Backlot Adventures 5: Faith Hill/Shania Twain








I wasn’t much of a Shania Twain fan. At least, not of her music. There were really only
just a couple songs of her’s that I liked, and the rest
I didn’t care for. I was really
more a fan of her personally, with her beautiful looks and her absolutely fantastic body.
No other female singer ever turned me on the way she did. I always felt like I was
looking at a model when I saw a picture of her, not a country music artist. Her killer
figure was constantly mind-blowing, especially when she wore some of the tightest leather
outfits in a way that no one else did.

So I was excited to learn that I would be working on Shania’s latest music video, which
was set to shoot on Stage 5 as well as make use of some of the studio’s backlot. The song,
“Dreaming of a Dream,” was about a young girl’s dream of becoming a famous movie star,
achieving her dream, only to lose it after a tragic accident. So it was only appropriate
that it be filmed at an actual movie studio.

At the moment, I was on the set being used for one part of the video, a room that was
made up in the appropriate look for a typical 13-year-old girl, with light colors and a
collection of teddy bears on a shelf. I was putting the finishing touches on the set, a
light on the desk, a couple more pillows on the bed, when I heard someone behind me say,
“Looking good.”

I turned to see Shania Twain standing in the door. The bedroom set was completely closed-
in with walls, though the one with the door that she was standing could easily be removed
to accomdate the camera and crew. “Thanks,” I said, plugging the light in and stood.
“Just finishing up.”

She walked into the set, wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a furry sweater that fell
short to expose her belly. “It looks really good. Actually looks just like my old room
when I was a kid.” Then she looked at me and smiled. “Hi. I’m Shania.” She offered her

Like I had no idea who she was, but she was just being friendly. “Nice to meet you.”
‘Mind if I fuck you crazy?’ I thought to myself as I shook her hand and said my name.

“Are you a prop guy or something?”

“No. I’m usually just a gofer, but I sometimes get assignments that are a little higher-
up than running around for stuff. I’m working for the main prop guy today.”

She seemed to be looking at me in an odd way, then glanced toward the door and said
quietly, “Can I ask you something personal?”

“Sure,” I said, gathering my coat from the desk.

“Are you seeing anybody?”

The question caught me a little off-guard, but I said, “No, unfortunately. Can I ask you
something personal?”

“Of course.”

“Is it true that you’ve sworn off sex with your husband?”

I could tell my question had caught her off-guard, and she seemed a little embarrased.
“Well, as a matter of fact, that’s kind of related to why I was asking if you were seeing


“Yeah.” She crossed the room closer to me and said quietly, “You see, hardly anyone knows
this, but . . . I’m a recovering sex addict. Before I became famous, I was just–I was
addicted to sex. I mean, absolutely addicted. I was having sex at least ten times a week,
sometimes two, three times a day. I would just have sex with whoever I could find. When I
started to get famous, I knew this was something the public couldn’t find out about, so
I did my best to keep my urges under control. It eventually resulted in me swearing off
all sex with my husband after we got married. I let him jack off to me naked and when I’m
in the shower, but I always had to stop him from actually having sex with me because I
was afraid that the moment I got a taste of sex again, my restraint would be broken and
I’d be addicted again.”

“And this is related to your original question how?” I asked.

She put a hand on my shoulder. “I’ve had enough,” she said. “I just can’t take the
restraint anymore. It’s been building up in me for eight years. And I need release. I
need some release bad. I can’t restrain myself anymore, and I need some cock. And I need
to, like, *right* now.”

On the outside, I was acting surprised. On the inside, I was smiling ear to ear. “Well,”
I said, “if you just can’t handle it anymore, I guess I can give it to you.”

She was on me before I knew it, pressing her lips against mine and thrusting her tongue
into my mouth. I dropped my jacket to the floor and met her with full force, wrapping my
arms around her and thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I ran my hands up and down her

She pulled away and pulled off her sweater, revealing a lacey black bra. She pushed me
down and set me on the foot of the bed, then reached around behind her and unhooked her
bra, letting it slide off her arms. She came forward and put her arms over my shoulder,
and I took hold of her tits as I began licking and sucking them, teasing the nipples
with the tip of my tongue. Before long they were hard and pointy, and sticking out about
a half-inch. I flicked the little bits of swollen flesh with my tongue. I could hear
Shania moaning.

“Take my pants off,” she said.

As tight as her jeans were–they were so tight they look like they were about to burst–
I had a bit of difficult undoing the button, but I finally got it out of the hole and
did the zipper next, then pulled the jeans down, exposing her incredible legs. She was
wearing a pair of lacey black panties. Taking my hands in her’s, she used my hands to
push her panties off her hips. She stepped out of them and brushed them aside with her

Her pussy was hairy but well-trimmed, sort of in a V-shape that seemed to point to the
sacred treasure between her legs. I stood and pulled my shirt up over my head, tossing
it aside, then dropped my pants and stepped out of them, kicking themselves. My cock was
all protruding from my boxers.

She climbed onto the bed and laid on her back, pulling some of the pillows under her
head and adjusting them. She spread her legs as I came onto the bed as I laid down
between them and went to work on her pussy. I began to lick upward slowly, getting the
lips to losen up, and inserting a finger when they began to do so. Shania was moaning
softly, pushing her head back in the pillows.

I worked her pussy slowly, loosening the lips and getting them open with two fingers.
Fully open, I began thrusting my tongue into her wet hole. Her swollen clit exposed
itself, and I gave it a couple licks and felt it send a shudder up her spine, capped
with a moan of pleasure. I lick her pussy first slowly, then fast, then slowly again,
poking a finger in her hole.

Suddenly, I heard the door open behind us, and I looked back over my shoulder. Expecting
to see a crew member or–even worse, Shania’s husband–I was shocked to see Faith Hill
standing there, pushing the door shut behind her. Seeing her, I recalled hearing that
she was also on the studio for a small role in an upcoming movie, her acting debut. She
was wearing a very sexy dress that well to about mid-thigh.

Without a word, and before either of us could say anything, Faith removed the straps
from her shoulder and let the dress fall to the floor. Her tits were nice, and her pussy,
too, had a neatly-trimmed V. She stepped out of the dress and came forward, climbing onto
the bed with a smile. Shania was grinning, clearly turned on by seeing another hot babe
naked. I gave Shania’s pussy a few last licks, then pulled back and spread one of her
legs aside as Faith took my place with her head between Shania’s thighs.

Shania propped herself up with one hand to watch as Faith ate her out. Faith went to work
on Shania’s pussy, dribble some spit on her lips then swirling it around with her tongue.
Pinching her right nipple with her hand, Shania reached out and grabbed a handful of
Faith’s hair, holding her in place as she licked.

I, meanwhile, had gotten off the bed and pulled up a chair, resting one leg on the bed
while I jacked off, watching these two incredibly-hot babes going at it. My cock was
solid in my fist, and I couldn’t wait to rip into them.

Shania was throwing her head back and rolling it side-to-side, moaning as Faith worked
her tongue in and out of her pussy. Faith looked up with just her eyes, giving Shania’s
clit little upward licks with the tip of her tongue. That must have done something,
because Shania tossed her head back and let out a loud moan, pinching her right nipple
tightly. Sitting up, she leaned forward and gave Faith a slap on the ass, then took her
by the arms and pulled her up to her as she laid back. Faith got to her knees and sat
her face of Shania, drapping one arm over the headboard. Shania grabbed hold of Faith’s
thighs and buried her face in her pussy.

Faith was moaning as she sat on Shania’s face, squeezing a tit with her hand. “Oh, yes,”
Faith moaned softly. “Oh, yeeees . . . ” Sitting up, she reached back with one hand and
inserted two fingers into Shania’s pussy, fingering her slit. I was still pumping my
cock, wishing I had a video camera to capture the lesbian fuck of the year.

Faith laid onto her back and spread her legs, and Shania returned her mouth to her pussy,
licking and fingering Faith’s wet hole. “Oh God,” Faith was moaning, squeezing her tits
together and turning her head side-to-side.

I stroked for a moment longer before standing and getting back onto the bed. The girls
got to their knees as I laid down on the bed. Shania wrapped a hand around my cock and
began jacking me off. Faith repositioned her feet on either side of my head and crouched
with her knees spread. I stuck my tongue out as she began to bob up and down. Her gaping
pussy allowed my tongue to poke right in. I felt Shania take my nine-inch cock in her
mouth and start sucking as she jacked off the base it with her hand, rubbing her lips up
and down the length of my shaft.

Faith was moaning above me as I licked her pussy, rubbing her sexy thighs with my hands.
She had her hands planted on my chest, her head lowered, and we looked into each other’s
eyes as she bobbed off and on my tongue. Shania was sucking fast, swallowing my entire
cock before pulling it out and then taking it back down again. As she sucked, her hand
moved down, and I felt her fingers lightly teasing my balls.

Faith leaned forward to rub Shania’s ass, forcing me to raise my head in order to keep
licking her tasty pussy. Then she moved down and put her knees on either side of my
chest, leaning over Shania’s head to have her own turn with my cock. With nothing to
lick, I simply laid my head back and relaxed.

Faith dribbled some spit on the head of my cock, then sucked on the head as Shania sucked
on the shaft, one hand from Shania teasing my balls, and one hand from Faith holding my
cock at the base. They both adding more spit and returned my rod to their mouths, sucking
and licking for all they were worth. It felt incredible having the lips of the two
hottest singers in the world working up and down my cock.

Faith gave my cock head a final lick and gripped the base in her hand, shoving it into
Shania’s mouth. “Suck this cock, bitch,” she said. “Suck it hard.” While Shania’s fingers
still teased my balls, Faith was shoving my cock in and out of Shania’s mouth.

When the sucking was over, I got to my knees and said, “How some taking from behind?”

They both smiled at the question. Shania got on her hands and knees, and Faith climbed
atop her, laying on her back. I took my place behind their fine asses and roughly
inserted my cock into Shania’s ass first. I began thrusting, and she started moaning.
Faith reached around below and cupped Shania’s tits, squeezing them as I fucked her ass.
Shania was biting one of the pillows as my throbbing cock filled her tight ass, shoving
in deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Faith was rocking on top of Shania as she squeezed Shania’s tits, making her moan even
more. After several minutes, I pulled out of Shania’s ass and slipped my cock into
Faith’s thight rear end. Taking her by surprise, Faith threw her head back and screamed
in pleasure as my beefy cock forced itself into her ass. Reaching under to finger
Shania’s pussy with one hand, Faith used the other to grip the top of the headboard as I
began fucking her soft ass, giggling her cheeks. “Oh, God yes!” she moaned. “Fuck my ass!
Fuck my ass, boy! Fuck it raw!”

Gripping her thighs, I bucked my hips against her cheecks, burying my cock to the hilt
with each thrust, rocking her and Shania. The entire bed was rocking beneath us, and
Faith was moaning and grunting with each thrust. Taking one hand of her thigh, I grabbed
a handful of Faith’s long curly blond hair and pulled her head back as I poured on more
speed, grinding my throbbing rod as deep into her ass as possible. Faith was moaning
loudly, gripping the headboard with both hands.

Leaving my cock in her ass, I put my hands under Faith and cupped her tits, pulling her
back as I laid onto the bed. Now Faith was sitting on my waist, her back to me as I
thrust up with my pelvis, shoving my cock up into her ass. Shania rolled over onto her
back and scooted forward. She lifted her feet over Faith’s shoulder, and Faith helped her
lift her pussy toward her. Shania propped herself with her elbows, and Faith held legs on
either side of her head as she licked Shania’s pussy.

I lifted my head and watched Faith’s cheecks giggle as her ass bounced off my pelvis, my
cock thrusting up her ass. Faith was burying her tongue in Shania’s pussy. “Oh God,”
Shania gasped. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

I heard Faith squeal in excitement as Shania orgamsed, squirting her ejaculate all over
Faith’s angelic face. Shania got out two large splashes and a third smaller squirt, some
of which flew over Faith’s shoulder and landed on my chest. Exhausted, Shania pulled her
legs down to lay on the bed for a moment of relaxation. Faith slowly climbed off my cock
and laid on the bed beside Shania.

Getting to my knees, I spread Shania’s legs and slipped my stiff shaft into her soaked
pussy. She held her legs up by the ankles, looking down as my cock shoved in and out of
her ass. Faith, with one hand busy fingering her own pussy, leaned over and sucked on
Shania’s tits, teasing the pointy nipples with her teeth. I could hear Shania’s pussy
squishing, and then she said, “Here it comes again.”

She hit another orgasm, and I pulled out just as her juices erupted again, covering my
cock and pelvis. A second squirt followed, smaller, but still enough to make a mess
again. I quickly slipped my cock back between her lips, making her moan loudly as I
hammered away, shoving my cock in deep. Shania reached down with one hand, rubbing her
clit with her palm as she used her fingers to rub the shaft of my cock each time it came

I pulled out again and turned to Faith, grabbing her by one ankle and pulled her toward
me. I wasted no time sliding my cock in her loosened hole and started fucking. She
wrapped her legs around my waist and gripped me by the shoulders as I slammed my pelvis
into her. Shania leaned over now and began kissing and sucking Faith’s tits. Reaching
around behind me, I unhooked Faith’s legs and gripped her ankles, lifting her legs up
and drapping them over my shoulders.

She smiled up at me as I laid into her repeatedly, rocking her below me. A few minutes
later, I could feel my charge being lit. “I’m gonna cum,” I gasped. Shania was lying her
head across Faith’s stomach, fingering her own snatch with one hand, rubbing her tits
with the other. Feeling my charge about to go off, I pulled out of Faith’s pussy and
jacked off. My cock throbbed as I started firing loads of hot cum onto Shania’s face. I
coated her chin and cheek, with some gobs smacking against her forehead.

I let her take ahold of my cock and she slipped it between her lips. I leaned over and
pressed my lips against Faith’s, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I came twice more
while in Shania’s mouth, and I heard her moan as I shot the loads. I pulled back as
Shania drew me from her mouth, a strand of cum dripping off her chin. She ran her tongue
along her lips as she looked at me, then turned her head to face Faith.

Faith’s face seem to light up at the sight of so much cum and began kissing Shania,
smearing the cum around her face, then licking it with her tongue. I just kneeled there
on the bed, pumping my softening cock as these two cum-covered babes went at it.




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