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This story is a work of fiction. Geri would never do these things,

Enjoy! Geri’s_Cunt

Backstage Pass
By Geri’s_Cunt


‘You the competition winner?’ The guard inquired. I nodded and handed
him my backstage pass. ‘Great! Come this way’. The man led me down a
hall, out of the auditorium, toward the backstage area.

I had won my pass in a competition on TV. I was going to see he sexy,
sassy, beautiful, Geri Halliwell. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was so
hot in her videos – I couldn’t wait to see her in the flesh.

The guard stopped at a room with
‘Geri Halliwell’ selotaped onto the
door. He reached up to knock but his radio crackled and he put his arm
down. ‘Yeah?’, he said. ‘Can you get down here, Chris. We’ve got some
trouble’, ‘Be right there’. The guard turned to me, ‘I’ll be right back,
stay put’. He holstered his radio and jogged off down the hall.

I looked at the door to Geri’s dressing room. I was about to knock, but
then I changed my ming. I silently put my hand on the handle and turned
it. The door opened without a sound. I edeged into the room, closing the
door behind me.

The room had doors on two sies, apart from a rack of clothes it was
empty. I could hear a bath being run in one of the rooms. The door to
the other room was slightly ajar.

I moved to the door and put my ear to it. I could just make out a low

My breathing quickened. I pushed the door open some more and peered
round the corner. My heart stopped dead…

Geri Halliwell was laying totally naked on a sofa, her long golden hair
flowing over he breasts. He smooth lefs spread wide. He right hand was
nested in he bush of blonde pubic hair, he pussy lips pulled open
revealing he dripping wet pink cunt. Her left hand cupped ber breast to
her face. Her lips were closed around her nipple, licking and sucking.
Her eyes were closed, she was totally incolved with pleasing herself.

I stood there for about three minutes, watching her fingering herself
and sucking her tits. Suddenly her eyes flicked open and she starred at
me, smiling. She pulled her finger out of her wet cunt and beckoned to

I stepped forward and knealt down by the sofa. She reached up and pulled
my head to her and put her lips to mine. She kissed me passionetly and

I broke the kiss and slid down her body, massaging her rounded breasts.
Her nipples were rock hard. I sucked them, tasting her. Geri put her
hand down and began to finger herself again.

I licked over her belly button and slid my hands down he butt, pulling
he cheeks apoart. ‘Lick my cunt…’ she moaned softly.

I spread he legs side and lowered my head into he crotch. I pulled her
finger out and sucked the warm juice off it. She tasted sweet and
creamy. I put out my tounge and ran it up and down he moist slit. He
juices dripping into my mouth. My tounge parted her lips and pushed her
open. I dug my tounge as far as it would go. Geri was bucking to my
rythm, the pace quickened, the juice from her cunt was flowing really
fast when suddenly she moaned loudly and she shook all over. A wave of
cum splashed accross my face and into my mouth. She tasted great. Geri
pulled me up and licked the cum off my face, pausing to kiss me.

‘Thanks,’ she said. ‘It can get kinda lonely being a solo artist…’


By Geri’s_Cunt

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