Backlot Adventures 7: Julia Luis Dreyfuss








When I pulled into one of the studio’s non-public parking lots, the first
thing I saw
upon rounding the turn were two sexy legs. At her car, a woman
was bent
over, reaching
into the rear seat. She was wearing a short black skirt, and all I could
focus on were
those two gorgeous legs. I parked in a spot nearby and turned the car,
glancing around,
and watched.

When she stood and turned, closing the door, I saw it was Julia
Louis-Dreyfus. She had
been one of my dream fucks ever since I first saw her on SEINFELD. She slung
her purse
over her shoulder and started walking toward the building. My mind was
racing, trying
to think of how I could get caught up to her with a believable excuse. Then
it hit me.
I reached into my pocket and took out some change, thought for a moment as I
the plan in my head, then quickly climbed out of my car and jogged after

I reached the building just as the door was closing and went in. She was
just stepping
into the elevator. I hurried forward. “Wait, wait,” I said.

She reached out and grabbed the door, stopping it from closing as I came in.

“Thanks,” I said. “You dropped this by your car.” I held out my hand with a
little bit
of change.

“Oh, thank you. I didn’t even hear it.” She took it from me, her soft
fingers momentarily
brushing against my hand.

“You’re welcome.”

The elevator doors closed, and we began moving up to the top floor. “I’m
running late
for an audition,” she said, checking her watch. “Must have fell out of my
purse when I
took it from the car. Do you work here?”

“Yeah, I’m a gofer.”

“Ah. See a lot of famous people?”

“I’ve met a few,” I said, thinking of all the celebs I had fucked since my
first day
on the job.

Just then, the elevator jolted to a stop, throwing us into each other. “Oh,
come on,”
Julia said, hitting the button again.

“Power must have gone out,” I said, thanking my lucky stars.

“Great.” She began rummaging through her purse and came out with a
cell-phone. She got
halfway through the number she was dialing when she stopped and said, “Damn.
dead.” She returned it to her purse, and we began calling for help.

I looked up to see that we were between the third and fourth floors. “There
could be a
problem,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’re halfway between three and four.”

“Yeah. And?”

“Three and four are empty right now. They’re renovating. So chances are no
one can hear

“Ah, great,” she said, clearly angry.

“But look on the bright side. If the power’s out all over, the audition may
be postponed.”

“Yeah, hopefully. I really wanted this part.”

“What was it?”

“A movie about this married woman who has an affair with a stranger who
drifts into
town. I really wanted it, too. Great script, and I loved the director’s last

“Would you like to brush up on your rehearsal? It’ll help pass the time.”

She seemed to be considering, then said, “Sure, why not?” She took some
papers from her
purse and set it down, then handed me a sheet. “Okay, your name is Joe and
your the


We began running through the lines together, an exchange of
passion-underlined sentences
in which the characters proclaim how much they desire each other. I had no
saying lines like “Our flesh should be one” and “My inner heat burns to be
inside you”
to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Though 43 years old, she was still a sexy knockout.

She gestured at the page. “This next part takes place while they’re laying
on the bed,
but we can say it just standing up.”

“Well, when you’re rehearsing a script, you should do things like it says in
the script.”

She seemed hesitant at first, then said, “Okay.” She laid on her back on the
floor, and I lowered myself over her waist, resting my knees on either side
of her hips.

We ran through the next set of lines, ending with my reading, “‘The time has
come for
us to become one.'” I reached to unbutton the top button of her shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“What? It says so in the script.”

“We’re just doing the lines, though.”

“Yeah, I know, but if we got this far, we might as well go all the way,
shouldn’t we?”
I continued without waiting for a response, unbuttoning her shirt down to
her waistband
and letting it hang open, exposing her white bra. “Now it says in the script
that my
character tit-fucks your character, correct?”

“It doesn’t say that.”

“Well, it should,” I said, and started unhooking her bra.

Julia looked up at me. “You know, I could stop you if I wanted to.”

“Really?” I asked.

She nodded. “But I need it. Bad.”

I smiled. “Than I shall deliver,” I said. Her bra gave way to reveal her
small but ample
tits. Her nipples were rather large and dark. I lowered my head and began
sucking them,
tracing circles around them with my tongue.

She put her hands on my head as I sucked her nipples. “I’ve always wanted to
be fucked
by a younger man,” she said. “The younger the better.”

I squeezed her tits, pinching the nipples and teasing them, making them hard
and pointy.
They stood nearly a half-inch.

Sitting up, I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my boxers down to
reveal my
hardening cock. Julia’s face seemed to light up when she saw it, smiling
wide. “Oh my,”
she said, as if almost breathless. The way she reacted made me picture her
as Elaine
Benes again, and that made me want to fuck her even more. “May I?”

“Yes, you may.” I scooted up her body and crouched over her chest.

She took hold of my cock with both hands and locked her lips around the
head, sucking
hard. I held her in place with one hand. As she sucked, she moved one hand
down to play
with my balls, sending another jolt of pleasure up my spine and making me
throw my head
back. I supported her head with both hands as she lifted her head to take
more of me in,
ultimately getting it all between her lips. I could feel the tip of my cock
touching the
back of her throat.

She looked up at me with just her eyes, her cheeks going thin as she sucked
my nine-inch
rod. She looked so hot with my cock between her lips up to the base. I hung
over her and
dribbled some spit onto her forehead. She took my cock from her mouth and,
holding it
with one hand, began to smack it around on my saliva, smearing it over her
down her nose, and onto both cheeks. She gave the head of my cock a couple
quick upward
licks, then slipped it back into her mouth and resumed sucking.

With one hand, I leaned back slightly and reached under the waistband of her
skirt. To
my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. “No panties?” I asked.

She pulled my cock out and said, “I find it goes a long way to help you get
a part if
you sit across from the producer without them.”

She returned my cock to her mouth, and I began fumbling with her pussy,
trying to work
my fingers in. But she was still tight, so I knew I would have to do
something about
that. I pulled myself out of her mouth and started scooting back.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to get something open,” I said, and started pulling her skirt down.

She smiled wide and arched her legs when I got rid of the skirt, and I laid
down between
them. Her pussy hair was nicely trimmed, but her pink lips were unmistakble.
I started
licking, trying to pry my fingers between them, but they wouldn’t budge. She
began to
moan, squeezing her tits and pinching their nipples. “Oh . . . yes . . . ”

I made slowly upward licks with my tongue, agonizingly-slow.

“Oh, shit. Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned.

I lifted my head and looked up at her through the V of her legs. “Jimmy
likes Elaine,”
I said. She laughed at the reference to an episode of SEINFELD. “Jimmy wants
to suck
Elaine’s pussy. Jimmy wants to suck it real bad.” I returned my head between
her legs,
putting my whole mouth over her pussy and sucking hard.

“Oh God! Oh, GOD!”

Her lips finally began to loosen up, and I got two fingers in and started
probing her.

“Oh, yes, finger-fuck me. Finger-fuck me. Oh, God, yes.”

I licked her clit as I pushed two fingers in and out of her slick snatch.
Her juices
were already flowing, her pussy making squishing sounds with every thrust of
my fingers.
After I worked her pussy a little more with my fingers, I got to my knees
and lifted
her legs, putting them against my chest and letting them reach up past my
head. She was
still squeezing her tits when she looked up, realized what I was about to
do, and

With one hand, I slowly guided my cock into her wet slot and buried it to
the hilt. I
held her by her ankles and began to fuck her sweet pussy, my pelvis smacking
into her
as I thrust my beefy rod in and out. She laid her head back moaning,
continuing to
squeeze her tits and pinch their nipples.

I watched as my cock, glistening from her juices, drew in and out again and
again. One
of her legs slipped off my chest and hung out to the side. I held onto her
left leg
with both hands as I began to speed up.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me, fuck me . . . Fuck me, oh, please, God, oh,
please, yes
. . . Fuck me, oh . . . oh . . . ”

Eyes closed, she rolled her head side-to-side moaning and groaning,
violently squeezing
her tits and pushing them together. I held her left leg in my arms as I
rammed into her,
rocking her back and forth.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so many years,” I said. I let go of her leg and
let it
hang to the side, then lowered myself over her, putting my hands on either
side of her
shoulders and looking at her beautiful face as I continued to pump her with
my beef
stick. “I used to videotape just your scenes, and would watch them over and
over while
I jacked off. I’d lay in bed at night, stroking my cock while I thought of
me ravaging
your fine naked body. I can’t tell you how many nights I came in bed while
dreaming of

She smiled. “Well, I’m glad I can finally make your wet dreams come true,”
she said.

I increased the speed of my pumping and lowered my lips onto her’s, and we
both thrust
our tongues into the other’s mouth. I pulled away to stare into her eyes as
I literally
pounded my pelvis against her’s. Pulling out, I lifted her to her feet and
backed her
toward the corner of the elevator. With my hands underneath her arms to
support her,
she lifted her legs and set her feet atop the handrails on either wall. She
put her
hands on my shoulders as I slipped by throbbing cock between her wet lips
again and
resumed pumping.

Julia’s face was sweating, her mouth gaping as I fucked her pussy. She ran a
through her damp hair as she rocked on top of my rod. We kissed
passionately, sucking
each other’s lips and thrusting our tongues into the other’s mouth. With her
pressed into the corner of the elevator, I laid into her with fury and
speed, shoving
my cock deep up inside her. She wrapped her arms around me and balanced on
the handrails
as I pumped her with great speed, my face buried in her tits, my arms around
her waist
and hands cupping her ass.

She was moaning loudly in pleasure as I plugged her repeatedly. After
several more
minutes, she lowered her feet to the floor and said, “I want you to fuck my
ass. Fuck
it hard.”

We repositioned ourselves in front of just one elevator wall. She turned her
back to me
and bent over, gripping the handrail with both hands and offering her fine
ass. It was
incredible. I rubbed her ass gently and gave her a couple light spanks,
slapped it with
my cock, making that creamy ass jiggle. Then I gripped the base of my shaft
and slowly
glided my rod into her hole. She closed her eyes and craned her head back,
every so softly as I buried my cock to the hilt in her ass. Taking hold of
her waist in
both hands, I slowly started humping that beautiful ass.

Her ass was tight, and the sensation was incredible. I nearly came twice
within a minute.
But I kept it slow for awhile, rubbing my hands up and down from her soft
ass up her
smooth back to her shoulders. She was rolling her head in circles,
completely lost in a
world of pleasure, moaning softly and grunting whenever I gave a slight
thrust. I reached
under and cupped her tits, squeezing them tightly as I gradually increased
my thrusting.
Her nipples were hard, and she moaned more as I teased them between my

I returned my hands to her waist and, without warning, cut lose and started
like crazy. She threw her head back and screamed out in absolute pleasure as
I fucked
her ass, just like she wanted. “Oh, fuck!!!” she screamed. “Oh, fucking
yes!! Fucking
yes!! Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck!! Fuck me! Fuck me!!”

I could only oblige. I held her waist firmly and slapped my pelvis against
her ass,
shoving my cock in deep and hard, making her ass jiggle like crazy and
making her scream
and moan like she never had before. My pelvis smacked her ass in repeated
sucession, my
cock completely disappearing into her hot ass with each blurring thrust. She
was moaning
like some kind of wild animal, and it made me even hotter to fuck her ass,
and I poured
on the speed even more.

It was nearly a ten minute ass grinding before I finally had to stop for a
moment and
adjust my position slightly. She looked back at me over her shoulder, hair
and forehead
beaded with sweat, panting, more than a little out of breath. “My God,” she
said quietly.

“You’re quite a fucker, aren’t you?”

I smiled back and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“I want to ride your cock,” she said.

I gave her ass one final, fast, and hard thrust, firing my cock in deep and
to the hilt,
before pulling out. She turned as I laid down on the floor of the elevator,
and she
stood over me, still somewhat out of breath. She brushed her damp hair out
of her face
and then put her feet on either side of my pelvis, then slowly lowered
herself. She
squated over me and took hold of my cock in one hand.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto me, and my solid cock slowly slide into her
silky-soft pussy. She arched her back, straining to get as much of me within
her as she
could. Then she looked at me through her tangled hair and from under hooded
eyes and
said, “Try and push me off.”

Again, I could only oblige. I started fucking fast and hard, lifting my ass
clear off
the floor. She rocked above me, bobbing up and down on my rod, screaming and
moaning as
I fucked like crazy. Her tits slapped up and down, and I gritted my teeth as
I fought
to keep up my speed.

She leaned forward, planting her hands on the ground on either side of my
head. Her
nipples barely brushed my chest, and she looked at me with those dulled
eyes. I could
tell she was experiencing pleasure she had never before experienced.

After several minutes I sat up and lowered her onto her back, resting on my
knees. I
spread her arched legs apart and resumed fucking. She rolled her head side
to side,
squeezing her tits violently. Grabbing her ankles, I held her legs out high
and wide as
I fucked that drenching snatch of love. Julia looked like she was about to
pass out
from pleasure. She was groaning softly, as if the strength to scream and
moan had left
her, and she was just pinching and twisting her nipples hard.

After another few minutes, I told her, “I’m gonna cum.”

Her eyes widened and she propped herself up on her elbows. I hammered away
at her pussy,
and she dropped her head back, and the loud moans returned for a few
moments. Then I
pulled out and jacked off as I stood and she got to her knees. She gripped
my swollen
cock with both hands and pumped me fast and hard, sticking the head into her
mouth. My
orgasm exploded, and I threw my head back as my thick cream loads erupted
into her
mouth. She locked her lips around the head and continued the two-handed
pumping, milking
as much cum from me as possible.

After a few eruptions, she pulled my cock out and let the rest of the spurts
land on
her face. Then she slapped her face with my cock, smearing the cum around
her lips and
chin. She slipped my rod back between her lips and took it in all the way to
where I
could feel the back of her throat with the head of my cock. Holding it
there, she
looked up at me with just her eyes as a final load burst out and coated her




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