Backstage After The Show

Backstage After the Show

Jarell Houston, Ashley Gall, Davida Williams

Disclaimer: This is PURE fiction. Meaning this is NOT factual. So whatever goes on in this story never really happened in the REAL WORLD. If this does happen backstage then well we really don’t know B2K and TG4 then. Not my fault you can’t tell fiction from factual. Plus if you don’t like reading threesome stories or can’t handle don’t continue to read this.

TG4 had just got through with their performance from “Virginity”. They were backstage as their “big brothers” IMX went to perform. The girls were in their own little room
wiping the cool sweat off their bodies. Ashley took much attention to Davida. She watched Davida wipe the sweat off her face and neck and she smiled and licked her lips. Ashley was known through rumors of being a lesbian. She continued to watched Davida wipe herself off then spoke.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Davida

“Aight, meanwhile me and Ambee will be walking around and see what’s up with the guys.”

“Aight. What about you Ashley?”

“Oh I’ll stay here and chill.”

“Aight, well bye ya’ll.” Keisha and Ambee said in unison.

“Bye.” Ashley and Davida said in unison as Davida headed to the showers.

Ashley just sat down in the room and waited to hear Davida turn on the shower, and she did. Ashley smiled and licked her lips. Then went to the and locked it or so she thought. She went the showers and watched Davida undress, she already took her shoes off before Ashley peeped in. Davida then took off her pants sliding them off, then kicking them off, showing her little ass in her black thong. She then took off her shirt, she was bare, no bra. Ashley licked her lips and smiled at this site. Davida then bent over and slide her thong off. Davida stepped out of her thong and got under the hot water that was cascading down her body. Ashley watched as Davida lathered up her body with DOVE soap. She rubbed it under her arms, on her breast, her stomach thighs, legs. She then let the hot steaming water rinse her body off. Ashley closed and started rubbing her breast while she sucked her finger, then slide her hands into her pants and rubbed her wet pussy. She then opened her eyes and looked at Davida and saw she was holding the shower head and fingering herself. This got Ashley even hotter and more wet. Davida digging deep into herself and letting the words of “Oooh Jarell” flow out her mouth very softly. Ashley started rubbing her pussy faster and moaned as Davida moans became louder. Davida was on the verge of cumming, but she stopped finger herself, cause she heard a noise at the door, which from Ashley hit her elbow on the door. Davida went back to washing up and this was Ashley’s cue.

Ashley walked into the showers as Davida had her back to her. Ashley slowly took off her clothes and undies. Davida had no aware that Ashley was behind her. Ashley slowly walked up behind her and gave her a kiss on her neck, Davida jumped and turned around and laughed a little.

“Ashley what are you doing?”

“Oh I came to take a shower, I felt a little sticky, so I decided you wouldn’t mind since this the showers, and it more than one shower.”

“No I don’t mind.”

“Oh and kissed your neck let you know that I was joining.”

“Oh!” Davida said as she turned to the showers and let the water run down her face and body.

Ashley kept her eyes on Davida then licked her lips. She walked back to Davida and kissed the back of her neck and rubbed her hand over Davida’s breast.

“Ashley what are you doing?” She quickly turned around and

Ashley said not a word and grabbed Davida and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Davida tried to protest to no avail. She fell victim to the kiss and Ashley slowly back her against the we wall and Davida got into the kiss by kissing back and rubbing her hand through Ashley curly and wet back. Ashley broke the kiss as Davida started breathing for air. Ashley got on her knees and started to suck on Davida’s pussy. Davida moaned and rubbed Ashley head as she slid down the wall onto the floor, Ashley was still sucking. She pulled Davida off the wall ontop the floor, so now Davida was laying on the wet floor with her legs bent and opened with Ashley’s head stuck between them.

“Mmm, eat my pussy.” Davida moaned as Ashley did what she was told. “Oooh yes, suck it harder.” She moaned as she was REALLY getting into this. Ashley sucked harder and Davida let out a scream. “MMMMMMM….. yes”

Ashley had stopped and pinned Davida to the floor. They embraced in another kiss. This time it was more passionate and lustful. Soon Ashley felt herself being turned over and Davida was on top.

“What are you doing?”

“I decided to return the favor.” Davida said as she slowly slid her body to Ashley clit and began to suck it slowly. Ashley moaned and rubbed her breast. Davida continued her sucking. Ashley juices was flowing like crazy. Davida sucked harder and harder as Ashley continued to scream. Ashley was on the verge of cumming.

“Oh god finna cum.”

“Please do!” said a male voice from the behind the door, which made both girls stop the little activity.

“Who’s there?” The girls said in unison.

The peeping tom revealed himself as none other than Jarell “J Boog” Houston, from B2K.

“Oh my god.” Davida said as she wiped her mouth.

“No need to apologize.” Jarell smiled.

“How long were you there?” Ashley asked.

“Since ya’ll started.” he smiled. “Dayum Ashley I just thought they were rumors, you are gay.” he laughed.

The girl just stared at him ashamed.

“Well I see I interrupt something so I’ll leave.” He walked to the door. “I gots ta tell the fellas about this.” he left and the girls quickly ran after him.

“No Boog, please don’t tell.” Davida got on her knees and begged. “I’m not a lesbian I was just returning a favor. SHE’S GAY.” she pointed to Ashley who was standing there naked at the shower door. “Please Boog don’t tell, this will ruin TG4.”

“Vida, I’m only telling the guys from B2K and IMX.” He smiled. “Then Bow Wow and Jhene, I gotta tell Chris and that’s about this.” He rubbed his chin. “No wait then I’ll tell the rest of TG4” he smiled.

“No Boog.” She grabbed hold of his leg.

“What do I get if don’t tell.” He looked down at Davida.

Davida just looked down and thought then looked up at Boog. “I’ll give you blowjob.”

“No thanks Jhene gave me one already.” He was about to leave, but Davida pulled him back. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Jarell smiled and walked away from the door and sat on the leather couch and cheesed from eye to eye “I want a lap dance.”

“Ok” Davida walked over to Jarell and sat on his lap. She rolled her hips in a slow circular motion and Jarell grabbed her hips and moaned. She started to move faster and Boogie moaned as he sucked in some air. She rode him harder and faster. She started to bounce on half hard dick. Boogie tilted his head back and gripped her hips tighter. Davida started moaning she could feel his HARDNESS now. She contonued to bounce on his dick. Boogie pulled her hair to make her stop, cause he was about to cum and so was she.

“Davida, unzip my pants and you know what to do next.” J Boog said and Davida did as she was told. “Now you know what to do.” he then whispered in her ears.

“I don’t think I can.” Davida said as Boogie rubbed his hand all over her breast.

“Shh just relax, then relax all your muscles.” He told her. “Now just get on all four and wait for me.”

Davida slid off Jarell’s lap and got on all fours and waited for Boogie. Boog got on his knees and pulled himself out and slid himself in Davida. Davida screamed a liitle, then he slid himself halfway out. Davida whined in pain, but still managed to moan. Boog slid himself halfway in and halfway out! Davida bit her lip, whined some more, but started to enjoy the feeling. He repeated his method so she can get used to him being in her ass. Davida enjoyed it more and moaned in pleasure instead of pain.

“You beginning to enjoy this?” Rell moaned as he repeated his method.

“Mm hmm” Davida said.

“Now Davida Rell is about to hurt you.” Ashley sat down in front of Davida and opened her legs. “Now if you feel the need to scream just put your head in my pussy and suck it. OK?”

“Ok.” Davida moaned.

“You ready?” Ashley asked.

“Yea.” Davida moaned.

“She’s ready.” Ashley told Boogie.

“Good” Boogie licked his lips and smiled and shove it ALL THE WAY IN. Davida’s body jumped and flinched. Boogie grabbed Davida’s hips as he pumped her vigorously. Davida started sucking in air, and gripping the sheets.Boogie grabbed her hips as he pumped her harder and harder with every thrust. Davida moaned louder, she started enjoying it more and she threw her ass back at him, making her body move with his. Boogie bit his lip and started to slam himself into Davida’s backside. Davida threw her head back and moaned louder. Boogie bit his lip harder and slammed into Davida harder. Davida threw her ass back at him more, as she started to eat Ashley’s pussy, because she felt the need to screamed and she started to suck harder and harder and harder, Ashley started to moan louder and louder and louder. Davida then threw her head back every now and then but she then started biting Ashley’s pussy to hide her screams. Boogie pulled Davida’s hair and lift her up like she was sitting on his dick and bouncing up and down. Ashley’s soon got her revenge and started to terrorize Davida’s pussy. Davida tried to scream, but Rell cover her mouth as he took a deep breath and slowed down his pace. Davida took a deep breath and moaned in relief of Boogie slowing down, and Ashley eating her out. She was so tired and weak that she could no longer balance herself, so she rested her head head on Boogie’s. Boogie began to move slower and slower. Davida laid her head on Boogie and let out little sexy moans. Boogie finally stopped and slid himself out and put his dick back in his pants and gave Davida a kiss on the neck and tossed her aside and watched Ashley eat Davida out as she was still trying to get her breathing under control, and she laid flat on her back, and rubbed her hands threw Ashley hair, and smiled at Boogie. Boogie just smiled back. Davida exhaled and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Boogie then crawled over to Davida and asked.

“Had enough?”

“No” She replied.

Boogie then unzipped his pants and pulled himslef out again and slid his dick into Davida’s mouth as she laid on her back, whil Ashley was STILL eating her out. Boogie started to moan as Davida sucked his dick.

“Dayum Davida, you sure know how to suck a dick.” Boogie moaned. “Shyt girl.” he moaned as Davida nibbled on his tip. He precum slid down her throat, she sucked harder and harder finsing ways to make Boogie cum in her mouth. She continued this for 17 minutes and Rell finally came, all his cum ran down Davida’s throat and as this happened Davida came all in Ashley mouth. After the ran out, Davida, Boogie and Ashley laid there.

“Dayum know what, I gotta go wash up and get ready to perform, so I’ll see like what at the hotel?” He said.

“Sure” Davida said. “Bye.” She waved to Boogie as he left.

“We need to get washed before the girls see us.” Ashley got up.

“We do.” Davida followed Ashley in to the showers. “Whoa Shit.”

“What?” Ashley looked at Davida.

“Oh nothin just walking funny.” Davida laughed.

“Girl you crazy.” Ashley laughed.

“Shut up and lets wash up.” Davida went in after Ashley and they washed up.


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