Back Alley Slut

Title: Back Alley Slut

Author: Tori

Celebs: Zendaya Coleman

Codes: MF, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

It’s 1am on the streets of West Hollywood.  A tall, leggy light skinned black girl is leaning up against the wall dressed in a very short skirt, thigh high black leather boots and a white blouse, unbuttoned and tied just below her breasts.

The lonely man walking by her stops and looks at her.

She says, “Looking for a date mister?”

The man looks around to make sure they are alone and walks over to her.  “How much for a blowjob?”

The girl smiles and runs her long nailed fingers along his crotch and says, “Twenty five baby.”

The man takes her hand and walks with her to a dark, deserted alley.  They find a spot just behind one of the dumpsters and while the girl takes out his cock, he reaches into his wallet and pulls out the cash.

The girls slips the bills into her boot and slowly drops to her knees.  She doesn’t waste any time and grabs his already hard cock and takes it into her mouth.  She starts to suck him like a pro, bobbing her head up and down on his thick shaft.

She takes it out of her mouth and licks down to his balls and then sucks first one and then the other.  She opens wider and takes both of his cum filled balls into her mouth while she strokes him.

After a few minutes, she works her way back up to the head and takes him deep into her throat.  The man puts his hand on the back of her head and starts to fuck her face.  The girl is deep throating the massive cock, giving the man his money’s worth and then tastes his cum as he fills her mouth.

He grunts several times and then releases her.  She turns her head and spits the nasty load on the gravel and stands up while the man puts his cock away.

“Thanks baby, come back and visit me anytime” she says and makes her way back to her spot on the street.

Just as she is about to turn the corner, the man calls out to her, “Wait, aren’t you Zendaya Coleman?”

She turns and blows him a kiss and says, “Yup, I didn’t think you recognized me.”

As she disappears down the street, the man can’t believe he just got a blowjob from one of Disney’s hottest starlets.

The End.

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