Backlot Adventures 3: Debbie Dunning








As soon as I walked into the office–“the dwelling” as we all called it, since we were
gofers–my boss said, “Not even three seconds
in the door and I already got a job for

As I walked over, I noticed a woman with an attractive figure standing at the counter.
“What’s up?” I asked.

“I need you to take Miss. Dunning here over to Stage 10,” he said.

The woman turned, and I saw that it was Debbe Dunning from Home Improvement. My God, she
was just as sexy in person as she had appeared on television, if not more so. She was
wearing Jean shorts and a thight short-sleeve shirt, and her brunette hair fell to her
shoulders. She smiled and offered her hand. I took it and shook her hand, introducing

My boss explained, “They’re shooting a Home Improvement movie. Just get Miss. Dunning
over to Stage 10 ASAP.”

“No problem,” I said, and led her out the door.

We climbed into my little golf cart–us gofers called them Gofer Mobiles–and headed out
toward the soundstage area. As we drove, I couldn’t help but sneak a couple peaks at her
beautiful legs. She didn’t seem to notice what I was doing. I probably sounded like a
craze fan as I told her how big of a fan I was, even though I hadn’t seen everything
she’d done. Most fans want to sound impressive and tell an actor they like that they’ve
seen everything. But I always figured, “What’s the point in lying, because they probably
know you are anyway.”

I was worried about the reaction I would get when I told her that I thought she was one
of the five most absolutely beautiful woman in the world and that she should be in every
movie made, but she laughed and smiled, and said, “Thank you. That’s very sweet.”

When we reached Stage 10, I pulled right up to one of the doors and braked. She climbed
out and said, “I’m kind of in a hurry right now, but if you come back, I’ll give you an
autographed picture before I leave.” I told her that would be great. She said the day’s
shooting, which would require her for most of the day, would be over at about seven P.M.,
so I said I’d be back then. When a final smile and a wave, she said, “Thanks for the
ride,” and disappeared through the door.

I drove back with the biggest smile on my face, knowing I had just spent a good ten
minutes sitting next to one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, and that I would be
returning in several hours to get an autographed picture.

When I got back to the office, I saw one of the other gofers was there. “Hey, man,” I
said. “What’s up?”

“Just got in,” he said, thumbing through a clipboard. “Just checking to see what all
needs to be done today. Hey, I heard you were out driving Debbe Dunning over to the
soundstage area.”

“Oh, man,” I said, as if melting from excitement. “It was an experience.”

“You get a little pussy?” he asked with a grin, playfully nudging me with his elbow.

I laughed and said, “Yeah, right. I wish. No, man, it was so cool. She is so hot, you
know? And I’m sitting, like, five inches from her, and she’s got these gorgeous legs, and
this hot body, and . . . oh, man. It took all I had to keep from just hitting the breaks
and pouncing on her.”

He laughed. “Oh, I forgot to ask. Where you at Stage 2 yesterday by any change?”

“A couple times. Why?”

“Did you hear that screaming around lunchtime?”

“Screaming? What do you mean?”

“Some of the guys and me were at the far end of Stage 2. You know, where they’ve got sets
for that new Jennifer Love Hewitt movie? Anyway, every once and a while we could her these
shouts and screams echoing. Sounded like someone was getting wild with someone.”

“Maybe it was Jennifer Love Hewitt herself getting fucked,” I joked, knowing the truth.

He laughed. “If there was a God, it’d have been me. Seriously, though, man, I don’t know
if it was just two people joking around or what, but it sounded hot.”

I played dumb. “Oh. No, I didn’t hear anything. I was in there just before lunch, but we
cleared out at noontime and didn’t go back in until just after one.”

He checked his watch. “Well, I gotta go.” He grabbed his Styrofoam cup of coffee from the
counter and pulled one of the sheets from the clipboard. “I’m gonna start making these
runs. Hey, if you get done in time for lunch, meet me back here and we’ll get something
to eat and talk.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Okay, see you later,” he said, moving toward the door.

“Later.” As the door swung shut behind him, I smiled to myself, knowing that I was the
one causing the screams of pleasure he had heard. Picking up the clipboard, I thumbed
through the papers and decided what to do while waiting to get my autographed picture.


I had been out on the backlot, helping out some of the night guys on a movie set, when
seven o’clock started to roll around. Driving back, I turned onto the service road that
lead toward the soundstages. Crew members were moving back and forth with film equipment.
The large rolling doors to some stages were open. I rounded Stage 9 and pulled up to
Stage 10, climbed out, and went in through the door.

Inside I found the Tool Time set, an exact replica of the one that had originally been
constructed for HOME IMPROVEMENT. It even had the same set of television cameras, along
with the extra film cameras being used by the production. Standing on the set, I felt
like I was on the show. “Miss. Dunning?” I called. “It’s me, Mike. I drove you over here
this morning?”

“Hi again.”

I turned to see her walking through the open doorway of the set, just like she had so
many times before on the show. I tried not to let it show that I was turned on by seeing
her dressed in a blue cheerleader outfit. Must have been some kind of Tool Time segment
they had shot last. “Nice set,” I said.

“Isn’t it? Almost an exact copy of the original one we had. Anyway, how about that
autographed picture?” she said with a smile. She opened up a binder on the work table
full of different publicity shots. “Go ahead and pick one.” I thumbed through the plastic
slip covers. Every picture was hot. I would have liked to have them all, but knew I would
have to choose one.

“I’ll take this one,” I said, pointing it. It was a picture of her wearing short Jean
shorts, a tight pink shirt with Tool Time embroiled on the chest, and holding a large
drill, taken on the original set.

“Okay.” She pulled the picture from it’s slipcover and grabbed a pen. She wrote below my
name, “Best of luck,” then signed her name beneath that. “And there you go,” she said,
handing me the picture. I started to reach for it, but she pulled it back a little and
said, “Actually, I was wondering.”

“Wondering what?” I asked.

“Wondering if there’s something you wouldn’t mind giving me in exchange for this picture.”

“Like what?”

She seemed to be looking at me in a pecurliar way, as if trying to figure something out.
She set the picture on the table and stepped toward me, and put her hand on my shoulders.
“Who’d you fuck last?”

I was instantly taken off guard and suddenly felt a little nervous. “What? What do you
mean who’d I fuck last?”

“I just want to know if you’re clean.”

“Yeah, I’m clean.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she said. “I want you to fuck my brains out.”

I laughed. “Uh, this only happens in the movies.”

“Well, we are on a soundstage on the backlot of a major movie studio. Isn’t that close

I had to smile. “Yeah. I guess so.”

“We’re the only ones in the building. No one is filming next door, and no one will be in
here until five o’clock in the morning.”

With that she pressed her lips against mine, kissing me passionately. I met her force and
returned the kiss, put my hand behind her head and my other around her waist. Our tongues
flicked over each other’s. She turned me around, and I sat back against the edge of the
table as we continued to kiss. I rubbed my hands up and down her shapely body.

She unbuttoned my shirt as we kissed and pushed it back off of me. I grabbed her shirt
and lifted it up and over her head. She was wearing a black lacey bra. She reached around
behind her and unsnapped the hook, and the bra fell away. I took her firm tits in my hand
and held them as I lowered my heading, sucking on the dark nipples. She put her hands on
my shoulder. I had her nipples standing at attention like good little soldiers in no time,
tall and pointy.

My cock was already hard in my pants. At the angle it had been at, it had hardened and
was sticking out of my underwear, almost pointing down my left pant leg. The bulge was
visible, and Debbe rubbed it with her right hand, gasping as she felt the size of it. “It
feels so huge,” she said in amazement.

“Take it out and see,” I told her. “It’s a real whopper.”

She dropped to her knees before me, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, pushing them to
my ankles. She took my massive nine inch cock in her hand and played with it for a moment,
looking up at me with just her eyes. “It is a real whopper,” she said, then slipped it
between her delicate lips.

She started sucking, moving her lips back and forth on the length of my beefy rod, jacking
me off with her right hand when she had only the head in her mouth. I put my hands on her
shoulders and leaned my head back, gasping in pleasure. She was great at oral sex. She had
only been at it for a few seconds, but I could already tell she knew exactly what she was

She slowly pulled back, taking my cock out and licking around the shaft with her long
tongue, licking my hairy balls and dragging her tongue up the underside of my long cock.
She slapped it around on her face, leaving behind small traces of her saliva that she had
already left on my cock. She held it up and sucked momentarily on my balls, then returned
it to her mouth.

Holding the head between her lips and licking it with her tongue inside her mouth, she
held my cock tightly with her right hand and began to jack me off. I put my hands on her
head as she pumped me fast with her fist, sucking hard on my head with her lips. It felt
amazing. I was surprised I didn’t blow my load right at that moment. It felt like, with a
little more time and perhaps a bit more strength, that she could have actually milked the
cum out of me before it was intended to be jettisoned.

Then she returned the whole thing into her mouth, swallowing all nine inches of my thick
meat and burying her face in my pelvis. I kept my hands on her head as she rubbed her
lips over my shaft, still working it with her fist as well, and massaging my balls with
her other hand. Yes, this woman definitely knew how to do the job orally. As great as it
felt having Debbe Dunning suck my cock, I wanted something else now.

I pulled my cock out on my own and as I moved around behind her, she knew what I wanted.
She got to her feet and stepped forward toward the Tool Time set’s work table. She bent
over the tabletop, grabbing the edge on the opposite side. I lifted up her cheerleader
skirt and pulled down her lacey panties. Her ass was perfect size, soft and delicate. I
grabbed my solid rod and slowly slipped it into her pussy from behind. Putting my hands
under the skirt and holding her waist, I began fucking.

“Oh yeah,” she gasped. She looked over her shoulder at me and watched me fucking, then
threw her head back and grunted in pleasure.

I bucked hard, rubbing her soft ass cheeks with my hands as I made them giggle. She was
moaning softly, uttering a low animal-like noise everytime I thrusted forward with my
pelvis. I ran one hand down her lovely thigh as I fucked. Her skin was so smooth, silky-
soft. Then I rubbed my hands on her back as I continued ramming her pussy from behind.

Without stopping, I grabbed both her hands and put them behind her back, holding both
wrists with one hand. She raised her head as he moaned, and I grabbed a handfull of her
brunette hair. Without pulling hard, I tugged back on her hair with one hand, keeping
both her arms pinned against her back with my other as I revved up the speed of my
thrusting, sending her into another series of loud cries of pleasure. “Fuck yeah,” she
was saying. “Fuck yeah, fuck me so hard. Fuck me so hard. Oh, I can feel your cock
throbbing in me.”

I threw my head back as I fucked Debbe’s ass, making her baby-soft cheeks shake and ripple.
She moaned loudly as I thrust and thrust, pulling back on her hair. “Oh God,” she gasped.
“Oh, God, fuck yeah. God . . . Fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Letting go of her arms and hair, I grabbed hold of her waist again and absolutely cut
loose, pouring all my speed into her, fucking her as hard and fast as I was capable of.
She grabbed the opposite edge of the table again and held on tight, throwing her hand
back and screaming in pleasure. “Oh, fuck! Fuck yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram my
ass! Fucking ram my ass!”

I was practically a blur as I ripped into her pussy from behind, shoving my cock in and
out between her lips as top speed. Her whole ass quivered with each thrust, and she kept
screaming how good it felt. My cock slipped out and rubbed up her ass crack for a moment.
I grabbed it by the base and started to shove it back in, but stopped and thought for a

Catching her breath, her hair sticking to her face from sweat, Debbe looked back over her
shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“Does everybody know what time it is?” I asked, bouncing my cock against her ass like a
drum roll.

She smiled, and together we said, “It’s tool time!”

With that, I rammed by thick shaft into her tight asshole, shoving it into her hard and
fast. She jerked her head back and screamed loudly, “Oh, fuckin’ God, yes! YES!”

I grabbed her hips and fucked her ass hard, slamming my pelvis into her and making her
cheeks giggle wildly. She was rolling her head around in circles, moaning and screaming
how great it felt, that she could feel my cock tearing into her. I reached down under
with my right hand and fingered her pussy as I rammed her ass, working first one, then
two, then three fingers into her hairy slit.

“Oh, yeah,” she gasped in between moans. “Feels . . . so good. Play with my pussy.”

Watching my rod shove in and out of her tight ass, I fingered hard with my hand, making
sure I touched her clit enough times to send a shiver of pleasure up her spin. I could
literally see hear shaking in delight everytime I flicked it. I could feel her ass
loosing it’s tightness as I continued humping her beautiful ass, returning my hand back
to her grip her waist. I eventually slowly slide my cock out and bounced it off her ass a
few times before pulling her cheerleader skirt down to the floor and saying, “Get up on
the table.”

Debbe obeyed without questioning, lifting herself up onto the table and laying on it
lengthwise on her back. I reached onto the nearby counter and grabbed a screwdriver, and
I saw her eyes widen in anticipation as I brought it around.

Flipping the tool around in my hand, I spread her legs and began prodding her pussy with
the end of the handle. She raised her head to watch, rubbing her tits and pinching her
nipples. I looked at her. “Screw me,” she said seductively.

“With pleasure,” I said, and forced the handle of the tool into her. She dropped her head
back to the table and uttered a moan of pleasure, violently squeezing her tits and
pulling on them.

I fucked her pussy with the handle, in and out, turning it around while it was fully in
and making her moan even more. Soon the handle was glistening with her lubricate. I
pulled it out slowly and leaned over her, holding it in one hand. She lifted her head
and sucked on the handle, savoring her own juices. When she was done I set it aside and
picked up the next available thing, a can labeled: OIL. I removed the lid and tilted the
can, letting some slowly run out onto her body. Not alot, but just enough. I set the can
down as she smeared the greasy oil over her chest and tits, making them shine even more

Next I picked up a bottle labeled: HAND LUBRICANT. Popping the cap off, I grabbed my cock
and slowly squeezed out a thin line along the top of my rod, like putting toothpaste on a
toothbrush. I set the bottle aside and used both hands to smear the slicky stuff over my
entire cock, making it feel even slicker and more softer than before.

Debbe was still smearing the grease over her tits when I said, “Get ready to get wet and
wild.” Spreading her pussy lips with my fingers, I grabbed my beefy cock at the base and
slammed it into her pink slot. She threw her head back. “Oh, fucking God!!” she screamed
out loud in satisfaction, viciously squeeshing her greased tits.

Holding her legs up by the ankles, I started thrusting my pelvis, pumping my thick rock-
hard shaft into her wet gaping hole. She was throwing her head side-to-side. “Oh, God yes.
Yes, yes. Ohhhhh . . . fuck my pussy. Shove it in. Shove it in.”

Adjusting her legs so that they were bent at the knees and planted against my chest, I
rubbed her delicate thighs, holding onto her waist as I poured on the speed. The
lubrication had made my cock ten times more slicker, and it was sliding in and out of her
pussy like . . . well, a well-oiled machine. Except this machine was 100% pure man meat,
and was throbbing with what felt like about a gallon of man juice.

Without slowing down, I grabbed each of her legs with one hand and put them around my
waist, and crossed her ankles, locking me in place. I leaned forward as I rammed her
swollen slit, grabbing her greasy tits and squeezing them hard. She rocked beneath me,
running her hands through her hair. All she could do was moan and grunt. I don’t think
she had the strength anymore to actually say words. I mashed her tits with the palms of
my hands, and she covered mine with her, mashing down harder, using my fingers to squeeze
her massive mounds.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum,” she said, releasing her legs from around me and grabbing her ankles,
holding her legs up. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

I stood straight again and worked my cock hard, pulling it and out of her loose-lipped

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” She let go of her legs, letting them dangle on either
side of me, and arched her back off the table. “Oh, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming
. . . oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.”

At that time, I could feel her body shaking slightly as her orgasm hit her, and she let
out a loud moan as she kept arching her back. The pussy contractions around my cock were
tight, heigthening the sensation for me. If my cock hadn’t already been glistening from
the lubricant, I could have seen her own juices making my rod shine. She dropped back onto
the table as her orgasm subsided, stroking her shapely body with her hands as she moaned
in satisfaction, licking her lips.

“OKay, I’m gonna cum,” I said a moment later. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

I could feel my first discharge working it’s way up my shaft. Quickly, I pulled out and
hopped up onto the table as she sat up. I kneeled with my legs on either side of her. She
opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth, using both hands to jack me off. I put my
hands on her head and held her in place as the orgasm hit.

I leaned my head back as I felt the first wad spurt out inside her mouth. She kept her
lips locked around my pulsating cock as I fired load after load of cum, coating the walls
of her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking me as I kept shooting more, and could tell
when she would swallow a load. I watched her lips go hollow as she worked my rod, as if
trying to suck every ounce of cum from me.

I could see traces of my warm jism leaking out of her mouth, trickling thickly down her
chin. She slowly pulled my cock out, covered with cum, and she looked up at me with her
mouth gaping, revealing a pool of cum in her mouth. Looking right at me, she swallowed it

She rubbed my cock around her face, smearing what cum there was left from it and the
globs running down her chin. She smacked it against her face, making the spunk squish.
She sucked on the head again, always sensitive right after an orgasm, making me throw my
head back. I ran my hands back through her hair as she dragged her tongue ever so-
agonizingly slow up the underside of my cock, flicking it off at the head before, in a
flash, buring the whole nine inches into her mouth and down her throat, forcing my head
back as another spine-tingling burst of pleasure ripped through me.




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