Backlot Adventures 4: Rachel Weisz








In the backpack I bring to the studio with me everyday, I keep a large binder full of
8×10 celebrity photos. After all, I work at a major movie studio, so I keep
them close
by in the event I can get one signed by a star. So when I heard that Rachel Weisz was
starring in the film I was assigned to for the day, I quickly thumbed through my binder
to bookmark the space where her picture was, in the hopes she would have a moment to
spare in order to sign it for me.

When I arrived on the soundstage to start work, I told the director I was there as a
gofer and would like to get her autograph. He informed me she would be arriving in a few
more hours to start her scenes, and that he would let her know that I would be stopping
by her dressing room to see her and bring her to the set. That’s when I would get my
picture signed.

About five hours later, just after lunch time, the director called me and said that
Rachel Weisz had arrived and was in her dressing room. I could now go see her, have her
sign my picture, and bring her back. I grabbed my binder and made off toward the
soundstage dressing rooms. I quickly found the one labeled “Rachel Weisz” and knocked on
the door.

“Yes?” a voice asked from within. I introduced myself and explained I was there to see
her, and that the director told me he had already informed her that I would be stopping
by. “Oh, come in.”

I went in, closing the door behind me. She was standing at the desk mirror, and appeared
to be adjusting her wardrobe for the film. She turned and smiled as I entered. She
happily signed my picture, even adding “Love” before her signature. “To make your
friends jealous,” she said with her beautiful smile.

I laughed and said, “It’ll do just that. If you’re ready, I’m to escort you back to the

“I’ll be ready in a moment. Could you give me a hand with this?” She turned her back to
me and showed me the back of her costume. The zipper running up her back was open. “I
think it’s caught on something. I can’t zip it up.”

I nodded nervously. “I’ll try,” I said, set my binder down, started fumbling with the
zipper. I couldn’t help but notice how smooth her skin was. The zipper went all the way
down to just the top of her rear, and I could barely see the top of the waistband of her

“Is something wrong?” she asked, noticing I hadn’t done much.

I looked up over her shoulder to see she was looking at me in the mirror before her.
“Sorry,” I said with an embarrased look on my face. “I run all over the backstages of
this place, so it’s not every day I get to see such beauty up close.”

“Well, thank you for the compliment,” she said. “You like what you see?”

I swallowed nervously. “One of the most beautiful things in the world.”

“Then why don’t you look at the rest of it?” she suggested, and slipped off one shoulder
of her costume.

Knowing where she was heading, I put my hand on her shoulder and rubbed it. “Very nice,”
I said.

She turned her head and said quietly, “Would you like to see more?”

I nodded. “Yes, I would.”

She slipped off the other shoulder, and I put my other hand on it as well. I stood there
behind her, rubbing her shoulders. I looked at her in the mirror. “Absolutely beautiful,”
I said.

She looked back at me over her shoulder. “Then take me,” she said, reaching back with a
hand to hold my head, and pressed her lips against mine.

I met her force and returned the kiss, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I put one hand
on her cheeck. Her face was cool, smooth. She turned and looked at us in the mirror. I
rubbed my hands down her arms, pushing off the sleeves of the costume. The top came off
as well, exposing her bra. From behind, I unhooked her bra and she pulled it away. I
reached around and cupped her tits, watching her reflection from over her shoulder. She
rolled her head back as I began squeezing her firm tits. She leaned her head to the side,
and I kissed her neck as I squeezed.

Moving my hands, I grabbed the rest of the costume, hanging at her waist, and pulled it
down over her curvy hips, pushing it to a pile at her feet. She was wearing lacey black
underwear. Holding my hands on her legs, I grabbed the waistband of the panties with my
teeth and pulled them all the way down. She stepped out of them, and I quickly brushed
the panties and the costume aside.

Standing, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her back a couple feet from the desk,
then put a hand on her back and gently pushed her forward. She put her hands on the
desktop and looked back over her shoulder as I quickly unzipped my pants, pushing them
and my underwear to the floor and kicking them aside. Grabbing hold of my nine-inch cock,
I gently slipped it between her pussy lips.

It was something of a tight fit, probably because I hadn’t taken the time to make them
open gradually with my tongue. But this babe was just so hot I wanted to start fucking
her as soon as I could. So the tight fit felt pretty good. Rachel moaned. I slowly buried
myself in her until I was completely in, my pelvis pressed against her lovely ass.
Grabbing her by her waist, I began bucking.

Her pussy was warm and soft, and it felt great as I slide my cock in and out of it.
Rachel kept moaning, rolling her head. Her ass cheeks giggled as I bumped them, and
anyone who knows me knows how much I like to see a fine ass giggle as I fuck it. I rubbed
my hands up her back and put them on her shoulders, as if holding her in place so I could
fuck her. I could barely see her reflection in the mirror, but it certainly looked like
she was enjoying it.

I increased my speed a little bit, and her moan in response, “Ohhhhh.” Yes, she was
definitely enjoying it. My cock slipped out, and I quickly replaced it and resumed
fucking. She lifted her head, liking her lips, moaning. “Oh, yes. Oh . . . yes.”

I rubbed her arms. “Give me your hands,” I said. She reached her hands back, and I
interlocked our fingers. I held her arms back and out as I sped up even more.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Yes, fuck me, yes. Yes.”

Her accent was turning me on even more. I’ve always had a thing for a beautiful girl with
an English accent, and Rachel Weisz was the most perfect example of such a combination. I
pulled her arms back furthur, not enough to inflict pain or discomfort, but enough to
increase the sensation for us both. “Oh, rip me apart,” she moaned. “Rip my pussy apart.”

Holding her hands tight, I unleased all the speed I had and fucked her ass hard. She
threw her head back and moaned loudly. I threw my head back as well and gritted my teeth
as I redoubled my efforts, pulling my cock out almost to the head before shoving it back

I slowed a bit to let go of her hands, and she returned them to the desk top. I stopped
momentarily to reach down and grab her feet. “Hold on,” I said, and she held onto the
desk as I lifted her legs and held them spread apart. I continued fucking. There was
Rachel Weisz, being held spread eagle between me and the desk. I hooked her legs around
my waist and held onto her hips as I sped up again.

I could hear her pussy squishing as her own juices were working up. I looked in the
mirror and saw the expression of pure ectasy on her face. I reached around and cupped her
bouncing tits in my hand, squeezing them. She moaned some more. I felt her legs slipping
and slowed enough to help them lower back to the floor. Free from having to hold herself
up with her hands, she stood, pressing her back against me. It was a little more difficult
to fuck her while she was standing like this, but I managed to keep my cock moving in and

She leaned her head back, and our lips met again, are tongues touching. My hands returned
to her tits. She seemed to not have much strength left and let her head roll away, so I
moved onto kissing down the side of her neck. She put her hands on mine as they squeezed
her tits.

Then she lifted herself slightly to pull off of me and turned around, putting her hands
on my arms. “Now it’s my turn to give some pleasure,” she said, and turned me around so
that my back was to the mirror. I sat back against the edge as she lowered herself to her

My thick cock was glistening with her own pussy juices, but that didn’t stop her from
taking hold of her it at the base with one hand and slowly slipping it between her lips.
“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, then slowly pulled it back out and looked up at me. “Is that your
cock or my pussy juices that taste so good?” She smiled and returned my cock to her
mouth, gradually taking it all in.

I craned my head back as she began moving her lips back and forth along the length of my
beefy rod. I looked down and watched as my cock slipped in and out of her lovely mouth.
Holding it with one hand, she brushed a strand of hair from her face as she sucked, raking
it back behind one ear. I could tell she was taking all of my nine inches in. She gripped
the shaft with both hands and pumped it hard and fast as she sucked on just the head.

I placed my hands on her head and held her in place. She was lathering my cock up with
her saliva, making it feel nice and slippery, plus my own pre-cum. Soon my cock was
dripping with both as she sucked on my rod. She pulled back with a long thick stand of
saliva and pre-cum between her lips and my cock. She licked it up with her tongue, then
put it on my cock and licked at the head.

She licked around my shaft, dragging it down the underside to my hairy balls, where she
sucked for a moment before licking her tongue back up the underside of my hard cock to
the head, where she flicked the tip of her tongue off at the head. Another thick stand of
saliva and pre-cum was dangling from my cock, and she lapped it up before returning my
meat rod to her mouth.

She vigorously moved her lips back and forth along my cock, then stopped. She looked like
she had gotten lightheaded for a moment, blinking her eyes to clear her vision. “Woo,”
she said with a hint of exhaustion.

“Okay down there?” I asked.

She rubbed my cock with her hands. “It’s just so fucking big,” she said. “Took the wind
out of me for a moment. I’ve never had one so huge.”

“Why don’t I give you a break now?” I asked.

She seemed to reluctant to let my cock go, but stood. We switched places, and I help her
sit up on the desk and arch her legs to the side. I pulled over a chair and sat in it,
and I was at perfect level with her pussy. Stroking my cock in one hand, I buried my face
in her swollen snatch and started licking her lips.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned, resting her head back against the mirror. “Suck my pussy.”

Her lips parted easily from my previous fuck, so I was able to quickly find her clit and
started sucking it. She yelled out in pleasure, viciously squeezing her tits. I grabbed
her legs and drapped them over my shoulders. She crossed her feet behind my head to make
sure I didn’t go anywhere. I inserted a finger into her pussy as I kept sucking.

“Oh, fuck me with your fingers,” she moaned. “Please, fuck me with your fingers. Fuck me.”

I poked my finger into her pussy and licked it, then inserted another finger, making her
moan even more. Soon she was gasping, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” I increased my two-
finger poking and my licking, making upward swipes with my tongue on her clit. “I’m
cumming. I’m cumming. Ohhhhhh . . . ”

The orgasm hit her, and I could sense her pussy contracting. A moment later her ejaculate
juices splashed me in the face, and I smeared it around her pussy with my tongue. She was
rolling her head side to side, violently pinching her nipples. “Oh, God, fuck yeah,” she
moaned. “Fuck yeah.”

Giving her juicy pussy a final lick, I stood and pushed the chair aside, grabbed my cock,
and shoved it into her snatch. Her head seemed to shoot up with a loud yell of pleasure.
We both grabbed her ankles with our hands and held her legs spread wide as I started
ramming her pussy. Her tits bounced around loosely, the nipples hard and pointed.

My cock was throbbing, begging for its lifeforce to be unleashed. “I hope you like
facials,” I said between my grunts as I thrusted.

“I love them more than anything.”

“Good, because here comes one.” I pulled out of her dripping snatch and jacked off,
leaning forward just as my wad fired, hitting her first on the cheeck, then the forehead,
then right in her gaping mouth.

Her hand replaced mine, and she continued to jack me off as I fired my remaining rounds,
coating her beautiful face thickly with globs of gooey man juice. She rubbed my cock all
over her face, smearing the cum everywhere, then slipped it between her lips and sucked
the rest out of me. I reached down and, with a finger from each hand, plunged back into
her soaking pussy and finger-fucked her. She pulled my beef stick out, and this time
there were several thick strands trailing between the head and her mouth.

Neither one of us wanted to quit, so we just stayed there, me shoving two fingers in and
out of her pussy, her shoving her mouth back and forth on my thick cum-covered cock.




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