to the couple, she says “Let him cum, sweetie.”
Twenty seconds later, she popped him out of her mouth, jerked his cock a few times with her hand and we watched his jism shoot a couple of feet.
“Wow.” Ryan commented, impressed.
“Exactly.” Michelle echoed. “And that’s sucking cock.”
“Do we get to do that now?” Bella asked. “Maybe with him?” she motioned to me and, so help me, I think I blushed slightly.
Michelle giggled, rising from her place next to the couch. “Not right now, honey. It’s getting on in the afternoon and I’ll bet we’re all hungry.” She glanced over to me and I nodded visibly. Truth to tell, I wanted Bella on her knees in front of me, sucking my member, but, alas, we all must eat.
Not to mention attend the opening ceremony.
“Oh,” I thought out loud. “Plus, you’ll get to meet my mistress. She’ll be running the opening ceremony.”
Michelle looked over at the girls. “You’ll like her. She’s a great lady, very smart, and very sexy.”
“And she loves little girls.” I followed up. In more ways that one, I thought.

Lunch was simple, yet somewhat elaborate. We were seated above the rest of the guests, high on a balcony so we could see everything going on but the guests would be unable to see us. Meats and cheeses of all kinds were placed in front of us and we ate and talked and drank and then the opening ceremony began.
The hall had been converted to allow a small rise and a rather large gathering. I noticed not everyone was here yet (many of the very busy Hollywood types show up at the Bacchanalia only after the sun has gone down, supposedly because of the fear of paparazzi, but we all know it’s because they only care about the orgies). I did notice some familiar faces, however, including Angelina Jolie and her slave Brad, last years plaything, Dakota Fanning and her little love slave (I forget his name) and one of my favorites, Hunter Wryn (more on her later), apparently minus a man-whore.
Onto the aforementioned rise a few people gathered, all higher ups in the society and then gentle, rather stately music.
And then my mistress, Alyssa Milano, came out.
We had chosen her gown together…and when I say gown, I really mean silver sequined, low cut, very tight, slightly see through dress from Balenciaga. Beautiful, but rather risqué, which is exactly what she wanted. She looked absolutely radiant.
“Ladies, thank you all for coming.” she began, purposely not mentioning the satyrs (this was a celebration of woman; we men are only here to provide the pleasure), and then began her introductions and the history lesson. She talked about the society and the importance Bacchus plays in the coming ceremonies. She told us about the new initiates, without actually using their names and then lit the flame of fertility, starting the celebration for real.
The crowd cheered and then we all went on eating.
All of except Ryan.
“She’s so pretty.” Ryan said. She was the only person at the table who had not met my mistress.
“She is.” I responded, popping a cherry tomato in my mouth. “She’s the most beautiful woman here today…excepting possibly you, my dear.” I told her, winking at her.
“Blasphemy!” I heard from behind me. I smiled at her familiar voice, her very presence. “You know, they used to tear men apart for saying such things at the Bacchanalia in Greek times.” She leaned down to kiss me gently on the neck and then focused on the girls, greeting Dani and Bella, whom she already knew. “How is the food? Are you girls settling in ok? The classes ok so far?”
“Oh, yes, Miss Milano.” Ryan answered, but was immediately cut off by Michelle.
“Ryan,” she said, rather sternly, “we talked about this before class; During the Bacchanalia, she is to be referred to only as the Mistress.”
“I’m sorry, Mistress.” Ryan said, not hurt, but a perhaps a little ashamed she had forgotten. “I meant no disrespect.”
“Nothing to apologize for.” My mistress said, circling around to the young girl. She leaned down and said, “You are Ryan Newman, yes?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“You are quite beautiful.”
“Thank you.”
“You know, I was just about your age when I went through my first Bacchanalia. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I only wish I had been as pretty as you.” She smiled at Ryan and kissed her on the cheek. “Your teacher, Michelle, will teach you everything you need to know. Pay attention and your experience may surpass my first.”
She rose and asked Michelle how everything was going.
“Great.” Mitch said. “We still have a few of the basics to cover, but everyone is very attentive. I think this will be a Bacchanalia to remember.”
“Good.” My mistress replied. I could see the outlines of her nipples and, even now, after all of these years, I felt my tool stiffening slightly. She threw an evil glance my way and said, “Make sure he gets all he wants. He’s done an excellent job organizing everything.”
Michelle gave me a similar look and said, “Oh, I’ll make sure.”
“Ok, well,” My mistress said, tossing her hair to one side, “again, listen to what Michelle has to say and I will see all of you for Dinner tonight.”
And, with that, she was gone.
Once she had disappeared down the stairs, Ryan blurted out that not only was she really pretty, but she was really nice as well.
“She is.” I repeated. “And generous.” I mentioned, looking over at Mitch. She shot me a I’m-gonna-make-sure-you-get-as-much-pussy-as-you-could-humanly-handle look and my semi flaccid cock lingered for minutes afterwards.

A few minutes before we finished, we started a revealing conversation.
“Well, I think I’ll like the Bukkake room.” Ryan said. It was said to Bella but everyone else had been talking and this had been a conversation stopper.
“Did we cover Bukkake?” I asked, wondering if she knew what it was.
“Briefly.” Mitch said, a somewhat amused smile on her lips.
Ryan looked a little flustered that everyone was now focusing on her, but explained. “It’s when guys cum on your face, right?”
“That’s right, honey.” Michelle was obviously impressed.
“And that’s a fetish you think you may like?” I prodded the conversation.
“Yeah, I think so.”
I nodded matter of factly and Michelle piped up. “What about you, Bella?”
“Um,” she seemed also a little addled. Blushing, she said, “Maybe leather?”
“Can I ask a question?” Ryan inquired.
“Of course, sweetie.”
“You said that some guys aren’t circumcised. Is that considered a fetish, I mean, if you like that?”
“Yeah, that’s called a foreskin fetish.” Michelle answered. “We don’t really have a room for that, though, since many of the slaves here are uncircumcised.”
I figured this was as good a time as any. “Yeah. I was never circumcised.”
“Oh, ok.” she said, “Cool.”
A few minutes later, we were done and we moved back to the Nestling room.

Michelle sat back on the couch and asked if the girls had any other questions before we once again got started. They didn’t, so we started.
“Masturbation.” she said. “We’ve covered it briefly, but now seems like the time to go into it a little further. We are about to have a rather torrid demonstration and I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the idea that if you become aroused, it’s ok, even acceptable in the these surroundings, to touch yourself.”
“We can masturbate while we watch?” Ryan asked.
“Exactly.” Mitch said. “To that end, it may not be the worst idea to disrobe at this point.”
Twenty seconds later, we had all removed our clothes. My eyes lingered on the girls, all of them. Of course, Ryan and Bella had completely flat chests and no pubic hair at all. Dani, while large breasted for a 13 year old, also had no pubic hair. I suspected she shaved for the event. Michelle, with her rather large breasts, had only a small patch of pubes. A “runway.” All of them were exquisite.
“See?” I told Ryan, pointing to my wee wee. “ Uncircumcised.”
“Wow.” the little girl said, and stared at it for a few seconds.
“Now,” Michelle said, once we were finished eying one another, “We’re going to see the sex act in a few of it’s forms.” She said this as she once again crossed the room and opened the door leading to the staging area.
Out came Hayden Panettiere and her little love slave, a dark skinned satyr (Latino, maybe?) of, perhaps, 13 years of age.
“Wait, wait, wait.” Ryan blurted out, “We’re gonna watch Hayden get fucked?” She had this look on her face like she’d just been handed a $100 million check. Then her face lit up a little and she said “Hey, Hayden!”
“Hi, Honey!” Miss Panettiere said, flashing that world shattering smile. She waved at the sisters and I knew that they had all be introduced to one another at some point in their short careers. “Hey, guys!”
“Yes, Ryan.” Michelle responded. “Hayden volunteered for this.” Michelle then leaned in to kiss Hayden, not on the cheek, and they shared a few whispers before the gorgeous blond and her boy toy moved over to the couch.
Michelle glanced in my direction and I moved to the back of the room. I hit two switches, turning on the cameras. There was now no way anything could happen in the room without it being filmed.
“Ok, now, we’re going to watch three different demonstrations of the act of sex. Heterosexual and homosexual, both gay and lesbian. Pay attention and, as I said, masturbation is a natural thing.” Michelle then nodded to the couple.
Hayden began by reaching back and loosening the strap on her dress and letting her amazing, 16 year old breasts out of their confinement. The boy immediately began sucking on them and the former child star moaned lightly. After a few moments of this, she reached down and began rubbing the boy’s lap, obviously caressing his cock through his pants.
Still standing in the back, I began to get hard as I watched Hayden reach into his pants. By then, however, the boy was reaching down, removing the rest of his blond mistresses dress. Void of underwear, he started fingering her.
Glancing over, I briefly watched Dani full on fingering herself. The other girls had not noticed this, but Ryan, clearly aroused, did have her hand between her legs. Bella, for her part, had turned her head and was looking back at me.
Or, more precisely, my erection.
I smiled a her and, with a slight nod of my head, indicated she was supposed to be learning something. She smiled back and turned back around. Just thinking about Bella thinking about me got my cock even harder and I began stroking it as, with a wicked smile on her face, Hayden took her little under aged lover in her mouth. She sucked his impressive (for his age) six inches down her throat and I could hear Ryan say “Wow!” under her breath.
This went on for a few minutes, Hayden showing us the virtues of fellatio, when Michelle rose and whispered to the boy. She left them and came to sit close to where I was, indicating I should sit next to her. I did so, still stroking my member, and watching as Hayden rose, put the boy in a sitting position and then sunk down on his cock.
“Wow!” Ryan now said, no longer so quiet.
“Please take note of the positions, children.” Michelle said, even as she pushed my hand aside and began giving me a lovely handjob.
The sensation was incredible and I closed my eyes, but I didn’t want to miss any of the show, so I quickly opened them again and watched for a while longer, finding Hayden bouncing up and down on the plaything fascinating.
I then turned to Mitch and said “I thought she was yours?” referring to Hayden.
She responded with a huge smile and said, “She is. So’s he. They’re both my little fuck things.” And, with that, she leaned down and began blowing me.
I played with her tits a little (Christ, what tits!) as she did this and then, when we caught Bella’s eye, I signaled for her to stop a second.
Michelle wiped her mouth, smiled at little Bella and then instructed the couple in front of us, “Nice guys. Perhaps a standing position would be warranted now?”
Twenty seconds later, the boy-slave was fucking Hayden from behind, both of them in a standing position. Mitch had risen at this point, circling the room and watching Ryan play with herself. Her eyes met mine and then glanced back down at Ryan, signaling that I should watch the little girl. I smiled at her and then she tilted her head again.
It was show time for us.
I rose, my semi-hard cock just hanging there, and joined Michelle half way, meeting at the couch where Hayden and her little fuck buddy were doing the deed. “Ryan, Bella,” she said, “why don’t you two join us at the couch.”
The girls did as they were told and rose, leaving just Dani there, masturbating at the spectacle in front of her. We sat the two girls between us, with Hayden still getting fucked hard. We watched on for a minute or so, the satyr’s ass gyrating in front of us, before Mitch told them to stop. She then told them that we, Michelle and myself, were to be their partners.
And the little girls watched on as the boy-slave took my cock in his mouth and began sucking while Hayden got on her knees and began moving her tongue into Michelle’s pussy.
“Wow!” Ryan said again, this time directly to me.
“Yeah.” I said, breathing a little hard. He was a good cocksucker. “It’s even better than it looks.”
Ryan giggled just a little and asked, “Can I try?”
I looked over at Michelle, looking for guidance, but she seemed to be in complete ecstasy and not paying any kind of attention. At this point in the lessons, I should have said no, since this part was supposed to be about homosexual sex, but then again…
In addition, in the few seconds it took me to decide what I should answer, Bella, sitting next to Michelle and watching the action between the two girls, began to take part herself, not even bothering to ask. The little girl leaned over and began sucking on Mitch’s large right tit, suckling like a sex starved lesbo.
“Sure.” I told the 7 year old. Stopping Hayden’s young sex slave, I watched on as this little slip of a girl leaned down and began kissing and licking my huge, black cock.
I enjoyed the sensation for a moment and then got an even better treat. The little slave boy began taking my balls in his mouth. The two really went at at and watching them really began affecting me. It would be bad to cum this early in the day, but if this kept up….
“Ok,” I heard Michelle say. I put my hand on Ryan’s head, indicating she should stop. She had about an inch of so of me in her mouth, sucking on my cock head when she stopped. “This isn’t working.”
And, with that, Mitch rose. Looking over at me, she said, “These two are little fucking vixens!”
“They are.” I agreed, a huge smile on my face.
“Perhaps you two should sit down there while we do this.” She said, pointing.
“Might be a good idea.” I said.
The girl complied, sitting on some cushions next to the couch, and Mitch and I sat next to each other on the couch. Hayden gave me a “Maybe later, stud.” glance and then the boy was back, sucking my cock. I watched the girls briefly and then signaled the satyr to rise. As he faced me, I grabbed his sex and stroked him back a forth a few times and then spun him around and positioned him in front of me. Spitting on my hand a little to lube him up, I placed the head of my cock against his anus and pushed.
“Holy shit!” Bella said and Ryan just gasped as my cock entered the 13 year old. He’d been through this a number of times, I knew, since he wasn’t tight in the slightest. Perhaps Hayden has other passions, I thought.
He gave a slight yelp, but it was barely audible. I smacked him on the ass for it, however, and drove my cock into him to the hilt. I began thrusting inside of him, back and forth, and watched the two girls watch me.
They seemed uninterested in Hayden and Michelle entirely.
I winked at them even as I rammed into the kid and they seemed awestruck. I reached around and began stroking his tool, knowing he’d cum before I did. That was what I wanted. I had no interest in cumming just yet and I knew how good I was. I rose a little, stretching the boys anus a little and he whimpered, already on the verge. This, I was good at.
My cock was in him completely, all the way to the hilt, my balls slapping against him and I could feel the pre-cum on my hand. I stroked faster and then he erupted, yelling as he did so.
“Oh fuck yeah!” he screamed. “Oh, Bacchus! Yeah!” He yelled Bachhus’s name like someone would yell Christ. Semen erupted from his teen cock. Cum splashed onto Hayden from a few feet away, but she didn’t stop what she was doing. Michelle looked as if she was having a great time.
Even the girls were now playing with themselves, legs spread eagle and touching their privates.
I glanced up at Dani as I pulled my cock out and watched her in her last few seconds of orgasm, thrusting three fingers up her twat. She had her head tilted back, her chest thrusting out those gorgeous tits. I watched and remembered what a beautiful pussy she has, thick, full labia and large clit. I couldn’t wait to be inside that once again!
We watched for a few seconds more as the Hayden finished Michelle. Miss Trachtenberg, for her part, was cumming along quite nice, moaning loudly and pinching her nipples as she got finger fucked.
Once she climaxed, we toweled off and Michelle and I emphasized the importance of cleanliness, both before and after sex. We illustrated by washing each other off in the make shift shower in the back of the room. The girls used it next, piling in and laughing and playing as they washed off the sweat and cum.
Hayden and her little boy lover used it after that and we illustrated what can sometimes happen in the shower when they once again began fucking.
Michelle spent a little of our time talking about diseases and what to do, and not do, in the outside world (none of these things mattered here; everyone who attended a Bacchanalia was throughly screened and tested for HIV, herpes, and, well, everything), while I watched Hayden dry off. What a creature!
She caught me watching her and laughed one of her delightful laughs. “You like my boy?” she asked.
I nodded. “Very much. He has quite the cock.”
“Doesn’t he?” She giggled a little. “Tell Michelle we’ll be spending most of our time in one room?” She asked me as she slipped her dress back on and began to leave.
“Which one?” I asked.
“Pedo.” she said as she left the room. Naturally.
Michelle was finishing up on condoms when I once again joined the discussion. Ryan raised her hand once Mitch finished.
“Why do we need to know this stuff if it doesn’t apply here?” she said, reminding me of a question I think I had once asked in Algebra.
“Because, sweetie,” Michelle told her, “the Bacchanalia is only 3 days a year. This is the information you’ll need for the other 362 days.”
“Oh.” Ryan nodded.

We had about an hour left, and Michelle filled up the time going into detail about this mornings earlier discussion, fetishes.
“I have a hand-out,” she said, handing us all a single piece of paper, printed on both sides, single spaced. It had all of the rooms for tonight’s activities on it, all of them with just about every paraphilia you’ve ever heard of or imagined. I know. I was the person who put the handout together. “Take a good look at the activities and think about what fetishes interest you. And make sure to ask about any activity you don’t remember from this morning.”
The list ran alphabetically and included instruction how to get to that particular room. With so many rooms on the premises, I knew instructions would be a great help. The girls ran through the list a few times.
I read over the sheet myself, taking note at the diversity. I had personally approved this list, but I always marveled at how truly fucked up some of the fetish rooms were. Still, I had tried all but a few and I knew that what did it for me wouldn’t necessarily do it for another.
And, I have to admit, thinking about these two in any one of these rooms got me excited like no other.
“Which fetishes do you like?” Ryan turned to me and asked.
“I’m a body mod kinda guy,” I told her, “But, I’m not adverse to any of them.” I pointed out the ring I have in my scrotum and the tats on my thigh, shoulder and neck.
“So, you’ve tried them all?” Bella asked.
“I’ve tried most of them, yes.”
“Even scat?”
“Even scat.” I replied. “In fact,” I looked over at Dani and she looked back at me, seemingly ok with my next revelation. “Your sister and I enjoyed the water sports room quite a bit.”
Bella turned to Dani. “Seriously?”
“Yeah,” Dani replied. “It’s kinda fun.”
“Mostly, though,” I continued, “I’m into Leather and Pedo.”
“You mean fucking girls like us?” Ryan said.
“And boys…” I said. “But, yeah. I always arrange something special for the Pedo room.”

We all looked over the list one last time and then Michelle asked, “You guys wanna see the films from last years rooms?”
“Sure.” Ryan spoke first.
“Any request?”
“Bukkake.” Ryan again.
Finding the Bukkake DVD, Michelle popped it in and suddenly we were watching the best of last years Bukkake room on the large screen.
“Is that….?” Bella began, tilting her head, I suppose to get a better view. She squinted her eyes slightly and said again, “Is that Kelly Hu?”
I nodded and said, “She loves it.” The camera was really focusing in on her now and the Asian actress was unmistakable. “Most years, she can’t get enough of it.”
“Most years?” Dani asked.
“Not here this year.”
We watched for a few minutes, savoring the scene, Hu and other being ejaculated on. Then, just as I was about to suggest another DVD, an “Oh my God!” came from Bella. “Who’s that?” she asked, pointing to one of the cocks.
One of the HUGE cocks.
“That’s Fred.” I said, laughing a little. “He’s in porn. Goes by Mandingo.”
“Yeah.” I said. “And before you ask, he’s just under 12 inches.”
“Oh my God!” Bella said again.

We watched for a few more minutes and then we popped in the Scat DVD. Bella kept mentioning it and we figured maybe she oughta know about wherein she speaks.
“Ok, ok, ok, that’s enough!” Ryan said, half laughing, half repulsed.
Bella never said anything and I guessed, remembering Dani’s sometime freakish behavior, that perhaps the girl was intrigued. I filed that away while Michelle found the leather DVD.

The leather DVD didn’t have much sex going on.
“Why’s that?” Ryan asked.
“The leather and rubber room adjoins many of the S & M rooms. Only the purists actually fuck in the leather room.”
“Purists?” she kept prodding.
“The people who really get off on dressing in rubber or leather. The S & M’s use the room more as a dressing room that anything else. Dress there and then go torture someone in the next room. There aren’t many purists.”
“She is.” Dani said, pointing at the screen.
Good eye, I thought. The camera was focusing in on Jennifer Lopez, fucking two guys, both of whom were not her husband. She wore a very flattering leather harness that showed off her tits extremely well, even though she was sandwiched between two guys, and a pair of, seemingly, crotchless leather panties.
“Why are there two guys?” Bella asked.
“DP.” Dani said, a smile on her face.
“Double Penetration.” Michelle expanded. “Remember? We talked about it this morning.”
Bella nodded not taking her eyes off the screen.
And then Ryan asked, “Is that a boy or a girl?” I saw that she was focusing on a TS, getting dressed behind the JLo coupling.
“That’s a Transsexual, honey.” I wasn’t sure who this one was, but I could plainly see his/her dick. “Can’t tell who, though.”
“I think that’s Kaya.” Michelle suggested. Kaya is a well known LA/Vegas TS.
I looked a little closer. “Y’know, I think you’re right.”
“Who’s Kaya?” Dani asked.
Funny. I thought Dani knew everyone by now. “Kaya is 9 ½ inches of pure delight.” I said.
“You like transsexuals?” Bella inquired.
“I like it all.” I said.

“I wanna see last year’s Pedo room.” Dani piped up.
I only smiled as Mitch popped in the DVD.
“Abby!” Ryan said, pointing out a fleeting image of Abigail Breslin. She had been sucking some young satyr off. The camera panned, showing how truly packed the room was, and then arrived on a little foursome, Annasophia Robb (12), Julia Winter (13) and Carly Owen (10) all doing a twenty-something man slave. Carly was riding his prick while Anna was sitting on his face and Julia was behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her miniature tits.
“Very nice.” I said, under my breath.
Another girl, I couldn’t tell who, was getting fucked up the ass in the foreground, I was pretty sure, by MacKenzie Rosman with a strap-on. The action continued on this little coupling and I realized the girl getting it up the ass was none other than India Eisley, Olivia Hussey’s daughter.
This, I think, got Bella thinking.
“Can we see the Anal room?”

The anal room was just as busy as the pedo room. Men, women, boys and girls were milling around, wanting a piece of ass…any piece of ass. The camera focused on Amy Smart doing a young boy of perhaps 11 years of age with a bright pink strap-on. The thing popped out for a second and we could see the thing had huge ridges and bumps near the head of it. Then, back in it went and the camera was once again searching the crowd.
It stopped at nineteen year old Emmy Rossum, who had quite an interesting situation going on. She had cock up her ass and in her mouth, but the cock in her mouth belonged to her boyfriend/manslave who was also getting a cock up his ass. A very nice combination.
It was now my turn to speak. “Mitch,” I said, “If you’ll fast forward about thirty minutes I think you’ll find me.”
She did so and, sure enough, there I was, fucking fifteen year old Jamie-Lynn Spears up the ass.
“Wow.” Bella said.
I chuckled. “Yeah, she’s ok. Her sister was always a lot more enthusiastic.”
“Yeah,” I said. “She’s been banned. It’s a shame, too. She and Jamie-Lynn were always the best when they were together in the incest room.”
“Incest?” Dani remarked. “No shit?”
“Yeah, they were amazing.” Michelle interjected, nodding her head in agreement.
“Amazing.” I echoed, talking to Dani. “Alone, they were both just okay. Together, they were always a mind blowing fuck. Before your time. I’ll bring in the DVD for tomorrow’s class.”
Michelle turned the TV off. “Alright. Enough TV.” she said, joking. “It’ll rot your mind.”

Michelle then finished the remainder of her basics course (this time touching on, of all things, dining etiquette) and, while we all dressed, she told the two girls, minus Dani, what their duties would be for tonights ceremonies.
Once we were sure they knew their roles, we headed to dinner.

Unlike the light lunch we had partaken of, dinner was quite the production. It was a banquet worthy of an army. And not a small army.
The dining hall was crammed with as many tables as our guests could fit without being unreasonably crowded. The hall even opened up into the garden, with tables halfway out the giant double doors. I had helped with this part and getting everyone seated in this venue was quite a feat. Needless to say, unless they decide to do add-ons, we won’t be using this place again.
We had decided on eco-friendly cuisine, everything organic and fresh. Otherwise, the guests had 6 different meals to choose, two of them for vegetarians and vegans. My mistress was right. If I may say so, I had thought of everything!
In addition to the food, there were several bars now throughout not just the dinner hall but the mansion itself. Liquor was everywhere and it seemed hard to find a person who did not already have a glass or bottle in their hand.
We had assigned the Nestlings to the front of the dining hall, seated at the table closest to the small rise where the officiation would occur. The table seated only six, so we had to add a chair for Hayden’s man.
As always in celebrations like these ones, many of the tables had faces that were very recognizable. Michelle, Amy Acker and Sarah Michelle Gellar had one table, with their respective sex slaves. I always try to seat people together, if possible, if they know each other, as we did with the Sports Illustrated models. I managed to sit Ana Paula Araujo (23), Bar Refaeli (20), Tori Praver (19), Raica Oliveira (22) and Brazilian Selita Ebanks (23) together since only one of them (Selita) had a man-slave. And since Jessica Beil and her 16 year old co-star, Mackenzie Rosman, came with two boy toys each, I made sure they had their own table.
In addition, and only a table away from us, was the Little Miss Sunshine table. Sitting closest to me was Lauren Shiohama, the knockout who played Miss California in the film. She was a newer addition, brought into the society just a few years ago, and a terrific fuck. On her left was Abby Breslin, last years star initiate. She had been a fantastic addition and had shown herself worthy in the initiation process. With these two were youngsters Alissa Anderegg and Casandra Ashe, also relatively new additions, though both have familial ties to the society that went way back, so it’s strange calling them “new additions.”
Ryan was quite excited to see some of her friends. She had almost been cast in Little Miss Sunshine and knew many of the “contestants” from the movie. I think having someone else to talk to her age, besides her Bella and her sister, helped her feel she wasn’t the only kid here…
“Now remember,” I said, once the girls had settled down, “Once the ceremony starts, you need to pay close attention. She’ll call you up, so just go on up there and follow her lead.”
Ryan rolled her eyes. “We know, we know. Be gracious, but flirty. Do whatever she asks. Let’s get this over with already.”
I tried to suppress a smile. “It’s just very important you make a good impression.” I said and followed it up with, “If your mom was here, she’d say the same thing.”
“We’ll do fine.” Bella stated matter of factly.
And that’s when she came out, taking her place on the rise.
“Thank you all for coming.” she said, loudly enough so as to signal to everyone that she was about to speak. The hall quieted down quite a bit and she continued. “And, once again, I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. I know a lot of you are thinking you’ll enjoy yourselves a lot more once this little speech is over.”
This elicits a huge laugh and my mistress smiled broadly. Such a beautiful smile! A small throne is behind her, on the rise, but placed back enough so as to give my mistress room to wander a little. Once the laughter died off, she spoke again.
And then she launched into her “Praise Bacchus” speech.
Since you all know the speech, I’ll skip over that and go on to the main event.
At the end of it, we all repeated three brief prayers to Bacchus and then my mistress called the girls up. They rose from out table, walked to the rise and presented themselves.
“Members of the society, I give you Ryan Newman and Bella Thorne!” The girls each gave a small curtsy and smiled. Very proper. Applause rumbles through the hall and for the first time it really hits me how many people are here. How many people have come to see this ceremony. Over the years, growth had been pretty steady, but the last two years the society had exploded.
In any case, at that point, both girls turned, took my mistress by the hand and led her to the modest throne behind her. She sat and, smiling at her under aged guests, kissed each one in turn, deep, open mouthed kisses. The girls responded, kissing their priestess back and when they were finished, turned to face the crowd. As they peered out into the crowd, my mistress began undressing the little girls. Ryan had a really pretty smile on her face, but Bella was looking directly at me. I winked at her and she smiled broadly. And then she mouthed the words “I can’t wait til tonight,” to me.
I got an immediate hard-on and even flushed a little, I think. Dani reached under the table to squeeze my thigh while I watched Ryan’s dress drop to the floor, followed immediately after by Bella’s.
“She really likes you.” Dani told me, obviously talking about her sister. “I never knew my sister was such a freak for dark meat.”
“If I remember right,” and I did, “You’re something of a freak for it, too.”
“Well,” she smiled, moving her hand up my thigh and across my crotch, grasping semi-hard cock, “There’s a lot to be freaky about.” The 13 year old smiled at me and began rubbing my crotch up and down even as we watched the rest of the ceremony.
“Bacchus begets all,” My mistress said and it was repeated by the crowd. She rose and said “Bacchus loves all.” This was repeated. And as she said “Bacchus breeds with all” she dropped her own dress.
This was not repeated, but instead met with cheers. At this point, two things began happening. First, the true dining began. Food was ushered into the hall according to the orders of the patrons and everyone began eating. Second, my mistress began truly fondling the girls in front of her, kissing them, making love to them in the way only a priestess of Bacchus could.
This was our dinner theater.
Dani unzipped my pants under the table and gave me a brief, but nice, handjob before our dinner came.
And then we ate.

We both commented periodically on the performance going on in front of us as we ate and I told Dani I thought Bella was going to have many of the traits she had exhibited over the years.
“Yeah, she’s a freak like me.” She said.
“Exactly like you?” I prodded, watching her sister get her tiny ass crack licked by my mistress on stage.
She finished a spoonful of something and said, “I think so. Maybe not the amputee thing,” Dani had been fascinated for the past year or so with amputees. “But, did you notice her reaction to the Scat room?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“Interesting, no?”
I glanced back up at the spectacle on stage and watched Ryan and Bella kiss passionately for a second. “Interesting, yes.”

“Wow!” Ryan said as she and Bella joined us back at the table, clothed.
“Yeah.” Bella joined in. “She’s amazing! That was so incr…” Excitedly, she interrupted herself. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, talked very fast at Ryan, “Did you notice how big her…What’s it called?” She looked over to me.
“Her ‘clitoris,’” I said, knowing what she was talking about. “It’s called a ‘clitoris’ and I hope you were paying better attention when we covered lesbian fellatio because we talked about the ‘clitoris’ a number of times.” I purposefully over pronounced “clitoris” each time I said it, putting on my teacher hat. After all, Michelle wasn’t here to correct them so I knew it fell to me.
“I did,” Bella said, looking a little chastised. “I promise.”
“Good.” I said, “I don’t want to hear from my mistress that you had no idea what you were doing up there.”
“No.” she shook her head. “No, I think we all had a great experience.”
“Yeah.” Ryan chimed in. And then her eyes lit up. “And, yeah I did notice!”
They both giggled a little and shared a knowing look.
“You guys have fun, though?” I asked.
“Oh my God, yes!” Bella said.
Ryan joined her. “She’s so pretty! And she knew right where to touch me so it felt sooooo good.” They both looked as if they have just snorted a huge line of coke they were so excited.
“Ok,” I said, signaling that maybe they calm down a bit. “well, you two finish eating.”
“I couldn’t possibly eat now!”
“Me neither.”
We talked for a little longer and I noticed, despite their protests, they did eat a little. Ten minutes later the gong went off, signaling the end of the dinner festivities and the beginning of the REAL festivities.
Michelle was immediately at our table, saying “Are you girls ready?”

We walked up to the Nestling room, dodging people all the way. On our last turn up the beautiful stairway, we passed Erica Durrance and Kaylee DeFer making out. Their boy-slaves (and I mean BOY slaves…both had kids barely meeting the age qualification…I knew how much both loved the Pedo room) were standing there, waiting to be used. One, a Latin boy who couldn’t have been more than 10, was a stunning example of satyr flesh and I wondered if he was Erica’s or Kaylee’s. I’ll have to revisit them both, I thought.
Reaching the classroom, Mitch immediately began touching on the basics in a hurried manner.
“You have any questions, now is the time to ask them.” She said, finishing up. She told them they had no “duties” tonight, but that there would be a lot of “sex going on, so you need to tell us if there are any lingering issues or questions you have.” The girl’s didn’t have to partake, but, as the initiates, they were expected to make an appearance in and around the Bacchanalia and take part periodically.
The girls nodded and Ryan said “We know.”
“What else?” Mitch prodded.
“Um,” Ryan said, “no drugs or alcohol, at least not tonight.”
“Oh,” Bella chimed in, “and no penetration.”
“Bingo.” Michelle said. Then, looking over to me, she smiled and said, “I think they’re ready. Let’s go get fucked.”

Emerging from the makeshift classroom that we had just entered ten minutes ago, it was as if there was a new world happening. People had spread out all over the mansion, many of whom were only in the barest form of clothed. Some were forming in groups along the hallway talking or laughing, others standing outside the doors of rooms, watching the festivities. A little threesome was forming in one alcove and clothes were beginning to fly.
We passed the same way we had come up only minutes ago, floating down the stairs and watching the last vestiges of the dinner we had attended. They were hurriedly taking down the tables and chairs and laying down mats, blankets, pillows, rose petals, whatever, on the floor. This, I knew, would be the orgy hall.
On our way down, we once again passed Erica and Kaylee. The redhead was now, however, on her knees. She was sucking the cock of the boy I had been interested in. I nodded at Erica (I know her, just not terribly well) and hung back a tiny bit, letting my girls pass me.
“Who’s your mistress, boy?” I asked,
The kid looked like he was in heaven, but opened his eyes long enough to realize who I was. “They both are, sir.” he said.
“Nice.” I said and patted his ass. I was going to have to have him.

“Fuck that!” Dani said, interrupting her sister and her friend. “You guys should wait for the orgy hall…or at least the Pedo room.”
“Dani,” Michelle said, a little sternly, “they get to choose where they go.”
“Where would you two go?” Ryan asked Michelle and I.
I thought about that for a second. “If I were new to this,” I started, “I’d choose the really freaky ones. I think, just to see how freaky I was. That way, nothing would surprise me later.”
Michelle laughed and said, “But, we already know how deviant you are.”
“Ok,” Ryan said, ignoring our flirts, “what’s the freakiest?”
I grimaced. “Hard to say. What’s bizarre to one is totally reasonable to another. Um, bestiality?”
“Animals?” Bella said, a little surprised. “Seriously, I don’t know if I wanna see that.”
“Yeah, me either.” Ryan agreed.
“Ok, how about the Trannies?” I mentioned.
The girls looked at each other and shrugged a little shrug.
“I think that’s a yes.” Michelle said and we were off.

“What are those?” Ryan asked as we passed a table on the way.
“Those are drugs, honey.” I said, halfway amused. There was a pretty blond bent over it, snorting a line of the coke.
And, man, did we have drugs!
What had Hunter Thompson once said? Oh yeah: “Two bags of Grass, 75 pellets of Mescaline, 5 sheets of high power blotter Acid, salt shaker full of cocaine, Whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers. Also a quart of tequila, quart of rum, case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyl. Once you start a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as hard as you can.”
Our drug collection made his drug collection look like a pile of shit.
Finishing the line, the blond came up for air.
“Oh, hey, ‘Manda!” Bella said.
“Hey!” Amanda Bynes replied, snorting the small remainder of coke up her nose and making sure there was no residual left there. “Oh my God! The Thorne sisters! Jesus, Bella, are you old enough to be here?”
She had apparently missed the evening ceremony.
We assured her Bella was old enough and found the Trannie room.

We stepped in the room and watched for a moment.
The Trannie room was almost always filled with regular people and this year it was no different. With only two exceptions, the only action here were bi-sexual men getting it up the ass from some dominant Trannie with a man body and too much hair in the wrong places.
The two exceptions were a couple of Trannies going at it quite vigorously and 15 year old Emma Roberts getting it on with a very pretty Post-Op.
“Kaya.” Michelle said.
And she was right. Emma had about half of Kaya’s nearly ten inches down her throat and touching herself. Between her legs, I mean, besides her hand, was a large strap-on dildo. I had the feeling we were going to see a real show.
That’s when I felt a tug on my arm.
Ryan was getting my attention. “Come to the Leather room with me, please?”
I got on one knee and said “Right now?”
“Right now.” She wasn’t into Trannies.
I rose and touched Michelle on the shoulder. “Meet us at the Leather room?” I phrased it as a question so she knew she could object if she wanted. She WAS their teacher.
“Sure.” She said, not showing any problem with the idea. “Ryan wants to go?”
“Ok, we’ll meet you there.”
I took Ryan by the hand and we moved out of the room.

Leather was just down the hall and, when we arrived we greeted the Park sisters, Linda and Grace (they’re not really sisters, but they loved confusing people) getting dressed in some serious dominatrix outfits.
“Your first time in Leather, sweetie?” Linda, the younger of the two asked.
“Uh huh.” Ryan affirmed. A topless Grace then went over to one of the lockers and pulled out an outfit that seemed to be exactly her size.
“Thanks!” The 7 year old said, a little gleeful.
“Don’t mention it.” Grace just smiled and looked to me. “What about you, Messenger?”
“I have my own,” I said and walked over to a different locker. Opening it, I pulled out my custom job and sat next to Ryan.
“You two mind if we make out while you change?” Linda asked.
“We love to watch people put on their leather.” Grace commented.
“Not at all.” I said and turned to Ryan. “See? These are two exceptions that make the rule. They’re purists.” Ryan nodded and began removing her dress. I stood up and dropped my pants and stepped into my harness. Belting in, I was in a leather harness that exposed my cock and balls but that ended in a cock ring. Putting on my leather collar, I was finished.
Ryan’s was a little more complicated, but no less revealing. Her little outfit ran up her torso in a complex pattern, but exposed her tiny nipples and, of course, her crotch. And it was the perfect size!
“You have a beautiful body, sweetie.” Grace said as Linda sucked on her tit and fingered herself through her own leather harness.
“Thank you.” Ryan replied and I asked her if she wanted to check out the main S&M room. “Sure!” she said, once again with enthusiasm.

The main room, as usual, was quite elaborate, decorated with a Victorian motif and extremely expensive furnishings. On said furnishings was where all the action was happening.
As we entered, on our left a woman was being spanked by a pretty brunette. I noticed both women had butt plugs inside them, more likely one that vibrated in tandem with the smacks.
I had Ryan’s hand in mine and she squeezed. I glanced over to where she was looking and saw a set of couples up on a table. One, a satyr with a huge cock, was strapped to a table and his mistress was sucking him off. Inches away from them, the second couple, two women, was watching some porn on the big screen TV while one fingered the other.
“Can I join them?” Ryan asked.
“You can do anything you’d like, honey.” And I wondered which coupling she was going to join. I didn’t have to wonder long since she let go of my hand and went right up to the man/woman couple, asking if she could help.
And then this gorgeous little girl was sucking cock.
I admired the sight for a few seconds and then joined her, coming up from behind her and touching her bare ass. She had the guy’s cock head in her mouth and was sucking on it wildly. I whispered in her ear “Take it slowly, honey. Suck on it like it was a lollipop. Savor him.” She did so for a few moments…
And then this gorgeous little beauty popped it out her mouth and offered it to me.
I smiled and thought of the old adage “sharing is caring.” I chuckled to myself and began blowing the guy, Ryan watching me demonstrate. I gave him my best cocksucking treatment and then allowed the young girl to try again.
I observed her skill for a few moments, watching her even try to deep throat the guy. She gagged and I reminded her what Michelle had said about it. “Remember, you are controlling all the muscles at the back of your throat to suppress the gag reflex. Flatten your tongue and just do it.”
She wasn’t able.
“It’s ok.” I said a few moments later as we left the couple. “Most girls can’t do it the first time.”
“I know,” she said, “But I wanted to be….Oooo.” She moaned a little, having obviously seen what I had seen minutes earlier. Maggie Grace, of Lost fame, was standing on the stairs, wearing nothing but leather boots and a riding crop, getting eaten out by a pretty little redheaded girl. The redhead, probably around 11 or 12, also wore nothing but a leather collar to which was attached a length of chain. She was on her knees, sucking and licking pussy and seemingly sending Maggie into fits.
Ryan headed that way and I followed close behind.
We passed a couple of guys who were thrashing a naked woman on a table with whips, the woman moaning each time a leather strap hit her. She had her hand between her legs and she was dripping in sweat.
We both climbed the stairs to where the two were making love and Ryan, moving above them on the stairs, immediately began sucking on Maggie’s tits. Grace has medium small tits, but large, round areola and it was so pleasing to watch Ryan’s tiny mouth encircle each nipple. Maggie leaned back and moaned loudly, apparently feeling another orgasm coming on due to the increased stimulation. When Maggie opened her eyes, she and Ryan kissed.
“Hey,” she mouthed to me a few seconds later and nodded back, caressing the redhead’s small ass. Maggie and I had become acquainted years ago when she was a starving actress and I knew how she felt about the S&M room. Ryan continued kissing and fondling Maggie’s tits and then did two things that surprised me. First, she smacked Maggie’s tits, a little hard, sending miss Grace over the edge a little.
Second, she came down the stairs and, kneeling down between the redhead’s legs, began eating pussy.
I knelt down to watch and was pleased to see that while the young girl was not necessarily a natural at deepthroating, she had real technique at sucking pussy. The look on the redhead’s face was priceless, like it couldn’t possibly be any better.
And then it was.
I decided to crank it up a notch by walking down the stairs, grabbing a cat o’ nine tails and taking it back up the stairs with me. By this time, Ryan was on her back, really going at the pussy in front of her and rubbing her own little hairless cunt back and forth.
I began by running the flogger up and down her legs. I got reaction with that and, because of this, I decided to begin whipping her. Very gently at first and only across her stomach, it was obvious that this was turning her on, so I continued, a little harder each time.
Ryan had found her niche. To my delight and amazement, Ryan Newman seemed to be born to be a little bondage whore!
We had only been at this a moment or two when Maggie asked me to stop.
“Stop?” I asked.
Then, looking me straight in the eye said, “Fuck me.”
And this was Maggie Grace we’re talking about, so, yes, of course I said I would!
Twenty seconds later, I was deep inside Miss Grace. We, the two girls and I, had turned her around so she was facing the banister and I was doing her from behind. The little redhead took some time to recover by going to the top step of the stairs and masturbating as she watched. Maggie squealed a little when I lubricated my thumb with spit and put the first inch or so in her tight little bum.
She squealed again when Ryan resumed her pussy licking, this time kneeling down and sucking Maggie’s clit into her mouth while I continued fucking the gorgeous blond.
“Oh, fuck yeah!” she moaned, feeling about half of my length combined with Ryan’s tongue. I stopped for a few seconds, still inside Maggie, and my stunning little 7 year old began sucking my exposed shaft, further stimulating me.
I started again, driving my black cock in as deep as it would go and then popping it out again so Ryan could suck the tip of it. She was very good at picking things up quickly, since she didn’t only suck on it, but began stroking it with her one free hand. Then, guiding me back to Maggie, she rubbed it against the beautiful actress’s slippery wet cunt once more before inserting my length in her again.
I went at her again, this time with purpose, and I could feel Maggie experiencing orgasm as the two of us made mad love to her.
Her climax lasted a minute or two and then I told Ryan we should move on.
“But, you didn’t cum.” she told me.
“I won’t cum several times tonight, sweetie.”

We headed back down the stair where the couple we had played with before had changed places. This time, the woman was bound on the table, a ball gag in her mouth and the man was smacking her tits with a small paddle. She seemed to love it.
Ryan paused a second at the table, just long enough to kiss her right breast and ask the satyr if she could use the paddle. Then, my little Ryan began mimicking the man, smacking the woman on her breasts before giving it back and once again moving on.

“So, the pain interests you?” I asked her.
“The sensation of it, yeah.”
“Think you might be interested in the Body Mod room?”
“Maybe, yeah.” she replied.

An that’s when we came upon Dani. Being virtually assaulted by a small threesome. Two women and a man had her on a table, one of the women, a girl really, no older than Dani herself, was between her legs, driving her tongue inside the 13 year old.
Bella and Michelle were sitting in a couch about two feet away, kissing. Michelle had one hand between the little girl’s legs.
Ryan went to go sit with her teacher and her friend. I, on the other hand, approached Dani.
Getting on the other side of her, I slid my hand up her torso, stopping a second to squeeze her rather substantial (for her age) tits. She stared at me and smiled when she realized it who I was. Just then, the second woman, this one in her late teens, joined us, kissing Dani passionately. I suddenly recognized her as beautiful Odette Yustman.
I watched as the two girls, in their own world now and ignoring the rest of us, got into a 69 position and began servicing one another. Dani was on top, so I moved to the side and began helping Odette get our barely-teen lover off, putting my tongue up her ass.
When I backed off a little, Odette told me there was a butt plug on the table across the room. I fetched it and, once again licking her ass to lubricate it, stuffed the rather large plug up our little Dani’s ass.
I only watched for a few more moments since, by this time, Miss Yustman was somewhere else entirely. Seems the guy had began fucking her, letting his cock slip out only occasionally so Dani could suck him off. It was quite a sight, but I realized I was no longer required.
The sex had really become raunchy now, the sounds of slapping bodies everywhere. I watched a few couplings and then edged my way back to the couch. The girls were all still just making out, kissing and fondling one another.
“Can anyone play?” I asked and the two girls let out a little squeal, as if they hadn’t seen me in days.
Ryan was excited. “I just told them what we did on the stairs!”
I grinned at Michele and said, “We could recreate it for you if you think you need to see it yourself.” I joked.
And that’s when all three girls virtually attacked me. I was thrown down on the couch and hands were all over me. Michelle and Ryan held me down and began sucking my cock while Bella began kissing me passionately. I think she really likes kissing.
In any case, she stopped for a second, looked at me and said “I’ve wanted to do this to you from the first day I met you.”
“You can have every inch of me, Bella.” I told her. “Anything you want.”
And, at that, she began kissing my neck, my chest, going ever lower.
The girls got out of the way when she arrived at where she was going. Taking my cock in her hand, she gripped my length and then began sucking on my rod.
“Remember what we talked about, honey,” Michelle was saying, still instructing. She was watching us even as Ryan began sucking on her tits and ultimately, getting underneath her to eat Trachtenberg’s pussy.
And, apparently, Bella had really listened. To say she was sucking cock like a pro would be overstating it quite a bit; No eight year old sucked cock like a pro at the Bacchanalia. But even with that, she was doing quite a job, fondling my balls with one hand while her tongue ran the length on my shaft, sucking on the side of it occasionally, savoring it.
And then she attempted to deep throat it. And succeeded getting the first two inches or so down her throat before gagging.
“Very nice, honey!” Michelle said, a little distracted but aware of the feat.
Bella once again climbed me and kissed me deep. “You want me to get you off?” she asked, more than willing to continue.
“That’s ok, sweetie,” I said, trying to show her that this was all about her and Ryan. “We have other rooms you two wanted to see, don’t we?”
She nuzzled her face into my sweaty chest and remarked “We can stay here all night long if you want.”
“This isn’t about what I want,” I said, resting one hand over her tiny left butt cheek. “This is about what you and Ryan need to learn. What you enjoy and want to learn about.”
Michelle stopped Ryan and agreed. “We should get going.” She rose and helped Ryan to her feet. “Where to now, ladies?”

We had left Dani to her own devices (which she looked well able to handle on her own; when we left her, she was still being ravished, by this time by two men, on her hands and knees, one guy at each end of her) and hit the Body Mod room. It had been Bella’s suggestion, but I got the idea that since I had mentioned it, she had decided that’s where she wanted to go.
The most interesting thing was, though, that the Scat room was just down the hall from the Body mod and I began to think this might be a way of getting Bella there.
The minute we walked in we noticed an interesting little blond. She was about 10 or 11 and seemed to be the love child of Lindsey Lohan and Brooke Shield. I mean, she had all the characteristics of both women and I wondered who she was.
I didn’t have to wonder long.
I caught sight of Ellen Page and immediately knew this little whore was hers. She had a propensity for both young girls and piercings, so this was a natural conclusion. I caught Ellen’s eye and she waved at me.
We said our hellos and then I realized what was happening. Ellen’s little whore was jumping up on the chair, about to get pierced.
We spoke for a minute or so and I introduced the girls. Ellen told them she was pleased to meet them and then introduced her young friend by saying, “That’s Jacky, my hermaphrodite.”
Well, to say this came as a huge shock would be greatly understating the case. We all looked over and Jacky just smiled and nodded. She was a beautiful little girl, again, looking a little like a young Brooke Shields crossed with a young Lindsey Lohan. She wore a loose fitting dress and had the most attractive freckles all over the bridge of her nose. Young enough to have a flat chest, I guessed she was probably 10. She seemed very agreeable and gave a little laugh when we continued to stare.
“Show ’em whatcha got, Jacky.” Ellen said, simultaneously waving someone over to make sure Jacky got pierced. The little blond then rose from the chair and pulled her dress up over her head to reveal a magnificent sight. She wore nothing underneath the dress and between her legs, just above what were obviously pussy lips, hung a tiny little penis. She had what is known as a Prince Albert, a piercing through the top of the glans, the head of the cock.
“Holy Shit!” Ryan cried out and then, self conscious, apologized. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry.”
Jacky just giggled. “Nothing to be sorry about.” she said. She lifted her leg and said, “I have another one here.” Lifting her scrotum, she showed us the ring at the base of her cock, known as a Lorum.
I knew Ryan had been surprised by the penis, not the piercings, but I held my tongue. I noticed that Jacky also had a tongue ring and I asked her about it.
“Oh, she’s had that for a few months now.” Ellen replied for her, “I asked her to get it for me. The oral sex is so much better with it in.”
“Don’t believe that for a second.” Jacky countered. “She’s been unable to find anyone that can lick pussy even half as good as me.”
Ellen just smiled as if in a daze. “True, that.” she said.
“Then what are you getting pierced?” I asked.
“Both nipples.” Jacky replied, matter of factly. She demonstrated by reaching up and pinching both nipples. You could just discern that her breasts were beginning to sprout and I must admit to being extremely turned on. It had been many years since I had been with a hermaphrodite and never one this young.
“You girls wanna watch?” I asked Ryan and Bella.
“Fuck yeah!” came from Ryan.

We watched Jacky get her piercings and then I asked the girls if they wanted to get anything done, keeping in mind any kind of piercing or tats would take weeks to heal and would be painful. I think the idea of going through a painful procedure and being sore through the subsequent days of the Bacchanalia, was uninviting and, thus, turned down.
They did both, however, take me up on the idea of getting Henna Tattoos. Bella got a pretty little butterfly on her left shoulder. Ryan, always one to upstage, said she wanted hers on her lower stomach and she wanted it of two people fucking.
The artist was amused and did a particularly thorough job of it. He actually made a threesome, a guy fucking a cute little thing that looked a lot like Ryan while another girl that looked a little like Bella sucked on her tits. Very nice.

As we headed out the door, Jacky hollered at us from across the room. “You’ll be around later on, right?” She looked as if she had decided to get a nose ring as well, since she now had two bars in each nipple and a ring in her nose.
“Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow night,” I replied, loud enough for her to hear. It was getting late, almost 11 PM now, and I knew the girls would have to be in bed early for tomorrow’s festivities. Midnight was their bedtime.

“Where to now, ladies?” I asked.
“Nononono,” Ryan complained, “You can’t just let that go without explanation.”
“Yeah, I agree.” Bella said. “What the fuck was that?”
“What was what?”
“Jacky has a penis and a vagina! That’s what!” Ryan was very animated about it all.
Michelle took over. She walked us over to an alcove that was not taken and talked about hermaphrodites. She explained that sometimes people are born with genitals from both genders. It was very rare but it does happen.
“Because it’s so rare, we decided to skip the subject entirely.” she said, looking up at me. She was right, of course. We hadn’t taught anything about hermaphrodites in years since it very rarely came up…even at a Bacchanalia.
“I promise, we’ll touch on it tomorrow morning, ok?”
The girls seemed to have had their curiosity satiated and we talked about what room was next. While we discussed it, I quietly repeated my suggestion to Michelle about the Scat room and Bella’s possible interest.
When the Bukkake versus Pedo argument cropped up, I thought this was the perfect opportunity.
“Mitch,” I said, “Why don’t you take Bella to the Pedo room and we’ll meet you there in, what? Twenty minutes.”
“That sounds like a good plan.” Michelle said, catching my drift. “But only twenty minutes. It’s almost quarter after 11.”
“Twenty minutes.” I nodded and Ryan and I left the other two for browner (possibly) pastures.

“So, this isn’t completely deviant and bizarre?” Ryan asked me, worrying.
“What? Bukkake? Don’t be silly. It’s completely normal. Mainstream even.” I told her. “We’ll show you a few videos tomorrow and you’ll see. Every porn does it these days.”
We came to the door and were assaulted by very loud music and a great many cheers. A circle had formed in the center of the room and, with in the circle, quite a large number of men, black and white, young and old, all masturbating.
Or being sucked off by a number of women and girls. The most famous was Natalie Portman. From here you could see she had been doing this a while. White globs of semen literally ran down her face and onto her naked body. She had so much jism on and around her, I wondered where the rest of the men were. It seemed almost impossible that that much cum could come from the men in this room.
Two other girls caught my eye here. Casandra Ashe, a cute little actress Ryan knows from Little Miss Sunshine, and AnnaSophia Robb.
Both girls, under 12, were absolutely covered in semen.
“Oh my God.” Ryan said, upon seeing her friend Cassandra.
“See?” I said. “Everyone loves this.”
“Even you?”
“ESPECIALLY me.” I told her. “The only thing I love more than the taste of cock is the taste of man juice.”
Ryan laughed, repeating “Man juice.”
“C’mon,” I said and took her by the hand. We walked to the circle of men and watched them masturbate for a few moments and then another guy came on Natalie. He let go with a huge ejaculation, spraying the woman with large gunks of white shit all over her. She eagerly wiped some of it off her small tits and tasted it.
“Oh my God.” Ryan said again, clearly turned on.
“Ok,” I told her, “take that off.” I motioned to her leather outfit. It wasn’t covering anything, really, but I figured in for a pound….
She did as I said and then I once again took her hand and we moved into the circle, a few feet from Natalie and right next to Cassandra. Ryan tried to say hi, but the young girl was oblivious, her body soaked in sweat and sperm, her long dark hair ratty and sticky.
I grabbed the first cock close to me and began sucking. When I saw that Ryan didn’t do the same, I offered her mine. She took it from me and began sucking.
And then came the first torrent. A guy to our left began cumming and I positioned Ryan just right so he’d cum on her. She stopped what she was doing when he began cumming, semen spraying all over her face and chest. Another guy started just as the last guy finished up and before long, my little Ryan was drenched in the cum of four or five different guys.
I watched the last guy cum on her and she smiled at me as we made eye contact. Then, a little unexpectedly, the 7 year old scooted over to where I was a foot or so away and began sucking on my tool even as I sucked on a cock myself.
A minute or so into it, I stopped her. She looked up at me, jism all over her and said “I wanna make you cum.”
“You can’t, honey.” I told her.
“Why not?”
“Because only my mistress can allow that.” I replied simply. “That’s why we were going to meet at the Pedo room.”
She rose, letting go of my tool. “Well, what are we waiting for then?” She took my hand. “Let’s go.”
We barely stopped to shower off and get our outfits on again..

The Pedo room is always the most elaborate and always the most popular. We had made sure that this was, outside of the Orgy Hall, the largest room of the mansion. Indeed, it was gigantic and adorning it with fountains and rugs and a dozen beds had not taken away from that. That was not, of course, the reason most came to this room.
I looked around and saw the reason most people came to this room.
Everywhere, there were shocking acts of depravity. Threesomes, foursome, orgies, and all involving girls and boys of all ages. As we came through the door, we were assaulted by the sights:
A little girl who was no more than 8 or 9 was locked in a 69 with a satyr who was roughly her age but incredibly endowed. In addition, another girl, perhaps 16, was helping her male friend, licking the little girl’s bunghole.
I only vaguely recognized the 16 year old.
Another girl, this one a little older, maybe 10, was being fucked by a guy easily three times her age while a cute little thing, probably her friends age, watched them and masturbated. She was fully clothed, minus her panties that were around her ankles and she had two fingers deep in her hairless little snatch.
And then suddenly, a face I recognized. Sixteen year old Emma Watson was being DP’ed, a guy under her, up her ass, while another fucked her beautiful pussy above her. As all this took place, she continued sucking cock, owned by a satyr who looked as if he was barely legal age for a boy-slave in the Bacchanalia.
We stopped for a second to watch this spectacle and then moved on, approaching the Willis sisters. Some guy was getting 14 year old Scout Willis’s dildo shoved up his ass while her sister, twelve year old Tallulah, sucked him off. Neither of them ever really did it for me, but, as a staple of the incest room, ya gotta love that they’d only fuck as a couple. That’s family togetherness!
There was a miniature Raising Helen reunion going on a few feet from the Willis’s. Abby Breslin was getting it from both sides from her co-stars. Hayden, whom I hadn’t seen since the afternoon, wore an all leather outfit that clung to her body like a glove. Attached to it was a large rubber cock which she was using, driving the thing into Abby’s anus. Her other co-star, Kate Hudson, who was wearing nothing but a pretty little bow in her hair, was licking the little girl’s pussy, occasionally thrusting a finger or two into her snatch.
Very yummy.
I spotted my mistress and we made our way over, across the room, past two very young girls sucking a very large black cock.
Ryan stopped us, watching. I could see she was very eager to learn the art of deepthroating, which is what one of them, Ambrosia Kelley, the ten year old from the Kill Bill movies, was doing. The other girl, a pretty blond girl around the same age, I did not recognize. Ambrosia, though, had the guys cock entirely down her throat while the blond rubbed and sucked on his nuts.
“Ok, seriously,” Ryan commented, “I have to learn how to do that.”
I told her she was right and we moved further into the room. By the time we reached my mistress, I had noticed how much use the sex swing was getting. Thirteen year old Whitney Lee had a tube top stuck around her midsection while Mandy Moore, a rather large strap-on attached to her, fucked her while she sat in the seat. A man-slave (not sure if he was Whitney’s or Mandy’s) with a cock ring and a chain around his neck stroked his own pole, watching a few feet away.
My mistress called my name.
She was currently with Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s nine year old. She was pulling a long string of Anal beads out of my mistress’s anus and playing with herself from behind. My mistress was wearing only a long chain that ended clamped at both nipples and a pair of black leather boots. Lourdes wore nothing but a anal plug. From the look of it, it was a remote control vibrating anal plug, since my mistress had a small device in her hand. As Lourdes pulled out the last bead, there was considerable resistance. The last bead was gigantic.
Kneeling, I kissed both my mistress and Lourdes.
“Have you cum yet?” My mistress asked me.
“No.” I obediently answered.
“Good.” she said, pressing a button on the remote. I saw Lourdes flinch from the corner of my eye. “I want to watch them,” she pointed past me, “suck you off.”
I looked and discovered Bella and Michelle had joined Ryan, standing there, naked.
My mistress rose and took my hand. The girls, all of them, followed.
Upon reaching the largest bed in the room, we watched for a moment as Angelina Jolie, dressed in a black leather dominatrix outfit that was missing it’s crotch, and Brad Pitt, wearing, basically, the same outfit, sucked off a young boy of perhaps 12 years of age. The satyr came all over the couples faces and my mistress suggested they relocate somewhere else a few moments later.
Then, laying me on the bed, she instructed the two young girls to begin. The seven and eight year old climbed onto the bed and, after kissing me feverishly, I watched the two of them kiss.
Let me say this. There is nothing like seeing two pre-pubescent girls kiss deeply, their tongues dancing between them.
And then they began sucking cock.
The sensations started a few moments later, just as I watched my mistress also climb onto the bed and begin fondling little Ryan, playing with her pussy. It began in the depths of my ‘nads and it felt so good. By the time Michelle got on the bed and offered up her pussy to me, sitting on my face, I was nearing what I knew would be a huge explosion.
I could hear Michelle giving little Ryan a few last pointers, even as I serviced her pussy, and then, suddenly, I was down someone’s throat. I could tell it was Ryan by the choking sounds she was making, but she did manage it, even if it was just to deepthroat me once. I couldn’t quite see, but I think she handed me off to Bella who also succeeded in putting my cock down her throat, with less problems than her 7 year old friend. They did keep after it, though, giving me a seriously decent cocksucking.
Twenty seconds later, I was over the edge. I signaled Michelle, who told the girl’s I was about to cum. Ryan was the girl to get me all the way there, stroking my cock once it was out of Bella’s mouth.
I came rather violently, splashing the shit all over my stomach and Ryan’s hand as I convulsed and moaned loudly.
When I finally opened my eyes, really coming out of it now, I witnessed Ryan and Bella climbing me, licking up the semen from my dark black belly and sharing the shit with a kiss.
It was only then that I noticed that my mistress had been watching this whole time, her legs propped up on the bed and her hand between them, masturbating. I smiled at her and then told the girls to share some of my spunk with her. Crawling over to her, the girls began making out with her, kissing and once again fondling.
“Has Michelle talked about Anal sex, yet?” She asked the two after they had finished kissing. My mistress had some of my spunk on her left tit.
“Yeah.” Ryan replied.
“And we’ve seen some.” Bella added.
“Has she talked about how Anal sex is used the world around to preserve one’s virginity?”
Both girls said that she had.
“Good.” She smiled wickedly at me. “Would you two like to try that tomorrow night?”
I thought about cumming deep inside a 7 year old ass as they agreed they would love to try it.

Part 3
Day 2

Waking up after the first day of Bacchanilia is always a little surreal. Waking up in a strange place, beside strange people. And let’s not forget the hangover, made worse by very little sleep.
Luckily, that was not to be my experience this morning. I had had very little alcohol or drugs during the night (only a few performance enhancers and an upper) and because of the little ones, we had all fallen asleep rather early, about midnight, so my hangover was not nearly as bad as I’m sure other’s had been.
Still, waking up next to two naked eight year olds…I’m sorry. An 8 year old and a 7 year old….does make for a very unusual experience.
I woke with the rising sun and quickly jumped out of bed. So much to do, no time to do it! I gave the girls about a half an hour and then woke them.
“Do we have time to play?” Bella asked, and I knew what she was asking. Too bad I had already showered.
“Sorry, sweetie.” I reminded her how little time there was. We would catch a little breakfast downstairs and then we would locate their parents. “Festivities at the compound begin in…” I checked my watch, “Christ! Four hours!” I quickly told them to get showered and we were downstairs 45 minutes later.
The Compound is an old billionaire’s residence not more than a few minutes from our first site there in Malibu. Larger than any three of us could ever see, it is comprised of a main building, a mansion, and a dozen smaller buildings. Built in the 1920’s, it was originally constructed both as a palace for whatever movie mogul owned it and as a principle filming location, if need be.
Due to the size, preparations for this location was a little more difficult and last minute plans needed to be ironed out. Consequently, I was rather involved until well after the opening lunch.

When I found the Nestling room around 12:30, Michelle was showing a porn.
“Ah,” I said. “Hermaphrodites.”
“Hermaphrodites.” Michelle responded.
The big screen TV had on it a small orgy, a half dozen people fucking and sucking. The woman at the bottom of all of this, a hermaphrodite, was really the one getting all the attention. Women and men alike were sucking her cock, licking her pussy, sucking her tits. A very nice DVD, overall.
“Now that we’re all here,” Michelle started and paused the DVD. I glanced over and noticed Dani was back with us while Michelle continued. “I wanted to bring out the special plugs.”
With that, she opened a small package next to the couch and brought out two small covered anal butt plugs.
“Wow.” Ryan said, a smile on her face.
“These,” Michelle began, “are how we are going to make sure that, during tonight’s Bacchanalia, you both keep your virginity.”
“How?” Bella asked.
“These plugs have been specially designed with girls your age in mind.” She uncovered the plugs and brought the silicone masterpieces over to the girls. “They are small initially, but actually expand, or inflate, little by little throughout the day. It’s unlikely that you’ll even notice it, but as you wear these today, these will be, centimeter by centimeter, stretching your anal muscles.”
“Stretching ’em? Why?” Ryan queried.
Michelle gave her a haven’t-I-taught-you-anything look. “For anal sex, of course.”
“Tonight?” Ryan exclaimed.
“Of course!” Michelle said, playing with the tip of the plug. “How else are we going to get you fucked tonight and keep your virginity?”
“Cool!” Ryan was really excited about this.
“But, first,” Mitch said, taking the plugs away, “we need to get you two an enema.”
What followed this was an explanation of the enema. I’ll spare the reader a full recounting of this, not being an aficionado of the clyster. After a thorough description of the procedure and the purposes of it (as well as a warning that they are not always comfortable), the girls moved over to the shower and Michelle administered the flushings. This gave Dani and I a chance to talk.
“Christina fucked me hard and long last night,” Christina Ricci with a strap-on was always an inspiring sight. “You should be mad you missed it. I guess she and Kiele are an item…” Kiele Sanchez. “…since they kinda tag teamed me all night.”
I smiled. “Yeah, they’ve been together for a while now. Very hot couple.”
Dani smiled back and nodded. “And when Audie joined our little orgy with her little man whore…” Audie England. Again, very hot. “…Oh God!”
I chuckled. “Audie’s little man whore is extremely under age.” I whispered the last part.
“She has a real thing for the little ones. She’s been a member for years. Even gave me a few ideas for the Pedo room when I first began the planning of everything. She has a flair for it.”
It was Dani’s turn to chuckle. “No kidding.”
I motioned over to the girls. “Think they’ll take to the anal stuff?”
“Why? Don’t you?” she asked, not really asking. “After what little I saw from them last night, fuck yeah!”
“Yeah,” I said, “I know.”
“You can’t wait to do either of them up the ass, can you?”
I shook my head.
“Bella really likes you.” Dani told me.
“I know.”
“No. I mean she REALLY likes you.”
“Yeah,” I said, nodding. “I know.”

“Ok,” Michelle began after the enemas had been administered. “do you two want to insert them, or would you rather we help you do it.”
Bella piped up. “Can he?” she asked, pointing at me. Ryan nodded her approval.
But before I had a chance to accept the invitation, I heard a familiar voice from behind me. “Oooo, I wanna watch that!” My mistress seemed rather excited by that prospect.
Of course, I was too.
Rising to meet her, my mistress joined me, putting her arms around my waist, squeezing me to her. “I have a number of things to get to before the dinner tonight, but I’ll stick around if you are going to do that.” she said.
She wore nothing but a golden bikini top that was just a little too tight and a pair of leopard short shorts that were way too tight. She looked fantastic, if a bit informal compared to last nights dress. Of course, I knew that tonight was about informality.
“We can do that right now.” Michelle said, explaining that the enemas had already been carried out.
Michelle had the girls disrobe and I rose, grabbing the plugs from the couch. My mistress followed me to the couch and sat down as I sauntered over to Bella and Ryan. “Do you two mind if I pleasure myself while you do this?” she asked.
The girls didn’t mind and, in response, my mistress unsnapped her short shorts and removed them altogether. She began fingering her beautiful cunt when I told Ryan she was first.
“Now, you’ll tell me if you have any discomfort, yes?” I asked Ryan as I lifted her from her chair onto the top of her desk. I grabbed both of her legs and placed them against my chest so I could plainly see her little pussy and anus.
She nodded and I grabbed the lubricant. Placing a small amount on my finger, I spread the shit all over the plug. Then, getting a small little bead of the lube on the same finger, I moved it over her anal opening.
She breathed in a little. “It’s cold.”
“This is just to make it go in a little easier.” I told her.
Spreading the gunk all over her tiny opening, I watched her anus twitch ever so slightly in response to my finger. Then, grabbing the thing, I said, “Ok, small amount of pressure here.”
And then the tip of it disappeared inside her.
And then even more.
She was taking this anal plug up her ass like a pro, not even showing any sign of discomfort. When I began to feel a little resistance and her face changed ever so slightly, I told her everything was fine and just to relax. She smiled at me, relaxed, and the next thing I knew, the plug was completely inside her.
“Very nice, honey.” my mistress said. She was still masturbating, two fingers deep inside her when she said, “Let me see it.”
Ryan got down off the desk and stood for a second.
“Can you walk?” I asked.
Without answering, she glided over to my mistress, walking a little funny, but otherwise as if nothing was amiss.
“Bend over, can you?”
Ryan bent over for her and she inspected the plug.
I, meanwhile, had moved over to Bella’s desk. “You set?” I asked.
She nodded and said “Uh huh.” and I did the same as I had with Ryan, lifting her into a sitting position on the desk.
Keeping in mind what her sister had said while I used the lube, I knelt down just before inserting her anal plug and whispered in her ear, “I can’t wait to have my cock inside you tonight.”
She only moaned and I moved the silicone device a little way into her. She gave a little more resistance, but was a real trooper. I pinched one of her nipples as the last of the plaything moved into her and I think she almost came.
I hadn’t really been paying attention to the rest of the room, so it came as something of a surprise to me when I noticed Ryan was now squarely between my mistresses legs, obviously sucking pussy. She motioned to Bella and the girl joined the other two.
After the inspection, my mistress removed her top and let Bella suck on her tits for a few moments while she fondled the 8 year old’s pussy.
And then play time was over.
“They are gonna have some serious fun tonight!” my mistress said to me before leaving the room. Michelle chuckled a bit at that and then began a more in depth study of anal sex, asking the girls if they had any questions about their devices.
No questions were asked and soon we were moving onto another part of today’s lessons.

No one was more happy than me that Ellen Page’s little whore, Jacky, had accepted our invitation to help us demonstrate sex with a hermaphrodite. Ellen had come with her and they had both entered through the side door, Ellen leading the girl with a chain that was around her neck. S&M tonight, I thought.
Erica Durrance and Kaylee DeFer were a little late, coming in almost ten minutes after Ellen and her pet had arrived. They were only here to watch. The real show would be between their Latino man- boy and the Herm.
The girls had some standard questions before they were to start (“Were you raised a boy or a girl?” “Do you cum like a regular boy? Ejaculate, I mean?” “Do you like girls or boys more?” To that last one, Jacky replied “I like it all, sweetie.”) and I was impressed at how sophisticated their questions were.
And then the show started.
Jacky moved over to the couch and the 10 year old approached her. They began by kissing and then, almost violently, the boy was ripping her clothes off.
I was standing behind the girls, next to Dani. I could see that Dani was getting a little hot and bothered, touching herself underneath her shorts. Michelle joined the two of us and elbowed me lightly. “You wanna join in?” she asked. “Might be instructional.”
I watched the boy begin sucking on Jacky’s erect little nipples. “I dunno.” I said, “Maybe.”
Michelle reached into my pants and began a superior handjob right as the young satyr got to his knees and began sucking cock. I felt up her ass and we kissed. When we stopped, the boy was rising to remove his clothes.
“What’s that?” Ryan asked.
“That’s known as a triple crown, honey.” Michelle explained, taking her hand out of my pants. She approached the girl and explained. “A triple crown is a cock ring that has additional rings for restraining the testicles. During orgasm, the testicles usually retract towards the body before a man cums. This apparatus changes and intensifies the sensation of orgasm by forcing the testicles to stay away from the body.”
“Oh.” The boy-slave was once again between Jacky’s legs, this time pushing her onto her back so he could lick her pussy.
Jacky was moaning pretty good now and I, glancing over, noticed Erica and Kaylee getting each other off, hands down each other’s pants. Still next to Dani, I watched her begin doing the same thing, unsnapping the button to her shorts and masturbating. Thinking about what Michelle had said, I began removing my clothes and approached the hermaphrodite and her temporary consort.
I moved to the beginning of the couch, where Jacky was laying, and watched, my cock hanging a half a foot above her.
As I suspected she would, Jacky reached out and, pulling me down, put my cock in her mouth. And I was struck immediately by what an amazing cocksucker she was. I’ll have to make sure she gives Ryan a few pointers, I thought.
As she made my tool disappear into her mouth and down her throat, I began playing with her newly pierced nipples, pulling the ring of the left nipple just a bit. She moaned.
Looking up, I noticed that everyone was masturbating now, even our two little anal plug girls.
Just then, the boy pulled Jacky’s cock of out of his mouth and, standing up, pulled her close so he could fuck the little freak. While he slowly inserted himself into Jacky, I reached over and began stroking the little girl’s cock. With this, her muffled moans became a little more frenzied.
The boy to really seemed to know what he was doing.
A minute or two later, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she began moaning and babbling.
“Oh my God! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She was breathing heavy and even began screaming a bit. She’s either multi-orgasmic, I thought, or this kid’s damn skilled.
I got my answer (or at least partial answer…I would find out later that he was damn skilled) when she began climaxing, bucking up and down on his cock, making her own small organ flap around against her stomach. I circled around and told the kid to slow down.
Once they calmed down sufficiently, I watched his cock slide in and out of her for a few seconds and then grabbed her small penis and began to get it stiff again. I then moved a bit so the girls could watch me first lick a tiny bead of pre-cum off the head and then fully pop the thing in my mouth. She stiffened almost immediately and I was deepthroating the girl in seconds.
“Wow.” I heard one of them say behind me.
And then another voice.
“This is way too much dick.” Kaylee. And then the read head was joining in, joining Jacky at the far side of the couch.
“Suck my pussy, bitch.” Kaylee said and I could hear Erica snicker in the background.
Our own little personal orgy hit a fever pitch when I could feel Jacky coming close once again. I was still sucking her cock, and occasionally popping his sticky member in my mouth, when she really began to stiffen up. I sucked her deeper, sending her cock down my throat and then quit, giving her a handjob the rest of the way.
Seconds later, she began squirting her load, ejaculating all over her stomach and my hand. And then she kept cumming. She unloaded so much spunk, Kaylee began squealing in delight. Leaning down, she began lapping up the ejaculate…Just in time for her little satyr to pull out and cum in her face.
He came so hard, the shit got in Kaylee’s hair, her left ear and some of it even shot over her onto her back.
We all started laughing. Even Kaylee, covered in cum, a little strand of it hanging from her ear, couldn’t help laughing out loud.
The laughing continued for several minutes, the whole room cracking up, when, finally, Michelle broke it up.

“Was that instructive?” Michelle was asking the girls.
I had been laughing so hard, I wound up on the floor, my erect dick still standing at attention. I rose and returned to my place in the back of the room. Jacky and the boy led Kaylee over to the showers.
“Very.” said Ryan.
“Good.” Mitch replied. “And how do the plugs feel? Are they comfortable?”
“Um, comfortable’s not quite the word.” Ryan said.
“I’d say uncomfortable would be the word.” Bella complained. “I keep feeling it spasm or something.”
“That’s the plug doing its job.” Michelle commented. “It’s probably stretched you a couple of centimeters by now. That’s good. But not painful?” she asked.
“No, no pain.” Bella. Ryan nodded her agreement.
“Good. Then we’ll move on.”
We thanked Jacky, Kaylee, Erica, Ellen and her boy-slave and while they showered, we did, indeed, move on.

We got another lesson on health, this time on pregnancy. It was another You-don’t-have-to-do-this-here-at-the-Bacchanalia-but speeches. Mitch explained condoms and other prophylactics and even demonstrated by summoning me over. In front of the girls, she began a handjob, stiffening me up a little, and then moved a condom over it, presenting the final result.
“But we don’t have to worry about it here?” Bella affirmed.
“We don’t have to worry about it here.” Michelle agreed.
Every woman and girl, no matter what her age, got a small handful of morning after pills right before and right after the Bacchanalia.

“Ok, we have one last important thing to cover.” Michelle said after a rather boring part of the lesson. “Anal Intercourse.”
A big smile spread over Ryan’s face.
“Did either of you encounter any anal sex last night?” the girls teacher continued.
Ryan nodded her head. So did Bella. “It seemed like everyone was doing it last night.” Our resident 7 year old mentioned. Bella only nodded her head more forcefully.
“It’s a common practice during the Bacchanalia.” Michelle stated, matter of factly.
Everything’s a common practice during Bacchanalia, I thought.
She continued. “Ok, then we need to cover some of the more advanced material, then, since it seems you’ve both had some first hand encounters.”
And, true to her word, she covered fisting, rimming, pegging, toys, including the anal plugs, which they obviously knew about, and lubrication. She finished off with some pointers about analingus.
“If you’re going to lick their anus, my suggestion would be to start off slow and gentle. Don’t penetrate it right away. Spend some time gliding your tongue around and across the hole. This will loosen up and prepare the anus to open up. Then, gradually, you can start to penetrate the hole with your tongue. Pay attention to your partner’s actions and reactions to see what they like or don’t like on top of getting them to guide you. Or if they don’t guide you at all, this would be a good way to tell what you should and shouldn’t keep doing.”
I was hard just listening to this.
“Ok, end of lesson.” Michelle said, following it up with, “Let’s see if the plugs have done their job.” She approached Ryan first and told her to rise. Then, having the little girl bend over, she put a hand over the beauty’s ass cheek. Dropping a small bead of KY onto Ryan’s asshole, she told Ryan to push. Out came the anal plug and Mitch took a look. “Great.” she said. And then, kneeling down, she asked, “Do you mind if I demonstrate analingus?”
“You’re gonna lick my ass?” Ryan asked.
“Okay.” she responded with a tiny giggle.
And, with that, Michelle used both hands to spread the little girl’s butt cheeks and began flicking her tongue across her anus.
I felt a hand on mine. Bella.
“Would you do that? I mean, demonstrate, with me?”
I smiled. “Sure, honey.”
Bella rose, bent over and, while Michelle handed me the lubricant, she began pushing the butt plug out. She plopped it out in my hand before I ever got to use the lube.
“Wow.” I said. “Slow down, honey. We have all day and this is supposed to be informative.”
“Nothing to be sorry about,” I said and knelt down. “We all get excited.” And I began licking the child’s asshole. I started out slow, spreading her cheeks and just flicking my tongue out a little, barely making contact with her. I got a little more aggressive when I noticed that Michelle was putting the first inch of so of her finger into Ryan. I did the same, lubing up my index finger before doing so.
“Oooo.” Bella coooed.
“Tell me if this is uncomfortable in any way.” I said and then went back to what I was doing. I kissed one butt cheek while my index finger began disappearing inside the 8 year old.
“No.” Bella said, a little breathless. “Keep going. Please, keep going.”
“Does that feel nice?” I asked her.
“It feels weird. Weird, but good.”
I reached around and began fondling her little slit. She began moaning as I did this and she moved one of her hands over mine, guiding me. “Oh my God.” she began repeating.
I glanced over at Michelle and realized they were now watching us. I smiled at Mitch and she smiled back, giving a small head nod that indicated that she wanted to continue. Frowning. I slowly removed my finger from her ass and smacked her lightly on the bottom. Bella yelped slightly and I rose, her hand still over mine.
“Ok.” Michelle said, approaching the two of us. “Well, I think both of your anal plugs are functioning just fine. Just to make sure, however,” she grabbed Bella’s plug from off the desk and adjusted the knob at the base. “I’ll increase the expansion slightly.” She looked over at the two of us, handing me the plug. “We wouldn’t want young Bella here to be too tight tonight, would we?”
I shook my head.
“You ready to put it back in?” Michelle asked Ryan. Little Ryan nodded.
“Are you?” I asked Bella.
She moved her naked little body up against mine and said, “Only if you do it.”
I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her back up on the desk. Then, whispering in her ear, I said, “Your first time is going to be spectacular.”
She whispered back. “Are you gonna ream my little ass?”
“Like no one will ever fuck you again.” I replied and grabbed her legs, lifting them up slightly.
“I don’t know if I can wait till tonight.” she said as I raised the plug up to her opening.
“Waiting’s half the fun, sweetie. Increases the sense of anticipation.” I told her. “Besides, wouldn’t we want the rest of the Bacchanalia to be there, watching?”
“Yeah,” and she said it like an 8 year old who was just told she needed to eat her vegetables before she could have desert.
“But, here’s a little sample.” I said, kneeling down and, as I inserted her anal plug, I began licking her bald little pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her little crack and even inserted it into her for a moment, really licking her 8 year old pussy.

A minute or so after, we all began dressing for dinner. Both girls chose light dresses that were designed to come off with a few quick movements and since I watched the two lovelies dress, I could attest to the fact that they wore no underwear whatsoever. In fact, the only thing they had under their garments were their anal plugs.
“I wanna be there when you fuck my sister’s ass for the first time.” Dani said, following me out of the room. The others had already left, heading for the main dining room.
“Ok.” I said. “Once she decides where and when, I’ll make sure to let you know.” And then I bumped her lightly with my arm as we headed down the stairs. “Why? You want a piece of her, too? Should we do it in the incest room?”
She didn’t reply, only gave me a light “you’re immature” look and walked past me, trying to catch up with the others.

“No ceremony tonight?” Ryan asked.
“No ceremony tonight.” Michelle responded. “We eat and then we fuck.”
“And not necessarily in that order.” I said, gesturing to three tables away. Eighteen year old Tania Raymonde had a boy-slave between her legs, apparently eating her out, as she continued eating her meal. Eva Longoria and her plaything were mutually masturbating one another even as they carried on a conversation with lovely Tania. Kerry Washington was the only one at the table still eating.
We lost track of them when our own meal came.

“Ok,” I said, one of the last to finish up, “Where are we going first?”
“Do I get any input tonight?” Dani asked.
“Of course dear.” Michelle said. “But, remember, in the final analysis, it’s Ryan and your sister’s call.”
Ignoring her, Dani said, “I think we wait for the Orgy hall to really get going.” As it had the night prior at the mansion, the Orgy Hall would be right here, once everyone had finished eating. “It’s where all the stars will be tonight, outside of the Pedo room, and I, for one, want to watch the Porn Stars.” Traditionally, the men and women of the adult industry stayed close to the Orgy Hall, especially on the last two nights.
I offered my input. “I don’t see any flaw in the logic.”
“Me and Michelle have to hit one of the less traveled rooms.” Bella broke in.
“Where?” Dani piped up.
I kicked her under the table lightly. “Never you mind. Did you guys wanna do that early in the evening or later on?”
“Where are…” I cut Dani off by kicking her again, this time a little harder. “Ow! Hey!”
“I think we’ll do it early.” Mitch looked over to Bella. “What do you think, sweetie?”
“Early works.”
And it was decided. Dani, Ryan and I would wander around until the Orgy hall was ready (it never took long) and Michelle and Bella would leave for the room where people, famous and otherwise, would shit in each other’s mouths and bodies and then fuck, said shit everywhere. Michelle had told me that Bella had been very interested and had told her that she wanted to watch, if not participate, in the activity.
Never my thing, but to each their own.

A little impromptu make out session had begun at one of the tables between Portia De Rossi, Kate Bekinsale and Gwen Stefani. Their slaves, two man servants and (ugh) Ellen, were also taking part, fucking and sucking already, with some people still eating. Still, this isn’t considered out of bounds and the workers simply cleaned around the little orgy.
“Portia is so pretty.” Ryan said, watching the spectacle.
“Want to meet her?” I asked.
“Can I?” Ryan asked.
“Sure. But maybe we should wait until she’s done.” I paused. “Unless you want to join in?” The prospect of joining the three lovely ladies, I’ll admit, got me a little excited.
“No, we shouldn’t. We’ll wait.” she decided.
Still, we watched for a few minutes, witnessing a spectacular double penetration, before moving on.

“Victoria!” Ryan almost yelled out, trying to get the attention of Victoria Justice. The 13 year old, one of the stars of Zoey 101, was wearing a sheer dress that left nothing to the imagination and looked like she was about to lose even that. She seemed to be doing the same as us, sitting on a couch across the hall, waiting for the action to begin. She looked to be hanging out with two of her other friends, Kiersten Havelock (11) and Miley Cyrus (13). Havelock, of Lost fame, and Cyrus, of Hannah Montana, were both all over Justice, kissing the girl and fondling her through her dress.
Victoria seemed completely out of it and didn’t respond.
Ryan yelled out again.
At this, Victoria noticed Ryan and called her over.
“C’mon.” Ryan said, leading me by the hand. Moving across the room, we approached the little sluts, followed immediately by Dani.
And, wouldn’t you know it, I had to sit through about five minutes of mindless gossip and chatter. “Did you see what … was wearing?” “Can you believe …. is fucking …, that little whore?” “Did you hear …. got (some movie part everybody wanted)? What a bitch!” Of course, I wasn’t really listening to the conversation. I was watching the three little vixens.
As I mentioned, Victoria wore a dress that would make a hooker blush. Miley wore a strapless dress that was slightly more modest but that barely covered her ass. In addition, every time she moved, I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear. And then there was lovely little Kiersten, whom my mistress and I had initiated just two years earlier. She wore an obscene leather outfit that showed off so much flesh, it was amazing it stayed on. In fact, every time she moved, I caught a glimpse of nipple, peeking out every once in a while.
“Yeah, he’s mine for the night,” got my attention. It had been uttered by Ryan and she was obviously showing me off.
“Can I have him?” Victoria asked.
“If you’re sticking around, you can most surely have me.” I told her, bowing slightly.
The girls giggled.
“We’re all going to the Striptease room.” Victoria told us. The Striptease room had been my invention a few years ago, when my mistress took over. The idea had taken off, and why wouldn’t it? Girls and women of various ages, stripping their clothes off and, eventually, fucking men to music? How could you go wrong?
“When?” I asked. They told us and I said we would make sure we were there. Anything to see these cute little vixens strip.
And, of course, I hoped I could get one of our girls to do the same.
We parted ways when everyone noticed that festivities were beginning, Victoria and her posse to find a friend and Ryan and myself to locate Portia.

We never found her.

Who we did find, however, was Hayden.
She was sucking a cock, a rather large, black cock, that had just come out of Jesse Jane. Yes, Jesse Jane, the porn star. We watched the pretty blond girl suck the tool down her throat and then quickly insert it back into the much bustier adult entertainer. It was quite the sight.
Until she saw us and stopped.
Getting up, she said “Hey!” and leaned down to kiss Ryan on the cheek. She looked over to me. “You guys still have your clothes on!” Like we were breaking some rule or something.
“Haven’t found the right pairing.” I commented. “We were looking for Portia.”
“Oh, she’s around,” the former Ally McBeal child-star said. “I saw her an hour or so ago. Said she’d be in the Pedo room later.”
I nodded. “That’ll work.”
“I think she’s really pretty.”
“Well, I think you’re really pretty, honey.” Hayden came back.
Ryan just blushed. Dani rolled her eyes.
“You have the most amazing blue eyes.” she continued. “And I’m not just saying that. You are absolutely beautiful.”
“Thanks.” Ryan said, a little self conscious now.
Hayden turned her attention to me. “You guys looking for a pairing?”
“I dunno.” I said, looking down to Ryan. “What are we looking for, sweets?”
At that, Ryan suddenly came alive. “I want to lick some pussy!”
Hayden laughed that amazing laugh of hers. “Anyone in particular?”
“You mean besides Portia De Rossi? Um, maybe Angelina Jolie or Beyonce… or, ooo, maybe Jessica Alba.”
“Wow.” A furrowed look came across Hayden’s face. “Shooting low, huh?”
I laughed. “Luckily,” I said, “all three are here tonight, but I doubt all in the same place.”
“What about Hayden Panettiere?” Hayden asked.
Ryan blushed again.
“I like it when you blush, honey.” Hayden said, kneeling down. “Your freckles are adorable.”
“What about the Mean girls?” I asked.
“The Mean girls.” I pointed across the room to where a young boy of perhaps sixteen was fucking Rachel McAdams from behind, who was, in turn, locked in a 69 with Amanda Seyfried.
“I never saw it.” Dani said, looking a tiny bit jealous. You could kinda tell Dani was feeling a little left out. I’d have to do something about that.
“Wasn’t Lindsey Lohan in that movie?” Ryan asked. “Is she here?”
“After last year’s debacle,” I mentioned, “she wouldn’t dare show her face. Until she finds a rehab center she can stick with, she’s off the list.”
“What happened last year?”
“Best not to ask, sweetie.” Hayden informed the 7 year old. And then, “Hey, isn’t that Mandingo with MacKenzie?”
“Yeah.” I said. “Rosman has always loved black cock.” I chuckled, reminiscing.
“Who doesn’t love black cock?” Hayden laughed.
“Amen.” Ryan and Dani chimed in at the same time.
We all busted up laughing.
…And then stopped to watch for a moment. It was truly astonishing how much cock fit into MacKenzie’s 16 year old pussy. The Porn megastar had Rosman in a doggy style position, stuffing nearly all of his meat inside the girl.
“Oh fuck!” She was crying. “Oh my god! Oh fuck!” as his cock slammed into her. Then, when she told him to put it up her ass, we lost it.
“Holy shit!” Ryan said. She tilted her head to get a better view.
Hayden had other plans, kneeling beside me and pulling out my cock. She swallowed me in one fluid motion. It only took Ryan seconds to notice and join in.
“Ooooo, I wanna!” she exploded, getting on her knees. Dani just sat on one of the chairs next to us, mesmerized by Rosman and Mandingo.
Hayden passed my cock to the little girl and began whispering pointers in her ear. I knew Michelle had talked with Hayden about Ryan.
As all this was still going on, I continued to watch Rosman take Mandigo’s big black cock up her ass like a seasoned professional. And why not? It had been almost a decade since she first began coming to the Bacchanalia.
Christ! I thought. Those had been the days.
I was brought out of my reverie by a loud smack. Mandingo was smacking MacKenzie’s ass, saying, “Yeah! That’s my little fuckin’ whore! You’re gonna take every inch of my meat up your ass!”
“Yes!” Rosman screamed. “Give me all of it!”
A great show!
A few seconds later, Hayden brought Ryan to my attention. While she was struggling to do it, the little girl had fit most of my cock down her throat. The older blond was still whispering “Breathe through your nose” in Ryan’s ear, but I could tell she had finally gotten the hang of it. She was making little noises at the back of her throat, but, nevertheless, the 7 year old was finally getting the hang of it.
A “Wow!” came from behind me and I turned just enough to see Gina Torres, sporting only a pair of stilettos and a gigantic strap-on, marveling at our own little display. After our hellos, my cock still in Ryan’s mouth, she commented on Ryan’s abilities.
“I taught her everything I know,” I lied, making a veiled reference to my times with Gina and her husband.
“Well, very nice.” She said. I could feel Hayden pulling on my testicles, even putting them in her mouth. “You staying around here tonight?” she asked, motioning to the Orgy Hall.
“I think we’re headed off to the Striptease room, soon.”
“Now, there’s an idea.” She smiled that amazing smile at me and pecked me on the cheek.
Hayden was whispering in my ear the second she left. “I have to have her one of these years. God!”
I told her I wanted to watch when she did.
“Ryan wants to know if she can make you cum.”
I stopped the 7 year old and, lifting her straight up so she was eye level to me, I said “You can make me cum with merely a look, little one.” She smiled and we kissed a long, passionate kiss. I bit her lower lip playfully and she giggled.
By now, the room was in full swing. Major orgies happening all over the hall. We caught the last of Mandingo’s climax, spurting jism all over MacKenzie’s ass and back. She began wiping the shit all over herself and then, just like her, left the black porn star in search of more dick.
I suggested we loose the remainder of our clothes and all three girls thought it was a great idea.
By the time we had disrobed, we were being joined by Michelle and Bella once more.
“Hey guys!” pretty little Bella said. She was naked and completely wet. Showered off, I wondered. Does that mean she participated? Not necessarily, I knew.
“Hey!” We all greeted one another and Dani mentioned what Victoria had told us. Bella thought it was a splendid idea and we decided the Striptease room was our next stop.

“I’m just asking.” Dani said, still a little perturbed.
“And if Bella doesn’t want to tell you…” Michelle said, scolding the older Thorne girl a little. Dani could be a little bit of a brat.
Bella piped up. “It’s no big deal, Dan. Seriously.”
“If it’s no big deal…”
“We went to the scat room.” Bella blurted out, not mad, but perhaps a little irritated.
Dani furrowed her brow. “Oh. Seriously? That’s it?”
“I told you it wasn’t a big deal!”
They argued for a few more minutes about how it wasn’t a big deal.

The strip tease room was packed. People were everywhere, some naked, some not. A little three-way had started in the back and I thought one of the participants was Snoop Dog, but I couldn’t be sure. A number of couples were sitting in front of the two stages and one particular pairing, Jessica Alba and some male flesh, was making some of their own attention. Jessica was handjobing the guy as she watched 12 year old Miranda Cosgrove dance around on a pole. Miranda wore a little kimono that she was slowly removing to the rap songs that was blaring.
On the other stage was Hilary Duff.
Duff was already three quarters through her dance, since she had already removed every stitch of clothing and was lying on the stage, gyrating and fingering herself.
“Come on!” I said, and led the girls over to Hilary’s stage. Don’t get me wrong. I love young pussy, the younger the better, and I have had my share of Miranda. But to watch Hilary dancing around on stage…well, she was inspired. She is a true performer, as anyone who has seen her dance can tell you.
Besides, the best part was coming up.
I sat down next to the stage and watched as she brought her own little man whore, just about Dani’s age, onto the stage. Then, as the rap music slowly became a faster, harder metal song, she began dancing with the satyr.
Naked, the kid was well endowed, but nothing special. Still, he knew what he was doing and seemed to move with her. She ground on him as he put his arm around her. As he put his knee further out, you could see her little brown pucker as she continued gyrating on him.
The girls around me sat down next to me, all but Bella. Bella got up on my lap and even began stroking my cock gently. I nestled up against her, brushing her hair aside and kissing her neck gently. Then the real action began.
In seconds, the stud had Hilary off her feet. He tossed her upward, keeping tight control of her body and let her down in a very precise manner, right onto his cock. We watched him disappear inside her and then they were off.
“Oh my god!” Bella said, still stroking my cock but surprised by the intensity. The two began fucking, really moving with the music and I could tell Bella was getting more and more turned on. “I wanna do that.” She said.
I smiled at her and told we couldn’t do that until tomorrow night.
“But we can do other things, right?” she asked.
I replied that we could and she kissed me. I continued watching the show while Bella, slipping off my lap, began blowing me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying the experience when I felt two hands on my shoulders, massaging me.
“Sami!” I blurted out after I had opened my eyes. Samira is a Pakistani-American girl, an unknown in the entertainment business. I brought her to her first Bacchanalia about 3 years ago now after she brought me a latte at a local coffee place. She’s 19 now and has only gotten more beautiful with her long, dark hair, deep brown eyes, high cheek bones and one of the most fuckable bodies in the room. “Are you here to dance for us?!?”
“Soon.” Sami said, dressed in a pretty red negligee. She wore matching red ties in her hair and red bracelets on her wrists. “I’m up after Hil.”
“You dancing alone?” I asked, wondering if we were going to see a show or a SHOW.
She shook her head. “Nope. I’m dancing with you.”
I’m quite sure my face lit up. And then I thought of the girl who was, even then, still sucking my cock.
I motioned to Bella. “How about us?”
Twenty minutes later, I was laying on a gurney with a sheet pulled over my head. It was a nurse-based dance, Sami and Bella being the nurses and me being the…um…cadaver.
The music started, they rolled me out and, I guess, began dancing. Bella had not been too thrilled about the dancing part, but Sami had run her through a few things in the few scant minutes we had had. About half way through the first song, one of the girls threw the top part of the sheet off of my head so I could watch their little dance. Bella was doing fine, being very sexy and taking one thing off at a time. She even swished her hair around, mimicking Sami, without losing her little nurses hat.
As the first song subsided, and right on cue, Sami grabbed little Bella around the waist and hoisted her up on the gurney. Trying to continue to play dead, I squinted up and watched Sami lift my little lover’s tunic off of her, exposing the girl to the entire place. I opened my eyes fully so I could watch Sami lick Bella’s erect little nipples. Bella, in turn, leaned back, writhing on me, her head on my chest. Not able to wait, Sami pulled the girl’s g-string off of her and knelt down, licking under-age cunt. A cheer went up from the crowd and Bella went wild, moaning loudly.
Then, somewhat unexpectedly, the 8 year old pushed aside the remainder of my sheet and began stroking my already aroused member. Not one to take any of this lying down, I lifted my head slightly and began running my hands up and down the girl’s body, stopping to excite her nipples with a little pinch.
Even though no dancing was being done any longer, a third song began, a strong Metal song I didn’t recognize. As it began, I shouted to Sami and we, Sami and I, became a little proactive. Putting a hand on Bella’s shoulder, I pulled the girl down, toward my cock. Getting the picture, she began sucking my member into her mouth while simultaneously repositioning herself over me so I could sit up and begin licking her tiny little pussy. Samira, as this happened and in one fluid motion, moved to the head of the gurney, watching my tongue trace a path to her 8 year old vagina.
And, spreading the child’s cheeks, pulled out the anal plug.
I could tell it was something of a shock to Bella just by how she stopped her attention on my tool for a second. Then I watched as Sami put it back in, fucking the little girl with the plug. As she did so, she gently rolled the gurney around so the top of my head pointed out the crown. She wanted to make sure, I knew, that the audience could watch her butt fuck Bella with the thing.
Once again, the crowd went crazy as the exotic looking beauty pushed the plug in and out of her small lover and I sucked her pussy. Then, pulling the thing completely out of her anus, Sami leaned down and began tonguing the little chic’s asshole.
And that was it for Bella.
The girl began cumming, almost violently.
Sami helped this along by pulling her tongue out of Bella and inserting her index finger. Once again, the crowd roared. I felt Bella’s hot face against my prick, occasionally sucking the shaft of it as she experienced this amazing orgasm.
As the last song finished, Bella started sucking my dick again. How unfortunate it was that our time on stage was just about done. Sami, however, took her cue from Bella and circled around, sucking my ball sack into her mouth before telling Bella we could continue this elsewhere.

“That was amazing!” Ryan blurted out as we came down off the stage.
“Thanks.” I said, a little on the exhausted side. I motioned to one of the booths in the back and we all kinda migrated to it. Sitting, I noticed Bella almost jumped over her sister to sit next to me.
“That WAS amazing!” Sami said, sitting directly across from me.
“You two are incredible.” I told Sami and Bella. Bella almost crawled into my arms. Smitten, I thought. I grabbed a cloth robe and threw it over Bella, part of it covering me.
“Hey.” Dani said, getting our attention. She motioned to the approaching Jessica Alba.
The young woman now wore a tight, nearly see-through belly dancing outfit, her exposed mid-drift showcasing her incredible body. She spoke directly to Bella as she came to the table.
“I wanted to introduce myself to the most gorgeous girl in the room. I’m Jessica Alba.”
Bella blushed a little, but didn’t miss a beat. “Hi. I’m Bella Thorne.” The robe slipped slightly as she reached out to shake Jessica’s hand.
“Well, that was a truly inspired display, Bella. I’m surprised we haven’t met before.” Jessica, I knew, was into EVERYTHING, including little girls, even when the Bacchanalia was months away.
I piped up, introducing the remainder of our little group. Of course, she knew Michelle, Hayden and Dani. “And this,” I said, making a point to make a big deal out of it, “is your biggest fan, Ryan Newman.”
“Well, hi there, Ryan.” She was radiant tonight. Jessica had come to us many years ago, if memory serves, right around her 12th birthday. She’s a fixture at these things. And an amazing cocksucker! In any case, she looked as if she’d had a number of drinks already and was well on her way to a very good night. She looked at Ryan a little more closely and said, “You have the most amazing blue eyes, sweetie! Beautiful!”
Unlike Bella, Ryan not only blushed but stammered quite a bit. “T-thank you, Miss Alba.”
Jessica laughed. “Please honey, call me Jess.”
Ryan blushed again and Jessica probed. “How old are you Ryan?”
“Eight.” Ryan lied.
Jessica glanced over to me. “They get younger and younger.”
“Don’t they?” I commented. I knew the look on her face. These two aren’t eight, she was saying. Of course, she was only half right.
“Are you all gonna hang around here tonight?” she asked me.
“We’ll certainly stick around for your dance.” I replied, “But I think we’re gonna stay kinda close to the Orgy Hall. The girl’s want to meet some of the people there tonight. Oh, and the anal room a little later on.”
Jessica just smiled, thinking back. “That’s right, anal’s the second night, isn’t it?” And then, looking over to Bella, said “Well, I start in a minute or two. I can’t promise a performance as good as your’s, but I’ll try, ok?”
Bella laughed and said, “Ok.”
“Wow.” Ryan said.
“Yeah, she’s nice, isn’t she?” I commented.
“Yeah, but,” Ryan began. “I was just thinking how amazing it’ll be to see Jessica Alba strip on stage and then fuck some guy!”
“You want a front row seat?” I asked.
“Fuck yeah!” The 7 year old exclaimed.
“I’ll get us some choice seats.” Michelle said, grabbing Hayden. Thirty seconds later they both ran back for Ryan. Dani went too and left Bella and Sami with me at the booth.
“For a girl who has never stripped before,” Sami told Bella, “You were fantastic!”
“Thanks!” Bella said, still pressed up next to me. “You were too!” The music had started for Jessica’s dance and we watched a second as the actress came out on stage doing a belly dance to a Christina Aguilera song, Genie in a bottle.
The woman was an amazing stripper, slowly peeling away layers and focusing on one “customer” after another.
I chuckled when I saw that she had embarrassed Ryan by pulling the girl forward and kissing her. There were hoots and hollers from the crowd, including from our group, as she did so. She then immediately stood up and, still focusing on Ryan, began removing her top.
I felt Bella’s small hand once again on my cock.
“You never got off on our dance, did you?” the girl asked.
“Oooo.” Samira lit up. “She’s right. Good call, girl!” And with that, Sami ducked under the table. She simultaneously replaced Bella’s hand with her mouth, sucking me deep, even as she gently started fingering our 8 year old companion.
“Oh my god!” Bella breathed.
“You should be on my end of it.” I said, subtly joking. She either didn’t get it or didn’t care as she stopped Samira and slid off the booth next to Sami.
And began helping the girl suck my cock.
By the time I looked up and saw Jessica, still dancing to the music, remove every bit of what was left of her outfit and bring a young stud on stage, I could feel the pressure building in my testicles. Sami, knowing what she and Bella were doing to me did an incredible job of staying my climax by pulling my nads away from my body, but even with that, I could feel the orgasm approaching.
This continued for a few more minutes, Sami keeping me on the edge, when Bella came out from under the table and asked me if she could watch me fuck Sami. I think her exact words were, “Would you fuck Sami for me? I mean, really fuck her so I can see what you’ll do to me?”
Less than a minute later, I had Samira laying down on the table, her legs spread and my cock at her entrance. I ran my shaft over her pussy lips, teasing her a little, while Bella looked on, right beside me. Leaning down, she took my cock in her mouth and then inserted my length into the 19 year old.
As she always does, Sami immediately went wild with my cock inside her, bucking up against me instantly. I grabbed one of her tits as I began a pattern, sliding in her, backing up just a touch and thrusting in deeper. As soon as I got every inch deep inside of her, I began really pounding her while Bella masturbated.
“Suck on her tits.” I told the eight year old. Bella hesitated for just a second and then did as I said, climbing up the young woman. I fondled her small ass as I continued to fuck her partner, spreading her cheeks with one hand. Then, one handed, I managed to remove Miss Thorne’s anal plug, place it on the table next to us and insert my own ring finger up her ass.
The anal plug had definitely been doing it’s job. I could tell she was much less tight than she had been.
Bella yelped just slightly, but actually began moving with my finger after a few seconds. I couldn’t wait to fuck this little beauty up the ass!
Meanwhile, though, I focused on Samira, really pounding her hard now. She was screaming, writhing around on the table. “Ooooo Fuuuck! Oh my GOD!”
Bella’s long dark hair was splayed across Sami’s chest and I had to part it in order to suck on her medium large tit. Bella and I kissed, sharing one of the breasts, and then I asked her if she enjoyed being eaten out.
“Oooooo, yeah!” She replied.
“Good.” I said. “Then go sit on her face.”
Doing as she was told, Bella rose, causing my finger to slip out of her anus, and stood for a moment on the table. Then, taking a few steps, positioned herself over Sami and squatted down. I began manipulating Sami’s clit with one hand while I watched her feast on the 8 year old’s pussy, moving her tongue up and down the slit and then slightly in the girl’s hole.
Bella was facing me as she got serviced and the sight of her little flat chest heaving, her back arching in pure pleasure, was enough to start me down a path of no return…
Now I have always considered myself something of an expert at delayed ejaculation. I’ve never studied Tantra, mind you, but I, like most men, have my methods.
This time was imagining bloody kitten carcases, their guts hanging from their brutalized bodies.
And, yeah, it only delayed everything for a few moments. It did afford me, however, a few seconds to watch Sami take over where she had left off, finger fucking Bella’s asshole while she simultaneously licked her little cunt for everything she was worth.
Way over the edge, I pulled my cock out of the 19 year old beauty and shot my load, splashing my white hot goo all over the two girls.
It was only then that I realized we had accumulated an audience. Even with a movie star such as Jessica Alba fucking some young stud on stage, we had a number of people watching us. Most notorious was Lanny Barbie, the porn star, who had her legs propped up on the table opposite ours and masturbating to our little performance. Ali Larter also sat mere feet away from us, 16 year old Lucy Hale between her legs as she watched us finish up. There was actual applauding as I finished milking the last of my semen from my meat.
Bella seemed oblivious to all of this, even the clapping, as she experience what looked like orgasm after orgasm, her head thrown back, chest out. I smeared some of my jism into her skin and watched as she turned her attention back to me. Grasping my cock, she stroked it a few times, almost second nature now, as she began to come down.
“Oh my God!” Ali said, Hale still between her legs, sucking pussy like a pro. “You guys should be back up on stage!” I don’t even think Lucy knew what was going on around her. I had had her often over the years and I knew she cherished her work, even to the point of blinding single-mindedness.
I moved off of Sami and said “Thanks.” Ali had been a member for a very long time, so it was odd to think I had never even met her, let alone fucked her. Perhaps I would have to correct that this weekend.

A few moments later, as Bella got down from the table and into my arms, the rest of the crowd joined us. “You guys look like you had fun.” Michelle told me.
I glanced over to Ryan. “You guys, too.” I said, winking at the 7 year old. “Was kissing Jessica Alba nice?” I asked.
“VERY nice.”
Bella was nestled up against me as the rest sat down and ordered a little food and drink. We watched some more of the dancers while we finished our food and commented on our experiences. We also talked about the end of night festivities.
“Have you given any thought as to who you’d like to take your cherry?” I asked the two youngest.
They both said “You!” in near unison.
“I can’t do you both!” I chuckled.
“Why not?” Ryan asked. “Do me, then her.”
“Why do I have to be second?” Bella asked, her body still pressed up against mine.
“Cuz I’m the youngest!”
“That doesn’t mean you get him all to yourself!”
“I didn’t say I wanted him all for myself!”
“Ladies, ladies!” Michelle interrupted. “There’s more than enough dick to go around!”
“There is.” I said. And then, “Listen, Ryan, you said you loved the idea of Johnny Depp being here, right?”
“Uh huh.” she nodded.
“If I could get Johnny Depp, would you join Bella and me in the Anal room tonight?”
She didn’t have to think about it. “Sure!”
“Okay.” I said. I grabbed a slip of paper left on the table, wrote on it and motioned to Dani. “Can you take this to Paoulo? I think he should be working in the Foot fetish room.” And, with that, Dani was off.
We continued eating and talking for a few more minutes. When Dani came back, she said she found him and he said he would do as I asked. I thanked her and we watched 14 year old Alexa Nikolas strip and get DP’ed by two guys.
“I’m horny again.” Bella said after the performance.
“Me too.” Dani said.
“Me three.” Hayden chimed in.
“Well, then,” I said, pushing Bella off me, “Let’s get going. Where to?”
Dani excitedly said, “Orgy Hall!”
“I’m down with that.” Hayden said.
“Me too.” Ryan, this time.
“As long as we fuck, I don’t care where we go!” Michelle said.
Orgy Hall it was.

“Did you mean we, like you and me?” I asked Michelle on the way.
Michelle smiled a wicked little grin. “You know I did.”

Five minutes later, we were at the entrance of the Orgy Hall.
“Awesome!” Dani said, looking over the crowd of people, all sucking, fucking, smacking, thrusting, reaming.
A pretty blond girl, maybe 11 or 12, smiled at me. She was on her back, but was pressed up against a guy who had his cock in her ass. She smiled at me even as she settled down on his tool, putting most of him up her rectum.
I smiled back.
“Hey look!” Ryan said, pointing. I looked slightly to our left and saw 11 year old Jodelle Ferland, a strap-on around her waist, fucking the hell out of Jennifer Love Hewitt, who, on her back, was sucking Elisha Cuthbert’s pussy. “Wow!” Ryan exclaimed.
We approached the little lesbian threesome. I knew Jodelle and Ryan were acquainted, but I also knew that the younger girls in our little group were completely unaware of my connection to both Love and ‘Lisha. We sat there and watched for a few moments before I said, rather loudly, “Well, I guess these three don’t need any dick around. We should leave and let them carpet munch all night.”
“Oh my God!” Cuthbert screamed, leaping up to embrace me.
“Long time, no see, girl!” I said.
“Yeah!” burst out of ‘Lisha. “Oh my God! It’s been, what? Three years?”
I nodded. “Coupla Bacchanalia ago.” I said it with a small amount of attitude.
She glared at me. “Now, you know how busy I’ve been!”
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever!” giving off yet more attitude. “Coupla movies and the girl thinks she’s all hot shit!” This last part I said to Ryan and Bella.
And it got me tackled by ‘Lisha.
She almost threw me off balance, which would have been bad since there was a four-way going on behind us.
We laughed and embraced again.
“Hey.” Love said. Jennifer, Love to me, and I had had a brief fling a few years ago.
“Hey.” I said back. Focusing on Jodelle, I greeted the girl with a nod. “Little lady.” Jodelle had been one of our best initiates a few years back. I had been on the receiving end of her strap-on a number of times, which was always a treat. She loves giving and receiving.
“You wanna join us?” Love said. No hard feelings there, I knew. “We can always use more dick!”
“We’re kind of a group, tonight.” I said, motioning to everyone.
“That’s ok!” Jodelle said. She was stroking her fake cock, Love’s juices still on it, as she lit up. “The more the merrier!” I knew the girl had some real identity problems, as pretty as she is. It was my suspicion that Jodelle wanted a real cock since she never came to these things without her strap-on.
Of course, it’s not that I mind. I mean, I love a girl who loves strap-ons!
“Cool!” That was all Ryan needed. She introduced herself to Love, who shook her hand and then answered “Sure,” when Ryan asked if she could suck on her tits.
We all chuckled at this a little, but then immediately paired off. Dani and Hayden being good friends of ‘Lisha’s, joined her, sitting her down and spreading her legs. Michelle introduced Jodelle to Bella and I circled around to join Ryan and Love.
“Hey.” I said again, kneeling down next to Miss Hewitt. Watching Ryan suckle her large left breast was like watching Love breastfeed a girl who was a little too old. A little odd, but very arousing.
“Hey.” she said, reaching out for my hand and guiding me downward toward her sex. Getting the picture, I reached down, my hand brushing over her small patch of pubes, and began fingering her.
I began kissing my ex-girlfriend, all the while watching Ryan suckle her breast. Herself a former child star, Love was enjoying this immensely and even guided Ryan up from her breast so we could share in a little three way kiss.
Ryan was the one who broke the kiss. “I wanna watch you fuck her.” the 7 year old told me.
Two minutes later, I was on my back as Love positioned herself over me and sat on my throbbing erection. To make this whole situation even more incredible, we were soon joined by Jodelle, her strap-on in hand, placing her rubber dong at Love’s other entrance. “Oh, yeah!” Love screamed. “Fuck my ass! Ream my fuckin’ asshole!”
I felt her hard cock press up against mine for a second and then push its way into Love’s ass. I could feel the small amount of resistance at first, but then knew once it had slid all the way in. Love only whimpered and then Jodelle and I really began fucking the shit out of this amazing woman.
Just as we really began a rhythm, our cocks slamming into Love in organized waves, Ryan came into sight, leaning down to kiss me.
“This is incredible.” she said, obviously masturbating. I looked into her beautiful pale blue eyes as she asked me “Can I sit on your face?”
“Of course.” I could only respond.
My arms wrapped around Ryan’s small legs as I started sucking her small vaginal opening, sucking 7 year old pussy. Of course, the entire room was full of moans and screams, but I loved hearing Ryan’s child moans. “Oh yeah!” she mimicked, repeating what she had been hearing all weekend. “Oh, fuck yeah! Eat my little pussy! Fuck!”
Christ, there is nothing quite like hearing a 7 year old movie star screaming for you to suck her little virgin pussy!
Love was still screaming for our cocks as she began cumming a few minutes later. By that time, I had pulled Ryan’s anal plug out and, after licking her anus for a few moments, had, putting it back in, begun fucking the child with it. Now she was screaming for me to fuck her ass and, to tell the truth, despite the differences on their voices, it was almost difficult figuring out who was screaming what to who. When I felt Ryan tense up, though, I knew the girl was also cumming.
Doing my best to multi-task, I quickened my pace on both girls, tonguing Ryan a little more vigorously even as I fucked Love harder. Knowing Love like I do, I knew she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm and she was almost whimpering now, saying “Don’t stop! Oh My God! Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” over and over.
I came inside the beauty a minute or so later, grunting loudly, but still licking under aged pussy. Love rolled off me a few moments later, her cooze making a small, wet plop sound as my cock fell out of her. A minute or so later, Ryan was on all fours, kissing me.
“That was incredible!” the little girl said to me.
“And you haven’t even had the best part yet!” I replied, half talking about my plans to deflower the gorgeous creature and half talking about what I was going to do next.
I kissed her one more time and then rose slightly, sitting on my butt. Positioning myself so I could, I reached over to Love and, putting a finger inside her, scooped a small amount of my jizz from her pussy. Showing Ryan my finger, I told her “Try it.”
Watching her lick the shit off my finger was amazing, but not nearly as cool as when she leaned in to kiss me, my spunk still on her tongue.
“Jesus Fucking Christ!” Jodelle was saying, pulling her dildo off the harness she wore. “You guys are intense!”
“He always was.” Love said, smiling. “Best fuck at the Bacchanalia, I’ve always said.” Then she looked over to Ryan and smiled even broader. “You’re going to want him to do that as often as possible the first few times.”
A slightly confused look crossed the 7 year olds face. “Regular or anally?” she asked.
“Yes.” Love replied.

I glanced around the room and noticed that Elisha Cuthbert and our girls had migrated a few feet away, still fucking away. Hayden was fisting the the gorgeous Miss Cuthbert while Elisha returned the favor to Dani, thrusting her entire hand inside the 13 year old. Bella sat less than a foot away, fingering herself.
I sat down next to Bella. “You know you don’t have to do that alone,” I joked, “Not while I’m around.”
She chuckled and stopped. “Yeah, I know.”
“Where’d Mitch go?” I asked, still watching our threesome.
“Some guy came and got her.” also watching the threesome.
“Tall Hispanic?” I guessed.
“Yeah.” And then she tore her eyes away from her sister and the other two. “How’d you know?”
“Lucky guess.”
“Is that bad?” Ryan asked, joining us.
“I think it may mean you’re S.O.L. tonight, kid.”
Bella answered her. “Shit outta luck.”
I nodded. “No Johnny Depp.”
Ryan frowned.
“Anyone else you might be interested in?”
She thought about that for a few seconds and then piped up. “What about Erica and Kaylee’s little slave boy?”
“He’s a little young, don’t you think?” I said. “Remember, it’s not what they have, but what they do with it.”
“But young doesn’t mean inexperienced, does it?”
“Not all the time.” I said. “True.”
“We could ask them, couldn’t we?”
“Sure.” I said.

“Hey.” I said, thinking of something.
“What?” Bella asked. The thought had obviously been directed at her. I narrowed my eyes at her and she said “What?” again, really curious now.
“You were sitting here watching your sister and three others get it on and it wasn’t weird for you?” I asked her.
“No.” she replied. “Should it have been?”
“No, I guess not.” I said. “But I have a request.”
“A request?”
“Let me take you and Dani to the Incest room, ok?” I followed it up with “If you’re not interested, you don’t have to stay…just check it out.”
Bella gave a slightly confused look and then said, “You sure Dani’d be ok with that?”
“I know Dani’d be ok with that.”

Mitch showed up three or four minutes later and we all decided on a plan of attack. Michelle would take Ryan to visit Erica and Kaylee, I would take the beautiful Thorne sisters to the Incest room and we would all meet back at the anal room in an hour.
“Make sure the camera’s all get the right angles!” was the last thing Michelle said to me.
Oh, I will, I thought.

Spill over happens every year.
No matter how large the rooms (or, in this case, the hall), there is always a case where the threesomes, foursomes or orgies spill over into other areas, most times just outside the initial rooms.
“Oh wow!” Bella said, upon seeing the spill over from the Orgy Hall.
On the floor, taking two cocks up her ass (yes, up her ass) doggy-style, was Porn star Lanny Barbie, one guy above her and the other under her. While this was happening, a pretty red-headed teen was sitting on the face of the guy who was underneath Lanny. I could tell from a quick glance that the teen was none other than 15 year old Rachel Hurd-Wood. Sitting just to the right of them was beautiful Mila Kunis, breathing hard and fingering herself as she watched.
“Have you met Mila?” I asked the Bella.
She shook her head no.
We waited a minute or so and watched the TV star cum before we sat next to her and I introduced the Thorne sisters.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You’re both gorgeous!”
Dani smiled and said “Thanks,” while Bella only blushed.
We did the requisite introductions and I told her we were headed to the Incest room where I was gonna plug young Bella up the ass.
“I am so there!” Mila said, rising. When we didn’t immediately get up, she urged us on. “Well, come on!”
And we were on our way.

“Rose!” Mila exclaimed just as we approached the Incest room.
I turned and saw Rose McGowan, possibly wearing the most obscene outfit of the entire Bacchanalia. A leather S & M outfit, it left nothing to the imagination, a harness fitting around her large, exposed breasts and a very tight corset around her waist. What was distinctive about it, though, was the double headed dildo that was attached to the otherwise open groin area.
And she had a tail. I figured out a minute or so later that it was actually a butt plug, stuffed up her ass, that was adorned with a long, furry cat-like tail.
On her arm was 9 year old Adair Tishler, wearing the exact same outfit.
Mila and Rose kissed a hello-kiss and began talking about the festivities. “The Leather room this year is spectacular!” Rose commented, directing the compliment my direction. I thanked her and asked her where else they had been, knowing that little Adair was Roses companion this year.
I stopped her when she mentioned the S & M room.
“You’re not being too rough with Miss Tishler?” I asked. I winked at sweet little Adair, knowing that the mutual Charmed stars loved much the same things, including fetishes.
Rose giggled and told her small lover to turn around. Adair did so and we all bore witness to the red lashes that covered her back and butt. And, of course, the fake little kitty tail stuffed up her prepubescent asshole.
“Rose!” I exclaimed, feigning outrage. “Shame on you!”
Both girls laughed. “Oh!” Rose said. “Like she didn’t deserve it!”
We introduced Dani and Bella to Adair and then told the couple what we had in mind.
“Oh my god!” Adair blurted out. “We’ve gotta see that!”
“Totally!” Rose agreed.

“Do we have new recruits?” AJ Michalka said loudly over the music as we entered. We turned to find AJ and her much prettier (and older) sister, Aly, lounging on one of the sofas, watching the action. Both look as if they’d already been ridden hard over the course of the night and were perhaps taking a break.
I admired Aly’s lovely tits and told her “Christian superstar” sister that yes, indeed, we had a pair of sisters. Aly squealed and took Bella’s hands in hers, telling her what a pretty young thing she was.
“Thanks.” Bella responded while I looked around.
A fixture of the room, the Corrs, were on stage, dead center of the room. Caroline, a strap-on around her waist, was butt-fucking her brother, Jim, while the other two, Sharon and Andrea formed a 69 position right next to their siblings. Inspiring, as always.
“Christ.” Mila said, standing beside me.
Adair came and stood on the other side of me and pointed. “Who are they?” she asked.
Knowing she was talking about the Porn star grouping, I said, “That’s Ava and Mia Rose.” Ava was plugging Mia while Mia, on her back, sucked Jason Sinclair’s cock. “Jason,” I pointed out, matter of factly, “is Belladonna’s brother, which means she’s here too.”
Mila nodded. “I think that’s her.” she said, indicating that there was someone on the other side of the little grouping. Sure enough, Belladonna was on her knees, sucking Mia’s pussy even as Ava’s strap-on plunged in and out of her sister.
“Come on,” Adair said, taking my hand, “Let’s get fucking.”
Rose laughed at her little girl’s crass behavior, but agreed.
A set of twins I didn’t quite recognize but might have been 12 year olds Rebecca and Camilla Russo, were going down on each other as Adair led Mila, Rose and me through the crowd. She looked as if she was headed towards one of the unoccupied couches on the far side of the room. We reached a large black couch and Adair sat me down. Then, standing in front of me, she reached back and removed her “tail.”
And put it in her mouth.
“You’re a nasty little shit, aren’t you?” I asked, not really asking. Once again, Rose laughed an obscene little laugh and came around the sofa so she was behind us.
Adair smiled an evil smile and sat next to me.
Mila took a seat on the other side of me and, as they began to feel me up, I watched Bella and her sister approach.
“Broke free from Aly and AJ, huh?” I asked them.
“Yeah.” Dani said.
“Hey, I have a question.” her sister queried.
“What’s that sweetie?” Mila had my cock in her hand, stroking it back and forth. Rose was nuzzling my neck from behind me.
“If this is the incest room, I figured we’d see Mary-K…”
I cut her off. “You won’t see them here, honey.” I said, knowing where she was going with this.
“But I love Ashl…”
I cut her off again. “No, seriously. We don’t talk about those two here.”
Bella looked a little confused.
“Dani.” I said. And with that, Dani bent down and whispered in her sister’s ear.
“Oh.” Bella said after a minute or two. Then she made a face and said, “Ah, fuck ’em! Who needs those little bitches anyway!”
“Exactly!” I echoed and motioned for her to come sit with us. She did so and then Adair asked when the show started.
“C’mon!” she smiled, “Let’s see it! I wanna see your cock,” she pointed at me, “up her ass, right now!” She pointed at Bella. Dani only laughed and clapped her hands. Mila just kept stroking my cock.
“I agree!” Rose said, backing up her little lover. She once again circled the sofa and knelt in front of me. “We’re here to see one thing. You ready?” She asked me, moving her hand over my prick and Mila’s hand.
“And she’s ready?”
She looked at Bella. “You think you’re ready?” she asked the little girl.
She looked at me. “Then what are you two waiting for?!? Let’s see you’re cock up her ass!” she said with a huge smile on her face.
And with that she removed Mila’s hand and begun sucking my cock. It took only a few seconds of this for Bella to circle around to me and begin kissing me. “Yeah!” Mila was saying, watching us kiss. “That’s a good little dirty slut!” She smacked Bella on the ass and then addressing me, “You gonna do her from behind?”
I broke our kiss so I could answer. Looking into little Bella’s eyes, I said, “No. From the front, so I can see her every reaction.”
Rose, who had been giving masterful head, then came up for air, put both hands around Bella’s tiny waist and lifted the child onto my lap. Patting her on the ass slightly, she told her to lift up a second and then, with an audible “plop” sound escaping the girl’s anus, pulled the anal plug out of the 8 year old.
And began licking the kid’s asshole.
Bella closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the sensation, hugging herself to me.
Lifting her hear, I kissed her one more time…
…before telling Rose to stop, lifting my cock towards her and placing the head of it against her anus.
“Oh my god!” Bella said, “Put it in, put it in!”
And then slowly, it began to slip in.
By the time the entire head was inside her, Bella had begun to breath a little heavy and we were accumulating a crowd. She began talking dirty, telling me to “ream” and fuck her “little hole.” I pushed my way into her and joked with her about kissing her mom with that mouth.
“No, I suck my dad off with this mouth.” she replied. I knew it wasn’t true, but it made me hotter than ever.
I sneered at her and said “Well, I’m your daddy tonight, little girl. Now, shut up and let’s fuck!” And, with that, I pushed my cock as far as it would go.
She cried out and I began fucking the little 8 year old for real now, pushing in and out of her tiny hole, stretching her. I was astonished to find that the majority of my tool was inside her now.
And then made eye contact with her sister.
Motioning to Dani, I stopped my thrusts for a second. Bella opened her eyes and I told her to lift up slightly. Then, with my cock still deep inside her ass, the little beauty raised her legs and lifted herself up. Guiding her, I indicated to her that I wanted her to twist around, so she would be facing her sister, the rest of me behind her. She immediately understood and I watched her stretched out asshole grip my cock even as she twisted around.
“Hi.” she said, greeting her sister.
“Hey.” Dani responded.
“Now, eat her out.” I instructed the older of the two.
And, bending down, she began to.
Cheers went up from the crowd and I could simultaneously feel Dani’s tongue on my ball sack as they did so. When she wasn’t licking my testicles and cock, I knew she was tonguing her sister.
Bella, for her part, was going a little crazy-ecstatic at all of these new sensations. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” the 2nd grader kept shouting, an exclamation erupting from her each time my cock banged back into her.
I then watched Dani rise and began passionately kissing her sister, even as she caressed the tiny little slut’s pussy. Her hand wandered down to my cock, rubbing my balls, and she smiled at me as she tongued her sister. I smiled back and then said “Hold on.”
Twenty seconds later, I had Bella bent over in a doggy-style fashion, once again banging my cock into her asshole as she ate her sister Dani out.
Christ, what a sight!
Reaching around, I fondled the child’s hairless little pussy, being careful not to slip a finger too far in. The little chic stopped her action on Dani a second to scream, “Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my little asshole. Ream my fuckin’ ass!” This last part was bellowed through gritted teeth.
And then Rose was behind me, whispering in my ear. “Let’s see her with a cock in her mouth.”
Nicky and Paris Hilton had discovered our little threesome a minute or so before and had stopped, watching now and mutually masturbating each other.
“What do you think of that, little girl?” I asked Bella, driving my cock as deep as I could and raising my voice so she could hear me. “You want cock in your mouth while you have cock up your ass?” My balls slapped against her pussy as I sped up the pace a bit.
She began whimpering and I almost couldn’t tell what she was saying, since she looked as if she was cumming, spasming as hard as she was. I had heard what she said, but I figured I wanted it said out loud.
“What’s that?” I shouted over the music, slapping her bald little pussy gently with the tips of my fingers.
“Yes, please!” she repeated.
“Yes, what?” once again speeding up my action inside her little pucker.
“He wants you to tell him that you want cock in your mouth, you dork!” Dani interjected, her sister’s head resting between her legs. I slowed my thrusts a little to chuckle. And then…
“Oh my fucking God!” She was responding to the insertion of my finger a little way into her twat as I sped back up, pounding her underage asshole. “Please! I want cock in my mouth! I want to suck someone off while you fuck my asshole! PLEASE!”
People began cheering and as I looked up, I caught sight of Nicky and Paris locked in a 69. And that’s when Conrad, the girls’ younger brother, walked up to us, cock already at attention. He was stumbling around a little, obviously pretty drunk, so I was surprised and rather pleased that he was able to get it up enough to do this. I motioned to him and he helped Bella’s sister rise from her position on the couch. He sat down where she had been and then our little 8 year old slut began sucking cock.
Another cheer went up.
“Aw, fuck yeah, baby, suck it.” Conrad moaned, holding her head in his hands as she bobbed up and down. He wasn’t huge, but, for his age, he was of decent enough size so that it took a few minutes for our little lover to truly deepthroat the kid.
But, once she did, again, it was quite the sight!
Almost ecstatic, I grasped the little girl’s butt cheeks and spread them, further stretching her little asshole. “Oh fuck!” I yelled, pushing further into her, “You’re my little ass slut, aren’t you?” I smacked her ass hard. “Aren’t you?!?”
She stopped sucking Conrad down her throat and screamed, “Yes! Yes! I’m your little ass slut! Your fucking little ass slut!”
Hearing her yell this, cock in her hand and my own tool feverishly pushing in and out of her asshole, finally pushed me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of her stretched out hole and blew my load, spraying what felt like gallons of semen all over the 8 year old child’s back and hair.
Bella herself reacted quite violently to my pulling out of her, screaming for me to put it back in. I did so for a few seconds, my hard-on still present, while I motioned for a few of the onlookers.
Soon, I was watching from a few feet away as a couple of total strangers (to Bella anyway) began taking turns reaming the kid up the ass. She was still sucking Hilton cock. She was in heaven.
Bella Thorne: Under-aged ass slut, champion cocksucker, Bacchanalia incest whore!

“Oh my god! That was amazing!” our little cum soaked hottie said as we, Michelle, Mila, Rose and I approached the girl a few minutes later.
“Still is.” I said, pointing to the grouping behind the couch. Bella rose, albeit slowly (she even grimaced slightly), and looked over the top of the couch. There, on the floor, was her sister Dani, spread eagle and on her back, getting eaten out by Nicky Hilton while Conrad rammed his cock up his sister’s ass. In addition, Paris was sucking one of Dani’s tits while Rose’s very own little Adair pushed her double headed dildo up Paris’s orifices.
“Wow.” Bella said.
I came up from behind her and began kissing her small neck. “Sore?” I asked her, rubbing her poor bottom sympathetically.
She nodded and pressed her head against mine.
I consoled her a second and then said “We’re late.”
“We have somewhere to be?” the little girl asked.
“You don’t remember?”
“We were supposed to be in the anal room 20 minutes ago.” Michelle reminded her. “Wouldn’t wanna miss Ryan’s first time, wouldja?”
She smiled. “No!” She rose and took my hand. “Let’s go.”
“Rose?” I knew the answer before I asked it.
Rose looked at me, her lower lip pouting. “I should stay with Adair.” she said.
“You sure?” I asked. “Ryan’s…how should I put it?”
“Seven?” Rose said.
I only smiled.
Still pouting, she said “Wish I could, but I have this funny feeling Adair really likes Conrad. If she winds up fucking him up the ass and I’m not there…” she trailed off.
“Understood.” I said and turned to Miss Kunis.
“Seven? You bet your ass!” she exclaimed, smiling ear to ear.
And with that, Bella, Mila, Michelle and I left Dani, Rose and the rest for greener pastures.

“I don’t hafta take part, do I?” Bella asked as we ascended some stairs.
“You don’t have to participate at all, honey.” I told her. “You know every part of this is voluntary.”
“I know, but…”
“It’s no biggie, hun.” I said. “You’re really that sore?”
She nodded. “A little, yeah.”
“No problem.” I responded. “Just sit back and watch.”
“Wow.” Mila said, pointing to our right. “Look at that!”
To our left, just outside of the Bukkake room, three girls were ravaging some guy. They were all over him, so it was difficult to ascertain who he was, but it was evident immediately who the girls were. Thirteen year old Victoria Justice was sitting on the guys face and the way she was sitting, it was obvious he was eating out her ass, not her pussy. Daveigh Chase was laying next to him, propped up on his chest and biting his left nipple so hard I thought she might draw blood. His hand was between the 15 year old’s legs, apparently finger fucking her, though we could tell from here. Finally, Taylor Dooley, 13, was sitting on the stud’s cock, bouncing up and down. She seemed oblivious, either tripping hard or experiencing a major orgasm.
“It’s nice to see normal sex once in a while.” I said.
Mila and I laughed (I don’t think Bella quite got it) at this…and then laughed even harder as a guy who had been still close by, watching, approached the foursome and began pissing on the group.
“Fuuuuuuck.” Mila said, still laughing quite hard. “There’s no such thing as normal sex at the Bacchanalia!”
We watched for a few more seconds and then moved on.

The anal room was in full swing when we arrived, hard metal blaring and all kinds of groupings going on.
Anna Kournikova, a strap-on around her waist, was fucking a young satyr of perhaps 12 years of age. Miranda Cosgrove, just about the same age as the kid, was underneath him, sucking him off as Anna ravaged the little man’s asshole. He, in turn, was sucking another guy off, a man easily three times his age with a huge cock.
A few feet from this little grouping there was a spectacular Lez fest occurring between Kristin Kreuk, Morena Baccarin, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johanssen and Ali Larter. Scarlett was turned on her side and was being DP’ed by Larter and Kreuk. She was going crazy, two giant, florescent green dildos being stuffed into her twin openings, evidently cumming uncontrollably. Baccarin was a foot away from the threesome, having an equally bright orange phallus inserted up her ass by the radiant Miss Fox. Morena was masturbating and watching Johanssen, trying to get herself in the same state as Scarlett.
“Awesome!” Bella said. Mila agreed.
A few feet from all of this was another spectacular sight. A pretty goth looking girl of about 10 years of age was being fully serviced, and servicing, a trio of well hung black guys. The girl wore nothing but a pair of black, knee high boots, matching gloves and a pair silver crosses that bounced up and down as she rode one of the cocks. Her dark black hair was tied off in two pig tails that made her look even younger than she was and when she leaned back on the cock, you could tell his manhood was deeply planted up her ass. She was sucking off the other two guys, alternating between a mammoth black dick and an even darker, bigger, uncut tool that looked to be on the verge of climaxing. And, sure enough, as we watched, the uncut stud came in a shower of cum, pulling out of the girl and shooting in her face and hair.
We moved on. It took us five or so minutes to finally find Ryan and even then it was only because Bella spotted Kaylee.
Though Erica was no where to be seen, Kaylee was seemingly having the time of her life. She was on stage with her two boys and Ryan. The gorgeous redhead had one of her boy slaves, the white kid, on his back and sucking him off while he got it up the ass from some black teen. He, the boy slave, was in turn licking Kaylee’s pussy and really going to town. A foot or so away from them, engaging in another 69, was Ryan and the little Latino I had been so interested in.
“Oh, thank God!” Ryan popped the cock out of her mouth and exclaimed the second she saw me. Then, rising, she asked if it was ok for her little friend to “fuck my shithole now?”
“Please.” I said, more to him than to her. The satyr smiled widely and asked our little Ryan if he could watch her suck cock while he did her ass for the first time.
We both agreed that this was a splendid idea.
Twenty seconds later, I was up on the stage myself, on my back, my cock in little Ryan’s mouth as our 10 year old fuck slave positioned his cock at her 7 year old anus and pushed his way in.
She stopped sucking me for a few moments while I only assumed the head of his cock pushed into her, but she soon recovered, following Michelle’s and my instructions to the tee.
“The first time you are penetrated will be painful and the sensations weird, but if you focus on something, or someone, else, it will be much easier getting around it.” Michelle had told her. I had agreed, telling her that a classic three-way would help this.
I had no way of knowing her first time would end up being a free-for-all.
Ryan was doing a terrific job of cocksucking, her beautiful blue eyes focusing on my prick, even as she grimaced a bit, more of our underage lover’s cock sliding into her. He began a rhythm not long after she began deepthroating me and I could tell he was all the way inside our girl.
“Is it good?” I asked, wondering if the child was enjoying it.
No sooner had I heard a “yes” escape her, then everything disappeared…sorta.
Exactly at that moment, the groin of a young girl moved right over my face. Suddenly, I had the bald, slightly sweaty, pussy of a small girl right in front of my face, accompanied by two legs and a fantastic ass. Not even knowing who this was, and not caring, I dove in, taking a long lick before completely diving in.
And that’s when I heard the small voice of 10 year old Carly Owen. “Yeah!” she exclaimed. “Fuckin’ lick my pussy!”
This made me very happy. I’m a big fan of Carly’s. She had never been a true initiate, having been another fuck slave of Rose McGowan’s. But I also knew that, since this was her 4th year at the Bacchanalia, she had also been the youngest girl I had ever fucked. And, man, was she a fuck! Enthusiastic and energetic, she took it every which way, and had even done so that very first year.
I mean, if you’ve never seen a 6 year old with three cocks inside her, you are truly missing a sight.
In any case, at this point, now realizing who I had on top of me, I began a truly inspired ass and pussy fuck.
Still licking her pussy, I drove, almost violently, one and then two fingers up the little freckled girl’s ass. I moved my free hand over her leg to manipulate her clitoris, and she began screaming.
“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Suck that pussy! Fuck yeah!”
And that’s when I began thinking about dead kittens once more.
At this point, I couldn’t see Ryan’s crystal clear blue eyes that I loved so much (and I probably wouldn’t have been able to anyway, sucking my cock the way she was), but the thought of them, coupled with her cocksucking and Carly’s little pre-teen cunt and asshole was nearly putting me over the edge.
And I wanted this to last as long as humanly possible.
I got my wish in the form of Ryan removing herself from my tool. She stopped sucking on me and began really grunting hard now. She was holding onto my waist and I could feel the Latino boy’s thrusts into her throughout…and his thrusts were getting harder and faster. Both, it seemed, were just about to cum.
I relished the thought even as I pushed a third finger up Carly’s little asshole.
As if in response, Carly collapsed onto me, crashing into my body and, almost at once, taking up where Ryan had left off, grabbing my cock and running her tongue up the complete length of it.
I felt Ryan’s lover slow down a bit, trying to prolong things, and, as a result, all of a sudden, I had two mouths sucking my cock, Carly expertly sending me fully down her throat and Ryan licking my scrotum. Once again conscience of how quickly I may cum, I began thinking bad thoughts again, myself trying to prolong my climax.
I was grateful when they both stopped long enough to kiss, but then they went right back to giving me a superior BJ. I was once again in Carly’s mouth when I gave up the ghost, sending my jism halfway down the girl’s throat, groaning and yelling quite loudly.
During all of this, I had slowly backed off of my finger fucking of Carly, choosing to relish my climax instead of focusing on getting her off.
You know, being a guy.
In any case, that allowed Carly to get up and, reversing herself, kneel down and begin kissing me, my semen still in her mouth. She laughed as I slurped my jism from her mouth…
And then reacted as Ryan began sucking my rather sensitive cock once more.
“Whatsa matter?” Carly asked as she sucked on my lower lip.
“She’s gonna kill me. I just came,” I grunted as Ryan deepthroated me, “and she’s sucking on me again. Getting me hard.”
She bit my lip and giggled. “You gonna tell her to stop?”
I grunted again. “N-no.”
“Good,” she played, biting my lower lip. “I wanna see you assfuck her.”
And, as if on cue, out little Latino came inside Ryan, grunting hard.
Carly rose slightly, rubbing some of my cum onto one of her nipples. “I wanna see you assfuck her now.”

After we watched Carly suck the semen from Ryan’s ass, I was feeling it again, my second (or maybe this was my fifth; I lost track there somewhere) wind approaching.
I got Ryan in a doggy style position once again and pressed the head of my cock against her tiny 7 year old anus. She, in turn, was sucking Carly’s pussy, really digging in, while our Latino boyslave was washing off.
I watched Kaylee, right next to us, for a second, getting two cocks, one white, one black, stuffed into each hole and then began pressing my own cock into little Ryan.
“Oh, yes!” Ryan pleaded. “Yes! Please! Put it in! Put it in!”
I inched my cock into her and she immediately began cumming, rubbing her pussy with one hand and pushing back, trying to get more of my cock into her. I noticed, though, that she was ignoring her friend.
I smacked her hard on the ass even as I sunk another few centimeters into her. “What are you doing?!?” I screamed, smacking her on the ass even harder. “Let’s see you suck pussy!”
She really responded to the spanking, as I knew she would, my little bondage whore all the way.
She once again dove in, licking Carly’s bare little pussy and still urging her pelvis back. It was beautiful! Almost the entirety of my prick inside the little 7 year old bum!
No one is luckier than me!
As I began thrusting now, pulling my cock a little way out and then pushing back in, I began looking around the room. Everyone was here now, watching the three of us fuck on stage. Bella, Mila, Michelle. We even had a late comer, Julie Bowen, leaning in, watching. It looked as if she was being serviced herself, watching and then closing her eyes in pleasure, arching her back and thrusting her tits out.
“Deeper!” Ryan was screaming now. I reached forward and began pinching and twisting her left nipple. “Oh fuck yeah! Deeper!” she pleaded. I brushed her hair out of the way and began kissing her neck, nuzzling her, literally breathing her in. “Oh fuck yeah!” she screamed, my balls slapping against her pussy, my cock completely up her ass now.
And, with that, I stopped, pulling out of her.
Backing off just a little, I then grabbed her around the waist and moved her up to my mouth. This interrupted her lovemaking with Carly, but she didn’t seem to mind since I was currently licking and sucking on her small, but engorged pussy lips. I serviced her that way for a half a minute before I pulled my next act of depravity and put my thumb straight up her ass.
She was screaming now, unintelligible to all but the most talented linguist. Screaming, but obviously deep in a state of ecstasy. I continued my pussy licking even as I watched Carly, desperate to get off, masturbating.
That’s when Julie got involved. Stopping whomever was sucking her pussy, Ms. Bowen crawled up onto stage and, placing herself in front of young Carly, began sucking pussy herself. At which point we all found out who had been Julie’s unseen lover.
Rising from the floor came a pretty little girl…except, she wasn’t a girl. Probably around 17 or 18, the kid, very male, wore a pretty blond wig, make-up to accentuate his beautifully dark eyes, and a frilly, half torn off dress. He also had a garter belt strapped on and, to finish off the ensemble, dark, high heeled shoes. He pulled off the look very well, and, if not for the massive 10 inch cock between his legs, would have passed for a very attractive Trannie, minus, of course, the boobs.
At this point, I had to be back inside my little Ryan.
Putting her back down, this time on her side, I pulled her cheeks apart and once again began inserting my cock into her 7 year old anus. She screamed for a few seconds as I did so but was muffled by Julie’s pretty boy/girl’s cock.
“Yeah!” I applauded him/her as I slammed my cock all the way in. “Fuck yeah! Suck it, bitch!” She began bucking up and down on my tool even as I continued calling her names and smacking her ass.
She stopped sucking on his massive prick right after I told her she was my little ass-whore, looking back at me and yelling, “Just keep fucking my ass!”
I took that particular opportunity to do a little cocksucking of my own, grabbing the cross-dressing satyr’s tool.
“Hey!” Ryan exclaimed as I deepthroated the kid. And then, a testament to the kid’s commitment, even as she had her ass pounded by your truly, Ryan leaned back and began sucking the faux-trannie’s balls.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” we then all heard, the screaming coming from young Miss Owen. Glancing over to Carly and Julie, I watched the 10 year old experience a world class orgasm, as was evidenced by a stream of liquid erupting from Carly even as Miss Bowen, a full 27 years older than the girl, continued fingering the little girl’s pussy.
That’s right.
Carly’s a squirter.
We watched the little freckled girl buck up and down on Julie’s three (!) fingers a while longer and then looked on as our Latino boy, cleaned up and once again hard, approached and fed his cock to the child. Still squirting a little and visibly exhausted, Carly swallowed most of his tool and began sucking.
This spurred me on…
…And in seconds, I had Ryan screaming “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I was really reaming her ass now even as our man/girl slave was stroking his/her cock over us. I was making her scream, making her cum, by fondling her tiny little slit, of course, being careful to only excite her, not penetrate her little virgin hole. Nevertheless, she was screaming, pleading for me to “ream” her ass and fuck her pussy. She even used that word.
I’ve said it many times before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times in the years to come. There is something almost spiritual about a 7 year old screaming “Fuck my pussy!”
Of course, that was expressly forbidden on this, the second night, and not wanting anyone to get the wrong idea, I turned her head and began kissing her, effectively shutting her up.
And then the little shit bit my lip.
I recoiled a little, slowing my pace on her stretched out little asshole, and yelped. She giggled and all of a sudden, I tasted blood.
The little fuck drew blood.
“You little fuck!” I exclaimed.
She giggled a little more and then reached down, cradling my balls. “C’mon!” she egged me on. “Show me who’s boss! Fuck me harder! Ream my little ass!”
In one full stroke, I plunge every inch of my cock into her 7 year old asshole and just as quickly, she stopped taunting me. I heard a quick intake of air from her and, within seconds, I knew she was cumming. Again.
And then our young endowed friend began cumming himself. Long strands of thick, white jism erupted from his cock, splaying across my little 7 year old’s face and neck. He grunted hard, as if being relieved of some huge burden, even as I licked and sucked the shit off of Ryan and into my mouth.
Ryan only convulsed in response to all of this, deep in climax.
All of this was too much to watch/experience. My cock, after a few more long, deep strokes inside the child’s asshole, exploded, injecting the girl with my own seed. I, too, grunted hard, pushing in all the way to the base, spasming and letting go of my entire load.
Honest to Bacchus! I was amazed I had any body fluids left, let alone semen.

The little stage performance had become a full on orgy by the time Ryan and I recovered, at least ten minutes later. We had watched the continued display of deviance (I, myself, enjoying the new threesome of Kaylee, Julie and our little Latin kid) for most of that and, recovering, walked off stage.
Well, I walked off stage. Ryan was carried.
I put Ryan down on a couch just to the left of the stage. Evan Rachel Wood was sitting on the other end of the couch, a strap-on attached to her waist and a satyr of perhaps 12 gyrating on said strap-on. He seemed to be having a ball, his little cock slapping up and down with his every movement.
“…tired.” Ryan said, as I laid her down.
“I know, honey.” I kissed her on the cheek. “It’s way past your bedtime.” Nearly 1AM, that was an understatement. “Let me find Bella and we’ll get you to bed, ok?” And, with that, I left to find Bella.

…And found her, seconds later, underneath Emma Roberts. Emma, hovering over Bella, looked as if she was in heaven, rolling her eyes back in her head and moaning, her small, but visually appealing, tits in her hands. Approaching, I slid my hand underneath hers, caressing 15 year old tit and moving my mouth over her left nipple.
“Oh my fucking God!” she told me. “She does this so well! Are you sure she’s just an initiate?”
Laughing gently, I assured her Bella was a novice and told her the unfortunate news that we had to be leaving. Then, scanning the room, I spotted Vanessa Lengies, alone. Calling her over, I explained that Bella and I needed to leave. She seemed more than willing to take over.
Tapping Bella on the shoulder, I explained the situation, helping her rise.

Ten minutes later, I led the two girls, each holding my hand, up the stairs and into our bedroom.
I ended up carrying Ryan the rest of the way to the bed once we were in our room and Bella and I helped undress her. She was so beautiful laying there on the bed naked.
I went to brush my teeth and when I came back, Bella had Ryan’s legs spread, licking her bald little cunt.
“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. “Aren’t you exhausted?”
Ryan was partially awake now, moaning slightly and smiling at me. “Let me suck your cock again!” she blurted out, reaching for me.
Bella stopped. “Oooo, yeah!” she beamed. “Get in bed and we’ll suck you off. It can be the last thing we all do before we go to sleep!”
I chuckled. “No, seriously.” I commented, removing the last vestiges of my leather outfit. “Where do you get the energy? We’ve been at it all night.”
“C’mon!” she responded. “Get in bed.”
I did as she asked, laying on my back and rubbing my aching prick a little to get it prepared. Bella joined me, kissing me and letting me once again taste Ryan, this time on her lips. Ryan grasped my cock and, as Bella and I kissed, I felt her warm mouth on my tool.
Sure enough, the last thing I remember was cumming, jism splashing onto my stomach and feeling one of the girls, I don’t know who, lick it off. As my climax faded, so did my consciousness.

Part 4
Day 3

The next morning, routine took over. Unlike the morning before, we arose early. The girls fondled each other for a few minutes while I explained what would be expected of them that night, knowing that Michelle would cover all of this but knowing we had the time. Then the two showered (together) and went to find their parents.
I, as usual, worked on preparations for the day and then drove myself to my Mistress’s home. The final day would take place here.

As I had the day before, I got to the Nestling room rather late, almost 1 PM. Once again, they were watching Porns.
“Nice.” I said, watching what I knew was the night before. The video was of Evangeline Lilly and her man-slave Dominic. They were fucking 15 year old Erin Sanders, on her back, and doing a damn fine job of it.
I have never had Erin and this footage made me wonder why. A very pretty young woman, she had spectacular body, one that was being ravaged by the couple on screen. Evy’s satyr was fucking the girl’s face, sending every inch of his cock down her throat while Evangeline herself DP’ed the beauty with a large, black double-headed dildo. The cameraman focused in on the latter part of the threesome, tightening the shot so we could watch the cock penetrate her finely trimmed pussy. “Nice.” I said again.
“Hey!” Bella greeted me, turning her head and smiling at me. I walked to the front of the class as Erin was screaming. Dominic had begun cumming all over her face and she was screaming for Evy to lick it up.
Everyone but Michelle had disrobed and was masturbating to the footage.
I was immediately hard.
I flipped the DVD I had been holding into the air and onto the DVD player. “Pop that in.” I said.
Michelle did so and we were immediately greeted with a beautiful pairing. Eighteen year old Britney Spears was locked in a 69 position, licking hairless pussy while her thumb was inserted up the girl’s ass. As the camera panned out, you could immediately see that the girl on top of the hit-me-baby-one-more-time star was none other than her 9 year old sister, Jamie-Lynn.
“Wow.” It was uttered by Ryan.
“Yeah.” I replied, smiling broadly and watching Jamie-Lynn sucking and licking Spears pussy. The camera focused in tight, capturing the little girl savoring her sister’s twat and then pulled out a bit so we could watch a large black cock push it’s way into Britney. It pushed in a bit, withdrew, pushed in even further and then pulled out completely to let the 9 year old Spears girl suck on it a bit. She deepthroated the cock and then guided it back into her sister.
At this point, the camera pulls back and focuses on me, the one fucking Britney. I smiled for the camera, just as I was smiling broadly watching this spectacle.
“Hey!” our little Ryan said.
“That’s you.”
I chuckled a bit as, on the screen, my counterpart pulled out of the older sister and, picking the younger one up, mounted her. I began stroking my own cock as the camera focused in on the action, my long black cock disappearing inside the child’s asshole even as her legs hung at her side, not touching the ground. The cameraman came closer, focusing on the little girl’s pussy, even opening her up a moment with his fingers, and then backed off a bit.
Backed off so he could film Britney, now wearing a long, black strap-on, approach us and, kissing her sister on the mouth, begin a DP of the 9 year old I will never forget. A DP none of these girls will forget, I’d wager.
“Christ!” Michelle said, standing next to me and grasping my cock. “I’d forgotten what twisted fucks they were.”
“Yeah.” I said, moving my hand over hers and urging her to give me a handjob. “And she was so little when we started.” I, of course, was talking about Jamie-Lynn, who had been Ryan’s age when we initiated her into the Bacchanalia. .
We all watched for a few more seconds until the cameraman moved on, next filming Keira Knightley, Daniel Craig and then-12 year old Selena Gomez.
“Ooooo.” Bella moaned, sitting back in her chair and really masturbating hard now. Gomez was on all fours, planted on Craig’s pud, while she straddled Knightley, licking Keira’s tits like a champ. “Who’s that?”
Ryan got up and approached Mitch and me. “That’s Selena.” she said, kneeling down and taking my cock away from her teacher. “She’s really pretty,” she finished before popping my cock into her mouth and sucking away.
I looked over to Mitch. “Was this on the lesson plan?”
She laughed and joined our little Ryan on her knees.
Sixty seconds later, we were having a little impromptu orgy. Flat on my back on the couch, I was being assaulted by all four females. Ryan was on top of me, her asshole filled with my meat and she was hugging me to her even as she moved her ass back and forth. My head was situated on Michelle’s lap and I watched as the Thorne sisters took turns licking Mitch’s pussy and kissing me.
“Um, did we come at the wrong time?” Portia De Rossi was standing over us, watching the action and smiling that gorgeous smile. Glancing behind her, I was greeted by an amazing sight. Jackie, our favorite little Herm, was flanked by her Mistress Ellen Page and two young beauties.
Michelle immediately rose, plopping my head down on the couch. “No, no, no.” Mitch insisted, hugging Portia and thanking each for coming. I patted Ryan on the ass and she understood it as a signal to withdraw my cock from her tight little hole.
Getting down off of me, she presented herself to Portia.
“Miss De Rossi, I’m Ryan Newman.”
Portia gave a huge smile. “Well, hi honey.” She knelt down. “Aren’t you the most gorgeous little thing.” She put her hand at Ryan’s bare shoulder and said, “But, please. Call me Portia.”
The other girls were talking to Bella and her sister.
“Can I fuck her?” De Rossi asked me.
That got everyone’s attention.

Seconds later, Portia was on the couch, a strap-on fastened to her hips and Ryan was climbing aboard. I stood above them, behind Ryan, guiding her toward the multi-ridged, multi-colored tool. As I guided the first few centimeters of the lubed up dildo into my girl’s asshole, I felt a mouth on my own prick and I looked down.
Beautiful 11 year old Maddison Gabriel had my cock down her throat and next to her was Ellen’s little Herm, Jackie. Jackie was nuzzling the girl’s neck, her cock hanging there untouched. Beside them, watching but not touching, was our other guest, beautiful British teen slut Imogen Poots.
And then, suddenly, someone behind me.
“Wanna get it on with six chics and my Hermaphrodite?” Ellen whispered in my ear.
“Does the Governor love it up the ass?!?” I exclaimed.
Ellen turned me around. “Does he!?!?’
“He loves for Maria to ream his ah-sole!” I replied in my best Austrian accent.
We stopped Portia and Ryan for a few seconds so they could reposition themselves on the couch and then the girls sat me down. Then, each of them, Ellen, Dani, Michelle, Madison, Jackie, Bella and Imogen took turns sucking my cock. Finally, they decided on a strategy.
By the time the girls had laid me down on the couch, opposite Portia and Ryan, all of them had taken turns. Ellen had been the master deepthroater, but, of course, Mitch had been the most skilled. That’s why she had been chosen as the girl’s teacher for this Bacchanalia. And I desperately wanted to fuck her.
I wound up having Maddison on top of me. The 11 year old seemed to be all torso and legs. That is until she climbed onto my dick. Then she was all about the fucking. Intense little shit…and skilled! I had not fucked this little beauty in a few years and I was astonished at how much she had learned in just a couple of Bacchanalia!
The other girls were taking turns coming up behind Madison, caressing her tits from behind and kissing the little model. Imogen even came up from behind her and began manipulating the girl’s pussy as she kissed her.
That all stopped with Ellen.
Miss Page made us all aware in no uncertain terms who was in charge. Pulling Madison off me, she instructed Jackie up from her place on the floor and suddenly, Ellen was mounting my cock as our favorite Hermaphrodite was circling around the couch and feeding me her own tool. And this gave us a new game.
Dani and then Bella and finally Imogen all joined me, kneeling down to help me suck Jackie’s cock. Bella told me that she liked the Prince Albert that Jackie had and seemed to be having fun making the piercing move back and forth at the head of the 10 year old’s cock.
“Yeah!” Jackie screamed, enjoying the attention Bella and I lavished on her. “Suck my cock, bitches!” Bella just looked at me…
…And we busted up laughing. Coming from Jackie, the gangsta shit she was tryin’ out just didn’t work.
“Fuckin’ pay attention!” Ellen yelled, hitting me and riding me even harder.
I heard Ryan scream and then I began to pay attention, really thrusting into miss Page now. I had forgotten what kind of ride this little bitch could be. She began to go crazy as she neared her climax, her small tits bouncing up and down, faster and faster. I, myself, had a difficult time holding back, watching little Bella suck Jackie’s cock alone now. It was so beautiful, watching those gorgeous lips sucking Jackie deep, pulling on her tool and really trying to get her to ejaculate.
I beat Jackie to it, but not by much.

A few minutes later, I found myself still on my back, Ellen no longer on top of me, but, instead, the much lighter Ryan splayed across me. She was wedged uncomfortably against my waning erection and I had to shift her slightly for more comfort.
“This is fucking awesome!” She told me.
“Yeah.” I said and we just sat there a second.
“Why can’t the Bacchanalia be once a month?”
Before I got a chance to respond, Portia was standing over me. “You got a helluva piece of ass there.” she told me, motioning to Ryan. In the middle of it all, while all the other girls serviced me, Portia had told Ryan to suck her pussy. Apparently, she had done a splendid job.
“Yeah, I know” I said.
“Can I have a piece of her tonight?” She only half asked, looking Ryan up and down, seemingly still hungry. “I’d love to get a shot at that twat.”
“If you can find her, she’s all yours.”
“You know, I’m laying right here.” Ryan said in a cutely offended voice.
“She could use a little domination and abuse.” I played along.
“Ooooo.” Portia smiled.
Not getting that we were still harassing her, Ryan responded with glee. “That would be awesome! Spank me, Portia! Spank me!”
And Portia did, even if it was only just a playful one on the ass before she left the room.

The rest of the girls, who, up to this point had started an inspiring little lez-fest, took turns spanking Ryan for the next few minutes.

When they were done, we all got dressed and headed down to a late lunch.

A good deal of fucking was already going on. We passed 15 year old Joanna Levesque fucking Beyonce with a huge double headed dildo on the stairs while Rosario Dawson and a young boy of around 13 watched on. Rosario was rubbing his little stiffy as she masturbated.
We sat at a table and, as we did so, Jackie giggled and told Dani to take a look. We all glanced to our left at that. The SI models, Ana Araujo, Bar Refaeli, Tori Praver, Raica Oliveira and Selita Ebanks, sat at their table, not touching their food. Underneath their table knelt a number of man-slaves (boy-slave in Tori’s case), spreading each woman’s legs and performing inspiring cunnilingus.
At this point in the Bacchanalia, everything was rather informal. There was one more ceremony, in which Ryan and Bella were to be de-flowered, and that was it. And no one HAD to come to that. At this point, you fuck who you want, when you want.
“I’m not sure I can eat with all of this going on!” Jackie exclaimed, sitting down.
Dani and Madison agreed.
“Didja see little Ireland as we came in?” Bella asked the girls.
“Who?” I asked.
Turned out Ireland was one of Bella’s friends, Kim Basinger’s daughter.
“No shit!” Jackie exclaimed when Bella told her she thought Ireland was getting gang banged by half a dozen guys.
And, just like that, we had thinned the crowd out to me, Michelle, Ryan and, the straggler, Imogen. We made sure Bella knew she had to meet us back at the Nestling room in one hour.
“And remember,” Michelle yelled after her, “anal sex only!”
I thought it was awesome that Michelle hadn’t told the eight year old not to have sex…just not to have vaginal sex.

Ryan and Imogen decided they wanted some fresh air. It was a beautiful spring day, a little warm, and we moved outdoors, exiting the dining hall through a large set of double doors. It’s funny that, under any other circumstances, we would be completely unable to leave the confines of the mansion. Of course, I knew that there was no danger of paparazzi or some such, since I had been personally in charge of taking care of any such distraction. Besides, I thought, most of the really talented ones are here.
And it was a good thing, as well. On the lawn, mere feet from the driveway, 25 year old Kristen Bell had Minka Kelly between her legs, sucking the blond’s bald cunt, a huge smile on her lips. Another girl, one I did not recognize, but about half the age of the other girl’s, was, in turn, licking Minka’s pussy.
“Bloody nice!” Imogen exclaimed and it took me a beat to realize she wasn’t talking about this little threesome in front of us.
I followed where she looking and my eyes settled on a Limo in the driveway. On the hood was a well endowed black guy, on his back. Just above him was a white kid, looked to be around 14 or 15. Sandwiched in between the two was a blond.
“I love watching them get double stuffed!” Imogen said.
We approached and I realized who we were watching. Hilary Duff was being DP’ed by the two guys! Double Stuffed, so to speak.
In addition, one of my favorites, Elisha Cuthbert, stood on the other side of the hood, watching the pairing and masturbating, her hand moving frantically between her legs.
And that’s how we lost Imogen. The 16 year old watched with us for a few moments and then joined in, approaching lonely little Elisha.
When we moved on, Imogen was kneeling, snaking her tongue inside Miss Cuthbert, even as one of the roving camera guys captured the whole thing on film. If only the producers of Girl Next Door could see this.
And then I realized that they’d be able to.
Before we moved on, I had the forethought to mention to the camera guy that I wanted this particular piece of footage, Hilary, Elisha and Imogen and all, delivered to me personally.

“So, whaddya wanna do now?” I asked Michelle and Ryan. “We have at least twenty minutes before we’re supposed to be back at the Nestling room.”
“Are any of the rooms open?” Ryan asked.
“All of the rooms are open, honey.” Michelle said.
“Really?” Ryan furrowed her brow a little. I could see her wheels turning, realizing that while we all had been in the Nestling room, everyone else had been fucking, sucking and…whatever.
“You know,” she said finally, “I never saw any real Body Modification in the Body Mod room.”
“That’s right,” I said. “We were all so stunned by Jackie.”
“Who wouldn’t be?” Mitch said, obviously thinking about the little Herm.
I smiled and said, “Well, let’s fix that.”

Minutes later, we were watching a cute 17 year old get a bar through his cock. “Awesome!” Ryan was spouting, not really thinking. “Does it hurt?”
The guy, wincing in pain, didn’t answer her.
Instead, I heard a quick intake of breath from Mitch and looked to see what she had seen.
Scarlett Johanssen, as naked as the day she was born, was sitting opposite us, her legs spread apart as wide as they would go, with a piercer between them. She was getting a clit piercing. But that was not what had surprised Mitch. What had surprised Mitch was an eight month pregnant Katie Holmes standing above Scarlett, reaching around and caressing her tits.
She looked absolutely radiant, but also huge. I mean seriously HUGE. She wore nothing but a pair of pearl earrings and a matching necklace and she seemed to be enjoying herself.
I knew that the three, Scarlett, Katie and Tom, had a thing going on but I wasn’t sure Michelle was aware of it. I suspected she was more surprised by the fact that Katie had shown up at all, as pregnant as she was.
“Is-is that okay for the baby?” Ryan stammered, her attention now on what we were looking at.
“Oh, yeah, honey.” Michelle said, bending down to talk to her eye to eye. “Sex is considered safe during all stages of a pregnancy.”
“Really?” Ryan asked. “It doesn’t hurt the baby?”
“Why don’t we ask her ourselves?”
And, with that, we approached the couple. Katie stopped what she was doing when she saw us coming. Then, with a beautiful smile on her face she said, “Hey, you’re Ryan, aren’t you?”
Ryan said she was.
“I’d heard so much about you!”
And then they we off, talking about all things Bacchanalia. Katie asked if she liked everything so far. Ryan said she did and mentioned that she thought she like the Bukkake room the best. Katie laughed and said she liked that room too.
Just then, Scarlett reached for my hand. “She’s cute,” she said, “She’s eight?”
“Um….” I faltered a little, on purpose. “Yeah?”
She got the message. “No shit? Really?”
I only smiled.
“Will she be around later? I mean, besides at the ceremony?” I told her we could arrange something. “Katie?” she interrupted. “Could we…later?”
“Oh, sure.” Katie said mater-of-factly, still talking to our little Ryan.
“I’m sneaking away later with Skye and Hunter,” I said, “But Ryan has to stay with Michelle. Maybe later on in the night?”
“Sneaking away?” Scarlett said. “That sounds fun.”
“Just a…” I thought about it a second. “…well, let’s call it a meeting.”
“But later on…?”
“Sure.” I replied. “I don’t see why not. We’ll have most of the night.”
I only caught a fragment of the conversation Ryan was having with Katie, but then everything got quiet.
Suddenly, Katie was sitting in the chair next to Scarlett and I knew in that split second that it was because of Miss. Newman. Sure enough, once Katie was seated, she leaned back in the chair, spread her legs and watched as Ryan moved in to suck some pussy.
“Very nice.” Scarlett said.
“Yeah,” I commented. “She doesn’t stand on ceremony.”

Once Ryan finished, we headed back to the Nestling room. Coming up the stairs, we spied what I think I had decided to call the young slut brigade. Chloe Bridges (14), Kiersten Havelock (11), Vivien Cardone (13) and Miley Cyrus (13) were splayed out on the stairs, forming a huge underage daisy chain.
“Where do you think Victoria is?”
“Who cares?” Michelle said, almost foaming at the mouth.
Ryan answered my question. “She said she likes the Beastiality room. Maybe there?”
“Really?” Michelle replied, tearing herself away from the young slut brigade. “I wouldn’t have pegged her with that.”
“She loves the snakes.”
“Ah! But do the snakes love her?” I quipped. We all snickered.

Upon arriving at the Nestling room, we discovered Bella and Dani had beat us there. Presently, they were sitting on the floor, watching some of the archive footage we had left in the room and casually masturbating.
“I thought you two would have had enough of voyeurism with little Ireland.” I said, pulling them out of their reverie.
“Hey!” Bella exclaimed and came and hugged me. The smell of her pussy juices still on her fingers wafted up to greet me as well.
Dani rose and spoke. “Ireland was only doing two guys by the time we got to her.”
“Oh, only two, huh?”
“Yeah! And we’d been told it was 6 or 7!” Bella said, still clinging to me.
I chuckled. “Whattcha watchin’?”
“I dunno.” the 8 year old said, holding my hand as we crossed into the room. “Somethin’ we found next to the DVD player.”
“Holy Shit!” I exclaimed, calling Mitch over.
I hit play on the DVD player and we watched a minute or so of the scratchy, grainy film.
“What is this?” Michelle asked me.
I smiled. “This is Vanessa Del Rio’s first year.”
“How old is she here?”
“Twelve. This was shot in 1964.”
“Wow!” We watched for a few more moments and then she said, “These are the rest of them?” Mitch picked up the folder on top of the DVD player and thumbed through page after page of DVD’s, all in plastic pockets.
“Cool.” She turned to the girls. “Who would you like to see this afternoon, ladies?”
“You mean anybody?” Dani asked.
“Well,” I said, turning away from Del Rio’s DP. “Not ANYBODY, but pretty close.”
“How about yours?” Bella piped up.
I smiled. “Yeah, mine’s not in there.” I lied.
“This is Alphabetical?” Mitch asked, still leafing through the book.
“Chronological and Alphabetical.” I responded.
“How about Michelle?”
Now I really smiled.

“Oh my God!” Bella was saying.
“Yeah.” Michelle said.
“Fuck!” Ryan blurted out.
“Wow!” Dani echoed.
“I know.”
“What year is this?” Bella asked.
“Um,” Mitch thought about it. “1994?” She asked me.
“Yeah, I think that’s right.”
On the screen, a 9 year old Michelle Trachtenberg was positioned on her side, sandwiched between two big black guys. As you would expect at such a gathering, the girl had both cocks inside her, one in her ass and one in her cunt. The look on her cute little freckled face illustrated she was experiencing a combination of pleasure and pain, what with so much cock in her. One of the black guys, the one on the up her ass, shifted slightly and suddenly you could see his face…
“Hey!” Ryan said.
“That’s you!” I repeated my one word admission and she said “You’re everywhere!”
“I try to be.”
“This is your first time?” Bella asked.
“Yeah.” Mitch responded. “The night of the Ceremony.”
“Wow,” the 8 year old watched intently. “Dp’ed the night of the Ceremony?”
“Twice.” I told her.
Mitch shook her head. “No,” she turned to me, “Don’t you remember? I also got Traci and Brooke to do me. I think I DP’ed four times that night.”
“Wait. Who was three?”
“Rick and Christian.”
“I was counting Rick and Christian.”
Bella interrupted. “Doesn’t it hurt?”
Michelle focused on Bella now, kneeling. “Oh sure, honey. I couldn’t walk right for a few days after that first time. But the pain is interlaced with the pleasure and it’s an amazing experience.”
I agreed with her, saying “And Mitch was pretty typical.”
“Hey!” Michelle exclaimed.
“I meant, you had a pretty typical first time.” I told her. “The DP’s are a little rigorous, but nothing either of you can’t handle. And remember, if you have any trepidation at all and want to stop, just say stop.”
“Unless you’re in the S & M room.” Mitch amended.
“And then just say the safe word.” I added.
On the screen, Mitch had been up-ended and placed solidly on her back. I was under her, pumping my cock in and out of her awesome 9 year old asshole while another guy, a Latino, moved in and stuck his cock in her mouth.

“How about Britney?”
“Or Hilary?”
They were fighting over which DVD to watch next.
“Duff or Swank?” Mitch asked.
“What about Bjork?” Dani said.
“Eewww!” Her sister looked completely grossed out.
“No, Angelina! Angelina!”
THAT suggestion came from Ryan and seemed like a real winner. I’m sure my eyes lit up when I said, “Now there’s a first time!”

I popped the DVD in and checked out the index that came with it, fast forwarding to the scene.
“Oh my God!” Bella exclaimed. “Is that her?” pointing at the screen.
“That’s her.” I said, almost unconsciously reaching for my cock. I was slowly stroking it with my left hand as we watched an almost unrecognizable Angelina Jolie, on her knees, sucking a guy off. The guy, I knew, was a band member for Anthrax.
“Holy fuck.” Michelle said, now behind me. She had not ever seen this footage. “How old is she here.”
“This is March of 1982.” I replied. “You do the math.” I don’t know if she did, but Michelle began a hand job from behind me that told me she was enthralled.
The camera pulled out a little and suddenly we were shown the coupling right next to little Angelina, her Father, John Voight fucking Ann Margaret up the ass.
The little girl was quite good, deepthroating the guy and then executing a great hand job as he began to cum. The shit landed all over her and she only rubbed onto her chest and groin. The camera lingered a little as the 7 year old lubricated her pussy with the guys semen.
Awe inspiring!
Even more so when she crawled over to her dad and began trading off between licking Ann Margaret’s pussy and sucking her father’s cock and balls.

When the scene ended a few minutes later, the audience was a little worked up. I had a raging hard on brought on by not just the DVD, but Michelle’s expert hands. Little Ryan was on her back, using one of the dildos that had been within reach to fuck her own ass. And, while Bella was still watching, she was doing so by focusing past Dani, who was between the girl’s legs, sucking her sister’s pussy.
Even though Michelle is a master of delaying ejaculation in her partners, I have to admit that watching all of this made it difficult.
“Ok, we’re gonna take a break!” I said, removing Michelle’s hand from my tool.
“God, I hope not!” came a voice from behind us.
Standing in the doorway was Skye Sweetnam.
“Hey, Sweetie!” I said, standing up.
She approached, kissed me on the cheek and said, “You five are fuckin’ hot!”
“Aren’t we though?”
“Was that really Angelina?” She asked as she hugged Michelle.
“Circa 1982.” I said.
“But you hafta do the math.” Ryan interjected
“That was fuckin’ hot!”
“I know, right?”
“Was I that good at her age?” Skye asked me.
“You weren’t doing the Bacchanalia at her age.” I told her.
I looked the 18 year old over. She wore a black leather outfit that, due to it’s low cut, amplified her tits nicely, a pair of tight leather pants that did the same thing for her ass, except, where the crotch was supposed to be, there was no crotch. She had a chain hanging from there that I knew was part of a clit piercing she had gotten at last years Bacchanalia.
“Ryan, right?” Skye asked.
“Uh huh.” the little girl replied. And then, “But, we met a few months ago. I was with Jackie and her mom…”
“Oh, I remember!” She approached Ryan. Kneeling down, she said, “Christ, you’re gorgeous.”
“T-thanks.” The little girl stuttered.
“I don’t mean to be forward, but can I have you?”
Ryan gave a nervous little giggle and I put my hand on Skye’s shoulder.
“You can have her when everyone else has her, honey.”
“Sure.” Skye said, bitter. “This from the guy who gets to taste all of the product before they hit the assembly line.”
I chuckled. “Nice metaphor.”
“Thanks.” She rose and addressed Bella. “And you’re a Thorne, aren’t you?”
“Yeah. Bella.”
“Nice.” She said, looking Bella up and down. “I’ll bet you’re a hot little fuck, huh? Fire Crotches always are!”
I chuckled again and then got down to business. “Is it that time already?”
“Yup.” And then looked over at the TV. “But we don’t hafta leave right now.”
“But we should.”
“Yeah, I know.”

A minute or so later, we were on our way.
“Where’s this being done?” Skye asked.
“There’s a little room I’ve got set apart from everything.” I told her.
“And it’ll be just like last year?”
“That’s the idea.”

We asked around and found out Hunter had been in the Pedo room all weekend. We found her participating in an all-girl threesome. On her back, she was being eaten out by a 20-something brunette, pretty, but nothing special. The girl sitting on her face, however…
A stunning sample of womanhood, the little blond was probably Hunter’s age, maybe a little younger, and was grinding her pelvis on her friend’s tongue, smiling an evil smile and in the throws of ecstasy.
I watched this for a minute or two, discouraging Skye from interfering. When the little blond came violently, I knew I had to have this beauty.
As she climbed off Hunter, we, Skye and I, knelt down to talk to a seemingly exhausted Miss Wryn.
“Good shit, huh?” I asked her, running my hand over her belly and chest.
“Hey!” Hunter exclaimed.
“Hey, yourself.” Then started in on the questions.
“Who’s she?” “Why haven’t I ever seen her?” “Is she well trained?” “How old is she?”
The answers (“Her name’s Cassandra” “She’s new this year.” “I had her a few times before the Bacchanalia…she’s great.” and “She’s 9.”) pleased me.
Hunter Wryn is last years initiate. She came in with Abby Breslin and Dakota Fanning and was, by far, last years finest achievement. A pretty little actress, she is by far the most talented 11 year old I have had in quite some time. She is incredibly flexible, very energetic and enthusiastic and I’ve seen her swallow cocks bigger than Mandingo’s, and there are very few of those.
“So,” she began, “are we doing it here?”
“No.” I told her. “I have a little place set aside.”
“Can Cassie come?”
Skye piped up. “It’s supposed to only be us.” She said. We had had a raunchy little threesome last year in the middle of the Ceremony and we had, throughout the year, expressed the idea of repeating the performance at this year’s Bacchanalia. When it became making sure that it was EXACTLY as it had been last year, I don’t know, but in retrospect, I’m sure glad I did.
“What if,” I suggested, “she films it for us?” thinking I wouldn’t mind a crack at this little fuck-goddess.
“And that’s all it will be?” Skye asked me.
“That’s all.” I glanced over at the gorgeous creature and she smiled at me.”We have cameras all over the room, but a roving camera would enhance the experience, don’t you think?”
Skye seemed okay with the idea and soon we were headed for the private room.

The minute we arrived, Skye started right up, strapping on the dildo I had set on the table next to the bed. Hunter, inspired by the sight, pushed me on the bed and began sucking me off, deepthroating me perfectly. My eyes met Cassie’s and I motioned to the chair on the opposite side of the room.
She picked up the camera that was sitting there and immediately began filming….First of Hunter swallowing me and then of Skye pushing me over on my side and tonguing my asshole. I could tell Cassie had circled around and was filming me from above without opening my eyes. When I did, I saw a huge smile on the young blond’s face and I knew she was playing with her pussy even as she filmed the three of us.
She was once again filming behind me as Skye asked me if I was ready. I told her I was and she began inserting the gigantic fake cock straight up my ass.
The sensation, as always, was a amazing, Hunter still expertly sucking me off as this singer/songwriter fucked my ass. I held Hunter’s head in my hands for a few moments, encouraging her ever deeper and feeling the pressure of the cock sinking in and pulling out.
“Fuck” I could hear little Cassie say. I think I chuckled a little as I heard her mutter something about not agreeing to this next time.
Skye really began fucking me now, sending her cock deeper into my hole. Speeding up and really getting into the rhythm now. “Fuck me! Yeah! Fuck me!” I think I screamed.
And then I felt the familiar build up beginning in my ball sack and told them both to stop. Not time to cum yet.
Rising, I told Hunter to get on her back and watched Skye move to the bed stand, opening the drawer. Pulling out an even larger silicone cock, she removed the one that had been up my ass and replaced this one into her harness.
“Can you take all of that?” I asked Hunter. I stroked my cock back and forth as she answered that she could.
I nodded to Skye and she circled around the bed, almost violently ramming her tool down the little beauty’s throat. I watched for a few moments and then got into the act myself, pulling Hunter’s legs apart roughly and pushing three fingers up her twat. She screamed around the fake meat in her mouth and then I had my tongue deep inside her. She popped the dildo out of her mouth only long enough to scream for me to “Fuck my asshole!”
“Bitch!” I screamed and slapped her tits. I knew she really got off on this. “You want both cocks up inside you, don’t you!?!”
“Yes! Fuck YES!”
I plunged my tongue deep into her, sucking her pussy for a few more moments and then rose. Pulling her close, I rammed my cock into her cunt, violently pushing into her.
Skye, meanwhile, had risen and, passing Cassie and the camera, watched us for just a second. Then, stroking her dildo and lubricating it with Hunter’s own saliva, she got back on the bed with us. I tilted Hunter to one side and once again screamed at the 11 year old.
“You want cock up your ass?” I pushed in and out of her cunt even harder as I said it.
“You want Skye’s cock up your ass!?!”
“YES! Ream my fucking ASS!”
And then Skye was on her, pushing her 10 inch cock up the little actresses asshole and I could tell Hunter was climaxing.
“Fuck me! Yeah! Fuck me like a dirty WHORE!”
I could feel Skye’s cock next to mine, pushing against me, separated only by the thin membrane between her asshole and pussy. I sped up my assault on her, fucking the child harder, almost violently, and told Skye, “C’mon! Harder! Fuck her harder! Fuck her ass till she’s raw!”
“YEAH! Ream my fuckin’ ass! Yeah!”
I put my hand on her flat little chest and as I rammed my cock into her, I began slapping her face, gently at first.
She looked as if she began cumming again at my first strike, aroused beyond all reason. I knew how she loved the rough shit, but was always surprised at how much punishment the 11 year old really wanted.
I was wondering if my little Ryan would someday require this kind of violence to get off when Hunter began screaming, gritting her teeth and begging for me to hit her “Harder!”
I slap her across the face again and she continues to scream. “Harder! Fuck me up! Hit me HARDER!” I’m almost punching her when she begins cumming so hard she can’t do anything but let forth a long howl. She bucks up and down uncontrollably as I continue to slap her face and tits and pound her cunt.
Skye is breathing hard, really fucking the kid’s ass hard now. “You two better put this amount of effort into fucking me!” she says, sounding almost exhausted.
I chuckle but find no indication that Hunter even heard her as her climax peaks. Cassie’s still shooting footage, standing on the bed and filming over my shoulder, while Hunter finally begins coming down.
I still haven’t shot my wad as Skye’s admonition comes to pass and we all change positions.

“I want some of that.” Cassie says to me as we leave our little private room. She masturbated through a good share of that and looked amazing as she did, I might add, but true to my word, our little threesome stayed a threesome. I had came inside Skye’s ass even as I watched Cassie fingerfuck herself, again, still filming. Inspiring!
“I’d be offended if you didn’t.” I told her as we passed the young slut brigade fucking Eva Longoria, DP with strap-ons, while her man-slave masturbated. We lingered for a second to watch. “You want, join us in the Nestling room.”
“Can I?” She asked Hunter.
“Sure.” Hunter was walking funny. “I told Allie and the boys I’d be with them after the ceremony, though.” Allie DiMeco and the Naked Brothers band. They were a raunchy little group who would go to any room, I knew, but otherwise were a bore. They were young, still, but these were guys who were all dick and no style. Allie was the best part of that little get together. “You okay on your own?” she asked her little friend.
“Alright.” she said, taking a separate hallway. “I’ll tell the guys you had to split.”
Cassie rethought her position. “No. Just tell them I’ll find you guys later.”
Maybe there was something to the boys, I thought. She seemed as if she wanted back into the group later, so maybe they did have some style.
Who knew?

We, Skye, myself and our new plaything, Cassie, found the girls in the Nestling room in quite a state.
“Feel that?” Michelle was asking Ryan. Ryan was on her back on the couch, her legs spread and Michelle was in between them. She looked as if she’d been licking the child’s pussy but right now, she actually had a finger inside the little kid’s twat. She was, I knew, showing the girl where her hymen was.
“And that’ll break when I get fucked tonight?”
“Yup.” I said, approaching. “That’s what I’ll be taking from you at the ceremony.”
“Yeeea!” Ryan exclaimed, sitting up slightly. “You’re back!”
“I am.”
She spread her little pussy and said, “Mitch got me all hot! Will you fuck me?”
“Up your ass?”
“If you hafta.” she said, feigning disappointment. And then seeing Cassie behind me, she asked “Who’s this?”
“Oh,” I said remembering my manners. Michelle rose. “This is Cassie. She belongs to Hunter.”
“Hunter Wyrn?” Dani asked. She was sitting in front of the TV, still watching the porn.
“Yeah.” I said.
“She awesome.” Dani said, going back to watching the screen, her hand between her legs.
Cassie smiled. Skye said, “You have no idea.”
“Who are you watching now?” I asked Dani. I crossed the room to get a better look.
“Rachael Taylor and…who’s the blond with the tits?”
“Adrianne Palicki.” I said.
“Yeah, her.”
“You’re covering the hymen?” I asked Mitch.
I took Dani’s hand and helped her up. “C’mon.” I said.
“But, but I wanna see how this ends.” Dani half-joked.
“Peter North ends up fucking both of ’em,” I said, “Oh, and the 10 year old just behind them.”
She groaned. “Don’t you hate it when someone tells you the end?”
“Nope.” I replied and then said, “Now go suck your sister’s pussy.”
“Show her where her hymen is, dope.” I played with her, knowing calling her names would do the job. Kinda like pulling her pigtails out on the playground.
Meanwhile, Michelle and I fondled one another as we readied everything for presenting our girls downstairs.

And just like that, we were on our way. Of course, it took a while to get the girls seperated….and then we got our two their ceremonial robes.. The robes consisted primarily of long flowing white robes with hoods and sashes. The robes, called fawnskins and which are one piece, have two slits pre-made in them, one in the front and one in the back. We would add the vine leaf crowns at the last minute. Of course, they wear nothing underneath their robes.
Even in such simple dress, they both looked amazing!
As for the rest of us, we all dressed in varying levels of obscenity. You don’t have to wear much for the ceremony, but you do have to wear SOMETHING. I wore my usual outfit of black straps that covered nothing, two leather straps running over my shoulders and down to my cock and ball harness and two straps running the length of my legs ending at my ankles.
“Nice.” Michelle patted my cock as we walked out the door. She wore a beautiful black dress that had it not been completely sheer, would have been only barely decent considering it’s extremely low neck line and slit up the side.
“Thanks.” I replied, eying her beauty. She noticed my long stare and smiled. I shared her smile and said “You know, we haven’t…”
“We haven’t,” she finished my thought. “have we?”
“Tonight. Our mistress has something special set aside.”
Mitch Oo’ed and ah’ed.

Our first stop was to the S&M room. The room has a long tradition for the last night of the Bacchanalia. The Blood fetish.
Because of this, and even though it had been mentioned in during their classes in the Nestling room, I turned around and asked the girls, Bella and Ryan, what they remembered about the tradition.
“Um, there’s lotsa blood?” Bella half answered, half asked.
“Don’t a bunch of participants drink blood n’ stuff?” Ryan remembered.
“Oh!” Bella said, suddenly recalling, “And they…bleed themselves…”
I nodded, “They have their blood drawn, right…” I corrected her and continued, “For what purpose?”
Bella looked as if she was going to say something and then said “I forget.”
I looked at Ryan. “I got nothin’.” the little beauty said. I was having a hard time keeping a straight face.
“Remember?” Mitch said. “They f…”
“THEY FUCK IN IT!” Ryan remembered, suddenly bursting the words out loudly.
“And the youngest one gets the prize!” I exclaimed. “Which means, I’m gonna say this one more time. If you are at all squeamish around blood, even just a little bit, now’s the time to speak up.”
“I’m fine with it. I think it’s weird, but, then I wanted to see people shitting on one another, so…” Bella said.
I looked over to Ryan. “What she said,” pointing to Bella. “…uh, minus the scat thing.”
Now I really couldn’t keep a straight face. I snickered a little even as Dani spoke up. “Um, I’m okay missing this particular room.” I hadn’t remembered that she was not particular to blood, but then, there are so many things to remember. She looked over at Michelle. “Maybe we could go somewhere and fuck for a while?”
And, since Skye and Cassie were fine with the “blood thing,” Mitch and Dani went off to fuck and we entered the very loud S&M room.

Upon entering, two things were really evident. First, contracting out the design of the room this year to Christina Aguilera was a brilliant idea. She had done a great job of the first two S&M rooms this time around, but this was beyond all expectations. Every inch of the room was decorated, either in leather and whips and chains motifs or, just as prevalent, in the blood and vampires motifs. One second my eyes would settle on a fixture that seemed to center around the phallus and the next they lingered on a small blood fountain where two women, covered in the shit, were whipping each other.
And that was just in the first five feet of the room.
The second thing that was evident was that something was going on in the far corner of the room that we were missing.
“What is that?” Ryan was asking, her hand in mine, as we approached, pushing away several layers of gawkers.
“I don’t know, sweetie.”
“I know exactly what this is.” Skye said.
“The Ryan sisters.”
“The Ryan sisters?” Ryan repeated.
I knew what she was talking about the second I hear it come from Cassie’s lips.
Michelle and Jeri Ryan.
We parted the last few onlookers and witnessed a truly bizarre and twisted spectacle.
Jeri Ryan and the much younger Michelle Ryan were doing the most pedestrian thing you could do at the Bacchanalia. They were being fucked even as they sucked cock. It was how that made it such a spectacle.
The sisters (much like the park sisters, they are not really sisters) were taking cock after bloody cock in their mouths, opening up a small cuts in each man’s dick with a small razor blade and letting the blood flow. While this was going on a similar situation was going on just south of them. There was a line of satyrs, cocks in hand, waiting to fuck the two women, each one grabbing a razor blade from the previous and making a small incision in his tool.
In addition, two girls, one only a few years older than Bella, were on either side on the sisters. I stared at the younger of the two, pretty but nothing special, as she sucked on a small wound on Jeri’s large left tit, her mouth red as if she’d just smeared bright red lipstick all over her face.
“Fuck!” I heard Ryan say, her hand still in mine.
It was right at that second when I wondered if the Ryan sisters were looking for a new member.
Before I could say anything about it to my beautiful little 7 year old lover, Skye bumped my arm so as to re-direct my attention.
Just to my right, covered in more of the red stuff, was Christina herself. Miss Aguilera. She was watching all of this from her unique vantage point, hanging in the air, a few feet off the ground. A couple Dom’s, one of them 14 year old Alexa Nikolas, were taking turns whipping Christina with nasty looking floggers. As we approached, I could also tell she had several implements stuffed up her twat.
She was, I knew, in heaven.
I figured there was no better time to introduce our two initiates.
“Bella, Ryan,” I started, “This is Christina, the most fucked up S&M patron in the room.”
“Fuckin’ A!” Chris exclaimed and then flinched a little as Alexa whipped her. “And you two are the initiates?”
“Yup.” Ryan said. And then, “I love your music, Miss Aguilera.”
Christina laughed. “Thanks!” she said/screamed as she got smacked again, this time on the ass. “But please, it’s either ‘Chris,’ ‘Christina’ or ‘You fuckin’ Whore!’”
The girls laughed.
We helped Chris down from her spot and, after she pulled a few things out of her twat, she directed us to a spot a few feet away, closer to the entrance.
“You shoulda told me you were coming this late.” She said, “If you’d gotten here a little earlier, there would’ve been less blood.”
“No big deal.” I told her.
“No big deal to you.” she came back with, “You’re not wearing a snow white robe that can stain.”
Good point.
She looked at Ryan and Bella. “Too bad, too. You both look delicious. I would’ve had a great time fucking either of you up the ass in our little ‘Essence of life’ fountain.” She pointed to the structure we had seen when we entered, a large stone fountain literally gushing blood. A woman was sitting on the side of it, being eaten out by a young satyr. He was young, maybe 10 or 12, his small cock and balls hanging a few inches of the floor as he crouched to service her.
The woman looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her.
Right that second, the rest of our entourage joined us. Skye and Cassie came to sit down with us. Hello’s were exchanged and I asked Skye who was at the fountain.
“That’s Jeannie Mai.” she reminded me and now I was able to place her. Twenty four year old Korean fashion designer. Very hot.
“Oh my god!” Cassie was saying. “I love her. Where?” she looked around until her eyes settled on the fountain. And then begged me to introduce her.
“I barely know her.” I said.
“I know her.” Skye volunteered. She explained that she and Jeannie had a thing last year.
“I kinda remember that.” I said.
“Well, come on, then.” Skye said, dragging us, me and Cassie, with her.
“Skye!” Jeannie said, still being serviced but only half into it.
“Hey!” Skye said and actually hugged the beautiful naked Asian woman. Jeannie kind of laughed nervously, not knowing what to think at being hugged by Skye while she was being eaten out.
“We wanted to know if you’ve met the Messenger?” I asked.
“Sure! How have you been?” she only half asked, offering her hand. I shook it and affirmed that I was having a great time. Then Jeannie said “Skye, I just found out: My niece loves you. Apparently she’s a huge fan.”
“Oh my God, really?” Skye said.
“I should tell her you’re here. You mind?” Jeannie said, fumbling for her bag. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number.
“No. How old is she?” Skye asked, knowing the average age of her fans.
“Nine. She’s right upstairs.”

After Jeannie got off the phone, she asked “You do like young pussy, don’t you?” (to which Skye said “Of course!”) and we sat and talked to her for a few seconds, even as she continued getting her twat sucked. Once again, though, she looked uninspired by it all.
“How old’s your boy?” I asked, thinking perhaps that was the problem.
“He’s eleven.” she said, matter-of-factly. “My sister’s boy.”
Obviously, she would be visiting the incest room with her nephew, and maybe niece, later. I almost asked her if that was the case when Skye bent down and took the young kid’s cock in her hand. “He’s grown quite a bit since last year.”
Jeannie smiled a beautiful smile and told her he had been training for a few weeks before the Bacchanalia. “He’s just a little tired.” she continued, referring to his less than impressive performance on her pussy.
“Maybe we can do something about that.” I said, and knelt down with Skye. And, with that, we began taking turns sucking his cock.
“And you are gorgeous!,” I heard Jeannie say and then, looking up, I watched her kiss young Cassie. Jeannie’s nine year old niece got there scant moments later.
We made introductions and after the little girl got over meeting Skye, Jeannie told her I was the Messenger. Before I knew it, the pretty 9 year old was sucking me off.
Savring it (she was quite good), I knew we couldn’t stay…and I had so wanted to fuck the shit out of Jeannie. Oh well, maybe next year.

Christina saw us out.
“It was nice meeting you two.” she told Bella and Ryan. “Hopefully I’ll see you somewhere on the floor after the ceremony tonight.”
“We’d like that.” Bella said.
Christina remembered something else. “And Cassie,” she said as we passed through the doorway. “Let me know if Hunter would like to try that. I’m sure we could accommodate both of you.”
We headed for the Pedo room.
“What was that?” I heard Dani ask Cass.
Cassie’s answer was was simple and to the point. “Oh, just a little humiliation.”

We passed porn star Audrey Hollander in the hall. She had about a dozen guys around her, all either getting blown or trying to. A couple of them seemed to be DP’ing her. Belladonna was a few feet away, masturbating.

The Pedo room, as usual, was packed. There was a couple just as we came in who had drawn a crowd, but I think that was due to their age (no more than 10) and their energy (the boy was fucking the girl up the ass as she cussed at him about his cock size, or lack thereof).
Another small group had lingered next to the table nearest the far wall and, as crowded as it was, we gravitated towards it. A girl, probably in the her late teens, was setting up a line of coke on a young boys stomach, cutting it with a Gold Card. His companion, an older kid of high school age, was sucking the younger boys cock and, when the girl had finished, he stopped and snorted the line up his nose.
Bella tugged on my hand. “Coke?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I then looked around the table and grabbed a couple small blue pills. “You wanna take part?” I asked, knowing that they knew the coke was strictly off limits. I grabbed a water bottle from the ice bucket on the floor.
Bella and Ryan both said they were interested.
I squatted down to explain to them that “This is Ecstasy. I’m only giving you both a half dose. Now, it’s only gonna make you a little more horny, but I want you to tell me if you experience any of the symptoms we talked about earlier.”
“And remember,” Michelle was saying from behind them in a stern voice, “Nothing else. You take nothing else tonight.”
They both nodded and I handed them the pills, telling them the typical dose kicke din after an hour or so, but with ours, the good stuff, they should notice a change in about a half an hour. I watched them swallow the E and repeated my warnings of negative effects, just in case.

Jessica Biel had, at that very moment, joined a rather large group of women and girls who were gang banging a young boy, a kid probably of high school age, maybe a bit younger. The girl posse, each complete with a strap-on cock, included Jessica, Tania Raymonde, Amanda Seyfried, Debby Ryan, Cassie’s Hunter and almost another half dozen girls, ranging from 9 or 10 to 16 in age.
The kid himself was quite impressive, well endowed (despite his flaccid cock) and good looking. Underneath him, I could tell he had long blond hair.
“Why don’t we join in?” my Mistress said from behind me.
Turning, her stunning smile greeted me. “Hey!” I said. We kissed and she began taking her long flowing red robe off, revealing her beautiful, sweaty body. She reached for a strap-on from off the wall behind us. “Seriously,” she commented, “Let’s fuck.”
“I’m game.” I told her. I moved in close to Jessica and she hugged me hello. Next to her was a small, pretty Asian girl of around 9 or 10. I remembered her from last years Bacchanalia. She wore a rather nasty strap-on around her waist, one that was studded with large pleasure rings and bumps that jutted out. She smiled a gap-toothed smile at me, making me think about how I love kids at this age. Loosing their baby teeth…and virginity. Nice.
Kneeling, I watched for while. The Asian girl had been next and, after she had greased up, plunged her cock up the kid’s ass. For his part, he looked as if he was delirious, half the time stroking his cock, the other allowing one of the girls to do it. I even reached in at one point, stroking his listless cock. Then, seemingly finished, the cute little Asian handed him over to me.
Ten seconds later, my cock is inside the kid, banging him. I start slowly, pushing my length into him only part way. Soon, though, he looks up and recognizes me. This provokes something and he suddenly begins masturbating. I notice my girls have reached me when Skye grabs one of his legs and pulls it up higher. Suddenly, I’m able to get my entire cock into him and I’m pushing in hard and fast. Cassie gets on the other side and lifts his other legs straight in the air and encourages me with a little “Fuck his ass!”
With this, I speed up and suddenly the kid is moaning, almost screaming. I know he’s close when he begins speeding up the action on his own pud, really going to town. I try to match it, fucking the shit out of the teen now, when he grunts hard and begins cumming, thick streams of jism erupting onto his belly.
I slow my thrusts with that, watching as one of the girls, a red head of maybe 13, sucks the shit into her mouth, sharing his seed with him in a nasty semen-filled kiss.
After I pull out, I put a hand on the boy-slave’s chest, indicating that he should rise. He did so and I took his place, on my back.
I look over to Jessica. “Fuck me like I fucked him.”
Seconds later, I begin taking Jessica’s dildo up my ass.
Even better, the kid whose place I had taken circled around and placed his cock in my mouth. The little Asian girl joined me, taking the boy’s cock in her mouth for a few seconds and then watching me swallow every inch. We share the cock for a second, at which point she stops and asks me if she can fuck me.
Jessica’s fucking me pretty hard now and I feel someone’s mouth on my cock, but even still I blurt out, “Oh yes! Please! Please fuck me!”
To my amusement, the little girl rises and pushes Jessica out of the way, breaking her stride.
“What the fuck?” Jessica exclaims.
“The messenger wants my cock in him!” the little beauty says.
“Girls! Girls!” My Mistress says. “We can all have him! No need to fight!”
And then I have huge black, ridged dildo up my ass.

I have someone’s, not the original kid’s, dick in my mouth when my Mistress tells me she wants to see me cum. I have had four or five cocks inside me by this time, one of which I know was a real cock, and I am ready, no, eager, to let go. She begins massaging my cock and I feel the start of an amazing climax.
The dick in my mouth withdraws and I look down to realize that it’s Skye’s dildo up my ass. I had been so into this, I hadn’t been paying attention. My group had now taken over. Dani, Michelle and Cassie wore strap-on’s and our two girls sat mere inches away, their robes hiked up allowing them to masturbate. Jessica was the only original group member still here, she watching my two girls.
“Do it.” I tell Jessica even as Skye rams into me harder. And then I’m watching Jessica Biel crawling over to Bella and begin tonguing the 8 year old’s cunt.
By this time, however, I was near the point of no return. My Mistress gives an amazing handjob and combined with Skye’s reaming of my asshole….Well, let’s just say I was having a hard time holding back.
So imagine then what it was like when Skye pulled her cock out of me and Cassie plunged her big black monster of a tool in me. I yelped a bit and then began cumming, what was left of the semen in my body shooting out. Thanks to my Mistress, my cock was aimed at little Cassie at the very moment of my eruption and my seed splashed onto her even as she continued thrusting her tool into me.

Ten minutes later, my Mistress is reminding me that the ceremony is less than an hour away and that we better get a move on. Wouldn’t want to be late.
“Jess.” I say a minute later, telling her how we appreciated her little group.
“Glad ya liked it.” she responded. She had spent the time I needed to recover pleasuring both Bella and Ryan. “I’ll see ya at the ceremony?” she asked, rising from the pile that was the two youngsters.
“Absolutely.” I approached the girls and gave my hand to Ryan.
“I can’t move.” little Miss Newman joked.
Jessica laughed and left the room.
“C’mon sweetie.” I said. “We have one more room to visit before the ceremony. We gotta go.” I asked them if they had had fun.
The both rose and Bella gave her two cents.
“Fuck yeah!” she exclaimed. “That was wild!”
Ryan agreed, saying she didn’t know you could cum that many times without penetration.
“You’re about to learn many things.” Michelle said, pulling off the strap-on.
“The E kick in properly?” I asked Ryan.
She approached and took my hand once again. “I think so.” She adjusted her robe with her other hand.
“Your orgasms? More intense?”
“Yeah, fuckin’ awesome!”
“Good. You too Bella?”
“Oh my God, Yes!” Bella said enthusiastically, also taking my hand. “Jessica’s a great pussy licker!”
“Good.” I said again.“You’ll be perfect little sluts for the ceremony.”
We left the room with one last destination before the ceremony.

Everyone was fucking everywhere now, which was apparent by the time we reached the top of the stairs on our way to our last room. There was a gangbang of a pretty little girl going on on the top step, initiated by a now defunct boy band. I always got the guys mixed up, but I think this was 98 Degrees. The girl was unknown to me, but she couldn’t have been a day over 11 or 12 and, by her accent, sounded French. She had her head thrown back while she had a couple dicks inside her and was screaming “Fuck me! C’mon! Fuck me, you little pussies! Fuck me harder! Yeah!” Her pretty brown curls bounced up and down as each guy speared her.
We moved on.
Passing a foursome made up of a few youngsters, I pointed out to Bella that one of them, the one underneath, appeared to be their mother. One little boy was fucking her while another shoved her twat in her mom’s face. They looked to be perhaps in their early teens. The last girl, older by a few years, was watching from a small distance and masturbating.
We came through the door of the Incest room….
….and immediately found who we were looking for. Katherine Heigl was sitting on a chair just a couple feet from an amazing foursome.
R & B singer Ray J was standing, getting his cock sucked by Kim Kardashian and her two sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The girls, Kendall (10) and Kylie (8), were being shown by their sister, 26 year old bombshell Kim, how do suck cock correctly. In addition, Brandy, Ray’s sister was present, fondling Katherine’s tits from behind and whispering in her ear.
“C’mon.” Ray was saying, speaking to Kim. “Let me have one.”
“Just a minute!” Kim said bitchily, further instructing her half-sisters.
“Katie.” I spoke up.
“Chr…Messenger!” she said, immediately correcting herself. She, I knew, had almost spoken my true name. She brushed off Brandy and hugged me.
“How ya doin’ sweetie?” I asked her.
“Great, now.” She looked me up and down. “Where have you been all weekend? I missed you!”
I nodded. “We kept missing each other. That’s why I texted you last night. Don’t want to go the Bacchanalia without seeing my girl.”
Katie gave me a flirtatious look and said “I haven’t been your girl since that night in ’93.” We both chuckled. “And you two are the chosen ones, huh?” she asked, directing her comments to my pretty little companions.
“Yup.” Bella said, not skipping a beat.
Katie focused on her a second. “You’re a Thorne, aren’t you?”
“Yup.” the little girl repeated, beaming. Knowing Katie had done some unspeakable things to Bella’s sister her first year, I scanned the room and realized Dani had left us. As had Cassie.
What are they up to, I wondered.

I found Dani and Cassie together not far from where they wandered off. Dani was on her back, being eaten out by some young kid. He had long curly blond hair, was, perhaps, 14 and was being reamed up the ass by another boy that looked just like him.
“Twins!”I exclaimed, a little louder than I intended.
It was then that I noticed young Ashlyn Sanchez. Eight years old as of last July, I knew she would be a favorite of mine when, last year, as an initiate, she let my Mistress and I DP her twice on the last night of the Bacchanalia. She had been like Ryan, an exception at 7, and I was so happy to see her paired up with our little Cass.
“Nice.” I heard Bella saying, commenting on the activities in front of her. Cass was stuffing a six inch dildo up young Ashlyn’s pussy while she reached around and fingered the girl’s little pucker.
“Damn.” Katie exclaimed.
She approached me, putting her hands around my waist as Bella knelt down and joined the two girls. Bella, removing Cass’s hand from inside the 8 year old, brought her face to pelvis level and began rimming Ashlyn’s asshole. Ashlyn, in her tiny voice I knew so well, only groaned and threw her head back once more.
“You know, honey,” Katie said, directing her comments to Bella, “This is the incest room.” Behind me, she was stroking my cock back and forth.
Bella looked up at us and smiled. Rising, she knelt next to her sister and dived in, sucking Dani’s pussy for all to see.
Katie burst out with an “Oh fuck yeah,” before I turned around and kissed her. She continued stroking my cock even as the blond kid who was fucking his brother began almost screaming in ecstasy. Cumming, we watched on as he pulled his cock out and shot jism all over his twins ass. I kissed Katie one more time and motioned to the two boys, whispering to her. Ryan, still holding my left hand watched as Katie sunk to her knees and slurped up the youngsters seed. Then, rising, she kissed me once more, sharing. I was swallowing a part of it when Ryan began sucking my cock into her mouth.
Katie joined her moments later.

“Messenger,” I heard whispered in my ear, “it’s time.” I had my cock deep inside little Ashlyn’s asshole and I must admit, I was a little disappointed. The 8 year old had her head between Katie’s legs, as did Ryan on the opposite side tonguing Katie’s asshole, and I was enjoying watching them feast on the blond. I sank my cock all the way into her one last time, smacked her little ass and called the twins over.
Gathering up Ryan, Bella and Dani (Katie said she’d catch up with us), we headed off.

We entered the ceremony hall together, Ryan, Bella and myself. Previously a little loud, the crowd got quiet as they watched us enter and then move up towards the stage.
At this point I need to point out that, of course, the initiation is extremely sacred and any exact recounting would be blasphemy. Consequently, I will summarize.
My Mistress, called the ceremony’s Paculla Annia for the duration of it, introduced the children first to Bacchus (the empty chair behind her) and then the rest of the crowd. At which point the ceremony started in earnest with a lot of oral sex. My Mistress called me over, and I stood in proxy for the Bacchus. We, she and I, then consecrated the ceremony by fucking each child, I on Bella and the Paculla Annia with a strap-on fucking Ryan. The hall gave three cheers and the orgies began.

An hour later, I was fucking our little Ryan for the fourth time, reaming her now stretched out twat in the main ceremony hall.
She was incredible. Like Love had told her, now that she’d had it, she couldn’t get enough. We had already done everything imaginable at least twice. This time around, she had some kids’ dick in her mouth, sucking him off like she’d been doing this for ages. She was on her back, the rest of her elevated so I could continue to fuck the shit out of her from above. The boy, maybe 12, was knelt on the floor, straddling her and looked close to climax. To tell the truth, I wasn’t far off myself.
“You’re my little fuck slut, aren’t you?” I told, thrusting in and slapping her thigh. I had also learned that she loves dirty talk. Loves to be talked to this way. “My dirty, filthy little fuck slut!!!” I slapped her hard.
She popped the dick out her mouth long enough to scream “Yes!!!”
As this was going on, Bella and Dani watched, playing with each other’s pussies and kissing occasionally. Bella had wanted something of a break, having been at it all night, and Dani had joined her shortly thereafter. But this is what I mean. Ryan and I had fucked twice after I had taken Bella. This was my third time with the 7 year old in just the past hour!
“Oh, fuck yeah!” Ryan screamed, the kid’s cock pressed up against her face. “Right there! Oh, that’s so fuckin’ sweet!” She was referring to how I had a couple fingers stuffed up her ass as I continued filling her tiny little pussy and calling her a “little fuckin’ skank!” She put his cock back in her mouth and sucked away.

Roughly twenty minutes later, we were stretched out on a sofa watching a little foursome going on in front of us while Bella and Dani sucked my cock. Ryan was beside me and I had a finger up her twat. We were watching Julie Benz fuck a guy, chained to some of the furniture, up the ass while Avril Lavigne blew him from underneath. Meanwhile, his head was pressed up against the pussy of some little 10 year old and he licked as if his life depended on it. By the time Julie began whipping him, I was ready for another session.
I grabbed Bella by the hair and forcing her head up from my lap, said to her “Sit on my cock now, you fucking whore!”
She smiled and did as I commanded, rising, reaching south to position my tool and then sinking down on it. She was still very wet and the sound as my cock disappeared inside her underage pussy was so satisfying. Dani rose and began sucking Ryan’s twat even as she watched me fuck her younger sister.
And then my Mistress showed up.
After the ceremony she had kind of disappeared in a sea of bodies. But then, she loved that part of all of this. Just surrendering herself to the orgiastic aspect of it all. Fucking everything that moves. EVERYTHING.
But I knew what she was here for. “Now?” I asked, what was probably disappointment spreading across my face.
She shot me a sympathetic glance. “You can finish if you’d like.”
I stopped.”No,” I said. “It’s okay.” If she was ready, so was I.
Bella grunted and, taking notice, said “We hafta stop?”
I only smiled, pulled her off of me and rose.
“Ryan and Bella?” I asked my mistress.
“Ryan and Bella.” she nodded.
Dani wasn’t invited.
Of course, I was the one who had to explain that to Dani.

We followed my mistress up the stairs to what I knew was her private chambers. We entered through a set of double doors, both girls at either side of me, their hand’s in mine.
My mistress has an elegant set of rooms that she uses whenever she hosts the Bacchanalia, this one large and warm and comforting. Giant beds on either wall and a hot tub set in the middle of the room, we saw that my mistress had already invited a few guests, who had seemingly started without us. I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite little Samira, on her back next to the hot tub. In the water, her back to us, was Jackie, holding Sammy’s legs apart and thrusting into the foreign beauty, her cock slamming in and out of her. Finally, caressing Sammy’s tits and in a state of pure bliss, our little Latino man, Kaylee’s man-slave, had his cock deep down Sammy’s throat. All three were wet from the hot tub.
What made all of this perfect was Michelle. She was laying on the bed closest to the hot tub, just as wet but with sheets wrapped around her, watching all of this and obviously masturbating.
“Awesome!” Little Ryan said.
“Fuckin’ awesome!” Bella echoed.
My mistress only laughed. “Please, take part!” She waved to her other guests.
I squeezed the two girls’ hands. “And be cognizant that this is a huge privilege, taking part in our mistress’s personal orgy.”
“Fuck yeah!” Mitch said just a little too loud. She wasn’t agreeing with me, simply nearing climax.
In any event, my mistress laughed again and said she had a few last trips to make before joining our little party. With that, she took her leave.
Curious, I climbed into bed with Michelle as the two girls slipped into the water of the hot tub.
“Hey yourself.” Mitch said as I climbed into bed and cuddled up next to her.
“Wanna fuck?” she asked me.
“Do I?!?!” I exclaimed.
She reached back and began fondling my testicles as we both watched the action going on in front of us. Ryan and Bella had waded over to the far end of the hot tub so they could get a better vantage of the freakish threesome going on. Bella even began caressing Jackie’s thigh and ass as the hermaphrodite fucked Sammy.
Mitch started caressing my cock, exciting it, and moaning herself. She turned to me and we kissed. She let me sniff her fingers, wet from being inside her. And then she turned and shouted to the two girls.
“Performance!” Bella and Ryan turned around. “Perform for us!” their teacher said again, this time clapping her hands twice as if she were the queen demanding entertainment. She seemed pretty high (E, I think), but her meaning was crystal clear. She wanted to see her two students get it on.
And the girls complied.
They began by embracing, kissing.
I kissed Michelle’s neck, nuzzling her and taking in the sweet fragrance of her hair, while Ryan rose out of the water and sat her bare ass down on the side of the jacuzzi. Spreading her legs for her, Bella began eating our 7 year old companion out.
“Oh fuck!” Ryan exclaimed, thrusting her head back.
“Open her legs a little further.” Michelle told Bella. Miss Thorne did so and we watched her tongue snake out and begin licking Ryan’s hairless little slit. Christ, I thought, I’m so glad every inch of this room is filmed!
And then Mitch indicated I should move forward a little. Positioning my cock at her entrance, I pulled her pussy lips apart slightly and slid into her. “Oh fuck yeah!” Michelle gasped.
And I began fucking her, losing track of the girls. As usual, we got very hot, very quick, pushing my length into her fully. I held her tightly in front of me and really got into this, biting her shoulder lightly. I used my free hand to reach around and run a finger over one of her stiffening nipples. She stiffened and I thought maybe she was experiencing the beginnings of an orgasm.
Then, raising myself up, I pulled her left leg with me and really began drilling her hard and fast. She began moaning, almost screaming, with my every thrust and I knew she was cumming. Exceedingly talented, I pulled the damp blankets closer to us even squeezed her tit and ran my tongue over her earlobe.
And then Bella was in front of us.
“You’re not even watching.” she said, sitting Indian-style on the bed in front of us.
I grunted, still fucking her teacher hard, and said, “You’re right.” Mitch was still cumming but showed signs her orgasm was abating.
“Are you fucking her ass?” the 8 year old asked.
Still pumping hard but slowing down, I answered “No, but can I fuck yours!”
She smiled broadly and kissed me as Miss Trachtenberg began coming down.

A few minutes later, after Michelle and I had finished, I was kneeling between Bella’s legs, lifting them both and placing my cockhead against the small pussy lips. I pushed the head of it inside her and she begged, “No. Nononono. My ass! Fuck my ass!”
“Ryan,” I said. “Shut her up.”
The naked little 7 year old just looked at me quizzically. She had moved from the hot tub to the bed once she realized I was gonna fuck her young friend.
“Sit on her face!” She finally got it, a smile spreading across her lips and, getting on her feet, she squatted over her companion. And then I watched pretty little Bella lick the kid’s pussy while the head of my cock once again disappeared inside her. She squirmed but kept sucking twat.
“Nice.” Michelle was saying, laying on the bed a foot or so away, watching.
And then pushing forward hard, I sank into her, more than half of my meat squeezing into her tiny hole. She was tight, but she’d already had a few cocks inside of her just in the past hour or so, so she wasn’t as tight as she had been, stretched out already. Pulling out, I pushed in again, harder. Moaning underneath Ryan, I sped up a little, placing my hand on her stomach and manipulating her small clitoris.
And got interrupted.
I had only been fucking the pre-pubescent a few seconds or so when Jackie joined our little fuckfest. She had finished with Samira minutes before and had now moved to the bed.
“Bend over.” she told Ryan from behind her. Our eyes locked and I knew what she was going to do.
Sure enough, she bent Ryan over, Bella’s tongue still planted inside the youngster, spread her cheeks and, in one fluid motion, slammed her cock straight up Ryan’s ass.
“Oh fuck!” the beautiful little creature cried out. And what a sight it was. Jackie pushed in a little and then withdrew, only to go deeper in her next stroke. I watched Ryan’s face change with each thrust, her pained expression turning into one of ecstasy. I began pushing further in myself, most of my cock fully inside Bella when Jackie wrapped her arms around Ryan and pulled her up. I watched as Jackie first kissed the little girl’s neck and shoulder and then turned her head so they could share a deep kiss. Ryan broke their kiss to whisper something to her blond lover.
And, with that, Jackie pulled her cock out of the 7 year old and, Ryan lifting her pelvis a little, put it straight down Bella’s throat.
Awesome! I thought. Eight year old Ass-To-Mouth. We had taught them right. Bella continued to deepthroat Jackie for a few more moments and then, as Jackie pulled out, resumed licking pussy.
“Put it in!” Ryan was almost yelling. “Put it in!” And Jackie did, once again inserting her small cock up our child-lover’s ass.
I was pounding Bella’s pussy hard when I noticed we had a few more spectators than before. Turning my head as I thrust forward, I caught sight of my Mistress standing watching us, lovely
Skye at one side and my beloved Hunter on the other.
hunter wasted no time.
Getting underneath me, she got me to stop my action within Bella for a moment, popping my cock out of the child and deepthroating me herself. And then sucking my balls into her mouth before finally putting me back inside Bella. Only this time, she inserted me up the 8 year olds ass. Bella started cumming the minute Hunter started thrusting her own fingers up her twat as I continued pounding her ass.
By the time I came, watery jism shooting out of my cock, Skye was there to lick it up off of our beautiful little Bella.

A little later, we were at it again, this time in a slightly different configuration. Bella and I were sucking cock, Jackie’s, while the little hermaphrodite sucked Ryan’s pussy.
And then I had it.
This is what I had been waiting for all evening. The chance at my two girls, with Jackie spotting me so we could fit in some DP action. Letting our little Bella continue on Jackie, I rose and approached Ryan. Lifting her without a word, I grabbed her around the waist and, motioning for Bella to move, I placed her over top Jackie. In seconds she was riding the hermaphrodite.
Bella popped my cock in her mouth for a second and then watched as I first spread our little 7 year old whore’s asscheeks and then placed my cockhead at her puckered entrance.
“Oh fuck yeah!” Ryan moaned.
And then I was inside her.
Both of us were inside her.
I grabbed the 7 year old by the waist and really fucked her hole, occasionally smacking her ass or grabbing a handful of hair. Ryan screamed as we plugged her. Skye, watching this spectacle, approached Bella, and, as some seriously hard core metal started up, began sucking 8 year old pussy.
Ryan was screaming “Oh my God! Oh my God!”
I smacked her hard on the ass. “Who?!?” I yelled, pushing cock into her ass up to the hilt.
She only moaned and I hit her again, this time harder. “WHO!?!”

I had my way with little Bella one more time that night. Not long after we DP’ed Ryan, while we were recovering, Bella approached me, our young Latino satyr in tow. She only said one thing.
“I want two cocks in me.”
A few seconds later, the little satyr and I are sitting at opposite ends of Bella, diddling her wet little pussy. She turned to begin kissing him while my tongue went to work on her tiny erect nipples. I pushed my fingers into her twat and withdrew so she could suck on them. The 10 year old sucks on them as well, a huge smile on his face.
We reposition and suddenly my cock’s in her mouth. Down her throat. And she’s so good at this! The kid is on the other side of her, sucking her twat and obviously doing it well by her reaction. I can see him stroking himself when she pops me out of her mouth and gives me a brief hand job. Then I’m down her throat again. She does this a few more times, even teabagging me, before the kid rises and inserts himself in her.
She continues sucking my cock as he begins really fucking her now, stopping only every so often to pull out of her, bend down and suck her pussy a little more.
Then we change positions again. I turn her around and place her in a doggie style position, bent over our little stud. She begins sucking his cock while I run my tongue up and down the length of her hairless pussy. Then, rising, I spread her cheeks and begin assfucking the 8 year old. She squeals in delight and I chuckle a little. And then know I want to be on my back for this.
Picking her up so my cock never leaves her entrance, I lay both of us down, me on the ground and her on me. She once again begins gyrating on my tool, screaming and begging for the second cock. Our little stud’s not far behind and suddenly, Ms. Thorne was two cocks inside her.

We all fucked like that for hours, well into the early hours of the next morning.

So, that’s this year’s, 2006’s, Bacchanalia. Again, this record is for posterity alone and should not be disseminated outside of present and former inductees.
As an aside, I can’t wait for next year. My Mistress has suggested a few names already and I must say I am probably the most excited about Ariel Winter. She’s 8 now but her mom wasn’t sure she’d be ready this year. Oh, and Emerson Rose Tenney, Teri Hatcher’s girl? Can’t wait for her 8th birthday!

I pick up the camera as I approach Ryan sitting out by the pool. She is wearing an indecently small pink bikini. The top barely covers her 8 year old chest, the tiny triangles of cloth leaving next to nothing to the imagination. Her bottoms, I know without looking, has the same purpose, covering her hairless sex but not covering even one inch of her asscheeks. She’s sitting by the pool on one of the lounges, sunbathing.
“Hey.” I say to let her know I’m filming.
She opens her eyes and she smiles broadly.
We kiss.
I back the camera off slightly so it can catch me pulling away the fabric of her bathing suit to lick one of her nipples.
She giggles and we kiss again.
After a minute or so of this, Ryan rises, leading me by the hand into the house. I catch her bare ass on camera as we move into the living room…
…where Bella is naked from the waist down and is masturbating. She has an identical pink top on and one of her small 9 year old nipples is peeking through.
Bella smiles as we approach.
Ryan lets go of my hand and gets on one side of Bella, kissing the girl. I kneel down on the other side, camera still in hand and move a finger or two into Bella’s wet little slit. I begin finger fucking her while Ryan begins removing her lover’s bikini top. Sucking on a nipple, she looks up.
“The camera.” she says
I rise and place the camera on the tripod that stands five feet away and then sit back down, this time sitting so I can remove my pants. I go back to finger fucking Bella and watch they two lovely pre-pubescents kiss. Then, removing my fingers, I move them into Bella’s mouth while I kiss Ryan again.
Bella’s hand moves over my cock.
I break my kiss with Ryan so she can remove her top. Bella helps her with her bottoms. Spreading her legs, the 8 year old looks right at me as Bella begins flicking her tongue over Ryan’s pussy. That’s when I get up, straddle Bella, placing the head of my cock at her small vaginal opening. Then, suddenly, I’m inside her. Ryan shifts slightly so I can suck and lick her non-existent tits even as I ream our little friend, getting into a rhythm.
I notice a change in the room and I look over to see my Mistress enter, five guys trailing her. She picks up the camera and approaches us, focusing the camera on the sight of my cock disappearing inside this child.
Soon, I am only one of three guys fucking the shit out of little Miss Thorne. My cock is up her ass. A black guy is fucking her pussy and my balls keep slapping up again his. A younger white guy is stuffing his cock down her throat, almost chocking her with meat.
She loves it.
Ryan shares the same experience roughly five feet away. I say roughly because she’s being DP’ed as well, two Latinos and a little Black boy, but she, unlike Bella, has been strung up, her hands tied to shackles on the ceiling. Her feet are similarly bound and the two guys stuffing her are on either side of her.
The last guy is getting his ass stuffed with my Mistresses favorite 10 inch strap-on.

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