Backlot Adventures 2: Jennifer Love Hewitt








Today started out like the day before. I drove to the studio and parked in my designated
spot, then climbed out and headed into the building. My
boss told me to head over to
Soundstage 2, where a romantic teen comedy was being filmed. “Great,” I thought to myself.
“Another lame-ass crappy teen flick.” Well, on the bright side, I probably wouldn’t have
my name listed in the credits, so I could never be connected to it.

I went outside and hoped in my little golf cart and buzzed through the backlot alleyways
until I arrived at Soundstage 2. I climbed off and went inside. I could immediately hear
the sounds of a film crew at work, moving around equipment, crew heads shouting orders.
This soundstage had three sets built on it: two bedrooms and a back porch.

I reported to the stage manager, and my first order of business was to help the lighting
crew bring in some lights. I did that for about an hour, bringing them in and helping the
crew hook them up, running the extension cords in a variety of roots that kept them out
of the footpath of various crew people.

We worked until lunch, at which point we were told to clear out and get something to eat
at the commisary nearby. As we were walking toward the exit, I caught a glimpse of
someone coming into the soundstage and stopping to talk to the stage manager. I couldn’t
believe who it was. It was Jennifer Love Hewitt. One of my biggest crushes, less than
thirty feet away. I strained to hear. It sounded like she was asking if she could spend
lunch on the set studying her script. Since everyone was clearing our for lunch, it would
be quiet. The manager nodded, and she walked over to one of the bedroom sets and
disappeared around the wall.

Thinking fast, I ducked aside when the manager wasn’t looking and hide behind a stack of
empty shipping crates. The remaining crewmen filed out the door, and it was shut behind
them. Silence fell over the soundstage. I stayed in place for a couple minutes, making
sure no one would come back. When I decided the coast was clear, I stepped out from
behind the crates and quietly made my way back across the floor.

As I approached the back of the second bedroom set, I thought about what to say. Maybe I
was a fan who was passing by on my way out and wanted an autograph. Or maybe I was a crew
member who needed to do some quick double checking of some measurements on the set for my
boss. Oh, well. I’d think of something by the time I got there.

I reached the side wall and turned the corner, and froze in my tracks. In the bedroom set,
Jennifer Love Hewitt was lying on the bed, her legs dangling over the side, her hands
down her pants. I couldn’t believe it. Jennifer Love Hewitt was masturbating. I stepped
back and stood against the wall of the set, wondering what I should do. Should I just
leave and pretend nothing happened, or stay for the show? Her moaning was turning me on.
“Ohhhhh,” she was uttering. “Oh, God . . . Aaahhhhh. Oh, I need a man.”

That was it. That was the decision maker. She was in need of a man, and I was the only
one in the building. I took a deep breath and composed myself, told myself “good luck,”
and stepped around the corner, pretending to be coming into the set. “Excuse me, I–”

I pretended to stop in surprise. Jennifer sprang up on the bed, pulling her hands from
her pants and getting to her feet. She was visibly nervous about being caught in the act
and was trying to composer herself. “Uh . . . ” was all she could said.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I was just coming to double check something on the set, but I guess
it can’t wait.” I turned and stepped away.

“No, wait.” She hurried toward me, putting a hand on my arm and turning me around. “Um,
we need to be clear on what was happening here.”

“What was happening?” I asked, playing dumb.

“Don’t act stupid. You know what you saw. You know it and I know it.”

“Oh, you mean that?”

“Yes, that. Please, you can’t say anything. You can’t tell anybody what you saw here.”

I nodded. “True. It would be bad for your image.”

“No shit,” she said.

“Then again, what I saw is just too amazing of a story to not tell to my friends. Who are
all big fans by the way.”

She looked worried, then smiled as if an idea had occured to her, and she put a hand on
my shoulder. “How about if I were to give you a better story to tell your friends, on the
condition that what you saw seconds ago and the story I give you are not told to anyone
who has the power to put them out in the media?”

I pretended to think about it for a moment, then said, “Sure. What do you have in mind?”

She glanced about, making sure the place was deserted, then took my hand and led me back
to the set. Back in the fake bedroom, she turned and kissed me without warning, her soft
lips pressing hard against mine, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I put my hands on
her body and met her kiss with equal force. Without breaking the kiss, she unbuttoned my
shirt and pushed it off of me. I grabbed her shirt and untucked it from her pants, then
broke the kiss long enough to pull her shirt up over her head and toss it aside.

She was wearing a skimpy bra that looked like it could barely contain her massive 36C
chest. Continuing to kiss, she unbuttoned my pants and pushed them to my ankles with my
underwear, then sat me on the bed and dropped to her knees. My cock was almost fully
erect, so Jennifer took it in her hands and began playing with it, looking up at me with
a seductive look. She marveled at the sight as my cock hardened to its full nine inch
length. “Your cock is so fuckin’ huge,” she gasped.

A final stroke with her hands, then she took me in her mouth and started sucking, fast
and hard. As she sucked, she swirled her tongue over the head. It felt incredible. She
worked her lips back and forth along the length of my solid shaft, taking it down her
throat as she buried her face in my pubic hair. I put my hands on the bed behind me and
leaned my head back. It was pure pleasure.

She pulled away with drips of saliva dangling from my cock and her mouth, and proceeded
to lick the head of my tool as she continued to stroke my cock. Then she dragged her
tongue up the underside of my cock, working her way down to the base and planting her
mouth on my hairy balls. “Your balls are so big,” she said in between sucks.

“They give me lots of cum when the time comes,” I replied.

She smiled at that. “I can’t wait for that,” she said, and went back to my cock. Holding
it at the base, she dragged it around her face, licking it each time it passed close to
her mouth. She slipped it between her lips again and resumed sucking, taking it all in
and down her throat. She felt like an expert.

After a couple more minutes of oral action, she stood and took hold of my hands, reaching
around behind herself and helping them to unhook her bra. Putting my hands on her chest,
she used them to remove the bra, and her glorious tits were put on full display. I had
had a crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt ever since I first saw I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST
SUMMER back in 1997. I had always envisioned her naked, and her tits were ten times more
than spectacular than I had ever imagined. They were perfectly shaped and hung nicely,
with large dark nipples.

She tossed her hair back and put her hands on my shoulder, pulling me forward slightly. I
eagerly grapped her tits with my hands and held them as I started sucking on first one
nipple, then the other. She moaned with a smile, leaning her head back. “Oh, yes. Suck my
nipples. Squeeze my titties.” I sucked her nipples and squeezed her titties. She bit her
lip as she looked down, watching me as I buried my face in her tits, sucking and groping
for all I was worth.

Then I stood and turned her around, laying her back on the bed. I climbed up over her and
slowly glided my cock between her tits, then held them down over it and began fucking. I
squeezed her tits with my hands, while she pinched and teased her nipples, making them
stand tall and pointy. Everytime she would spot pre-cum leaking out of my cock, I would
thrust it up through her tits far enough for her to lick it off. She would just barely
touch the head of my cock, licking the pre-cum off with the very tip of her tongue.

I varied my speed, sliding my cock slowly back and forth between her soft tits, then
speeding up and thrusting fast. The inside of her large mellons began to glisten as my
pre-cum was smeared on them. I redoubled my hold on her tits and held onto them tighter
as I pumped my cock between them. She put her hands on mine again and pressed down even
more on her tits. She stuck her tongue back out and touched the head of my cock with the
tip, lapping up a glob of pre-cum and swallowing it.

Another couple minutes of tit-fucking, then I scooted back down her body and lifted her
legs. She grabbed them by the ankles and lifted them up as I fingered her slot, working
in three fingers. I flicked and rubbed her clit. “Oh God,” she gasped, and moaned as I
played with the little candy-like nub.

Then I grabbed my cock and slipped it into her moist pussy. She put her head back down on
the pillows. “Oh fuck. Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck my pussy.”

Helping her hold her legs spread, I began thrusting, shoving my cock in and out of her
gaping hole. She moaned in pleasure as I probed by beefy cock deep into her pussy,
burying it to the hilt over and over. I leaned over her body as I fucked her so that I
was above her. Letting go of her ankles, she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist and
locked them, as if holding me in place.

She reached up and grabbed my shoulders, holding onto me. She pushed her head back into
the pillows. “Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck yeah, fuck yeah. Slam that cock into my pussy. Shove it
in all the way.”

I did as she said, increasing my speed slightly making sure I continued burying my cock
in her slot all the way to the base. I was pleased to see that she had a deep pussy, one
capable of taking my entire nine inches of thick meat.

I slowed momentarily so that I could lift her up, her massive chest pressing against me.
I put my arms around her back to support her as I continued fucking. She leaned her head
back, moaning how good it felt. She held onto my shoulders. It felt great feeling my cock
fucking her pussy and feeling her tits rubbing against my chest as she went up and down.

I reached up with one hand and cradled the back of her head as we kissed, thrusting our
tongues into each other’s mouths. With my other head, I sneaked it up between us and used
it to hold onto one tit, playing with the nipple with two fingers. She moaned and leaned
her head back again, and I began kissing down her neck.

Returning both my hands to her back to hold her, I let her lean back a little ways so
that I could bury my face in her chest as I kept fucking. She put her hands around the
back of my neck as I kissed her tits, sucking first one nipple, then the other, tracing
circles around them with my tongue.

Slowly, I lowered myself to the bed and laid on my back. Jennifer was now on top of me,
and I could rest a little bit from thrusting. From being on top, she adjusted her footing
so that she was basically squating over me, then began to bounce on my stiff shaft. I
lifted my head and watched as she bobbed up and down, my cock glistening from the
lubrication of her wet slot.

She lowered herself and rested her knees beside me. I put my hand on her soft thighs as I
began to thrust with my pelvis, lifting my ass clear of the bed with each thrust. Jennifer
rocked above me, squeezing her tits and throwing her head back with shouts of pleasure.
“Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard.”

I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks as she slide off and on my solid member. Her
ass was very delicate, one of the smoothest things I had ever felt in my life. I rubbed
her ass as she continued bucking. Planting her hands on either side of my arms, she
lowered herself over me until her pointy nipples were just barely touching my chest. She
looked at me through a tangle of sweaty hair and said with a horse voice, “Fuck me hard.
Fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked before.”

Obeying her words, I redoubled my efforts and started thrusting harder and harder,
lifting my ass up from the bed and making her scream in pleasure. “Oh, God, fuck yes!
Fuck yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me raw! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, fuck, God, fuck yes!!”

She towered over me, violently squeezing her tits, throwing her head back and yelling,
rocking up and down on my cock. I had to readjust my elbows to give me support as I
thrust her upward with mighty shoves from my pelvis, threatening to throw her completely
off of my shaft.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. “Oh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”
She moaned loudly as she orgasmed.

I could feel her pussy contracting tightly around my cock, and then I heard squishing
sounds. I lifted my head and could see that her ejaculate was running down my cock,
glistening. As her climax subsided, I let up on the speed a little and continued with
mild thrusting as she leaned over me again, catching her breath, recovering from that
all-too-brief world of total and absolute pleasure.

I turned sideways slightly and lowered her back to the bed, resting her on her side while
I got to my knees, my cock still in her, and continued fucking while she rested lying on
her side. She brushed the sweaty hair from her face as she lay there, moaning softly with
her eyes closed while I fucked her pussy from behind, my pelvis striking her ass.

After a few moments, my cock completely pulled out of her pussy for the first time in
nearly thirty minutes, and I gently rolled her over onto her stomach. She weakly hiked up
her rear end, offering me her ass. I pressed the head of my cock against her hole and
could tell she would be a tight fit.

“Grab hold of something and hang on tight,” I told her. I put one hand on her ass,
grabbed my cock with the other, and forcibly shoved my stick into her ass. She threw her
head back and roared in pleasure as my thick cock violently penetrated her ass, shoving
in all the way to the hilt.

Grabbing hold of her shapely hips, I wasted no time in fucking her baby-soft ass. I could
see her grabbing handfuls of the bed sheets, biting them with her teeth as I thrust my
pelvis against her ass, sliding my cock back and forth in her tight ass. I pushed down on
her back with one hand, keeping her body pinned to the bed with the exception of her
elevated ass.

“Oh God!” she moaned. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass raw! Fuckin’ fuck it raw!”

I grabbed both her ass cheeks tightly as I pulled my shaft in and out of her tight hole
with great speed and force, pulling it out almost to the head before shoving it all the
way back in until it was completely buried. I became a powerful engine of speed as I
fucked and fucked with everything I had, ramming my cock into her ass over and over,
clenching her ass tightly in my hands. I crained my head back, feeling the sweat beading
on my forehead. The whole bed was creaking, and Jennifer was screaming uncontrolably.

“Okay, I’m gonna cum,” I gasped moments later. “I’m gonna cum. Here it comes.”

I pulled my glistening cock from her ass and jacked off as she quickly turned over and
sat up before me. She leaned forward and took hold of my cock, pumping it for herself.
In all my thirteen years of jacking off and cumming, my cock never throbbed and spasmed
as hard, fast, long, and pleasurable as it did at that moment.

The first thicky, gooey wad shot out and splashed onto her forehead. The second hit her
nose, the third her cheek, and the fourth went right into her gaping mouth. She locked
her lips around the head of my cock and jacked me off with both hands. I put my hands on
her head and held her in place, leaning my head back as my rod pumped and throbbed,
shooting load after load of cum into her mouth. I heard Jennifer moan at the same time I
felt her swallow.

I looked down and saw that my cum was leaking out of her mouth and dripping down her
chin. Just as my orgasm was about to finish, she gave my head one final hard suck, and I
felt two more modest-size spurts shoot out. She pulled my cock out, cum trailing between
the head and her lips. She held my cock and slapped it around her face, smearing the cum
all over. She rubbed my cock over her tits, leaving lines of cum around the nipples and
between her twin peaks. She returned my cock to her lips and kissed at the head.

Then she looked up at me, and I had to smile at the sight of her beautiful angelic face
absolutely covered with layers of thick sticky cum. And as she looked at me, she made eye
contact as she took her tongue and made one long, agonizingly-slow lick up the underside
of my shaft to the head of my cock, which she teased with just of the tip of my tongue.
She took my cock in her mouth again, swallowing it all the way to the base, twirling her
tongue around it. As she continued to suck on my cock long and hard, all I could do was
lean my head back and close my eyes.




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