Backstabbing A Bitch

Story Title – “Backstabbing A Bitch”

Author Name – Dark Cloud

Contents Code – MF, MMF, MC, oral, beast, anal, nc, inc

Celebs – Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearitt, Tina Barrett

Disclaimer: This is a very adult themed piece of erotic fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen or by anyone who does not like hardcore descriptions of sex and violence. The people written about here would never act like this in the real world ( would they?)

Jo O’ Meara held the busy club’s toilet door open and let Rachel in before following her inside.
They looked at the queue they would have to join and made eye contact and burst into a girly laugh.

“This was such a good idea Jo, I’ve really missed you guys. You can’t imagine how tough it is at the top.”

Jo managed another insincere smile and gave Rachel a big hug, but as her face peered over the pop star’s shoulder it turned to a dark look that suggested she wasn’t too sympathetic to Rachel’s ‘tough’ life.


NEWS ITEM: Former S CLUB beauty RACHEL STEVENS has lifted the lid on her friendships within the pop band – saying she and TINA BARRETT “are not very close”.

The SWEET DREAMS MY LA EX singer – who appeared in S Club alongside Barrett, JO O’MEARA, BRADLEY McINTOSH, JON LEE and HANNAH SPEARRITT – confirmed rumours that she and Barrett had been at loggerheads during their final months working together.

She says, “We did have respect for each other. If we started to annoy each other in S Club we just stayed out of each other’s way. There’s no rivalry between us.”

But Rachel, 25, had nothing but praise for bandmate Jo – citing the blonde singer as her favourite member of the now-defunct DON’T STOP MOVIN’ hitmakers.

She adds, “I’m closest to Jo. We hit it off as soon as we met. In the band we always shared a room together, even when we were given rooms of our own. But I like the others too.”


As their former bandmates visited the toilets Hannah and Tina sat at their VIP table (Rachel had insisted!) and shared a conspiratorial toast to how well their and Jo’s plans were turning out. They had successfully lured Rachel for a girly night out without raising the arrogant singer’s suspicions, Now, after a few hours of meaningless girly chat and plenty of alcohol (though Jo, Tina and Hannah had been skimpy with their own servings and lavish with Rachel’s) they were keen to move to the next stage of their ingenious plan.

“Oh god, Hannah, I can’t wait until that little fucking slut is under our control. Oh the fun we’ll have, the things we’ll make her do. I tell you, it’s turning me on just thinking about it! She thinks she’s so fucking special. I can’t wait to show her what a lowly piece of shit, whore she actually is!”

Tina’s face was contorted with hatred as she spoke. Her blonde companion touched her arm and replied.

“I know Tina. Sssshhh. Here they come.”


NEWS ITEM: There’s bags of difference between former S Club stars Rachel Stevens and Tina Barrett these days.

Rachel paraded a posh Louis Vuitton bag after turning up in a Merc to “do lunch” with a pal at a north London café.

But Tina was trailing way behind in the fashion stakes as she carried just a humble load from High Street store H&M after shopping in London’s Knightsbridge. Since chart-toppers S Club disbanded last year, Rachel has found fame and fortune as a solo sensation.

Her former bandmate Tina, though, has largely vanished from the spotlight – apart from becoming a chum and clothes horse to designer Scott Hensall.


The four sexy young ladies collected their coats and spilled from the club into the dark Soho night. In truth while Rachel had been glad to meet up with her old friends, it was more to have confirmation of how much better she was than them and what a success she had been while they had floundered, it made her feel good. Still, she was tiring of them now and longed to escape their tiresome chatter.

“So where are we going girls? It’s just that I’ve got stuff to do tomorrow, not that I’ve not enjoyed this but..”

Hannah turned to face Rachel and slipped her hand into Rachel’s as she spoke to her.

“Oh come on Rach! It’ll be fun, it’s just around this corner and honestly, I was there a few weeks ago and you wouldn’t believe how good it is. Plus I hear it’s going to be the ‘in place’ soon, all the cool people are starting to come here and do it.”

“Oh right. Ah well I suppose it won’t hurt and if it’s cool then…”

The other three had known that line would convince the vain and career desperate Miss Stevens. They rounded the corner and saw the unlit entrance guarded by a bouncer in long jacket. It wouldn’t be long now.

Tina paid their entrance to the cashier who had been expecting them and they entered the stage area.

“So what is it?” asked Rachel.

“He’s a stage hypnotist, come on he’s asking for volunteers. Over here! Here! Us!”

Of course they were picked and of course as arranged Rachel was put under the influence first and Tina’s new boyfriend Scott sent her deep into a trance and the five of them disappeared backstage where Scott gave Rachel the instructions that she was to do whatever Tina, Hannah or Jo instructed her to do , without question, whatever they said. Only the words ”sixpence elephant ride” would bring her back to her senses, but they would also put her back in that obedient state.

They left by the back entrance and into a darkened alley, none of them speaking for fear of breaking the spell. Then Tina, in the poor light slipped and stepped in some dog shit, she had to grab onto Jo to stay up right. As she stood cursing the mess her shoes were an idea came into her head.

“OK let’s see how good Scott really is. Rachel, slut, I want you to get down on your hands and knees and lick my shoes clean. Lick all that dog mess off them.”

The night seemed to stand still for a moment and then Rachel slowly sunk to her knees and as the other three watched agog the bitch in her designer little black dress and her hugely expensive haircut bent forward, stuck her tongue out and began to lick obediently at Tina’s outstretched shoe, oblivious to the nauseous smell and taste.

“This is going to be SO good!” exclaimed Tina.

All three giggled at the sight of Rachel Stevens licking dog shit off the shoe and even more so when Tina showed her sole and instructed Rachel to clean it as well. Seeing their limo pull up as instructed at the end of the alley they finally headed off towards it but nor before ordering Rachel to get there by crawling on her hands and knees, much to the delight of the vengeful bitches. Once they were all ensconced in the spacious back of the car and the driver started to pull away the smell from Rachel was too much and Jo poured champagne from a bottle into her mouth to cleanse it some.

“Always thought you had dog breath anyway bitch” quipped Hannah to screams of laughter.

“Stop! Driver stop here will you” , Tina banged on the glass partition and her driver pulled over.

“What is it Tina?” asked Jo.

She pointed over to the alleyway they were passing. Sat around a small fire were three scruffy vagrants, drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag.

“How about we make their night? Come on we’ve got all night to get this slut back to my place, lets have some more fun with her. Rachel, listen up, see those tramps over there? I want you to go over there and give each of them a blow job, and be sure to take all their cum in your mouth. OK?”

Rachel’s eyes glazed over and she replied, “Yes” almost mechanically.

“Oh and Rachel, strip off before going over there, lets all get a look at that body you’re so proud of.”

The car was blocking the end of the dead end alley but it was a quiet end of town and at that hour there were few people abroad. Rachel stepped from the back of the car and pulled off her little black dress to display her perfectly proportioned breasts to the chill night air that stiffened her nipples immediately. All that remained was for her to bend over and peel her lacy, black g-string off and pass it back to Tina, who tossed it in the gutter,

“Go on Rachel, go and show them what your mouth is for – it certainly isn’t singing anyway!”

Another round of raucous laughter met this latest insult but that gave way to a hushed silence as Rachel started her purposeful walk over the filthy cobblestones to the three hobos. They eventually managed to tear themselves away from their alcohol long enough to glimpse the pop nymph coming towards them wearing nothing but a welcoming smile.

“Well what have we got here?” slurred one of the disgusting men (who really could have been any age between 25 and 70 such was the state of him).

But he got no words as answer just Rachel slowly advancing on him and then sinking to her knees before him and using her soft hands to pull his grubby dick from his grubbier pants before fastening her soft lips around the hardening cock. Under a spell or not Rachel Stevens was an expert cocksucker, it was the main reason for the success she had experienced in the music industry, sucking off record Execs. desperate to have their way with her. Her hand worked the shaft of the tramps cock, rapidly bringing the spunk in his balls to the boil. The other two tramps just looked on in wonder. Was this for real? Had they finally drunk too much? And were they next? The pressing questions on their drink addled minds.

“I wish we had a tabloid photographer here now” said Hannah, “That whore gets enough publicity as it is, would be nice to see that as a front page, eh?”

“Don’t worry Hannah, she’ll be getting plenty of unwanted publicity for her stunts soon enough. I’ll see to that, once we get her back to my place we’ll stitch her up good and proper. For now lets just enjoy the sights.”

The sights right then were Rachel Stevens with a slimy cock deep in her mouth as it climaxed and spunk that her mouth couldn’t hold spilling from the side of her mouth and coming out in two thick trails down to her chin where it dripped to the ground. As the first tramps cock left her mouth another was proffered to her eager face and in no time she was sucking hobo cock again while her former band mates pissed themselves laughing at her. It wasn’t long before all three had spunked their loads in Rachel’s mouth and all over her face, only then did she leave the spent tramps and crawl back to her new ‘Mistresses’. Once she arrived back at the car and the three girls had examined her cover girl face splattered with cum they headed off into the night again.

Tina lived in a smart house on the edge of town and it was a further twenty minutes or so before they reached it. All four girls piled out and into it, Rachel still naked and cum drying on her face! They hurried her though to a large guest bedroom and left her in there as they discussed matters outside in the corridor.

“Right, I’ve got the guys arriving at three, so that gives us twenty minutes or so to get her ready, remember she needs to be as natural as possible to make sure no-one is suspicious when the footage gets out.”

To that end Hannah took a cloth and wiped Rachel’s face clean, but in truth despite having spent the last hour eating dog shit and sucking off tramps she was still very recognisable as the nubile pop star and underwear model that she was. So the girls spent that time telling Rachel to do various dumb things, sticking he finger in her ass and licking it, slapping herself and barking like a dog. They took great pleasure in her humiliating herself in this manner. Then voices from the hallway indicated Tina’s special guests had finally arrived.

Rachel was left alone on the large bed as they left her and she just sat there naked and dazed, totally unaware of what she was doing. It may have been registering deep in her subconscious but it was too deep for her to fight it in any possible way. When they returned it was with a muscular, naked stud that Tina was paying handsomely, both for his services and silence. Jo took up a video camera, not too professional, this needed to look like a home movie, and began filming as Tina told Rachel that she was to suck that cock like a porn star (which she soon would be!). The guys cock was huge, easily ten inches and real thick too, Rachel crawled across the bed and guided it into her mouth with a hand wrapped around it’s base. The footage was perfect of Rachel Stevens giving great head to this thick cock ( the man’s face never caught on camera). They got about fifteen minutes of her oral exploits before he came spraying her from close range with more cum, which was a great place to stop filming on that particular shot, but there were still three to come!

As the first guy got up and exited the room, obviously pleased with his nights work, Rachel just sat there unmoving, awaiting her next command and instructions, cum dribbling from her mouth almost comically.

“Don’t film that. We don’t want anything that makes this look like she wasn’t doing anything she wasn’t absolutely desperate to do” instructed Tina, who had clearly donned the mantle of leader of the other two.

“Hannah, go and get out next visitors, there are three of them.”

There were indeed three. Each big, strapping, naked, well endowed men, each wearing wide grins at the sight of the starlet awaiting them on the bed and with full knowledge of who she was and what they were about to do. All three were sporting stiff, rigid erections and Jo couldn’t help herself and had a little stroke of them on their way past.

“God, I’m getting jealous of the bitch“ , she exclaimed.

“Don’t be, you know full well what the third scene is. Plus imaging the shit storm this will create in the media when these ‘home – made’ tapes start appearing, our little entertainer there won’t be enjoying her life of luxury quite as much don’t you think? And I can’t wait until we reach her final denouement, that will be so great. Come on guys lets get on with this.”

Almost like vultures they descended on the bed and the willing bimbo atop it (cum still spilling from her mouth).

“Come on Rachel, have hot passionate sex with all of them like the fucking dirty slut you are!”, was Tina’s only instruction.

It was all she needed and she came to life immediately, showing no signs of tiredness from her nights exertions she met the men and allowed them to use her a fuck slut in each of her holes while the others captured her on camera as the big cocks slid into her ass, her mouth and her pussy. To complete the scene after each had fucked her roughly and hard, Rachel dropped to her knees and allowed them to cum all over her face to the delight of her ex-bandmates who caught it all beautifully on film.

When the three men had cleared off it was time for the final guest and his entrance was announced by some excited barking in the hallway. Jo and Hannah looked at Tina, doubt now on their faces for the first time that night.

“Are we really gonna make her do this? I mean…”

Tina brushed their protests aside easily.

“Listen up. Yes, we are. That bitch ruined our lives and laughs about it, if all that gets out is the sex tapes then sure her career will be damaged but if one of her sucking and fucking a dog should get out then she can forget about it. Career over. Finished. Done. Besides she going to think it’s the most fun she’s ever had, isn’t she?”

Of course Tina, didn’t let on that she had other plans beyond tonight for Rachel, knowing that the other two would be too cowardly to follow them through, but not Tina, oh no! She hated Miss Stevens with a passion and would not rest until she had ruined her career and more! Besides Hannah and Jo were easily led, they were already calming down as Spike, the Alsatian, and his handler entered the room. He was a big dog and as he came sniffing into the room Tina’s mind returned to the point just a few short weeks ago when the handler had demonstrated how the dog had been trained to have sex with various cheap sluts for some very dodgy websites. A wicked smile spread across her face as she envisaged Spike doing the same to Rachel Stevens, all those years of having to play second fiddle to the bitch would be worth it seeing her sucking Spike’s long cock then allowing it inside her pussy. She could not wait until all these tapes came out and the unwitting Rachel watched her so carefully constructed perfect life untangle. It would be sweet revenge!

Rachel just sat there on the bed doe eyed and expectant. Her eyes barely registered the man and his dog.

“Rachel, this is Spike. And for the next while I want you to have sex with him like it is your purpose in life. You adore his cock and I want you to get down on your hands and knees and suck his dogs cock, suck it hard and long, then I want you to allow him to mount you and penetrate your pussy. But first I want you to look into the camera and tell us “I love sucking dogs cocks”.

Tina almost sang the words out. Hannah and Jo looked on as Rachel turned to the camera and spoke clearly.

“I love sucking dogs cocks.”

It would be dynamite footage. But that was quickly surpassed as she slipped onto all fours on the carpet and crawled over to the canine and reached out for the long red cock that hung between his legs. Without missing a beat Rachel Stevens opened her mouth and began to give the dog a blow job, working her red lips expertly over it’s length as it sighed with obvious pleasure. She sucked on it for at least ten minutes and the footage was perfect for the bitches plan. Then Rachel submissively moved to show her sopping pussy to the dog and, with some guidance from the handler allowed it to slip the long, knotted cock deep within her. The Alsatian mounted her and rested it’s front paws on her naked back before embarking on a fast series of thrusts as he invaded her pussy.

Rachel’s body was loving this treatment and she reacted as if in the throws of a normal passionate affair before he flooded her with his seed, so much that it spilled from her body and onto the carpet. As he disengaged from the starlet, Rachel turned and used her mouth to lick the seed from the tip of his cock.

“Yes, Gotcha!” , exclaimed Tina delightedly as Rachel sat zombie like against the bed still in her hypnotic trance.

Everything afterwards was like an anticlimax. The guys and animal were seen out of the house with their payment and the girls settled down to tidying the house and then all four crashed out, Rachel , washed and cleaned and dressed in girly pyjamas was given the instruction to sleep soundly and in the morning have forgotten everything that had occurred and to go on with her life just as normal, which is exactly what happened.


Two months later a video appeared on the internet. It clearly showed British pop star Rachel Stevens performing oral sex on an unidentified young man. She was clearly enjoying it and showed an excellent ability to deep throat cock that got a million young men hard in an instant. Denials and writs were issued but it was undeniably Rachel and even her close family and friends had to admit it was her no matter how many times she said it couldn’t be her.

For a week or two the publicity was actually a boon to her career as she became even more well known in her home country and beyond. However, for a girl that targeted her younger fans with her records it was to haunt her and her manager and record company had to warn her that any such further bad publicity could be terrible to her career.

The furore eventually died down somewhat, though the number of teenage boys downloading their favourite wank fodder giving good head and taking a load of cum in her singers mouth went though the roof. But just as it faded the second video was released and this time there was no denial. There was no doubt it was Rachel and equally no doubt that she was sexually servicing three well endowed men. In the 45 minute long tape she was shown taking each of the cocks in her mouth, her pussy and her ass before accepting all their cum on her face.

This time there was no defence from her advisors (indeed suddenly all her hangers on disappeared and she felt more and more alone in the world) and the notoriously fickle British tabloid press, for whom Rachel had been a poster girl, turned viciously upon her.



Were two of the more low key responses and in a hail of publicity she was dropped from numerous TV shows and from her record deal. Then only days later rumours began circulating of a far worse video that was doing the rounds on very specialist web sites. The press could hardly print or comment on this latest development but as it made it’s way around the world Rachel quickly became persona no-grata everywhere. Even the men’s magazines that had so idolised the babe shunned her, it seemed everyone knew that she had enjoyed fucking a dog but no-one mentioned it in public. When Rachel herself, watched it she was in a state of shock, as much as she could not believe it there she was, her voice, her face, her body sucking a big dogs cock!

Shunned by everyone else it fell to her former bandmates to comfort her. The other three girls were full of sympathy for their former colleague. They couldn’t believe this could have happened to her and listened apparently sympathetically to Rachel’s protestations that she had never done these things and it had to some kind of fake or set up or something.

“But it was you” said Hannah, gently, showing confusion on her face.

At that Rachel broke down crying, she knew it was her and was only trying to deny the obvious but for the life of her she could not understand how it had all happened, couldn’t remember it and couldn’t believe that her perfect lifestyle had been ripped asunder so spectacularly in such a short space of time. Everyone was shunning her, all her old friends and business contacts, all her old boyfriends had refused to even speak with her, even her mother, so usually a tower of strength in her life and career had turned on her and was refusing to listen to her unconvincing explanations and apologies. At that she broke down even further and had to rush to the bathroom to try and compose herself. At her exit Tina turned to Jo and Hannah with the widest smile on her face, they returned pretty sad looks, realising that they had taken things too far.


NEWS ITEM: Rachel’s mother and father are divorced. Rachel and her father’s relationship is left in mystery, but many rumours have it that she and her father do not get along and she chooses to keep her distance. Rumours also have it that because he left the family, Rachel feels not much loyalty to him, therefore, also does not have much contact with her brothers either. Her brothers, Jason and Leigh, live with her father and Rachel lived with her mother before buying her own place.

Rachel has always been close with her mother, having lived with her for so long and also being the parent that was always there for her. She and her mother often go shopping and do mother daughter things as well. Rachel’s mother re-married to a man named Russell. Rachel has a good relationship with her step-father and treats him as if he were her biological father.


“I can’t stand this any more” exclaimed Jo and grabbed her jacket.

“Nor can I, I hate myself” agreed Hannah and the two blondes collected their jackets and hurried from the house, flashing hate filled glances at Tina who sat on a sofa looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She didn’t care, her plan had worked perfectly and those two cowards leaving early was fine because she had the second part of her plan to put into place and them being gone was exactly what she needed. They didn’t have the stomach to carry it out anyway and would have ruined it, no, much better that Tina was the only one to do it, well maybe not the only one, she did have one other very special partner. Rachel came back, somewhat more composed but looked about to burst into tears again at seeing Jo and Hannah had left.

“Don’t worry Rach, they had an appointment, they’ve got an interview with a record deal (they didn’t but Tina loved the sad look that passed over Rachel’s face as she was reminded of her past life, now gone). Don’t cry again Rachel, I’m still here.”

Tina loved seeing Rachel look up at Tina, realising that her old enemy was the only one who was still ‘friends’ with her and seeing the pathetic gratitude on her face. Still as much as she was enjoying herself she had things to get on with and quickly said her code words that once again rendered Rachel in a trance and entirely susceptible to Tina’s commands.

“Right, first up get a writing pad and pen, you need to write a letter………..”


That day Tina and Rachel were busy little bees. They cleared Rachel’s house of all it’s furnishings and they sold off all her clothes and worldly goods and late on that Saturday night a stretch limo appeared to take Tina and Rachel away, their destination a deserted quayside down by the Thames river in London. Upon arrival a figure stepped out of the shadows and the two young ladies followed him into a dark warehouse, which once the shutter was closed behind them was lighted up enough to reveal a small room in the corner of the cavernous building. Rachel barely registered the man who had led them in as her estranged father Michael.


NEWS ITEM: Rachel Stevens came under extraordinary fire yesterday – from her own dad. Michael Stevens said shockingly: “She’s a total Bitch and I don’t care if I never see her again. She’s a stunningly beautiful girl – that’s about all she is. She’s so selfish. She’s ‘I want, I want.’ ”

Stevens, 56, has been estranged from 25-year-old Rachel for a year and has not been invited to her wedding in Scotland. In his astonishing outburst after S Club announced it was to split, he claimed Rachel and Jeremy were incompatible. “I hope they don’t get married,” he said.

“She’s not really for him. They’re not suited – when I knew them they were always rowing and bickering and God knows what else.” Furious Stevens then launched into a tirade on how Rachel couldn’t be bothered to open a ladies’ clothing boutique he runs in Edgware, North London. “Posh Spice did it for her sister,” he said.

It is not the first time that Stevens has embarrassed his chart-topping daughter. Three years ago she fell out with him after he published a guide to London’s best prostitutes and set up a lapdance-in-a-limousine service.

Stevens added: “I got rid of my limousine business for her because she asked me to. But I’ve had enough.” He last saw his daughter at a concert last year. He said: “She broke down in tears. I know she loves me but I am very stubborn. “I could say she’s wonderful and fantastic but she’s not.”

Stevens and Rachel’s mother Linda divorced when she was 17 and both have since remarried.


“Rachel”, ordered Tina with a wide grin on her face, “greet your father properly, strip off and kiss his shoes, grovel before him.”

Michael smiled his thanks at Tina and watched with glee as his slut daughter stripped off her clothes and revealed her magnificent figure to him. Without missing a beat she dropped to her hands and knees and began to lap her tongue on his black brogues. But as much as he enjoyed that he had better plans for her and told Tina to order her over to the old bedspread that sat in the corner of the room and to have her suck his cock hard before allowing him to take her up her ass.

What a feeling of unbridled power Michael felt, stripping off and having his cock sucked by his gorgeous stuck up ex-superstar daughter. The sound of his bollocks bouncing off her eager chin as he face fucked her face roughly. Then she crawled onto the bed and at Tina’s command, held her ass cheeks open to allow her father to anally penetrate her. He powered his way deep inside her and held her wrists in his strong hands.

“Do it now Tina, wake the bitch up and let her know who did this, why and what awaits her..”

So as Michael continued to anal fuck his daughter, Tina got around so that she was right in Rachel’s face and gave the command that took her from her trance like state. At first Rachel was lost and disorientated, blinking and shaking her head as she came to her senses. When she did she didn’t know where to look first. Faced with a grinning Tina and the unusually feeling of something thumping into her asshole Rachel turned her head to see her estranged father was fucking her and was totally aghast.

“What the fucks going on? What the fu…”

Her question was cut off as Tina delivered a stinging slap across Rachel’s face, getting especial glee seeing the bright red palm print emerge on Rachel’s cheek. Rachel struggled but her father held her tight and she was no match for his strength. Tina knelt down to get right in her former band mates face and explained everything.

“Wondering what’s going on Bitch? It’s fucking easy (just like you are now!). Me and Hannah and Jo had had enough of you so we set you up. We had you hypnotised on out night out all those months ago and since then you’ve been our fuck puppet at my command. Yes, you see now, it was us that arranged those ‘videos’ that you starred, we hated you that much bitch! But I had another backer when those other two lightweights started getting cold feet. Yep, your good old dad was just as keen as me to see you get your just deserts. So just so you know the rest of your family and friends have deserted you and you’ve written a letter at your house saying you just couldn’t go on any more.”

Rachel Stevens sobbed as she took in Tina’s words. How could they do this to her? She was so rich? So sexy? So great? Why? Still thinking of herself she managed to bleat out.

“What will you do with me?”

“Glad you asked cunt! When your dad has finished fucking you we’ll be packing you off on that boat to a pretty tough brothel in Russia. Michael made plenty of contacts that he’s sold you to when he wrote his book. You’ll become a whore over there, and no-one’ll ever know what happened to you. Your life slut (holding Rachel’s chin in her hand as she addressed her) will now just be about satisfying fat, cheap, bastards looking for an easy lay!”

And with that Tina Barrett cackled wildly, Rachel Stevens cried hysterically and Michaels Stevens shot a load of his cum in Rachel’s ass before pulling her round and jamming his cock in her mouth to finish off. Outside the boat awaited her….

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