Back Troubles

The following story is completely fiction. None of this ever happened.

If you are under the age of 18, get outta here.

This story contains: FF+, reluc., bondage, anal.


by rawballz


Lisa Barbuscia

Lorrie Morgan

Bridget Moynahan

Victoria Rowell

Rachel True

Vanessa L. Williams

“Mrs. Morgan, Dr. True will see you know.”, the receptionist spoke

aloud. Caught up in the newest issue of “InStyle” & the pain in her

lower back, Lorrie jerked her head up quickly. “Huh? Oh okay. Thank

you.” She slowly stood up & felt the pain
become more fierce. Her entire

back felt like it was on fire.

She made her way down the hallway & saw the receptionist walk in front

of her. “Room #6, Mrs. Morgan”. She opened the door for her. “You know,

you’re gonna have to knock off that Mrs. Morgan shit”. She said with a

smile. “I might walk like I’m 80 years-old, but I’m far from it”. “Of

course you are, Mrs….Lorrie”. The receptionist smiled nervously. She

helped Lorrie onto the examining table. “Dr. True will be with you in a

few moments”. “Thank you”. The receptionist walked out of the room and

closed the door behind her.

Lorrie sat on the examination table for what seemed at eternity. She

would try to lean back but the piercing pain would shoot all across her


The door opened. “Good morning, Mrs. Morgan. What can we do for you?”

Dr. True entered the room and shut the door behind her. “It’s this damn

back of mine. It’s killing me.” “Where exactly does it hurt?” “Well,

mostly in my lower back but sometimes everywhere back there.” “I see.”

Dr. True walked to the other side of the table behind Lorrie. She placed

two fingers against the her spine in her lower-back and pushed. “Does

this hurt?” Lorrie almost jerked off the table. “Holy shit!” “Sorry.”

Dr. True walked back in front of the slumping Lorrie. “Good news, Mrs.

Morgan, I can help you.” “Really?” “Yes. You have a mild muscle strain

in your lower back. I know it doesn’t feel mild because they can cause

such pain. It might take quite a few visits to completely rid you of the

pain.” Lorrie looked up at her. “I can’t come back. I start touring in

two days. Is there anything else you can do?” “Well, there is this one

method that might stop the pain in about an hour or so. It’s a little

unorthodox but has worked wonders.” “I don’t care how unorthodox it is.

I need to able to go on tour. Please?” “Alright, Mrs. Morgan. Sit tight

and I’ll be right back.” Dr. True turned around and left the room.

She came back in less than a minute. Behind her were two other women.

They closed the door behind them and locked it.

Dr. True walked in front of Lorrie and held out a clipboard with

official-looking documents clipped to it. “You must sign this, Mrs.

Morgan, for us to proceed.” “Anything. Let’s just get this over with.”

Lorrie took the pen and signed her name on the bottom line. Dr. True

turned the clipboard around, looked down at the signature & smiled.

“Okay, now we can begin the healing process. These are my assisstants,

Lisa and Bridget. They will help you out of your clothes.” “I have to

take my clothes off?” “If we’re going to get to the root of the problem,

less fabric will certainly help. Ladies, if you will.”

Lisa and Bridget walked up to eith side of Lorrie, bent over and removed

her shoes and socks. Both worked on unbuttoning her blouse. They slipped

it off her shoulders and Bridget neatly folded the blouse and placed it

on the back of a chair. Lisa unsnapped the back of Lorrie’s bra. Bridget

helped her slide the straps off her shoulders. Lorrie, feeling a little

embarrassed, covered her large breasts with her arms. Bridget placed her

bra on top of her folded blouse on the chair.

Lisa and Bridget each then took Lorrie’s arms and turned her around

facing the foot of the table. They helped her lie back on the

examination table. Lorrie was grimacing in pain the whole time. Lisa

reached down and unbuttoned Lorrie’s pants. “What the hell are you

doing?” “Relax, Mrs. Morgan. This will help.”, Dr. True explained. “How

will taking my fucking pants off help fix my damn back?!” Lorrie

struggled, trying to kick and slap at the two women over her. “Don’t

fucking touch me!”

Dr. True left the room and came back 15 seconds later with two other

doctors. “Strap her down!”, Dr. Williams shouted. Lisa and Bridget

grabbed Lorrie’s wrists and strapped them to the corners of the table.

“What the fuck are you doing?”, Lorrie screamed. “This is for you own

good and everyone else’s.”, Dr. Rowell replied.

Bridget unzipped Lorrie’s pants. Both women grabbed the top of her

britches and began sliding them down her legs. Lorrie was still trying

to kick but the immense pain in her back was rapidly slowing her down.

The two assisstants pulled her pants down along with her panties. “No!

Not my panties too!” They finally slipped the pant fabrics off her feet.

Lorrie laid there naked, tired and in more pain.

The two assisstants each grabbed one of Lorrie’s legs and bound her

ankles to the bottom corners of the table. Lorrie could barely move

without becoming overwhemed with pain. “Why are you doing this to me?”,

she spoke weakily. “We’re tring to help you.”, Dr. True replied. “We are

strictly professionals, Mrs. Morgan.”, Dr. Rowell spoke.

“Get her prepped.”, Dr. Willaims ordered. Lisa and Bridget went to the

small counter across the room. They came back witha can of shaving cream

and a straight-razor. “What’re you going to do with that?”, Lorrie asked

nervously. Lisa sprayed some shaving cream into her hand and began

rubbing it all over Lorrie’s pubic region. “Oh Christ, don’t shave my

pussy! Why are you shaving my pussy?” Bridget brought the razor down to

her pubic area. Lorrie looked down at them with a scared look in her

eyes. Bridget swiped down at the cream pile. Two more times. A few

strokes later, Lorrie was removed of her pubic hair. Lisa grabbed a

towel and wiped her pussy mound clean.

Lorrie was in disbelief. She turned her head to the side and saw the

three doctors unbuttoning their long white labcoats. Dr. True opened

hers and let it fall to the floor. She was stark naked underneath. Dr.

Rowell was the same as her labcoat hit the floor. Dr. Williams stood

there asshole-naked too.

Lorrie couldn’t believe her eyes. She turned her head back straight and

saw that the two assisstants were already nude as well. “Why are you

naked?”, Lorrie asked quietly. “We don’t want you to feel

uncomfortable.”, Dr. Rowell replied. “You don’t want me to feel

uncomfortable? Well, I guess I’m totally comfy now.”, Lorrie spoke back


The five women stood around the table and placed their hands upon

Lorrie’s naked and vulnerably body. Dr. True began rubbing and massaging

Lorrie’s left breast. Her nipples instantly became erect. Dr. Rowell

rubbed Lorrie’s right breast and tugged lightly on her nipple. Their

other hand began massaging her stomache, which was rising and falling

more rapidly from her heavier breathing. Bridget stood next to Dr.

Rowell and was rubbing Lorrie’s hip and upper leg area. Lisa was across

the nude body from her doing the exact same. Dr. Williams stood at the

foot of the table and was squeezing Lorrie’s feet. Rubbing each toe and

pressing her thumbs on the arches of her feet.

Lorrie found herself drifting away and giving into the pleasure of

having ten hands exploring her every square inch that was available. She

felt a tingleing in her pussy that made her twitch. She began biting her

bottom lip.

The hands searched and searched her body. Hands kneading her breasts,

hips, neck, knees, feet and sides of her ass. She noticed that noone was

coming close to touching the area she now wanted to be touched. Her

pussy began stirring with juices flowing. She thought about telling

someone to rub her pussy, to fondle her clit, but felt embarrassed to do


Lorrie almost exploded right then and there, when she felt Dr. Rowell’s

tongue touch her right nipple. It sent waves of pleasure and heat

throughout her entire body. Her pussy became wetter and wetter. Dr.

Rowell flicked her tongue quickly across her nipple. Each quick touch

sending Lorrie into further depths of numbness. Dr. True began suckleing

her left breast. Running her tongue around her nipple. Faster and

faster. Lorrie body was becoming extremely over-heated. Beads of sweat

began forming all over her writhing body.

Lisa and Bridget began licking at Lorrie’s naked hips. They would make

their way down to her knees and lick their way back up to her

bellybutton. They made their way to just above Lorrie’s crotch but then

would retreat back to her hips.

Dr. Williams had Lorrie’s left big toe in her mouth. Circleing her toe

with her tongue. She took the toe out of her mouth and placed her tongue

on her heel. She slowly licked all the way up her foot until she reached

the toes again. Lorrie would slightly jerk each time she made that

voyage. It certainly tickled but felt very good to have this much

attention towards her feet. Dr. Williams spread apart each toe and

licked inbetween them. She moved from one foot to the other, repeating

every motion exactly.

Lorrie’s breath was growing harder and harder. The itch inside her pussy

needed to be scatched. If someone wouldn’t touch it, she felt she might

go crazy. The fantastic frustration reached it’s boiling point. “Would

someone, anyone please touch my pussy!”, she yelled very loudly. She

felt ashamed for acting this way, but that feeling didn’t even last one


Bridget was right on the case. Two of her fingers made their way into

Lorrie’s well-lubricated snatch. Bridget buried her fingers up to the

knuckle, twisting and turning them in the process. Lorrie felt like she

was about to die from the heated touches. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Lorrie

began rocking her hips to the rythym of Bridget’s fingers. It felt too

good, experiencing Bridget’s fingers rubbing and stroking her

inner-walls. Lisa bent forward and started to lick at her awaiting and

swollen clit. This made the perfect match.

Lorrie was dripping with sweat now. She began moaning louder and louder.

She would make incoherent squeaky noises every once in a while. She

balled her hands into tight fists. It was going to be a big one. The

flood gates were beginning to open. Her back rised off the table. She

grinded her teeth. Her eyes squinted. Her heart was beating faster than

ever. Her blood was boiling inside her body. This was it.

They stopped.

“God…..damn……..ittttttttt!”, Lorrie’s scream ran through the

entire building.

Dr. Williams unstrapped her ankles. Bridget and Lisa raised Lorrie’s

legs high in the air and spread them apart as far as they would go. Dr.

William’s climbed up on the table. She was wearing a strap-on dildo, at

least 10 inches in length. Bridget and Lisa held Lorrie’s ankles tight

and lifted them back further so her anus was well exposed to the air.

They folded her in half as Dr. True and Dr. Rowell helped hold her legs


Dr. Williams straddled the folded Lorrie. She wiped some sweat off

Lorrie’s buttcheek and lubed her pink asshole with it. “Go ahead. Fuck

my goddamn butt! Give it to me! All of it!”, Lorrie shouted at the

doctor. Dr. Willaims obliged and shoved the dildo into her rectum. “Oh

fuck yeah!” She pumped away at her butthole. Faster and harder. Slamming

her way into her rectum. Waves and ripples of flesh were bouncing all

over Lorrie. Dr. Williams connected eyes with Lorrie. Lorrie had a

scowel-look on her face and she was mouthing the words “Fuck my butt”.

Dr. Williams pounded away.

The other four women reached in as best they could and began rubbing and

fingering at Lorrie’s pussy and clit. Lorrie felt the hot fires burning

within her once again. She had never had anything inserted into her anus

before, but now she knew this wouldn’t be the last time. Lorrie placed

her legs on Dr. Williams’s shoulders. She continued to fuck away. Lorrie

couldn’t take anymore, the pleasure was too much to deal with. She was

finally giving in completely.

The four women lifted Lorrie’s body in the air, until she was laying on

the table with just her shoulders, neck and head. Dr. Williams plunged

one last time and Lorrie felt her pussy explode and a huge pop noise

came from her back.

Dr. Williams pulled out and Lorrie’s body was placed back onto the

table. Her wrists were unstrapped. She laid there shaking and quivering

from the entire experience. Her sweat was becoming cooler.

The five women put their clothes back on. “How’s the back now?”, Dr.

True asked. Lorrie sat up and was amazed that she was pain free.

She did however notice a pain in her butt. I guess there’s not a cure

for everything.


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