Back on the Beat

Story Codes: MMMMMMF, Anal, Gangbang, Uniform, Insertion

This story is complete fiction.

It had been a while, but the outfit still fitted her petite frame perfectly. Louisa Lytton parked her car on the edge of the docklands and climbed out, smoothing down her navy blue skirt and retrieving the black WPC hat from the passenger seat. In the car’s mirror she straightened her neck-tie and dark blue pullover before setting the hat precisely on her head. She was now back in character as PC Beth Green, and began striding towards a derelict-looking warehouse, her polished black shoes clicking on the concrete as she marched. Her baton hung off her belt, jiggling as she walked. As usual, due to Louisa’s slight frame, she looked like a child going to a fancy dress party, prime jailbait.

She stepped inside the dilapidated building. There, a dozen tramps were scattered around. Some were slumped on the ground, asleep or swigging cans of strong lager. Three were warming their hands on a fire inside a metal drum, in the way that tramps do. Louisa removed her truncheon from her belt and banged the club against the door frame.

“Alright, you lot, I’m an officer of the law. You are illegally squatting on this property, and I’m going to have to move you on.”

This barely elicited a response from the tramps. A couple shuffled towards her and there was the odd murmur, but generally they ignored her. If any of them had ever seen her on TV they didn’t recognise her due to the mixture of Special Brew and the general fog in their minds. Louisa’s cute nose wrinkled as she sniffed the foetid air in the empty warehouse. The tramps had obviously been using it for a while, and it reeks of piss, shit and general dirt. Louisa could feel her cunt lubricating just from the smell. She wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck herself senseless then and there, but she persevered with the game for now. Louisa moved over to one of the walls, where one of the tramps was half asleep, a can of Tennents lager gripped in his hand. A couple of the others followed her curiously. She bent down and tugged the tramp on the floor by the arm.

“Come on, sir, we have to move you on.”

As she bends over, the two behind her see her skirt rise up, revealing her crotch. Under the blue tights her shaven cunt was naked – easier to see as Louisa is bending with her legs further apart than would be normal, not to mention that the tights are sporting a growing wet patch, sticking to her juicy lips. As she tugged futilely at the prone vagrant, long-neglected feelings stirred in the pair. More were beginning to shuffle around to see what’s going on, until seven were gathered, marvelling at her soaking minge. The slut was so horny that the smell of her sex was even cutting through the smell of a dozen unwashed tramps. The men looked from one to another, all hitting on the same shared idea – there are seven of us, and only one of her. None of us have had any for ages. Let’s do her.

The group began to spread out, and out of the corner of her eye Louisa notes a couple were moving over to get between her and the exit. With great restraint she managed not to smile, and continued to play the role of the young, inexperienced WPC who doesn’t realise what peril she’s in. One of the tramps has shuffled forward until he is only a few inches behind her. Louisa then theatrically over-balanced, unconvincingly falling forward onto all fours, her hands either side of the sitting tramp’s legs, presenting her back quarters to the man behind. The tramp’s long-neglected libido took over; he doesn’t question how fake her descent looked, he just dropped down onto his knees behind her and lifted her skirt all the way up. Louisa looked back over her shoulder as he extended two dirty fingers on his right hand before driving them into her cunt, forcing the crotch of her tights into her sopping hole. The penetration sent Louisa wild, and any pretence of pretending to be there for policing reasons disappeared rapidly as the rough digits were inexpertly fucked in and out of her hole. Her groaned as the squelching noises roused the drifter underneath her. He looks at her pretty face as she bit her lip and tried to suppress her moans, unable to comprehend this sudden change to his luck. Louisa was impatient, however, and moved one grubby hand from the floor. With astonishing expertise she opened his flies and fished out his cock without losing her balance despite the ever-rougher fingering her cunt was being subjected to. She descended on the tramp’s unwashed knob, gobbling it into her mouth, her hat falling off as she devoured the thing. Her pleasure was doubled as the dirty fingers are removed from her throbbing snatch. There was a ripping sound as the hobo tore an entry in her tights, and thrust his hard prick into Louisa. By now more and more of the bums were gathering around Louisa as she got spit-roasted, some dropping their trousers and begin to jerk their rancid pricks over the sight. The tramp screwing her had matted pubes that feel like steel wool, tickling her arsehole in a tantalising fashion; he was fucking her like a jack rabbit, slamming inexpertly into her sopping cunt with fast violent strokes. Just what she wanted – no, needed. Louisa groaned every time his pelvis slammed into her arse as she drooled around the fat dirty cock in her mouth, but the tramp didn’t last long. Years on the streets had given Louisa’s downtrodden lovers all the endurance of twelve-year old boys, and after only a few moments she felt the tramp fucking her tense, gripping her tiny waist with his rough hands as he fired his muck into her cunt. The dick in her mouth didn’t put up much more resistance, firing twenty years of pent-up spunk into the back of her throat. She hadn’t been expecting quite such a salvo, and coughed as the thick fluid ran out of her mouth and down onto her beautiful chin. The man behind withdrew from her slimy tunnel and she moved back on her haunches, raising her soiled hands to her mouth and smearing the cum back into her mouth. It was enough of a show for the other man, who jerked his prick violently, spilling his cream over her navy blue sweater. Another jet blasted into the side of her head as one of the watching wankers reached his limit and emptied his aching bollocks into her hair. She rolled back up into a kneeling position and waggled a finger at the hapless and homeless middle-aged man.

“Please remain calm, sir, I will be taking statements from you all eventually.” She gave a dirty smile. “Your sentences will be more lenient if you don’t resist arrest.”

Whether the tramps were paying much attention to her lame attempts to stay in some sort of character was a moot point, they were happy enough to do whatever the horny nymph told them to. She gently pushed one of the unspent men sporting an eight-inch erection onto his back, reciting the standard police caution as she did so, and straddled his greasy cock, the gnarled shaft easily slipping into her honeyed fuck-hole. Louise then began riding the lucky old pervert like a bronco. One of the others moved around behind the pair and began groping her jiggling breasts through the jumper – the sensation of the coarse nylon shirt rubbing her stiff little nipples was exquisite. The hands glided down to her hips and then to her skirt, lifting it and tucking it into her waistband. They moved – trembling now – onto her pert buttocks as they rose and fell on the prone man’s prick. She felt the rough hands slip between the sheer nylon tights and the smooth skin of her arse. Her heart pounded in anticipation as they stayed there for an agonisingly long second before tearing another point of access. Grubby fingers parted her buttocks and the cold air invaded her crack. Louisa knew KY jelly was in low supply in most warehouses and had spent an hour before her drive stretching her arsehole with a fat dildo, and then smearing her ring with lube. It paid off as, after a couple of abortive bangs into her sensitive crack as the tramp tried to synchronise with Louisa’s rhythm, the dick slid into her greedy, well-trained anal passage. Her tiny body was now holding over a foot of homeless cock, and it felt great. The tramps would seem to agree – the confines of her grasping holes were too much for either, and the one in her cunt soon climaxed, his cream running back out of her ruined minge. The second slammed into her buttocks with an air of finality and she came herself as his hot jism splashed across the inside of her rectum. The buggering cock slipped out of Louisa’s arse with a sloppy noise, leaving her rear entrance gaping for a moment, a trickle of dirty sperm running out onto her spoiled rosebud. She was only vacant for a few seconds before a fresh – well, hard, it was difficult to describe any of her playmates as fresh – dick took its’ place.

The tramps worked systematically on the hot earthy tunnel with little thought to their comrade, trapped underneath Louisa’s writhing, near-constantly climaxing body and suffering the bitter-sweet torture of having his sensitive post-cum prick churned around in her spasming cunt as the petite girl’s plentiful supply of natural lubricant trickled down his balls and pooled on the warehouse floor. She was doing her best to keep count, and after her ninth consecutive bumfuck her opening was finally left to gasp at the fresh air. It stung beautifully, and she felt a stream of spunk ooze out. She clambered off the soft cock she had been grinding on for however long (Louisa had completely lost track of time) and began to crawl across the dusty floor on all fours until she was clear, then reaching around to her arse Louisa stabbed two fingers into the red raw orifice, digging them around. They came back coated in a mess of thick cum, traces of shit and general grime, and without hesitation she sucked them clean before going back for more. She could hear her juice dripping onto the floor. She looked around. The tramps were sprawled in various states of disarray, spent filthy cocks drooling uselessly. No-one was fucking her, and she felt empty. She growled in frustration, and then felt something banging on her thigh. The truncheon was still hanging from her belt. Louisa slumped face down on the floor and freed the weapon with shaking, desperate fingers. Savouring the weight of the thick, long gloss-finish wooden baton she reached back. Her anus hung open – red, abused and still ravenous. Carefully she reached back and nestled the rounded tip against her burning arsehole and – satisfied it was lined up perfectly – drove the thing home until it eventually found some resistance. She had no idea how much of the truncheon was lodged in her backside, but it was a lot – when Louisa moved her hand it stayed standing proudly out of her. She continued crawling, the motion causing the thing to wiggle and twitch deep in her bowels, sending sharp, painful jolts of ecstasy through her petite body. She only made it about ten metres across the grimy floor before she passed out from pleasure, her body continuing to spasm in a non-stop orgasm as she slipped out of consciousness.

She felt someone slapping her face and her vision began to clear. Greeting her was the beautiful face of her friend Tiana Benjamin, another former EastEnder. The pair took it in turns to look after each other when they embarked on their various sexcapades – just last week Louisa had served as a getaway driver for one of Tiana’s dogging sessions. The black girl’s features were wide with amazement as she helped Louisa up onto her wobbly legs. She glanced around – the tramps were still spread out in their spent position, and the smell of sex was fighting with general dirt for supremacy in the air. She heard a clunk as the truncheon finally fell from her arse and landed on the floor – the orifice was so numb she felt nothing. Tiana slipped an arm around her waist.

“Come on babes, let’s get you home… You can tell me all about it while I suck all that spunk out of you… Careful now, don’t spill it.”

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