Backstage At The Concert Part 1

Backstage at the Concert Part 1

Lila McCann, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw & Gary Allan

Written By; Spyder

Codes: MMF, Oral, Anal, and Rape

Disclaimer: the following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. To continue to read falls solely on your shoulders. Do so at own risk.

Concert tours can be tedious to those who constantly give of themselves to their fans, Lila McCann is no exception. Today she is the opening act for Gary Allan and Tim McGraw. On this particular show, the last one until the middle of June, Lila is asked
by the main acts to remain after she has completed her part of the show. She agrees and goes on stage at 7 P.M.

Now Lila has changed the way she does her show to the point hat it is almost an n adult oriented concert. The line-up or songs are pretty much set, but her on stage show is something hot. Roughly about four to five songs into the concert, Lila adds a few things slowly into the show to liven it up somewhat. She copied this from Sara Evans and Chely Wright, by the means of stripping her clothes off during the concert. Her only change is that she selects an audience member to join her on stage and tells that member to remove a part of her attire. This evening everything goes well as she has everything removed and waits until the third last song to have a selected female fan remove her panties. From the audience a tall raven-haired beauty gets on stage and at Lila’s cue removes her pink lace panties.

What happens next surprises Lila as Gina (the woman who took her panties off plunges her fingers deep in Lila’s pussy. She gasps, the audience moans as they see Lila singing with a young woman finger fucking her on stage. Lila kisses the hot woman and pats her ass as she leaves the stage. Lila completes her part of the show while waiting Gary and Tim’s to finish. A few hours later a knock on her door startles Lila from a nap, now fully clothed once again Lila walks to the door and lets in the men she has wanted to fuck for a few months.

Tim smiles as he sees that Lila is still groggy from what seems to be a nap, Gary also sees this, but instead of entering the room behind Tim, brushes past him, grabs Lila and tears her denim shirt off her body. Lila yells as Tim locks the door, tells her that she shouldn’t come on stage as a slut to strip during her show. Lila cries a little as Tim joins Gary by ripping her skirt off to show her panties. The two strong men force kisses on her as their lips find their way down her neck. Gary pulls out a switchblade, cuts the bra away from Lila’s heaving breast and they slap and bite her nipples. Blood is drawn as Lila tries to get away, but not yet as Tim yanks her panties from her hot tight ass.

While Gary strips Tim drives his fist in her stomach, she moans as Gary waits for Tim to join him. Driving his fist in her pussy, Gary fist fucks the young singer and then yells for her to give them head at the same time. Afraid at what they could do, Lila takes one dick, begins to suck while stroking the second. Tim is a little weary of waiting for his cock to be sucked and drives it in her ass. He pounds her hole, as he slaps her cheeks. This action causes Lila to bite down on Gary’s cock. Finally having his load fill her mouth, Gary gets Tim to sit down, he lowers Lila over his cock so that she has Tim’s in her ass, while he plunges his rod deep in her box. With both holes being ravaged, Lila wonders what they have in store next, as they switch spots a few times.

No rest, as Lila feels hurt by whom she called friends, she is shocked to see both men driving their hard dicks in her pussy. Feeling the pain of both men fucking her, Lila wants out of this situation, but cannot move.

The two burly stars, exit her twat, but take turns pounding in and out of her once unused cunt. Tim slaps her ass and makes her promise to never tell Faith what just happened, but is too late, as the blonde bitch walks in and bits down on the bloody nipples of her friend.

Faith demands Gary ass fuck Lila as she eats pussy. Gary waits as Lila lies on her back, Faith gets atop and bites and licks the clit, while Gary drives harder than before. Tim is shocked and never wants to be in Faith’s bad side as he watches his wife join in the rape of Lila. Faith gets off Lila and as Gary ass fucks her, Faith and Tim pound her cum stained cunt with fingers, fists and a strap lying on the floor. Lila knows that she wants to turn them in, but decides to wait her turn to return the nightmare they have put her through.

The men now have had enough as Lila lies on the floor, bloody, bruised and confused by what her friends have done. As they leave she formulates a plan to get each of them back for this.

To be continued…

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