Back In black

Back in Black

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
I’ve been wanting to try this
approach for a while, but couldn’t find the right celeb until now.

You never knew how much your image meant until you decided to
change it. Since
bursting to fame in "Playboy," Jenny McCarthy had been identified by
her famous long blond
locks. They were on view in the many magazine shoots,
as well as
"Singled Out" and her own
short-lived sitcom and had become part of the American
consciousness. So, when she had decided
to dye it jet black for a movie role, she had expected a few
write-ups, but nothing like the
attention she was now getting. It had been the talk of her talk show
appearances to promote
"Scream 3," she’d been featured in tabloids and the cover of
"Maxim," "Playboy" was curious for
a black-haired pictorial and she was working on a new sitcom,
hopefully better than her last one.
The new fame had convinced Jenny to give the new hair a run
while it lasted. She actually
seemed to like it, the darker color bringing out the best in her.
She was still the goofball who had
risen to fame via MTV, but she was a little older and wiser now and
was a little more prepared for
what Hollywood had to offer. At the moment, she was enjoying a quick
vacation before going
back to L.A. She was staying at a small hotel outside of town, close
to the desert. It was
somewhat busy, but Jenny didn’t really mind the crowds all that
much. One benefit of changing
her hair was that she wasn’t as instantly recognizable as she’d once
been, allowing her a much
easier time relaxing without being bombarded by autograph hounds.
Of course, Jenny still got some ogles, which was unavoidable
given her gorgeous body
decked out in a dark bikini with a dip in the chest and her long
legs shining underneath the sun.
She was lying on a chair, sunglasses on, relaxing when a shadow
suddenly came over her. She
glanced up to see a well-tanned man standing before her, smiling at
her. He wore a simple bathing
suit and shorts with a chain around his neck holding a strange
disc-shaped object. "Hi," he said.
"I’m Danny."
"Jenny," Jenny said. "Um, no offense, but you’re in the way of
the sun."
"Sorry," Danny said, sitting down on a chair across from her.
The sun glinted off his
bright blond hair and he had a dazzling smile. "I just couldn’t help
but notice you and wanted to
"I’m not much of a talker," Jenny said. She didn’t want to be
rude, but she really wasn’t in
the mood for a talk, just a chance to relax. She sat back in the
chair and was trying to close her
eyes when a flash suddenly caught her eye. It seemed to be coming
from the disc Danny was
wearing around his neck. It seemed to be flashing, a bright flash
that soon became a series, a
rapid-fire succession of flashes that seemed to draw Jenny’s gaze
in. She couldn’t look away, she
had to stare at the flashing disc as the pattern of flashes began to
eat away at her will.
"You’re feeling very relaxed, Jenny," Danny said in a soft
voice. "Very, very relaxed. So
relaxed, Jenny, so very relaxed, so relaxed you can’t think for
yourself, it’s too tiring to think for
yourself, you’re too tired to think for yourself. So relaxed, Jenny,
relaxed and obedient, relaxed
and obedient, you will obey me, Jenny, you will obey me, you will
obey me"
"Obey….you….." Jenny whispered, her eyes glazed behind her
sunglasses as she stared at
the flashing disc.
"Stand up, Jenny," Danny commanded, watching as she rose with
him. "Take me to your
room, Jenny."
Danny was a science major at USC when he had stumbled across
the right pattern to
swiftly induce a hypnotic trance into a person. After a few
experiments, he had perfected the
device so that, within seconds, he could have any person totally
obedient to him. He had already
tried it on a few of his professors to improve his grades as well as
some of the better coeds on
campus. He had come to this hotel in search for fresh meat and
thought he’d found quite the
catch. He watched Jenny’s ass wiggle as she led him to her room,
opening the door for him. He
stepped inside and let her enter, locking the door behind him. He
let her stand for a few minutes
while he looked around.
Danny thought it was a good idea to try and get to know this
woman a little better. He
began to rummage through her purse and took a look at her driver’s
license. Then he took a
closer look at the blond face he had looked at more than once over
the years. He glanced up from
the photo to the woman before him several times before it hit him.
"Holy shit," he whispered.
Jenny McCarthy. He had Jenny McCarthy completely under his control
and ready to do anything
he commanded. The very thought of it made him hard and as he turned
towards her, Danny knew
this was going to be a better night than he’d thought.
"Jenny, undress," he commanded and was treated to a very nice
strip show. Jenny nude
was even better in person and her new hairdo made her nudity seem
more fresh. He looked at her,
her smooth ass, incredible breasts and gold bush a direct contrast
to her black hair. She still wore
her sunglasses but were soon removed at Danny’s command to show her
eyes gazing blankly at
Danny. "You will do as I say, right, Jenny?"
"Master, Jenny. Call me Master."
Danny lay back on the bed, naked by now, his penis pointing
right to the ceiling. "Mount
me, Jenny," he commanded and watched as the former Playmate crawled
onto the bed and slid
herself onto his cock. She began to rock herself back and forth, her
blank eyes going towards
Danny’s disc, which begun to flash again, deepening her trance. She
worked herself harder onto
him, her ass grinding into his lap as she rode him. Danny’s hands
went up to her breasts and
squeezed the full and round tits, pinching the nipples as Jenny
rocked back and forth. He gripped
her breasts harder as he felt himself build, his arousal at the
breaking point. He grabbed her tits
hard as they orgasmed, Jenny’s sigh the only reaction her entranced
mind could give. As soon as
the wave of passion flowed out of her, she fell onto Danny, her
breasts pushing against his face as
she heaved for breath, his tongue tickling the nipples.
"Suck my cock, Jenny," Danny commanded and watched as she moved
down towards his
crotch. Her tongue reached out and tickled the tip as Danny ran his
hands through her black hair
As Jenny put her lips around his cock and began to suck it, Danny
reflected on his luck. Like his
other conquests, Jenny would be released with no memory of what had
occurred. But the memory
would live as a defining moment for Danny. After all, if he could
ensnare a gorgeous celebrity by

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