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“There is a lot of plot leading up to the good stuff. If you don’t like that too bad, plot is good”

Pink – Alecia Moore

It was a unusually cool September day as Pink strolled into LaFace Records to continuing working on her upcoming album “Missundaztood.” As she walked through the door the tall skinny blonde working behind the desk told her that Darryl Simmons wanted to see her in his office on the double. She
told Pink that he sounded kind of pissed so she might want to be prepared. As she got to the door she saw him talking on the phone and fidgeting with papers. She thought to herself about coming back later, and as she was leaving she heard “Hold On, Alecia can you come here for a minute?” She slowly turned around and walked back into his office. She stands there for a few minutes and he points her to a chair. She has a seat. He hung the phone up and started to thumb through the papers some more.

“I wanted to call you in here to tell you two things really.” “First off, your record “cant take me home” hit platinum today.” He congratulated her. “Well thats a good thing, i knew it was close, but i never expected it to hit platinum” she exclaimed. “Well I’M glad your happy, because i have some bad news.” “Its not going to hit double platinum anytime soon.” Darryl told her sympathetically with his hands fidgeting through some papers. “You see.. These were just faxed to me today from the Doyalston Catholic School in Pennsylvania.” Alecia’s eyes widened at the sound of those words. “I see you recognize this school?” He asked quizzically. “And what year did you graduate exactly?” He scolded. “You see Alecia i just got off the phone with Sally Jenkins of Doyalston Catholic School, and she let me in on some important information.” “You see a person by the name of Alecia Moore is not on records there of graduating.” He informed her. “And in order to sell, work, produce records here at LaFace Records you had to have graduated high school.” He told her as he started to stand up. “Mr Simmons, I.. I can explain” She muttered. “You see i had a hard life back then, my parents were separating and..” He interrupted her. “I don’t give two shits about your parents.” He said scornfully. “You see i got a whole bunch of money invested in you, and for it to get out that your a “dropout” that would ruin you.” He tells her. “Now I’M forced to hold all sells of your album “cant take me home” and postpone the release of “Missundaztood” until you graduate high school.” He commands. Pink sobbingly states that she would go back to school and get her diploma. “You only have to complete this last part of your senior year, thats it.”

The next day she gets on the telephone and starts yelling at her lawyers to figure something out where she wouldnt have to go. They all told her that there was no way out. She had to go back to school and graduate. She told them that they better work while she was in school. If they didn’t figure this one out she would have them fired. She got a hold of her agent and he got her a ticket to Doyalston PA. She gets in about 10am and goes to her grandparents house and informs them in on the situation. They tell her that she can stay with them. She goes in and gets unpacked. She goes to the bathroom and strips down and gets in the shower. The water feels so good on her tired aching body. The water streams down her 5’6 body like the rain off of nicely waxed car. She finally gets done and she drys off. She gets dressed in a skin tight leather pants and a tight almost see-thru shirt. She tells her grandparents that she is going to go to the school to register and get her uniform. She leaves. She arrives at the high school and goes to the office. A lady, lucky if she is in her late twenties was sitting behind the desk. She stared at the petite girl with pink hair and black lipstick. “Is Mr. Harrison in?” She asked. “Umm.. Ya.. Let me get him.” She started towards his door. Turning around “Hey, aren’t you the pop singer Pink” she quizzed? “Yup, that would be me.” She told her. “Oh My God, my daughter is such a fan of yours is there anyway i could get an autograph?” “Sure” Pink signed an autograph as the lady went to get the principal. She came back “Thank you so much, Mr. Harrison will see you now.” Pink smiled at the lady, and went in the office. “So you must be the big pop star that forgot that she has to pass high school huh?” He joked. “Yep that would be me, and if you would get me a uniform that would be great.” She demanded. He handed her a uniform that would be obviously to short for her. “Umm.. I wear a medium if you have one?” She asked. “Go ahead and try that one on, if you don’t mind.” He requested. She let out a huff and went to the back room and slipped her skin tight pants off. And slid her tight shirt over her fluffy pink hair. She then slid the skirt up to her panty less crotch. She took the blouse and put it on. The skirt came up just below her ass cheeks and the shirt hugged her tits so tightly that her bra less chest was more then visible. She got ready to change back when she heard the principal yell “Ok come on out sweetie, we don’t have all day.” She opened the door and stood in the doorway modeling this short skirt and tight shirt. He purposely dropped a pencil off his desk and told her to come over and get it. She obeyed him and when she bent down her skirt rode up just enough that he could see her nice tender ass. He told her that the outfit was in fact a bit small, and handed her another. He told her class resumed Monday at 7:30am. She changed out of the small outfit and left.

“BUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!” Pink jumped up and looked around. It was her alarm. “6:30 already” she cried. She got out of bed and went to take a shower. She got in the shower and started to massage her entire body. She rubbed her tits around and round. She moved down to her pussy and started to rub the outside of the lips when she heard her grandma yell from downstairs that breakfast was ready. She got out of the shower and toweled off. She put on her uniform and gelled her wavy pink hair. She put on her infamous black lipstick and headed for the downstairs. She ate and talked with her grandparents a little while longer and decided she better leave for school. When she got to school her first class was algebra. She walked in and everyone started to cheer. She just made her way to her seat and looked forward. A guy named Jeff came up to her and asked for an autograph and she told him to fuck off. He told her that he was sorry and he sat back down and just stared at the young beauty. Mr. Johnson the math professor asked Jeff the equivalence of PI times the speed of light to Einstein theory of relativity. Jeff didn’t even flinch he was just staring at Pink. He asks Kelly the same question and she gets it right. He then turns to Pink. “Alright Alecia, lets see how much you forgot.” Smiling. “What does x equal in x squared times 34x minus 2 = 4x times 35x squared?” She looked at him and sarcastically said “umm… 2?” The entire class started bursting out laughing. Mr Johnson points at her “Ms. Moore, if you think that just because your a celebrity doesn’t mean that you can jack around.” He scolded. “One more smart-ass remark like that and your gone” He

said irascibility. She just looked at him. The rest of the day was a breeze. All the teachers were putty in her hand.

“BUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!” Pink gets up and slams the alarm down. She stays in bed till just about 7:00 when her grandma walks up and wakes her up. She jumps up runs to the shower and takes a quick shower. She quickly towels off slips on her uniform and heads off for school. She arrives about ten minutes before class and Mr. Johnson stops her on her way to her seat. “Ms. Moore, can you come here for a minute?” She walks over to him. “Now Alecia, the way you acted yesterday towards me and your fellow students is inappropriate. I want you to act better or else ill send you to the office and let Mr. Harrison take care of you.” She assures him that she will be a good girl today. “You better be, or else..” Kelly opens the door and he directs them to their seats. Soon after the rest of the class piles in, and surrounds Pink’s desk. Mr. Johnson turns around and yells for everyone to take a seat. He then starts to teach and hears some more chattering. He turns around and see’s that Jeff is talking with Pink. He gets ready to yell at the two when he notices that Pink had her legs spread far enough apart that he could see right up her skirt. He took a minute to see if she was paying any attention to him, which she wasn’t and he started to look. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She wasn’t wearing any panties. He resumed his teaching and looking until he couldn’t hide the bulge in his pants any longer. He went to his desk and assigned some in class work. The all began to work and he called Pink up to his desk. “Yes.. Mr. Johnson?” she asked. “Alecia, I’M not sure your aware of this or not, but the wearing of panties is a requirement here at DCS.” He informed. “I assure you Mr. Johnson i have panties on.” She told him. “Well Ms. Moore, we could go out in the hall and have a little check.” He stated. “I’M sure Mr. Harrison wouldnt mind.” He scorned. “Ok Mr. Johnson, i don’t have panties on, but i was running late today and i was in a hurry.” she pleaded with him. He told her that he would have to send her to the office. He wrote her a note and told her to go. She snatched the note and left.

She arrives at the office and that same young lady is working there. She hands her the note and the lady looks at her and frowns. The lady stands up and goes to get the principal. He comes out and gives her a stern point and tells her to come in. She slowly walks through the door and he tells her to have a seat. “So what seems to be the problem?” he asked quizzically. “Well.. you see when I’M on tour and switching clothes so much backstage i don’t have time to wear panties so when I’M in a hurry i just slip on my clothes.” She explained. “Today i was in a hurry and i forgot to put on my panties.” She continued to plead her case. “Well, I’M sorry you didn’t have time for our rules, but as school code i have to check and make sure that Mr. Johnson wasn’t lying so if you could just stand up.” He told her reaching back for a yardstick. She stood up pleading with him that she wasn’t wearing any. He didn’t have to check. He took the yardstick and stook it under the front of her skirt and gently raised it revealing her small pink slit. She quickly pushed her skirt back down and informs him that she has lawyers that can put him out on the streets. “You may have lawyers now, but without a high school diploma how are you going to pay those hotshots?” He smirked. She just stared at him. “Now Alecia, I know its been a while since you attended, but the policy is still the same Panties are a necessity.” He informed. “If you go without them, then normally you would go without school for that year.” He told her as he began to rummage through the top drawer of his desk. “But your different.” He began to smile from ear to ear. “I know I’M different. I got money, autographs, i could even perform a concert for the whole school.” Just don’t expel me.. Ill do anything. She exhaled. “Thats what i like to hear.” He started to pull out his paddle and told her to come over to him.

Pink got up out of her chair and started to walk over to him. “You have to be kidding.” She laughed. “A spanking? Come on Mr. Harrison I’M a big time celebrity.” She told him as she made her way to his desk. “I know you are Alecia, that is why i didn’t expel you when i should have now get your ass over here you are going to be punished.” He demanded in a low stern voice. The color in her face got as white as a snowflake. She had never been yelled at like that before. She decided to take it. She stood up put her hands on the desk and braced herself. “Oh no missy. Your not getting off that easy.” He stated as he started to pat his leg. “Come on Mr. Harrison” she pleaded. “NOW!” she walked over to him and laid on his lap with her hands on the ground.” One of his large hands is holding her firmly at the small of her petite back and his other starts to lift her navy blue skirt up to her waist. “Mr. Har…” “SWAT!!!!!!!” He drew back and smacked her ass with much force. She yet out a holler as the pain shot up through her entire body. He draws back and gives her yet another swat. She breaks out in tears and pleads with him to stop. He draws back and yet another smack. Pinks ass was as pink as her hair. He stood her up and she was balling. “STOP CRYING!!” She instantly stopped. “I’M glad you see that cooperation is a good thing.” He told her as he put up his paddle. “May i go back to class” she asked in a very timid voice. “Hell no, there is no way your getting off that easy.” He said in a stern voice. “Its time for another check.” He stated. She looked at him confused.

He told her that it is the school policy to wear a bra. “I’M wearing a bra, you don’t have to worry about that.” She quickly rebutted. “How can i be so sure. I mean you didn’t wear panties?” He asked. She assured him that she was. “Well i cant be sure so your going to have to remove your shirt.” He demanded. She starts to slowly unbutton her off white shirt. He can feel himself getting harder with every button she undoes. She gets to the last button and slips the shirt off and puts it on his desk. He sits and stares at her for the longest time as she reaches for her shirt. He grabs it and demands that she take off her bra. Her eyes got as wide as the moon. “Why?” she asked in a low timid voice. He tells her that a rare case of a disease that only affects the breasts has spread through the school and he wants to make sure she is safe. “That is the biggest line of bullshit i have ever heard.” She exclaims. She tells him to give her the shirt. “You better take off your bra or i will be forced to expel you for contaminating the school.” He demanded. She started to burst out in tears again as she reached around her back and started to undo the white lacy bra. As she stretches to get her bra undone her tits are pushing forward much to the delight of Mr. Harrison. She finally gets it undone exposing two of the most perfect tits around. Mr. Harrison starts to stare again. She quickly put her arms up blocking the view of the round tan breasts. “Alecia, could you place your hands on the desk?” He requests. “How else will i tell if you have the disease?” She slowly takes her hands down and puts them on the desk in front of her exposing once again her naked breasts. The cold air of the room made her nipples firm up and become erect. She knew what was going through the mind of Mr. Harrison, but it startled her when he stood up. He made his way to the door and he locked it. He slowly walked behind her. He placed both of his large hands on her small shoulders and starts to rub up and down. She felt a tingle go through her entire body. Mr. Harrison slowly moved his hand off of her arm and onto her left breast. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She closed her eyes and pretended that this was all a hideous nightmare and she would wake up. He cupped her tits and started to play around with her already erect nipples. He started to kiss the back of her neck and upper back. She started to squirm but it was too late for that he already had full control of her. He picked her up and placed her on his desk. Her ass fell out of the skirt onto the desk. He started to remove the skirt totally. He sat her there and admired her as if she was a trophy for him. She started to jump down and he pushed her back. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled out his 11′ throbbing cock. “No Mr. Harrison.” She pleaded in a horrified voice. “I’M.. I’M… I’M still a virgin.” She muttered. “Oh this is just getting better and better.” He exclaimed. He laid her down and inserted his cock partially in her twat as she let out a loud screech. She told him it was too big for her to take it out, he just shoved it in farther. He kept shoving it in and out and she kept on crying. He started to suck on her nipples and kiss her chest. He moved up to her face and gave her a passionate kiss right on the lips. He stuck his tounge inside her mouth and she greeted with hers. This took him by surprise. He kept on kissing her and she was kissing back. He finally stopped and pulled his cock out and told her to suck it. She grabbed it with both hands and stuck it in her mouth as far as it could go. She then bobbed up and down on it. He laid down on her with his head down in her pussy and started to lick up the juices that were around the area before spreading the lips and inserting his tounge inside. She let out a moan of acceptance and continued to suck on his throbbing cock. He finally got off of her set her up, gave her another passionate kiss. “I think you have been punished enough” he said trying to catch his breath. She gathered her clothes up and put them on. She started to unlock the door when he came over to her. “I said you were punished enough, but if you tell anyone about this the whole media will find out that you slept with your principal to get your diploma.” He stated with a smirk on his face. He gave her one more peck on the cheek and she left.

A couple months went by since the whole encounter with Mr. Harrison and everything was back to normal. In fact it was graduation day “Hey Alecia aren’t you excited its finally here?” Kelly said with such enthusiasm. “Oh ya. I mean now i can go back to doing what i do best, and thats not doing algebra.” She said jokingly. “..Heather Manefield, Yuri Moi, Alecia Moore..” Pink walked up the ramp to get her diploma and saw Mr. Harrison “You remember now more then ever you tell anyone and don’t think the national enquirer wont be the only one with my story.” He whispers to her. As she walks down the ramp she turns around and flips him off. The whole place erupts!!

She finally makes it back to the studio so she can finish working on her upcoming album and Darryl walks in. Glad things went good for you. I knew you could do it and just so you know sells are skyrocketing on your old album. “Well thats good i cant wait until the twentieth of November to see how this one does.” She says with enthusiasm. “Well I’M sure we can work something out where it can come out a little sooner.” He says with an evil smirk on his face.

“To Be continued”


| This was a complete work of fiction any resemblance |

| to the characters in this work is purely coincidence |

|and not likely. I repeat this is purely a work of fiction|

| in the unlikelihood it did take place i want PHOTOS!! |


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